Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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624 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #021

  1. Gigi

    I’m expanding my MAC eyeshadow collection and recently bought Patina. What 2 other colors would you recommend to go with Patina? (I would like to wear Patina regularly and don’t like an overly gold eyeshadow look. I have warm undertones.)

    Thank you so much! Love your blog, it’s part of my daily ritual.

  2. Eden Landers

    yay! which MAC in Lillyland Creme Blush would you reccomend for light to medium skin with warm undertones? Thanks a bunch! I was thinkin the one with the weird/french name?

  3. Christina

    Of the three MAC foundations, Studio Fix, Select, and Studio Sculpt, which one is your favorite?

    I am currently using Studio Sculpt, and I have to spray my brush with Fix+ to make it go on better. I have combo skin, the typical oily around the nose and forehead, and lately dry around my mouth area. I have tried the Select foundation. I also like medium coverage.


    • I like Studio Fix Fluid (I don’t like Studio Fix powder) and Select is good if you only need light coverage. I don’t like Studio Sculpt at all, personally! I just find it’s way too thick and like gloop, plus it smells bad to me :(

  4. HC

    How did you come up w/ the name Temptalia? :)

    • When I was fifteen or sixteen (I think, maybe it was earlier, lol), I wanted a word that embodied the perfect woman — super sexy, smart, confident, passionate, loving, etc. Kind of worked off of Temptation πŸ˜‰

  5. Zoe

    hi christine!
    have you tried anything from hardy candy at walmart?
    if so, what do you like/hate?

  6. Carolyn

    Hi Christine!

    Have you ever been spotted by one of your readers in the Bay Area?

  7. Crystal

    Thank you again for taking the time and effort to do this, I really love these sessions and do look forward to them a lot!
    -What do you think of MAC Studio Fix Lash Mascara? Curling? Defining?
    -What do you think is the best drugstore mascara for length? curl?
    -What products would you recommend for staying matte the whole day? I don’t wear foundation, only powder. :)
    -What is your favorite high end concealer for blemishes?
    -What is your fave spring collection coming up?
    -From the new products that came out recently in Sephora, what would you say to definitely get?
    -What are your fave falsies?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Crystal,

      1.) Studio Fix Mascara smells terrible and gives you really great length, but not much thickening/volume!
      2.) I like LashBlast :)
      3.) Primer always helps me – and of course, powder (setting my makeup). You could always try a mattifying primer, too.
      4.) For blemishes, I just add a little extra foundation – I just find adding too much to a blemish serves to only accentuate it rather than conceal it!
      5.) I looked through a few pages of the new makeup products, and the only thing that really comes to mind is Sugarbomb by Benefit!
      6.) I like MAC overall, it’s kind of like a good price range for mid-to-high end. I also really like Revlon for a cheaper and more affordable option!

      • Oh, and favorite Spring Collection… hm, not sure yet! I liked Guerlain and Chanel’s Spring collections (feels like forever ago now), and I’m looking forward to MAC’s Spring Colour Forecast.

  8. Alison

    What celebrities always impress you with their beauty choices? Is there anyone whose style you find ghastly?

    • Hi Alison,

      To be honest, I really don’t follow any celebrities enough to know their beauty choices! The only time I see celebrities is during those red carpet events at awards, lol. If I had to pick, I’d say Kim Kardashian, just because she wears makeup very well – her face can take both natural, neutral, or the dramatic, so I like being able to see a range of looks on her!

  9. Anja

    Have you used MAC’s cleanse off oil? If so, do you recommend it?

    • Hi Anja,

      I love MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil! It does a great job of removing even the most stubborn makeup, and it never leaves my skin feeling stripped. I like using it on brushes, too.

  10. brandi

    Can you talk about your retin-a experience? I’ve been on it now for 3 months and am wondering when my skin is going to look incredible like every doctor and esthetician says it will…

    • I only used it for a month or so, and I was maybe 19 or 20 at the time (I’m 23 now). I didn’t care for it, because it just made my skin, very, very sensitive to everything. I also had a lot of peeling, even when I scaled back the usage. I’m still paying for it with some dry patches (particularly the skin above my upper lip) and around my eyes (very sensitive around that area).

  11. KIKI

    Hey Christine,
    I love these sessions! I recently found a website that sells LE MAC stuff and I really want to try out the MSFs. Which MSF is your favourite? Would you recommend perfect topping or petticoat? I’m an NC20-25!
    I also heard that MAC’s gonna make the 226 permanent? is that true?

    • I don’t love any MSFs really :( I’m just not a big fan, I don’t get the hype! I think both Perfect Topping and Petticoat are good picks — both are highly recommended by MSF fans!

      I haven’t heard anything about it being permanent, though it’d be great if they did!

      • HC

        I own Perfect Topping and forget about it ALL the time. It’s a bit too light on my skin (IMO — I’m a NW20/25).

    • HEY KIKI! Can you share with us the website for LE products?? Thanks!

  12. Evie

    Do you know of any dupes for stars n rockets or trax ?

    BTW : Love Temptalia!

  13. mkdallas

    Hi, Christine! What are the most pigmented lipglosses you’ve run across in your blog experience? I’m looking for not just dark colors, preferably some in the medium, MLBB range? Thanks for your help and I love your blog (read it every day!).

  14. Jay

    Hey Christine,

    I’m really fair, and I was looking for more of a plummy blush for winter. I got MAC’s Lovejoy for Christmas, and I love the color, but I’m having problems. If I apply it too lightly, you can’t even tell I’m wearing anything. But to apply it darker makes it look like I’m out in drag, or got punched with a fist covered in dirt or something (It’s really horrible). I really want to make it work. Do you have any tips?

    • Have you tried Plum Foolery or Breath o’ Plum?

      Also, if you go too heavy, have you tried to diffuse the color with a buffer brush (like the 182) or putting a little powder on top to mute it?

  15. Melissa

    what to use your to clean your makeup brushes b/c
    a lot people use baby shampoo, but recently
    i heard its not good to use b/c it rips out the natural oils,
    which causes the hairs to fall out a lot more.

    I do use Mac brush cleaner but do you think thats okay to use just that alone?

    • Hi Melissa,

      I haven’t heard that… I use baby shampoo most of the time, but I occasionally use MAC Brush cleanser as well. You can just use the brush cleanser, I think that’d be fine…

    • Jenni

      I heard from a few gurus on youtube that you should try to clean your brushes using a brush cleaner everyday or between applications, and deep cleanse with baby shampoo every week or a few times a month depending on how often you use the brush!

      Oh and extra virgin olive oil for gel liner brushes instead of baby shampoo.

  16. Kar

    Is benefit’s powderflage worth it?

    and what concealer is your favorite for under eyes? is bobbi brown creamy concealer good?

  17. How is the concealer working out? I often just use concealer/foundation when I want to do cover up my natural lip color rather than reach for anything else. You could always try MAC Prep + Prime Lip as well… Maybe Dior’s Sweet Praline Creme de Gloss could work, since those are very pigmented.

    What eyeshadow base do you use?

  18. Jenni

    Where do you get mac pigment samples? Or if you don’t get samples, do you know of a reliable/authentic mac pigment sample website? Thanks, christine!

    • I don’t get samples, I usually buy the full jar, because I like all the jars to match. I actually don’t know any sites that sell samples (but again, I don’t shop for them) – when I bought samples in the past, I bought through the MAC Cosmetics Livejournal community, but that was years ago.

  19. HC

    If you could only own ONE pigment from MAC’s permanent collection, what would it be?

  20. Liza

    I’m looking for a good daily moisturizer with at least SPF 30, that doesn’t make my skin look shiny. I’m currently using Netrogena Healthy defense daily moisturizer, the light tint one, and it’s horrible! It’s goes totally dark and makes my skin really shiny. Any recommendations?

  21. Alana

    what do you recommend as a contour shade for a nw20 skin tone? i can’t get to a pro store, so the sculpting powders are out. what about any other brands?
    ps hope you are feeling better now, sorry to hear u were sick

  22. Rachael

    Hey babe! Doing an amazing job with the blog as always, and I’m loving all the looks lately! Could you give me a dupe for Elite e/s?

  23. Ari

    How did you get started? I am 20 years old and am severely obsessed with makeup. My friends even want to put me in makeup rehab! Do you ever take interns or work with others?

    Thank you!
    ~Fellow San Franciscan!

    • I just started blogging about what I loved and was pretty much already doing (reviewing and taking pictures of makeup, doing looks, etc.). I don’t have any interns at this point, but I do work with my boyfriend who does the technical and web design aspects of the site!

  24. Parris

    Hey Christine,

    I love your blog, I check it everyday lol. I want to start using a tinted moisturizer since I hate the feel of foundation on my skin. What tinted moisturizer would you suggest for dry/combination skin? Thanks.

    • Hey Parris,

      I like Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer for drier skin – I find it’s moisturizing enough not to settle or accentuate dryness :)

      Thank you!

  25. Melissa (divinem)

    I’ve got a question.

    How in the WORLD do you keep up with all of this, write tutorials, snap photos, do seasonal looks on new products, go to (Law School is it?) and have any time to breathe?!

    You are amazing! Your site is amazing! It’s so easy to navigate and understand unlike other ones that I don’t even bother to visit because they’re so frustratingly cluttered.

    So, how do you do it? Do you ever sleep?

    • Hey Melissa,

      LOL, you learn to do it all, I suppose :) I just have my routine in place and go with it. It helps that my boyfriend & I live and work together (his desk is, literally, right next to mine!), so we see each other *all* the time. I get six hours of sleep or so a night, sometimes more… sometimes less πŸ˜› I’ve always been really organized (well, in certain aspects of my life) to help get things done faster/more efficiently. I thrive on multi-tasking!

      Thank you!!

  26. Natasha

    Hi Christine!!

    I have super oily skin :( I can’t keep my makeup to stay on flawless. I’ve used primers and powder to soak up the oils but it’s like nothing works. I have acne scars so in the morning my makeup looks great by lunch time it looks like I’m not wearing anything. What suggestions do you have? I currently use Studio Fix in NW 40 and Blot powder in Dark. Also i would love to start using blushes what colors do you recommend? What is the difference between Beauty Powder and regular powder? For example the Beauty powders that came out with the Baroque Boudoir,and Hello Kitty collection?

    Thanks in Advance!!!!! I’m addicted to your blog. I find myself checking your site every couple hours for your new posts. LOL!!!!

    • Hi Natasha,

      Have you used a mattifying product? Are you moisturizing your skin regularly (sometimes lack of moisturization can cause excess oil production)?

      I like Dollymix, Peaches, and Ambering Rose for NW40! Beauty powders are usually slightly illuminating or slightly tinted compared to a regular powder, but they can be used all over the face.

      Thank you!

  27. Meesh

    I’m looking for a MAC lipstick that’s like hot gossip but lighter. Hot gossip is perfect for me except that when I accidently layer it on, it’s WAY to megenta! I’m looking for a more tame wearable shade. Could you recommend some?

  28. Bea

    1.what mac pigment would you suggest for me to buy? like a pigment that I can use on my lids for an everyday look.
    2.And also what mac pigment is the most versatile? (on lids, cheeks etc)
    thanks :)

  29. Tiffany

    what would you estimate that you’ve spent on makeup your entire life?

  30. peachstock

    Hi, Christine!
    I have one question: do you believe in using eye cream? If you do, what brand is your favorite? If not, which moisturizer do you recommed to use on eye area for a person who has oily skin but dry eye area?

    • Yes and no. I haven’t found any that really do anything special for me (just nothing that goes “Oh, so THAT’S why I buy eye cream!”), so I don’t have any great recs for you (unfortunately!), but I don’t think they’re worthless – I just don’t know about all that anti-aging magic marketing claims is in ’em πŸ˜‰

    • Julia

      I would suggest you look at Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado… it’s great for dry skin! It doesn’t sink in immediately though, so you may only want to use it at night.

  31. Nathalie

    Oh this is so cool!

    1. I’m very fair skinned, blue eyes, blonde hair. I’m DYING to try a bold red color (like Cameron’s at the Glden Globes). Any suggestions on which one I should try?

    2. What would you consider to be the best foundation for daily wear? I’m currently using Estee Lauder’s Doublewear Light.

  32. nancy

    Hi Christine,

    I have dry skin and I use a moisturizer before applying my make up but I realized in flashed photography, I don’t have that glowy dewy look I really want. How can I get that??

    • Hi Nancy,

      Moisturizer doesn’t give you the glowy/dewy look – if you want that, you could try a luminizing moisturizer or something like MAC Strobe Cream (or equivalent) for an all-over dewy look or else use a highlighter on the places you’d want highlighted!

  33. vern

    I want to try the bare mineral foundation. i heard the brush was not any good. What any of your thoughts or recommendations for brushes? thanks.

  34. Ellectronica

    Hi. LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!! I shop with it. Anywho…why did you chose to name your site Temptalia? What does Temptalia mean (perhaps I am dim).
    You have inspired me to go back to school and turn my hobby into a carreer :o) Thank you

    • Hey!

      I made up the word when I was 15 or 16, I think (could be earlier), and I wanted a word that would describe the perfect woman — she was sexy, smart, confident, compassionate, intuitive… everything!

      Aww, I am so flattered :) Best of luck in your new career!

  35. Tatiana

    What mac lipsticks and lipglasses would u recommend for african american girls whose nw47 in studio sculpt? Thanks for doing this today.

  36. Ashley

    Hey Christine!
    I was wondering how do I get my blush to last longer?

  37. Sasha

    what eyeshadow colours (mac) would be good for a neutral eye for nc45 skintone?

  38. Tatiana

    Although u didnt say that the florida cremeblend blush was a must have, do u think it would be very flatter a dark skin tone for spring and summer makeup?

  39. catie

    hi christine,
    what chanel joues contraste powder blush would you recommend?
    is it similar to mac mineralized blush? thanks.

  40. TL


    Are MAC powerpoint eye pencils as good as Urban Decay 24/7?

    I love how I can visit your blog for upcoming MAC collections. Do you have a special relationship with MAC that allows you to get the inside scoop?

    Is talc dangerous for your skin/health?

    Is MAC prep + prime transparent finishing powder better than traditional setting powders?

    What cleanser and toner do you recommend for oily skin?

    Thank you!!

    • Hi TL,

      IMO, they’re not. I don’t find they last as long nor are they as soft.

      Nope, I don’t have a special relationship that lets me get early access to information — usually an international site breaks the news first these days :)

      My go-to for anything about ingredients is The Beauty Brains: From what I’ve read, talc may or may not cause you to break out (which is very nearly what most ingredients may or may not do!). Again, from what I know, it sounded like mostly breathing in talc could be problematic for your health.

      I don’t think it’s any different really. It all works about the same for me, lol!

      You might like Philosophy’s Purity for a cleanser and NARS Hydrating Lotion for a toner.

  41. Hi Christine,

    Love your site!! Just wondering what your thoughts are on estee lauder foundations. Was thinking of purchasing the double wear or double wear light.

    • I’ve only tried a few, and the ones I’ve tried have been full coverage (and I’m more of a light to medium coverage kind of gal), but they definitely *cover.* Double Wear is a go-to for anyone who needs complete coverage. Haven’t tried Double Wear Light, though!

  42. Iris

    I am looking for a “hot pink” lipstick,that will make my lips all the attention. any suggestions? any brand is fine

  43. Ali

    I have horrible undereye circles–they’re usually a weird looking purple and brown color, but they can verge on to being blue and black-looking. Since I have pale, fair skin, it looks like I got punched in the face. (I’ve actually been asked if I had gotten black eyes from some kind of injury. *sigh*) Since I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, they seem to bring out the color even more, because they seem to add contrast to my pale skin.

    My circles hereditary, so they won’t go away, sadly. Pretty much everyone in my family has them, too. And I’ve tried to combat them by drinking more water so as to keep hydrated, getting about 8-10 hours of sleep a night, taking a daily multivitamin so I’m not missing any nutrients, been tested for iron deficiency anemia and the test came back negative…I’ve even tried products like Skyn Iceland’s Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with Biospheric Complex, and Garnier Nutritioniste’s Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller, hoping that they would help some. But nothing!

    So, my question is: What concealer would you recommend for the best possible coverage? I’ve tried (and am still using up) TheBalm’s TimeBalm Concealer, which I was told could pretty much mask anything, but my circles are still extremely visible. I’ve also tried Bare Escentuals’ bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face. But they still showed through horrendously.

    I’m getting rather annoyed with my circles. For instance, I tried to do a smokey eye yesterday, but the shadow under my bottom lashline looked horrible with my circles. And when I wear my contact lenses, my eyes just look ghastly, so I usually stick to my glasses.

    I know that I probably won’t be able to cover them up all the way, but I’d like to know some concealers that you think would cover them the most. Or what formulations I should go for (i.e., liquid vs. cream). Thanks in advance!

    Love your blog, by the way! And thanks for enduring this rather long comment. XD

    • Hi Ali,

      I’m glad you’ve gone through all the tests and benchmarks for them though — it is at least helpful to know exactly what you’re dealing with (even if you can’t do much about it at this time).

      I’d go with cream formulations, and I do really like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer — it’s very emollient, thick, and it covers well. Make Up For Ever’s Lift Concealer also has a fair amount of coverage and it’s more accessible as well. You may also want to try a flesh-toned eyeliner on your lower lash line to help open up your eyes and take a little bit of attention of your undereye circles.

      Thank you! :)

      Good luck!!

    • karen

      Wow, I was going to ask something about my circles. I feel like reading this comment was like reading something about me. The only thing is I haven’t tried that many products simply because I hate wasting money and I’ve done a lot of that with concealers/foundation.

  44. Shanna

    Hello Christine,
    I’ve been looking for the perfect primer, and so far I have been debating whether I should get Laura Mercier primer, MAC Prep and Prime, or MAC Matte. Now, I have combination oily skin, so some days my skin is dry and sometimes it is oily. I prefer a matte look to a dewy look. Out of those choices, or any primers you’ve tried, what would you recommend?

    Thanks so much,

    • I like MAC Prep + Prime, but if you feel like you’re oilier more often than not, MAC Matte might be a better option!

      • Shanna

        Yes, I have been using a sample of Prep and Prime to see if it makes me any oiler, it seems to be fine. My skin isn’t that oily, I just really love a matte finish!

        Thank you for your time. I love your blog, I check it every day!

  45. Kitty Kris

    Hi Christine
    I read your blog religiously every day ‘cos you do a fab job. Have you tried any Shu Uemura eyeshadows and SKII products? Is there a good eye cream and night moisturiser that you would recommend?

    • Hey Kitty Kris!

      I’ve tried a few of their eyeshadows (keep meaning to review the two I bought, lol!), but I haven’t tried any SKII products. I don’t have any recs for eye cream (they all seem the same to me, so far), but I do like Origins Make a Difference Ultra-rejuvenating cream for night (which maybe too heavy for you; it’s for dry skin).

      Thank you!

  46. Angie

    Hi I would like to find out how do you make your lip stick color stay so vibrant and smooth on your lips? Do you put a base?

    How do you make lipstick last?


    • Exfoliate lips and make sure to keep them moisturized whenever you don’t have a lip color on (and stay away from any drying glosses or lipsticks). You can lay down a base like MAC Prep + Prime Lip or Lip Erase or concealer/foundation or fill in lips with lip liner to really make your lipstick last longer.

  47. Jennifer

    What mac shadows do you like to wear with pink-coral (bright) lipsticks?

  48. Amanda L

    Hey Christine I was wondering since I often see your disclaimers telling us that you get sent products to test out from PR. I wanted to know how that works and how that got started, just curious since I am a business major.


    • Hi Amanda,

      Companies or their representatives reach out to me via email with a press release about a new product or an upcoming collection/event. If I’m interested, I might ask for a sample (because I don’t review anything without trying it). If there’s a product I’m interested in reviewing, I might contact a brand if we already have a relationship and see if they can give me more information about it as well.

  49. Meesh

    Back with another couple of questions. How similar is speed dial to Prive from the Baroque collections? And I read your review on Cle de Peau #2 Lip Gloss and was absolutely blown away by the color and everything. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Can you recommend a lipstick or lipgloss similar from MAC or something?

  50. Hey Chrstine,
    What waterproof liquid liner would you recommend?

  51. yammy

    what one pigment can be used by itself as a lid color for everyday look?. im nc35 btw. thank you :)

    • I think Vanilla could. The majority of the other pigments are a little too dark (IMO) to make for a great everyday look. If not Vanilla, then maybe Naked or Tan!

  52. I love the OPI nail polish “Sea I told you”. Do you know, if there is another OPI colour with the same formula and shine (a bit metallic)?

    • Hey Sandra,

      There’s also Sephora by OPI in Skinny Jeans which is similar to Sea? I told you!… but also the same in color, I suppose, so maybe that’s not quite you’re looking for, lol!

      Some of the OPI duochromes that I can remember are OPI La Boheme, Man of LaMancha, Have You Seen My Limo?, and Black Tie Optional. Even though they’re not OPI, the Sally Hansen HD line has a cool metallic/shiny finish to ’em.

  53. Chloe

    Hi Christine,

    I come to your site so often, but I never know how to pronounce Temptalia. Is it tempt-tay-lia or tempt-tal-lia? (Or neither)?

    Thanks so much!

  54. jenn

    Thanks for your session. You are the best.

    Quick question, like you, I have found that I break out with the MSFs although I love the look of them. I am usually not sensitive to most products. What do you think is causing the break outs? Is it clogging pores?

  55. TC

    Hi! Sorry if this question has been asked already but what black eyeliner ( of any form and brand) would you recommend for staying on the lower waterline the longest? I’m having the hardest time finding one that lasts longer than an hour w/o setting it w/ powder. I’m lazy and I don’t like having to take that extra step:)

    • You could try MUFE Aqua Eyes :)

      • KC

        Unfortunately for me, this liner doesn’t stay on me either. I have those Asian eyes that when I smile, my lids kind of rub together (lack of better phrase). Regardless of liner, regardless of using a shadow on top to seal it, I still have black smudges below my liners. Funny thing, I wear waterproof mascara, and they STILL smudge below my liners. I don’t know what on earth to do.

  56. Elenka

    hi. when will be your swatch of the latest mac collection “have a love affair”????

  57. Mariana


    What do you think about MAC Studio Fix Poweder Plus Foundation? I have acne prone skin like you; but I am really oily though. I usually use MAC MSF Natural as my foundation. I am trying to decide between the two.

    Hope you are feeling better! :)

    • I don’t really like Studio Fix Powder that much, but it did break me out, so, I am biased πŸ˜› MSFN also broke me out, though, so if it doesn’t break you out, maybe you won’t have any problems with the two :) MSFN is lighter coverage than Studio Fix, IMO!

      Thank you!

  58. Danielle

    1. How do you have time for all of this on top of law school? I am impressed!

    2. Do you own all the m-up on your site?

    3. FAVORITE 3 blushes? I want some new ones.

    Thanks. Love your site!

    • Hi Danielle,

      1.) I stay organized, prioritize everything, and I try to keep track of deadlines and make lots of to-do lists!

      2.) I definitely don’t keep or purchase all of the makeup that I review on the site. I donate or give away to friends/family :)

      3.) I love Benefit Sugarbomb, MAC Margin, Dior Coral Riviera!


  59. Kimberly

    Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions put forth by your readers!

    A quick question for you – Do you ever do casual Meet and Greets at a local mall, for instance tweeting “going to X mall this weekend if any followers want to meet up…..” (maybe in the south bay or bay area)??


    • Hi Kimberly,

      On occasion, but not too often – it’s usually more if I’m going to a particular event then I’ll mention it :) Like I’ll be at MAC’s Spring Colour Forecast unveiling on February 2nd!

  60. karen

    Just a couple questions. Love the site by the way!

    – How often should one moisturize their face?
    – What’s the best tinted moisturizer for combination skin? I want to try this out rather than wearing foundation at work.
    – What’s your favorite drugstore lipgloss?
    – Since I’m fairly new to MAC, if something is sold out online, is it just sold out on the site or in stores too?

    • Hi Karen,

      Twice a day – once in the morning, once in the evening (more or less, after you wash your face).

      I like Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer or Korres’ Tinted Moisturizer.

      I like NYX’s color section, though the scent is hard to bear. Otherwise, I am still on the lookout for a favorite!

      It’s just sold out on the site – it may still be available in store :)


  61. selva

    Hi Christine,
    I have a couple of questions
    what kind of lipstick and blush would you recommend for NC15 skin ?
    what kind of eyeshadow colours would work with green eyes ?

    Thanks :) i love your blog

    • Lipstick: Crosswires, Freckletone, β€œO”, Viva Glam I
      Blush: Blushbaby, Dollymix, Margin, Springsheen

      You can wear any eyeshadow with green eyes :) Just try it & experiment! I do like earth tones and golds with green eyes a lot as well.

  62. Lily

    I have really odd skin color because I am tanned. I’m naturally pale but half of my arms and half of my legs (and neck and face) are tanned yet the rest are pale. Can you suggest any products that I could use to get rid of my tan??

  63. Christina

    I wear MUFE HD Foundation in 123, olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes. I think i have weird lips. they’re pink but the edges of them are darker and look brown, so i have a hard time finding lipsticks that will be a little truer to color. can you recommend a good neutral pink for me, and a brighter pink that isn’t be too cool toned? thanks!

  64. Taylor

    Hi christine,
    I was wondering if you have any tips for getting rid of a sty or preventing them?
    Thank you

    • Hey Taylor,

      I don’t know much about stys, but I’d suggest making sure you wash your hands before you do your makeup, don’t share eye makeup (particularly liners, mascaras, etc.) with others. I remember hearing that you can’t always prevent them, though, but I’m not positive…

  65. Jenni

    Hi Christine,
    Not sure if this info is already posted elsewhere on your site, but what foundation shade are you in MAC?

  66. Daria

    Thanks for doing this Christine!!

    1) I was wondering if anything in MACs upcoming collection spring colour forecast appealed to you (from your pics alone) and what they were!

    2) What are your favorite MAC pink eyeshadows?

    3) Do you think UD Alice in Wonderland is a good buy? ( I know you havent received it yet, but I’m just wondering if I should pre-order)

    Thanks so much! Hope you are feeling better!

    • Hi Daria,

      1.) The quads and the coral lipsticks/glosses perhaps :) I’ve learned to wait & see with MAC launches rather than get too excited from promotional images alone.
      2.) I like Da Bling and Expensive Pink from the permanent line. Passionate, too!
      3.) If you don’t already own half of more of the eyeshadows, then sure. But they’re all pre-existing shades that Urban Decay has released in other palettes, soooo, yeah.

      Thanks! :)

  67. Jennifer

    I’m very inexperienced with foundation and I’d like to try it. I don’t really have an problems with acne but I have a small red patch on the bottom of my chin that sometimes flares up and makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d like to find one that will take care of that problem, but isn’t too heavy since I don’t really need full coverage. Should I go with a liquid foundation or should I go with something else?

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Liquid would be fine, but you could also do cream if you wanted. I would say go for something with light to medium coverage and then just layer a little extra on anywhere that you want more coverage (like when you have a flare-up).

  68. Hey Christine!

    Do you know what would be a great dupe for OPI’s Sapphire in the Snow?

  69. Pontip

    what is a reaally good pinky blush on a nc42 skin complexion?

  70. Hi Christine,

    Sorry to pile you with more questions, I was curious about a couple things:
    1) What is your go-to mascara?
    2) I have eye shadows, but they’re mostly either satin or shimmery. :( What matte eye shadows would you recommend?

    • Hi Ceriene,

      1.) Lately, my go-to mascara is Chanel Exceptionnel (I’m totally determined to finish a tube of mascara!) :)
      2.) I like MAC’s matte eyeshadows, even though not everyone does. I also like Make Up For Ever’s matte eyeshadows as well as they’re very soft.

      • Thanks so much for replying. I hope you aren’t too swamped if I ask for a bit of follow up.

        If I’m looking for some neutral matte eyeshadows, do you have any recommendations? I don’t mind which brand, whether it’s MAC, MUFE or BB. :)

        • I love MAC neutrals!! I really think they’re good, solid shades — I wouldn’t shell out for MUFE or BB on them. Like MUFE does some excellent bright mattes that can be harder to find (at least in terms of pigmentation) in other brands. Love Wedge, Omega, Soft Brown, & Espresso!

  71. Hi Christine!! I love these ask temptalia sessions!
    1. I love MACs amplified formula and want to B2M for two lipsticks in the near future. Can you pls recommend a few lippies in the upcoming MAC collections that would look suit a nc 42 skintone.
    2. I was matched to a NC42 MAC concealer and this looks alright on my under eye area but I have read that the shade of concealer to be used under eyes should be a tad lighter than the skintone. Is this true? Am I the only one who uses the same concealer shade as foundation?

    Thanks for these sessions!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      It’s hard to recommend any upcoming lipsticks, because I really have no idea what they look like — they might be brighter or lighter than I can interpret from the descriptions :( I’d hate to recommend you one and have it be totally different in person than what I envisioned!

      Concealer is really wonky – generally it’s the same, rarely darker, but it could be lighter (but too light and it may be ashy) or even the opposite (e.g. if you are NC42, you may use a concealer that’s NW42). And yes, it can be the same!

  72. tehreem

    Why do I look different in every mirror??? the car mirror being the worst! its like i can see tro my make up!! I thinki look fine when i leave the house but then i look there and i look horrible! is it just me?

    • It’s probably the lighting! Car mirrors are the worst. I always keep a pocket mirror in my purse and look at myself in natural light if I’m worried – I wouldn’t trust a car mirror!

  73. Hi Christine!!

    Thanks for answering our questions.

    Ok my question is about highlighter powders for the face. My skin has a mind of it’s own I believe. Some days it’s dry as crap and then other days it’s oily. Now when I before I apply my foundation I use clean and clear oil-control moisturizer, then I’ll apply MAC’s mineralized skin finish in deep dark and MAC’s select moisture concealer if I’m really feeling spiffy lol. I bought the value set from Smashbox that included soft lights in Dusk. When I initially put it on to highlight certain areas of my face it looks gorgeous, but then when I look at my face in a couple of hours I look an oily mess. I’ve even tried to barely pick up product on my brush and it still happens. What is the best way to use a product like that? I really do like the glow that it gives my skin in the beginning before the oily mess.

  74. Nicci

    How do you relax right after a final in law school? :)

  75. tehreem

    what is the difference bewteen MAC studio fix fluid foundation, mineralize satinfinish, nd select spf foundation interms of coverage….and is the coverage low medium or…full…and it dewey or matte? Thanks so much!

    • Studio Fix Fluid is light to medium coverage with a matte finish. Mineralize Satinfinish is light to medium coverage with a satin finish (aka dewy). Select SPF Foudation is light coverage and has a slightly dewy finish. I think MAC may officially state that Studio Fix Fluid is medium coverage (but I found it could be applied lightly or built up for heavier coverage) and Select SPF as light to medium, but I always found it to be on the light side.

  76. Jennifer

    My skin seems to be more dry right now, and it rarely has ever been ever!
    Do you think using prep and prime primer and strobe cream whenever I put on make up, would over dry the skin?
    I know we chatted about this recently, but I’m trying to get to the bottom of it, so I can get my skin back so I can enjoy my Chanel Foundation lol..Thanks!

    • I might just try to switch to a heavier moisture at night and see if that helps. I don’t think Prep + Prime & Strobe Cream wouldn’t not help it, but maybe just going for a little extra moisturization at night could help it too! :)

  77. Jennifer

    Hi Christine,

    I just started getting into pigments. I can’t decide between Universal and Vanilla pigment. What one do you think is better overall? Thank you so much.

  78. Jennifer

    What is your coloring in MAC? You are similar to me.

  79. Rosie

    I have a list of questions. Thanks so much for doing these sessions :).

    What does it mean to cut the crease? Any examples on your blog?
    What method do you use for depotting e/s?
    Do you leave the insert in for 15 shadows or remove it to fit more?
    Is it pronounced copper-ing or copper ring?
    What’s your rainy day makeup look?
    What hair dryer do you use?

    • Rosie

      One more question, if you were to recommend only one gold e/s from MAC, which would it be? Or any gold e/s that you recommend the most.

    • Hi Rosie,

      1.) It’s pretty much a very harsh/distinct crease. Here’s a good tutorial on it –
      2.) I tend to use the oven method, because I am like an assembling line (a depotting line?), LOL.
      3.) Always leave the insert in. I hate how messy it look without it!
      4.) I’ve always said it copper-ing!
      5.) No makeup, haha. I get so gloomy I don’t want to wear any!
      6.) T3 Evolution!

      • Rosie

        Thank you :) for the answers. The oven method? I’ve seen people use straighteners and I’ve use a lighter myself, though that smells horrid, but I don’t think I’ve run across the oven method. I used to have goldmine before I really used makeup and that an Juxt are the only shadows I’ve used up. So I guess it’s time to replace Goldmine. I don’t even remember what it looks like. It was just like my favorite color in college apparently :).

        • It’s similar to flat iron – I just like to do ten or fifteen at once, lol! I just pop the inserts out, put ’em on a baking sheet (lay wax paper down first), “bake” at about 150 degrees or so for a few minutes (until the glue is softened), then do my thing. I used the lighter method in the past as well.

  80. Az

    Hi Christine, I have sth to ask:
    – What is the best full coverage foundation in your opinion?
    – Any upcoming MAC collections make you excited?

    • MAC Studio Tech or Estee Lauder DoubleWear! Nothing really captured my attention that much – the most would be Spring Colour Forecast (I like corals) or Give Me Liberty of London (but nothing spoke to me after I read descriptions). I’ve learned with MAC, it’s better to wait and see than get too excited (and then get disappointed)!

  81. Az

    Oh and 1 more thing: which eye treatment do you think it really works for dark circle & wrinkles?

  82. Amalee

    Hi Christine!

    I was wondering if you knew of any magnetic palettes without pans or anything that are affordable?

    Thank you!

  83. bea

    -which one do u think is better overall? Studio finish foundation or studio sculpt foundation?
    -which one is better, studio finish concealer or studio sculpt concealer?
    thank you :)

    • Neither, to be honest. I also don’t like either of those concealers, lol! I prefer Moisturecover for a MAC concealer. I found the Studio Sculpt line much too thick (and the foundation stunk!).

  84. Victoria

    Hey Christine :) I’m a NC30-35, with combination/oily skin :)

    1) Do you think Benefit’s Sugarbomb will show up on me? It looks breathtakingly gorgeous on you!
    2) How do I keep my foundation from oxidizing? I use both Studio Fix Fluid and Bare Minerals Original formula, and even if I powder over (Rimmel’s Stay Matte or MUFE HD) my face will still turn slightly orange.
    3) Why do you think natural hair brushes are better for pressed powder?
    4) What do you think of Sigma’s brushes so far?

    Thanks πŸ˜€

    • Hi Victoria,

      1.) I’m NC25 and it shows up on me, so I think it would show up on you :)
      2.) Sad to say… probably have to move onto another foundation. It’s hard to really fix that problem, because it tends to be something that’s in the formula that interacts with your skin :(
      3.) I don’t really know. I don’t find it matters *that* much either way!
      4.) I haven’t tried them yet – I have to photograph all of them (and comparison photos against the MAC brushes) before I use them!

  85. Emi

    Which shades of the MAC pro longwears do you like? I’m an NC30 and I’m looking for a light to medium pink. I have Unchanging, but I find it a little too light and purple-y to brighten my face.

  86. pragya

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for taking time to answer all our questions.
    I am a new starter in makeup and recently i went to MAC to get concealor, the MA there suggested i use select cover up in NC42 (i believe I am NC30/35) because my dark circles need more colour to cover up. Then i tried it at home but it didnt look right, and they wont return it either. Any suggestions what i can try now?
    Also, have you tried revlon’s illuminance cream shadows?
    Thanks again :)

    • I don’t know why that would be so. I typically hear artists recommend the opposite of your shade like NW30 instead of NC30 for concealer but never darker (sometimes even a shade or two lighter!). Are you able to get samples at your MAC? I’d try to do that next time if they won’t let you return it.

      I have – they can be hit or miss – but I am more of a powder eyeshadow kind of gal :)

  87. Rozeta

    What would be a good dupe for Cute Ster lipstick from the MAC Hello Kitty collection? also, a dupe for She Loves Candy l/g

  88. Steff

    What’s your hg eye liner( liquid or gel) for oily lids and i use mac select cover as an under eye concealer, is it better with a finger or a brush! if latter, can you recommend an affordable brush( $1-$5 range, elf or coastal scents or everyday minerals or something i can buy online)?


    i’m from singapore!!!

    • For upper eyeliner, I like MAC Fluidline. For lower lash liner, I like either Urban Decay 24/7 Liner or Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.

      I prefer using the 217 with concealer, because I find it blends better! Basically, any fluffy eyeshadow brush will do the trick — I don’t know specific names, but I am sure ELF would have a brush like that. They’re often blending or crease brushes for eyes that I use for concealer.

  89. Saira

    Hi Christine! Just wondered what you think of Club eyeshadow? I’ve seen it at the Mac counter a few times and have thought about getting it but I’m not sure what it looks like on. I’ve heard that it has amazing blue-green undertones but I’m not sure if it would show up more browny, as I can’t always see the blue-green undertones as well when I swatch it. Thanks :o) .

    • Club is definitely a love it or hate it or learn to love it kind of shadow. I don’t love it, and I rarely reach for it, but I know some people who ADORE it. It can be hard to work with both texture wise and just the way the color comes across. It’s a duochrome, so it often will show differently depending on the lighting an the angle!

  90. Linda

    Hi Christine! I’m a newbie on this blog but I already adore it! I’m from Italy and only today I could see the new spring collection from Chanel… what I’d like to know is what e/s is a great dupe of the darkest color in the Kaska Beige palette. Thank you very much!

  91. Melissa (divinem)

    Hope I’m not too late here on a question. If you have a non-oily porcelain complexion (i.e. no bumps, acne, acne scars, etc.) do you really need a facial primer? I tried some MUFE HD primer, and it felt like an oil slick. I mean, I am in my 40s, so my skin is not as perfect as it used to be, but it still looks really good. I fail to see the utility of primers. And also HD finishing powder. Is it necessary if your canvas is in good condition?

    • If you don’t have oily skin or no need to help smooth your complexion, you don’t really need a primer on a regular basis. You might like a primer for a little extra hold throughout the day – like it’ll keep your makeup on longer and looking fresher longer than without, but if you don’t have this problem, it might not be necessary for you.

  92. Millie

    Hi, Christine! Do you have any plans of trying and reviewing Guerlain skincare? Thanks for recommending their lipsticks and Parure Gold foundation, they’re now my HG too! I got their spring eye quad and a blush (the one with 4 colors). Haven’t used it though, I still am admiring how pretty they look! :)

    • Possibly, but it’s not high on my list of priorities, particularly since it’s so, so expensive. I did try Orchidee Imperiale, and while I really loved the way it felt and applied, I think the “anti-aging” properties went a little by the wayside on me. I think a lot of the higher-end skincare may have to wait a few years, until I can test out how they handle fine lines and signs of aging, because otherwise, it’s rather pricey just to moisturize the skin! :)

  93. LuckyHet

    I really love Mac’s Mulch eyeshadow can you suggest any other colors in that range? Also I’m an NC40 what are a few blushes and lipsticks you would recommend for me? Oh yeah of course from MAC.

    • You might like Bronze, Romp, or Patina!

      For blushes, try Ambering Rose, Sunbasque, and Plum Foolery. For lipsticks, try Dubonnet, Craving, Capricious, and Crosswires.

  94. Natalia

    hey christine…

    what do you think of the mac 187 brush? i have it and i was told by the girl at the store that its the best for applying liquid foundation. i want to know what you think.

    • I like it for applying liquid foundation, but I find it can be streaky. I prefer the 109 myself!

      • Natalia

        thanx girl… i really appreciate your help since sometimes its so hard to trust what these girls tell you at the store! but i had one more question. im really new to this whole foundation/makeup thing and im on your page everyday, so im learing but what advice would you give me on picking the right shade of foundation? i went once before and felt the girl picked a color that made me look too white…(what a dilema! lol)

        • Hey Natalia,

          SAMPLESSS!! You gotta get as MANY samples as you can. I’m actually hoping to write a whole post about foundation picking tips today, just from some of the Qs you all asked yesterday :) It’s so important to try before you buy when it comes to foundation, so asking for samples is really important! You gotta try it at home, see how it looks in different light, and BE aggressive. If you think it’s too light, ask to see 2-3 shades and get samples of 2-3 shades… don’t just get one if you aren’t positive about it! Nothing wrong with asking for samples :)

      • Rosie

        Do you find it streaky even if you just stipple it on?

  95. Bianca

    I just bought the CCB in peal to use it as a highlight(for my face) but im debating in getting the CCB in Hush instead…im an NC30 or sometimes a C4. I dont have any MSF and thinking about gettin by candlelight….which one do u recommend for me? Thanks christine!

  96. Julie

    How do I get my lipstick to stay on all day without having to apply after eating and drinking?

    • You can try a long-wearing lipstick, which is probably your best bet. Otherwise, you can fill in your lips with lipliner, do lipstick, then slightly powder, add lipstick.

  97. yvette

    is it too late to comment on this? i just bought laura mercier’s undereye concealer (“secret concealer” or something like that) and i’m incredibly bummed… even when i seal with powder, it makes my mascara and liner smudge and looks crazy. should i return it, or is there another solution i can try?

  98. Natasha

    Whats your view on Make Up Forever’s Eye Seal?

  99. Bits

    Hi Christine,

    – Can you recommend a dupe for Mac Fun and Games? (From Mac or Nars if possible)
    – Can you recommend pinky nude Mac lipsticks for NC42 skin?
    – What’s the best under eye concealer? Have you tried Bobbi Brown’s Creamy concealer?
    – What concealer do you use for blemishes? I use Mac Studio Finish and it doesn’t really work for me..
    – What brush do you use for cheek highlighters? What about for bronzers?

    Thanks for doing another Ask Temptalia Session!

    • Hi Bits,

      1.) Try NARS Gina or Gilda.
      2.) Try Shy Girl, Plink!, or Angel
      3.) I don’t usually use concealer, but I like MAC Moisturecover a lot.
      4.) I don’t use a concealer for blemishes – I just layer on a little more foundation if I need it in that spot!
      5.) I use MAC 165. I use 168 for bronzer.

  100. Jillian

    Hey! I hope I am not too late….

    I have extreeeeeeeeeeeemly dry, sensitive skin. It is constantly peeling and irritated and itchy. Unfortunately, I also beak out. I have yet to figure out if my break outs are clogged pores or related to irritation. Do you have any suggestions for a moisturizer that will actually drench my skin? I have tried so much….and nothing seems to deliver as promised.

    Thanks again! Love Temptalia! πŸ˜€

    • Hey Jillian,

      So sorry to hear about your ultra parched skin! :( No bueno! Could you tell me some stuff you’ve tried? That way I can be like “OK, that didn’t work for her, what can I rec now?” Would hate to recommend you something you’ve tried, lol!

      • Jillian

        Oh of course! :) Let’s see…

        I have tried:
        Olay products
        Lumene for sensitive skin
        Clinique Moisture Surge (the sales lady said this was great for dry skin….didn’t moisturize me a bit!)
        Clinique DRamatically Different (the best i have found so far…but it still leaves me needing to use it a million times a day to get my skin from super dry to still dry)
        Fresh Rose moisturizer (burns burns burns, and still doesn’t provide the moisture I need)
        Fresh Soy moisturizer (I got this a few days ago at the Sephora sales ladies’ recomendations, and I am already half way through the tube. My skin eats it up, but it still doesn’t seem to do the job)

        So, recap; I have sensitive as well as dry skin (actually, I’m pretty sure I have rosacea as well), so some things may work, but burn to the point of being unused. The best so far is Clinique Dramatically Different, but I am still not satisfied. Maybe I am asking for too much? But I am DETERMINED to find a moisturizer that will fix this gross skin. :)

        Thanks again!

        • Jillian

          Oh, and ps..Lumene broke me out. :/ It is super difficult to have your face peeling and tight, with pimples. Don’t get it!

        • I liked Clinique Maximum Hydrator (for men), though some of said it’s like Clinique’s Dramatically Different (it’s been years since I’ve tried Dramatically Different, though). That worked really well for me, particularly under makeup, when I had some serious dryness from being in NYC last February.

          Osmotics Cream Extreme is pretty much the most hydrating moisturizer I’ve ever tried, but it costs a pretty penny, unfortunately. I know my Nordstrom carries a few Osmotics products, so maybe if you have one in the area, you could try a sample first. I’ve also been using Origins Make a Difference Ultra-rejuvenating cream, which has worked well for me in the winter season.

          I would say, ultimately, that you may want to talk to a dermatologist, though, because perhaps your skin is just in such a state that a prescription moisturizer/cream might be more soothing and healing than any over the counter moisturizer (and then maybe once it heals up and normalizes a bit, a regular moisturizer will do).