Monday, March 29th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, both beauty-related or unrelated.  Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Don’t be shy — ask one or twenty or none! :)

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532 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #023

  1. Is there a way to make MAC shade sticks easier to apply? It feels like I’m rubbing hard wax on my lid and hardly any color is applied.

  2. kasu

    I want to try Chanel’s Mat Lumiere also..I’m a NC 25. What shade would u suggest?

  3. vero

    Hi Christine, love the site. what would you reccomend as a gold eyeshadow? i’ve had bad luck and either get something too sheer or to orangey/copper. thanks!

  4. lovepotion18

    Have you tried NARS brushes? Are they comparable to MAC brushes? Thanks!

    • Hi!

      NARS blushes are great — definitely one of NARS’ standout products. They tend to be very pigmented, which is something not all MAC blushes are, and they’ll last you eons.

  5. Any advice for keeping foundation on all day? By the time I drive home from classes my face looks splotchy…areas that look bare next to areas with product and coverage.

    Oh, and as always…LOVE your site!!

  6. Sarah

    Have you tried CoverGirl LashBlast Length? If so, do you like it?

    What are some tips for makeup in the summer, especially on hot and humid days?

    Do you know of any dupes for MAC Runway Fave lipglass?

    What are your favorite green eyeshadows?

    Also, you’re so awesome (:

    • Hi Sarah,

      Here is my review for LashBlast Length –

      I go for wearing makeup in layers – I pay more attention to layering my makeup, so I use a face primer, and then I try to wear a sheerer foundation, cream blush, a little bit of powder blush over that, and then set everything with a loose powder. I’ll opt for waterproof eyeliner or else very budge-proof stuff for eyes!

      Dreamy might be the closest, though not quite as pale.

      I love Humid, Sumptuous Olive, & Juxt!

  7. andserenityy

    this might sound silly but how do mac salespeople get that flawless face look? like you know when you see people with really matte, flawless skin, how do they get it?

  8. Sixx

    Do you have any recommendations for a lip exfoliator? Btw, is it pretty much safe to use a face/body exfoliator on your lips? For example, my MAC Volcanic Ash has sugar crystals in it…so i figured it was..

    • Sugar + oil (olive oil, jojoba oil) for a cheap, DIY version. Otherwise, I like Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub quite a bit.

      I’d say if you can use it on your face (well, with sugar or salt scrubs – not so much with acid/enzyme exfoliators), you should be fine using it on your lips, but I’m no doctor, lol!

  9. Lin

    Hi Christine, I’m new to your site and I’m very impressed with what you’ve created here. I had a look at your Temptalia collection and its size boggles my mind!! So I’m wondering, do you use ALL those products? Obviously not at the same time 😀 but how many (or what proportion) do you use frequently, sometimes, rarely, and maybe once a year? Do you have a way of discarding products that’s environmentally friendly, or do you just chuck them in the garbage? Also, what’s your daily makeup routine and how long does it take? How do you choose what to wear?

    Not quite 20 questions but close! :) Thanks!

    • Hi Lin,

      I only use some of it. I’m not afraid to be honest and say it’s a collection, because it is. It passed the point of being “usable” many moons ago (even before I started to blog), LOL! It’s like a hobby, you know? I recycle all my boxes and containers if I finish the products, otherwise they get thrown away. If it’s stuff I’ve only used once or twice, then I’ll pass it along to friends/family or donate to a charity if they accept tested/used products (most don’t, unfortunately!).

      My daily routine takes about 2 minutes – slap on some tinted moisturizer and I’m good to go. I’m usually so busy in the morning getting things going for the blog and answering emails that I get so distracted that my get-ready-to-go time is about 15 minutes!

  10. Hi Christine,
    Do you ever get writer’s block and if so, how do you overcome it?

    • Nope! When it comes to blogging about beauty, I haven’t gotten any writer’s block. When I did creative writing when I was younger, I may have stumbled onto it once or twice, but usually I just waited it out and never had it last more than a day or two.

  11. Lurique

    Hi Christine!
    Have you ever tried Chanel foundations (like vita or pro lumière)?
    I would like to know what you think of them!
    Thanks for these wonderful sessions!

  12. imeldita

    Can you recommend neutral colors for everyday office look? I would prefer MAC eyeshadows that I can buy and put in the pan (quads) and a good cheek blush and gloss as well ?

    • Hi Imeldita,

      Here’s a nice neutral quad that I like: Shroom (or Ricepaper), Soft Brown, Satin Taupe, Wedge

      For a cheek blush, if you’re warmer, try Margin; if you’re cooler, try Well Dressed or Breath o’ Plum

      For a gloss, something like Prrr or Nymphette.

  13. Shirley

    I love Ask Temptalia! So helpful! 4 questions:

    Can you recommend some neutral eyeshadows that are a pretty all over lid color but are not too glittery?

    What is your favorite primer for combination skin?

    Do you have a favorite liquid foundation with medium coverage?

    Should I apply my eye cream over my moisturizer or on bare, clean skin?


    • Hi Shirley,

      How about something like Ricepaper on the lid, Soft Brown on the outer corner, and then Espresso in the crease?

      I like Korres’ Primer the best thus far.

      My favorite liquid foundation is Guerlain Parure Gold, but it’s rather pricey, so after that, I like MUFE HD, Dior Skin Nude, and MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

      I believe eye cream goes on before moisturizer!

  14. Ryan

    What hair product would you recommend to stop static? Just about everyday a few hours after I shower my hair will just start flying everywhere! Help!

  15. L-K

    Hi Christine,

    Would you know if MAC ever intends to release again the “Tender Tones” lip balms? Or would you know of any lip balms that are near dupes? It has been very difficult for me to find a balm like that, that isn’t sticky, isn’t too thick, nor weird smelling, and gives a nice subtle color to the lips.


    • Hey L-K,

      I have no idea. If they do, we’ll probably hear about them soon, as they tend to launch in late July or early August. I think we’ll see information leak out in the next 2 weeks as MAC artists go to update in April. I’m not sure if they will since they didn’t last year, though :(

      Philosophy’s Kiss Me Intense Lip Therapy kind of reminds me of Tendertones, but it’s not colored at all nor has much of a smell.

  16. Hi Christine! I LOVE Temptalia so much; I think I check several times a day ever since I stumbled across it a few months ago, and if I’m going to be honest, your swatches make me splurge a lot! 😛 I was so sad I missed the last ats a while ago, so I have quite a few questions!

    How do you pick lipstick colors (warm/cool)? I’m Asian, but I’m hesitant to say that I’m warm because my veins look neither blue or green, and I can never tell whether silver or gold jewelry look better on me. In general, do cool colors look better on cool skin, and warm for warm skin, or is it the opposite?

    How do you “know,” for lack of a better word, what blushes and lip colors to use in a look? I always do my eyes first, but then I never know what colors will compliment in terms of blush and lipcolor.

    Can you recommend any matt foundations for oily skin? I’m using MUFE Mat Velvet+ right now, but I noticed that without a primer it really, really accentuates the dry spots on my face (that I never knew I had since my skin is so oily!) and it’s not exactly a perfect color match. Any suggestions?

    What do you use to exfoliate your lips? I’ve noticed that since I’ve started using more lipsticks, my lips actually peel a LOT! What products do you use at night, before applying, etc.?

    What’s a good tinted moisturizer for oily skin? I have the oil-free Laura Mercier one right now, but even with primer, I feel like I get really shiny after a few hours.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Natalie!

      Thanks so much! :) You can always ask your questions, even if there is no active Ask Temptalia going on! No worries!

      You sound like you’re neutral — it’s totally possible that you’re neither warm nor cool. Being neutral means you tend to look equally good in both :) It is, usually, though if you are cooler toned, cooler colors work better on your complexion.

      I do my eyes first, too — unless I’m doing bolder lips, then I’ll select the lip color first (but still apply it last). For me, it’s really experimentation – it’s playing with different eyes and pairings of blush/lips to the point where I have a good feel for what will work best.

      My cheat sheet…

      Green eyes – coral, nude, bronze, peach blushes; coral, nude, peach lips
      Pink eyes – cooler pink/purple blushes; pinky-nude, pink, fuchsia lips
      Blue eyes – coral, nude, bronze, light pink blushes; light pink, coral, nude, or peach lips
      Brown eyes – any blush; any lip

      I know some other matte foundations that get good reviews are Chanel Mat Lumiere, MAC Studio Fix Fluid (I used it for nearly 3 years!). You might find MUFE HD isn’t a huge jump to the point where it’s too dewy, too.

      I use Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub, but just sugar + oil (like jojoba or olive oil) will do the trick, too. I use Vaseline at night!

      You might like Korres’ Tinted Moisturizer, if you can match one of the measly three shades they have. It’s a much drier tinted moisturizer.

  17. Adriana

    Do you know anywhere I can find a list of Mac dupes for Mac eyeshadows?

    Sounds confusing, but a lot of times MAC makes eyeshadow shades that are very similar to pre-existing shades. You list them sometimes as alternatives in your looks/tutorials, but I’d like to know if there’s a more complete list out there.

    • Hmm, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. It’s been on my list of things-to-do forever, but it’s low, low on the list so I’ve never gotten to it :(

  18. Ryan

    Hi christine!

    I am trying to come up with a name for my website…
    Which sounds better? DeCoux (my last name) or StarsandStrass? Its hard for many people to pronounce my last name so I dont want to scare people off… But I was thinking StarsandStrass might sound to childish.

  19. Suz

    Christine, I LOVE your blog!! Thanks for all the work you put into it…
    Anyway here are my Q’s: I love Mac’s mineralize SPF foundation creme but didn’t get the 130 brush. I’ve been using a synthetic flat top and get pretty good results….do I still need the 130? And I missed the ripe peach blush ombré and was wondering what some good dupes are (Mac or otherwise)? Thank you so much!

  20. Tiffany

    Hey Christine, I wear MAC NC45 and wanted to know if MAC’s freckletone lipstick would be a good peach color for me or should I go with something different.

  21. TL

    I love these Q&A sessions! Thanks!!

    Can you recommend some foundations that are transfer resistant and don’t break up or settle in fine lines? Are there any tinted moisturizers with these same qualities?

    I want to splurge on a high end, glossy finish lipstick. What brand should I try?

    Are the Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadows worth the price tag?

    Who makes the best nail polish remover?

    Are Shu Uemura eyelash curlers different from Revlon?

    Have you tried Tarino Tarantino’s makeup at Sephora? If so, what do you think of it?

    Does the Korres Mango Butter lipstick have a strange smell or taste? How does it wear on the lips?

    Do you think makeup really oxidizes on the skin, leaving that orange color? Is this even really possible?

    • Hi TL,

      1.) Are you setting with a powder? I find once I set with a powder, it usually stays pretty well. Matte or semi-matte finishes also seem to stay better and be less transfer-resistant! Same with tinted moisturizers.

      2.) Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick

      3.) They’re nice – depends what you’ll use ’em for. Are you just getting one or two to use as a fun base? I prefer creams as bases, not so much to mix myself!

      4.) I love Zoya’s Remove+!

      5.) Yes!

      6.) I’ve only tried a couple of pieces, so I haven’t been able to make a review yet!

      7.) It has a fruity mango scent, but I didn’t detect any taste. They wear about average on me – 3-4 hours.

      8.) Yes, it is – it’s the product oxidizing because of the pH level on your skin, I believe

  22. Brian McDowell

    Can anyone name a great shimmering moisturizer than I can use on my arms and legs to make them look smooth moist and sexy other than MAC’s Strobe Cream?? I need to find a less-expensive dupe.

  23. MAC addict

    When I put on my foundation and then my concealer, my concealer appears to be dark when I am under light. Does this mean that i should be applying a
    lighter shade of concealer?

  24. Val

    Back again! I just got a sample of Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer. What are your thoughts on it?

  25. wp

    hey christine ,i have few questions
    can u recommend a good moisturizer with spf high end for highly acne prone skin
    a good setting powder for nc40-42 skin tone
    whats your fav brand for lipsticks

  26. phuong k

    hey christine,
    for the back 2 mac program, is it just the plastic containers like for e/s, lipsticks, etc. or do they also accept the paper packaging (example: the boxes the e/s comes in).

    will you be reviewing the tarantino collection or not?

    have you tried the new bobbi brown foundation that came out this month? if not, do you think you will in the future?


    • Hi Phuong K!

      So, the boxes that your eyeshadows come in – no. Sometimes boxes are allowed in (I believe the containers lashes come in are recyclable). I believe it is primarily plastic and glass packaging, though. Whatever the product is, there should be a B2M symbol on the box it comes in.

      I will be reviewing a few pieces down the road for Tarina Tarantino…

      I will also be reviewing the BB foundation (I assume Natural Finish, right?), but it’s definitely a super sheer foundation so it’s not quite what I personally need :(

  27. Madee

    just wondering, what would you reccomend if you were just starting in makeup what to have in your kit, just a small kit but using all mac products. Basically what would you choose for a mac starter kit!

  28. What MAC eyeshadows would you recommend for a Matte Brown smokey eye? I’m vietnamese and have NW 25 Skin.

    Also, What’s a good moisturizer with SPF? I hate normal sunscreen because they make me look oily even if i have dry skin!

  29. TL

    I have black hair. What eyebrow products do you recommend?

  30. Diana

    Do you recommend cream blush for the warmer weather?

  31. Savannah

    Hi Christine,

    Love, love, love your website! I read it daily. I have oily skin and hyperpigmentation from acne and wear primer, foundation (Studiofix) and concealar. I find that when I first put on the products, the foundation and concealar hides the hyperpigmentation, but by the end of the day, it starts to fade away. Also, I find that when I apply blush, it takes off the foundation/concealar.

    And can you please recommend some MAC blushes in peachy tones and bright pinks that would go with my skintone? I currently use NARS’ Torrid and Amour.


    • Hey Savannah,

      Thank you!

      Try tapping the blush on rather than sweeping it – just sweep very lightly at the end to “blend”. Are you using loose powder to set the makeup at the end? That might help, too!

      MAC Peaches, Springsheen, and Dollymix!

  32. Alison S

    I love your site! I check everyday. Yours product reviews are very thorough and informational! I have a couple questions for you:
    1. Can you re-use fake eyelashes? And can I put them on and apply mascara to them if I want to re-use them? I was just wondering because it’s my first time using fake lashes and I don’t want mess up on prom night; but I also don’t want to buy two pairs. I’ve looked up some informations on fake lashes, but I want to ere on the safe side and ask you!
    2. I bought a black and taupe-ish/brown/grey slip dress with pearl pink shoes and a grey clutch. It’s a little monotone for me. That’s why I want my eye make-up to pop a little more, but I’m not sure what I should do or how. I was thinking something with brown and maybe a pop of color with UD flipside eyeliner…but yeah.
    thanks so much for taking your time to answer my questions :)
    p.s. even though you say you don’t do much with your hair, in the pictures, it looks so healthy and shiny!
    p.p.s. I think it’s really courageous of you for not being afraid of loving to play with make-up even though you’re pursuing law. Girly-girls can be smart too! Just out of curiosity, what type of law are you looking into?

    • Alison S

      oops, forgot to say that I have dark brown eyes and a warm skin tone(golden beige-ish).

    • Hi Alison!

      1.) Yes, you can! Some don’t, but I’d say most do. You can usually remove the glue simply by peeling it off after you’ve removed it from your lash line. I’d say you can easily re-use them 3-4 times. One trick is to save the case and put them back in it afterward to help retain the shape.

      2.) I think that would a really pretty look – honest! The bluish tones of Flipside would play really well with the brown of your dress.

      P.S. I think my hair looks so healthy because I don’t do anything, LOL! Since I don’t use heat or any styling tools, it doesn’t get too damaged!

      P.P.S. Maybe corporate/business law!

  33. Mariana


    I know that you really like MAC Plushlash and so do I, but it smudges under my eyes something terrible after only a few hours!LOL! Does it do this to you or do you have any tips on how to prevent this? I like the new Studio Lash because it doesn’t smudge, but it doesn’t have the “wow” power of Plushlash.

    Thanks and love your site!! :)

    • Hmm, I don’t have any troubles with it smudging at all! :(

      Have you tried putting a quote of Studio Fix Lash after Plushlash?

      • Mariana

        I haven’t tried that, but I will tommorrow and see what happens. Thanks!

        I thought of one more question, but might have to ask a MAC MA if you don’t know… beloved taupe MAC Eye Pencil has been discontinued, would you know of a very close dupe?

  34. Rachael

    I just bought Cetaphil daily moisturizer and I don’t really know how to use it. How much do I use? How often do I use it? And most importantly how do I use it? Thanks Christine!

    • Hi Rachael,

      Use enough that you feel moisturized but not greasy — you should be able to get most of it to look absorbed without too much work — if it looks all white, you’re probably using it too much. Use it once a day in the morning if you have something to use at night, too!

  35. Kathy

    Hi Christine
    how do you choose a highlighter e/s shade?? What do you rec for green looks??

    • I have a go-to, which is Femme-fi, because it’s pretty neutral – neither cool nor warm, so it’s perfect for my skin tone. But I’ll vary it up and go with highlighters with slight changes in tones — e.g. if I do pink looks, I might go with Hush, because it’s slightly pink-tinged; if I do green/blue, I might opt for Nylon (slightly golden) or Gorgeous Gold (for a more noticeable highlighter).

  36. Cherie

    Yahoooo! Thanks Christine :)

    1) What colours (lips and eyeshadow) are hot for spring and summer?
    2) Best facial cleanser to use with the Clarisonic?
    3) What’s your favourite creme blush?
    4) What’s your favourite movie?

    • Hi Cherie,

      1.) Corals — for both spring and summer; green and taupe eyeshadow… Turquoise is big for nails.
      2.) Anything foaming or more lathering, IMO! Like Philosophy’s Foaming Cleanser worked well for me.
      3.) I think it may be MUFE HD at the moment.
      4.) Not one favorite… but I love movies like Cinderella, 27 Dresses, and Seven!

  37. Kerri

    Can you recommend a good self tanner? I use the clarins one now and it’s pretty good but I’m always up for trying new things just in case there’s something even better.

    Do you see yourself still running temptalia after you’ve obtained your career goals? Like being in the courtroom all day and then coming home to work on the blog. I hope you’ll always continue with it but do you think it will be possible without driving yourself crazy?

    • Hi Kerri,

      I also like Dior DiorBronze and Guerlain Terracotta for bronzing, but Clarins is great, so I probably wouldn’t switch!

      It’s so far away, so I’m not really sure what’s going to happen. Even after I graduate, it’s study study study for the bar and (cross fingers!) passing it before I’m 30, lol!

      I don’t have any plans to practice at this time, though, so we shall see how everything works out in the next year and a half!

  38. Emily

    So, one last question…I have blue eyes (with a little bit of hazel creeping in the center) and I’ve found oranges or coppers really bring them out. However, I’ve had trouble finding peaches or light/paled orange eyeshadow…any suggestions?

  39. how did you set yourself apart from all the other beauty bloggers/ gurus out there?

    • Hi Dee Dee!

      I just be myself :) Really, it sounds so simple, but I didn’t start the blog thinking, “What can I do differently?” I just did my thing and it appears to have worked out for me. I think being genuine & honest really goes a long way, particularly nowadays when both YouTube and blogging has so many people and places to go to.

      • Cindy

        What do we find awesome about you? For me, there are three big things that stand out.

        A big part of it, for me at least, is that you combine information and inspiration in equal amounts. Your reviews are detailed and impeccable, and you do fun, creative looks as well as everyday wearable looks, both of which have value. This makes you accessible for everyone from teens to mature women, giving you a broad, solid fanbase.

        Another huge factor for me is that you sound articulate and intelligent when you speak, without “and, umm, like, y’know” speech quirks to detract from your message, but don’t veer into artificial formality either. The fact that you’re clearly bright certainly boosts your credibility!

        The last thing would be how service oriented you are. We get all of your knowledge, info and advice for FREE! And, even though what you do is free for us, you’re always quick to respond, and seem to put care and thought into each response.

        This may be just an overly analytical way of saying that you’re just being yourself, but for me, you really are the perfect blend!

  40. Emm

    Hey Christine!
    Thanks for doing this, I love your site!

    What would be a nice peach blush for NW20 skin in MAC? :)
    Maybe a true peach colour :)

  41. Diana

    Do you recommend cream blush for the summer and with what Mac brush should I apply it?

  42. I’m trying to find a good self tanner for my nc 15 skin. I’ve tried one from sun laboratories that i hated. It was streaky and orangy. Do you have any suggestions? Even if you’ve never used a self tanner, do you know of any I should look into?
    I love having super pale skin but sometimes I just wish i had some more color to my face and body especially my legs!

  43. Harlow

    Hi Christine,

    what is your favourite highlighter with shimmer and without shimmer? I read your previous posts in regards to contouring, so of these products: MSFN, Sculpting Powder, Pressed Powder (2 shades darker), which gives the best results and which brush do you recommend? And synthetic bristles vs. natural bristles, which is better for a flawless application?

    Thanks for doing this! Much appreciated!

    • For no-shimmer, I like MAC’s Shaping powders. For shimmer, I like Dior SKinshimmers. I like Sculpting powder the best, because it’s a lil’ shadowy.

      I find that synthetic or natural work about the same. I do like synthetic for creamier products over natural, though.

  44. Alicia

    Hi Christine,
    I had a few questions How do you apply your tinted moisturizer. Do you use a finishing powder on top of that? Also I don’t really need foundation so I wanted a tinted moisturizer what one would you recommend and could I use a concealer with it. Thank

  45. Katie

    Hello, Christine! I’m not a cosmetics newbie, but since starting college a while ago, and venturing into makeup on my own, your site (esp. the archives) has been valuable! It’s certainly forcing me to be patient with my own skills, haha.

    1) I’m suddenly into red lips and loved your Scarlet Season series, so if you had to choose between MAC Russian Red or Viva Glam I only, which one would you choose? (I’ve got NC27 skin, dark brown hair/eyes.)
    2) Have you featured any Liberty of London looks yet? What are the closest MAC permanent shade dupes for Birds & Berries?
    3) I LOVE this look you did in the 30 Days of MUFE series:
    What are the MAC dupes for the eyes and lips?
    4) I’m exactly NC27 with MAC Studio Stick Foundation, but they don’t have it for the Studio Fix Fluid! With this kind of problem, is it better to go lighter or darker? I’m also afraid of oxidation.

    Thanks so much, Christine!!

    • Hi Katie!

      1.) Viva Glam I! More flattering on warmer skin.
      2.) I have done one or two, I believe! Try Shimmermoss, perhaps mixed with a little Deep Truth, for Birds & Berries.
      3.) Try Bitter or Sunny Spot for the chartreuse shade, Swimming for the medium green, Shimmermoss for the teal, and Atlantic Blue for the blue. Try MAC Ravishing or Crosswires lipstick with Lychee Luxe on top.
      4.) Hmm, I’d probably say do NC25 – I believe SFF runs on the dark side if I’m not mistaken!

  46. rashmi

    hello christine

    i was waiting for ask temptalia session for few quest
    even posted but didnt got reply
    anyways pls tell me here –

    1. what does N stands for when we say NC or NW ?
    2. what look would u suggest with this one –
    melon pigment , goldmine e/s, passionate , coppering and ricepaper
    pls add any e/s or pigment if u want ?
    3. how to use MSF ? i bought it in natural

    • Hi Rashmi,

      I answered these earlier – is it on a previous page? There are multiple pages for the comments :)

      1.) N = neutral
      2.) I don’t think you need to add anything to it – that sounds like a gorgeous look!
      3.) It can be used as a sheer foundation or setting powder!

  47. LRW

    Can you do some reviews/swatches of Armani makeup,cosmetic brushes and skincare? I am just discovering this line and so far,love it.

  48. Vickie

    Hey Christine!

    i have extremely red cheeks and nothing i have used does anything to conceal them….i have tried green concealer and it just doesnt do enough to conceal them. i have always wanted to wear blush but i feel that the blush doesnt show up…do you have any tips to help conceal the redness.

    • Hey Vickie,

      Have you looked into a tone correcting moisturizer? Clinique has their ‘Even Better’ line. That might help as a longer-term solution.

      What do you use on top of the concealer?

  49. jae

    Haha, from blogger to blogger, I really admire the way you manage to get so many replies on your blog… I started last December and am literally crawling my way up [s]I secretly wish my blog will hit like, 1/4 of your hit count by the end of the years[/s]. Now, question time!

    1) Are there products that you will NOT ever use on your face? Like, any brands that you have an aversion to or?
    2) How do you keep your lips looking so supple when you have to swatch so many lipsticks?! My lips are insanely dry and I’m living in Singapore where it’s supposed to be exceedingly moist!
    3) I’m asian and am NC30, does this mean I’ve got neutral-cool skin tone? What does this mean for my makeup? Should I use neutral tones or cool tones?
    4) Can you recommend a good eyeshadow colour for girls with very very very dark brown eyes?
    5) How do you position your lips to take the pictures? Every time I try, my lips look so off and dumb.
    6) Where do you go for your information on makeup?
    7) How much do you usually spend on makeup on a monthly basis?
    8) Do you get whiteheads? What’s your personal way of removing them?
    9) What’s your average daily blog hit count? =X

    Thanks Christine!

    • Hi Jae!

      1.) I’m not a big fan of mineral makeup. I’ve tried multiple brands from mainstream to indie, and I never like what I use. Ever! I would say that I wouldn’t use them ever, but I rarely accept samples of it and even less so purchase!
      2.) Exfoliation, lip balm (whatever I have on hand), and Philosophy Kiss Me Intense Lip Therapy is my love!
      3.) NC means neutral cool, but it actually just means you have warm undertones. You can use anything you want, but technically, warmer tones will look better with your skin.
      4.) Try blues and greens! Golds, too, which can warm the brown up.
      5.) I think it’s just practice – years of practice – lol! I pretty much just look straight ahead!
      6.) Beauty blogs!
      7.) Haha, it seems like it depends on how many and how big the MAC collections are that month. There are many MAC collections that I purchase (not samples) for the blog, so those can add up.
      8.) I do on occasion. I follow Renee Rouleau’s advice – if you can pop it within three tries…
      9.) I’m not sure what you mean by hit count – do you mean visits or pageviews? Somewhere around 30,000 visits/day and 100,000 pageviews/day!

  50. bubbles

    Hi Christine, thanks for doing this again :)
    Can you recommend a good sharpener ? I have MAC one, but I always can’t to get it right :(

  51. Mariana


    Sorry I keep thinking of questions!LOL! What do you think of MAC Face and Body foundation for oilier skin? I would like to try it but I am fairly oily and not sure if it would work for me or not. Also, I am NW15/20, do you think N1 or N2 would be better. Thanks so much!

  52. Alicia

    Hi Christine,
    I had a few questions How do you apply your tinted moisturizer. Do you use a finishing powder on top of that? Also I don’t really need foundation so I wanted a tinted moisturizer what one would you recommend and could I use a concealer with it. Thanks

    • I apply with my fingers typically! I do set with a setting powder, though :)

      I love Kiehls and Korres! And yes, you can use a concealer with it.

  53. Emm

    Hey Christine

    I know you love the MAC 226 brush and I know everyone raves about it. I bought it back when it first came out and to be honest, I never use it. For some reason I don’t get the hype.. Is yours a little scratchy because it is so pointed? Mine feels almost scratchy when used in the crease. I was wondering how you use yours exactly? because maybe I’m just not getting the technique right :( Do you use it to place colour and then use another brush to blend? I would like to love this brush!

  54. eveli

    Do you ever have blog sales?……. I love to buy some of your le extras.

  55. eveli

    I also have problems with my freckles. If I put on a heavier coverage it makes them look muddy but I do want to cover mine just because they are very recommended how or what would you recommended my foundation Concealer maybe even a color corrector ( never tried) powder process? ??

  56. eveli

    Wow! You are so dedicated to your blog. I would just like to say thank you so much! For answering our questions a doing what you do to make everything work thanks again

  57. Joanne

    I have black brows and I use black shadow to fill them in. I tried using dark brown or dark gray shadows/pencils to do so, but my black brows seem to stand out.

    I don’t really like the look of my really bold black brows–do you have any recommendations on something else I can use?

    • Have you tried an eyeshadow? I like Espresso or Brun by MAC – I have black-brown hair and find Espresso is just right, Brun is a bit stark/dark on me, and Carbon (black) is strong.

  58. Shannon

    Hi Christine
    sorry this is such a basic question but I have gotten SUCH conflicting answers from MUAs. I am a NC25. What does this mean my tone is? Cool or warm? Please explain because I’ve gotten too many answers! :) thanks

    • You’re warm.

      MAC uses the color wheel, and basically, their system is backwards. “NC” means neutral cool by MAC, but it’s best to think of NW/NC as these: not warm, not cool!

  59. I have 2 minutes left! In your opinion, what is the best concealer for covering acne scars/discoloration for oily skin? Thanks!

  60. Sum

    hi Christine..i hope im not too late for ur ask session? sorry just saw it so late! anyway if u can my questions are…

    1. I bought the YSL rouge volupte lipstick in peach passion (which looks unbeliveably gorgeous on ur lips) but on matter how much i moisturize it settles between my lines and the color looks blotchy as in gathers on different parts on my so dissapointed…how can it look as flawless as it did on urs? I dont have any problems with MAC lipsticks but i really wana work the YSL one!

    2. I missed out on the cremeblend blush from the lillyland collection called Optimistic Orange, i have an NC30 skintone and that orange on me looks like a beautiful peachy color, so is there a similar dupe i can get?

    3. My lashes are long and curl naturally but no volume when i apply mascara..(chanel exceptionnel, loreal telescopic) it makes my lashes look spidery..what mascara can i use to give me thick curled lashes without looking like i used too much mascara which make them look stiff?

    wow such LONG questions…thanks SO much for these, its my FIRST ask temptalia..usually whenever u do these i always forget my questions but this time i made notes beforehand hehe…i literally stalk…check it numerous times a day and love every single aspect! lov ya :)

    • Hey Sum,

      1.) Try using a lip liner before you wear Peach Passion, which may help de-emphasize some of the lines in your lips.
      2.) Try NARS Taj Mahal or Exhibit A.
      3.) Try Maybelline Full ‘n Soft — lots of volume without so much length (which both Exceptionnel and Telescopic do well at!).

      Thank you!

  61. Shana

    What Sun-less tanning product would you recommend (lotion or spray)? Ive never used one before and am not fair skin naturally. Im looking for something thats not going to look streaky or orange.

  62. Mirna

    Hi Christine!
    What does CCO stand for?
    Do you have any recommendations for a good oil control moisturizer and primer?
    Thank you.

  63. Tiffany

    I’ve noticed some people place their crease color e/s first, and then their lid while others do vice versa. Does this make a difference?

    How do you use cream blushes? after foundation & before setting powder, then blush powder? it’s kind of confusing to me.. sorry for the silly question lol.

    how come some mascara products come out of the tube, when you take out the wand? i’m not sure how to explain this.

    Thanks Christine! (:

    • It can – just depends what you do. Sometimes you want a cleaner crease or you want an all-matte crease and it’s easier to do it first.

      I use after foundation but before setting powder. If I’m using a powder blush, I use it before powder blush.

      Do you mean like flakes? It could just be drying out.

  64. Melissa

    Can you use finishing spray over powder?

  65. Quennie

    What’s a great tinted moisturizer for combination/dry skin?

  66. Liza

    Are you ever going to do a beginner’s guide to make-up? I know you have a guide to MAC makeup but just a guide to make-up a general?

  67. Tiffany

    Hi Christine!
    What is your favorite eyeshadow primer?
    Also, do you prefer the UD nude primer potion or the original one?

    Do you have a favorite lip balm to recommend? I have super chapped lips!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      I love MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre or UDPP Eden is good, too. I don’t like the original UDPP, but it creases on me 😛

      I love Philosophy’s Kiss Me Intense Lip Therapy!

  68. Sum

    hi christine…sorry i have another question..ur totally my go-to person for any beauty related question and really admire ur time for that :) the thing is ember glow lipglass sold out sooo fast and im soo wanting that color…would u know a dupe from any brand? thanks alot :)

  69. Mia

    I have oily skin and I use MAC Moisture Tint tinted moisturizer and my face gets oily really quickly throughout the day so wat can i do to prevent this?

    • Do you use a mattifying primer or moisturizer at all? Do you set with powder? Let me know!

      • Mia

        I set with MAC MSF Natural with either a kabuki brush or this Lancome Powder brush but once my face gets oily it looks very cakey

        • Have you tried letting the moisturizer sink in for about 10-15 minutes before setting?

          • Mia

            hmm nope becuz it sets pretty quickly into a matte finish but i’ll take that suggestion. do u think a oily control primer will help if so may u plz recommend one? btw thank u soo so so much for the help and suggestions! :)

  70. Natalia

    what do you think about bare minerals makeup?

  71. Rosie

    How did I miss this session :(. Haha. What your favorite dewy/glowy summer eyeshadow? Or base to get a nice glow? What’s your favorite glowly face product like highlight or bronzer. I’m going for the glow basically. Also any lipstick your recommend to match a glowy bronzy look in the summer for a nc35?

    Sorry it’s late, thanks Christine :).

    • I like MAC’s Strobe Cream — that’s always nice for an all-over glowy product. You could try Bare Study Paint Pot, which has a shimmery, pearly look. I also like Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows for the same reason. My favorite highlighter are Dior Skin Shimmers.

      Crosswires 😀

  72. kristie

    Gah I’m so late for this! My computer was down for couple of days so wasn’t able to stalk your site. Lol. Hope you’re still answering questions…

    1. I admire you for the sheer # of posts you post for us along with juggling graduate school. How many hrs you spend on it?
    2. How do you get people to comment? I’ve seen so many blogs with hundreds of posts but no one ever comments
    3. I know you mentioned PR contacts you for samples but can you also contact them and say hey so and so, I’m interested in this, send me some to review? LOL. I’m sure not in that form but u get what I mean
    4. Has your MBA classes helped with running the site and getting affiliations with other companies? (ie negotiations, contracts)
    5. You mentioned Kiehls moisturizer many times, what is your shade? I’m NC30 and would like to try it.

    Thanks and stay the beautiful talented person you have always been.

    • Hi Kristie,

      1.) I don’t know – too many, probably! I try not to think about it, lol! Whatever free time I have, I do tend to work on Temptalia-related stuff.
      2.) The more engaging your review/post is, the more likely people are to comment! If you talk to people rather than talk at them, I think it encourages people to share their comments with you!
      3.) It really depends on the person–both the blogger and the contact–and how long they’ve known each other or what they’re asking for. I’ve worked with several brands for years, so while I can’t exactly go, “Please send me a 30 pound box of X, Y, Z!” I can say, “Hey, I’m working on The Summer Season…” It doesn’t mean I’ll get it, but there’s a circumstance where you can ask. You can definitely ask, but it may or may not come to fruition!
      4.) Definitely! I can read over contracts and legalese without falling asleep (for the most part), and I also understand a lot more of why certain clauses exist or why such language is *really* there and all that.
      5.) I am Medium!

      Thank you, Kristie!

  73. Tiffany

    I’ve been breaking out a lot and afterwards I’m left with dark spots where I broke out. Would this discoloration be considered acne scars? I’m not sure what to call it.. and do you have any recommendations for this? thanksss!

    • They’re probably hyperpigmentation marks – sometimes they’re scars, but they’re often just hyperpigmentation, which will eventually fade when they’re acne-related. They can take anywhere from a month to a year or two to completely fade, though.

  74. abby

    hi Christine!!! What is your experience with eyelash curlers? I don’t know whether i should spend $19 on a MAC curler or would a revlon one be ok? i am more concerned if i get a revlon curler it would tear off my eyelashes more than a MAC curler would? what do you think?

  75. Elizabeth

    what do you recommend for summer…foundation or no foundation? if yes, what kind?

    • I still wear foundation in the summer, but if I’m going to be outdoors more, I might opt for tinted moisturizer instead :) I always use liquid.

  76. cara

    does cream blush work on slightly oily skin, or would powder be better?
    and are there any drugstore cream blushes that you recommend?

    • Either/or — if you do cream, look for a cream-to-powder or make sure to set with powder!

      Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Blush, I think…

      • Rosie

        Yes, the Maybelline mousse ones are amazing. I let my sister borrow Cloud Wine and she never returned it she liked it so much :). They work on oily skin, just use setting powder on your face as usual and it is good to go.

  77. Mia

    is a reliable website to purchase makeup?

  78. Melanie T

    Hi Christine! It’s so awesome you did this and still answer our questions! I’m not sure if anyone had asked you this::~ Well, 517 responses is like WHOA! Hehe~ So, here are my questions::~ If I were to have either the MAC 187 brush or the MAC 188 brush, which one should I have? Also, does the very-mush-raved-about Beauty Blender do a better job for foundation / cream blushes than the MAC 187 / 188? And I don’t usually do eye shadows because I prefer the natural “nude” look~ Please recommend brushes that does awesome jobs at contouring (especially for the nose area) and buffing out the harsh foundation / blush / highlight / bronzer lines~ Thanks so much!!!

    • If you only want it for cream blush or blush, the 188. For just foundation, the 187. If you want it for both, the 188 (because I find the smaller size better for blush, and it’s fine for foundation, it’ll just take a lil’ longer).

      I love the 168 for contouring, and I use the 275 (yes, an eye brush) for contouring smaller areas. I love the 182 for buffing!

  79. Tiffany

    Christine when you highlight your face, are you supposed to highlight the cheekbone and do the C-motion to above your eyebrows?

    What alcohol percentage is good to clean makeup and stuff with?

    When you do your makeup how do you determine what colors to use (such as eyes, cheeks, lips)? Do you match your clothes to your makeup?

    • You can do that or you can just do the very top of your cheekbone :)

      I think anything over 70% is good.

      I look at what I need to test/review and what’s new and go from there :) Yes, I match my makeup to my clothes or vice versa!

  80. abby

    Hi Christine!! i have trouble deciding which blush to get. Coygirl, Dollymix or Pink Swoon. I usually wear purples and neutral eye with red lipstick. I am an NC30. Thank you so much :)

  81. abby

    Hi Christine!! What brush would you recommend to apply mineralize blushes and mineralize skinfinishes, MAC 131 or MAC 188 ? thank you very much. :)

  82. Hilary

    I was wondering where can I get mac rye eyeshadow, or what’s similar to it???