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Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadows

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadows

Debuting July 1st, Bare Escentuals will launch new Prime Time Primer Shadows ($18.00 for 0.10 fl. oz.) in six shades: Bronzed Twig (iced chocolate), Chroma Violet (ripe plum), Gunmetal (midnight silver), Racing Green (blazing emerald), Sundance (sunlit peach), and Urban Nature (delicate moss).

From the press release, the formula is crease- and water-proof, delivers “rich, vivid metallic color” with a “creamy, lightweight texture.” Bare Escentuals says they can be worn alone or under eyeshadow and applied with fingers or brushes. I was actually intending to photograph, swatch, and test Bare Escentuals Buxom Eyeshadows, but when these came, I was like, “Hmm, let’s just swatch these for now.” I fell in LOVE! with Urban Nature, so I immediately put it on my eyelid for all-day testing.

  • Bronzed Twig is a medium-dark chocolate bronze with khaki gold shimmer.
  • Chroma Violet is a muted plum with silver shimmer.
  • Gunmetal is a softened silvery gray with a metallic sheen.
  • Racing Green is a darkened forest green with subtle emerald green micro-shimmer.
  • Sundance is a peachy orange with a golden sheen.
  • Urban Nature is muddied plum, khaki, and green duochrome. This shade is COOL. It just plays some tricks when you look at it.

A lot of times you can just tell if a product is going to make it all day or not–or at the very least, if it even has a shot–within the first few minutes. The length of the dry down tends to be a do-or-die factor, because longer dry downs mean more chances for the product to migrate and build-up in the natural lines on the eyelid and within the crease. These dry down rather quickly (15 seconds or so).

Once they dry down, they really do not budge. I wore Urban Nature (also wore Chroma Violet and Sundance on two separate occasions) for twelve hours without any creasing, fading, or smudging. Oh, did I mention I took a shower and let water run down my face? I did that after eight hours, and we were still good to go post-shower (I just patted my face dry).

Because of the quicker dry down time and how well they lock onto the lid, they don’t remain blendable for too long either. I found that I had enough time to apply it and smooth out the egdes for a one-and-done kind of look. These also worked well as a base, as they held the eyeshadows on all day. The texture is creamy enough to make these easy to spread out over the lid but not so emollient that they’ll slide around.

I did heavier and lighter swatches–and I do mean light–I wanted to try and mimic the effect of a wash of the color, for those who wanted something subtler. The pigmentation in all six shades was lovely; opaque without having to layer on product. I used about a fourth of the amount of the heavier swatch to create the more wash-like color.

My major issue with these is their size; these are tiny! Most major eyeshadow primer players range from $17 to $24 and contain an average of 0.30 fl. oz. These are certainly pigmented and you do not need a ton of product to acheive a nice, opaque layer of color on the lid, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to run through a tube within weeks by any means–it’s just the one area that stuck out for me. Why so small? (Or conversely, why so small but $18?)

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bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadows Review, Photos, Swatches

I was completely surprised by Urban Nature--would not have expected that shade at all--and the formula is excellent. Waterproof and wears all day without creasing or fading, which make these a perfect product to launch in the summer.











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See more photos & swatches!

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadows

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadows

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadows

Bronzed Twig, Chroma Violet, Gunmetal, Racing Green, Sundance, Urban Nature

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Bronzed Twig Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Chroma Violet Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Gunmetal Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Racing Green Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Sundance Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Urban Nature Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Urban Nature Prime Time Primer Shadow

Bare Escentuals Urban Nature Prime Time Primer Shadow (12 hours later)

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Where can I purchase Primer Shadows? How much are they?

Bare Escentuals on July 1st, $18.

Are they limited edition?


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72 thoughts on “bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadows Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. wow the colors are awesome :) urban nature any time ….

  2. Crystal

    Wow, the staying power seems rly good 😀

  3. Polly

    Noooooo! I had planned that if I ever did a makeup line, I’d call my primers PrimeTime. Dammit, trademarked.. haha!

  4. ak

    Urban Nature is the best looking one and the most different.

  5. Tracey

    Urban Nature looks gorgeous! I’m kinda tempted by Gunmetal and Bronzed Twig too.

    Can I ask how you applied these? Did you use a brush or a finger? Thanks :)

  6. meme

    Really like UN also. Curious how these differ from the Buxom eye shadows? I get major wear time with those (have 2 shades), no creasing. Not sure I could keep them on after a full on hair washing shower, but know I have been splashed in the face in the pool and the Buxon stays on. Know the Buxom is not a primer & shadow in one as this new product is. Seems very close type product to be brought out. FYI, re: small size, if they are like the Buxom’s, my pots last super long – like 6-10 months because they are so dense and take such a tiny amount due to strong pigmentation. I don’t like either of the formulas BE has come out with in their Prime Time Eye primers in the past – they both went in the trash. I swear by my long used primer made by Garden Botanica (used to be a brick/mortar store – been only a dot com since early 2000’s. Tried many others and none stack up to the GB primer. I never put on shadow without it – it makes my eyelid all one shade (taking away any darkness & veining, plus any eyelid redness – and makes even a really icky non lasting eye shadow last 12+ hrs as if I just put it on.

  7. Eli

    Sundance looks gorgeous :)

  8. cmferrets

    this is what i wish macs newest flighty big bounce e/s SHOULD have been. just like the painpots, bc they were such beautiful coors but such a fail in product.
    these BE primers look wonderful, but pricey- i may get gunmetal , urban and sundance.

  9. Edelmc

    Do you think these are better than the mufe cream bases or do you think they are different enough to warrant both?

    • They have a thinner texture in a sense, though the colors don’t seem to overlap too much. For me, it would just come down to color :) I like that these are in the tube, though – less chance of contamination and drying out!

  10. Wow, Urban Nature is really fantastic looking! There are several that are really pretty, but I’m not sure I could pay that much for them. $18 is quite a bit and you’re right the size is tiny!

  11. Vale

    Is there any black primer? I really would like it for my smokey eyes looks!

  12. Tara

    Oh these are pretty! The packaging and concept remind me of MAC Paints. I especially like Sundance! I can totally see it pairing well with MAC shadows in Motif, Goldmine, and Expensive Pink!!

  13. Dana

    How does the wear, texture, etc. compare with products like MUFE Aqua Creams, Mac Paint Pots and Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows? I really like the Urban Nature too! It looks so versatile!

    • The wear is the same as all of those, as all of those products last all day on me. These are not as creamy as Benefit’s or MUFE’s – but they dry down like MUFE and MAC.

  14. Lisette

    Oh, I am all over these as soon as I can get my hands on them! Love chroma violet, gunmetal and urban nature in particular. Thanks so much for reviewing and swatching these.

  15. Ashley

    so pretty!! Urban Nature kind of reminds me of MAC’s Vex packed on! How does the wear time of these compare to Tarte’s Lock and Roll in your opinion?

  16. I am happy to hear that they don’t budge. I agree with you about the price tag. It’s a bit steep for such a small product.

  17. Stephanie

    Whenever my friend invites me to go swimming, I say ‘sure, just let me get my suit on and take my makeup off.’

    I’m pretty excited about all these waterproof items coming out this summer, like this and the Cannonball mascara by urban decay.

    I feel like the majority of items that claim to be waterproof are really just water resistant. They don’t budge from the eye area as much, but I certainly do wipe smudges off during the day, and I’m sure none of the ‘waterproof’ items I own would survive a day at the pool or water park.

    • Kryolan fixing spray will lock most of your makeup on. I went swimming with it once, and I walked out immaculate (obviously, the key is PATTING dry, because rubbing, even when dry, could cause smudging).

  18. How did you apply these, with a brush? Or fingers?

  19. I am so picking up a few of these as soon as I land in the USA. I am a sucker for anything creaseless (I think I have too much eyelid skin) hahaha. Toughest decision will be picking which colors ?!?!?

  20. Hmm, the price is a little high but if they do indeed stay on for 8-12 hours without too much fading, it may be worth it.

  21. alicia

    these are pretty awesome, but too expensive for such a small tube!

  22. Tabi

    Wow Urban Nature is gorgeous. I’ll have to put that one on my list for July. =)

  23. I just love the Urban Nature shade!

  24. Nichole

    Bare Escentuals has no place in my home. After their foundation wreaked havoc on my skin, I refuse to buy another BE/BM product. The company could come out with THE BEST nail file known to man, I won’t buy it.

    • Valbona


      Their FOUNDATION wreaked havoc on your skin, but it may not be the case for the rest of their products. Seriously, every beauty buyer has gone through this with EVERY makeup line out there. If you gave a try to their other products of a certain line, you will be surprised.

  25. These are so beautiful! Urban Nature in particular is lovely!

  26. vicxen

    seems splotchy to me.

  27. Tara

    Urban Nature looks so beautiful. That one is definitely on my purchase list.

  28. I still can fathom why Bare Escentuals is so expensive being a MMU user myself but I think Sundance and Urban Nature would be nice quick go to colour for day wear. I’m a sucker for peach shadows as well.

  29. Deb

    Urban nature is gorgeous! These look like total time-savers!

  30. Misty

    Oooh! I just love Urban Nature. I want to try it with Vex!

  31. Oh, these are so pretty! Sundance and Urban Nature are on my list now :)

  32. katie

    Wow I need those!

  33. How cool! Urban Nature looks kind of like an eyeshadow version of Orly Space Cadet. I hate greens on my eyes, but I might have to make an exception!

  34. danielle

    Wow super excited! I love BE! My cc is in troooouble haha

  35. Urban Nature looks incredible! I’ve never tried Bare Escentuals…I’ve always ignored the brand, but these look worth trying!

  36. Carrie Ann

    Sundance is pretty and I love the duochrome on Urban Nature. Very cool. I love unexpected shades like that. It also looks like it would be flattering on a lot of skintones.

  37. Lisa

    Urban Nature looks like MAC Vex shadow!

  38. Jennifer

    Wow, I used to be a total BE junkie but haven’t bought anything in a few years after turning into a Mac junkie. I will totally be buying Urban Nature and possibly a few others too. Wow!

  39. Maddie

    I’m so exited for these! Thanks for the swatches and review. I love the prime time foundation primer, but I haven’t tried the eyeshadow primer

  40. Lyza Rae

    Finally someone gets it right!

  41. Emmers

    I have always thought spending 18$ on makeup was absolutely insane. But as someone who hates doing a lot of eye products these seem like a very pretty and easy alternative to piling on eyeshadow and what not.

  42. Hello! How does it compare to the Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows as far as color and lasting power? I bought 1 GA shadow and so in love with it, but these look good, too :) Which would you recommend?

  43. PoetrysTruth

    I don’t own one BE product. I think I will be trying these. I will be working 12hr shifts and would like something that doesn’t disappear on me. How do you think they will show on darker skin tones (NW45)?

  44. Myles

    I’ve been “suckered” by BE for years! I think it was the novelty of those little pots of colored powder that was just so appealing! And yeah, when if first came out as the NEW mineral makeup I bought everything, then QVC carried it..and again I got hooked, I don’t know how the rest of you gals are..but for me BE at least the mineral powders..look FABULOUS when you put them on…but on me…I swear 15 min later..its GONE! It had absolutely NO staying power on me. Yeah..fell for those crushed gem collections of the TSV on the Q thinking wow..crushed black diamonds, crushed champagne diamonds..but again, 15 min later gone! Maybe its because I live in the south. Christine, again, I’m going to trust your judgement..and try a couple..I’m a little hesitant because of the PAST experience with the powders (give me MAC pigments anytime over BE) and I tried the MAC Bouncy in the Wealth color that you suggested Christine..and honestly I liked it..but you were right..its more of a base, I’m kind of worried about it drying up too fast in the pot. So, because I trust you Christine..I’ll cough up the 18.00 haha…I know you used a brush..but what kind? Or rather what number? Do you think it would be a good eyeliner highlighter?

    • I used the 249, but a finger works just as well. I just wore Urban Nature as a base today, and it was fab. I haven’t tried any of BE’s loose eyeshadows, though, so I couldn’t comment on those,

      Not sure what you mean by eyeliner highlighter, though :(

  45. Jennifer

    Wow!! I am really not a fan of bare escentuals, but I am going to have to give these a look. They really look fantastic! Way to go B.E.!! :)

  46. Rengirl

    Those look great! I have my eye on Bronze Twig and, of course, Urban Nature for wearing to the beach or when I need to quickly slap something on.

  47. Tracey

    Looks like Urban Nature is the most popular and will probably sell out quickly. Glad to hear these are not LE or there will be some sad ladies on here (including me!)

    I assume that they’ll be available in the UK on the same date? I hope!

  48. NeenaJ

    These remind me of MAC paints. The tube is about the same size – teeny! I think Urban Nature could either look awesome or like a bruise, LOL. Guess I’ll have to swatch and find out.

    I have had a really good experience with BE products over the last 10 years or so. I still use their mineral foundation because nothing makes my skin look as good as it does. Their eyeshadows last all day for me when I apply them over UDPP and are especially lovely when foiled with MAC Fix+ or a mixing medium.

  49. CupK8

    I’m bummed about the size. But I think I need Sundance in my life. Especially with that kind of staying power!

  50. littletidbit30

    These are the exact same size as the other Prime Time for Eyes products. These new tube versions are actually 2x the product of the original clicky pen packaging for $2 more than the original price.

    I LOVE THESE!!!! I want them all!!!!

  51. Ashley

    Not sure if anyone has said this, but to me, UN reminds me a bit of Katy Perry’s Not Like the Movies polish.

    • Tracey

      I am wearing Not Like The Movies and I agree!

      I have a tube of Urban Nature coming to me from a friend in the USA, I cannot wait to try it :)

  52. Sydney

    These look great! I don’t much like Urban Nature, though. The color is very unique, but I don’t think it’s that pretty.

  53. Wow!!! These look great. I really like Urban Nature, but I would never use it. It is like Zoya Ki nailpolish in eyeshadow form.

  54. Marina

    I know the actual product isn’t similar to MAC Paint Pots but is the color of Sundance similar to Rubenesque?

  55. Luka

    Picked up Chroma Violet today thanks to this review!

  56. Has anyone had a problem with these I recieved 3 of them and all of them are impossible to get out of the tube. I think they were all dried out. >__<

  57. Rochelle

    I love the vibrant colors of primer shadows, however they are not blendable after a few seconds. I have googled how to apply and turned up with little advice. I’m not sure if I will purchase this product in the future.