Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, both beauty-related or unrelated!  Some tips on asking me questions so that you can get the best answer AND quickly…

  • For color/makeup recommendations, please let me know your skin tone, if you have a brand preference, colors you love (whatever is applicable).  I don’t want to recommend something that doesn’t work for your skin coloring or recommend a brand that’s more than you want to spend!
  • If you’ve tried a lot of products and are still looking for the one that works, if you could tell me products or techniques you have tried, that helps me suss out what might work!  Again, I’d hate to just recommend you a product/technique you’ve tried!

It is always a pleasure to answer your questions, and I always hate answering your question with a follow-up question about your coloring or what brand you’d like the dupe in or what-have-you, so hopefully this will allow me to give you better answers and more efficiently, to boot! :)

Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too! The more the merrier!  Plus, your feedback really helps to round out any answer I give.  It’s like a more complete worldview!

Don’t be shy — ask one or twenty or none! :)

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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856 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #024

  1. Sally

    Can you review Neutrogena’s new liquid sunblock? Maybe compare it to La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Sunscreen Fluid?

    • I will try, Sally! Do you know what the name of Neutrogena’s sunblock is? Like the specific name? I know they have a zillion different sunscreens/sunblocks…

      • Sally

        Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock. It comes in SPF 55 and 70. I’m curious as to which will leave skin less greasy and less likely to break out as well as which you would prefer for use under makeup. (Neutrogena vs. La Roche Posay)

        • Kerri

          I bought this last week and I love it. It’s the only suncreen I’ve ever tried that doesn’t make me look oily. It actually feels like I’m putting moisturizer on my face. No breakouts yet but it’s only been 5 days.

          • Amber

            I can 2nd this! I have been waiting a looong time for a product like this to come along! I have been using this for over 1 week and no breakouts and my skin is super clog prone and very sensitive! Hg for me!

            • Christina

              Ahhh I can’t wait for this review! I love the RochePosay but it’s so expensive and I just don’t know if I want to keep spending the money.

            • Ashley

              This sunscreen gets good reviews on makeupalley.com if anyone wants to read some other quick reviews! If it were purely physical, I’d so try it. Alas, it is not :(

  2. ilexica

    I have NW15 skin and use a lot of MAC. I’ve got quite a pinky undertone and high (although very round, not chiselled) cheekbones with prominent apples. Can you recommend me a blush to make me look polished? I have quite a few (mocha, peachykeen, personal style, dollymix, ripe peach, well dressed, trace gold – these last three are the best I think) but if applied on the cheekbones (as per your lovely tutorial!) mostly they make me look sunburnt. So I’m clearly doing something wrong!

    Any nice, subtle blush recs? Application techniques I should be thinking about? Brushes? (I have a bunch of them, but any specifics I might not have thought of would be great!). I love pinks and nude shades, and nearly always wear an MSF over the top so sheertone and sheertone shimmers tend to be my favourites.

    Thank you Christine!

    • ilexica

      Oh – and I am totally open to other brands, too! :)

    • Hey Ilexica,

      From MAC, I’d say maybe Pink Swoon — I think it’s so cool toned that it might work a little better for you. Peaches or Pinch o’ Peach may also work as a lighter, less coral peach than Ripe Peach or Peachykeen. I’d also recommend NARS Angelika or Mata Hari — again, some cooler pinks that might give you more of a blush and less of a “sunburn” :)

      • ilexica

        Awesome, thank you! Do you have any recs for warmer pinks, too? I actually find cool pinks make me look more burnt (blonde MSF was the worst, that one when straight on MUA!). I’ve had pinch o’ peach on my wishlist for a while so I think my finger may slip next time I’m on the MAC website. Thank you!

      • Amy

        Ilexica, I agree with Pink Swoon for you + try Tenderling. Sometimes I mix Pink Swoon and Tenderling together.

    • Amber

      I also am very fair and have pink toned skin – I have found that blushes with neutral-warm true peach/nude tones work best for me – you can try Lancome Miel Glace and Shimmer Mocha Havana. If you apply them with a light hand and build the color slowly they can give a nice even glow and distract from any redness.

      • audrey

        I have pretty prominent apples and I use the LORAC cheek stamper in Island spice! I apply 1 stamp to my temples and with the pointes edge of the stamp, I slightly make a contour about 1-2 inches below my apples! Works like a charm!

  3. Emily

    Sweetness! I love these! Ok, so info. about me first: I’m a MAC NC15, brown hair, blue eyes…now for the questions…
    1. What would be a good red for me? I love MAC, Urban Decay, and Nars…but I’m open to pretty much anything. I’ve been afraid to wear bold lips in the past, but I’m starting to get more into it now, but I’m nervous about picking out a red for me.
    2. Can you think of any good peach colored eyeshadow?
    3. What eyeshadow would be best for my coloring?
    4. Are you supposed to wear primer with tinted moisturizer?
    5. I found that Sephora just stopped carrying the Cosmedicine Self-Adjusting Exfoliator…which is my fav. What would be a good facial exfoliator in it’s place? I have kinda sensitive skin.
    6. What’s a good mask for sensitive skin? (to unclog pores, etc.)
    7. Where can you get Seche Vita products?

    Sorry ’bout all those…I’ve been kinda saving them up! =)

    • Hey Emily,

      1.) Try MAC Viva Glam I for a retro red, New York Apple for a raspberry-ish red, and Russian Red for a true-red. MAC has so many reds that I think they do a good job covering the spectrum!
      2.) Make Up For Ever #69 (matte) or #153 (shimmer)
      3.) For warm but fair skin, I like: * MAC: All That Glitters, Amber Lights, Carbon, Da Bling, Deep Truth, Electra, Humid, Jest, Juxt, Naked Lunch, Satellite Dreams. NARS: Alhambra, Balthazar, Bohemian Gold, Hula Hula, Sea, Sex, & Sun, Star Sailor, Summertime, Wicked. Urban Decay: Baked, Blaze, Crash, Ecstasy, Eldorado, Flipside, Half Baked, Vert.
      4.) You can, but you don’t have to. It’s really up to you. I don’t typically! I do set with powder, though.
      5.) Can you purchase from other merchants? I googled and saw it was carried at several places like Amazon and Nordstrom, sooo if it’s good for your sensitive skin and not discontinued, I’d just try to buy elsewhere!
      6.) I like Kate Somerville’s Cleanse Mask – it feels really gentle (to me — I didn’t even have to build up any tolerance for it myself) and looks like it’s working but without any harsh stinging or burning or what-have-you.
      7.) I get mine through etailers like 8ty8beauty.com or transdesign.com.

      No worries! :) You can always ask me any question whenever, though – in case you’re like, “I NEED AN ANSWER NOW!” so feel free!

      • Emily

        You rock…thanks! I thought of one other question, as well…I’m getting married in October and I have a huge scar from two surgeries on my right clavicle. That being said, my wedding dress has a tube top…do you know of any good products to cover up this scar that won’t cake off later on my dress? I’d really like to cover it up ’cause I’m thinking about wearing my hair up too.

      • Enna

        You can find Seche vite at ULTA

  4. lisa

    What hair cream, sprays or serums do you use when blow drying or flat ironing your hair?

  5. rashmi

    wow i love this session
    here r my queries hahaha

    i have 116 brush for blushes , i want a good loose pdr brush pls suggest?
    n i love ambering rose blush but whenevr i apply it with 116 it shows up too much , is there any way out …. or should i do something to make it more wearable?
    and what brush should i use to apply MAC’s MSF ?
    n i wonder how did u managed without haircut for sooo long??? any special shampoo , conditioner , serum or leave-in-cond???
    do u mix ur pigments with moisturizer or cream , if yes which color?

    • Hey Rashmi,

      How are ya?

      1.) I love the 134 for powder blush. It’s dense and fluffy and soooo soft.
      2.) Try lighting tapping the brush against your forearm to dust some off. You could also dry using the 188 or 187 to stipple the color on! If you overdo it, though, you can use a little loose powder (translucent or colored) to diffuse it, as well as a buffer brush like the 182 can help diffuse the color, too.
      3.) I like the 116, 165 (LE), and 187. The 116 is nice as a blush, and the 187 is nice for a highlighter. I like the 165 best for highlighting.
      4.) I just don’t style my hair very often, so I think that helps keep it from getting *un*-healthy, you know? I use LiQWD for my shampoo and conditioner!
      5.) I love mixing Vanilla or Pink Opal in with moisturizer for a shimmering body or face cream!

      • Dee

        I just tried it with my naked pigment and some body oil….it gave a shimmer but no real color. I liked it :)

      • rashmi

        thanks dear for reply
        m late though …
        now i have a list ready for few face brushes hahahha
        always ready with the list greedy meeee

    • Rashmi, I use the MAC 134 brush for loose powder and I love it!

  6. ann

    Hey Christine , can you recommend a MAC face brush to use for msf – powder foundation ?

  7. Felice

    Wow you’re up so early! :)
    anyway, my question is: do you know of an eyeshadow version of undercurrent pearlglide liner? I mean I LOVE that color and was just wondering if there is an eyeshadow that has similar color existing in the makeup world. Lol. If there isn’t, somebody needs to come out with one! Coz that color is blimmin’ gorgeous!!
    Thank you so much Christine! You are AHMAZING! :)

    • Hey Felice,

      You could try MAC Shimmermoss with a smidgen of goldmine layered over a black or dark teal base. That might get you close! :)

      LOL! I was up at 5am so I could place an order for MAC’s Pret a Papier, because the overnight shipping cut off is 11am EST so I wanted to make sure to give myself plenty of buffer so my order will be processed and shipped out today and arriving tomorrow!

      Thank you!

    • HebrideanSprite

      Shattered by Urban Decay is pretty close to the undercurrent liner (I absolutely love it too) and close by not exact may be Delft Paint Pot by Mac (both are just guesses though)

  8. Mina

    Hi Christine!

    The only place I have some acne scars/blemishes is on my right cheek. I’ve always concealed them with concealer, but because there are more than just a few, I’m starting to wonder if there’s an easier way or a concealer that offers better coverage. What concealer would you recommend? Or would you suggest using something else?

    • Hey Mina,

      You could try a buildable foundation (assuming you do wear foundation) so that you could layer it evenly all over your face and then apply a little more on the cheeks. I like MAC’s Moisturecover for a thicker concealer, but I’m also liking theBalm’s Time Balm right now, too – but it seems like it’ll work for under eyes and small spots, but may not be so creamy as to work for larger areas.

  9. Shanzelizey

    Hi Christine,

    I’m 18 and I was wondering if I should maybe start exfoliating and using masks or whatever? My mom’s like “Oh you’re still young, don’t ruin your skin with that stuff”…so I don’t know…should I?

    • Exfoliating is great, even for younger folks. If I could exfoliate everyday, I would, ’cause it feels THAT good. I wouldn’t say you need to go overboard and buy the priciest exfoliator chocked full of anti-aging properties (c’mon! it’s hardly on your face anyway!). So yes, I’d say that a nice scrub or mask to use once or twice a week would be good :)

      • Kristina

        May I offer my humble aesthetician advice on this one? It is never too soon to start caring for your skin. What your skin will look like in the future is a built up result of every day before that. So daily care routine should start the earlier the better. That being said, it has to be proper care. Don’t over-exfoliate young skin. Once a week is sufficient. Key here is to actually do it on a regular basis. Exfoliating once in a blue moon will not get you too far. And please please please don’t use any of those apricot scrubs and such. The beads in the scrub have to be synthetic in order to be perfectly round and not scratch your skin. Choose your mask according to your skin type, just don’t go for anything meant to be very heavy (you will most likely need a good hydrating gel mask (for normal/dry skin) or an oil control mask (if hormones are making you break out). Other than that, every day care is crucial. Do not skip removing make up and tone and moisturize twice a day. Once again: key to great skin is having a routine and doing it all on a regular basis.

        Christine, hope I didn’t take away your spot light here :) Love your blog!!!

        • NO, NOT AT ALL! I always have to make sure I bring home the point that I’m really *not* a skincare expert – I don’t have the training, the body of knowledge, etc. that true skin experts, like yourself, have. I can always offer advice based on what I do know and have garnered from actual experts, but PLEASE, chime in any time :)

        • Roxanne

          Kristina, thanks for your advice :) Quick question: how can you tell the beads are synthetic and round?

          • Kristina

            Hey, Roxanne! You can usually tell if the beads are synthetic by either reading the ingredients (so anything “natural” as the main exfoliating agent is a red flag, like apricot seed, sugar and salt (ok-ish for the body, but still too rough on the face). But the main way is to actually rub the scrub between your fingers and look at it very closely: do the beads look like perfectly round balls? If yes, you’re good to go. Some exfoliators use extra-fine crystals, however (trying to mimic microdermabrasion crystals), then your best bet is to ask whoever is selling you the product (aesthetician, sales person), whether the crystals are synthetic and round and hope that they know (which they really should!). Most the time the crystals are ok, unless it’s a “trying to go all natural” brand. Hope this helps!

            • KT

              I also have a question for you, Kristina. I wash my face using a piece of linen as a washcloth daily. Is that too much exfoliation? I feel like I need to use a washcloth, or else my super-waterproof sunscreen and makeup won’t wash off.

            • Roxanne

              Wow, thank you for your elaborate answer :) I’ll be sure to check next time I buy a scrub.

            • Jessica

              Oh noooo i use the St.Ives Apricot Scrub and im only 15! I use it 3 times a week but i never knew it scratched the face!!

        • Nicole

          Kristina, when I went to school our teacher stressed not to use the apricot scrubs as well, the scrubs are to hard and big on the skin and can scatch ur skin with out you even knowing it

    • Crissy

      You can even make your own exfoliators if you want, my favorite is mixing EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) with sugar! It makes my skin suuuuper soft and it literally glows the next day! Be careful though because some people break out after using EVOO on their skin :S

      • I mix sugar with my foaming Cleanser for my own exfoliator.!

      • audrey

        Actually it’s impossible for the EVOO to clog your pores! The molecule of the oil is too large to fit into your pores…..so you should be good to go! 1 thing I learned from a dermatologist is to make a homeade scrub my mixing lemon juice and sugar…..It like literally makes your skin baby butt smooth!

        • Ashley

          That’s not at all true. Just because it’s not a highly comedogenic ingredient, doesn’t mean it’s universally non-comedogenic. I break out from EVOO, regular olive oil, squalane.. Basically anything olive-related. Take mineral oil for example. Rates a 0 on the comedogenic scale, yet people do break out from it.

    • kfm

      You might also want to try using a light cream with AHA (glycolic acid is best). AHAs exfoliate the skin, but only remove dead cells, so you don’t risk stripping away healthy skin like with a mechanical exfoliant. You want something with a concentration of 4% or greater (not everyone puts this information on their packaging, but most big derm brands meet this criteria). The oilier your skin is, the higher a concentration you can take, up to 10%.

  10. Pam

    i love Mac Venetian lustre glass. however, i find the staying power is not so great. Is there any MAC lipstick that you can recommend which you feel is similar to Venetian?

    Thanks for your help!

  11. Hannah

    Hi Christine! I am new to your blog and absolutely love it! I hope that you have not already addressed this question and if you have I’m so sorry. I have bad under eye circles and I was wondering if there is one from mac that you would recommend. The problem that I have had in the past is that concealers crease and make my fine lines look HUGE even thought I am under 25! I don’t know if that has anything to do with the fact that I kind of have dry under eyes. Thank you so much!!!

    P.S. I have not tried any mac concealers and I am pale if that helps. Also, if you feel that there is a better concealer that is more money then mac could you tell me that one too. Thanks again!

    • Hi Hannah,

      What concealer have you been using in the past?

      One thing I would do is apply a primer – like MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler first, then apply foundation (assuming you wear it, otherwise skip this step), apply the concealer (I like using a sponge or a fluffy brush like the 217), and then set with loose, translucent powder.

      • Hannah

        I have just been using one from Maybelline (I was not quite ready to spend the big bucks but I am now) that everyone on YouTube loves but I hate it! I always do apply a primer, so I don’t know what the problem is. Thanks for writing out some steps for me. Also, is there a specific concealer that you would recommend?

  12. Krista

    Im looking for a freah look for the summer, I want to look tan (i am fair) but without looking like i packed on the bronzer. Help!

    • Hey Krista,

      Try a peachy blush (like MAC Peaches) or a very light bronzer — I love a lot of the really high-end bronzers by Chanel, Dior, and Guerlain for a more traditional bronzing powder. I also like peachier blushes for a very soft glowy look, and on your fairer skin, it’ll give you a little more of the bronze look. I also like MAC Margin blush, because it’s not bronze, but it has that just-back-from-the-beach look, too.

  13. coco72

    Hi Cristine! Can you make a video tutorial for a cat-eye look?
    Another question, I´m a NW25 foundation tone, but Nars Orgasm don´t see on my cheeks -and I don´t know why- so I swapped it away. Now I´m in love of Benefit´s Sugarbomb, but i´m afraid if I´d have the same trouble as Orgasm. I have seen it at your cheeks and it looks gorgeous, ¿what can I do? Buy it?

    Thank you and kisses from Canary Islands, Spain

    • Hi Coco,

      1.) I will try! :)
      2.) Have you tried NARS Deep Throat or Sin? Both are similar to Orgasm but they’re a bit darker, so they might show up better on your cheeks. Sugarbomb is a bit lighter than Orgasm, so if you’re having trouble getting Orgasm to show up, I’d say to pass!

      • Ally_D

        Sin is GORGEOUS! Like all Nars blushes it’s very pigmented so you need a light hand but it’s easy to build up if you want. Amazingly I have very fair, NW15 skin but it looks so much better on my than Orgasm which is too coral

      • I agree with Christine try Deep Throat and Sin instead. Those are my two faves from Nars and I’m also NW25. Orgasm did nothing for me.

      • Nicole

        I do agree that the Sugarbomb is very light,I’m a NW20 from Mac an it didn’t show up much on my skin tone(which undertones are red)

  14. Natasha

    Hi Christine!
    I was so excited when I saw this. (:

    Well, let me just start off by telling you a little about my skin and coloring.
    I have medium-tan skins, probably between NC 30 or sometimes NC 35 (but my concealer colour is NW 25) and my skin is quite sensitive. I have combination dry skin (oilier on the t-zone) but the dryness isn’t such a problem because I apply moisturizer twice daily.

    I am 15 and I was wondering what would be a really nice neutral eye look that I can maybe wear to school. I was thinking of making my own quad. in MAC, but I’m quite unsure of what colours would be nice for me (lid, crease, outer corner and a good inner corner colour to open up my eye). Another thing is, what foundation do you think would suit my skin and I don’t really have that much blemishes except for some acne marks on my cheek (I want something light that would look natural). Can you please suggest some high-end ones because I don’t get many drug store products where I live, so high-end ones are more easier to find.

    Thank you! (Sorry if it’s kinda long!)

    Natasha (:

    • Hi Natasha,

      I like this neutral quad for your skin tone: Shroom (highlighter and lightest shade), Soft Brown (medium brown with a more matte look), Bronze (warmer, deeper bronze), and Gleam (peachy).

      I would go for tinted moisturizer — it’s the best way to get a nice, light and natural look. I like Kiehl’s and Korres, but I hear good things about Laura Mercier’s, as well.

      Thank you!

  15. I have NW25 skin, and I’d like a bronzer that doesn’t make me look orange. I’ve already tried Cargo blu_ray and MAC Solar Riche(it worked the best, but under bright lights it eithers doesn’t show or is too orange), so maybe you could recommend a drugstore one? Also, how and where should I apply it? I usually use one sweep to contour my cheeks, then a light sweep and apply it on my forehead, nose, and chin. Thanks!

    • Have you tried Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer?

      Do it in the shape of a “3” — around the temple/side of your head – like partially on your forehead, then a C shape so it goes to the top of your cheek and then another C that follows along your jaw line.

  16. Hannah

    Sorry I have one more question… Is there a tinted moisturizer that you would suggest for me? I have combination oily skin and like I said before I am very pale. I have been thinking about getting the Benefit You Rebel light or maybe one from Clinique or maybe the Urban Decay one that you just reviewed. Do you think that I should get one of the three or a different one? Thanks SOOO much!!

    • You might like Korres Tinted Moisturizer, but I’d only grab it if you can try it in-store – they only have three shades, and I know the lightest doesn’t suit super pale people (a little on the darker side), but I do know some pale ladies wear it–just not the ultra pale.

    • Emily

      I have really pale skin too, Laura Mercier’s oil free tinted moisturizer works well for me.

      • Amber

        Me too! I am very fair – no match in MAC, but Laura Mercier TM is great for me. Benefit, UD and Clinique really do not cater to the fairest of us.

    • Charlotte

      I really like You Rebel Lite but it’s very yellow, so if you’re more pink-based it won’t work for you at all.

      • Hannah M

        Hi I use You Rebel Lite in the summer, try setting it with either georgia or dandelion powder (both from benefit)depending on your skin tone to correct it

  17. Amy

    I have extremely oily lids. I’m NW15-20. Any suggestions for creating a good base for eyeshadow? I don’t mind using multiple products. I have already tried UDPP, and painterly paint pot. Also, for blue eyes, what MAC shadows would you recommend for a neutral look? You are awesome, and thank you for your wonderful website!

    • Try powdering your lid with loose, translucent powder and then applying a thin layer of UDPP and a thin layer of PP (and then also try PP first, UDPP second).

      I like Cork, Dazzlelight, Espresso, Omega for cooler, fairer skin! :) Soft Brown and Woodwinked are also nice!

      Thank you, Amy!

    • Ally_D

      Hi Amy, I too have very oily lids and I’ve found a combination that works for me.

      First I blot my lid with half a blotting sheet (makes them go further!) and then I apply a thin layer of UDPP. Be sure to keep your eyes closed until it dries or otherwise it will crease. I then add a thin layer of PP before applying my eyeshadow. If I’m going for a neutral look and I don’t apply anything over my Painterly PP I just put a light dusting of translucent powder to remove the tackiness of the PP.

      I hope this helps you, in addition to Christin’s suggestions :-)

      • If you don’t like the tackiness of Paint Pots, the MAC Paints might be your thing! They are a cream to powder finish – might hold up better on oiler lids.

    • Nicole

      I have blue eyes as well and I find that these colors work best to pop my eyes, Color forcast quad #4, mythology, twinks, antuqued, mulch, sraw harvest if you can still get, nanogold if you can still get and rice paper

  18. Carly

    What’s your favorite tinted moisturizer that has decent coverage? I tried the Benefit one, but it broke me out! I was not a fan of the Laura Mercier one either– it just seemed to be too much like a foundation for me. I’ve heard good things about Khiels’s and Korres– what are your thoughts? Also, how do you recommend applying Benefit’s Sugarbomb– its a beautiful color, but I feel like it get look a little dirty sometimes, or sometimes look like nothing on my skin!


    • Kiehl’s and Korres are my favorites. I like both for their consistency, texture, and wear. They’re both sheer coverage, but I do feel like Korres covers a lil’ more.

      I use the 116 brush and tap it about four times–one tap per corner!

    • krystin

      MACs studio moisture tint is my new fav. but i dont think it should even be considered a tinted moisturizer cuz it gives me almost full coverage once i set it with powder.

  19. Andrea

    Hey Christine!!! I’m just wondering if you know of a good dupe for Guerlain’s Charnel eyeshadow! A friend loves mine but is unwilling to shell out for it :)

  20. Cynthia

    I’ve been wondering if MAC Golden Olive pigment is a good dupe for Lucky Green? I’ve been lemming for Lucky Green but am waiting for the F&F Sale to stock up on all the standard MAC shadows.

    Also, what do u recommend to help cover up those hyperpigmentation scars from acne? i have some on my cheek that no matter what i use, always show. I’ve used Physician’s Formula Rx in green to try to help cover along w/ my MAC studio finish concealer, but it doesn’t quite do the job. Any brand rec’s?? oh, and i use BE for my foundation. i don’t like liquid.

    one more :) do you recommend the Honey tinted moisturizer from Korres (Watermelon) for NC35 skintone? i’m thinking of trying out tinted moisturizer for the first time after u reviewed it. would it work w/ my BE over it or better alone?

    Thanx so much!

    • Hi Cynthia,

      1.) Golden Olive is a bit darker and more olive than grassy green, IMO!
      2.) If they’re not red, you don’t really need a green concealer. Have you tried perhaps a creamier, thicker concealer like theBalm’s Time balm?
      3.) I think Honey would work for you :) You could wear BE on top as a light coverage and to set it.

  21. raquel

    Yay! Temptalia to the rescue!! Hi Christine, I hope all is super well with you! 😀 I have a question regarding Chanel’s nail polish in the color Particuliere (505). I have been trying to find a really good dupe for it (like you did w/ nouvelle vague) but haven’t been very successful… What do you think would be the closest shade to dupe it?? You Don’t Know Jackes (opi) seems to be way too dark, Metro Chick (opi for sephora) way too purple, Mink Cuffs (essie) way too chocolate. Please help!!!

  22. Are there different techniques to put on mascara?
    Also, what is the best midnight blue eyeliner? (preferably gel but I’ll take all options!)

    • I imagine there are! You can wiggle the brush, just run it through, apply using a fan brush (like MAC’s 205), just do the tips, go horizontally…

      I like MAC’s Waveline or Bobbi Brown’s Cobalt Ink / Indigo Ink.

  23. Tanja

    Yeah, another ask temptalia session :)

    One (probably stupid) question:
    Is it possible that I need cool shades on my lips an warm colors on my eyes?
    I really can´t decide whether I´m a cool or warm color girl?!?!
    I asked a mac mua and she said I should just wear the colors I like and that there are no right or wrong colors.
    When it comes to lipsticks, I love pink colors. Any red with yellow in it looks really bad on me.
    For eyeshadows I like warm colors more, for example brown colors, blue colors don´t suit me I think.
    I have green-blue eyes.
    I don´t have any mac foundation (yet), but mua used NC 25 on me.
    The same mua used a NW 25 concealer on me. Why is that, that they use C and W on me?
    Thanks for your help!!! I hope I don´t sound too confused 😉

    • Hi Tanja,

      1.) You can certainly do that, but it’s not necessarily a rule!
      2.) Are your veins green or blue? Green = warm, blue = cool; if you can’t tell, you’re more neutral!
      3.) It sounds like you could be neutral, to be honest!

      Sometimes people use the opposite for concealer — so if you’re cool toned, you might use a warmer concealer and vice versa!

      • Tanja

        My veins look blue to me.
        If I were neutral, wouldn´t that mean that I could wear all colors in eyeshadows and lipsticks?
        Sorry, I´m realy a bit confused with this warm-cool-stuff…

        For the concealer: thanks, that makes sense!

  24. Kit

    oooh gosh I have so many…

    I love the Chanel Rouge Allures but I’d love a new colour suggestion. I’m nc15, hazel eyes and light brown hair. I really like incognito but am hankering after a face-lifting summer shade (and I have a nice coral one already)

    Do you have a good suggestion of a wear alone eyeshadow shade for lazy days?

    Any tips for covering little thread veins on young skin?

    Thanks so much!

  25. monica

    Could you recommend a good universal e/s highlight shade? I’ve tried MAC’s Brule but I personally find it to be a little flat/chalky. It’s not that I’m looking for sparkle, I just like a little bit of frost/sheen. I’m around an NC 42 for reference.

  26. Jenni

    1. What are your top 3 picks for nail polish brand in any price range (in terms of application, lastability — is this a word? lol, etc)?

    What’s your favorite brand to use out of those three?

    2. How do you apply your Laura Mercier Loose Powder? Do you get some on the cap first? I’m having trouble using it! Usually more powder ends up on the counter than on my face… I normally shake the container (with the cap on) to get some on the product on the cap, and dap my brush into it, then tap of the excess. Any tips?


    • Hi Jenni,

      1.) I like China Glaze, Zoya, and OPI. To be honest, I don’t have too much trouble with my nail polish lasting on me, but those are the brands that I like the most – nice colors, application, etc.

      2.) I shake it upwards once with the cap closed, then I tap the lid a few times before opening, open the lid, and then tap my brush into it.

  27. LuvJ

    Hi Christine.. can you please recommend foundations that photograph well especially with flash photography? And is it better to set them with translucent or tinted powder? I know some powders can leave a white cast. Thanks :)

    • Make Up For Ever HD is the best I’ve come across for photographing. I always use Laura Mercier’s powder in my photos (which I take with flash) and don’t think it leaves a white cast on my skin. I would say if it’s a special occasion that I’d just opt for colored setting powder just in case :)

    • LuvJ

      I have combination skin by the way..

  28. donna

    hey Christine!! I’m an nc40 and I was thinking of buying a highlighter.. I was thinking of getting either guerlain meteorites in beige or Dior amber diamond skin shimmer.. which one do u recommend? also, do u know when will be mac is going to have a sale again? thank u..

  29. daphne

    This is just idle wondering. I know you tried MAC’s Fast Response Eye Cream a while back. Did it freak your eyes out like most eye creams do? (It’s my staple, so I’m not looking for a recommendation one way or the other. Just curious to know how you feel about a favorite product of mine!)

  30. Jen

    Hi Christine, I’m a NC 20 with yellow undertone, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Any recs for highlighters and nude lipsticks that won’t wash me out? Thanks!: )

    • Hey Jen,

      1.) For highlighters, do you mean cheek or eye? For cheek/face, MAC Soft & Gentle is a nice, subtle highlighter. For eye, I like Ricepaper, Shroom, and Nylon.
      2.) For nude lipsticks, I like Freckletone and Honeylove.

    • I’m NC20 as well with the same eyes/hair and just bought Creme de Nude… on it’s own, it’s just a little bit corpsey but I put a clear gloss over top and it’s very pretty.
      Just thought I’d add that :)

  31. Peggy

    Hi, Do you know if Sephora is going to have a family & friends sale anytime this spring? because if i’m not wrong, don’t they have it twice a year, in the winter around decemeber and in the spring around april? Thanks.

    • They basically just had it – they had 15% off for VIBs first and then all BIs later. It’s not the same as the sale in November (which is 20%), but it was pretty close.

  32. Hey Christine! I was wondering, I am using MAC Prep + Prime SPF50 under my makeup everyday, and I like it very much. Will the SPF be enough to wear during the summer on sunny days? Or will I need to use an extra sunblock underneath?

  33. Loolees

    Christine, how do you feel about MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip? Does it really make a difference?

    Oh, and have you tried a balm called The Lip Slip, from Sara Happ? It’s heavenly! I’ve tried so many other brands, but this one really stands out! Too bad it’s not sold here in Brazil… :-(

    • 1.) I haven’t tried it… I just use foundation or concealer, LOL. I should try it, though…

      2.) I haven’t tried The Lip Slip, but I have been eying it!

    • Loolees,
      I use MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip and I love it! It stops my red lipstick from feathering into the fine lines outside of my lip, so it does make a difference there for me.
      The MA gave me a tip — when you first apply it, it feels kind of like chapstick. Let it set for a few minutes so that it feels stickier on your tips. Then apply your lipliner/lipstick.

  34. ilona

    Hi Christine!
    I have a few q’s!
    – I’m currently using a brow shader by mac, it’s been discontinued (it looks like a matchbox) in the shade walnut/ivore. I’m looking for a mac shadow that’s like it once i finish the powder. I’m NW20, dark brown hair and and my brows are pretty sparse so i’m afraid to go to espresso since it may look too fake for every day use. Any recommendations?
    -Is mac’s refined golden bronzer similar to nars laguna? I’ve tried the regular golden bronzer by mac and it barely shows up on my skin so I’m wondering if the next shade up is comparable to Nars, which works well on me.
    -Are you going to be able to review the new pret-a-papier collection before thursday?

    Thanks as always!!

    • Hi Ilona,

      1.) Have you considered using something more like Wedge, Cork, or Omega? Those are still dark enough but lighter than Espresso.
      2.) I don’t think it’s nearly as dark as Laguna, TBH!
      3.) I am hoping my order will arrive tomorrow since I paid for overnight shipping… but tomorrow afternoon would be the earliest.

  35. Kim

    Hi Christine!
    I have tan skin and blonde hair (Colouring similar to Lauren Conrad) and was wondering if you have any recommendations for MAC lipsticks/lipglosses for me? I looking for a nice peachy coloured lip and/or a baby pink. Thank you so much! :)

    • Hi Kim,

      Try Freckletone lipstick for a peachy shade and Creme Cup lipstick for a pink lipstick. Gloss wise, I think you’d like Nymphette over both!

  36. Katie

    Oooh question!

    I have super fair skin…Not sure what MAC tone, but Bobbi Brown’s Alabaster/Porcelain (the names alone should give you a pretty good feel) with pinkish undertones. I love wearing peachy or orange lipstick, but struggle finding a good blush/bronze situation to go with it. Too much makes me look really strange (Oompa Loompa, I’d venture) but nothing at all or anything too pink washes me out.

    Any thoughts??

    • What bronzers have you tried?

      Have you considered something like MAC Margin? I like it a lot on warmer skin, but it’s a nice way to give a more bronzy look on cooler skin, too. I’d also recommend a peachy blush like Peaches or a muted shade like Tenderling.

  37. Maria F

    Hi Christine,
    I am having a hard time finding good and gentle under eye concealer that actually works. I feel like I’ve tried a ton and they either don’t work all that well or they’re damaging to the delicate under eye area. I have very fair skin and usually use either the lightest or 2nd lightest color. I start out putting the new clinique roller ball eye de puffer or the khiel’s eye de puffer stick. I have tried armani concealer (with the orange base first, concealer 2nd), clinique, makeup forever, just got lancome’s EFFACERNES – Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer to try, i always put ysl touche eclat to highlight over the concealer. I end up trying like 5 on at a time and it looks heavy and doesn’t work that well. Is there something that will actually hide dark under eye circles but not be too heavy or damaging? Maybe re-applying during the dya more than once or there is a specific technique or order to application?


    • Maria F

      I just read Hannah’s comment above after posting mine, i did not write that under a different name!! I have the same issue with fine lines becoming very visible and dryness! I heard in the past that wearing foundating in the under eye area is bad because it’s too heavy. Is that also bad to put on a de-puffer and then a cream?

    • Hi Maria!

      I like thinner concealers that can be built up like MAC Moisturecover! I also like theBalm’s TimeBalm right now (testing it!) for more opaque coverage.

      When you say damaging the under eye area, what do you feel it’s doing?

      What do you use to apply your concealer?

      • Maria F

        I use my the tip of my ring finger and i don’t rub around but just blott carefully. By damage I mean irritate the area and stretch and wrinkle prematurely!

      • Whitney

        I love theBalm anything! Have not tried the concealer, am looking forward to a review? :) They really fly under the radar but are a great brand, don’t you think?

  38. Jen

    Have you ever rediscovered something in your makeup stash only to wonder how you ever lived without it? I totally tossed aside my Bal de Nuit quad when I first got it, but now I wear it almost every day!!

    • Hi Jen,

      I used to, but these days I spend more time reviewing new products (either new-to-me or new, period) that I don’t look at old, LE stuff (which is what I mostly have) since I can’t wear/use it on the blog really!

  39. Shanzelizey

    Hi again Christine! You’re a great help!

    Alright, so I’ll be looking out for some exfoliators when I hit the drugstore! However, I don’t want any of the ones with those scrubs in them that feel really hard and grainy on your skin. Anything gentle and affordable for my skin? Also, can you suggest a nice affordable drugstore mask?

    • For a drugstore exfoliator, you could try Olay’s Detoxifying Pore Scrub! You could also look for an exfoliator with AHA/BHAs which works without scrubbing particles!

      For a drugstore mask, you could try Queen Helene masks!

  40. Laura W

    I am just getting into make-up and I am wondering about mascara. Basically, I have pale skin and my lashes are pretty long and thick as it is. (And, I just want to say that having thick dark hair basically every place hair grows has been more of a curse than a blessing, so I’m not trying to brag or anything!) So, I have never really used mascara, because I feel like it ends up being too much. However, I was recently playing around with a sample that I got (Anastasia, but I don’t remember anything else about it) and realized that if I put a very thin coat it looks good– the ends of my lashes are lighter in color, so it makes them visible and it definitely makes my eyes look bigger, which is a plus. The problem is that I don’t really want extra volume or length, just a little bit of color. Is there a mascara you’d recommend for that? Can I get away with a drugstore/inexpensive brand since I don’t need it to do a whole lot for me?

    • Maybelline Great Lash! I’d also say opt for black-brown mascara, so your lashes don’t look as dramatic, too.

      • Laura W

        Thank you! There are so many mascaras so having one to try first helps a lot!

        One more question, if you don’t mind: skin tone. I am terrible with colors, knowing whether things go together, etc. I am very pale and definitely have redness in my face (I use green primer to tone it down), so that would mean cool undertones, right? My veins are kind of blue-ish green, I guess more blue than green but it is hard to tell. But, I think I look better in gold than silver jewelry, and my eyes are brown with gold flecks. For eye shadows I tend to gravitate towards warm colors– bronze, gold, etc– and I think cool colors like greys and blues don’t really look good. But, for lipstick, I have one that looks nice in the tube but on my lips it kind of turns orangey and looks terrible. The lipstick I look best in is blue-based. So, I am just really confused, obviously! Does the redness in my face override everything else? Should I stop wearing warmer eyeshadow colors because they don’t look as good as I think? Is it possible that my eye color points in one direction and my skin undertones in another?! Do I just need professional help?

        Thank you for the blog, by the way. Whenever I get interested in a product I always come here first to see if you reviewed it. And your eye looks have definitely inspired me to try to use colors (although I am really into neutral right now!).

        • Hi Laura,

          Yes, it sounds like you are cooler than warmer :) You may be more neutral-cool, but probably a bit cool. But no, I wouldn’t stop wearing warmer eyeshadows! You can wear both warm and cool eyeshadows — it’s about a balance and really just depends on what YOU like!!

          Thank you so much!

      • Charlotte

        Second this. I am the same (dark hair, long thick lashes) and l-o-v-e Maybelline Great Lash because it’s not too clumpy and really reasonably priced. It’s quite a wet formula too, which is really nice as you actually get to finish a tube without it drying up!

  41. bubbles

    lalala ~~ thanks Christine for doing this again
    I have 3 questions 😀 I am in NC25.
    1. I’m thinking of trying NARS blush in Mounia, do you think it’ll be too pigmented (even with light handed) for my skintone ?
    2. can you recommend shades in MAC concealer for dark circle and blemishes for my skintone ?
    3. can you recommend a good face primer to minimize pores ?

    thanks again Christine 😀 you are the best ! <3

  42. Jackie

    Hi Christine! I’m looking for a peachy gloss with no crazy glitter or shimmer in it… preferably under $25. Also, I’m looking for a nice peachy pink drugstore lipstick… (I have fairly light asian skin).

    • Try Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur in #8 (more peach) or #10 (peachy pink).

    • Vern

      For the drugstore brand… maybe try revlon colorburst in peach or the other lighter pinks… it wears for a long time and slightly creamy…plus they also have a $3.00 off coupon on the website good especially if you’re trying it for the first time.

    • lulee

      omg sorry to butt in here but revlon has a lipstick in their colorburst collection called peach. it’s really awesome and i was realllly pleased with this lipstick (not drying, pigmented, decent wear time)

  43. Crissy

    Hi Christine! A few question for you..

    1. MAC lipstick recs for NC30?
    2. What are your thoughts on the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer? Or would you recommend the Kiehls tinted moisturizer instead?
    3. What are your favorite translucent powders?
    4. If you could choose one item from Nars, what would it be? I’m going to a Nars event/show in a couple of weeks and I’m not too sure what to pick up 😛

    Thanks a million! Ask temptalia sessions are my favorite, I always keep my eye out for those:)

  44. Amanda

    Hi Christine,
    I was wondering what you thought of Tarte’s 4 in 1 Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara? Also, what is a good type of brush (maybe a specific brand, could be mac or another kind?) to use with Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish Setting Powder..I recently got it and have been trying to use a powder brush, but it doesn’t really fit in the container well.
    Thanks so much and LOVEEEEE your blog.I found it a few months ago and have been hooked..it’s definitely encouraged my newfound makeup addiction (in a good way!)

    • Amanda

      oops, i meant Lights, Camera, LASHES mascara!

    • Hey Amanda,

      I don’t think I ever did a full test of Tarte. I should, and I’ll try to get that for you soon!

      I like using MAC’s 134 brush, which doesn’t exactly fit, but I find it’s so soft and fluffy and really lays the powder on perfectly.

      Thank you!

  45. Aoife

    1: I have pale Irish skin! What is the best light bronzer that has not orange undertones? I don’t want to look like I’ve been tangoed! I like using Benefit 10 as a bronzer and highlight. I am yet to try Hoola as it looks like it could be a bit dark. What would you recommend?

    2: I also love Benefit Big Beautiful eyes palette – the neutral colour in this is perfect on me but have seriously hit the pan on that colour but not on the others. Is there a MAC dupe I could pick up?

    3: What is a good MAC lip colour that is neutral without being nude.

    4: What is the best powder highlight that is not too sparkly – more of a shimmer?

    Thanks so much! This blog is amazing! You’re great!

    • Hi Aoife,

      1.) For mid to high end, I like Smashbox Bronze Lights, for higher-end, I like Chanel, Dior, and Guerlain.
      2.) I don’t own that palette and never did, so I don’t know what it looks like :(
      3.) Hmm, what about Shy Girl or Creme Cup?
      4.) I like Dior’s SkinShimmers–very fine and subtle!


  46. Eli

    Hello, Christine!
    Lately I’ve been noticed that my eyeliner brush’s bristles are so stiff and dry while using MAC fluidline. I think it’s drying and I don´t know what to do. I bought it a few months ago, only. Could you help me, please? Do you know any trick? Thank you very much!!

  47. *neena*

    Hi Christine!

    Thanks you so much for doing this. I always find this very helpful!

    I have a quite a few questions this time:

    1) Have you tried the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers? If so I was wondering what you think. I am currently using the Korres Tinted moisturizer but I find that it doesn’t match my skintone well. For reference I am a NC42.

    2) Also wondering if you have tried any of the Bobbi Brown products like their tinted moisturizer of gel liner and what you think.

    3) Would you be able to recommend a lip liner to use with MAC Viva Glam I? Maybe something that will tone it down a bit so it’s not too bright?

    4)I like to use bright eyeshadow looks to match my outfits, especially for special events like weddings. I was wondering if you could recommend lip colors to go with the look. For example if I am wearing all blue colors, all purples, pinks.

    Thanks Again!

  48. monika

    Hey Christine!
    I heard good reviews on Khiels product.I am looking for good moisturizer for aging skin.Is it worth to spend money on their products or maybe Olay or Clinique is better?

    • I love Kiehl’s! I’ve always had good luck with their products :) If you want anti-aging, I’d say Olay, though if you don’t want to spend big bucks!

  49. Sarah

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering what is the best order to apply your primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc. Also, do you think that a separate sunscreen is better than one built-in to your foundation/moisturizer?

    Oh and one more! :)

    I’ve been looking for a very peachy-coral blush (I’m about an NC44), and can’t find one anywhere..I liked ripe peach, but it was sold out at my MAC the minute it came out. I really like NARS blushes, but I’m open to anything!


    • Hi Sarah,

      Sunscreen, moisturizer, primer from what I’ve read.

      It’s better to have a separate sunscreen OR one built-in to your moisturizer. It’s better to have one that is broad spectrum (UVA and UVB), but I’m not aware of any benefits of having a separate sunscreen lotion vs. moisturizer with it in it–other than perhaps a higher SPF or concentration of ingredients.

      Hmm, have you tried Mounia blush by NARS?

  50. AshSmash

    Wanna come to a NASCAR race next time were in Cali? I’ll get ya passes! Haha

  51. AnaA

    Hi Christine! Thanks for everything you do around here :)

    I’d like to know if there is any concealer that can cover up tattoos.

    And could you please review/tell me what you think about Shu Uemura Lash Repair? Is there anything else that’s better, does it work…


  52. Connie

    Hi Christine,
    Do you use any self tanners and if you do, what are your favorites?

    • I don’t usually, because I tan REALLY easily (even if I wear sunscreen), but I like Clarins, Dior DiorBronze, & St. Tropez — they all get my vote!

  53. Ally_D

    Christine, what is the most bizarre or extreme thing you’ve done in the name of beauty?

    I saw on your Twitter that you got up at 5am to order Pret a Papier before the east coast overnight delivery cut off – that, to me, is extreme but mostly because I hate early mornings (even for MAC collections)

    • Hey Ally D!

      Probably put my skin through some pretty bizarre trials and tests, I’d say, LOL. I don’t think of it as extreme, since I see it as what I need to do to help others. I remember I got up way early and stood in line at South Coast Plaza for MAC Barbie dolls… so that might be the most extreme thing from my perspective :)

      I am a morning person — I normally get up between 6 and 7! SO, it’s not too bad for me!

  54. becca

    whats the best oil control/mattifier/primer you have ever used?my tzone gets oily very quickly murad didnt work for me and i struggle with this everyday i like dewy looking skin but my tzone can go from dewy looking to greasy looking very quickly

  55. monika

    When I use an undereye concealer,my wrinkles appear bigger.Why is that and what should I do?Stop using a concealer?

    • Use a line-filling primer or primer underneath plus a setting powder on top so the concealer doesn’t settle into the wrinkles. Your concealer could also be too light!

  56. Lisa

    Hi Christine!

    I was wondering what do you recommend for eye creams, pore reducing, and anti-aging serums? Wallet friendly please :)

    Also, I was wondering if you have any tips to prevent mascara from smudging? I have asian (one mono and one double) eyelids. I am currently using waterproof mascara, but it still smudges no matter what I try.


    • Hi Lisa,

      I don’t really use eye creams, so I don’t have any recommendations on that front! For pore reducing, I go for regular exfoliation – I also like MAC Refined Zone as a primer. For a wallet-friendly anti-aging regimen, try Olay Regenerist :)

      Hmm, you may want to try a lash primer OR try to keep your eyes open so it can fully dry. You may even want to hold your finger under your lashes and blink once or twice, which will help remove some excess mascara.

    • Look down and Use a blow dryer on a low setting over your eyes. Your mascara will dry faster: :)

  57. Whitney

    I’m 35, wear NW20 until summer when I switch to NW25 and add bronzer. Dark Brown eyes. Mature and DRY skin. Lots of MAC, but open minded to all brands/price levels
    1. Whats a good summer moisturizer that is light but effective, as I live in a humid climate.
    2. I have mature, dry skin and want a fabulous eye cream to combat the wrinkles I have and the wrinkles I will have. Thoughts?
    3. Whats a good summer foundation with medium coverage that is light and won’t melt.
    4. Any brand, best moisturizing concealer??
    5. Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows? fan or not?
    6. Which 6 MAC pigments are your MUST have? I’ve become a collector. UGH
    7. I’ve asked questions and commented before and not heard back from you, like ever. I imagine you are super busy with school but am I doing it wrong?

    • Hey Whitney,

      1.) I think you might like Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration or Clinique Superdefense SPF 25.
      2.) I don’t really use eye creams, but if I were to, I’d probably start with Olay for a budget brand or Lancome for a more high-end brand. L’Oreal (which owns Lancome) is such a huge conglomerate, they’re able to invest millions of dollars into research & development, and of course, the best starts at their higher end brands (like Lancome) which then filters down to their drugstore and namesake line, L’Oreal.
      3.) I like MUFE HD or MAC Studio Fix Fluid.
      4.) I like MAC Moisturecover — very moisturizing for me.
      5.) I like them! Very pigmented. If you like bright colors, go for it. If you want softer shades, not so much.
      6.) Here are my 8 must-haves – http://www.temptalia.com/8-must-have-mac-pigments
      7.) Hmm, are you subscribed to comments? I answer all of the ones I receive. There are also a few questions that take me longer to get to, but they should all get answered! Are you going through the different pages of comments?

  58. Lou

    Hi Christine,

    Can you please recommend me some concealer for acne and redness? I have tried the MAC studio sculpt, but I would like to try other products. (I am a MAC NC20, Asian yellow based skin)

    • I hate Studio Sculpt, LOL! It’s SO STIFF!

      Anyway, I like Moisturecover. I find it’s really hydrating, which is good for acne patches that are often dried out from the acne meds!

    • Melissa

      Try the Conceal FX (Cover fx concealer in a tube) very natural looking, IMO. Excellent, full coverage.

  59. Melanie T

    Christine! What’s your favourite coral peach lipstick / lipgloss and why? And which MSF’s better? MAC’s MSF Perfect Topping or Refined? Thanks!

    • Melanie T

      Sorry! Another quick one! NARS Sheer Glow Foundation or Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation? I’m a fairly fair Chinese with dry skin. Also, just curious. Hehe your favourite Summer/Spring Scent and Autumn/Winter Scent! Thanks!

      • I haven’t tried either, BUT knowing that shu does Asian undertones better, I’d go shu.

        I love Vera Wang Look and Burberry Beat in the spring/summer and Dior Addict in the winter.

    • Hi Melanie,

      Guerlain Gems Rouge G, which is/was limited — gorgeousss! But I guess that’s more coral than coral peach. For a coral peach, I do like Chanel’s new Genial quite a bit! For lipgloss, I like Apricot Creme by Le Metier de Beaute. They all just look stunning on — pigmented, smooth, lovely!

      Both are nice, but for warmer skin tones, Refined gives more of a glow while cooler skin tones will like Perfect Topping.

  60. Wilcoa

    I love love love MAC’s Pink Maribu lipstick, but am almost out of the tube… do you have any recs for a similar lippie, MAC or other?

    Thanks so much!

  61. Lauren

    I have fair skin with pink undertones. I don’t have my MAC match, but Nars Mont Blanc (Light 2) is a perfect match for my skin. I am willing to spend on something that’s been proven to be highly effective and worth the cost. I also have combo skin. Oily Tzone and chin, dry elsewhere.

    My problem is that I have very fine lines under my eyes even thought I’m only 25. I have been using contacts for years. All my concealers just sink right into the lines and disappear over the course of the day. I even think my eye skin is a bit dry under there as well over the course of the day.

    So to my point: is there a good under eye concealer that will cover slight bags and fine lines AND last all day?

    • Hi Lauren,

      Have you tried using a line filler and/or primer on the under eye area, concealer, and then loose powder to set? I like theBalm’s TimeBalm, Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, and MAC Moisturecover — TimeBalm seems to be the most opaque.

  62. Chi

    My questions are:
    1. Im mac NC50, and I have been looking for a sunblock that wont show up greasy or pasty on my face. Also how do you re-apply sunblock with foundation on ur face.
    2.I have had a huge patchy discoloration on my face, and I have searched high and low for the perfect concealer..or something to take the patch away. Its on my cheek. Great, big and hulking.
    3. How do u avoid having the lines of ur foundation show around the edges of ur face?
    4.Are smoothies really good for glowing skin?(Like drinking them)
    5.Whats the best eye cream you tried.

    • Hi Chi,

      1.) If you can handle them, chemical sunscreens may be a better go for you. I reapply by putting powder with SPF in it or using an SPF spray over. It’s not ideal but it works if you have to be outdoors all day and need to wear full makeup.
      2.) Have you tried Dermablend or Cover FX? They make some great, more opaque concealers designed to cover up larger areas like discoloration and scars.
      3.) Set with powder! It helps keep your foundation from moving/creasing. A good primer may also help :)
      4.) I can imagine that those that aren’t loaded with artificial sugar (but more naturally derived sugars) can help skin, because of the antioxidants in fruits.
      5.) I haven’t found a fantastic one yet.

  63. Kelly

    Hi Christine! Is there a less expensive dupe for NARS Turkish Delight. I love that color, and the creamy, non-sticky feel of a NARS lipgloss – just not the $26 price tag. I like MAC Cremesheen’s consistency, but there are no colors close to Turkish.
    Also, are there any products you have tried similar to YSL’s Touche Eclat? Fresh came out with the Radiance Pen. Have you tried either? Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks so much!

  64. Rachel

    Hi Christine! I have redness on my cheeks and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help even out my skin tone before applying foundation or perhaps a foundation that can do it. Also, what is a gloss similar to Mac’s Ensign? Thank you!

  65. Katie

    Hi Christine! I absolutely love your blog and your photographs of the products are so amazing. It is incredibly helpful since there is very limited access to most cosmetics brands where I live and I do a LOT of online shopping. I am 31 and want a good everyday morning moisturizer. I have combination skin, but in the summer I tend to be a little oilier, so something not too heavy would be great. If it had anti-aging properties, that would be a plus. Any recommendations?

    Also, what brush would you recommend for applying eye shadow underneath the eyes and in the outer corner of the eye?

    Finally, am I correct that you are a law student? How’s school going? I am an attorney and wished I had done something this fun when I was in law school! Your website brings me a little bit of happiness every day.

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you so much! :)

      For something good and not too expensive, I like Clinique Superdefense — it has some nice SPF and anti-aging, and it comes in several versions so you can choose based on your skin type (oily, dry, very dry, etc.).

      I like MAC’s 219, which comes to a pencil-like tip, but with bristles, for the lower lashline or you can use the horizontal edge of a flat eyeshadow brush like MAC’s 239. For the outer corner, you can use the same 219, or else you could use something a little fluffier like the 222 or 224.

      But yes, I am a law student! :) It is going, going, and going, LOL! I can imagine you know how it is! What area of law do you practice in now?

      Thank you so much!

      • Katie

        Hi Christine!

        Thanks for the recommendations! I used to love Clinique skincare, and kind of strayed from it for a while. So, I am anxious to try something of theirs again.

        I practice general civil litigation, and almost exclusively insurance defense work. I would say the bulk of my cases involve medical malpractice defense work and creditor bankruptcy work on behalf of financial institutions. It is definitely not the area I thought I would end up in when I was in law school, but I love it. Some of my friends did the JD/MBA program – it’s a ton of work! I don’t know how you juggle all of these things, but you do it well!

        Thanks for this Q&A session – it was very helpful.

        Oh, I have a cousin who lives in the Bay Area….Dog Patch (??) to be exact. I hope I got that name right. But she absolutely loves it there. Take care!

        • As long as you’re loving it, it’s all good! :) I think the program is only work because they’re so secretive about the requirements and what you need to get done, LOL.

  66. Ryan

    What is the blackest of the black eyeshadow you have ever tried? I need somthing insanely dark with a matte texture. Thank you!

  67. Emm

    I really want to try a tinted moisturizer because it would make skin tone even out as well as help my skin.You reviewed Urban Decay, Korres, and Keihl’s. I have combination skin where my t-zone gets shiny by the end of the day so I want a more matte finish. Do you have any recommendations?

  68. Roya

    hi Christine

    Is it true that you can use MAC pigments to create lip glosses? and when I use glittery eye shadows I get the glitter all over my face, any tip how to remove them or avoid it in first place?

    • Yes! You just mix it with any gloss :)

      For on the eyes, try using an adhesive base like MAC’s water-based Mixing Medium!

      You can dust loose powder on your face and then brush it all off, or else there is the tape method (just clear tape used against the skin to pick up the glitter).

      • Diana Lau

        Hi Christine!

        instead of using mixing medium, could i just spray a little Fix+ on the brush?

        thanks for doing these sessions! love em

        • You can try that! I prefer Mixing Medium (has a more adhesive base) myself – but you could also do the DIY version which is one part glycerin, three parts water!

  69. Ramlah

    What is a good moisturiser with SPF 30 minimum, or a seperate SPF fluid which works with makeup? I heard that some SPF can make the skin look whiter due to something about physical and chemical SPF? Even though i put my face moisturiser (Olay daily fluid) on my face and neck, and i blend foundation down to my neck (mac select spf nc30/mineralize skinfinish natural) in pictures my face still looks slightly lighter than my neck, and when i’m not wearing makeup the same is true. Is it something to do with inadequete SPF protection?

    • Physical blockers (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) can sometimes give you that whitish cast, but a lot of higher end sunscreens have been developed to minimize that. In *photos* the flash can be reflected back from the sunscreen on your skin, even though you don’t see any white cast! This isn’t about inadequate sunscreen protection but basically… too much–at least for flash photography.

      If I’m going to be photographed a lot, I often skip the foundation. Like at my wedding, sorry wrinkles, but I will go SPF-free! Sometimes layering a foundation without SPF on top your SPF can help minimize any adverse photography effects!

  70. Michelle

    I have been trying to find some gorgeous lilac lipgloss shades for Spring. They are hard to find. Any recommendations? I already have Oyster Girl, Viva GLAM VI SE, and Dreamy from MAC (which I love) — but I would love more ideas!!
    Thanks — love your blog and I appreciate all of the effort that you put into it!!

  71. i know it’s a silly questions, but i’m craving for swatches from the pret-a-papier collection. Do you know when you can swatch it?

    I always use your swatches as base for my decision and i love this collection.

    sorry, for beeing so unpatient.

  72. Diana G

    Hi Christine,

    I have combo/oily skin, breakout prone. A few weeks ago bought the Kate Somerville Exfolikate. It burns right a way on my skin, this is so uncomfortable that I tend to wash it off early…way early.
    -Is it common to feel a burning sensation with this product?
    -Should I try something else for sensitive skin?
    -Am I harming my skin by continuing to use it?

    • Hey Diana,

      It should tingle a bit, but I don’t think it should be so much that you wash it off within a minute. I know that ExfoliKate also has a gentler version for more sensitive skin. Is your skin red at all after you wash it off? If so, you may want to gift it to a friend or family member or see if you can return/exchange it for the lighter version.

      My boyfriend had some noticeable tingling the first few times he used it and it tapered down after a week or two of use (once or twice a week), but I didn’t get much at all on my skin (we use the regular version).

  73. Cyndy

    christine how do i apply eyeshadows i am 28 yrs old and i cannot blend colors together or anything!!!! and i have trouble applying blush.. i am an nw20 what colors do u recommend….. and how can i learn to apply makeup?????

    • Hey Cyndy,

      Have you checked out my YouTube channel (or other YouTube channels)? You might find videos to be a more helpful way to learn more about technique :) My channel is at http://www.youtube.com/temptalia

      Also for blending… less is more. Always remember to take a step back before you over-blend!

      I would recommend blush shades like Well Dressed, Peaches, and Tenderling!

  74. Ada

    Hi Christine. I’m looking for a foundation. I’m in my early 40’s with dryish skin, some fine lines and spots. I’d like light to medium coverage, and not totally matte. I like MAC, MUFE and drug store brands too. Can you recommend anything? Right now I’m using Revlon Colorstay with a 187 brush. In MAC I’m a NC 20.

    • What is it you don’t likea bout Revlon Colorstay that makes you want to change?

      I really like MUFE HD – it’s a good foundation that doesn’t make you look oily or matte and gives good coverage, plus it photographs like a dream.

      • Ada

        I liked the Colorstay for a long time but I noticed this year that it seemed to accentuate the fine lines around my mouth and nose. I’ve tried primer under it, and making sure to moisturize, etc, but it didn’t seem to help.

        I’ll see if I can get a sample of the MUFE to try. Thanks!

  75. natasha

    what would be your recommandation for eye cream? something that really works regarding prevention of wrinkles, dark circles + has a SPF?

    btw i’m a great fan of yours, keep up the good work and greets from vienna, austria! :)

    • Hey Natasha,

      I haven’t found one, to be honest! I’ve found no miracles, but I don’t have that many fine lines (yet!), so it’s hard to see a noticeable difference, you know?

      Thank you!! :)

  76. Kate M.

    Christine, I noticed that you love your Kate Somerville Exfoliator!  I’m utterly
    in love with MAC’s Volcanic Ash (it virtually made my skin perfect!!) but since 
    it IS LE…I’m afraid I need a replacement.  Can you tell me what you love about 
    Kate Somervilles?  I have combination skin..thanks so much!!

    • Hey Kate,

      ExfoliKate isn’t really a manual exfoliator like MAC’s Volcanic Ash — it does have some scrubby bits, but not really — it’s more of a chemical exfoliant!

      It’s so weird to review it, and I keep wanting to, but it’s hard to explain why I like it. It’s like it gives me this subtle glow and makes my skin feel soft, smooth, and refined without being tugged or scrubbed.

  77. Sarah

    hey! I’ve been using some MAC concealer and liquid foundation along with some clinique powder. I find that after an hour or so my makeup seems to melt off. its crazy! Can you recommend a foundation/powder that will stay on and not make me break out but will also give me good coverage? I live in Louisiana where the humidity and heat is crazy!

    • Sarah

      oh and another question! lol!
      do you know of an eyeshadow that is very similiar to MAC’s Grand Entrance? (preferably from MAC)
      and do you know if MAC is going to bring it out again? I know they do that with some of their limited edition products.

    • What MAC liquid foundation? Do you have oily skin?

      I would say use a primer underneath your foundation/concealer, which will help it stay better, and then set with a loose powder like Laura Mercier’s, to keep it in place better!

  78. Florence

    Have you ever tried MUFE Sculpting Kit?? What’s your opinion on it?? I’m getting a little bit confused on what is the best contouring powder to use. Usually it comes out looking unnatural. I’ve tried using the 109, 168, even the 134 brush but the result is still not up to what I want. Any suggestion? (I’m NC 25-30 on Studio Sculpt for reference)

  79. Kylie

    Hi Christine,

    Can you recommend a MAC lipgloss that is the same shade as Glamour For All–it’s sold out and it was a LE. What is the best mattifying primer for oily skin? I have really oily skin. When I apply MUFE HD Primer, I will start to get shiny in 15-20 min. That’s even with setting my makeup with the HD Powder.

    One last question, I currently use MAC’s studiofix powder in NC35. Is there another brand of powder foundation that is better?

    thanks! :)

    • Hi Kylie,

      The closest MAC lipglass is C-Thru, which is nude and doesn’t have the mauve tone of Glamour for All :(

      I’d suggest Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte!

      I don’t use any pressed powders really… I’m probably not the best to recommend one!

  80. MC

    Everytime I go to Sephora or Nordstrom or the like, I’m tempted to indulge in one high-end, luxury makeup item (thinkin Dior, Chanel, Geurulian, etc) but I never really know what brand/item is worth it. Does a high end foundation make the difference? Does Dior trump all brands?


  81. KIKI

    Hey Christine,
    I’m C2 in the MAC range with slightly yellow undertones. I also have dry skin.

    1)Can you suggest a nude blush that would suit my skin tone? I was eyeing prim and proper from the Liberty of London collection but I don’t know if there are similar blushes in the permanent range?
    2)can you recommend a hair spray I can use after curling my hair with a curling iron, that would hold the curls but not make it hard?
    3)Can you also suggest a good undereye concealer, I’ve tried mac select moisturecover (a little too sheer) and benefit’s erase paste, which kind of gets cakey…

    • Hi Kiki

      1.) Hmm, maybe Tenderling or Strada. Prim & Proper would be nice — I’d grab that over anything in the permanent range!
      2.) I like Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray!
      3.) Hmm, you may like Make Up For Ever’s Full Coverage Concealer — it has some of the creaminess of Moisturecover but more of the opaqueness of thicker ones like Erase Paste.

  82. Brenda

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks so much for doing these sessions, been thinking of some questions but will bombard you next time. For now, I just want to find out how you deal with eyeshadow fallout? I got my Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette last week and for the first time, I got a lot of fallout on my cheeks which ruined the look of my blusher and Benefit Highbeam. Should I apply loose powder first or do you make up your eyes first then follow with primer, foundation, concealer etc?

    Thanks again!!

    P.S. I copied your Alice and Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals look for my first try of the palette, came out beautifully! Apart from the fallout….

    • Hi Brenda,

      Definitely apply before you do the rest of your face, because then you can either use a makeup removing wipe to remove fall out, a cotton pad, loose powder (then dusted off with a brush), and then apply the makeup on top of that. I also do a patting motion first, which helps to press the shadow onto the lid, before blending.

      Thank you!

  83. Emma

    Hi Cristine :-)
    I’m wondering if you could help me a bit ; I’m an NC 35 skintone but have alot of redness around my nose, cheek and mouth area(basically the center of my face). I’m really dry in the morning but get oily later on the day. Do you reccomend any good concealers for me?

    And also – I need a matte blush, can be a cream or powder. I’m looking for something like mauvey pink, plummy or peachy.. :)

    • Hi Emma,

      I’d recommend perhaps using MUFE’s Green Primer – it might help with the redness that’s on your nose, cheek, and mouth (which is enough area to merit potential use of a an all-over corrector).

      For a matte blush… try NARS Cactus Flower :)

  84. go

    Hi Christine!! I’m of a medium skin tone with yellow undertones. In MAC im a NC30. I’m looking for a bronzer that will give me a glow. I’ve tried a few and feel like I look tanner/darker. Any recommendations? Thank you for your time :)

  85. )Megan

    What kind of skin tone would Impassioned from mac flatter?

    How do the holiday LE mac brushes compare to their regular one?

    • Cooler, but it’ll work on both warm and cool.

      They used to be OK, a decent substitute, but these days, they’re pretty subpar in comparison. I wouldn’t recommend the sets any more.

  86. TC

    Hi Christine! I was in Mac a week ago to B2M some stuff and the MA told me they were no longer gonna accept “depotted” emptys. To be specific, she said basically it has to have the silver pan still in it and appear empty thru usage and not b/c you took the product out. When I asked why they changed it she said it was b/c ” people were taking advantage” . ( I guess she meant people like me:) This is annoying b/c I depot A Lot of stuff! I shop at CCOs often and prefer to put things in palattes for space conservation. Since you seem to be familiar w/ Mac I wanted to know if you had heard anything about this??

    • Hey TC,

      So, B2M is one of the most all-over-the-place policies. It’s pretty terrible, to be honest. Like about two months ago, MAC employees were saying (on various internet communities) that MAC sent out an email that said depots were OK.

      Personally, I always do a livechat with MAC online and ask about if they take depots (well, I ask if I need the metal pan or just the plastic case) and print it out. I show that to whoever is at the store, if they say no.

      It’s certainly NOT cheaper to buy pots over pans only to depot and turn in for a lipstick. Perhaps they shouldn’t sell so many limited edition shades that are only available in pots!

    • Sorry to butt in on this but I just had a very annoying recent experience with this —
      I live near a TON of counters but the nearest freestanding is nearly 2 hours away and happens to be a pro store. I depotted my little collection, enough for 3 items, and called the pro store to find out their policy. The girl told me the same thing you said — I had to have the metal pans as well, and I was going wha? How would I use 18 eyeshadows up and still manage to keep the plastic bits?
      So I said I wouldn’t waste time driving 2 hours to get the same lipsticks I could get 15 mins away. I went to turn mine in and explained what the girl told me, the MUA kinda ignored me but she helped me pick colors so… I was “ringing up” at the counter and once again said what the pro store told me. The girl stood there and argued with me for like 15 mins about it! She said that I could have taken what I had up there to B2M, and I kept trying to explain that I was referring to the METAL PAN, not the plastic insert that the pan gets glued to (which I didn’t have either). But yeah… just thought I’d add that. I think it’s different from store to store, so I just exchanged for the lipsticks and called it a day. (I wanted to try and get a gloss or eyeshadow)

      • I definitely recommend what Christine did with the live chat printout. I don’t understand why the metal pan matters so much to them. My store never requires the pan, they’re happy to take any depotted pots (does that even make sense? haha)

      • Kim

        See, I’ve had the complete opposite experience from that. The MUA I went to had no problems taking the shadows without the metal pan and she let me B2M for 5 lipsticks.

        Something that I’ve noticed though is that its good to get the know the MUA at the countes by you. I’ve been going to the one in my local Macy’s for awhile and the girls there are beginning to recognize me and in response they let me play around with the collections before they come out and “reserve” what I want from them. :) So maybe thats why they had no problems taking back my depotted shadows…

  87. alex

    yay for you and for these! Hope you, ur doggie, and ur bf are all doing well! i want, no NEED, a bright coral lipglass. i say lipglass because i dont care that theyre sticky because they wear long on me and are opaque. I dont care for what mac has to offer right now (i thought lychee luxe had a strange finish on me). i am kind of holding out for the summer collections because i see that coral is having a big come-back this year. am I right in waiting….do u see anything pretty in my future ;)? i am light to medium with warm undertones. i feel like corals with more orange than pink are better on me…is that right?

    • alex

      oh and thanks in advance…good luck in finals!!! dont know if u are in finals but I am so I figured u would be too!!!

    • We are all good, thanks Alex! :)

      Hmm, maybe Illamasqua Mistress?

      It’s hard to judge MAC products by descriptions, to be honest — particularly because you want a bright opaque one!

  88. lulee

    hey christine! have you used the urban decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup? it’s on sale on hautelook so it is tempting me.

  89. cindy

    Hi Christine. I really admire your dedication to beauty and this blog! how do you have time to do anything else?! BUT i really do love reading it.
    I was wondering if you’ve ever tried the mac face and body foundation. I have pretty oily skin in the summer so i want something that will last for a day (instead of it slicking off in a couple of hours). I also do have some blemishes.
    Also, I’m going away on a cruise (YAY) in a few weeks and what do you think are the “beauty necessities”?
    btw, i think you should have those beauty gathering things where all you do is talk about makeup! i bet a lot of ppl will want to meet you.

    • I am very, very organized! It also helps that I now have the benefit of experience since I’ve been blogging and juggling school for three years!

      I have — I love it for a very natural, dewy finish, but it’s a little too dewy for me at times. I don’t love it for oily skin or summer, since it is dewy. I’d say something more matte like Studio Fix Fluid.

      Sunscreen, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, cream blush, and lipgloss! :)

      LOL, aww! Sometimes it seems really… egotistical? conceited? to do that to me for some reason!

      • cindy

        Thanks for replying. I looked at your best eyeshadows, lipglosses/lipsticks and blushes recommendations. But I was wondering which cream blush you would recommend for Asian, medium skin tone, warm, brown eyes, brown/black hair. And what would you say is the most waterproof waterproof mascara (that also gives you noticeable lashes)?
        Is there another brand/type of foundation you would recommend for oily skin? I also work 12hr days and by the end, my foundation DISAPPEARS!
        Also, I don’t think it’s egotistical, from reading all your replies, I think you have great suggestions for making people look and feel more beautiful. A face-to-face session would be soooooo fun and everyone would learn a TON from you. 😀


        • For a cream blush, I’d recommend MUFE Nip Slip — it’s a yellower pink, so I think it would work for your skin tone!

          Maybelle Full ‘n Soft (Waterproof) always works for me when I go swimming! (I don’t typically wear makeup to go swimming, but it’s more the “I might go swimming in my parents’ pool but maybe not…” kind of situation where I wear it just in case!)

          I would use a mattifying primer like Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte and a good setting powder (I like Laura Mercier’s).

          Thank you 😀

    • Enna

      If you have oily skin try matt touch from Yves Saint Laurent, Nars sheer glow or nars sheer matt or the good old Revlon colorstay….I have oily skin and I have tried everything. Mac face and body is not good for our skin types!

  90. Max

    Hi Christine,

    This “Ask Temptalia Session” is so awesome! I am Asian, MAC NC35, brown eyes and brown hair. My skin is super oily and it doesn’t help that I live in a tropical climates (Malaysia).

    My question is about eye liner and application technique. I have real bad hooded eyes and super oily lids. Eyeliner always transfers to the upper lids and I also get raccoon eyes. I have tried a combination of Mac Prep + Prime Eye, loose powder, MAC paint pot, and powder shadow before putting on MAC eyeliner. I tried putting on foundation on lids first, loose powder, creamy shadow, powder shadow then eyeliner. Even Urban Decay Potion can’t seal any liner in. Nothing help!

    I saw EnKore’s Video you recently posted on this website. He recommended 2 products that are not available here in Malaysia. Is there other technique out there to deal with hooded eyes?

    Thanks a lot :-)

    PS. I prefer pencil eyeliner to other kinds.

    • Hey Max,

      What MAC eyeliner are you using? Maybe you need a different eyeliner — liquidlast does not BUDGE on me, EVER. ANYWHERE. I mean I can shower three days in a row and it barely fades.

      Any makeup sealer will do the trick – I believe MUFE has one as well (not that I know if you can get that in Malaysia), but perhaps a local brand has something called a makeup sealer.

  91. Heather H

    Hi Christine,
    I have been using Mac Studio Fix Fluid for about a year now and I really like the coverage and the wide range of shades. My skin is combo/oily and when I went to the Mac counter to get matched for my shade the artist thought the Studio Fix Fluid would be good for oily skin. I have noticed over time that it’s a bit to thick for my liking and it seems like I have to apply my blot powder at least three times throughout the day to not look so oily. I really don’t like the look of an oily face or even a bit dewy maybe because I battle it so much. I would like to stick with a foundation from Mac because I feel the shade I use matches my skin so perfectly. Can you please suggest another foundation that you think might help me fight the shine? Also I use Fix + to wet my brush and I spray a little on my face before I start applying the foundation. I do this to try and get it to apply more lightly. After I’ve finished applying it I use Select Sheer powder to set.

    I’ve recently started wearing more eyeshadow and my collection is small because I use to be really big on lip products. I still buy lipstick and lipglasses more than anything else but I’m trying to get into eyeshadow. Can you suggest some shades that would compliment my skin tone, I am an NC40?

    I bought the Seche Vite fast drying top coat and somehow it dried up a bit and it’s to thick to use. Do you think adding a little water to it would help it? Or do I just need to toss it and get a new one?

    • Hey Heather,

      Hmm, Studio Fix Fluid is one of MAC’s most matte formulas. Studio Sculpt isn’t entirely matte though it was nearly matte when I tried it (I don’t personally like it), but I think that’ll be thicker than SFF for you :( To be honest, I don’t think there’s a better option available in MAC’s foundation line-up that’s matte and thinner than Studio Fix Fluid. I would recommend a primer like Prep + Prime Face underneath the foundation to help minimize shine, though!

      Love these shades… All That Glitters, Deep Truth, Electra, Humid, Jest, Juxt, Naked Lunch, Amber Lights, Bronze, Juxt, Patina, Ricepaper, Romp, Shimmermoss, Soft Brown

      I think a little bit of nail polish thinner would help Seche Vite!

    • Iliana

      I agree with Christine on the primer. I use a combination of The Body Shop’s Mattifying Gel (the one in the clear tube) and Smashbox’s Primer. They’re pretty much the same thing so you could just get one. I’ve also seen really good reviews about Smashbox’s Anti Shine product.

      I also use SFF NC40. I use Max Factor’s translucent powder mixed with a little powder foundation to set my face and it works pretty well for me (considering the heat and humidity where I live. It reached up to 40 degrees here yesterday!). I do it really lightly so it won’t look cakey.

      I’m not an eyeshadow person either but at the moment, I’ve been giving Straw Harvest and Expensive Pink more love! I also like Brule, Goldmine, Woodwinked, Espresso, Amber Lights and Bronze a lot. :)

      • Heather H

        Thank you Christine and Lliana those are some good suggestions! I will definately look into these.

        • Heather H

          Hi Christine,
          I love to buy lipglasses and dazzleglasses and I want to have a good selection of colors. I am worried about buying too many and having them expire before I even get to use it. Is there anything you can do to prolong lip products?

  92. ilona

    oh christine one more Q:

    is the 129sh the exact same thing as the regular 129? just the handle is smaller? or is the brush itself a little different? i wanted to purchase it to keep in my makeup bag for touch ups but wanted to make sure it wasn’t like the special edition version.


  93. Christine shen

    What do you think its the best under eye concealer, that doesn’t sink into fine line as much??

  94. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    Hi Christine,
    Can you give the best substitues for these LE’s: MAC
    Here we go!!!

    Lipstick: Skew

    Eyeshadows: Nanogold, Bottle Green, Club, Up-do, Living Pink, and White Tie

    I hope this wasn’t too much to ask.
    Thanks so much

    Have a great Day!

    • Hi Abbie,

      These are the best substitutes, but they may not be 100% the same.

      Skew = See Sheer; Nangold = Nylon; Bottle Green = Plumage; Up-do = Sweeten Up; Living Pink = Da Bling; White Tie = Nylon


  95. Shirley

    Another Ask Temptalia session! Woohooo!

    Do you have a technique you recommend for contouring cheekbones? I’d like to make mine look more sculpted and give my face a less round look. I’m using Benefit’s Hoola as my contour powder.

    Thanks Christine!

    • Hey Shirley,

      I like to suck in my cheeks or make fish lips (which basically sucks your cheeks in!) and then go right along the underside of the cheekbone with the 168. I use MAC’s Sculpt sculpting powder myself, but in the past I’ve used Strada blush. I like sculpting powders over bronzers, because they have a shadowy look (grayer).

  96. Alex

    i was wondering if you could recommend some eye products for my mum: she’s about nc20-25, green eyes, dark brown hair, has very lined, sensitive lids and has ONE (you read that correctly) eyeshadow that she likes, which is a khaki green with a bit of gold shimmer. could you recommend a paintpot or eyeshadow base to go with her colouring and also a lighter eyeshadow to use as a lid colour with the khaki green? thankyou!

    • Ooh, for a soft, matte base, definitely Soft Ochre. For a more shimmery look, I’d say Bare Study, but with her lined lids, I’d probably stay away from that since it may be too frosty.

      I wonder if she’d like Sumptuous Olive by MAC! She may also like Patina, which doesn’t have green, but has that khaki feel. To pair with khaki green, I’d say use something like Gleam or Orb.

  97. Charlotte

    Is there anything I can do to stop my menstrual break-outs? I have a pretty good skincare routine that works well all the rest of the month but no mask/spot treatment I’ve found works for that week – any recommends? (I’m in the UK and have combo-oily sensitive skin)

    • Hey Charlotte,

      I can only say drink more water and keep up with your skincare regimen – when it comes to hormonal related skin issues, your derm may be your best bet!

  98. Stephanie

    Hi Christine! I love your site! A couple of questions…

    1. Missed out on Optomistic Orange from MAC Lillyland (and now I really want it!), any similar recs for a cream blush in this shade? Also a good powder blush in a peachy shade?
    2. What are your fave Bobbi Brown gel liners for brown eyes?(I’m not afraid of color)
    3. I’m getting married this October, what foundation do you recommend? I need light coverage, and typically wear Revlon PR or CS in the winter, tinted moisturizer only in the summer. I want to photograph well on the big day! Thanks!!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      1.) Try MUFE #12. I think that’s the closest. Try MAC Peaches :)
      2.) I love the formula, so really any shade! I love Indigo Ink for a nice, dark blue.
      3.) Right now, I’d wear Make Up For Ever HD to my wedding, so that’s about as much of an endorsement for a foundation as it gets, LOL!

    • Nik

      Nordstrom.com has Optimistc Orange :)

  99. maude

    Hi Christine!!

    I have combination skin and during the summer my T zone gets really oily, my cheeks is normaly dry and pink, i dont have pimples or discoloration (other then the pink cheeks!)I have fair skin cool toned!.I dont like wearing foundation during the summer, feels heavy on my skin. Do u have anything to recommend that can make me look polish in a very light way ?! Can be a foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

    Thank you :)

    • Hey Maude,

      You may want to try MUFE’s Green Primer — it can help cancel out some of the redness in your cheeks. You can use the primer alone or under foundation/a tinted moisturizer.

  100. Talya

    hey christine! im currrently filliing up a mac pro pallette for eyeshadows, and am looking for decent neutral everyday tones for my coloring, as well as dramatic colors….but everytime i walk into my local mac store, i go crazy deciding on colors and wind up totally confused. my coloring is dark brown hair/brown eyes, NW 25-30 depending on the season… any ideas on good everyday mac eyeshadows? ive already started with satin taupe, smut, folie, and use soft brown religiously. also, could you recommend a good polished/baby pink blush?

    • Hey Tayla,

      Here are some neutrals that I like… Espresso, Smut, Print, Gleam, Ricepaper, Dazzlelight, Wedge, and Cork!

      For a polished/baby pink blush try Dame or Well Dressed!