Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, both beauty-related or unrelated!  Some tips on asking me questions so that you can get the best answer AND quickly…

  • For color/makeup recommendations, please let me know your skin tone, if you have a brand preference, colors you love (whatever is applicable).  I don’t want to recommend something that doesn’t work for your skin coloring or recommend a brand that’s more than you want to spend!
  • If you’ve tried a lot of products and are still looking for the one that works, if you could tell me products or techniques you have tried, that helps me suss out what might work!  Again, I’d hate to just recommend you a product/technique you’ve tried!

It is always a pleasure to answer your questions, and I always hate answering your question with a follow-up question about your coloring or what brand you’d like the dupe in or what-have-you, so hopefully this will allow me to give you better answers and more efficiently, to boot! :)

Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too! The more the merrier!  Plus, your feedback really helps to round out any answer I give.  It’s like a more complete worldview!

Don’t be shy — ask one or twenty or none! :)

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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856 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #024

  1. Erena


    Could you please recommend a good pencil for waterline? I have Mac’s smolder, but it doesn’t have a good staying power, and I end up looking like I’ve been crying, smudgy.


  2. I have combination skin with clogged pores in the unforgiving t-zone areas. I have my skin regimen basically down except for the dark circles part! I use PTR Mega Rich eye cream but they don’t seem to help circles. I haven’t tried any other products and when I find one I think I’ll like (like Fresh Lotus Gel) there are so many contradictory reviews, I don’t try it. Thoughts?

    Also, I am only 23 but see “11” appearing on my forehead. I use Philosophy Help Me to reduce the wrinkling. Any other ideas? I was considering Botox but am scared..

    • Hey Christy,

      Sometimes dark circles are hereditary, so there may be not be a miracle cure for it. The standard advice is, of course, eat healthier, drink more water, and get more sleep. A good concealer also helps! :)

      I try to read the reviews it has – what are the contradictory reviews really saying? What didn’t work for that person? Then I look at the positive reviews and figure out what kind of skin they had and what “worked” for them.

      Just sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen… oh, and don’t worry about it so much! Too much worrying will definitely age you a bit :)

  3. Sass

    Why do you think Dirty Greasepaint Stick by MAC is such a big deal? I have a few and I think they are great, but this Dirty one people are going nutty over.

    • I don’t really know why, but it’s probably just the shade — it’s gray, but yet not black, it’s gray but yet kind of brown. It’s taupe and pewter and dark. Kind of like Smoke & Diamonds is so coveted.

      I mean, heck! I definitely didn’t see Ripe Peach being the superstar it was… but wow!

  4. Kristin

    What is the purpose of the chromographic pencils that are in the Pret-a-Papier release?

  5. Carole

    I love Bobbie Brown foundation (both skin and the cream compact) in Warm Ivory. But it is so expensive! Any recommendations for a good dupe? Thanks!

    • Hey Carole,

      Hmm, I don’t think I could suggest anything better than either of those at that much of a cheaper price. The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse…

  6. Karen

    Hi, Christine! I love your website! I am going to be 50 next month but told I look much younger. I have shoulder length shagged medim brown hair, dark brown eyes and I am very fair. I wear MAC Studio Fix N4 every day, and use Blot Powder Light. I can’t wear most pink/mauve shadows because they make me look too tired and I can’t wear too many golds/corals because I look too yellow. Certain browns make me look washed out. What can you suggest as an every day look for me, blush and eye shadow? Also, can you suggest pink, brown, coral shades that would work?

    • Hi Karen,

      Happy early birthday, Karen! :)

      For an everyday look, I’d say try Ricepaper on the lid, Soft Brown on the outer lid, and Espresso in the crease then use a blush like Peaches on the cheek. If you just want a wash of color, Ricepaper alone will do the trick!

      For pinks, try perhaps cooler pinks like Sweeten Up and Hush. For browns, try Soft Brown, Cork, Wedge, Satin Taupe, and Espresso. There aren’t really any coral eyeshadows, hm!

  7. Ashley

    Not sure if this was asked, I’m far too lazy to read everything! My question is: How do you remove facial makeup/sunscreen without cleansing? I work out evenings, and I don’t want to have to cleanse before and after working out – would be overkill for my sensitive skin. Are cleansing oils the best choice? Preferably something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and that lasts a good long while!

    • Hey Ashley,

      You can use a makeup removing wipe! I use shu’s cleansing oil to remove makeup, but it still does cleanse my face, too. I don’t find it drying or anything – so it might be OK to do before and after working out.

  8. Oh! Oh! I’ve been saving this one up! Here’s your question:

    You’re awesome.

    Oh wait…
    I think I misunderstood the assignment.

    Dusty :)

  9. Vanessa

    Have you tried any of these products?? The concept is cool! But idk if I want to spend that much on a brand I haven’t heard anything about! http://www.ellisfaas.com/index.php

    • Hey Vanessa,

      I have… I have not yet reviewed because I haven’t completed testing. It’s a very natural line… in the sense that the colors are flattering and neutral – they’re not bright or bold or in-your-face. The whole concept is interesting as well, but if you’re a powder person, this is going to be an odd venture, lol!

  10. Daria

    Hi Christine! Thanks for doing this!!!

    I was wondering if you liked UD Surreal mineral makeup, and if so, would you recommend nirvana for NC 20? I typically hate mineral makeup and am looking for a good one.
    Also, I was wondering what tinted moisturizers that you have tried have the heaviest coverage ( I have acne and Roscea…such a party!)
    Lastly, what higher end hairdryer do you like? I want to get my hair straight by blowdrying only..sick of the fla t iron! if such a thing exists:)

    Thanks so much! I love your site, and check it everytime I’m on the comp!!

    • Hi Daria,

      I’d go with Illusion for NC20. If you are a little on the darker side of NC20, Nirvana could work. It’s definitely one of those, though.

      Korres and Lancome have had the best coverage so far!

      I like T3!! My love.

      Thank you!

  11. Nicole

    I attend high school, i i rarely break out, but when i do, it is usually one pimple that is very red in my t-zone. I always try to conceal it, and by 3rd period, the concealer is gone! I also need suggestions for a good even moisturizer/foundation- i just got back from Florida and have no matching foundations. Thanks!

    • Hi Nicole,

      Try using a primer and/or a setting powder to keep the concealer in check :) I like tinted moisturizer – I’d suggest Kiehl’s or Korres – for evening out the skin with some moisturizing qualities.

  12. Diana B

    Hi Christine I love these sessions thank you.
    Can you recommend an affordable facial cleanser and exfoliator that I can use daily (not the exfoliator of course) my skin has been acting up and I think its because my cleanser is not removing all my makeup. I feel like my face has makeup buildup (gross). I can use anything my skin is tough as steel I’ve never broken out with anything.

    • Diana B

      I also have normal skin with no issues

    • Hi Diana,

      Neutrogena Gentle Scrub… Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser!

      However, when it comes to removing makeup… Neutrogena’s Makeup Removing Towelettes are good to make sure you’ve removed it all!

  13. Jenna

    Hi Christine,

    I think your blog is fabulous. A couple questions what would you recommend for a day time mosturizer with SPF I have pale Skin NW20? Also is there a bronzer you could recommend that wont make me look dirty? Sorry do you know of a mac colour that could dupe for mac deckchair pigment? Thanks so much for your time :)

    • Hi Jenna,

      Thank you!

      1.) You could try Clinique Superdefense, which has a nice SPF 25 in it.
      2.) Hmm, have you tried Smashbox Bronze Lights in Sunkissed Matte?
      3.) The closest dupe I think would be Gleam eyeshadow.

  14. Nicole

    One more question…
    what do you think is the PERFECT everyday MAC color..
    fair, medium, and dark skin tones!

  15. Joanna

    Hi Christine:

    1. I’m still not sure what MAC’s NC/NW means. Can you explain?

    2. Have you ever tired MAC’s Splashproof mascara? Can you recommend a waterproof mascara?

    3. Can you recommend a waterproof (or tear-resistant) eyeliner? I prefer MAC if possible.

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Joanna,

      1.) Think of NC as Not Cool and NW as Not Warm. Anything else is just confusing!
      2.) I haven’t! At least, I don’t think so. I might have it kicking around, but I can’t remember buying it… I like Maybelline Full ‘n Soft in Waterproof. Not so much crunch with it!
      3.) Liquidlast liner is like… RIDICULOUS in its long-wearing-ness. For pencil, MUFE Aqua Eyes.

  16. Darby

    Hey Christine, thank you so much for doing another session, they’re much appreciated!
    I was looking for a good nude nail polish for NW20 skin. Everything I’ve tried always has too much peach in it. I’ve tried Sally Hansen Peachy Keeb, OPI Malaysian Mist, Sally Hansen Quick Sand. Now I’m just nervous to buy because the color always looks so different in the bottle! Any help is absolutely appreciated!

  17. Mirna

    Hi Christine,
    I was wondering if you have ever tried UD pigments? If so, how did you like/dislike them?
    Thank you!

    • I’ve tried a few — they’re nice, but they’re VERY VERY VERY expensive. Which is why I totally bought all 12 that were on HauteLook this morning!

      • Mirna

        LOL, I just bought 11 of them as well (ugh I missed smog because of the time limit!). I wanted to wait for your answer but I know that pigments are very versatile so I got impatient and purchased them. I didn’t want to miss out on that great deal!
        Thank you for replying!

  18. Mirna

    Question #2
    For an oily T-zone, which of the two do you think is a better oil control technique…
    A)having a really good moisturizer and/or primer or
    B)having a good setting power and touching-up throughout the day?
    Or both A & B?
    Thank you!

  19. MZLUC1


  20. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    Hi Christine,
    I was wondering what I am doing wrong? Sometimes my questions just sit on your website without a response..

    • Hey Abbie — I just answered yours. I have about 100 Qs to answer still! We were having some server trouble so I had to spend a couple of hours dealing with that, unfortunately, which has caused a bit of a slower response time than I’d like!

    • MakeupGalore--Abbie

      OOOPS!! Looks like my question was answered when I was writting this. SOOORRYY!

      Thanks so much. I am so glad you have this website. Some of my other questions were already answered!!

  21. Abril

    Hi christine! I have two questions today (I always miss the Ask Temptalia Sessions because of shool LOL! And I wrote what I’ve been wanting to ask you :) )…

    1. Do you know if the MAC 226 brush is going to be launched anytime soon? I NEED it!

    2. I don’t have NARS here in Mexico and I really really want to try NARS Sheer Glow foundation, so I have to buy it online but I don’t know wich tone I am in NARS. Can you help me? I’m between MAC NC30 and NC35.

    Thank you! :)

    • I’m so glad you got a chance to ask today, Abril! :)

      1.) I haven’t seen anything about it, but I expect it will. I know artists used it at NYFW in February, and they made mention of it in the face charts, so I feel like we’ll see it again.
      2.) Sante Fe would probably be your best bet!

      Thank you!

      • Abril

        Thanks for the answer Christine! It took me forever to find my question! LOL!! But thanks a lot! I really really aprecciate it! :)

  22. Chi


  23. Janet

    For how long should I test out a skincare product (i.e. cleanser, moisturizer…) before determining if it works for me or not?

    • What do you mean “works”? I only ask because it depends on what you’re looking at. The general rule is six to eight weeks to see results, whether it’s related to acne or aging. If we’re talking about whether it’s doing a good job removing makeup or keeping your skin moisturized, you should be able to know that much, much sooner.

      If it burns, that’s bad (if it’s a regular cleanser or moisturizer)! Whether it’s the first time or the tenth time.

  24. MZLUC1


  25. millie boo

    Heya hun..i lurve ur page =)

    ive got some questions for you…i hope you dont mind.

    i need help finding a good setting powder to put on top of my foundation.

    i use MAC NC35 Studio fix and Nars sheer glow…but they tend to rub off on my fingers after a while…can you recommend a good setting powder?

    i was also wondering what contour blush would suit my skin tone…?

    a good concelor for my under eye are?

    a good highlight for my cheekbones??

    sorry for all the questions =) x

    • Hi Millie,

      1.) Try Laura Mercier’s Loose Translucent Setting Powder or MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishign Powder.
      2.) Try Sculpt sculpting powder, if you can grab it (I think they still sell it on MAC’s website), or Strada blush.
      3.) I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, theBalm’s Time Balm, and MAC Moisturecover.
      4.) Try MAC Soft & Gentle MSF!

      • millie boo

        thank you… =)

        i will try the laura mercier powder..i have the Mac prep & prime powder but it doesnt make a difference.

        • Millie Boo

          quick question…im from the UK and we dont have a Make Up Forever store here and ive been hearing about the MUFE HD foundation…

          is that foundation good for oily/combo skin?

          and would you know what shade to get for NC35 skintone?

  26. Kiran

    Could you recommend a hot pink/darker pink lipstick and lipg loss as well that is suitable for someone who is in their 40s? Any brand works.

    I know of Girl About Town of course, but any others?

    Thanks xx

  27. Alyssa

    Hi christine. ok so my problem is my blush always oxidizes on my cheeks. i use mac’s mineralized blush in dainty by the way.

    • Has it happened with any other blush than Dainty? Oxidization occurs based on the pH level of your skin, so as far as I know, you have to change the product or put more product between your skin and your blush!

  28. Lily

    Hi Christine,

    I’m NC27 with yellow undertones (maybe this summer I’ll be NC30). I love corals and peaches too! Here are my questions:

    1. What are some MAC/NARS peachy nude l/g or l/s rec’s?
    I currently own MAC’s Shy Girl, Ever Hip, and Boy Bait and love them!
    2. Which would you recommend for an easy one-step process: MAC wipes or MAC Cleanse off oil?
    3. Which MAC/NARS bronzer would you recommend for a natural sun-kissed glow? (Is Laguna suitable for me?)
    4. Which MAC brush should I use for bronzer?
    5. Hair treatments for dry, coloured hair?

    That’s it for now. Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions! I always go to your blog for collection swatches and reviews too. Great work!


    • Hi Lily,

      1.) MAC: Freckletone, Ravishing lipsticks. NARS: Turkish Delight or Orgasm lipgloss!
      2.) Cleanse Off Oil! MAC Wipes shouldn’t be used on the eyes (can you believe it?!)!
      3.) I think Laguna would work :) I also like Refined Golden.
      4.) I like the 116, 168, or the fan brush. I am totally blanking on the number for it…
      5.) K-pak! I used to use that when I’d color my hair. Super conditioning!

      Thank you, Lily! :) Have a great night!

  29. What is the best way to mix eyeshadow colors to make a new color? And I always see makeup artists with their arms covered with different colors during a job, why do they do this?

    • Just take a little of each onto the brush and apply! That’s how I do it. I’m not sure how exactly you’d do it any other way — you could also layer on the lid. Say lay down a gold, then tap a little green on top.

      I imagine they’re testing out shades, seeing how they play together, how they work on the model, could be putting lipstick on their arm so they can use it with their lip brush in a sanitary fashion.

  30. Annie

    Hey Christine!

    So I’ll be going to college in the fall. What products would you say are essential to bring to college? I’m also in search of a good medium coverage foundation. Have you tried any Clinique foundations and if so, do they break you out? Or are there any other brands that you would recommend? My skin is oily and breaks out whenever I use the wrong products (like MAC Fix+). My skin tone is about 1-2 shades darker than yours.

    Thanks for answering all these questions! :)

    • Hi Annie,

      I think whatever you want to bring is fine! I don’t think there are necessarily things you should leave behind just because you’re going to college :)

      I haven’t tried too many Clinique foundations, but I haven’t had any problems in the past when I have used them from time to time. You might like Superfit!

  31. Haley

    Hey! Just wondering what the best white and gold nail polishes are in your opinion!
    Also, where do you buy Milani lipsticks?

    • Hmm, I don’t have any preferences for a white polish (I don’t even know if I own any, lol!). For gold, I’m totally in love with Chanel’s Illusion d’Or. So pretty!

      But anyway, I have good luck with China Glaze all around for a nail polish brand.

      I usually get mine from drugstore.com, but you can buy them at some drugstores — I’d check milanicosmetics.com and do a store locator search :)

  32. megan

    Have you ever used hylexin for under your eyes? I have terrible bags and I would like to do something about them.. And if you havent used it before, what would you recommend?

  33. elizabeth

    Is there any way we can see a list of all the products you’ve given an A+ too?

  34. Cynthia


    i have so many…

    im a NC20-42, depending on the time of the season. black-brownish hair. I love mac and UD, but open to other brands.

    1. I need some blushes that suits my skintone.
    2. I have nylon eyeshadow and have no clue what to pair it with that wont look funky with my skintone…lol
    3. Also can you recommend some eyeshadows for my skintone.
    4. I have combination skin and really need a good moisturizer for my skin, I have been using clinique super defense and it’s okay but really want something different.


    • Hi Cynthia,

      1.) Try Margin, Sunbasque, Ambering Rose
      2.) Try wearing Nylon with blues and greens :)
      3.) Amber Lights, Bronze, Coppering, Expensive Pink, Gorgeous Gold, Juxt, Patina, Ricepaper, Romp, Shimmermoss, Soft Brown
      4.) You could try Korres’ Rose Moisturizer!

  35. Melisa

    Hey Christine well I’m just kind of curious to which kind of foundation would be good for my oily, acne prone skin. I’ve tried Clinique even better, Neutrogena skin-clearing oil-free makeup, and mark speedway. Are there any foundations that you can recommend that can help control oil/matify for some period of time.

    • You might like MUFE Mat+ Velvet — it has a more matte finish so it doesn’t contribute or add dewiness to an already naturally dewy complexion! You may also want to look into Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte :)

  36. How do you manage your time with school and blogging? Your posts are of great quality and MUST take time. Are there deadlines you set for yourself?

    • Hi Shivani,

      I like to make to-do lists of what I need to get done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I also mark things in my calendar when I do have deadlines/due dates (mostly for school), but it helps me have a good grasp of what’s coming up or what must absolutely get done and by when. I also try to stay organized with my school work so I know where everything is!

  37. Joyce


    My question is about foundation. I’ve tried quite a few foundations (besides MAC, can you believe I’ve never tried a MAC foundation?) and I find that foundations seem to look very streaky on me and don’t leave a smooth finish. My dry skin shines through and if I have a pimple the dry skin around it starts to flake. I’ve tried applying with sponges, stipling brushes and my fingers and all of them don’t seem to leave a flawless finish. I do have acne-prone skin and I can understand difficulty in masking texture, but I’m wondering whether there is any way to combat the dry skin that tends to shine through my foundation. I feel as tough this is what contributes to the streakiness. Is it a particular moisturizer that might help?

    I hope this all makes sense. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! You’re amazing!

    • Hi Joyce,

      I would say use a liquid, moisturizing foundation–foundations that say dewy, glowy, or natural are all on the more moisturizing side. You might like MUFE Face & Body for instance. You may also find that perhaps you need a more moisturizing moisturizer. Are you letting your moisturizer sink in for 10-15 minutes prior to putting on foundation? I find that letting my moisturizer absorbs really helps the foundation application later on.

  38. Hey Kiki,

    Your post went through! Check the other pages of the comments :)

  39. Tess

    Hi, I don’t have a sephora near me but would like to try either Makeup Forever’s HD foundation or NARS Sheer Glow. In MAC I’m an NC40. Thanks!

  40. Hi Christine,
    Of the higher end brands (Chanel, YSL, etc.), who do you think makes the best eyeshadow palettes(as far as pigmentation and how long it wears) and the best lipsticks? And they don’t have to be the same brand! Thanks!

    • Guerlain does it best consistently. Chanel has some great quads, but there have been some duds. Dior is like that for me, too, but I also find that they can be super frosty, too.

      Best lipsticks… Guerlain. I love Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laques, and they’re my favorite lipstick, but they’re more like a liquid lipstick. Rouge Gs are my favorite “normal” lipstick :)

  41. BeckBeck

    Hi Christine – thanks for the session!!

    What is the hardest-to-remove eyeliner you have ever tried? I love liner to make my eyes stand out, but I always end up with it “traveling” around the outer corner of my eye (I only line the top lashline, and I always end up with smudges below the outer third of my eye). I have had this happen to me with Bobbi Brown gel liner, MAC fluidline and Powerpoint pencils, L’Oreal Extra-Intense pencil, UD 24/7s, MUFE Aqua Eyes, Prestige Total Intensity, Laura Geller cake liners, and Lancome kohl pencils. I do use eye primer under them all. Any ideas?

    • Hey BeckBeck,

      MAC Liquidlast is the hardest to remove in my experience. To be honest, given that you’ve pretty much tried some of the longest lasting liners on the market, you might just want to get Benefit She-laq to lock ’em on! Cheaper than wasting all those eyeliners!

  42. kara vitacca

    are macs greasepaint sticks easier to blend then the shade sticks? I have relaxed shade stick from the warm and cozy collection but i rarely use it because i struggle to much to get it to blend out on my lid. If the grease paint sticks are easier to work with I definately want to pick up a few… or them all :)

  43. Hi Chistine!

    1) Is there such a thing as a kiss-proof, non-drying matte red lipstick? I have Russian Red (I’m an NC43, for reference), and unfortunately it doesn’t stand up to the test and I find it quite drying! I’m open to any brand below $20 (even though your beloved Dragon is quite tempting :O )
    2) What would you recommend as a good peachy blush with little to no shimmer?

    • Hi Lego,

      1.) The only stuff that’s kiss-proof in my experience are long-wearing lip products like MAC’s Prolongwears (or the drugstore equivalents)!
      2.) Peaches :)

  44. May

    Hi Christine!!!!

    I have light skin (nw15 in mac and porcelain in bobbi brown) with dark brown eyes and hair. Also, as I am not a fan of dramatic lips, which Nars lip gloss would you recommend for me?

  45. Sarah

    Hey Christine, it’s prom soon , do you have any recommendations on a neutral pink lip that will stay on all night?

    • Try MAC For Keeps Prolongwear. I believe Revlon makes some long lasting product that’s very similar to MAC — I haven’t tried but that might work for you if you’re just going to use it during prom ($10 less for half as much product, but again, if you are only using it for prom, you don’t need a ton!). The color will stay on for the most part, and you’ll just need to reapply the gloss every few hours.

  46. michelle

    how do you juggle studies and maintaining a site like this where you post sooo consistently (this is a very good thing!)?

    in other words, what are your secrets to time management aka being superwoman?

    • Hi Michelle,

      It’s really about prioritizing the things in your life, just in general, but also on a daily basis. I have lots of post-its, to-do lists, and keep a running calendar of what things I have to have done by (which is especially handy for school). I’ll work harder for the blog a few weeks before finals so I can concentrate on my finals when it’s time to study. Similarly, the first week or two of classes, I don’t have to work as hard at school, so I use that as a good time to work harder on the blog!

  47. MZLUC1


    • Hi,

      There are a few pages of comments, but I did answer yours early! To answer again, I think it will (based on my personal opinion, not knowledge), but I don’t know for sure or when.

  48. Freyza

    Hey Christine, I adore the eye shadow Gridlock from Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows 1. I use so often that I’m starting to hit pan! I know that color is limited and not available as a single eyeshadow. Do you know of any dupes? I thought of MAC satin taupe but I’m not sure.

    I’m hispanic so I’m a light medium color with dark eyes.

    Anything will help! Thanks for your time!

  49. Marta

    Christine, you are the best ever!

  50. I heard plink! lipstick from mac is being discontinued. This is a huge disappointment to me. Do you know of any dupes? Also, viva glam gaga will be discontinued in a year. Are there any dupes for that? If you dont have any, dont worry. No big deal. I’m trying to prepare myself.

  51. Sara

    Okay here is my info first: I am EXTREMELY pale, i’m not sure which undertone but im thinking more cool, blueish greyish eyes, light brownish dirty-blondeish hair, glasses, freckles, and naturally red lips. I’m not much into glitter, but shimmer is alright. I’m kind of scared of dark and bright coloured makeup, so im trying to ease myself into that area. i’ve been told that reddish liups look good on me but once again im scared of bright colours, lol. I don’t really like blue e/s or purple or orange or other extreme colours like that for lips or cheeks. Anything over the MAC or NARS price range is too expensive for my budget, btw. I don’t have any brand specifications, as long as they do their job and don’t cost an arm and a leg. NARS, MAC, tarte, Urban Decay, anything that works.
    haha okay welll i’ve got a few questions and most of them are more reccomendations than questions since im clueless. Sorry and thank you!
    1. What would you reccomend for a blush for me?
    2. Would bronzer look too fake on me? If not, any reccomendations?
    3. What about Sunless tanner? Would they all be too orange or dark? Any reccomendations, if there is some that would look okay?
    4. What colours of lip sticks, glosses, stans, etc. would you reccomend for me? Specific brands and names would be better but just general colours works too.
    5. Any eyeshadows that you think would look best?
    6. What nude lipsticks do you think would look alright one me without looking coprse-ish or unatural or just in general unflattering?
    7. Can you reccomend a naturalish look that I could wear to school? Like, a blush, lippie, and eye?

    I know this is ALOT, and im so so sorry for that. I’m a makeup newbie (like you couldnt tell) and I’m curious where to start. THANK YOU for your time and consideration.
    How often do you ussually do these type of ask temptalia things? Because I’m probably going to have a bunch more questions soon too. =P
    Thanks again, Christine!

    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks for all those details–super helpful!

      1.) MAC Dame or Well Dressed — they’re both cooler pinks so they’ll work with your very, very pale skin (given that you’re blonde with blue-gray eyes, I’d definitely say you’re most likely cool!)
      2.) You could try Smashbox Bronze Softlights in the lightest shade – it should work on your skintone if you use a very, very light hand
      3.) L’Oreal Sublime Bronze is good for subtle, everyday bronzing. I would do a spot test on the inside of your wrist or ankle or thigh so you can see if it goes orange on you (but it shouldn’t… but it’s skin and tones, can be fickle!).
      4.) Cooler pinks like MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass, MAC Angel Lipstick, NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss, and NARS Roman Holiday Lipstick will work well.
      5.) For your skin tone, I like MAC eyeshadow in Espresso, Cork, Omega, Shroom, and Dazzlelight for great neutrals. From NARS, I like All About Eve, Brazil, and Portobello duos. From Urban Decay, Roach, Sellout, and YDK are nice!
      6.) You could try something like Hug Me or Hue. Also, Shy Girl!
      7.) Do a wash of something slightly shimmery and in a champagne-y shade (like Ricepaper or Shroom) all over the lid, and then you can put just a little darkness in the crease/outer corner (think any medium or dark brown). Pair it with a rosy cheek (like one of the blushes I recommended earlier). I’d go with a slightly pinker lip like MAC Sweetie (still on the cooler side). You could top it with Oyster Girl Lipglass for a glossy sheen.

      I try to do them at least once a month! I do them when I can devote my entire day to answering questions, which isn’t super often, but I try to get it in once a month. You are always welcome to ask me questions, whether it’s on a random post or via email, any time!

      Thanks, Sara!

      • Sara

        Thank you so much, Christine you are amazing and just solved pretty much all my makeup questions/problems!
        I absolutely love your site, I check it pretty much religiously.
        Keep up the good work and stay fabulous!
        Thanks again!

  52. iris

    hi christine
    i have ance(red dots) not pimples all over my face(cheecks and forehead)
    which product would u like to suggest to get rid of them..
    i also hv scars? that were left from old acne…
    how can i prevent from hving new acne…
    which products should i use daily and weekly to have flawless skin?
    thank u

    • Hi Iris,

      I’m not sure about the red dots, to be honest. For scars, you could try Mederma for new scars or hyperpigmentation. To prevent new scars/hyperpigmentation, avoid picking or popping your pimples :( I know it’s hard, but that’s the way to prevent it!

      You should exfoliate once or twice a week with either a manual/chemical exfoliant, cleanse twice daily (AM and PM), make sure to remove your makeup before you go to bed, and moisturize twice daily (AM and PM)!

  53. Kiersten

    Hey Christine! I don’t know how you get the chance to answer all these 500+ questions! I’ve been needing a better way to get off makeup. I use Clinique Take the Night Off for my eye makeup and it works pretty great. I just need something to take off my foundation. I use make up removing towlettes, then wash my face, then use my acne clarifying lotion (toner)… and I still see foundation on the cotton ball! I have acne prone skin and I was wondering if you would recommend MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil. I don’t want to use anything that is going to make my ance worse (oil?) but maybe my makeup not all coming off my face is whats causing the problems ? :(

    Also just wondering what are you most looking forward to in the Pret A Papier collection? I have my eye on Dressmaker, Dressmaker :)

    • Lurve MAC Clenase Off Oil! Oil making acne worse is a myth – not all oils are created equal (mineral oil can clog pores for instance!).

      The coral paint pot!

  54. Cheryl

    Hi Christine!

    So since Summer is coming around soon, I was wondering what tinted moisturizers would you recommend for my NC35-37 skintone? Some drugstore TM or foundations I’ve tried have too many pink or neutral undertones to work for my skintone. I’m looking for a TM under $35, but Im not sure where to start! D: Also, have you tried any drugstore foundations that you liked? Thanks!!

    • Hey Cheryl,

      I haven’t found a drugstore foundation that will make me quit my high-end, but I do like Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse! Neutrogena Healthy Glow is good as well.

      For a tinted moisturizer for you, I like Kiehl’s or Korres (probably the darkest shade) — both under $35 I believe :)

  55. Aisha


    Im a NC42, Black hair and brown eyes. Can you give me some direction as to what colors for blushes i need and maybe some eyeshadows. I prefer Mac but I am actually open to anything really. thanks, love this Q&A.

    • Hi Aisha!

      Try blushes like MAC Margin, Tenderling, Sunbasque, Peachykeen, and Ambering Rose! For eyeshadows, I like… Amber Lights, Bronze, Coppering, Expensive Pink, Ricepaper, Romp, Shimmermoss, Soft Brown.

    • Hi! I am a NC42 as well with the same hair and eye colour. My fav blushes are Gingerly, Peachtwist, Margin, Ambering rose, Dollymix and Coygirl. For contouring I use Emote (for a stronger contour) and Harmony for a subtle contour. I love NARS torrid for a glamourous night out and NARS albatross as a highlight. My fav eyeshadows are Woodwinked, goldmine, humid, satin taupe, tempting, ricepaper (highlight), cranberry, coppering, expensive pink, carbon, knight devine, shimmermoss, sketch, mulch and nocturnelle. Take your time finding which colours you like best though! :)

  56. Tiffany

    I dont like wearing eyeliner but I want to. 😛 Just to like define my eyes more. What tips can I use to soften the look? I also dont like the look that I am wearing eyeliner. Will a brown eyeliner be a good choice?

    • Yes! Go for a brown eyeliner – you could even do a light gray or light brown. You can also use eyeshadow for a softer look (take an eyeliner brush and use the shadow to line instead) or you can use a fluffy brush to diffuse the liner itself so it doesn’t look so clean.

  57. Tiffany

    Have you tried NARS Sheer Glow? What do you think of it?

  58. Sheri

    hey! i’m obsessed with your site! seriously a huge money & time saver!


    i have like ridiuclous amounts of freckles on my nose & cheeks and i REALLY hate them. i know purple primers are supposed to brighten skintones, so would that help to neutralize them?

    hope that makes sense :)

  59. Madee

    When you go for a job interview for mac and you do a demo do you do a full face demo? is there a special way they like to apply there face makeup and eyes etc? And do you bing a picture of what to do or do you just get told on the day?

    • Hi Madee,

      I believe they have you do a full face demo — I’ve never applied so I have never gone through the process — and I believe they like the 3 method…e.g eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow; lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss. It’s part of the way you build up a sale when you’re there. I think you have the creativity to do what you want within reason – if it’s still the way it was a few years ago (when I knew more about the hiring process from friends), you had to create a daytime look and then take it to evening.

  60. Maadee

    How do you make a really good portfolio?

    • Hi Madee,

      Collect any and all photographs of your work in as high res as you can get and make sure to print them on quality, glossy paper. Include credits, contacts, etc. about who the work was done for as well.

  61. Nicholle

    I’m doing a couple friends makeup for prom. I’ve done other peoples makeup before but I am a little nervous. Do you have any tips?

    • Hi Nicholle,

      Ask them to bring their foundation if they don’t match anything you have! That’s one of the harder parts :)

      Some general tips…

      Have all your brushes washed and ready to go
      Have makeup remover and q-tips on standby
      Use baby wipes for spot cleaning between applications/people
      Ask them what their normal style is (but you probably know!) so you don’t deviate so far from it that they’re like, “WHAT!?!” when you’re done

      You could also ask them what they’re wearing to prom and if there is anything they’d like you do for them – then you could plan a bit, too!

  62. Charline

    I have been trying to find the right lipstick color for the summertime. Can you recommend specific lipsticks for me. I have light skin with yellow undertones? I am number 117 in Makeup Forever.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Charline,

      For something brighter, I like Girl About Town or Lustering. For something a little less intense, I like Crosswires and Speed Dial!

  63. I’ve been wondering for the last few days.. and since you just posted the “How would you use Dirty Greasepaint Stick” post.. now I’m wondering..

    Do you have any links/pictures using Dirty as a base with other eyeshadow on top of it? How does it look? I tried Zinc Zone under NARS Underworld and honesly, didn’t think it would do much but Oh MY GOODNESS.. it looked so amazing.

    From just swatching Dirty alone, I wasn’t super amazed but now I keep wondering how it would look as a base. I left my Dirty Greasepaint Stick at my boyfriend’s house and have been wondering for the last few days how it looks under neutral shades.. It’s been killing me. =P

    I need to know..

    If you can, please, please let me know.

  64. Abril

    Hi Christine! I have another question haha

    Any ideas to pair Folie Eyeshadow? I like it but I don’t use it as much as I want!

  65. adriana


    I have the asian monolid and hooded eyes. I found it hard to apply eyeliner and eye make up. any tips for that? especially for making the eyes look bigger?


    • Hi Adriana,

      Line just the outer half of the upper lash line, see if that helps :)

    • I’ve got the same eyes as you.

      So yes you could line just your upper lash line but you can also line the outer third (or half) of your bottom lash line to make them bigger. When you line your upper lash line, try to wing it, I know its hard with hooded eyelids but use a pointy brush and practice. :) And don’t tug as you do it because when the skin retracts you get a fat triangle instead of a wing or flick.

      Mascara will make your eyes look bigger too. Putting white or peach eyeliner on your water line too.

      • adriana

        what I did previously was to draw the line way higher, then it will show for the hooded eyes. but it looked weird when i closed my eyes.

        any good pictures to share the technique?

  66. Sarah

    Hi Christine,

    I had a few more quick questions!

    If you had to pick only one of each product (primer, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, & setting powder), what would they be?

    Also, what do you think is the best drugstore eye makeup remover?

    Thanks so much, your website is so informative and helpful!!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Do you mean a specific brand/product from those categories? Or just one of those types of products? The latter is way harder!

      Korres Primer, Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer, Kiehl’s or Korres Tinted Moisturizer, Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer, Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder.

      I like Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover :)


  67. Which MSFs in your opinion would suit a NC 42 skintone for a subtle blush/highlighter effect? What do you think of Stereorose on darker skin tones?

    Also, any advice on how to rock a bolder lip. I own a few bolds like GAT, gladiola, dubonnet and ravishing but only wear them in my room. :( Do I need a lipliner for brights?

    • I think Stereo Rose would be nice on your skin tone :) I’d say that would be a subtle way to highlight and add a little color!

      Pair with very simple/neutral eyes. Make silly faces (seriously!). Just do it!!

  68. Vickie

    hey christine!
    im an nw20 with brown hair/eyes and was wondering what colors compliment me the most and which i should stay away from.im particularly am intrested about corals since there seem to be alot of corals coming out. I’m also trying to get into brighter eyeshadow since i have mostly neutrals, are there any that i should look into.

  69. 1) I’m having trouble finding the right concealer for my skin color NC40, especially under my eyes. Do you have any suggestions?
    2) What eye cream is good to reduce under eye dark circles and to make the skin tighter and remove wrinkle?
    3) Do you know what NARS Sheer Glow foundation color is the similar to MAC NC40?

    • Hi Grace!

      1.) Hmm, have you tried theBalm’s Time Balm? I think the shade range is decent. Make Up For Ever’s shade range is good as well.
      2.) I haven’t found any eye cream that’s done something for me personally!
      3.) Try Barcelona!

  70. LH

    Don;t know if these questions have been asked I don’t really have the patience or time to scroll thru hundreds of other questions ( wish I did tho). Here are my questions
    1) how in the world do you determine your undertones and except for foundation is it even really important in the spectrum of makeup? I try all the ‘techniques” and always come up with a different answer.if its any help I wear maybelline liquid moose in creamy natural that’s the closest foundation I can find I’m not light but i’m not medium I fall in between somewhere. If it help I’m also a brunette with dark brown eyes.
    2)How do you select the right color blush and is blush for everyone?
    3) I love the looks of pink eyeshadow but every time I wear one it just looks like inflammation is there a pink that wont do that and whats the best way to apply it?
    Thank you so much

    • Hi LH,

      1.) The easiest way is by your vein color; blue is cool, green is warm. If you can’t figure it out, you’re probably neutral, which means you’re neither warm nor cool. It can be important to some, and it can definitely help you pick shades that are suitable to your coloring — e.g. lipsticks, eyeshadow, etc.
      2.) I think everyone can wear blush, but not everyone may want to. A lot of blush colors are about what works for your coloring, so we’re back to the cool/warm – since it sounds like you might be neutral, then the sky’s the limit for you. Both cooler and warmer shades can work for you!
      3.) Try blue-based pinks or lighter pinks – less medium pinks. Try applying it with whites, purples, or champagnes.

      • LH

        Thank you
        1) My veins are green mostly but when I wear the designated warmer colors ivory /gold I get washed out but I can wear pinks and reds. I guess neutral it is.
        2)I think Ill look in to blush
        3) More blue based pinks it is
        Than you again for the advice I love your site. Good luck with school :)

  71. Dot

    Hey, have you tried any products from etsy.com? If so, what did you like & recommend? I’m looking for homemade/mostly natural soaps, scrubs & etc.

  72. LH

    Oh and last one which do you advise to do first invest in good makeup or good brushes?

    • Both. Build up both slowly with good pieces you’ll love. :) I’d say get the makeup going a bit, perhaps use cheaper brushes initially, and then start adding your brushes.

  73. Arielle1139

    Hey christine!

    Im wanting to go buy a 15pceyeshadow
    palette from mac but im havin a hard time
    deciding wat colors to get. Wat r 15e/s that
    r MUST HAVES… im tan-medium in mufe im
    127… I LOVE ALL colors :) help!

    • Hi Arielle,

      5 neutrals: Shroom, Bronze, Satin Taupe, Carbon, Vanilla
      5 blues/greens: Freshwater, Deep Truth, Juxt, Humid, Shimmermoss
      5 golds/pinks/purples: Goldmine, Da Bling, Beautiful Iris, Parfait Amour, Stars ‘n Rockets

  74. Vanelle


    Thanks so much for doing this. I have a couple questions.

    I’ve never referenced my skin color from MAC but if i had to say i’d be between NW45 and 50. Boy that’s dark! I am African :)

    first, exactly why do you love the exfolikate by kate sommerville, cos i have been getting samples from sephora and I love it and I am thinking that’s what my skin has been waiting for. I am liking all of thier products and I didn’t want to go crazy and buy everything so which of her stuff would you recommend? I have acne prone skin and i do get break outs every now and then.

    Also what pencil, gel, and liquid eyeliner can you recommend? I have mac’s fluidline and smolder eye kohl but i’m still searching for something better.

    do you know any good highlighters that won’t sit on the skin? you know just give a nice luminous glow for darker skin obviously :)

    and finally, what foundations do you know give good buildable coverage and last all day…I have the giorgio armani luminous silk and while I love it, i’m just looking for a second. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Vanelle,

      There’s something about it that makes my skin soft, a little glowy, smooth, but not like it’s been through the ringer. And man, I even LIKE scrubs for the feel, but I love the way this feels without being scrubby at all really… I also love her Oil Free Moisturizer. I’ve been using the Clearing Mask lately, and I like it in the sense that it’s easy to use, doesn’t burn or hurt, and it seems like my acne is a little reduced but I think a lot of my acne is stress/hormone/food related vs. makeup/product related.

      I like UD or MUFE for pencil, MAC for gel, and MAC for liquid (liquidlast).

      I like Dior SkinShimmers — the shimmer is so fine, it really just gives you a soft glow. I get a little color out of some, so on your deeper skin tone, I’d say they’d definitely just be more glowy. You could also try a cream highlighter like Benefit’s Moon Beam (I believe that’s the one designed for deeper skin tones!).

      I like MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Guerlain Parure Gold, and MUFE HD. I haven’t tried any Giorgio Armani foundations, though, so I can’t compare!

  75. Diana

    I’m going to be doing my friends makeup for prom but im not really sure what colors i should use or what kind of look to create. I have mostly MAC and L’oreal HIP eyeshadows to use, along with a few goldish Urban Decay ones.

    This is what her dress looks like


    it’s a beautiful dress with a nice long train, and i really want her make-up to go with her dress

    she has medium to dark skin (she’s Mexican), dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

    also i have dark circles that i have a hard time covering. i’m also mexican and have a medium skin tone. concealers i’ve tried are Maybelline mineral wear, some yellow nyc stick, maybelline dream matte mousse concealer, some covergirl one, mac’s select moisturecover, and the last one i can remember (cuz it’s the most expensive!) is Amazing Cosmetic’s concealer. I tried this sephora brand hilighting pen in Apricot and it seemed to help a little, like if it were a thicker consistancy it might actually work. I’ve heard that orange concealers sometimes work but where can i find one?

    if you can’t answer both questions then please just help me with the prom look cuz thats super important…thank you so much christine!

    • Hi Diana,

      For your friend’s look, I really think a sultry smoky eye would be gorgeous with the dress, but really, since it’s black… anything would work, really! You could do some really fun golds and smoke it out with a black eyeshadow!

      For your concealer, you might find Laura Mercier’s helpful, since she has a peachy orange shade – http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P109927&categoryId=B70

      Have you tried using the concealer first and then using the highlighting pen on top?

      • Diana

        yea but it’s not long lasting…i’d probably have to apply it every hour!!!

        i’ll look into the laura mercier one when i go this weekend though

        thanx so much christine you’re the best!

  76. Christi

    Hi Christine!

    I was wondering if you have found a dupe for MAC’s Hello Kitty Cute-ster?

    Which concealer/corrector do you this is the most moisturizing? I have very dry skin most concealers dry out and look cakey under my eyes. The only thing that I found that works is to mix it with my eye cream, but then I get a film in my eyes.

    I also have pigmented lips and am a NC40. What nude lip color would you recommend that doesn’t make me look like a corpse? Or is nude lip colors just not in the cards for me?

    Thank you!

  77. Kimberly

    I have been using Cover girls Lash Blast mascara and i love it but even my eye makeup remover (from Olay) and cleanser does not complete remove it. Could you please recommend something that could help me (drugstore or even high end). Also I use a cheapie revlon curler for my lashes. Does the Shu one live up to the hype and should I invest in one? Thanks!

  78. cmferret

    christine, can u please do a review/swatches of the lipsticks and blushes from tarino tarantino collection from sephora. and also can u do one for the bitchslap cosmetics brand that i keep on seeing on youtube? thanx so much !

    • Hi,

      I’ll have a couple of reviews for some of the Tarina Tarantino lipsticks (no blushes at this time, though) soon. Unfortunately, since Bitchslap Cosmetics attempted to pass my lip swatches off as swatches of their products (when I had never heard of them let alone used their products), I will never review their products.

  79. snowlace

    Hi Christine!
    I was wondering if you’re supposed to put on cream blush before setting the face with powder, or is it the other way around?

  80. Do you know of a dupe (any brand) for MAC’s Gilt by Association from the style black collection?


  81. Kim

    Besides makeup (or make up related things)… what are other things in your life that you love? Ex. chocolate, exercise, computer games, etc.? :)

    • I love to read… though I rarely read any more (no time!), Starbucks (bad, bad for you!), trash reality TV (even worse for you!), and eating (bad stuff, of course, LOL!).

      But my life is very much blog/school (they totally jockey for #1), my “family” (boyfriend & my dog), and then my family (parents, my sister is usually away at college). I don’t have a lot of time for many outside activities, so a lot of it is just hanging out with my boyfriend (though we live and work together, so we see each other 24/7!), watching TV, taking walks with the puppy. Totally low-key but I’m very happy :) Hopefully once school is finished, things will loosen up a little!

  82. Nicole

    Hello Christine, hope you had a great day or are having, I love ur site and it’s the first thing I got to when new collections come out, My question is (I’m a NW20 brown hair highlights blond blue eyes i burn don’t tan red undertones)I love the coral lipstick you post on here an everytime I go to try one on, I personal think it just doesn’t look good, I would like a nice coral for the summer what do you think would be good on me, I’m open to any brand as well , Thank you for taking the time on this <3

    • Have you tried building up to coral? Maybe you’re just not used to seeing yourself with one on :) You could try a gloss like Nymphette, which isn’t totally coral, but it starts to get there.

  83. TL

    YAY another Q&A session! =)

    I have oily skin. Can you recommend me non-greasy moisturizers, both drugstore and high end, that would be suitable for my skin type?

    Do you like Myth, Creme D’Nude, or Hue better?

    Do you have any recommendations for a musky, woodsy type fragrance?

    Do you know of a good dupe for MAC lipglass in “poetic license”? It was from the holday ’09 collection.

    Do you know of a waterproof mascara that gives a lot of volume and fullness?

    Thanks so much for all your help!!

    • Hi TL,

      1.) I like Creme d’Nude and Hue — Hue is nicer with warmer colors, Creme d’Nude with cooler. Myth is a little too fleshy on me, personally.
      2.) Hmm… Tom Ford, which is way expensive – several scents might fit the bill. I am not a fragrance expert, though (stupid, stupid ignorant nose!).
      3.) NARS Chihuahua is a kinda close.
      4.) I love Maybelline Full ‘n Soft for waterproof :)

  84. minek

    Hi Christine, thanks for the daily awesomeness!!!
    Have you ever considered doing makeup looks on other people, especially those with different colouring than your own? (I love your way with colours, but I lack the awesome eyebrows to balance out some of the more intense looks.)

    • Unfortunately, the people in my life do not want to be photographed for hundreds of thousands of people to see! I am also more about helping you apply your makeup on yourself, rather than how to apply it to someone else (since that’s not what most of us do on a daily basis!).

  85. MsKia

    I can’t find my post or your reponse to my post. Can you help?

    • Here it is again…

      Hi Ms. Kia,

      1.) I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, theBalm’s Time Balm, and MAC Moisturecover! Time Balm is the most opaque, but Moisturecover is the most hydrating. Eve Pearl is a nice combo of both.
      2.) For drier skin, Kiehl’s!
      3.) I haven’t found any great eye creams. I don’t know, they don’t seem to do anything for me that I can see…
      4.) I love Philosophy’s Kiss Me Intense Lip Therapy for a great balm. For a scrub, I love Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub.
      5.) Too soft? What? Sorry, I have never heard that before, lol! I don’t know about that. You might need a little more coverage over your cheeks, so I’d either layer concealer or a little extra foundation on top to minimize the patchiness :) You can use a blush creme to help a powder blush stay on better for sure!


  86. Mina

    Hi Christine!!

    I really needed your suggestions and thoughts! I love the way Kim Kardashian does her makeup. I’ve seen many blogs/youtubes on her but I wanted opnion on how she does her makeup and what products she uses.

    Can you please help me out here! Thank you so much! :)

  87. Tiffany

    Here again! My prom is coming up and my dress is purple with tiers of ruffles what kind of makeup would you suggests? Like eyeshadow colors and what not.

    Also, have you ever walked into MAC for a quick makeover (like them doing a quick look for you), is it a good idea for someone like me who has no clue what to do for my makeup for prom?

    • Hey Tiffany,

      Is it a really vibrant purple? I think if it’s not, you could do a silver-gray smoky eye but use a purple eyeshadow in the crease (I’m thinking Parfait Amour or Contrast) to tie-in with the dress but in a subtle way. I’d also go with a pink blush and lip!

      I haven’t had great experience with MAC makeovers, but I’ve only had the event ones done. I do know that you can schedule and book an appointment for prom makeup (but they do fill up!). I believe it’s $60 but redeemable in product.

  88. Yay, I love these! Thanks Christine for taking the time to do these, they’re soooo helpful!

    Anyways, I took the plunge and got the Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer. I love it and I think it’s so gorgeous, but I was wondering, when you use it as a highlighter, do you sweep your brush across all the colors or do you limit it to just one? I use a smaller brush to apply, so sometimes it seems strange to blend all the colors, if that makes sense…

    Thank you!

  89. Jessica

    Hi Christine,

    I’m an NC20 and have a couple deep, purple-toned acne scars on my cheek. I’m using Smashbox’s photo finish color corrector in adjust to try to neutralize the redness, and I also wear MAC studio stick concealer and studio fix powder but it still shows through as a blatantly purple blotch. Do you have any recommendations for a product that would do a better job neutralizing the color, or covering it altogether?

    Thank you so much :)

  90. Jen

    You’re like Wonder Woman – able to answer all these questions and not miss a beat! Goodness! :) I have no questions, just wanted to tell you you’re awesome!

  91. Iliana

    Hi Christine!

    I recently bought pots of *bright* shadow (well, non-neutral ones) but have no idea how to use them. I have Freshwater, Electric Eel, Vibrant Grape, Stars N Rockets and Swish. I love them all but I’m afraid they won’t look nice on me (I tend to buy based on how nice they look on pan and on the back of my hand)! I’ve tried using them as liners but I’d love to be more creative than that. :) I’ve seen you use some of them in brighter looks but I guess what I am looking for is a more subtle way of using them. Like a pop of color without being too wild. Any suggestions?

  92. Wendy

    Hi Christine!
    Alright here are my questions.
    I’m an NC30 (dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, olive-y skin with yellow undertones) and I have the hardest time picking out pretty pink, plum and nude lipsticks from MAC. Got any recommendations for me?
    What brush would you recommend for putting on blush and what blush do you recommend for putting on my Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation to give me a flawless look?
    Also, I *really* want to try a nice pink blush from MAC but I’m not sure which one. All the blushes at the counter intimidate me. xD
    Thanks for your help! :)

  93. I hope you still have some power to answer the questions))) Thank you for that! I learn lots of new things)

    I have 2 questions:
    1) any palette recommendation for summer? if possible – european brands. would like smth fresh, bright that fits my eyes and skin. i like Dior “Pink May” alot but its not in shops anymore :( This time Dior has crush glow that is too brown for me i think :(

    2) any lipgloss or glossy lipstick recommendation for summer? maybe smth pinky or bubble-gum? main criteria – non-sticky

    here’s how i look like:

    3) any other recommendations to improve my look?

    I’m now a bit more tanned, like “medium” i guess.
    looking forward to getting your comment :)

    • Hi Nina,

      1.) What about Dior’s Read-to-Glow? Maybe that would work better for you :)
      2.) I think you’d like Dior Sari Pink Ultra Gloss!
      3.) No tips — you’re gorgeous!! :)

  94. Lisa

    hi christine!

    WOW you are a superstar. Honestly your dedication, passion and shear genuine care is truly inspiring.
    You deserve all the success and goodness that comes your way.

    Okay I have a few requests + questions:

    because summer is just around the corner would it be possible to do a post dedicated to:

    1. Sunscreeen
    2. Acne

    as both of these things tend to be super important come warmer temps, hideous city humidity ( i live in new york) and usually need to be tweaked come summer.

    ALSO have you ever used Retin-A ? or are you able to recommend a product for Acne Scarring or more so discoloration? What would be a good option?

    I have fairly clear skin, but have some flair ups, and they always seem to live a huge red mark no matter what.

    THANKS AGAIN christine, I look forward to your response,

    have a wonderful rest of your week

    • Hi Lisa,

      Did you catch this sunscreen post? http://www.temptalia.com/suncreen-101-uva-vs-uvb-what-spf-means-suncreen-makeup

      Since I’m not a skincare expert or qualified expert, I really don’t feel comfortable writing about acne. It’s such a complicated topic with so many potential causes, it’s really inappropriate (in my eyes) to write about it when I really don’t have the expertise to back it up!

      I used Retin-A very, very briefly, and it permanently damaged the skin above my upper lip, so I don’t know if I’d ever try it again myself.

      If they leave a red mark, it’s probably hyperpigmentation, which will fade with time. I like Clinique’s Even Better line or Kiehl’s Tone Corrector!

      Thanks a lot!

  95. Anett


    can you help me, please?
    I want to by the lipstick Flash´n´dash (Fafi LE).
    How similar to the lipstick Cyndi?
    Can you make swatch please this two lipsticks on your arm?

    Great, thanks!


  96. Yuko

    What is a dupe for Pink Clash from Mac

  97. MG

    Do you know if mac tendertones will be back this summer?! I’m new to mac and I hear they are LE but I really want one!! Thanks=).

  98. Keener

    I can’t believe I missed this… I have a few questions, I check the site every morning (kicking myself now!) and I guess it was posted after my daily read… next time… sigh.

  99. Melanie T

    Christine! Thanks so much for your earlier advice::~ Another quick one if you dun mind!
    :) Name your top 3:
    a. Coral/peach blush
    b. Highlight
    c. Bronzer
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Melanie,

      1.) MAC Springsheen, MAC Margin, Benefit Sugarbomb
      2.) Dior Amber Diamond, Dior Rose Diamond, Guerlain Meteorites
      3.) Chanel, Dior, & Guerlain

  100. Angela

    I’m 16, asian and i have combination oily skin and sensitive skin. My skin has been horrible lately especially my forehead. I was thinking of getting the clarisonic plus but do you really think it can improve my skin? Wont it scratch my acne? and breakouts?

    Second, do you think mario badescu skin care line is good for someone like my skin type?

    • Hi Angela,

      The Clarisonic shouldn’t scratch your acne. I had good results with the Clarisonic myself, but skin is so personal, it’s hard to speak for everyone on it.

      Mario Badescu has a lot of great products for your skin type!