2013 Best High-End Eyeshadow Base

It’s nearly transparent when applied and light-as-air. I love that it helps my eyeshadow stay on all day without creasing but doesn’t mute the vibrancy, either. The matte finish also allows me to wear matte eyeshadows without changing the texture.  When I need an eyeshadow primer, this is the one I reach for.  This is the only eyeshadow primer I’ve repurchase in the past few years.

2013 Best Budget Eyeshadow Base

NYX Eyeshadow Base is a short and sweet product in three different shades (White, Pearl, and Skin Tone). I find Pearl is nice under more shimmery shades, but Skin Tone is good in a variety of situations, so it’s more versatile. It does a good job of extending the wear of your eyeshadow and giving you a base for the color to grab onto and look true to form.

2013 Best High-End Cream Eyeshadow

These were a real hit in the beauty community when they debuted in 2011. The texture is interesting—almost like a sponge, but not quite—but they work exceptionally well. They shimmer and sparkle, and they wear beautifully on their own or alongside your favorite eyeshadows.

2013 Best Budget Cream Eyeshadow

They come in cute jars but are filled with a long-wearing, creamy, buildable product that really outdoes the majority of cream eyeshadows found among budget-friendly brands.

2013 Best High-End Loose Eyeshadow

Illamasqua’s Pure Pigment has an impressive range of unique colors with a lot of subtleties and nuances. They have always had a beautiful texture–so finely milled and pigmented. The packaging could be better, though–the uniqueness of the colors tends to make up for that.

2013 Best Budget Loose Eyeshadow

Sugarpill’s Chromalusts are very finely milled and come in a variety of shades–lots of different and unique shades with varying textures.