2013 Best High-End Lip Scrub Treatment

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub is a deliciously scented sugar-based lip scrub that exfoliates well without tearing. It always leaves my lips smooth and soft — totally necessary when you take way zoomed in photos of your lips on the regular!

2013 Best Budget Lip Scrub Treatment

If you’re on a budget, picking up a bottle of jojoba oil and mixing it with a little sugar (or brown sugar) works a treat to give lips a smoother, healthier appearance.

2013 Best High-End Lip Balm

Many Jack Black Lip Balms later, and these are still my favorite, which I have repurchased countless times at this point! I always have five or more stashed away, and I keep a tube at my desk, purse, nightstand, and even in my pocket when I go out. These lip balms moisturize so, so well, and they last for hours on the lips. I put it on before bed and I can still feel some of it left when I wake up eight hours later.

2013 Best Budget Lip Balm

It comes in cute spherical packaging, and on the inside, there is a hydrating ball of goodness. It’s the best lip balm I’ve tried that comes in at a budget-friendly price tag. The packaging isn’t as convenient as some traditional lip balms, since it can’t easily fit into your pocket.

2013 Best High-End Tinted Lip Balm

It has a slick, gel-gloss hybrid-like texture that glides onto the lips easily and remains movable while you wear it. It is non-sticky, yields semi-sheer to semi-opaque color, and smells of sweet vanilla (think MAC lipglosses). The finish has a high-gloss shine–it’s really a balm-like gloss overall–which lasts for about two hours, while the product itself seems to last right around the three-hour mark. It’s hydrating while worn, and I’ve been using it after a lip-swatching-session, and it’s done a good job restoring hydration and making my lips feel whole again.

2013 Best Budget Tinted Lip Balm

Lightly tinted, hydrating, and vanilla-scented, Palladio’s Tinted Lip Balms are exactly what you want in a lip balm.  They’re also convenient to apply!