2012 Best Spring Collection

Human Fundamentalism - Illamasqua

Illamasqua’s Human Fundamentalism collection was such a hit for me–they nailed the eyeshadows, nail lacquers, and gloss so, so on the head.  The new shades of eyeshadows they launched, like Burst, Pivot, and Obsidian, were some of my favorites from 2012, period.  And Nomad? Swoon!

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Congratulate, Illamasqua!

Brand Highlights

Stance Nail Varnish


Nomad Nail Varnish


Apocalips Lipstick


Previous Winners

Guerlain - Serie Noire Collection (2011)

Bobbi Brown - Cabana Corals (2010)

Guerlain - Exotic Paradise (2009)