Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, both beauty-related or unrelated! Some tips on asking me questions so that you can get the best answer AND quickly…

  • For color/makeup recommendations, please let me know your skin tone, if you have a brand preference, colors you love (whatever is applicable). I don’t want to recommend something that doesn’t work for your skin coloring or recommend a brand that’s more than you want to spend!
  • If you’ve tried a lot of products and are still looking for the one that works, if you could tell me products or techniques you have tried, that helps me suss out what might work! Again, I’d hate to just recommend you a product/technique you’ve tried!
  • Please, please be patient.  Each session generates between 400-600 questions.  I will answer all that are received within the session’s time limit, but it may take me a few hours to get back to you, so I only ask that you be patient with me :)
  • You can also check out last session’s summary/wrap-up, as well as our FAQ.

It is always a pleasure to answer your questions, and I hate answering your question with a follow-up question about your coloring or what brand you’d like the dupe in or what-have-you, so hopefully this will allow me to give you better answers and more efficiently, to boot! :)

Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too! The more the merrier! Plus, your feedback really helps to round out any answer I give. It’s like a more complete worldview!


Edited @ 9:13pm (PST):   The session is CLOSED.  I will answer all remaining questions I received to this point that have not been answered.

OOOH! I just convinced The Tech Guy (aka Shaun, my boyfriend) and @labrasnore (aka Mellan) to answer questions.

If you want to ask either one a question, ask away :) I don’t guarantee either of them will ever do it again, LOL! Especially that Mellan. He’s lazy.

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898 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #026

  1. Hi Christine,

    For reference, I’m between NW15-20.

    Do you know of a Tinted Moisturizer that will not leave me looking “dewy”, especially on my oily forehead? Is it possible that there’s one out there that dries down matte?

    I have pretty good skin, with just a hormonal bump every so often. I’ve used the same skincare stuff for a few years, without any issues. However, all of the sudden, my skin is breaking out pretty badly. There were a couple of large, hormonal pimples, but also, there were run of the mill zits. Most of it seems to be clearing up now, but I’ve got some dark spots left behind. How can I get rid of those quickly? Also, one area that had a big pimple (that receded instead of popped) left behind a really dry patch that won’t clear up. I’m scared to exfoliate it, because it was quite irritated and peeling. Any suggestions?

    What do you consider to be the best undereye concealer for under $30? Is a colour corrector necessary under the eye?

    Sorry my questions are long-winded! Thank you for your website, and all that you do for your fellow makeup addicts! I always look for swatches on here before I buy anything!

    • Hi JayJay,

      Korres’ Tinted Moisturizer has a near matte finish. If you’re *really* patient, then you could take a matte liquid foundation and mix it with your moisturizer (assuming it dries down well), which should also get you that.

      Dark spots are likely hyper pigmentation marks, which should fade with time. I’ve used Kiehl’s treatment with some luck, but I usually just use Mederma (for scars) and I think that works, lol! As far as the irritated and peeling skin, just keep it clean, avoid makeup (if and when you can — I understand if you have to use it, totally been there). Once it calms down a bit, you could try exfoliating with just a wet wash cloth, which should be gentle enough and not increase the irritation.

      I like theBalm’s Time Balm, MAC’s Select Cover, and MUFE’s Lift Concealer.

      • Thank you so much! I will be checking out your recommendations at Sephora later this week.

        I love it when you do these sessions. I try to read all of the Q&A, to see what other tips I can pick up. :-)

  2. What’s the best medium or full coverage foundation for Combination Skin? I’m an NC 20. I still haven’t found my Holy Grail foundation.

    • Have you tried Make Up For Ever Mat+ Velvet or Estee Lauder’s Double Wear?

      • essia

        I wouldn’t recommend Estee Lauders double wear on someone with yellow undertones. Estee Lauder (well in Europe) only has foundations with red undertones which doesn’t match well. I’ve had Estee Lauder and i switched on Bobbi Brown.

        (This comment isn’t meant to be bitchy or something. I don’t know how to say it much nicer because my English isn’t very well. I apologize if it sounds bitchy

        • I have yellow undertones, but I’ve had good luck with EL myself :) BB does run on the yellow side, but EL’s Double Wear is stuff that doesn’t budge – I haven’t found anything quite like it in BB.

    • Roxanne

      Have you tried Revlon’s Colorstay foundation? Some people swear by it too. Pretty good coverage and very, very longlasting (you need to be quick when applying or you won’t be able to fix it). And wallet-friendly too!

    • Shela

      Just chiming into discussions.. lol.

      For a medium coverage powder foundation, Benefit Hello Flawless is great. For a medium to full coverage liquid foundation, I find Lancome Teinte Idole perfect. It doesn’t leave me cakey at all. =)

  3. Nikki

    Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Hannah had a really pretty sheer coral/pink looking lipstick on and I can’t find anything like it. If not, can you reccomend a color like that and also some good sheer lipsticks? I like glossy looking ones. Thanks!

  4. What are the best MAC lipstick colors for an NC42? :) Diva, Brick-o-la and Cosmo look stunning on me, but I haven’t gotten around to trying others.

  5. Syl

    Hi Christine,
    I am a huge fan of your blog and I was wondering when you graduate from your graduate studies and start working, do you still think you’ll continue temptalia? Thanks again for all the work you and your bf put into this blog, I’ve been spending lots of time using your reviews for Mac and Makeup forever as a reference for buying items. Great work!

  6. Mary

    Hi Christine, what’s the best cream eyeshadow you’ve come across (in terms of staying power, no creasing, color selection)? I’d be using it mainly for quick makeup in the mornings.


  7. Pam

    Hi Christine,

    i love reading your blog and checking out your reviews. i’ve been following your blog for more than 6 months now. It seems as if you have something to write about all the time :) I don’t think i’ve ever seen you take a break and go on vacation because there is something posted everyday. do you plan/ever wish to go on vacation?? :) i know we would miss your posts even if you go away for one day :)


    • Hey Pam,

      My idea of a vacation is if you never know that I’m on vacation. Unless I actually say it! So you never know if I’m here or there, but you’ll always have posts to read :) I think the only time there was ever a hiccup in posts on the blog was last year when I got sick a with a really, really nasty flu virus (maybe the Swine flu) – I basically was bedridden and could barely function (never been that sick EVER!). I tried to post a bit, but it was difficult to do anything but lay down.

      • Pam

        Thanks for your response :) oh and maybe two more questions.

        1) do you feel that you get recognized a lot more frequently? i think you tweeted that you got recognized 3 times at the mall…

        2) i know you didn’t go to IMATS. I know a lot of the beauty youtube gurus did and i’ve seen clips where they’ve taken pics with their “fans/beauty followers.” If you did go, i know you would get recognized:) would you be okay if they took pics with you or are you more of a private person? hope this wasn’t too personal to ask….


        • Hi Pam,

          1.) It’s more frequent, but it’s not very frequent. The last time was just an anomaly! It’s NEVER like that, lol.
          2.) I went the year before, and I’m always happy to meet and chat with fans/followers or however you want to self-identify, LOL! It feels really weird to say I have fans or followers. Like a little egotistical, I suppose. I am a private person, but not THAT private. I’m an open-book in general, but I’m not a big crowd/party person, I suppose – does that make sense?

          But nope, if anyone ever sees me, please say hi! It feels so weird when you know me but I don’t know you! I won’t bite. :) We can chat, shake hands, hug, take pictures – whatever!

  8. rachael chiang

    Hi! My name is Rachael. I am usually a medium skin tone, for bareminerals or an olive tone.

    Do you know any powder foundations that DO NOT HAVE TALC in them. Unfortunately, I do have a small amount of acne, and talc aggravates acne. And the only powder I have found that doesn’t have talc is bareminerals and it limits me.

    Also a product I have tried, mainly for acne is the IQQU Acne Serum. My review would be its about a 3/5. On the positive side: it doesn’t smell bad or like alcohol, its a cool orange color, it doesn’t help not get acne, its doesn’t make my skin red, it doesn’t irritate my skin, and its very silky. On the negative side: its $33, it barely lasted me not even a month, it didn’t actually get rid of my acne, it just made it smaller sized.

    I am also looking for a nice under eye concelear, hopefully not too expensive but does work well. Along with a nice coral blush ( No MAC, though its has talc in it. too bad right?)
    Thanks SO Much Temptalia, your amazing!!!!

    • Hi Rachael,

      I know that Physicians Formula makes a lot of talc-free products, as do most mineral makeup brands (Everyday Minerals, Alima, etc.). Smashbox Hydro Perfecting Powder, Philosophy’s The Supernatural Aibrushed, and Hourglass’s Oxygen Mineral Foundation are all touted as talc-free.

      We often expect miracles out of our skincare products, and those expectations are probably not realistic. If you find the IQQU Serum only so-so and expensive, you might look at the ingredient list and see if you find comparable products at a lower price point that have a similar ingredient list. I’ve had good luck with Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion & Drying Cream, which are both under $20 I believe. They don’t always instantly erase, but they seem to help quite a bit.

      For undereye concealers, I like: theBalm’s Time Balm, Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer, MAC Select Cover, and Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer.

      Philosophy makes a blush in Healthy/Happy which looks like it has a coral and it is talc-free.

    • i use clean & clear’s advantage spot treatment for my acne [comes in a tiny purpley silver squeezy tube] and its great and affordable too, so give that a go :] xo

      • i use clean & clear persa-gel 5 (benzoyl peroxide 5%) along with derma-e tea tree & vitamin E cream for my occasional zits. i don’t have severe acne but those two have helped dry them up and minimize picking/scarring… i get those pesky little ones around my chin/jaw sometimes (hormones… sigh.)

    • Halo

      hi i just wanted to add my input just so you know the physicians formula powder foundation spf50 has talc but bare esscentuals or bare minerals doesn’t and if you buy in the starter kits you save a ton of money.

  9. baby in a corner

    What do you think of MUFE’s face and body foundation? have you tried it? i got a small sample, it went quite shiny on me but then i was it really warm weather on holidays and it was under spf which i’m not used to wearing. now my sample is gone and i can’t remember what its like. any other recs for a foundation you can use on your body too?

    • It’s a rather dewy foundation, and it’s a little less coverage than I’d like, so I don’t have it in full size myself.

      MAC Face & Body also works — very comparable. It felt a little less dewy than MUFE’s, though.

    • dee

      I just got some Face and Body samples. You’d still need a powder to set it, just to lower shine…and it stunk! But maybe that was just my sample. I’ve never had any product have a smell that really turned me off, and that one did.

      • Sabrina

        I thought I was the only one! The scent was so strong/bad that I almost didn’t put it on. Once on, I still didn’t like it. LOL Even if it worked for me, I doubt I could get past the scent.

  10. Anna

    Hi, Christine! I’m a really really big fun of your blog! My question is – What skin products should I choose for my every day routine – I’m now feeling somekind of age signs happening :( I need some productes for face and eyes area, which will realy refresh my skin tone and moisturise very good. I’m 30 now and I’ve tried a lot of products from Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Lancome, Clarins, but they were not anti-age lines. I’m realy need an advise what products ore line to choose, because there are so many on the market! I have a normal to combination skin and dry skin under my eyes, slitely dark-sirkles, sometimes have puffiness, and some crow feets under my eyes.

    • Hi Anna,

      Skincare is very, very personal and individual, so sometimes what works for me, doesn’t for you, and vice versa! The best is prevention, so that means wearing at least SPF 15 everyday, and more like SPF 30 when you’re out and about in the sun (plus reapplication if you’re out for longer periods of time or in water). Wear sunglasses when you’re outside, too – will keep you from squinting (causing unnecessary fine lines).

      As far as skincare goes, a good moisturizer and cleanser go a long way, regardless of whether they’re anti-aging or not. Prescription-wise, Retin-A still seems to be one of the reigning champs. For over-the-counter products, it’s such a huge playground. Olay Regenerist is a great budget-friendly line. Chanel’s Lift and Sublimage line seem to do well for the ultra high end range.

    • Roxanne

      I would give Kiehl’s a try. It’s not the most affordable brand but it’s a very personal one. Go into a store and they will give you lots of advice and samples of… pretty much anything. Since skincare is so personal, Kiehl’s *should* take the product back if you respond to it badly. I am currently using their Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ for face (use this ONLY if you’re in Europe/Asia… an alternate product is sold in the US and it’s not the same by all means!!) and their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is one of their #1 products in the US (and soon in Europe). It’s a serum you apply at night and it helps your skin contain moisture (like omg, my skin’s so soft… it looks so much more vibrant and even). But anyway, I really like Kiehl’s for older skin. Good luck!

      Damn… I should apply for a job there. What a sales pitch! (Didn’t intend to though.)

  11. erica

    im looking for a new pink/nude lipstick as well as one more on the pink side. i wear chanel matt lumiere in #20 for winter and #30 for summer. i have myth/fleshpot/creme d nude and find them a little too nude. as for the pinks, i have viva glam gaga, snob, saint germain, and pink nouveau, all of which dont fit the bill. i would like to know of any mac colors that i can try, or any other brands with similar prices. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Erica,

      Have you tried MAC Angel, Shy Girl, or Creme Cup? Shy Girl is a pinky nude, while Angel and Creme Cup are pinker, but they’re pink like the ones you listed.

    • Zee

      Hi Erica,

      If you’d like to try a less expensive option, I recommend Revlon Pink Pout. It is a gorgeous nudey pink color!

  12. Annika

    Hi Christine! It’s my first question ever :) I’ve pretty much figured out makeup, but I’m looking for a nice citrussy (lemon/lime/orange) or a fresh fruity (apple/peach/pear) summer scent, any suggestions? Scents I’ve liked in the past include Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze, DKNY Be Delicious, YSL Young Sexy Lovely and Burberry Brit and the Escada summer scents are too sweet for me.

    • Hi Annika,

      Maybe something like DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, D&G Light Blue, or Nina Ricci Nina!

    • Shela

      The Orange Saphire scent from Bath and Body Works is yummy too. It’s fruity but has a hint of musk to make it less froo-froo girly.

    • cartier l’eau de cartier – citrusy, zesty, and NOT sweet.

      annick goutal petite cherie – a yummy, summery pear-and-fresh-grass scent.

      clean eau de parfum – very citrusy and soapy.

      chloe eau de parfum – soapy, rosy and slightly fruity with a powdery edge… delectable!

      l’occitane ruban d’orange – the most mouthwatering orange scent ever.

      l’artisan ete en doucer – linden, white tea, citrus. summery, and sunny.

      annick goutal eau du sud – citrusy, with a tinge of herbaceousness. NOT sweet. very crisp and fresh, like a white starched linen shirt.

      frederic malle editions de pafums cologne bigarade – bitter orange cologne at its best. fresh, summery.

      christian miss dior cherie/chanel chance eau fraiche – not my personal favorite (too common), but it is a citrusy-summery blend of fruit and hesperidic notes. if you buy one, you won’t need the other.

      d&g light blue – the motherlode of all citus-florals… this is the perfume that started the female obsession with citrus (which was previously a masculine note).

      hermes eau d’orange verte – bitter orange freshness.

      thierry mugler mugler cologne – fresh, green, unusual, it’s like liquid sunlight.

      i can name a lot more… but these are the ones off the top of my head!

  13. How did you get into blogging? I recently started and wanted to know how it came about for you. Also, what is one MAC eye brush that you feel is a must-have?

  14. cass

    Hi Christine!

    Thanks for taking the time out to answer all these questions :] it’s pretty amazing of you!

    I have quite a few, so I guess I’ll get right down to it…also, I should prob say that I am NC 20-25 [just picked up mac studio fix fluid NC 25, since that’s what I’ve been matched as bc it’s the summer lol!], and my skin is pretty oily. To the point where I carry blotters around with me. Errrgh. I wash my face, exfoliate [I have the neutrogena wave duo and use that with the exfoliating pads, bc I feel like everything else I’ve used tears my skin up!], use moisturizer, and primer and everything to keep it as clean and oil free as possible. Did I mention I have acne? Not overly terrible acne, but, I get those pressure ones every once in a while, little whitheads that I pick that become bigger [grrrpicking.] and I have blackheads which make my pores look massive..and I guess that hyperpigmentation*sp from picking. :( I’m also almost 23 so I know it’s not a teenage hormonal thing. So yeah, it’s been frustrating. I was wondering what the best way to try to take care of my skin would possibly be, since I’ve heard so many different things…I’m getting close to the end of my rope with all of this, I’m even about to try proactive for the second time lol. So seriously, anything suggested would be absolutely wonderful. I read your blog every day and I LOVE IT, it really makes my day!!! [and my wallet lighter LOL]

    Also, I wanted to know what is really worth picking up from In the Groove. I was looking at those mineral skinfinishes, and I only wanted to get one since they’re almost $30 haha. So what would you recommend? I’m also a fairly new mac-convert, so the only things I really have are from limited edition collections starting with Liberty of London. Sorry my post is so ridiculously long!!…But thank you SO much!!!

    • Hey Cass,

      Before you try Proactive, I’d recommend seeing a dermatologist! I’ll give you some tips for combating acne, too, but you may want to think about seeing a professional and getting their advice/opinion before you go on a money-spending spree for anti-acne products! As far as treating active breakouts, I’ve had good luck with Mario Badescu’s spot treatments like Drying Lotion & Drying Cream. I also like Kate Somerville’s Clearing Mask once or twice a week. Big things to watch out for are not touching your face, only touch your face with clean hands, use an alcohol-free toner, and change your pillow cases frequently.

      When it comes to popping pimples, Renee Rouleau taught me best: http://www.reneerouleau.com/HealBreakouts.aspx

      But things like stress, diet, your monthly period, etc. can all affect your skin and cause breakouts that seem unrelated to products.

      I think you’d probably like Stereo Rose the most, which is sold out on the MAC website now, and after that, I’d recommend Petticoat!

      • cass

        I’ll def check those products out. I also went to a dermatologist last summer, and he barely looked at my face, and just prescribed me a bunch of topical treatments :\ which didn’t really do much other than irritate my skin, or leave it all flaky and weird. So I guess that has left me with bad blood for the derm. But maybe I should just go to another place this time around…

        Thank you so much!!! :]

        • See another one, I swear!

          I had really bad luck with the one I saw, too, and I talked to my gyno about it, and she prescribed me some products that worked a bit.

        • If you saw a dermatologist, make sure that you use the products long enough for it to fully acclimate (sp?) to your skin. I’ve heard that the prescription strength stuff really does make your skin worse before it gets better and sometimes it takes a couple months before your skin is used to the strength of the medicine. After a couple months, people have told me that their skin is finally cleared up and never been better. Just a thought, but again everyone’s skin is different.

  15. Shelby

    How do you manage you money when it comes to makeup? I have trouble not spending all of my money on it, then I don’t have money for anything else!

    • I set aside a certain amount of each month, and I look ahead to see what collections are coming out so I know when I need to set aside more/less — e.g. MAC has nothing come out in June really… but In the Groove is a huge launch (relatively speaking).

      You can also try to find dupes in your stash to prevent buying a lot of the same shade, and then just allot yourself one or two new items from a collection that are unlike anything you have!

  16. When you apply foundation with your fingers, how do you make sure that its even? I use the Revlon Colorstay foundation, and more often than not, my forehead appears to have to most of the foundation… I pour a bit onto my free hand before I use my right fingers to work the foundation onto my face, if that’s any help. Thanks!

    • I personally don’t use my fingers to apply foundation, other than tinted moisturizer, but when I apply tinted moisturizer, I apply a dab to each cheek, my forehead, and my chin, and then I work it in with both set of fingertips! I make sure to blend it out towards my hair line so that everything is covered.

  17. MAC nude lipstick recommendations for NW43 sometimes NW45 skin tone please?
    Thank-you for doing these sessions by the way, greatly appreciate them! :) x

  18. Nat

    Hello Christine!

    I am between a NC43-NC45. I find it hard to find nude lipsticks that don’t wash me out. I love Mac lipsticks.

    Also, I have dry skin and I’m looking for a foundation that will make me look dewey. I don’t like heavy coverage.


    • Hi Nat,

      Have you tried Kinda Sexy or Honeylove?

      For a foundation, you might like MAC Face & Body (dewy) or MAC Mineralize Satinfinish (very dewy).

    • I’m an NC44 and my favorite nude is jubilee! At first it’s too much of a nude, but after 5 minutes it sort of oxidizes or turns into a tad darker color! Still a nude though, you should give it a try! :)

  19. Kelli

    Hi Christine,

    I’ve been addicted to your blog for about 6 months now and I can’t thank you enough for how helpful your blog has been to me – as I’m just getting into makeup. I love your MAC Guide :) This isn’t really a question but I just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  20. Emily

    1: What is the equivalent to NC15 in Mac’s Face/Body foundation? And what do you think of it?
    2: I’m going on a trip tom. and I’m not sure what all to pack or if I’ll have issues bringing certain cream/gel products on a plane….any experience in that area? Pointers?
    3: What do you think would be a good lipstick color (Mac) for my skin tone? I’m getting married in Oct. and am looking for some color that will stay but look rather natural at the same time, mlbb. =)
    That’s all I can think of for now! Thanks! We appreciate everything you do!

    • Hi Emily,

      1.) According to users who helped create the Foundation Matrix, there is no match for NC15. If there was one, it would be C1 at best.
      2.) Just make sure to keep it under 3 oz. and everything in a quart-sized bag. I use travel size products or else buy empty travel-sized containers (you can find ’em at drugstores/grocery stores) and squirt my moisturizer into those. Otherwise pack ’em in your check-in baggage and you won’t have any issues.
      3.) Have you tried Sweetie or Angel?

    • I just want to reply to this one as well, since I just got back from vacation.

      You’re only allowed one baggie, so be very selective in what you bring. I refuse to put my makeup in my checked bags. I used to put everything in my carryon, but can’t do that anymore.. So, now I put my shampoo, deodorant, hair products, toothpaste, and stuff like that in my checked bags. If my bag gets lost, I can easily run to the drugstore and replace that stuff. It would be too expensive to replace all that makeup! In my baggie I put my lipglosses, mascara, foundation, fix+, and small containers of my skincare stuff. My baggie is stuffed LOL! I save sample containers from Sephora, and sterilize them. I put my face cream and stuff in those. They’re like little pill containers.

      My bag always has to get searched though, and they don’t tell me why, so I can prevent it in the future. Anyway, when they go through my makeup bag, they don’t say anything about fluidlines, paintpots, and lipsticks being in there, and not in my baggie. If I have room in my baggie, I will put those items in as well.

      Have your baggie out and ready when you get to security, and everything should go smoothly.

      Remember, the quart size isn’t the big one. I’ve seen lots of people make that mistake. It’s a bit bigger than sandwich size. I’ve noticed that they say “great for travel” and stuff on them. At some drugstores, they will sell quart size bags, with a bunch of travel bottles inside of them.

      Have a great trip!!

  21. Emily

    Oh! One more! Any good cream-eyeshadows in purple you can think of? I’ve been on the hunt for a good one for a while…I looked at MUFE Aqua Cream but it reminded to much of Mac’s Artifact, which I have.

  22. virginiaisforluvrs

    Hi Christine,

    I always look forward to these sessions so thanks in advance for all of your time today!

    I am thinking about trying MUFE Duo Mat powder foundation, but I can’t get to a sephora to check the colors anytime soon. I am currently using Benefit Hello Flawless Cute as a bunny honey (although it’s a bit light for the summer), and have yellow AND pink undertones, and have brown hair & hazel eyes. Do you think you could recommend a MUFE color?

    Thanks so much!

  23. Azaza

    Hi Christine
    I’m between NC40-NC42. I have dark brown hair and I just wanted to ask what would be a good eyeshadow to use for my brows. MAC or NYX would be a good brand. Also if I have my hair colored do I also have to change the color I use for my eyebrows

    Please and thank you

    • Hey Azaza,

      I would think MAC Espresso or Brun!

      I believe the rule of thumb is that you can just use a lighter powder to fill in if you go lighter. I don’t think most people bleach/change their brows too much.

  24. Hannah

    Hey Christine! I’m still trying to find my HG foundation. I am a NC20, but I’m probably a little darker now since its summer. I want to have a medium coverage foundation that still looks natural and feels light. I want something that will cover a few acne scars that I have and discoloration overall. My price range is anything under $45. I heard good things about Nars sheer glow, but is there anything else you could recommend?

    • Hannah

      Oh! One other thing, I am trying to find an undereye concealer for my dry eyes. Do you recommend lancome effacernes or amazing concealer or something else? By the way, I have dry skin for my other question.

      • I don’t think I’ve tried either, though I know I bought a tube of Amazing that I haven’t yet tried, lol.

        I do like theBalm’s Time Balm, Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, MUFE Lift, & MAC Select Cover.

    • I haven’t tried NARS Sheer Glow, but you might like MUFE HD. It provides nice medium coverage without being heavy, and it looks natural — it’s not dewy but not matte.

  25. Jackie

    What is your personal opinion on the packaging and products from MAC’s collection: Venomous Villains? What are some of your likes and dislikes of bare minerals?

    • To be honest, just seeing promo photos is really not much to go off of. I’m much more curious to see packaging and products in person, playing with the colors. Since I depot just about everything, packaging by MAC isn’t a big deal :)

      I haven’t tried Bare Minerals, sorry!

  26. Nikki


    I had Viva Glam Gaga from MAC and I remember thinking it looked awful. I swapped it for Angel, which I absolutely HATE on my skin. I have NW10-15 skin. Do you think Gaga would look good on me? Also can you reccomend some other lipsticks for me? I like natural looking colors, like sheer corals/pinks..and maybe a sheer red. I like glossy finishes, and also MAC Amplified Creams.


    • Hey Nikki,

      You might like something like Shy Girl, Creme Cup, or even Speed Dial – you might just find that all of those are too cool toned or too pale.

      Ladybug is a fun sheer red, since it’s a lustre finish. See Sheer could be pretty and natural if you used it lightly, as well!

      • baby in a corner

        MAC crosswires looks nice on pale skins as well, it comes out a reddish coral on me.
        I have gaga and love it, but you have to exfoliate before you apply cause it sticks to any dry bits on your lips.

    • For reference my closest match at MAC is NW10/15 – but it’s still not a perfect match cause it’s too orange. My skin is neutral beige with pink undertones.

      “Hue” looks good on me (it’s a sheer neutral pink and it appears far less pale on me than on Chistine)

      “Hot Tahiti” is an interesting sheer red (actually, it’s a glaze). It doesn’t look that awesome in the tube but on lips it appears as a lovely reddish coral. It goes well with my fair pink toned skin. It’s still red but more natural than “Ladybug”.


  27. i_heart_mac

    Hello, i was just wondering if you knew of a good dupe for Mac Nude rose (D Squared collection), its my fav lipstick and im nearly out, I know Way to love was very simillar but you cant get hold of it anymore either. i dont really mind any brand, im just looking for a good dupe. Thank you

  28. Andrea

    Hi Christine

    I really love Nars blush in penny lane, what are some similar colors by mac?

    & the foundation I wear is Chanel Teint Innocence liquid foundation in 50 Naturel intensity 4.5 would you happen to know what color I would be in mac foundations and powders? Just wondering lol

  29. Veronica

    Hi Christine, I’m fairly new to your site but I’ve enjoyed everything so far and I love this Q&A idea.
    I just got the Jill Stuart Aqua Crystal Illuminance Eyeshadow palette yesterday. They didn’t have Dazzling Moon in the store which is what I really wanted. I don’t think Jill Stuart is a brand you normally cover on here but maybe you’ve seen these. My problem is how to use the sparkly pink and sparkly purple colors (I can’t return it) on my tan-olive-bronze skin. I NEVER wear these colors..pinks and lavenders usually make me look gray and therefore corpse-like. Should I perhaps layer just for a sparkly effect over different shadows? I have no idea how to create a look with the entire palette that won’t wash me out. Any advice would be much appreciated.. thanks!

  30. Sara

    Hello! I’m about a NC15, with brown hair and eyes. I would like to know of a good lipstain, as far as wear-time and even color. Also, What’s a good lip color? Any brand, drugstore or high-end, is fine. I’ve been on a quest for the perfetc red lip, coral, nude, etc.
    Last queation–I have trouble winging out my liquid liner. I love how it looks, but I can never get the wings to look the same!
    Thank you!

    • Sara

      And I should mention I’m not a fan of frosty or glittery lip products, and I like the brands Urban Decay, Stila, etc. Basically anything at an Ulta or Sephora, lol.

    • The best I’ve found is Laura Mercier’s Lip Stain, but I don’t really think I’ve run into super excellent ones yet.

      MAC Lipsticks: Blankety, Crosswires, Freckletone, “O”, Viva Glam I
      NARS Lipglosses: Frisky Summer, Greek Holiday, Orgasm, Pillow Talk
      NARS Lipsticks: Christina, Napoli, Niagara
      Urban Decay Lipsticks: 5150, Indecent, Naked, Voodoo

      Try using your angled eyeliner brush and shadow to create the wing first, because then you can outline and smudge a bit without ruining the look.

      • Sara

        Thank you so much! I always love reading this site. I esp. love how you take a lot of pictures!

  31. Karen

    Hi, thanks for this by the way!

    My skin is about NC30, for reference. I have yellow undertones.

    I tend to lean towards corals for both blush and lip products.

    I’m deciding on a NARS blush and was debating between Gilda or Gina. Which do you recommend?

    Best Mac lipstick shades for my skintone?

  32. Deborah

    Hi, Christine,

    I am curious about MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinishes. For reference I am NW35. I was looking at Comfort, to possibly purchase, but do I really need a MSF if I have mineralized blushes like Cheek and Cheerful, and a blush like Margin that has shimmer in it? Can I just dust those all over my face in the same way I would a MSF or are the skin finishes different in some way?
    Thanks much.

    • I don’t think I’d dust any of those all over my face – not even Comfort. I think Comfort is too pigmented to be used that way!

  33. Annie

    Hi Christine,
    I love the original BareMinerals foundation (I use fairly light) but it’s started to look a bit cakey now in the summer heat and my T-zone starts to look shiny in the afternoon. Is there an especially good product to combat this?

    • Have you tried just spritzing a mist of water or Fix+ over it? That can help make it look less powdery. You may want to use a primer or simply a blot powder to keep the oiliness at bay.

    • i use bareminerals too. the best trick i’ve found is, using a baby wipe (the liquid in it won’t irritate your skin), slightly dampen your brush (i like to use smashbox #19 face & body brush, or MAC 182 buffer brush) by running it across the baby wipe.

      then do the “swirl, tap” they tell you to do, and buff it onto your skin in circular motions. this will get rid of it looking cakey. finish off by cleaning off your brush with the baby wipe.

      if you don’t have any baby wipes, you can mist a kleenex with fix + or a facial mist (i like avene brume eau thermale or a pure floral water), and do the dampening this way. i find spritizing the brush makes the brush too wet, but the baby wipe method makes it just damp enough to make it less cakey.

      afterwards, use a fluffier brush, like the MAC 187 or ecotools powder brush, to lightly apply a blotting powder, like MAC blot or bareminerals original mineral veil.

      if that doesn’t work, you might want to switch to the matte formula of bareminerals, which has silica to absorb the oils in the t-zone. good luck!

    • Q

      I use BareMinerals, too. I usually use a primer or moisturizer first, and I spritz my kabuki with mineral water just enough to mist it, do the application as usual and find it gives a nice, evenly-textured application. I spritz my face (super lightly) afterward and haven’t noticed any flakiness or uneveness.

  34. Yay! I look forward to these!

    I hope you had a good fourth, I know I did! (I didn’t want to come home).

    I have a couple questions. I’m NW15-20/NC20 (weird, I know) and I preordered a Stereo Rose, I tried it on in the store and it looked good, but I’m kind of iffy on it when I bring it home. Is there any way to tone it down just in case it is TOO corally?

    And my second question:

    I’m moving to CA in the near future (hopefully sooner than later) but is there any products that would be a must have for that kind of climate? I’ll be in the Bay Area where it gets kind of hot and muggy sometimes. I was looking for maybe a foundation, setting spray — that kind of stuff so I can make a list haha and its 1000% different than WA weather.

    • Hi Jessie,

      Use a stippling brush like the 188 or 187, or you can always blot foundation/pressed powder over it to lighten it.

      I live in the Bay Area, so I guess I don’t find it muggy here at all really, lol! I don’t think you really need much other than in the summer, when it is hot, so maybe a primer or just a lightweight foundation.

      • It was kind of hot out this weekend lol I was melting because I decided it would be a good idea to put full makeup on lol I know Fix+ and stuff is a must.

        Do you have a face primer you like the best? I’ve used Laura Gellar’s Spackle, Too Faced, and the Urban Decay ones. But are there better ones?

        • I only use Korres’ silicone-free, because I can’t handle all the dimethicone they put in most primers :(

        • cherry

          the best primers are Clarins Instant light complexion perfector and Giorgio Armani Light Master Primer.You’ll love those 2 i promise ! Even Mac Prep +prime line filler is great

  35. Angie

    hi! i’m a typical chinese asian and i have similar skin tone to you. Is it true that i can’t wear brown eyeshadows? It always look muddy and so not flattering. An example is Buckwheat eyeshadow from the Naked Honey collection.. I can’t wear it at all, or is it just my technique?

    • I don’t know who told you that you couldn’t wear brown, but I think that’s silly. You can wear it. Try it — if you don’t like it, wash it off. I wear browns all the time!

      • angie, i’m a korean-asian with a relatively fair skin tone… and i wear brown shadows all the time.

        my favorite brand for neutral/brown eyeshadows is bobbi brown, and i find that the key to brown looking good on asian skin tones is to avoid reddish browns.

        golden-browns, taupes, grey-browns, and ashy-cool-browns, or browns with a bit of violet (NOT plum, violet) seem to flatter my skin tone.

        for your reference i’m NW15/NC20, bobbi brown warm ivory in the winter/beige-cool beige in the summer. i’m not as “yellow” as a lot of asians, but more neutral skin tone.

        however, in the summer, i DO turn more golden/yellow (i don’t tan, i just become a bit… golden as opposed to pink), and i find this is the best time for me to wear browns.

        i think the key is for you to find the correct shade of brown. i don’t wear very many MAC brown shades so i’m not too helpful there, but in bobbi brown line i like: mink, burnt sugar, java, fawn, heather mauve, heather, flint, mahogany (also awesome for brows) and caviar.

        these shades all look good with bone, navajo, champagne or baby pink as a base.

        just try more browns… you’ll see, it can work!

  36. Anita

    Hey Christine!

    Here are mine:

    1. What do you DO with a Mac MSF? Is it just glorified blusher? What brush do you use? Where do you put it? Which one would you recommend for an MSF beginner with NC 40 skin?

    2. Will the Clarisonic help my combo skin? Will it? I’m willing to put down the money but is it really worth it? I don’t put on a lot of foundation (tinted moisturizer and a dusting of blot powder or mineral powder), and I guess I worry about wrinkling from wearing down the skin. Thoughts?

    3. What’s the fall look (work and play) for tanned ladies like myself this year? I see a lot of smokey eye but don’t know how to make it daytime appropriate. Any MAC shadow/lippie recs would be highly appreciated…

    4. I’m a Bobbi Brown virgin. What do you think I should try out first? Eye and face recs, for NC 40?

    Whew, that’s a lot. You’re the absolute bestest and I love your website! Thank you in advance!!!

    • Hi Anita,

      1.) I very rarely wear them, as they seem to break me out and cause millia on my cheeks. :( They can be used as a blush, highlighter, or bronzer — just depends on the shade and your skin tone. For instance, what might be a highlighter on me may be a subtle blush on someone paler. I would use the 188 brush for more intense shades, 116 for less intense, and 165 or 138 for highlighting.

      2.) It could. Skin varies greatly between people, so it’s hard to say if it will or won’t. If you’re not sure, buy from a place with a great return policy – you should start seeing some results before the return period is up. As long as you use it only two or three times a week, I don’t see how it would wrinkle from wearing down the skin. It exfoliates the skin, which is something recommended in the skincare routine overall.

      3.) Plummy, smoky eyes and/or plummy, berry lips. You can try smoking out the lower lash line, rather than the crease, to make it a more wearable look in the day time. For lips, you can blot and turn a color into more of a stain/soft sheer shade rather than an opaque, vavoom shade. Try New York Apple and Media for some darker lips; Shadowy Lady for a vampy eyeshadow.

      4.) I’d actually try out her Long-Wearing Gel Eyeliner — whatever shade you think you’d use. Those are a great way to introduce yourself to the Bobbi Brown line :)


  37. Ester

    Hello, I am looking for product ideas for helping combat oily skin with large pores that is also acne prone and sensitive to fragrance. If you have skin care or foundation/powders whatever suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Worst skin type ever right? Haha. Also if there are lower-end suggestions that would be helpful. Thank you so much for all that you do. I check your site several times daily. 😛

    • Regular exfoliation can help keep pores a little controlled, but in general, diffusing products like NARS Smoothing Prep, MAC’s Refined Zone, etc. lay a thin film on skin that disguises the pores — but if you’re acne prone, I don’t think these would be great options for you (since they usually have dimethicone). You could try a silica powder like MUFE HD which can do some diffusing on the top layer.

      Thank you, Ester!

    • Q


      E.L.F. (http://eyeslipsface.com) has a silica finishing powder that a lot of people have compared to higher end things, and it’s super budget friendly.

  38. Sara

    Hi! I can never seem to cover up the redness around my nose, any recommendations?

    • Hi Sara,

      Have you tried using a green-colored concealer?

      • Sara

        I have MUFE’s concealer palette and it has a green concealer, but it doesn’t really do much for the redness.

        • Usually green helps to cancel/neutralize the red, and then you might put a little of flesh-colored on top. Otherwise, my only other recommendation would be Clinique’s Redness Relief Mineral Powder.

    • Courtney

      If I may add, I have a lot of redness in my T-zone and found that using powdered mineral foundation really helped to balance out my skintone, much better than liquid foundation does.

      • Gisele

        PBI, allergies create a lot of redness and discoloration around my nose and I use The Balm concealer there before makeup, and then at times after. The ingredients seem to soothe the area and the product is great as a sheer disguise for the poor pitiful areas around my nostrils.

  39. Kerri

    Can you think of any colored marcaras that actually show up? Doesn’t matter what brand or what color. Just want something fun :)

  40. Cammi

    Do you know of any good coral lipsticks from MAC and drug store brands? I have always been forever looking for one. Thanks!

  41. jind

    Hi Christine,

    I have oily medium-olive skin. Most of foundations I have tried have a red undertone to them while i am looking for something yellow or olive that stays matte on my oily skin, slighty radiant-not shiny, and could stay at least for 8 hours and medium to full coverage.

    I have used:
    Lancome Teint Idole in 6W –was slighty darker and red undertoned
    Diorskin Nude liquid in #21 –was somewhat shiny
    Diorskin Forever liquid in #31 –red undertones–one me atleast :(
    Guerlain Parure Gold in #03- Beige Natural –hard to blend — results less radiant than the chanel one
    Guerlain Parure Extreme in #03–seems dark–reddish
    Channel Matlumiere in #40 Beige –radiant, stays on all day, very less red –but still not olive :(
    Estee Lauder double wear in sand beige –RED

    have i asked a lot Christine..?
    I am a south asian girl …and am still looking for my perfect foundation—so far chanel is working well.

    Have you ever come across a foundation that has olive undertones?
    I am allergic to nothing, and have brown eyes, black hair-if that matters.

    luv ur blog…:)

  42. Saira

    Have you ever thought about using Latisse?

    • I would never use it. Ever. First, I like my eye color, so I wouldn’t go tampering with it, but I don’t feel comfortable putting anything that has that many potential side effects near my eyes — which I view as pretty much irreplaceable! No, I’ll take stubby lashes.

  43. Joanna

    Hi, I was just wondering what your job is? And how you find time to have this website if you do have a job. I find it hard to balance my makeup obsession and my school work. :)

  44. Amanda

    Good day Christine!

    I’m a big fan of your site! Keep up the good work!!
    Really impressed with all your hard work and passion!

    Anyways, just to let you know, I’m a NC20, combination skin and suffer from pimples on and off as I have pretty sensitive skin.

    Any recommendations for:
    Foundation: Preferably powdered (I have never tried cream / liquid, afraid that the coverage would be overwhelming), finishes velvety smooth, with good oil control. Currently using Shiseido’s Pureness Range.

    Concealer: For eyebags, currently using a yellow color corrector, and for pimples, a green color corrector. I find that the coverage isn’t good. I’ve tried Stila’s perfecting concealer in the lightest shade and it was a disaster.

    Eyeliner: A pencil / crayon type with good staying power. Have tried MAC’s technakohl liner and it was disappointing, smudges all the time! Currently using Majolica Majorca eyeliner which is felt tip. It has excellent staying power but I wanted something softer as this is liquid..

    Lippies: I’ve tried MAC creme lipsticks and they always end up looking runny! I’m actually looking into something nude for the lips, and moisturizing at the same time.


    • Hi Amanda,

      For powder, I like Benefit’s Hello Flawless! as well as Clininque’s Almost Powder makeup. Anything about Shiseido’s you’re not loving?

      For concealer, I like theBalm’s Time Balm, which works well on undereyes as well as pimples. MUFE Lift is nice on the undereyes as well.

      I like UD 24/7 Liners and MUFE Aqua Eyes for eyeliners. Those are my two go-tos.

      MAC Cremesheens or just MAC lipsticks in general? You might like Hue or Shy Girl by MAC. If you wanted non-MAC, let me know 😉

    • Cristina

      Sephora Flashy liners are amazing! I have tried two of them and they will stay on your skin until you decide to take them off with an oil based make up remover.

      The color range is not as wide as the UD or the MUFE but they are only $8

      Definitely check them out! :)

  45. Hi Christine

    I have problems finding a eyebrow shadow/pencil that works for me. I have brown hair but it’s not warm brown, it’s a cool brown color. I’m a NC20 for refernce on my skintone. All brown eyebrow shadows/pencils I’ve found is to warm and right I’m using a black one but it tend to be to dark and sharpe. Do you know of any eyebrow shadow/pencil that would work on me? I live in Sweden, Europe so a international brand would be great.

    • Have you tried MAC Brun? I find Brun pretty cool-toned. You could also try MAC Omega, which I think has a bit of a cooler tone to it, too.

      • I have the same problem as you! Brown powders are always too red on me, and blacks are too harsh. I’ve been using MAC’s concrete eyeshadow for over a year, and setting it with brow gel. In the past, I’ve even been able to get away with warmer greys. It just depended on how much I had to fill my brows.

      • No I have’n tried that one… Thanks for the tips, I will go and swatches them next time I’m at at MAC counter!

        • bobbi brown mahogany, espresso, hot stone, sable or saddle, depending on how dark your brown hair is.

          asian brows look super unnatural with warm-toned pencils too, so i use mahogany, which is an ashy-brown.

          • Kelly

            I am the same as you Lina and a SA at my local MAC recommended the eye shadow Omega for filling in my eyebrows. It certainly doesn’t look like it would go in the pan but, when applied it’s amazing!

  46. Christine, I see you updating the website a few times a day sometimes, how do you manage to balance the website thing and your studies? 😀

    • I have lots of to-do lists, and I just try to stay on top of everything – if you get behind, it just gets out of control! I just find list making shows me that everything is doable and allows me to prioritize what I need to get done and when!

  47. Miranda

    Hi Christine!

    me: nw20, blue eyes, dirty-blonde hair, very red/pink cheeks, acne scarring, 15 years old

    My cheeks have a very uneven texture and are quite blotchy due to current acne and acne scarring from the past. With concealer, foundation and powder I cover them up easily and it looks fine. However once concealed, all the colour in my face is gone. Since the scarring isn’t just colour, it’s also texture, by putting any blush overtop, it just makes it looks like i never put anything over the acne/scars because of the pink/reds in every blush i’ve tried. Without colour, I look dead, people often ask me if I’m ill because of the lack of colour. I would really appreciate either blush recs, other product recs, or tips/tricks to combat this. I live in Canada and have access mainly to MAC and Sephora.

    Thank you so much!

  48. katleen

    hi! 😀 I’m a nw20, blond and green eyes and i’m looking for a neutral pink yellow undertone lipstick from mac. Could you help me please ?

  49. Cherie

    Thanks so much for this Christine!

    1) I have a love of pink lipsticks but feel there is something in the mid-tone pinks that I am missing. I have the following pink lipsticks by MAC: Politely Pink, Nude Rose, Ahoy There, Viva Glam V + Gaga, High Strung, Plink!, Way to Love, Pink Burst, Victorian (last two I hardly ever wear). What am I missing? What is the mid-tone deeper pink colour?
    2) Is MAC’s new Jazzed l/s anything like Ever Hip?
    3) I have some summer weddings coming up and I am fearing the camera b/c of the shine the SPF gives off. Which foundation would you recommend? Concealer? Primer?
    4) I’m around NW15 in MAC or 115 MUFE HD foundation with brown eyes+hair – Stereo Rose or Petticoat MSF?

    Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Cherie,

      1.) What about Girl About Town? It’s a deeper pink, not super hot pink, but pink. Beautiful.
      2.) Ever Hip is a lot pinker. It’s like one is a coral-orange while the other is a coral-pink. I don’t think they’re the same, personally!
      3.) I like MUFE HD for photos hands down. I’d probably wear a primer, but only use concealer if you need it! It’s really the foundation that matters most.
      4.) Petticoat is slightly more flattering, but either would work, really!

      • Cherie

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

        I have MUFD HD foundation so I will stick with that :) Thanks for the tips. I know they will save me from a shine face! lol

        I will check out that l/s for sure! I like having a complete colour wheel :)

    • The MUFE HD primer in the 0 color (the white one) is excellent under the MUFE HD foundation. It sinks into your skin fast and really increases the staying power of the foundation.

  50. Lisa

    Christine I am looking for an everyday look using Mac products. I am an NC37, mexican descent. Can you give me some ideas, eye shadows, eyeliner, lipstick blush, the works. 😉

    • Eyeshadows: Soft Brown, Satin Taupe, Bronze, Ricepaper, Naked Lunch, Sumptuous Olive, Patina
      Eyeliner: Graphblack, Borderbrown
      Lipstick: Crosswires, Sweetie, Syrup, Honeylove
      Blush: Margin, Sunbasque

  51. kasiaj85

    Hi Christine, I’m Kasia :)

    I was wondering, which blush or MSF from In The Groove would you recommend for someone rather pale (I’m NC15 – NC20 in summer, I get tanned pretty easily but it’s not very dark). I don’t like pink sheen that much, I’m a natural blonde and I think that, when applied on my cheeks, pinks make me look like a little piggy 😉 (with the exception of Pinch O’Peach blush). :) TIA

  52. inaya

    hey christine! i just bought the happy together mineralize duo from MAC in the groove. will it suit me? and how should i use it? im an NC 35 but a bit lighter than that. can you recommed shimmery eyeshadows and good lipsticks and glowy blushes from mac or mufe or benefit. thanks a million

  53. Freya

    My skin is nc15, and bronzer would really help me when if I wanted to look a little darker. But everything that I have tried has looked to orange on me. could you recommend something?

  54. daphne

    It’s about 100 degrees all along the eastern seaboard today and promises to be nearly as hot all week. I don’t have AC in my bedroom at home so am dripping sweat as I get ready for work, and putting on makeup starts to feel pointless because it just gets mucked up! But I like to wear it for work…I didn’t do foundation, just undereye concealer and then setting powder all over my face, and applied everything quickly right before I ran out the house and took the bus instead of walked to the subway station. But it’s a giant pain. What kinds of products do you recommend to help deal with heat at home while getting ready? Good quality blotting powders, papers, whatever? Sweatproof foundations? When I’m AT work, the office is well ACed and I have no problems, and I am at the point where I just wash my face right when I get home, but I want to be able to apply makeup at least!

    • Hey Daphne,

      1.) Letting everything absorb!! Sometimes we put on our makeup before our moisturizer is fully absorbed/dried down.
      2.) Use makeup primers to help build a foundation/base for the makeup.
      3.) Lighter foundations are better — heavier ones just melt more.

      I haven’t found Setting Sprays to do much for me, and blotting papers are always a good thing to have on hand. There are some sweatproof foundations, but if you don’t *need* it, then you can use a tinted moisturizer and loose setting powder and should be OK.

  55. Victoria

    Lorac is going to be on Hautelook in a couple of days! Do you have any Lorac likes or musthaves I should check out (if they’re there haha hopefully!)?

    • I’ve heard good things about their baked eyeshadows, but I haven’t tried too much. I do like their Multiplex glosses!

    • I bought my first LORAC products from Sephora in the Hollywood Hot List (or something like that) and I was very impressed with their eyeshadows! They were all very pigmented and soft/velvety…just make sure you tap off the excess from the brush. The colors were Enlighten (white shimmer hilighter), VIP (golden bronze), and Guest List (medium brown shimmery). Also check out her Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick! Very glossy and pigmented since it’s a lip lacquer/lipstick. I have the color Trendsetter and it’s a gorgeous pinky nude champange-ish color (I’m NC30).

  56. LH

    LOVE your blog!
    1)I have light to med skin tone that is dry and sensitive but my eyelids get oily.I need to get an eyeshadow base but cant decide which to get. In your opinion which would be best MAC paint pots UDPP Too face shadow insurance or other?
    2) With dare to wear coming up I have been looking very forward too getting going bananas but am afraid I might miss out on it. I have seen that golden lemon pigment and crest the wave are similar whats your take on them? Are either of them comparable and or worth getting in place of going bananas or are they all equally fantastic and deserve a place in my collection? Thanks so much.

    • Hi LH,

      1.) I actually love NARS Smudgeproof the most right now. After that, MAC Paint Pots, then UDPP, then TFSI. My issue with TFSI is that it separates.

      2.) Golden Lemon is too yellow; Crest the Wave is also pretty yellow, but kind of similar. If you mixed Nylon with Crest the Wave, I think that might work. I think Going Bananas is worth getting.

      • LH

        Thanks for the response when I go back to the mall I’ll grab a Nars and a paint pot. I fully plan on getting Going bananas just was curious if there was something else close to it in case I missed out because so many are talking about it. Thanks again:)

  57. daphne

    Oh! And I saw you mentioned millia in one of your comments! What do you DO about those? They drive me CRAZY :( I am constantly scratching and picking at them because nothing bothers me more than rough texture to my skin. None of my acne treatments seem to work because they are not infected or anything, and basically they seem to last forever unless I massacre my face and, um, manually remove them. Any better ideas?

    • I usually just let them go (I know, it’s hard), and ever since I stopped using MSFs, most of mine have gone away (they used to be really bad).

  58. Haley

    Hey Christine!
    Just wondering, what cream blush would you recommend for a light peachy-pink, and more of a pale, petal pink colour? I have light-medium warm skin for reference. I also have combination skin (oily t-zone). I just want to know the best formula! I also would like to know of an appropriate brush for application :)

    • Illamasqua Promise for a petal-pink, NARS Orgasm Multiple. Illamasqua, Make Up For Ever, and NARS do great cream blushes. I like the MAC 188 with cream blushes.

  59. Eyeris

    hey cristine one questions…what are your must haves for the new mac colletion? im an NC 30 skin tone and i wanted to know if stereo rose and candelight will fit my skin tone?

  60. HeartJ


    I have VERY dry, sensitive skin. I’m an NC15 – I am always the fairest color in foundation! Can you recommend a really good moisterizer that will help with both dry skin and acne prone skin?


  61. Kelsey

    Hi Christine!
    Like most people, I’m always looking for a better concealer. I don’t need it for under-eye area, but I do have a problem with dry, flaky acne spots. Every concelaer just seems to accentuate those spots! What concealer would you recommend that is opaque and works well on covering dry spots?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hey Kelsey,

      Personally, I just find that liquid foundation patted on a little heavier seems to do better than any concealer does! theBalm’s Time Balm is super thick and opaque, though!

  62. Katie

    I’m looking for a perfume that’s somewhat sexy, but also sweet and will attract guys. I’m a teen, so I don’t want anything too old, but I don’t want a sugary sweet scent. Any recommendations?

  63. Regina Reed

    Ah how perfect I was just getting on the site to hunt for a good cream blush. I have medium skin tone, oily, but am looking for a good bright colored cream blush to wear for the summertime. I am open to all brands, I use Bare Escentuals foundation. Looking for a cream blush that will last all day at the beach! thanks for taking the time to answer :)

  64. Michelle

    Hi Christine,
    I have light, yellow-undertoned skin, medium to dark brunette hair with natural red highlights and light green eyes. I would love advice on an everyday look. I have been using clinque Acne Solutions foundation and its great that it doesn’t break me out but its a tad drying even for my oily skin. I was thinking of switching to the Even Better but I’m afraid that my hypoallergenic skin with break out. What do you think? I mostly use neutral colors like browns but I really want to use golds, bronzes, and maybe even a easy-to-wear purple. Not in the same look of course =). I was thinking of getting the NARS Isolde, Alhambra, and Kalahari duos. I only have a few MAC eyeshadows (Hey, Rose Blanc, Tissue weight, and Grand Entrance) and a lot of Benefit Creaseless Cremes that I just got as a gift (RSVP, Tattle Tale, Samba-dy Loves me, Busy Signal, Sippin n Dippin, Flyin Down To, and Skinny Jeans) though I have only used RSVP so far. From these I guess you can somewhat see what I usually drift towards. I have semi-sparse medium length lashes and usually use a black (non waterproof) mascara and either a dark green or black eyeliner (Prestige Total Intensity <– these rock btw) on the top lashes only with the MAC Chromagraphic pencil on the waterline. I am 18 and going off to college in the fall so I would really like a new flirty look to rock. Your the best, thanks!

    • Isolde and Kalahari are great duos for you – I think they would suit your tastes and your skin tone.

      As far as Acne Solutions vs. Even Better, I would look at the ingredients and see if the first five or so are similar. You could always try a sample for a few days, and if it doesn’t work out, switch back.

      Congrats on going to college!

  65. Nikki

    Would you reccomend Pink Swoon or Well Dressed for NW15 skin?

  66. Pamela

    Hey Christine here are my questions:

    1. What would you reccomend for foundation that photograph well? and possibly what brush could I use?

    2. Random question but have you ever went to a dermatologist? because I will be going soon for these bumps I have not sure what they are …I am guessing it is like underneath acne ….still not sure.

    3.What are your favourite coral lipsticks?

    4.What NARS blushes would you reccommend for my NC35?

    P.S -I hardly ever comment but I go to your site everyday …I think I am just a little shy but I just wanted to let you know how much I love your site and love your reccomendations.

    • Hi Pamela,

      1.) MUFE HD – I use it with the MAC 109 spritzed with water
      2.) I’ve seen one, but I wasn’t pleased with the one I saw. She said to stop using makeup. Forever. And only to use oil-free skincare — but when I asked her what ingredients to stay away from because “oil free” isn’t regulated by the FDA or anything – she had nothing to say. To tell someone not to use makeup forever seems a little drastic, particularly since it wasn’t like we spent years trying to treat it.
      3.) MAC Mari-sheeno, MAC Crosswires, Cle de Peau #101, Guerlain Gems
      4.) NARS Deep Throat, Mata Hari, Gilda

      Thank you!

  67. eva

    hi, do you know if they will be selling eyeshadow palettes and pans at counter in europe too? thanks

  68. i_heart_mac

    i was also wondering if you know of a good dupe for Mac Magnetique lipglass from a rose romance. thank you

  69. Tawny

    Hi Christine, I have a few questions
    1. I have combination skin with really oily t-zone and SUPER DRY cheeks. Using MUFE HD FOundation/ LAURA MERCIER TINTED MOISTURIZER with MUFE HD powder as a setting powder really helps controlling my oil area, but I notice that I have patches of flaky skin under my cheeks that looks really ugly when I apply foundation on . What would you recommend to buff out those dry patches. I have uber sensitive skin, too.
    2. I have fair skin with yellow undertone ( MUFE 117 is a little bit too light, 118 is a lil bit too ashy/dark, but 120matches perfectly.) I have big eyes but thick,hooded eyelids ( asian)so I don’t have a big enough crease to pull off colorful eyeshadows. I love neutral look with a POP of warm color, what would you recommend. I prefer MAC & NARS shadows. THANK YOU

    • Hi Tawny,

      1.) Are you using any scrub/exfoliator? They have gentle/mild scrubs or chemical exfoliators (so it’s not scrubbing particles) that can help some of the flakiness. You could also apply thicker/heavier moisturizer on that area and wait for it to sink in. If you do this for a few weeks, you may seem an overall, more long-term improvement, too.

      2.) What about something like MAC Patina by the lash line, maybe Bronze smudged in the lash line, and faded upwards with Nylon or Shroom?

  70. Annie

    This isn’t a question but you should make an iPhone app! That way whenever you update your site your followers get a notification right on their phone!!

  71. Yo

    Hi Christine!
    1. I have oily and acne prone skin. Can you recommend a good mattifier?

    2. I thinking of purchasing MAC eyeshadows in neutrals and pinks. What can you recommend? For reference, I’m NC40/C4.

    • Hi Yo,

      1.) CoverFX MatteFX (I believe that’s the name) or Smashbox Anti-Shine.
      2.) Ricepaper, Soba, Brun, Bronze, Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch for neutrals; Expensive Pink, Da Bling for pinks

  72. Maja

    Hey Christine,
    I have a question too.
    What do you do for a living? I think you wrote somewhere that you are not a makeup artist. So what are you doing and how can you find the time for makeup and your blog?

    • I am a full-time student! :) Since school goes in and out of heavy workload periods, I can spend more time on the blog on some days, less on other days.

  73. Krys

    Hey Christine!

    Sorry I have so many questions!

    1. I have a ton of eye shadow brushes but its time to invest in face brushes as I only own bare essentials flawless face brush and a tiny sephora blush brush! How many (can some be dual purpose) and which brushes would I need to apply a bronzer, a msf like sterorose, a powder foundation, blush, a loose setting powder?

    2. Best matte finish foundation for severely oily shiny skin that won’t oxidize orange on a darker shade like nc35 while also good for skin that is sensitive to silicone and bismuth (I think thats why I can’t use bare minerals and MUF powders) ?

    3. Guerlain keeps releasing different bronzers, which is your favorite?

    4. Best finishing powder? I’ve been thinking La Mers must be good and its one of the most affordable products from that company!

    5. Is there a dupe for Burberrys Russet blush?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Krys,

      1.) I would recommend a separate brush for powder foundation/setting powder and one for blush/bronzer. You could do two or three. A brush like the 134 or 191 would work for foundation/setting powder. For blush/bronzer, the 116 would work. The 188 is great for MSFs, but you could get away with the 116.

      2.) I like MAC Studio Fix Fluid or MUFE Mat+ Velvet, but I believe both of those have silicone in it. The problem is that most matte foundations use dimethicone to give it that longer-lasting matte finish :(

      3.) I don’t know if I have one! I so rarely use bronzer, lol!

      4.) Laura Mercier Loose Setting powder is my favorite.

      5.) I haven’t seen it.

  74. fi

    Hi Christine,

    I’m looking for a good self tanner, preferably a gradual tanner or moisturizer that tans over time. I’m in high-school and I have rather pale skin. For reference I have yellow undertones and dark brown hair, I am a medium in mac skin finish natural, I’m about a NC 20-25 and I use the second lightest color (buff) in the revlon colorstay foundation. I’m trying to be very cautious in the sun and haven’t tanned much this summer, however I’d dearly love to get more color in my skin. I’d be very grateful if you could recommend a self tanner, preferably drugstore and if possible a gradual tanner. I’m very wary of looking orange or streaky and I’ve never used fake tan before.

    Thanks 😀

    • I like L’Oreal’s Sunless Sublime for drugstore!

    • Rebecca

      Jergens! They have an amazingggg self tanner that a)smells great, b) doesnt streak, and c) does a great job moisturizing your skin. I cant for the life of me remember what its called but when I was using it on a regular basis (every time I got out of the shower it was on!) I always got compliments on how tan my legs were. They have a gradual tanning product for your face too that also does a great job moisturizing. Hope it works out!

  75. Brooke

    Do you have any worry using products that are made in China?

    • Depends on the brand. If it’s a brand I have never heard of, yes. If it’s a reputable brand, not so much.

      • Brooke

        Do you think Coastel Scents, BH Cosmetics, and the other companies that sell those 88 palettes are ok? I’m kind of worried since they are so cheap for so many colors.

        • I don’t know anything about BH Cosmetics, and I don’t know much about Coastal Scents. I think in a certain respect… you get what you pay for. I don’t feel comfortable using the 88 palettes, because I know the manufacturing process may be sketchy (but it could be just fine, too) — since the U.S. has had some problems with the importation of goods made in China, when it comes to putting something near my eyes, I’ll err on the side of caution.

  76. Kalex

    I recall you saying recently that you use Mario Badescu’s Drying lotion. I’ve had mine sitting around for awhile cuz I just don’t have great results with it. Sure, the pimple is gone in the morning but in its place is a gaping and oozing wound. I don’t know what’s worse, that or the zit? Then it scabs over and looks just as bad as the pimple only harder to conceal. What do you that makes this such a wonderful product for you?

    • Hm, I’ve never had any gaping/oozing wound… no scabs either. Are you popping yours?

      • Kalex

        Nope, not popping. Every month I get one or two pimples on my chin that start off as those painful red cysts. After a day or so the cyst will morph in to an enormous whitehead. I dab on the drying lotion per the instructions and in the morning I’m left with a crusty grossness where the pimple was. Wash that away and there’s a little crater that eventually scabs over. I was thinking maybe Neosporin would help… What does the drying lotion do for you?

        • It just seems to reduce the size, take away the redness, and seems to speed up the overall life of the pimple! I use Mederma on any marks myself (scared of scarring!).

        • Claudia

          Hi! I use the MB drying lotion as well, and I think I know what you’re talking about. The drying lotion tends to make the pimple dry up (so you are left with “crusty grossness” on the surface) but there is still pus (i know, gross) on the inside sometimes. When you wash your face, you might be scrubbing too hard and hardened area comes off, leaving a fleshy crater on your face that still might leave scarring! If this happens, put neosporin on it and leave it alone (no makeup!). I usually try to be gentle when removing the MB drying lotion in the morning; I use hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip and it comes off easily.. and then I try not to rub or scrub that area so it can continue healing. Hope this helps :)

    • Carrie

      I use the drying lotion alll of the time & I’ve never had that problem. Sounds like you might be overscrubbing the affected area. You don’t want to irritate the area more than it is. If I pick (which I know is horrible), I put Neosporin over the spot so it doesn’t scar. Mario also makes buffering lotion, which is for cystic acne. Don’t give up on the drying lotion though, it’s fantastic!

  77. Arantzazu

    Hi Christine!
    I follow your site from Spain!! Here’s my question :)
    I’m looking for a tinted moisturizer (or a low-coverage foundation) for my skin type.
    I’d like it to be as matte as possible, something that could unify my skin tone and illuminate it.
    I don’t need much coverage as I want it for summer and I would put it only with a little blush. Just to give a fresh looking.
    My skin is oily, with large pores in the cheek-zone and in the nose. I don’t usually have breakouts, but sometimes they appear (hormons… ¬¬). My colour in MAC is NC15.
    I’ve tried Benefit You Rebel lite. I like it but it makes my skin shine too much :S
    As I live in Spain, unforntunately there are many brands that don’t arrive here (e.g. Laura Mercier).
    I hope you could give two or three options from different brands so I could manage to find al least one!
    Thank you for your time and apologise for my english ¬¬

  78. Heather

    Hi Christine,

    What do you think is the most overpriced and/or overhyped product you’ve tried? I’m thinking in terms of quality or price per ounce.

    If you could improve the packaging on one item, what would it be?

    Lastly, any good sulfate free shampoo/conditioner recommendations?

    • Hi Heather,

      Wow. Hmm. I know there have been some, but I am totally blanking. Dazzleglass. Yes, I’ll go with Dazzleglass. Not SUPER amazing and $$$$$ for what you get.

      I’d like to abolish pump packaging for products that should only dispense a tiny amount!

      I don’t — I’ve been sticking to the same shampoo for far too long, but I think it has SLS/SLES in it.

    • Steph

      Loreal’s Everpure line is good. A friend of mine had a Brazilian Straightener treatment and needed a sulfate free shampoo while we were on a trip. I had remembered the Eva Longoria commercials and suggested their line and she LOVED IT.

  79. Brooke

    I was told at the makeup counter to use moisturizer, sunblock, then foundation, but with an online chat to use sunblock, moisturizer, then foundation. What do you think is the correct way to apply these products?

  80. Hi, Thank you for doing this session.

    1. My seche vite dry fast top coat has thickened a bit. Can I Use usual, ordinary thinner to chage its consistency? Will that change the drying tym or effect in general?
    2. Dior websites show different products in different part of the world websites. Is there anyway we can order online or contact customer service?
    3. Are Guerlain meteorites worth the money? Also are they shimmery like Shimmer bricks/MSFs or fine like Dior Shimmer powder.

    • Hi Resham,

      1.) I’ve never tried to thin out a top coat — I imagine if it’s become so thick, it’s probably worth a shot, though.
      2.) As far as I know, you can’t buy from websites out of your country most of the time. You might be better off finding an international department store that would let you order.
      3.) I really like them – they are fine like Dior SkinShimmers.

    • Roxanne

      Adding thinnger shouldn’t change the consistency your SV. SV has a tendency to thicken though, so I would probably order another one myself (since it’s an inevitable thing).

    • If you don’t want to buy a new bottle of Seche Vite, you can order Seche Restore instead, since it’s meant specifically to think out Seche Vite and Seche Clear. :)

  81. Hi Christine :)

    I am about NW10ish maybe lighter and I have very light blonde hair and light Blue eyes, I would love for you to recommend me some lipsticks, eyeshadows, Lipglosses, and blushes from brands like Paul & Joe, Bobbi Brown,Makeup Forever and Guerlain :) Thank you so much if you ever get to mine!
    Also for recommendation I have very sensitive, acne prone, Dry skin.
    Thanks so much…… again, lol

    • Lipsticks/Glosses: Bobbi Brown Pink Creamy Lip Color, Make Up For Ever, Make Up For Ever #7 Glossy Ful Couleur, Guerlain Guerlinade
      Blushes: Guerlain #3 Blush Eclat
      Eyeshadows: Bobbi Brown Bone, Naked, Black Plum, Tan

  82. Eunbee

    Hi Christine,
    1) I’m going to be a freshman in high school this year, and I was wondering what kind of makeup you would recommend? I’m thinking about getting the Select Cover & MSFN because of all the blotchy redness on my face(I’m an NC35 in foundation, and NW25 for concealer). I’m not really interested in actual foundation either, maybe just a powder or a tinted moisturizer :)

    2) I remember asking you what eye shadow I should get as my first, and I have All That Glitters. I got an empty quad, too, and I was wondering what colors I can use for the rest?

    3)Do you have any recommendations for some nude lip colors I can wear to school? I’ve been looking into maybe Angel or Viva Glam Gaga?

    Thanks! :)

    • Congrats, Eunbee!

      1.) I would really go for a lighter look — not too much. I think MSFN would be great for something lightweight. Tinted Moisturizer would also work well :) I recommend Kiehl’s or Korres for tinted moisturizer.
      2.) You could fill it with Soft Brown, Ricepaper, and Bronze.
      3.) Hue or Angel for sure!!

  83. Christina

    I was wondering if you know of any colors in the MAC permanent eyeshadow line that are similar to these three Urban Decay deluxe shadow colors: Adore, Heat, and Sting. (If MAC has similar colors, I’d rather just buy them because they’re less expensive than the UD deluxe shadows!)

  84. Chloe

    Hi Christine,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! So let me start out by saying I am very fair with light brown/golden-y hair. I have green eyes with some hazel. My lips are pretty pigmented and my teeth are dreadfully yellow (its genetic :( ) I prefer MAC cosmetics for your recommendations because I am a teenager and I am not old enough for a real job yet. I wanted to know if you could recommend a natural lipstick and gloss that could work well for my situation. please no shimmer or glitter in the lipstick or gloss, because that always seems to bring attention to my ugly teeth. Really glossy/shiny finishes also tend to do that and make me look like I am wearing too much makeup and it looks dirty. Also, could you recommend a blush that is matte and natural? and one or two eyeshadows that look natural? I am going for that no-makeup makeup look. Sorry if this is a hard question! Oh and also if this matters I have silver braces (Can you tell my teeth are kinda screwed up?) and I don’t have any issues with acne or breakouts. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Chloe,

      For a lipstick, I think you’d like Angel or Shy Girl — they’re softer, lighter shades without shimmer/glitter. For a lip gloss, you could try Ample Pink plushglass!

      For a blush that’s matte and natural, try Peaches. Eyeshadow-wise, something like Vanilla or Shroom all over the lid with a matte brown like Soft Brown would work really well.

      I had braces for 10 years — don’t sweat it. Don’t let it get you down or worry about whether you can wear this color or that with it. Seriously! It’s not worth it.

    • Kaylynrenee

      Hi Chloe,

      I have very pigmented lips too. MAC Syrup is my go-to shade as it is nearly an exact match to my lips, so very natural. I use Ample Pink Plushglass on top. :0)

  85. Girlygirl70

    Hi Christine!

    What are your MUST HAVE MUFE eyeshadows?

    Also, I currently have all the blue toned Aqua eyes liners but could you recommend other MUST BUYS for my dark brown eyes?


  86. katleen

    I love this topic! Thank you so much for this! I’m a nw20, blond and green eyes and i’m looking for a neutral pink yellow undertone lipstick from mac. Could you help me please ?is there a mac dupe for mac plink! lipstick ? I heard they don’t gonna sell it anymore :(, I love your blog btw!

    • Bombshell or Sweetie, though nearly as just right for a neutral pink with yellow undertones by MAC, as MAC doesn’t really make any ones in the permanent line :( I can’t think of a great dupe for Plink!

      Thanks, Katleen!

  87. Brooke

    Stupid question, but how do you find your skin tone in terms of N____? Is that according to the MAC brand?

    • NC/NW = MAC lingo. NC = warm tones, NW = cool tones. The number signifies your shade – 15 is the lightest MAC makes (but some will say NC10 to indicate they’re lighter than the lightest MAC shade) and 55 is the darkest MAC makes.

  88. mikaela

    Hi Christine

    I have pretty mild acne, only getting a blemish one, maybe 2 times a week. I also have insanely dry skin. I know not to use products to treat acne, and I don’t, so I don’t know the cause of my dry skin. I need a concealer that will cover, without really enhancing my dry skin. I have tried the Clinique advanced concealer, and I am using this at the moment, but I don’t love it. Reccomendations?

    • What moisturizer are you using? Your skin might not be using the right products, which may be causing it.

      I would suggest MAC’s Moisturecover – it has a great creamy, liquid feel so it shouldn’t accentuate dry skin.

  89. Scientific Housewife

    Hey Christine,
    I have been looking for that great pink blush that would look good on my NW15 freckle face. I’ve bought a MAC blush before but it’s just too neutral (Cubic) and I’m looking for something a little cheaper, maybe even drugstore. Know any good brands/colors?

    • Scientific Housewife

      For reference, I tried Milani Luminous because people said it was a Orgasm dupe but it doesn’t really show up pink on me, just shimmery.

      • Roxanne

        Milani Luminous is more peach I think? Try theBalm’s Down Boy. It’s not as cheap as NYX but you get loads of product and pigmentation. It’s a very flattering and pigmented pink matte blush. (I don’t know the US prices but I know it’s a lot cheaper than MAC in my country!)

        • CeeBee

          I agree, Down Boy is marvelous – relatively cheap, heaps (HEAPS!) of product in the pan, very pigmented and gorgeous on! I love it.
          I think you can still get it on strawberrynet if all else fails…

    • I’d say NYX Angel or NYX Pinky for something pink and more affordable than MAC!

  90. Teena Marie

    Hi Christine!

    First, I love your blog, thank you so much for all of the effort! The swatches, reviews, tutorials, *everything* has been extremely helpful to me as I’ve been getting into makeup.

    I have a few questions, I hope that’s all right!

    For reference, I mostly work with MAC, but I’m open to other things too. I am an NC42, brown eyes, black hair, with combination skin (though more on the oily side).

    – I’m going to be 26 soon, and am starting to see small lines/wrinkles under my eyes. Is there an eye treatment that you recommend? I know they can get quite pricey, and if it’s worth it I might be able to save up, but I prefer something a bit more affordable for the average college student, haha.

    – Red lipsticks. Love them, but I haven’t a clue if I can even wear them without looking silly! Any recommendations?

    – Lastly, I’ve had a really hard time trying to find an eyeliner that won’t budge on me. My upper lid is completely fine, but if I line my lower waterline or even the lash line, the liner migrates in the outer corners of my eyes without fail. I was recommended Smolder by MAC, but that’s by far the worst one, Urban Decay 24/7 slides on me, Shiseido’s Creme eyeliner moves… I have also tried the technique of setting it with an eyeshadow and it doesn’t work. Using a face powder to create a “barrier” also doesn’t work either! I think I’m doomed. Any help would be appreciated!!

    Thank you so much for your time!

    • Hey Teena Marie,

      1.) MAC makes the Moisturelush Eye Cream, which is very hydrating and would be suitable, I think, for early care. Olay Regenerist is a great budget-friendly anti-aging line, too.
      2.) Dubonnet! VGI! You would look amazinggg.
      3.) You could try to lay down translucent powder on the lash line, and then apply the eyeliner. I have heard Prestige (haven’t tried it myself) works wonders, and if not UD, then MUFE Aqua Eyes holds on better than UD (but on me they’re about the same).

      Thank you so much!

  91. Courtney

    Hey Christine! Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. I had a good one the other week but forgot, so if I remember I’ll post it. but for now…

    I don’t really know how to do a “fresh face.” Something to make me look young and vibrant and natural. Maybe cause I has lousy color sense. My question is: What kind of eye shadows should I use for this look with a nude lip, and what kinds should I use for this look with a light pink lip? My skin is NC 15/20, dark brown hair, hazel eyes.

    • Hi Courtney,

      For a nude lip, try a light champagne shade (like Ricepaper, Shroom, Vanilla) all over the lid, and then a matte brown color in the crease (like Soft Brown, Wedge, Brun). You can do the same eye with a light pink lip, actually, since the “fresh face” is really all about being light and natural.

  92. NeenaJ

    Hi Christine, thanks so much for doing this again!

    I’m an NW15 and have reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes. My cheeks are pigmented in a way that’s not so fabulous. There is a rosy (ok… reddish) tone to them and I’ve got a lot of freckles plus some lingering melasma from pregnancy.

    I love a pretty coral blush most days, but sometimes I think the application is just too heavy even when I use a light hand. Could it be the brush? What kind of brush would you recommend for just a light wash of color on the cheek?

    Please specify if different for powder blush and cream blush. Thanks!

    • A stippling brush like the 187 or 188 can help give your blush a softer, more diffused look. You can always just blend it out, too. I prefer the 188 for light blush as well as cream blush!

      • baby in a corner

        you could also put a layer of powder over it if you’ve put it on and its too bright.

    • Roxanne

      Try brushing off the excess on your hand first. Or go over your over-applied cheek with the brush you’ve used to apply foundation with (don’t put any more on, just use whatever’s left on there). Christine does this in a video, I think it’s the one with Marine Life (To The Beach). Go check it out!!

  93. Hi Christine,

    Do you think that facials are important?


    • I’ve only had one in my life, so from personal experience, I don’t know. I don’t think they’re so essential that you can’t go without, but they’re surely a nice luxury for those who can afford them regularly.

    • Roxanne

      Does it matter? 😉 Have one anyway!

  94. Başak

    Have you tried the new foundation by Lush? I’d be interested in your review.

    • Not yet, sorry Basak!

    • Roxanne

      Hey Başak,

      I’ve tried it recently at a VIP. What you should know is, it’s not an actual foundation. You’re supposed to mix it with a moisturiser (so basically it’s a tinted moisturiser). It doesn’t provide a lot of coverage (not as much as say MAC’s Studio Moisture Tint), it’s designed more to even out your skintone. You could use it on its own as a concealer but 1) it’s not designed to be worn alone and 2) it could cake up on you – so please take that into consideration. Nice bonus: it contains a natural ingredient that acts like a sunblock. Overall, it’s a nice product but I think there are better and easier (mixing foundation with moisturiser? oldest trick in the book!) and options. You could always pass by a Lush store and they will be happy to let you try it out! :)

      • The guy at my local Lush store demonstrated it for me. He used a bit of the pink undertone with a bit of the yellow undertone. He just mixed a tiny bit with moisturizer, and put it on his inner arm. It covered all of the redness that he had in his skin, and even covered the colour from his veins.

        It’s definitely something I’d try, but you should buy it in person, since you might have to mix two colours to get the right match.

  95. le

    hey, christine! i’m looking for a good moisturizer for day/night, something that won’t be too heavy under my primer and foundation, I have an oily t-zone and the rest of my face isn’t too dry but i’d say combination skin all together. what would you suggest?

    • I really like Kate Somerville Oil-Free for day or night (though I typically use it during the day), but it is on the pricier side. I also like Kiehl’s Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 for something no frills, no fuss day time moisturizer. Korres Rose Moisturizer is nice, too, for lightweight moisturizing.

  96. jessica

    What’s the best mac lipstick for my skin tone? I have long black hair, brown eyes, and I am MUFE #127, NARS powder in beach, I don’t own any MAC foundation so I wouldn’t know for that.

  97. hey Christine-
    What is your fav brush to apply a cream foundation? thoughts on duofiber?

  98. Arianne

    i was wondering ifyou’d know when Mac’s In The Groove will be released in Spain?
    and what eyeshadow combo would you recommend for green eyes! (MAC preferably!)

  99. le

    also I was at the mac counter and was talking to one of the girls about foundations, i’ve been dying to try mufe hd and she mentioned that she carries it in her kit but only used it for photos as it caked too much for everyday wear. do you find it cakes or is it perfectly fine for everyday use?

    • Weird – I don’t find it cakey at all. It’s a nice foundation, and I like it most for photos/videos, but would have no problem wearing it everyday. (I just switch it up and often do tinted moisturizer if I’m not wearing full makeup.)

  100. Kerri

    Thought of another one…

    I missed out on True Babe lipglass. Can you (or anyone else) recommend a good dupe? I don’t have a brand preference or price limit.