Monday, March 5th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with Butter London

What was the first Butter London product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Butter London product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  The first time I tried Butter London was during the 2008 holiday season with Chancer, which is a glittery red.  The next time I tested out the brand it was with their Fall 2010 collection, which featured four shades (Marrow and Victoriana pictured above).  I liked their square bottles, and the colors were always impressive.  I really liked the wear that I was able to get out of the formula without chipping and just minor/minimal tip wear.

Share your first time experiences with Butter London in the comments! :)

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47 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with Butter London

  1. The first Butter London experience I had was Tart with a Heart, which I received recently in a swap! I totally love it!

  2. Breanna

    The first Butter London product I tried was All Hail The Queen! I still own it and will never get rid of it. One of my favorite polishes in my large collection. I had never seen a neutral polish with such a different twist so I had to buy it. I was originally put off by the price tag, but the colors are so unique and I love the formula, wear and design of the bottles as well. Since, I’ve purchased many other colors and will continue to!

  3. Patty

    Yummy Mummy was my first and it’s still one of my favorites!

  4. julie

    My first was Thames, I love it and still own it. It’s so pretty and lasts a pretty long time on my nails. Most polishes don’t. I own a lot more now. I love the brand, even though it’s expensive for polish.

  5. Cassie

    My first Butter London product was The Black Knight nail polish, followed closely by Tart With a Heart so I could layer them as recommended by Scrangie. I love how they look – the combination has a beautiful outer space vibe. They are also gorgeous on their own. They do chip sort of fast, but that seems to be par for the course with glitter polishes.

  6. Shelby

    First Butter London polish was British Racing Green. I’m actually wearing Wallis right now, I can’t justify the price tag, $17 Canadian. I put this on late Saturday night and already it’s wearing pretty bad at the tips. I get better wear with OPI.

  7. spacegeek

    First was the same as you! Also All Hail the Queen. I love All Hail, which reminds me strongly of OPI Designer Series Classic, though All Hail is more grey/brown and Classic is more golden. Same kind of neutral feel.
    Can’t say that I’m so thrilled with the Butter formula though. Chancer chipped like crazy and I took it off after one day’s wear!

  8. crystallinity

    Love, love LOVE this brand. My first polish was British Racing Green (which I’m actually wearing RIGHT NOW!) and I’ve just accumulated more and more as time goes by. I find that you really have to wear it with their top and base coat- it drastically improves the wear time of the manicure.

  9. Ami

    They looked nice, but not worth it. I like makeup, not nails. “Oh, a 2 for 1 sale!” I picked up Tea with McQueen and Flash Pack. They wore beyond lovely. The NEXT DAY I went and got Victoriana and Lady Muck. Now I’m on budget to keep from overspending. 😀

  10. Kary B.

    My first experience with ButterLONDON was with All Hail the Queen. I remember seeing this in a swatch review you did and I went completely gaga over it!! I ran to my nearest Ulta and bought a 3 polish pack, JUST for that one polish! :) It was the greatest decision I’ve ever made! :) Still my favorite polish!

  11. Hope

    I really wish you would review more Butter London polishes because I think the wear is more inconsistent than you would think.

    My first was No More Waity Katie which is probably their worst, but I gave the brand another shot when I impulsively bought 4 polishes at the SeaTac airport.

    Come to Bed Red is the perfect red for my skintone and British Racing Green is beautiful, and they both wear well WITH a topcoat. Wallis and Union Jack Black chip faster. I think Essie and OPI wear better.

    Also, the formula for my bottle of West End Wonderland got gross really quickly. It used to be smooth and apply/wear beautifully, but now it’s clumpy and goopy. I’ve wasted so much product reapplying. I guess I should get nail polish thinner…

  12. Margaret

    I think Butter London polishes are just OK. I only own two which I purchased at the same time (Hen Party and Lady Muck). The colors are pretty but not terribly unique, and I get as much wear out of them as any other polish. I think for $14, I’d prefer to get an OPI and/or China Glaze.

  13. Dinitchka

    I’m new to Butter London, only trying it almost a year ago.

    I first spotted the beautiful colours online at Nordstrom (they had a GWP). I ordered Blagger ( and Wallis (metallic olive-ish gold) and the GWP was Yummy Mummy (slight pink-ish neutral beige with silver shimmer). I was so impressed that a few months later I ordered from Ulta (they had a GWP – a gloss in No More Waity, Katie) and tried their Stiletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm. The balm is good but to be honest Heel Tastic is at 1/3 the price and just as good, atually better IMO.

  14. Madison

    i first tried 3 of them they came in a pack. i fell in love with them instantly. their formula was easy to apply, less stinky and chip and fade free after about a week of wear. I still own them and i’m actually wearing a hot pink shade on my toes right now!

  15. Kelly

    I have Rosie Lee and I don;t think I’ll be picking up any more…the colour chips really badly and like someone else mentioned at $17 CAD i’d rather get another high end brand or several drugstore shades

    • Lacey

      I have to admit- Rosie Lee is beautiful, but without the Butter Nail Foundation and a bulletproof topcoat, it does chip like a fiend. Give some of their cream/shimmer polishes a try- I beg you!! They are SO phenomenal, and you won’t get the hype until you’ve tried one of those. Try something like Teddy Girl, Yummy Mummy, Blagger, Macbeth, etc, etc. They have a shade and a finish for everyone, without a doubt. You just HAVE to try another. I know this is a bit of a redundant comment altogether, but I’m rather adamant about my love of Butter 😀

  16. Monica

    My first was All Hail McQueen (now All Hail The Queen) and I have another dozen now but god, it chips so fast compared to Lippmann or Rescue Beauty Lounge. Drives me nuts because Butter London’s colors are my favorites (I’m using Butter London base coat and Seche Vite top coat).

  17. Jennifer

    My first Butter London was British Racing Green and I absolutely loved it! The formula was so buttery and pigmented, I could get away with one coat but I like doing two haha. Anyways the wear was pretty good as well and I was just very impressed so I ended up buying two more Lady Muck and Teddy Girl which are great but I found that the formula on British Racing Green was superior to the other two. I love Teddy Girl because of the color and opacity on the nail but the formula is difficult to work with in terms of streakiness and it takes 3 coats. Lady Muck is somewhere in between, not too spectacular and not too bad either in terms of formula and I do like the color although I didn’t love it against my skintone as much as I thought that I would

  18. Angie

    Wallis was my first Butter London and I absolutely love it!

  19. Melissa

    Spring 2012! I just bought Knackered and Disco Biscuit. LOVE THEM!!!! They’re a couple of polishes that will distract my own attention while typing on my keyboard at work. 😀

  20. Pawsha

    Love Butter London polishes, cant even remember the first one I bought I have so many. Rather indulge in these instead of OPI or Essie.

  21. Esther

    I’ve yet to buy any Butter London polishes yet, but I’m planning to seek out Bossy Boots and/or Dahling this weekend 😀

  22. I just got my first Butter London polish in the mail about a week ago in “HRH.” The color is absolutely gorgeous! I always find myself getting distracted by how pretty it is and the way it catches the light. I’ve definitely been converted!

  23. bxboricua

    The only Butter London polish I’ve ever tried was Wallis. It’s a beautiful color but it chipped on me within a day (even with a top coat over it!), so I returned it.

  24. Kim

    The first time I tried Butter London was last spring with No More Waity Katie. It was so hyped and I was underwhelmed. Luckily, the brand came to Ulta shortly thereafter and I’ve been able to try other varnish colors that I like much more. It’s not my favorite brand as it does chip easier than other brands but I like some of the shades a lot (like Black Knight, Tart with a Heart and British Racing Green).

  25. Catherine

    My first Butter London was All Hail The Queen – it looked muddy against my pale cool skin and the formula was challenging, despite adding thinner. Chipped within a day, which is unusual on me.

    Anyway I got rid of it due to the color, and my next was Victoriana. Much more flattering color, but still had issues with formula. I’m hoping those two were just duds and others will be better formula!! Still hanging onto Victoriana for the moment

  26. Knackered Up was my introduction to Butter London. I purchased Victoriana that same day too and was hooked. Since then I also got Bumster and I love all of them!

  27. Mayra

    I got Fash Pack and Wallis and I love them both. I since tried other products including Yummy Mummy which is just about completely clear on my fingers (a light sheen if that) and a waste of money. So like any other brand it is hit or miss. I would look up swatches before buying anything based on how it looks in the bottle.

  28. CupK8

    The first Butter London I tried was Black Knight back in December. It was love at first swatch!

  29. Kristine

    Yummy Mummy was my first and I loved it! Everything from the perfect nude shade to the formula and wear :)

  30. Kelly

    My first was The Black Knight and it was immediate love! I since bought Tart With A Heart and All Hail The Queen. None of them are a disappointment and all three are amazing. Looking forward to buying more!

  31. Sterling

    We got Butter at our local Ulta last Spring and I wrote it off as mainly boring expensive cremes and neutrals, except Dosh (sparkling spring green) caught my eye every time I went in but $14 was a lot of money for a nail polish so I never got it. I never knew it was seasonal and I kept telling myself I’d pick it up on the next paycheck (broke college student rationale lol) and then one day it wasn’t there… :(

    Then this fall I went in one day and there was a (wonderful) Butter rep with testers out and we talked about the brand, their different products and life in general as I played around with swatching different colours and discovered Wallis. I absolutely fell in love! The colour was so unique and the formula was dreamy. I was flat broke but I kept my eye on it.

    I bought an Ulta gift card for a friend for Christmas but we had a falling out so I used it instead to finally treat myself to Wallis, my first Butter London polish. I still pine after Dosh but I’m really glad I finally caved and own a Butter. The formula and application really are quite nice and I also got longer wear out of it (almost a week!) than I usually get from my polishes, although it might have something to do with it not being full of shimmer or glitter or otherwise sparkly bits like most of my collection. I would invest in more unique colours by them and pass on the more common dupes, like their red glitter or their basic cremes. They have some lovely neutral shimmers though, one of these days I might end up with All Hail McQueen/The Queen, not a neutral fan but it’s so beautiful… Still Dosh though lol

  32. alison

    the first bL polishes i got were black knight and tart with a heart in the dressing table set. (i saw them layered on scrangie and it was love at first sight!) i wasn’t crazy about the wear, but it could have been user error, because knees up and victoriana have worn wonderfully on me.. and i have knackered, no more waity, katie, and wallis to try next. (and trout pout, bossy boots, and slapper on my wishlist!)

  33. Marie

    My first ever Butter London product was Scoundrel. It’s one of my favorite colors and the formula is amazing! I was really reluctant to purchase it, but it was so worth it!

  34. Hi there. I have never owned a Butter London, but had a coffee and nail day with a friend that happened to have a few. I love one color that was a rose-taupe color that I LOVED. I tried so hard to keep it on. It wore well and dried like a dream. I would love to own these. Thank you, Jennifer

  35. Anna

    The first Butter London colour that I bought was The Artful Dodger which I love. Next was British Racing Green and now I love Wallis. It is a beautiful colour. Overall I like Butter London. Like the packaging and the edgy colours.

  36. Ashley

    I purchased my first Butter in Wallis from The Bay a few weeks ago. I wasnt blown away by the formula, but I love the brands unique colors. No More Waity Katie is on my list for next time!

  37. just tried my first butter polish last month in Fairy Lights. Chipped in a day. i do NOT understand the hype. despite the smooth application and very quick dry time, the chipping was insatiable and really not acceptable for the price. so disappointed.

  38. I fell in love with The Full Monty. Then I got All Hail the Queen (All Hail McQueen). I really adore butter London polishes. Right now I’m really in love with Disco Biscuit.

  39. Lacey

    My first Butter polishes were all purchased at the same time in early 2011. Teddy Girl, which is my all time favorite nail polish. Yummy Mummy, which is a beautiful polish for the wintertime. Rosie Lee, the most amazing glitter I own, and Snog, the perfect spring/summer bright. Since then I have become somewhat of a hoarder 😀 Butter Lodnon is by far my favorite nail polish brand. It’s just so undeniably GOOD.

  40. Andrea

    My first Butter London was Artful Dodger, and a few years later, it is my most used nail polish in my large collection. I find it to be my go-to as a “don’t need to think about it” manicure. I’m very picky about my turquoise shades, and while I have close to 30 bottles that are in this color family, AD is still my favorite because of the slight dustiness, the easy application, and fantastic wear time. I almost always use it when I go camping, it is literally the only polish I’ve ever had that can hold up to a 4 day weekend that wreaks havoc on my hands. Because of that 1 polish, I’m always quick to snatch up any new releases that BL comes out with (my bottle says “All Hail McQueen!”) Definitely one of, if not, my favorite nail polish company.

  41. Sheena F

    The first one I ever tried on was All Hail the Queen–perfect nude shade for me with just the right amount of sparkle! I bought it along with Blagger and Marrow. Still use them and added a couple more shades. Looking forward to adding more!

  42. Tuna Lala

    I first heard about Butter through Temptalia (Thank you Christine!). I swatched them at Ulta, loved it and it just so happens they were doing a BOGO event there. I bought 4 bottles – All Hail the Queen, Big Smoke, Saucy Jack and West End Wonderland. I would’ve bought more if it weren’t for the buying limit.

    I’ve received compliments on all of them and will definitely be buying more!

  43. Jaye

    I can’t remember which one I got first, Branwen’s Feather or Knee’s Up…But, I will say that my all time favorite polish that I own is Knee’s Up. It’s the most beautiful pigment, goes on perfectly, and has worn wonderfully on me. If I could only ever have one polish, that’d be it.

  44. Angel

    My first experience was with Jaffa. I believe it was last year’s summer color. I’ve had my eye on it for 2 months and the day that I bought it, it was removed and returned to vender just hours later. I have to call it fate.
    I used OPI and Essie up until then. OPI chips like crazy on me, usually within 24hrs. Essie was too jelly like. But Butter, the texture was just amazing. One nail painted and I was already converted. There are some really sheer(Pink Ribbon) or streaky colors(Teddy Girl) in the line but for the most part, I am impressed.

  45. Andrea

    First one was HRH and since then have gotten Waity, Katie, Trout Pout and Slapper. A few nice colours, but nothing special in formula. Can get much better for less cost.

  46. charlotte

    My first was No More Waity Katie and I think I’m one of the few people who absolutely loves it! It fueled kind of a weird obsesh and now I have over 20 Butter London shades.