Monday, March 1st, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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564 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #022

  1. Karen

    I bought Lancome Chris & Tell and it’s okay – but not the perfect peach lippie I was looking for. Can you recommend any true/mostly peach lipstick shades? Also, what is your most anticipated upcoming collection from any brand?
    Love these sessions, thanks!

  2. jen

    Hi! I wanted to ask your advice for extremely dry lips!

    I am ALWAYS putting on medicated chap stick and my lips are ALWAYS peeling. I therefore hardly ever have smooth lipstick application. Do you have any advice for me?? Do I need a lip exfoliator or a lip primer? I just want to be able to wear lipstick even if I forget to put on chapstick! LOL.

    Thanks SO MUCH for doing this Q&A!

    • Hi Jen,

      Here’s my lip how-to…

      I’d say drink more water, use a heavier lip balm (particularly at night) that’s a little more soothing than the chapstick.

    • Sylvie

      Try MAC’s lip conditioner (the one in the pot). I used to have very chapped lips that sometimes just cracked and bled but I started using the lip conditioner (about 5 years ago) and it’s gone now =)

      • StellarStace

        I love aquaphor for healing my dried lips…if you look in drugstores or target/walmart, they come in “travel size” tubes-which are reg blistex-like size, 2 in pack, for just under $6…i have one stuffed literally everywhere. I use that alone a lot, of I let it sink in a min or two before applying lipstick on top!

    • Can I just share something embarassing for a second?

      My lips are ALWAYS jacked up! Ever since I was a kid… In the winter time it’s worse – They often actually hurt to touch (even today as I type this I can feel it).

      Water is DEFINITELY key. Keeping hydrated will help a lot!

      Chap Stick bad! LOL! Well… Maybe not bad but not the best. Even in Medicated Chap Stick, the key ingredient is Petrolatum (Petrolium Jelly). There’s nothing WRONG with that, but your skin does not absorb it, it’s not hydrating at all. It actually creates a seal preventing any of your body’s own moisture from leaving, buy if your lips are dry… There’s obviously not much moisture there anyway.

      Try other products. There are SO MANY other brands – Carmex and Burts Bees lipbalms aren’t much more expensive than Chap Stick and they might work better. I have found that some products just MAKE my lips peel (Carmex does). Look for things with Peppermint Oil in them – Peppermint Oil is hydrating and good for your skin, it also feels calming on irratated skin like chapped lips.

      My top two favorites are:

      Dior’s Lipglow (gives me super soft lips without any peeling at all – which is unheard of for me, but it’s pricey and turns your lips pink).

      And lip plumpers. Because they cause blood to rush to the area, my lips stay full and moist longer than they would if I was just using a regular lip balm.

      Sorry for the ramble… This is a topic I’ve been struggling with myself since childhood – I could go on for days! LOL!

      • Heh. Mine tend to be dry, so it has created a nasty cycle of biting. When they’re dry, I bite them till they bleed, and the inside of my cheek too! It doesn’t matter what lip product I have on, the moment it wears off, I feel the crackly bits rubbing, and want to nibble them even! Not good. I have yet to figure out how to break the habit though.

      • daphne

        Well, diff’rent strokes, because nothing, NOTHING works as well as Chapstick for me. It is genuinely hydrating and everything else I’ve dried just speeds up the drying of my lips, especially Burt’s Bees – worst culprit for me. Carmex actually works well too but the taste…*shudders* So, gotta try a lot of stuff to see what works for you :)

        • I don’t like Burt’s Bees chapsticks, actually… feel super dry to me!

          • HC

            Try Blistex’s Herbal Answer. It’s hard to find in the stores so I got a whole stash of mine from :) I LOVE IT.

          • Steph

            Love Burt’s Bees! I swear by it. I get cold sores if my lips get irritated or chapped (or sick/stressed), and having a thick coat of beeswax lip balm on keeps the moisture in for hours. When I’m at work & can’t take a break for 4 hours I don’t have to worry about my lips getting dry because that stuff stays right on.

    • Hey I have the same problem and I put clarified butter or unsalted butter at night on my lips and the next day its OK.

      • Wow that’s a new one! Interesting! I have tried Olive Oil before and that works pretty well too – I wonder if I put butter on my lips if I would try to eat them in my sleep? πŸ˜‰

    • Lena

      Rosebud Salve is a miracle product, and I’ve never found anything that comes close. It significantly improved the texture of my lips, and when I use it they hardly ever get dry- plus it’s only $6!

    • CL

      I also have really dry lips, and have tried numerous lip balms (Caudalie, Rosebud Salve, Soft Lips, Vaseline, Burt’s Bees, Blistex, etc.), all with varying degrees of success. I drink a lot of water each day and apply lip balm every night, but still need to apply more before applying lipstick as well, or else my lips get dry. This changed recently when I tried out Neutrogena’s MoistureShine lipsticks. It is so moisturizing that I no longer need to apply lip balm beforehand, which is a huge deal for me. It might be worth trying out, if you’re interested – Neutrogena lip products often go on sale in stores. Dusty also mentioned Dior Lipglow – I really love that as well, but I find it doesn’t last long for me, so I end up having to reapply often. Hope this helps!

    • lisa

      Try vaseline petroleum jelly it’s affordable and it actually works!

    • Roya

      have you tried lanolips? Its quite good,and not pricey.

    • iliana

      sleep with your lipbalm on and avoid licking your lips. i read somewhere that this will make it drier because a little of the moisture left in your lips evaporates as well when the saliva evaporates. don’t know how true that is but it kind of makes sense. :) i use nivea or hawaiian tropic lipbalm because i’m not allergic to those. :) for some reason, kiehls and petroleum jelly just don’t seem to be absorbed by my skin…

  3. First, how’s life? I hope it’s relaxing and treating you well :)

    Second, I’m an NW20. Pale (clearly), brown hair and eyes, with freckles. I’m having the hardest time finding a red lipstick that’s flattering! Any suggestions?

    • Hi Sara,

      Have you tried MAC Viva Glam or Russian Red?

      Life, ahh, she is a grueling mistress πŸ˜‰

    • i agree with christine.. i’m very pale with pink undertones and red lipstick looked awful.. but viva glam cyndi looks so pretty on me

    • I’m NC 15, and my favorite reds are Dubbonnet, Brave Red, Spice it Up, Party Line(more berry) and Lady Danger(matte and almost orange). The reds ARE quite overwhelming.

      • Jacke and Dolce, thanks so much! This is why I love Temptalia… not only is Christine a sweetheart, so are her readers! I’ll definitely have to try all these shades ^_^

        • That’s what we’re here for πŸ˜‰

          my mood. Brave reds more glossy/deep ruby on me, Spice it up has a slightly warmer gold/coppery shimmery note, Lady Danger is classic matte red, Dubonnet is a somewhat deeper classic red without as noticeable of a shine. Party line is more berry, and pretty deep, but the color is still very red and a bit more wearable than some of MACS other deep shades(like desire, though I love that color too!) But yeah, I have fairly pink tinted skin, and all of those shades work well on me. Have fun playing with the shades!

  4. hi…so cool you do this…
    My questions:
    1. do you clik your own pics for lip swatches? like u use a tripod or someone else cliks it for you.
    2. Are chanel quads (e/s) worth the money they charge for?
    3. this is fun…will you ever come up with your own line of make-up at sephora?? If so, what wud be your main focus on?

    • Hi Resham,

      1.) Yes, I take them myself without the use of a tripod!
      2.) Some are, some aren’t — I’ve found that mileage varies between them.
      3.) I won’t say absolutely not, but it’s not really on my to-do list. I think my dream would be more collaborating with MAC on a collection :)

      • you have one steady hand!!! njoyed ur answers and looking forward to see your name wth MAC someday…good luck..:)

        • It’s all in the camera, lol! The faster it can shoot, the less you have to worry about steady hands :)

          Haha, in my dreams, in my dreams!

          • No tripod?! I love how your photos are always exactly the same looking – It makes it easier to see the colors. GREAT JOB without a tripod!

            • With a dog running around the house, a tripod isn’t so useful, LOL!

              I like to go with different angles and the like, too, so hand-held is way more fun!

            • Hah! I hear that! I have to put the dogs in the other room if I’m using a tripod :) I’ve got two big beasties who think that if I’m standing up, it must be time to play! :)

            • they are both mutts (a hound mix and a doberman mix). here’s a vid of them ripping apart christmas decorations after a photoshoot:

              i have always loved this because it very accurately captures their personalities. the darker one (bali) is younger and goofy – EATS EVERYTHING and NEEDS attention all the time! the lighter one (paolo) is a bit older, usually acts bored with life and seems to resent our presence most of the time. (unless you hold him in your lap like a baby, then he’s super-happy :)


            • Aww, they are so lovely!! :) Thank you for sharing the video, cuteness!

  5. Ellie

    Can you back to mac old mac stuff for new things in LE packaging? I have enough empty eyeshadows to B2M, but I kind of want to save them to use on the To The Beach collection, but I don’t know if you can cause of the LE packaging. Please let me know!! πŸ˜€

    • I think you’re not, technically, supposed to, but it varies from store to store :/

      • Jenni

        can you b2m LE packaging for a normal packaged product? or is it that you can’t b2m LE & b2m FOR a LE?

        • You can B2M limited edition packaging for a normal product. The concern is if you’re using your B2M products to get a LE packaged product!

    • Mia

      u can actually b2m old LE packaging as long as the box says BACK 2 MAC on the flap but if its plastic and its eyeshadow than you can :)
      if u still dont think u can call ur counter or store and they’ll tell you wat they allow.
      that’ll save you some trips :)

  6. yasmin

    what are your 5 essential MAC products?

  7. Az

    What skincare do you use?

  8. Yay! I love these sessions!

    1) I’ve been thinking about using MAC’s minneralize skin finish to set my foundation but I have oily skin…Do you think it’s bad for oily skin? Or should I continue using MAC’s blot powder?

    2) What’s your favorite lash curler…I’m thinking about getting a shu uemura one.

    • Hi Candi,

      1.) I don’t think it would be bad for oily skin… I know a lot of people like it, and since it is a pressed powder, I don’t think you’d have an issue with using it in lieu of blot powder. I think blot powder might be better, though, because it is a little more “powdery” and thus more absorbent of the oilies!

      2.) I love my shu!!

    • iliana

      I have oily skin and I’ve had better results with blot powder. :) Mineralize skinfinish gives a better finish (less powdery look) but it tends to look greasy on me after more or less 2 hours. :)

  9. First of all I wanna say that I absolutely love your website :) My question is do you know of a good moisturizer for oily skin? Something that’s not really expensive?


  10. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    Hi! I already posted this question but don’t know if you could see it yet so here it is : Which MAC gloss would match the most closely each of the viva glam I, II, III & IV? thanks a lot!

  11. Shanzelizey

    Hi Christine,

    What is the best long-lasting blush you have ever tried? I’ve been using Smashbox, but they fade away really fast.

    • Hi Shanzelizey,

      I usually wear a cream blush topped with a powder blush if I need something really long-lasting. I’ve found most blushes last fine on me, to be honest!

      Do you have find you have oilier skin?

  12. latindolll4

    What are your favorite eyebrow products ? I heard Anastasia products are good have you try those?
    Also , what eye base do you find that makes colors stand out the best ?

    • I just use MAC Espresso to fill them in – don’t find I need anything else really. I’ve used Anastasia products in the past, and I like them, but Espresso is such a good shade match for me that it just works so I stick with that!

      I find colored eyeshadow bases do the best job – I often use MAC pigments as a base if I want color to pop out more.

  13. Jenni

    1. what shade do you use in the Evepearl salmon concealer? what is your application technique (brush, sponge, fingers etc)?
    2. do you have any fav/HG LUSH products? or any that you use on a regular basis?
    3. what eyeshadow colors are best for bringing out brown eyes?
    4. what eye cream do you use? do you have a HG?
    5. have you heard of the asian phenomenon of “BB Creams”? what are your thoughts/have you tried any brands?
    6. on the temptalia search function, does it search through just the posts, or comment sections as well?


    • Hi Jenni,

      1.) I use light, and I use the MAC 217 brush with it.
      2.) I don’t use anything on a regular basis, but I really don’t use *that* many products on a regular basis (just since I’m testing and reviewing new products so often). I really liked their Fresh Face Masks, Ocean Salt, and Angels on Bare Skin!
      3.) I love greens and golds.
      4.) I don’t use any eye cream, so no HG for me!
      5.) I have heard of BB creams, but I haven’t tried any!
      6.) I believe it just searches through the posts, but I’d have to defer to my boyfriend to get a clear answer on that!

  14. Kerry

    yayyy ive been waiting for this for forever πŸ˜€
    but now ive forgotten all my questions :/
    the only one i can think of atm is when will you be reviewing sigma brushes? im sure ill think of more later haha x

      • CAMommy

        Have you gotten your hands on their newly released professional brushes premium kit? I’d love to hear your review on that as well. I bought and received mine already, but I’m just curious to hear your thoughts about it.

      • Kerry

        okay :) cant wait πŸ˜€ btw i didnt mean to sound like one of those really pushy people whos like hurry upp!! haha im just excited for your review πŸ˜€

        ive remembered some questions now :) lol

        1. what neutral colours would you recommend for aan everyday look for nw20 skin?

        2. whats your favourite mac highlight colour? (for eyes)

        3. recently ive noticed my mascara smudges onto my lowere lid.. really really quickly. i havent changed my mascara.. could it be my foundation?

        4. what are the differences between lipglass, lustreglass and plushglass? which is your favourite?

        5. do you ever reecognise people commenting? like almost get to know them? :S that sounds kind of weird.. i hope you understand :)

        thankyou, xo

        • Hey Kerry,

          No worries, I understand! I’m running a bit behind (on everything!), but hopefully very soon I will start getting some reviews up :)

          1.) I’d go with a soft shimmery shade (think Ricepaper or Shroom) on the lid, a medium brown like Soft Brown or Swiss Chocolate, and a deeper brown like Brun (a little cooler brown) in the crease. I’d go with a semi-matte/lightly shimmered pinky blush like Well Dressed for something lighter; for more color, Breath O’ Plum or Dollymix. For lips, either just a slick of gloss like Nymphette or Palatial or maybe a soft shade like Angel and a gloss on top.

          2.) Femme-fi, which was limited edition, so after that, Shroom.

          3.) It could be your foundation, eyeshadow base, or concealer. Is it a new mascara? Like a new tube? Could be that it’s wetter, whereas the older tube was a bit dried out? so it’s smudging faster.

          4.) Lipglass = sticky, thicker, usually more pigmented. Lustreglass = mostly non-sticky, not as thick as Lipglass, and sheer for the most part; more shimmer. Plushglass = non-sticky, has “plumping” ingredients in it, very sheer.

          5.) Yes, I do! There are definitely some “regulars” that I recognize and look forward to hearing from… and that if I don’t see comments from them for awhile, I wonder what happened and if they’re okay!

          • Kerry

            no problem :) thankyou so much for all the answers πŸ˜€ no, its actually a really old mascara. its covergirl lashblast which i got ages ago but i cant bare to throw out cause i cant get it here in the uk and its my absolute fave lol thats so sweet you care so much :) it shows you actually pay attention to the comments and readers πŸ˜€ xx

            • That’s so bizarre then! I’m surprised it would suddenly change on you :(

              Readers like yourself are so vital to the blog – where would I be without you?!

            • Heather H

              Hi Christine,
              I just thought I would mention that I was the Heather that told you a couple months ago that you look alot like my brothers ex-girlfriend( and it wasn’t a bad thing lol!) I put an H behind my name because I noticed there was another Heather posting here :) My question is were you able to get ahold of the Viva Glam Lady Gaga makeup bag? I was going to order one but they sold out very quickly. Also I saw a Mac Spring Colour Forecast haul on You Tube and I could see you in the background of her video(while you were waiting at MAC to get in to see the collection) . Later on she was upset because she didn’t notice you but she did point you out in her video. I thought it was cute :)

            • Hey Heather!

              No worries, I recognize you by your name and your email, ha πŸ˜‰ (I see it all since I comment through the back-end!)

              I didn’t grab one, just because I know that they’re not like… my thing? Like I’m not so in love with either spokespeople that I felt the need to grab one. I know the bags were in very limited quantity and would rather someone who LOVES either (or both!) Cyndi/Gaga to grab one for themselves, you know?

              I didn’t see that, will have to go look for it, haha.

            • Heather H

              Also Christine I’m very sorry for your loss. I use to have two beagles one of them was roaming around in the street and no one to claim him. My neighbors always use to bring him to my house thinking it was my dog. So I just eventually kept him. When I moved to an apartment I wasn’t allowed to have animals so I had to give them up, but thankfully I found homes for them to go. It’s hard to have them and then their gone. Stay strong and remember the good times. I’m really thankful that you have created this website. Im my opinion it’s the best blog out there period :) It really gives me something to look forward to when I get to work in the morning ha ha. I know I’m suppose to be working but browsing through your blog is the first thing I do in the morning! I’m so excited for the Liberty of London collection it launches on my birthday so that makes it even sweeter! Have a good night!

            • Thank you, Heather! It’s really too bad you had to give them away, but it’s awesome you found good homes for them! :)

              It was his time — he lived nearly eighteen years — so it was the right decision, but there is still that sense of loss and grief that accompanies it.

          • Cherie

            Ahh what a great question #4!!!! I was actually wondering that myself the other night!

            Thanks for clarifying Christine :) :)

  15. Monet

    What were your February favorites?

    • Korres #22 Rose Guava Lipstick, Bobbi Brown Nectar Shimmerbrick, Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral Pot Rouge, Chanel Rouge Coco, Milani Liquif’Eye

  16. Tiffany

    When you use alcohol to clean your makeup, what percentage do you use?
    What skincare do you use?
    Thanks Christine!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      I think the one I use is 92% or so? I know it is in the 90s. I tend to just grab whatever is available when I run out!

      My skincare varies a LOT, because I’m constantly trying out new things. (Well, by constantly, I mean, every 6-8 weeks or so!) So I don’t really have a skincare routine per se!

  17. Oooh! Now I just have to remember the ones that occurred to me after I missed the last session!

    What colors do you find you don’t wear as often? Is there anything you truly feel you dislike wearing/don’t look good in/have to really WORK to look OK in?

    Also, I think I asked this in the past, but I’m having a hard time recalling what you suggested other than Cetaphil, which broke me out. A good daytime moisturizer for someone who doesn’t particularly have dry skin, but spends a lot of time walking outdoors in inclement weather conditions. i have an awesome night cream(REN Boswellia serrata) but right now i need a touch more for when I wake up. Tying in with that, are there any products with a high SPF(40 or above) that I could try? Every commercial sunscreen I’ve tried breaks my face out uncontrollably, but i burn REALLY easily, and am quite pale, so I need SOMETHING….

    Also, how do you organize your lipsticks? Brand, color, depot like the tutorial you posted earlier(I am eager to try that!) Do you DIY with beauty products, often?(make chapsticks or plumpers, etc.)

    Umm, and also, what’s your go-to mascara? It seems like you use chanel Exceptionale(?) a lot, but I can’t find the reviews. I am currently using Diorshow mascara, in chestnut brown, but wanted to try something new for my true black mascara. I wasn’t sure if the Buxom lash brush really is that awesome, comparatively, or how the other dior mascaras(blackout, etc.) compared to Diorshow or Exceptionale!.

    Agh. Rambling again. I don’t think any of those were what I meant to ask, but now i’m curious.

    Also, do you know if there’s a fragrance like the Dior forever foundation? I’m afraid to experiment too much, since I have mild perfume allergies, but it would be nice to know what it is.

    • Hey Dolce Aria!

      1.) Mustard-y yellows, even neon yellow. I find that unless it’s golden toned, it’s harder for me to work with and looks like someone vomited on me… ew.
      2.) Have you tried Shiseido’s? Blue Lizard (more affordable)? Kiehl’s is nice, too, but I don’t think they have anything above 30!
      3.) I organize my lips by brand. The only one that’s really organized is MAC, since I have so many, and I have those organized by limited edition in one area and permanent shades in another! I don’t like lip brushes (too lazy), so I don’t think I’ll be de-tubing myself but love Dusty!!
      4.) Chanel Exceptionnel – just bought my second tube! MAC Plushlash would be a close runner-up.
      5.) I have no idea, actually… I haven’t sniffed that one in awhile, LOL.

      • Heh. THat makes me feel a bit better- I have the same issue! I can blend yellow or gold with other colors, but on its own it just looks baaaaaaaaaad.

        Blue lizard? I’ll have to look that up, I love the name! Are those suggestions Moisturizers, or sunscreens, or both?

        Hmmm. I might have to try Exceptionnel next. Gotta see if its a Nordstroms item(that i can get locally) or if i have to buy it online.


        OH! Also, have you ever tried working with vibrant orange lips? I’ve wanted to lately, but am worried that its just a dumb fixation. I’d like a color similar to MACs Red Brick eyeshadow. So Chaud was close, but I’d like something a wee bit oranger. I don’t know why, but wanting rusty orange lips is obsessing me!

        • That’s the brand and it seems like they have regular and sensitive formulas for sunscreen. Not sure how emollient it is, so it might be able to do double duty.

          I’ve done it, but I don’t like orange on my lips, haha. Not even orange-reds!

          Maybe Meltdown? Neon Orange is PRO and is superrr orange, but not really rusty orange.

    • traci

      A face sunscreen that I didn’t have interest in, but ended up being amazing is some of the Coola products. Here’s the face one I adore:

  18. Sabah

    have you ever dyed your hair other colors, also whats your natural hair color? thanx

    • Hi Sabah,

      The hair color you’ve seen on this blog is pretty much my natural color. I haven’t dyed my hair in maybe four or five years? Well, I think I had some “highlights” that I put in myself (ha, ha) about five years ago, but I haven’t dyed my whole head o’ hair in probably six years.

  19. Alexis

    How much does your skin color change from summer to winter? I am usually an NC30, but it doesn’t seem to be the right match right now – a touch too dark.

    • I’m about NC25 and maybe get to NC30 in the summer. I tan really, really fast, even with plenty of sunscreen, so it really depends on how much I’m outside. Like one summer we played tennis nearly everyday, and I think I was wearing NC40 at some point!

  20. Katrina

    Hey Christine!

    I was wondering if you could suggest a foundation primer that specifically works to fill in pores and possibly fine lines, but the pores part is most important to me. I currently use Smashbox photofinish but it is almost empty and I am itching to try something new!

    Also, could you recommend a blush brush by MAC? I like to focus on the apples of my cheeks and blend outward!

    Thanks so much girl!! Your blog rocks!!

  21. Felicia

    girl about town or show orchid? or both? πŸ˜‰

    • Show Orchid, if I had to pick, since it has the fun sheen πŸ˜‰

      • Felicia

        so they ARE similar right? how about impassioned? it seems similar too. normally i would just buy them all but i’m at the point where i dont even wear that much makeup anymore so buying all of everything i want is simply not an option :(

        • They’re certainly similar, but it’s kind of like, well, how similar is similar enough, you know? Like for some, a dupe only has to be 80% the same to be a good dupe, but someone else wants it to be 99%!

          I think Show Orchid is the most fun. Impassioned and Girl About Town seem a little more similar to each other, but with their finishes looking a little different, if I’m remembering correctly…

      • neli

        hi christine, what is the best remedy for red eyes due to eyeshadows .. love makeup but i hate going out looking like i need a sleep badly plz help

        • Hi Neli,

          Are your eyeshadows causing your eyes to turn red? Is it the eyeball area or is it the lid itself?

          • neli

            the eyeball area…………

            • Is your eyeball area red without the eyeshadow? I ask because if it’s getting red because you’re using eyeshadow, you should discontinue the use, since it would seem like you are having an allergic reaction! :(

            • neli

              just what i thought i cud be allergic but i never have problems with mascaras especially the waterproof ones… damn!! thanks anyways n God bless


            • If they’re red or purple eyeshadows, you might just be allergic or irritated by the red dyes!

        • Megan

          I’m not Christine but I’ve been using anit-redness eye drops when my eyeballs get red from makeup.. makes me look instantly awake!

  22. ellebelle

    Hey Christine,

    Do you know of a face scrub that is all grainy in texture as opposed to the more prevalent ones that are a gel or cream base with some “balls” suspended in them? I really like the salty, sugary feel. (Drug store priced ones would be ideal)
    Thanks a lot!!!


    • Hi Elle,

      Maybe Queen Helen Oatmeal ‘n Honey, though it’s not necessarily a salt/sugar scrub, it definitely doesn’t have the jojoba beads or exfoliating beads! I think this one might be sugar-based… Kiss My Face Potent and Pure Start Up.

    • Salvinia

      St Ives Apricot Scrub is really good too, and cheap! The scrubby bits are made of crushed walnut shells so it’s super grainy-feeling.

  23. brandi


    First love your website by the way. Every time I try to buy makeup I get so overwhelmed with all the brands and products and end up buying nothing. How do you choose?

    • Hi Brandi,

      LOL, being a total and unabashed beauty addict helps me a lot with it. I like to read reviews online, either on blogs or through review aggregate sites (I actually really like Sephora for a good big picture review, since they have SO many reviews!). I also, in the beginning, found it easier to concentrate on what new products were coming out, too.

      I think a nice way to start is by just going for one or two brands in the beginning and learn about what you like, don’t like, etc. and go from there.

  24. daphne

    First, I just wanted to throw out there that I picked up a lipstick yesterday I think you would love, Pink Dawn from Laura Mercier. It’s what I think of as the signature Temptalia lip: coralish pink with lots of gold shimmer! It’s a little bit sheer but buildable to full color. I actually had Guerlain Gems in my purse and swatched them together, and it’s like a lighter version of it, slightly less gold. Loving it! :)

    Okay, so a curious question. Obviously this blog and beauty is a huge part of your life. But is makeup actually a significant part of your non-blog life? I mean, how often do you actually wear a full face on a given day? I know you post a lot of looks where you mention that you just put it on, photograph for the blog, and wash it all off, and that you said you don’t really wear makeup for class. So outside of doing the blog, do you actually not wear it much? Just curious, really! Obviously you love beauty and know a lot about it, but I’m always amazed at how people’s professional lives differ from their everyday (e.g., professional chefs who refuse to cook at home, that sort of thing).

    • Ohh, I’ll have to check it out! Thanks, Daphne :)

      I use to wear makeup ALL the time, but since I’m really busy between school and blogging, I don’t wear a full face out for as much as it is a chance for my skin to breathe as I don’t necessarily have it on yet. Like I tend to start my day with, “I’m going to wear makeup!” and then I get distracted by one thing or another and it’s 5pm and time to go to school! So many times, it ends up winding down towards late afternoon or early evening, and I’m like, “I need to try this or that and put it in a look!” but since I’m not going anywhere, I don’t leave it on for long.

      At school, I don’t get taken seriously with full makeup on (no matter how tastefully I feel it’s done!), so I definitely don’t bother there! I usually have class in the morning, a big gap in the afternoon, and then class in the evening, so that’s why I’ll do my makeup but then remove it before I go to class in the evening.

      • daphne

        Thanks for the answer – definitely interesting to hear :) Funny how having a beauty blog has sucked away some of your time to actually wear makeup, huh?

        That’s such a shame that you don’t get taken seriously with makeup on – I understand that it happens, but to me that’s just more sexism at work. It’s like, if you’re too obviously feminine, you don’t get thought of as terribly smart.

        • It is kind of funny, but at least it keeps me creative trying to see how to make new stuff work together :)

          Yeah, it sucks that it happens, and though I tried to “buck the system,” it was causing me way more stress than I wanted to deal with. I had professors talk down to me, ask me why I bothered with law school, and peers laugh at me when I say I’m in the program from it.

          • daphne

            UGH. That really sucks and I’m sorry to hear it! You can only fight against that crap for so long before you just have to get on with your life. And of course, god forbid you not be feminine enough either. Sigh.

          • traci

            I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

          • lol i can definitely relate to it. I get noticed a lot more with my full face of make-up on, but I do get an impression people think of me as frivolous.
            However, there was a study that women who do wear make-up to work make more money than those who don’t…interesting.

            • It’s probably no-makeup-makeup look, you know? Like when studies show that men prefer women without makeup… it’s not necessarily NO makeup, it’s very natural makeup.

            • daphne

              Yep, I imagine it’s a subtle or nearly invisible look. It’s not so much “look made up” that is expected of professional women as “don’t you dare show signs of aging or imperfection.” Which for ME defeats the whole purpose of makeup – I don’t believe in wearing makeup to hide my “flaws” (I’m slowly working on convincing myself that even the features I don’t like aren’t flaws, just something I need to learn to embrace), but rather to enhance my face. I want makeup to be visible if I’m wearing it! :)

            • I feel ya, Daphne! I like both. I like the idea of enhancing, not necessarily covering up, certain features, and I think makeup should be self-expression and fun and creativity. It shouldn’t be in this one box where you can’t let people know you LOVE IT!

          • Sucks that you’ve had that experience too. At my old work site(my company manages multiple locations) I had that problem even WITHOUT makeup. Even walking in barefaced, I was still picked out automatically as the “problem” employee. Had management STARE at me while talking to employees about “flirting” and appropriate conversation(I NEVER talk at work, but there were only two or three other women at my site. It was fairly blatant, given the behavior of some of my other coworkers that wasn’t penalized). Also, every time someone else failed to show for a shift and they tried to make me come in, they would harass me for wanting “family” time if I couldn’t, and talk down to me about how I need to take my professional life as seriously as my “romantic entanglements”. For the record, I was with my boyfriend the ENTIRE TIME, and did not even talk to the people at work when it could be avoided. And I’m REALLY uncomfortable with attention and quick to tell people “THats enough. I’m not interested”.

            It really SUCKS the place that women have been relegated to in so many fields. Like,you HAVE to work, to support yourself and your family, but you can’t be taken seriously AS a worker, because you happen to look somehow softer..

            But yeah. In my entire time at that site, I wore makeup maybe two days, and both days, the harassment was so bad I’d walk to the bus stop feeling violated, adn in tears. And for me, THATS SAYING SOMETHING, considering some of the harassment I’ve dealt with in the past! It got to the point where I contemplated buying a fake engagement ring, in the hopes that appearing “unavailable” would help with it! Because simply saying “I am not interested, and I don’t date people from work” just made me look more enticing! Then again, of hte other two women, one was twice my age, adn the other was a VERY masculine lesbian, who passed for a man, except when she talked.

            Unfortunately, I can’t pull off a buzz cut, and I don’t have a particularly androgynous face. SO I think I got more, because of it.

            Ugh. It still makes me want to cry thinking of it. I haven’t thought of that craphole in months!

            • Aww!! I am so sad to hear about that, Dolce Aria :( That is just terrible!

              *hugs* I hope your new site/location is much better… that is beyond sickening! Just awful.

            • New location is a good bit better. I still get somewhat marginalized, but its subtle enough to the point where i CAN every so often wear neutral makeup, without noticing drastically different treatment. That said, my manager tends to treat ALL of us like idiots, so the difference is that, although its upsetting, I no longer feel singled out in the harassment. So I would still call it an improvement! Though I’m less fond of the continued issues I’ve had with my site over the “uniform”. Obviuosly, there aren’t that many fairly petite women in my industry. So its IMPOSSIBLE to find anything that fits, since our uniform clothes are all built for MEN, particularly larger men, and all the female options are several sizes too large for me! They’ve complained to me about how I don’t appear “professional” and need to “comply with the uniform” when I’m wearing the clothes that THEIR OWN CORPORATE OFFICE fit me for! Plus, we don’t have uniform items like sweaters, or warm winter hats—which is a MUST for the night shift, particularly for someone who doesn’t have as much insulation. I think ALL of my coworkers have me beat by about 50 pounds, so obviously I’m the one who has the most problems being cold. So NO one can tell me not to wear a sweater, unless they’re offering me a sweater they won’t bother me for! Common sense?

              Ah well, that’s what I get for working in a “male” industry though. I just feel so bad because it seems like so many industries, and fields of study are LIKE this nowadays! It seems like a particularly stupid code to hold a woman to. So long as you look neat enough for first impressions, what’s the big deal if you look “different” than male colleagues?

            • LOL, equal opportunity discrimination, sure! I suppose better for everyone to suffer than you alone. I hope it gets for you. It still sucks that it’s still not ideal (or even CLOSE!).

              Women seem to have to balance being masculine enough to be taken seriously, but not so masculine that then they’re a “bitch.”

          • Rosie

            That really sucks. I actually read a thing recently on how many women don’t bother with makeup due to work, maybe it was in the comments here, most likely. It is bothersome that it’s such a mans world and showing femininity takes away from the fact that you’re intelligent and just as capable as the men.

  25. Vrushali

    I want to know the right way to apply lipstick. Is it always recommended that you apply lip gloss over the lipstick? And how do I carefully line my lips without ending up with the “dark border” look?

    • You don’t have to apply gloss at all, though it is easier to apply gloss on top of lipstick for sure :)

      Use the slant of the pencil, rather than the tip, to line your lips!

  26. JB

    Do you think makeup (certain brands of course) is just way too expensive? I mean my bank account should not be emptied just by buying four things!

    • I think it is important to buy everything in moderation. A lot of it is about the value you get as a customer relative to how much you can afford. I can’t afford to purchase a $45 lipstick everyday, but I can do so every so often and not feel guilty for it, you know? There are several higher-end or more luxury brands that are incredibly expensive, but again – if you can afford it, more power to you!

      If you like what you buy, you use what you buy, and you enjoy it… AND you can afford it without going broke or missing your rent, go on with your bad self πŸ˜‰

  27. liz

    Hi Christine!

    I’m very fair skinned, have light green eyes and medium brown hair. What color lipsticks (in any/all color families) would you recommend for me? I usually do neutral/gold eyeshadow.

    Thanks so much!

  28. Janine

    I was looking at one of your looks and you mentioned “water based mixing medium”. I could only find it online at Mac Pro which I don’t think I can order from since you have to be a member. Do you know of another line that has a mixing medium I can use with pigments.

    • Hi Janine,

      You can order via phone for MAC PRO without being a member – I usually just call up the nearest PRO store (for me, that’s San Francisco) and have them ship it to me. But anyway, you can make a DIY version that’s 1 part glycerin (found in the first aid aisle, usually) and 3 parts water!

  29. latindolll4

    Hi Christine !,

    I love your blog, it gets me in lot’s of trouble but it’s wonderful , with simple clear and precise explaination of products and how they work , plus i love your tutorials ! Are there going to be more now in 2010? I would love a simple everyday look or sexy date look :)

    I have one question. Many companies are coming out with age decelerating moisturizers that claim to keep you looking young . Do these really work? I’m planing in buying one as I am in my late 20’s .They are pricey do you have any good recommendations?

    • Hi! :)

      I will definitely try to have more tutorials this year!

      I haven’t tried any myself. As far as I’m concerned, most over the counter products aren’t going to turn back the hands of time. I think there may be a few stellar ones that minimize some aging effects, but it’s not going to erase it all, even if you use it religiously for weeks. The best way to avoid aging too quickly is to wear sunscreen at all times, avoid pulling/tugging at your face, wear sunglasses if it’s bright (squinting your eyes makes for more fine lines!), and make sure to remove your makeup every night before bed.

      • jen

        this may be a stupid question but how does removing makeup before bed help? i never remove my makeup :/ (i don’t wear foundation… only tinted moisturizer and eye makeup and blush)

        • Leaving your makeup can cause some of these potential problems…

          1.) Mascara can cause you to have harsh, brittle, or dried out lashes that then become more prone to breaking
          2.) Clogs your skin and inhibits your skin’s natural renewal process (where it sheds dead skin)
          3.) Makeup left on skin for prolonged periods may dry out the area

  30. Brandy

    Could you recommend some coral blushes? Preferably matte or with minimal shimmer. I’ve looked around a bit and everything I’ve seen so far has way too much shimmer/glitter or is too pink.

  31. Tabi

    Hi Christine!

    First off, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! I’ve learned so much, and I can’t say enough how all of us appreciate just how much work you put into it! πŸ˜‰

    I was wondering where you got that adorable little (refillable?) water spritzer you use in your putting on foundation videos (with the 109, 187, etc brushes). I Googled a decent amount and checked Amazon and other places and wasn’t able to find something like it! I want something small so I have to refill often (and water doesn’t get a chance to sit too long) and that spritzes really well… like yours! =)

    Thanks so much!

  32. Laure

    Do you think I’ll have to wear a blush under Nectar Shimmerbrick? In that case, which one?! On, they say it’s just an highlighter…
    Thanks for all :)

    • Nope, I don’t think so!

      • Laure

        Cool, I’ll have more money to buy Benefit lipstick :)

        We’re always saying that cheeks and lips colors DO go together! Do you think Candy store will be good with Nectar shimmerbrick?

        I don’t really know which color I should put on my lips when I’m wearing purple eyeshadows… pink of course… But coral? terracotta (in summertime)? How do you choose?

        • Hi Laure,

          I experiment a lot :) Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to start over. I tend to like cooler, more blue-based pinks or fuchsia pinks when I wear purple myself!

  33. jen

    I have really clear skin so I don’t wear foundation (sometimes I wear a tinted moisturizer). BUT I flush red VERY easily! Do you think wearing foundation would help this? Or do you have any other suggestions?

  34. Amanda

    Hello :) I was wondering which foundation doesn’t give you a white cast on your face when you take pictures? & what causes that white cast? I’ve been using Revlon Colorstay foundation and I’m starting to think that the white cast is only from drugstore brand foundations. Is there a foundation you recommend, whether drugstore or high-end brands?

    • Foundations with SPF, in general, tend to give you that “white cast.” When I know I’m going to have a lot of photos taken, I opt for something like Make Up For Ever HD. I’ve found that the white cast in lower SPF foundations (like SPF 15) aren’t noticeable in photos (at least not for me), though.

      • yep, its the titanium dioxide used for SPF. I just wish more of the “camera ready” brands had better pale colors. I have yet to find a good match in smashbox or MUFE. Awesome products though.

  35. Michelle

    Do you have recommendations for the perfect golden pink lipstick and lipgloss? I am forever on the hunt . . . Love your blog — thanks for all of the time you put into it!

  36. Hi, Christine! I love your blog and read it everyday! Thank you for your amazing service!

    I wanted to ask if you knew of a matte (or satin-y) light gray MAC shadow in its permanent line. Perhaps lighter than copperplate? All of the light grays I have tried to find are often too silver-y/blue toned. Thanks in advance!

    • Maybe something like Scene (though that leans blue a bit) – I haven’t seen any other MAC shadow that wouldn’t be too silver otherwise!

    • Michelle

      Hi, just thought I’d chime in here :) MAC online still has the Tone Grey quad. It has 2 gorgeous satiny grey shades, a highlight colour, and a blue colour. The grey shades are not blue or not too silver. They are kind of muted grey shades — they are super soft and blend well! Hope this helps!

  37. kristie

    1. Have you tried anything from the MAC Lightful collection? Any thoughts?

    2. Have you tried any Chanel Lumiere foundations? I tried Mat Lumiere..coverage was great but in 2 hrs, it was streaky and terrible

    3. Would you recommend Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for someone with acne-prone sensitive skin?


    • Hi Kristie,

      1.) Nope!
      2.) I haven’t actually tried Chanel foundation, but it’s definitely on my list of things I’d like to try!
      3.) I haven’t heard many reader complaints (nothing actually comes to mind) about Laura Mercier as problematic for acne-prone or sensitive skin!

  38. shelpen

    I am quite pale and have to wear a sunblock (SPF 30 at least) every day… But I also want to try a couple of bases (Chanel, YSL…) The question I still cannot figure out is: what goes first – sunblock or base?

  39. Jen

    Can you give me a nice daytime eyeshadow combo, from Mac, to wear with the new Lady Gaga and Pink Burst lipstick? I’m Nw20 and have been using just Bare Study paintpot with eyeliner and mascara, horrible, I know! Thanks for your help:)

  40. Hi Christine,

    I am Korean with fair skin, dark hair and dark eyes (I use Dior Nude in #10). Also, I have a tiny tiny double eyelid that doesn’t accommodate dark “crease” shadows. If I wear them, I have to wear it right above my eyelashes in my small double lid. I’m looking for a collection of 4 shadows that I can wear on a daily basis (I’m in medical school so I can’t go to school nor the hospital with crazy smokey eyes) What would you recommend for me? Also, what cheek color would you recommend? And lastly, what’s your favorite concealer? =)


  41. leanne

    On the upcoming collection ‘too fabulous’ with the promo image of the two women, do you know what lip products they’re wearing? Its a nude-pink very shiny lip; i read somewhere it may be Angel with one of the new cremesheens.

  42. CC

    What is your favorite lipglass color? I want to get a new lipglass, something new for the spring. πŸ˜€ I’m a NC15 and I like pinks and peaches πŸ˜€

    I also saw some reviews on your site about Benefit Highbeam and moonbeam, which one is better for me?

    Thank you, thank you
    β™₯ this Q&A

  43. Amanda

    I have been thinking about trying Fix+. Is it worth the $? Can you tell a difference in using/not using it? What are some uses for it other than applying wet e/s, and setting/refreshing makeup?

    • Amanda

      Fix+ spray that is, thought I should clarify.

      • Sixx

        I love Fix+ most for setting my BareMinerals foundation. (Or any other powder foundation) It makes a big difference in minimizing the pores around my nose & cheeks which mineral foundation can sometimes accentuate.

    • No, I can’t tell the difference, LOL. I never understood the love for Fix+. It’s refreshing, sure, but I don’t feel like it does anything else that a mist of water wouldn’t do!

      • Rosie

        I like it to use instead of water or mixing medium with pigments and shadows and it lasts forever for that too.

    • Megan

      I find when I spray fix+ to set my foundation.. the foundation comes off easier.. not a cute look when its on a white sweater!!!

  44. KIKI

    Hey Christine,

    Have you ever tried the Laura Mercier eye crease brush? It looks very similar to the MAC 226 but I can’t get my hands on one now so was just wondering if you’ve tried that LM one and how does it compare?

    • daphne

      I JUST got a mini version of this crease (“ponytail”) brush in a LM set yesterday. It is super SUPER soft. Not nearly as firm as the 226 so might not define the crease as well. Definitely better for a softer, more diffuse crease. It’s also longer and not quite as pointed. I think it’s more like a less-fluffy 224 in the end than like the 226.

  45. Jen

    How do you depot MAC eyeshadows?

  46. roxanne

    Hi , thanks for doing this! Can you give me a great everyday go-to eyeshadow combo for brown eyes and dark hair? Thanks again!

  47. Florence

    Have you tried the new Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 and the 130 Brush? If so, what do you think?

    • I haven’t tried either yet, though I did just get the 130 brush!

    • Sylvie

      I think it’s very lightweight and has about medium coverage so concealer isn’t necessary unless you have really obvious blemishes. I also have the 130 brush, it’s denser than the 188 and applies product more heavily too- I’ve used the foundation almost two weeks now and I’ve got a big dip in the compact! Though, I’ve been having a breakout recently since I travelled to a humid place and the foundation did a decent job of covering all that. Give it a try, ask for a sample from your MAC store/counter.

  48. Eyeris

    Hi Cristine!!! I love it when you do this!!!
    Okay my question is what are the must have creme blushes????
    What are the purpose/use for the MAC creme bases??
    what are the must have shades for the Pro long wear lipcolors?
    is there a dupe for the mac Ombres (the grape and peach shade? I wasnt able to get them and they are sold out everywhere?

    • Hi Eyeris,

      1.) I like Poseytint and Sweet William a lot!
      2.) They can be used on lips or cheeks, sometimes on eyes. Some for highlighting, blushing, contouring, or as a base (but if you have oilier lids, harder to use them as a base!).
      3.) I like Night Rose and Clingpeach a lot.
      4.) Vintage Grape is a bit like Breath O’ Plum. Ripe Peach is a bit like Springsheen, though not as shimmery.

  49. Eyeris

    Oh yeah I wanted to ask also what is the the best way to keep my bushes from faiding troughout the day?

    • Hi Eyeris,

      I’d try either using a primer underneath or setting with powder at the end. I also find that you should pat, then lightly sweep, and kind of blend it enough so it “melds” with the skin.

  50. irini

    helloooo temptalia!do you have any idea how can i make bronzer last longer?also my crease colour seems to fade no matter how much primer i apply.any recomendations?

    • Hi Irini,

      What primer are you using on your eyes? Do you bring the primer all the way up to your brow bone?

      For bronzer, I suggest using a face primer as well, which can help keep your makeup lasting longer, and then set with powder.

  51. Cara

    i have brown/hazel eyes and i was wonder what the top 10 mac eyeshadows would be for my eye color

    • Hey Cara,

      You can pretty much wear any colors – brown eyes work really well with a variety of eyeshadows.

      I think you’d look lovely in some of MAC’s greens, like Sumptuous Olive and Juxt, as well as warmer neutrals like Goldmine and Bronze.

  52. Sara

    I ask for the best foundation for photos! I’ll makeup my friend for her wedding and I have to choose a good foundation!
    I would also ask if is true that foundations with spf make skin lighter in photos with flash!!

  53. Alison

    Do people ever recognize you in public?

  54. Amanda

    Couple more questions for you, sorry, should have included them in the first comment, but they just came to me :)

    I have very red/pink undertones to my skin, green eyes, freckles, red hair. Should I be using NC or NW shades?

    Also I have been thinking of starting a beauty blog for a while. I know this field is saturated, but it’s a love/obsession of mine so I thought…what the heck. Do you have any suggestions for a newbie? Im specifically wondering about ads and who to contact for products to review. Thanks!

    • Hey Amanda,

      It sounds like you are NW. Are your veins blue? Then you’re cool toned and should use NW! (If they’re green, then you’re warm and should use NC.)

      If you LOVE it, do it. Why not? Love it and enjoy it. I wouldn’t worry about ads or who to contact until you’ve been at it for several months – it’s important to build up an audience and show your voice and style before reaching out to brands. Keep in mind that because it’s so saturated, brands and PR are inundated with requests — even from bloggers who don’t even have ANY posts! For ads, you can use something like Google AdSense, which is easy to sign-up for and use.

      • Amanda

        Thank you. Yes my veins are blue. I get so confused about this because I normally lean to cool shades, and figured NC (c would mean cool) and NW (w would mean warm). Are you supposed to use the opposite?

        • MAC has NW/NC based on the color wheel, which to most of us, doesn’t make sense. For the sake of remember, think NW = not warm, NC = not cool. OR NW = needs warm (because you’re cool) or NC = needs cool (because you’re warm).

          • I’ve always wondered how their system works. I wear a NC 15, but my skin is CLEARLY pink tinted and cool. So, I’m supposedly in their product for yellow/cool tinted skin?

            Agh. I’ve given up analyzing it.

        • kathy

          Here is a link to the explanation from MAC on how the shades work.

          Also, quite often they will give you a different shade depending on what you tell them you want to cover (ie, undereye circles will be different than blemishes)

  55. Val

    Hi Christine! I just have two quick questions. What are your thoughts on

    1) the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer?
    2) Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar?


    • I haven’t tried LM’s Tinted Moisturizer — but it is on my list! — and Hope In a Jar was a bit too oily for me. It had the weirdest texture to me, LOL.

  56. Hey! Thank you for doing this! What brush do you use for your fluidline. Any tips? And how do you like the Lancome Juicy Tubes? Worth it? :) Thank you!!

    • Hi Chelsea,

      I use MAC’s 208 :) Love it!! The 266 is too thick for me when I use fluidline, so I prefer the thinner size of the 208.

      They’re nice, but they are pricey. Since I personally like more pigmented gloss, not worth it to me, know what I mean?

      • Ok thanks! I have the 209, but I’m wondering if its too thick! :)

      • Steph B

        How does the 208 compare to the 263? I’ve been using the 266 and it is generally ok but think a thinner brush would be better.

        • I really prefer the 208 for gel liners – it gives me that thin, precise edge and line that I like. I’ll use the 263 if I want something thicker, but still prefer the 208. 266 is too thick for me for sure!

          • Haylie

            The 208 is amazing! It makes the cleanest line I have ever seen. Thanks to you Christine for the recommendation.

  57. lunatwinkle

    Hi Christine! I love your Spring Season entries. But do you think you can do more drugstore lippies? I’ve only seen a few, and I cannot really afford a lot of the high-end brands. Thanks, love your blog! XD

  58. Sara

    I love your blog and read it almost obsessively – which beauty blogs do you read or recommend?

    • I love Makeup and Beauty Blog by Karen, Musings of a Muse by Izzy, Product Girl by Carla, Pursebuzz by Elessa, and We Heart This by Tyna and Stef (and more authors, I believe!).

  59. Nik

    HEY! Do you have a top 5 of your fav blushes? I saw that you aren’t fond of mac mineralize, and I found last month they aren’t lasting as long on me, so I guess I’m skipping the beautiful looking mac duos coming out!
    I loved benefit dandelion for years but I am looking for something awesomer, haha!! I wear bare escentuals medium foundation but I hate their blushes. OO also have you had any good experiences with mac sheertone?
    Finally, thank you for your beautiful pictures, they are so very helpful!

  60. Claudia

    Hey thanks for doing this!

    I forgot the questions I had ready from the last session but I just thought of one!

    How often do you “clean” your lipsticks? How? Cleaning means just dipping in alcohol? I’m a newb at the whole cleaning lipstick deals.

    I’ve just recently bought too many lipsticks while I never wore them before I’d like to keep these cleans and living longer.

    Also, storing them in the fridge really helps with shelf life?


    • Hi Claudia,

      I do it approximately every six months, and I dip it into alcohol, then I let it sit for 10-15 minutes before putting the cap back on. You could also blot with paper towel or tissue.

      It can help, but if you keep them somewhere that’s cool and not warm (e.g., not the bathroom), I don’t think getting as cold as the refrigerator is that much better. The idea is that bacteria thrives in warm, moist environments!

  61. Diana

    Hey Christine, I had a quick question. I just started putting eyeliner on my waterline using urban decay 24/7 zero but it tends to irritate my eyes by making them watery and it really smudges and goes everywhere. Do you have any recommendations for eyeliner better suited for the waterline?

    Also, what is your favorite make-up remover? Thanks a lot!

  62. HC

    I LOVE Q&As!!

    What’s your favorite..

    MAC blush?
    MAC eyeshadow?
    MAC pigment?
    MAC lipstick?
    MAC lipglass/lustreglass?

    • Hi HC!

      Concealer: Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
      MAC Blush: Margin
      MAC Eyeshadow: Rye (LE), Patina (Permanent)
      MAC Pigment: True Chatreuse (PRO)
      MAC Lipstick: Mari-sheeno (Asia Exclusive); Sweetie (Permanent)
      MAC Lipglass/Lustreglass: Luminary (Lustreglass)

  63. Emily

    Hi Christine

    I was wondering if you know of any good white eyeliner besides the NYX jumbo pencils? I live in the UK so they aren’t available here.

    I love your site by the way :)

    • I know Cargo has a good flesh-y toned one! :)

      MAC has one, too… I want to say it’s called Fascinating, but I feel like that’s wrong.

      Thanks, Emily!

  64. HC

    What’s your go-to heat protectant spray for hair?

  65. HC

    What do you think of Sigma Makeup brushes? I know you stated that you were going to do a review but I’m dying to read it!

  66. Z

    hi christine,
    How did you come up with the name temptalia? (sorry if you have answered this before somewhere else and I missed it) Also, I can’t seem to get nailpolish to stay on my nails for more than a day without chipping. Any suggestions? Thanx!

    • Temptalia is a made-up word (by me! when I was like sixteen!) that is supposed to mean the perfect woman–she’s smart, sexy, confident, and totally amazing.

      What base and top coat are you using, Z? I have good luck with Zoya’s Color Lock System!

  67. Steph B

    Hi! I have pale skin, golden brown hair (with a bit of gray), and green eyes. I’d like to find a good eye shadow for a wash of color or cat eyes. Something that’ll perk up my face. The colors I’ve tried so far have come across too yellow or orange and not champagne-y enough or are so light that they come across as white. What shade(s) do you think I should try. Thanks so much!

  68. AndreaMarie

    Hi Christine,
    Yay for another Ask Christine session!!!
    Could you please recommend what colors would go with Viva Glam Cyndi for an NW15?

  69. Krista

    Hi doll!!

    I am currently in beauty school and my ultimate goal is to be a makeup artist…and I have to tell you I’m obsessed with your website!! =) So thank you for your time and hard work. I have been looking into becoming a member of MAC Pro. What are your thoughts about the benefits? And are there any other ways to learn more about makeup app?


  70. Julie

    Have you tried limecrime lipsticks or shadows? What are your favorite brands for really bright lipstick?

  71. Amal

    Hi Christine,
    I was really excited to know that there were forums in the site. I have registered some time around mid Jan but I’m still not able to post or answer. I was wondering if that was only me or whether it’s the forums.

    I have a suggestion. Can you provide a link for the foundation matrix sheet similarly to the MAC database and product gallery?

    Thanks, you rock!

  72. Yay these are so much fun to read through! I love the amount of time and care you put into your site, I can’t think of any other beauty blogs that are as interactive with readers. I have one question and one comment…

    1) I’m a brush NUT! Have you gotten a chance to use the new 130 brush yet? If so, what do you think???

    2) Thanks so much for posting my video! Feedback has been so good and people are actually looking at my page now! LOL! Before it was mostly friends of mine who I forced to subscribe! Haha πŸ˜‰

    • Aww :) Thank you!

      1.) NOT YET! I just got it with my Tabloid Beauty order, but I’ve been so distracted with getting those swatches done and up, I haven’t tried it yet. What do you think? What have you used it for?
      2.) Loved it, I couldn’t resist!

      • love love love the 130 brush! it’s like a little magic eraser with foundation! i’ve only used it with liquid but it MAY replace my 109 as “favorite foundation brush.” it’s SO dense but small enough to not take too long to dry (i don’t use the MAC kabuki brush on anyone but me, because i HATE to wash it).

        the 130 buffs nicer than the 109, the duo fibers allow better control over how much product you are using and it doesn’t shed (i find the 109 almost always leave at least one hair behind).

        woo hoo! love it!
        thanks again! you ROCK!!! :)

  73. alex

    hi Christine! I need a light daytime moisturizer for my combination very dry oily t zone with very dry areas around the mouth and nose. I curently use philosophy hope in a bottle with salicylic acid for night time but i dont like it for under my makeup. Any recommendations?!?!?!

  74. a_cute_princess

    I am in desperate need of some makeup organization. What products would you recommend?

  75. alex

    smahbox photo op under eye brightener or benefit ooh la lift?!?

  76. elleyn

    hi christine!

    first of all, absolutely LOVE your website! :) thank you for all your reviews, tutorials, photos and for all your hard work and contributions to the beauty addicted – youre awesome!!

    just a few questions;
    1) have you ever tried revitalash or latisse? if so, could you do a review for us? i’ve heard there may be some ingredients in the products that aren’t entirely eyesafe?
    2) i was previously obsessed with MAC and feel like ive collected most of what i’d need or want..for now at least! :( so i’ve recently gotten into NARS! what would you recommend as NARS must-have blushes, eyeshadows, lipglosses to complement MAC NC40/42, dark brown eyes? i really love smokey looks, neutral looks, greens, teals and blues.
    3) eye makeup recommendations with a bold lip for MAC rebel and MAC show orchid?
    4) recommendations for the perfect peachy/coral/pink lipstick or lipgloss for semi-pigmented lips? i’ve been searching forever for a color that looks like MAC shy girl l/s or MAC fulfilled plushglass with no luck. :(
    5) recommendations for a good shampoo/conditioner for color-treated hair?
    6) how’s mellan, the bf and school? :)

    thanks for doing this Q&A! :)

    • Hi Elleyn,

      My pleasure!

      1.) No, and I won’t. They’re way too risky, and eyes are one thing I’m not going to play around with when it comes to safety!
      2.) I personally don’t like NARS that much. I’m not a big fan of their eyeshadows or glosses (they taste and smell so bad!!). I like Dolce Vita, Sin, Torrid blushes, though πŸ˜‰
      3.) Try cool-toned pinks and cranberries to pair with a bold purple-ish lip. Try neutrals like brown and maybe a slightly pinked neutral like Hush for more neutral eyes!
      4.) Maybe Korres #22 Rose Guava Lipstick!
      5.) I like LiQWD shampoo/conditioner a TON! I also like Oscar Blandi.
      6.) He is good, as is the boyfriend (who says I am a slave driver) πŸ˜‰ School is… you know, school, LOL!

  77. Emm

    Hi Christine!
    I love your blog and check it multiple times a day! Lol thank you so much for everything you do for us – it is much appreciated :)

    If you had to pick one blush to buy (if you had neither) would you choose Benefits Coralista or Sugarbomb?

    I’m contemplating between both, but I’m on a student budget so I can only buy one right now.

    Btw I am an NW20 :)


    • Hey Emm,

      I think I’d say Coralista, if only because it’s a little more pigmented and color rich. If you use it lightly, it’s almost like Sugarbomb (though not as pink or as shimmery).

      Thank you!! :)

  78. Tanja

    Hi Christine!

    Can you recommend a beauty-app for the iPhone/iPod touch?

    I love your blog :)
    Greetings from Munich!

    • Hmm, I haven’t found any good ones yet, lol!

    • Kerry

      i dont have an iphone so i dont actually know what this does so maybe this isnt a very helpful comment lol but i know that pixiwoo on youtube just got their own app.. i think it shows you their videos :S idk but anyways they are incredible makeup artists and do the best tutorials :) i would definately recommend checking them out πŸ˜€ x

  79. Eyeris

    Critine I forgot my main and most important question!!!! have you tried the famous Sigma makeup brushes…what are your thoughts on them….are they worht the money or should I just save up for my MAC brushes???

  80. Hi Christine –

    I love my Shu lash curler but hate that they don’t sell replacement pads, what do you but for replacements?
    What do you think about Mac’s new 130 brush? I’ve been using it instead of my 109 for applying my Make Up Forever HD foundation.
    Do you like the new plushlash mascara better than zoom lash?
    Thanks! :)

    • I hate that they don’t as well. To be honest, I just buy a new one every so often (typically when Sephora has their F&F sale).

      I just got it, but I haven’t used it. (I’m still getting back into the swing of things after being in Tampa for a few days!)

      I like Plushlash better than Zoomlash for sure!

  81. Mollie

    How much do you love getting all the free stuff? Haha! I think I would die of happiness!

  82. Amal

    Hi Christine
    I’ve just realized I had more to ask and talk about. LOL

    – Thank you for the reviews Your site has become a daily stop to me while browsing. I love your swatches and they are really helpful when deciding what to buy. I actually got myself 2 Guerlain G lipsticks in #62 and #65 – something that I wouldn’t think of getting, especially with the price tag ($57 apprx each)
    – what are your hobbies other than makeup?
    – what lip exfoliator do you recommend?
    – what eye primer do you recommend? I really wanted to try out UDPP but I still have to wait for UD to open a store in my country :(
    – I’m an NC30 and I got Chanel Soleil de Tan Bronzer which I still haven’t openned. I got the product because I loved the texture; I never put it on my face. Now I fear it would make me really dark. Do you think it’s ok for someone with my color to use a bronzer?

    Love you :-)

    • Hi Amal! :)

      Ohh, so glad you got them — hope you are LOVING them! Tell me what you think of them!

      1.) My hobbies outside of makeup… hmm… watching some trash reality TV (VH1, you have me hooked!) and my dog. I don’t have much time for anything else outside of blogging and school these days!

      2.) I like Sara Happ’s the Lip Scrub. Or else just sugar and a bit of oil :)

      3.) I like MAC Soft Ochre paint pot or pigments + mixing medium myself. I’ve used both UDPP and TFSI and they’re fine, but I still prefer Soft Ochre paint pot!

      4.) Yes, yes you can totally use bronzer! Put a lil’ bronzer and do it in the shape of the number 3 – so sweep it above your eye brow, on your cheeks, and then the side of your jaw basically. Just go soft and build up, so you don’t end up too dark :)

      Thank you!

  83. Ooh! Ooh! One more! I forgot to ask this last time – What’s the lipstick color you’re wearing in your YouTube thumbnail? :) It looks very Saint Germain-ie :)

    • Gosh, it’s like, ten billion years old. I know it’s Fashionably Fuchsia lipstick, and I think the gloss might be Magnetique… No, wait! It’s Fashionably Fuchsia lipstick and Dejarose lipglass πŸ˜‰

      • Haha – Props for remembering! It’s one of those things that I always wonder, but never really think to ask. Thanks! :)

  84. Amy

    How super fun is this! I have a question. I recently bought “Beauty Marked” eye shadow from MAC. I am noticing the shimmer and glitter in it. The SA swatched it on her hand with a q-tip from the tester and it showed up almost black, and I asked her if the glitter would transfer, and she said it depended on the application technique I used. Normally I apply shadows dry with a pencil-tip brush or a stiff blending brush. Because those are all I have. LOL. I really want the shimmer to show up with this. What can I do to make sure it does show? Thanks!!!

    • Hey Amy,

      I find that the shimmer/glitter in Beauty Marked really doesn’t show up THAT well. I would say the best way would be to use it with a fluffier brush and go with a heavier application, patting it on.

    • Sixx

      Try patting MAC Reflects Glitter in Blackened Red (unfortunately limited edition) over it. Will give it that awesome extra sparkle. Then I set the reflects glitter w/Fix+ spray. =)

      FYI, for the record–I’ve never had problems w/reflects glitter gettin’ in my eye! =)

  85. Leticia

    Hi Christine! First of all, thanks for all the work you do! I always check your website before hitting the MAC Counter, but it is lots of fun to read anytime as well!
    As to the questions, I’d like to ask you the following: I have a dark spot in the middle of my left cheek and even though I am able to conceal it quite well with my MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW 20), I have trouble putting on blush, as the concealer wears off a bit when I do, even though I pat the blush on.
    I`d like to ask you as well if you could suggest a nude MAC lip color for my fair Asian skit tone (Japanes genes!), because I look sort of dead with most nude colors :)! Thank you for your help!

    • Hey Leticia,

      You might try dusting a little setting powder onto your cheek before you apply the powder – this might help “set” the concealer enough so you can still layer on the blush without moving the concealer!

      Try Velvet Teddy or Honeylove!

  86. TC

    What is a good dupe for Chanel Vamp nail polish?

  87. T

    1. Thank you recommending the For Keeps Pro Longwear during your last session. I bought it and really like it!

    2. Do you think Night Rose is worth getting too or is it pretty similar (aside from the topcoat)?

    3. What do you think of Mac’s Club eye shadow?

    • Hey T!

      So glad you are liking For Keeps :)

      I think Night Rose is different enough – it’s more of a plummy rose in comparison!

      Club is an interesting eyeshadow. I rarely reach for it (probably because I don’t love the texture so much), but I love Green Brown or Blue Brown pigments, which both have that same cool duochrome thing that Club has.

  88. Hannah

    a few random questions that just keep popping into my head…

    1) When are you reveiwing the sigma brushes and are you going to consider buying the prosessional kit with all the new brushes?

    2) I asked you before how sugarpill poison plum and MAC very violet compared and thankyou for replying! But how does the texture compare, what is the slight difference between shades and which on do you prefer?

    3) Could you do a tutorial using sugarpill burning heart palette, I really want it but im not too sure how to wear it. (I have a few ideas but i’m a bit wimpy to try them myself and invest in the shadows)

    4) From MAC holiday 09, mystic cool eyshadow palette, what would be comparable to Violet Vow? LOVE that colour for everyday to use as a liner to frame my eyes.

    Sorry its a bit of a long list, but im sure i’ll remember somthing else tomorrow :S ohh well

    • Hi Hannah,

      1.) Soon, really! I’m working on it. I won’t buy any of them, just because I have a complete set of MAC brushes so I don’t have brush needs really, you know?
      2.) Poison Plum is softer, a little more powdery, and it doesn’t have the same shimmer/sheen of Very Violet. I like Poison Plum better, because it is a little more pigmented.
      3.) I will try!
      4.) Ground Brown (PRO), Concrete, Brun… maybe one of those would work :)

  89. TL

    Hi Christine!

    What is the best lip balm to wear under lipstick?

    What is your favorite drugstore body lotion/cream?

    What is your favorite drugstore shampoo & conditioner?

    What brand has the best pinky-coral shade of lipstick, in your opinion?

    Have you tried Lush? What are some of your favorite products?

    What upcoming MAC collections are you excited for?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I love these Q&A sessions!

    • Hi TL,

      1.) I just use Chapstick or Soft Lips for the most part!
      2.) I like Soap & Glory for body lotion/cream.
      3.) Herbal Essences.
      4.) Guerlain Gems rocked my world!!
      5.) Yep, I have! I like Ocean Salt, their massage bars, Angels on Bare Skin, and the Fresh Face Masks.
      6.) Nothing in particular has me excited at the moment!

  90. Hi,
    I was wondering if you have ever used YSL perfect touch foundation and if you have what you think. Have you heard if it is any good? I have tried the Guerlain foundation and think it is absolutely wonderful!


    • Hi Renee,

      I haven’t! You might want to check for product reviews or Sephora – I like Sephora because it gives me a snapshot of whether it’s yay or nay, but tends to have more detailed reviews.

  91. would you even consider selling temptalia?
    (like, say when you’re a high powered lawyer and don’t have time for it anymore.)

    • It would really just depend – it’s my baby, so it means so much to me personally, so on one hand, I’m like, “NO, never!” but realistically, who knows where I might be in ten years or what the state of blogging will be in ten years!

      But it would be way cooler if I could just do Temptalia for a living :)

  92. Eunbee

    Hi Christine!
    I’m thinking about getting my first MAC lippie, and so far, I’m debating between Angel, Viva Glam Gaga, and Hue.
    Are there any nude pinks that look good on any skin tone?

  93. anita

    Hi Christine!

    Love love love your blog! It’s my pick-me-up after a tough day. :-)

    I was wondering if you could list some versatile MAC permanent line eye shadow shades for everyday looks. I’m an NC40 with yellow undertones and I struggle with not going over the top for work; I’ve been trying to tone down the vibrancy and go more neutral but since I usually use either plain eyeliner, gold-based shades (I’ve hit pan on All that Glitters, and I’m burning through Sumptuous Olive like you wouldn’t believe) or brighter night-time colours, I don’t really know what I should look at…

    Thanks so much for your help!

  94. Meesh

    If you can only limit yourself to five eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lipgloss what would they be? (Of each, so like like five mac eyeshadows and then five lipsticks, etc)

    Any advice for doing eyeshadow on monolid asian eyes?

    What lip liners would you recommend if you’re doing neutral, pink, peach, and red lips?

    • Hi Meesh,

      From MAC…

      Eyeshadows: Goldmine, Espresso, Ricepaper, Bronze, & Sumptuous Olive
      Lipsticks: Mari-sheeno, Sweetie, Viva Glam I, Velvet Teddy, New York Apple
      Lipglosses: Luminary, Nymphette, Lychee Luxe, Palatial, Pop Mode

      For monolids, try going from dark to light, starting at the lash line.

      For lip liners, I like Sublime Culture for neutral/peach, Pink Treat for pink, and Red Enriched for red!

  95. Hi Christine!
    I’d like to know which lipglass or dazzleglass I can pair to Brave New Bronze and Empowered lipsticks.


  96. Kimberlee

    Is there a dupe for Benefit’s Georgia Blush/Highlighter?

  97. DanielleO

    1) Do you know when Sephora and MAC will have their next F&F sales?

    2) Do you ever break up MAC quads, or integrate them into your large palettes?

    • As far as I know, Sephora only has one per year and it’s usually in November. I haven’t heard anything about MAC having one. (Also keep in mind, MAC has only had maybe three in its history!)

      I have in the past, but I just keep ’em in their quads these days!

  98. Zoe

    1.what are your favorite liquid eyeliners?

    2. have you ever tried the Urban Decay liquid eyeliners and do you like them?

    3. I’m NW20, dark blonde hair, green eyes and kind of scared of intense blushes. what blushes would you reccomend? what benefit blushes would you reccomend?

    thanks for the Q&A :)

  99. Liliana

    Hi, what is your shade in MUFE HD liquid foundation? I am MAC NC25 and I was wondering what would be mine. Thanks a lot for your work here :)

  100. Sixx

    Have you tried NARS Sheer Glow? If so, any likes or dislikes?