Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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624 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #021

  1. Julia

    In your tutorials, I see that you like using Strobe Cream with or under your foundation. Do you regularly use any other liquid illuminators?

  2. Leila

    I have a question concerning nails. What would you recommend for yellow, brittle nails? I would love to have stronger and longer nails but they always seem to peel when they’re almost at medium length!

    • I always really liked Sally Hansen’s line of nail treatment products. When I was growing up (like in my early teens), I found her Stronger Than Nails (something like that) did wonders for my nails.

    • Vicky

      You can try OPI’s natural nail strengthener! I used to use those religiously and I found HUGE improvements to my nail condition. My nails used to be very brittle and breaks every time I open the door! It’s gotten so much better since I started using the strengthener.

  3. Tahnee

    whats your hair care routine?? You hair always looks so shiny and healthy!!!

  4. What’s the best eyeliner brush to use with gel-type eyeliners? I tried the 266 with Fluidline and it almost felt too thick. But I could just be doing it wrong.

    Also, I need a good, light moisturizer to use in the morning before putting on makeup that won’t get too thick or icky. I’ve got combination skin, oilier by my forehead (stupid bangs!).

    Thirdly, how was your long weekend? I hope it was relaxing!

  5. maria

    hey im interested in buying a shadestick from the mac warm and cozy collection. im have cool fair skin and im deciding between cuddle and nurture. What could you suggest?

    xoxo thanks!

  6. Jezi

    Hah, I always forget what to ask you when you actually do the sessions.

    1) Are you going to review the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette?

    2) When do you plan on starting the Sigma brush series?

    Sorry if I’m sounding pushy about upcoming posts with those questions, I’m just excited to hear about them.

    • 1.) Whenever it arrives, I definitely will. I only just received a notice that it shipped yesterday I think!
      2.) Probably not for several weeks, as I have to take a gazillion of photos and then use them :) I wouldn’t expect any time in the next two weeks, realistically speaking… 3-4 weeks out!

  7. anita

    what is the best primer for oily skin

  8. raquel

    Hi Christine!
    What is your favorite MAC lipstick finish and why?
    Does your 109 brush still shed when using it for liquid foundation? (mine does… boo!)
    What is your skin type?
    How old are you?
    Last but not least…
    Did you know that I live and breathe for your blog?? I HEART TEMPTALIA!!!!

    • Hi Raquel,

      1.) I like amplifieds the best, because I like my lipstick creamy and opaque.
      2.) I don’t really find it sheds.. maybe one hair? I don’t know. It’s never really occurred to me that it sheds!
      3.) I’m normal to dry, drier in the winter!
      4.) I’m 23.
      5.) AWW, thank youuu, Raquel!! :)

    • Karen

      My 109 sheds too! It’s ridiculous. I’ve had it for ~2 months. Boo is right!

    • My 109 SE (from the Hello Kitty collectio) sheds, the regular one doesn’t. I’m done with buying special edition brushes.

  9. Miss_Silk

    I got a brush from E.L.F. studio line (Black handle) from a friend and it was really soft, and i’m planning to buy some other ones, because brushes are expensive, do you think Elf’s studio line can compare to higher end ones? Also do you think it’s worth it for beginners and those whom cannot afford high-end brushes? I’m a broke college student TT

    • Hi Miss Silk,

      I haven’t really tried any of ELF’s brushes, so I can’t tell you, but if you’re happy with the brush that you’ve tried, I think it might be worth getting one or two more. If those work out for you, then I wouldn’t say not to get ’em :)

    • Sara

      I buy a lot of my basic brushes from art stores – even the super high-quality brushes are more than half the price!

    • Michelle

      I agree with Sara. I get alot of great brushes from the craft store and they are super affordable. The Loew Cornell Maxine’s Mop series is great for shader brushes! I have had a good experience with Sigma brushes and also the Kirkland brushes aren’t bad if you can find them…

  10. Jessica

    Christine, what might be a similar dupes (in texture) to Pixiewoo’s newest tutorial. She uses RMK’s metallic gold eyeshadow. What would be a good dupe for that ?

    • I really don’t know – without actually seeing and testing out the product, it’s hard for me to tell you a dupe, because texture is always a big part of how an eyeshadow is. Have you tried asking Pixiewoo for a dupe since she has it?

  11. Claire

    Hi, I want to start wearing a mineral type powder foundation, have u tried the smashbox halo one?
    Thanks for your help

  12. Cherie

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Christine!!!

    1) Is there a dupe for OPI Rainforest?
    2) I’m looking for a nice highlight shade. What kind of highlighter, non-glittery product would you recommend in MAC, NARS or any other brand??? For reference I’m NW15 in MAC.
    3) I purchased BeneFit’s Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation faker… what do I do with it?? lol In store it looked so good but at home I’m all ‘Why The Face’ isn’t this working!?!
    4) What items are you thinking of getting from the upcoming Spring collections? Anything that is super exciting to you??

    ps/ why the face = wft… modern family reference… love that show!

    • Hey Cherie,

      1.) I haven’t tried Rainforest, so I can’t say…
      2.) For cheeks/face? Maybe NARS Albatross – very fine, not glittery or chunky.
      3.) It’s pretty much a really sheer, lightweight cream-to-powder foundation. I’d imagine just apply it to the face in lieu of your normal foundation!
      4.) Nothing is super, super exciting, but spring isn’t usually my season. Summer is more up my alley! :)

      • Cherie

        Spring and Summer are my fav makeup seasons!!! Bright eyes, flush cheeks and painted toes – mmmm!

        Thanks so much for helping me out as always!!!! I’m going to check out Albatross :)

  13. Dear Christine,
    are YSL “Rouge Volupte” lipsticks long-lasting? Moisturising? Do you think they’re worth the money?

    Thanx! :)

    • They’re moisturizing, but they’re not that long-lasting. They tend to have a lot of slip, which makes them wear off faster than the average lipstick. The formula is very, very smooth and buttery, so if you like that, they could be worth it!

  14. Andrea

    Hey Christine! Thanks as always for doing these sessions! It’s so much fun reading through everything!

    A couple of questions for you:

    1. What is your favourite shade to wear on your eyelids when you’re doing a one-colour day?
    2. I know you’re a fan of the Clarisonic, and as I recently got a MIA as gift, I’d like to know if you use it only for regular washing or if you use it with your exfoliating products as well?

    • Hi Andrea,

      1.) I don’t think I really have one, lol! I very rarely wear just a wash of color–I guess I’m too lazy to bother with that! I’d just put on a little mascara, if that, and call it a day. If I had to pick something, I’d say Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows. Birthday Suit is a good one!

      2.) I use it 2-3 times a week these days, but sometimes less – depending on whether I wore makeup that day or if I’m planning on doing a scrub/heavier exfoliation.

      • kathleen

        I agree with the Birthday Suit as a great “throw on” shadow. I actually did that yesterday!! I set it with a bit of Maui Wowie (urban decay) just in case because my lids are oilier than the rest of me. I find it’s really close in colour and just made it a bit more opaque.
        I added MAC Duck power point liner and mascara!

  15. Kate

    I’ve heard you say a few times before that you use eyeliners as bases (I’m most interested in the Fluidlines, as they are my go-to for liners); do you just use a flat brush and color the lid, almost like using a marker? Also, do they often stay put without creasing like a normal eyeshadow would?

    Sorry if you’ve answered this somewhere on the site, I just want some tips before I try it myself!

    • I use the 249 for any creamy products to apply them as a base :) I don’t find it creases on me, particularly if you use it as a base and layer eyeshadows on top!

  16. BAM432

    What would be your idea MACl 15 pan neutral palette for someone in the NC37-40ish range?

  17. Karen

    Have you tried Guerlain’s new rouge G collection? As a fellow Guerlain/rouge G lover I was curious if you had any thoughts on the new formula! Thanks!

    • Hey Karen,

      I’ve only tried a few shades — I’m waiting to try out a few more before I review (I want to get a good idea about the shade range, pigmentation, etc.!) :) I like them, but I like the original Rouge G better, TBH, because I am a fan of opaque color.

  18. Arianna

    Hey Christine!
    My skin feels dry after clarisonic, and moisturizers break me out. Which one can I use for my acne prone kind of patchy dry skin.

  19. ShiningSttar

    What would you suggest would be the best dupe for Say Yeah E/S??

  20. Emily

    If you could choose your favorite MAC eyeshadow for each color of the rainbow, which ones would you choose? :)

  21. MC

    What are some of the benefits to a stickier lip gloss? A non-sticky lip gloss?

    And what are some of the stickier lipglosses you’ve tried? And non-sticky ones?


    • Stickier glosses tend to be more pigmented and longer-lasting, but sometimes they can be more drying. Non-sticky glosses tend to be more moisturizing/hydrating!

      I think MAC lipglass is probably some of the stickiest gloss I’ve tried. Guerlain KissKiss Gloss some of the least sticky I’ve tried!

  22. Hi Christine!!!!Did u buy more shoes??!!
    Ok that wasn’t my Ask Temptalia question…
    So my skin is driving me nuts lately, for the oddest reason, my face n my neck are either; 1. two diff colours or 2. I’ve somehow managed to get paler than I did last winter and am now no longer a NC25.
    Regardless, NC25 now looks too ‘orange’ on my face, kinda like an oompa loompa really. White neck with orange face? not pretty!
    So I ask, should I go for Diorskin nude, Revlon Colourstay, which everyone n their mum seems to be raving about, or should I get a new match at MAC?
    Thank You!!!

    • LOL! Nope, I managed to resist…

      What MAC foundation have you been using? ColorStay and DiorSkin Nude are totally different in texture/feel. ColorStay is definitely a little thicker and has a matte finish, whereas DiorSkin Nude is lighter, not as much coverage, and has a dewy finish.

      • I’m using Studio Fix in NC25. It’s either suddenly decided to start oxidising on me or all those sheet masks that I’ve been using have whitened me considerably.
        When you say Colourstay is thick, is it mask like?
        I really don’t want too dewy a finish, cos my skin is quite oily.
        Have you had a chance to try out Colourstay? How about Diorskin Forever?

        • Hey NuNu,

          It might be the sheet masks, then, actually… But if it’s not really off-color when you put it on in the beginning, then it’s probably *not* the masks.

          It can be a little mask like at times, but I usually sheer it out with water and that helps a lot :)

          I haven’t tried DiorSkin Forever, sorry!

    • sparklehead

      Hi NuNu,

      I just went on a search for a new foundation and found that the MAC foundations didn’t quite work, too orangey as well. I haven’t tried Revlon Colorstay, but I tried about 15 before falling in love with Diorskin Nude. I went to MAC three times trying to get the color right and it just wasn’t working (tried face and body, studio fix fluid and studio scupt). For me Diorskin Nude was closest to face and body, with a more coverage unless I did the evaporating water out of face and body thing, which took too long. On a side note, have you tried MUFE HD Foundation? 117 wasn’t too orange for me even though NC20 was. It’s a pretty decent foundation too.

  23. Carrieann

    What eyeshadows would you put with MAC’s Plumage for maybe a smokey eye or a day time look? I got it as a gift and am stumped!!

  24. Diane

    What brand makes the least sticky lip gloss? The most? Where do MAC’s fall?

    • Lots of non-sticky glosses available, actually — NARS, Korres, Guerlain, Chanel… even MAC Lipgelees are non-sticky (well, the limited edition shades from Lillyland are a little stickier than your average lipgelee). MAC’s Lipglass is some of the stickiest gloss I’ve tried.

  25. mlou

    When is the MAC F&F?

    And would you do an eye look w/ MAC Digit e/s? It is incredible, and would love to see what you use w/it.

  26. LostcauseFoundeffect

    I am not a very advanced makeup person so I am sorry if my question sounds dumb.
    Whenever I try on a foundation shade in the store
    it looks awesome and I am like yesss this is it
    then I get in my car and look in the mirror and it is like
    eww!! I either look orange, or i have dirt on my face, or dead and ashy
    I don’t get it. Like is it the lighting? If so how will I know what to look for? Or are all the people I have asked at the makeup counter incompetent? Or am I just a totally weird shade that no company makes? Does any of this have to do with undertones or something?
    Anyways, it is okay if you don’t know. I was just wondering.

    P.S. I really do like your blog a lot. Read it like every day and definitely take your opinion into consideration when buying stuff! so thank you

    • Hey!

      So, the car mirror is a cruel mistress. Don’t trust her! I would, instead, suggest a purse-sized mirror and look at yourself in natural light (like the sunlight), but don’t worry so much about the car mirror alone. I swear, I never look good in it… Natural light or sunlight tends to be the best light to makeup in.

      Thank you! :)

  27. Princess

    Do you purchase every product that you test? The reason I ask is because everyday you update your blog with tons of products.

    • Hi Princess,

      If I didn’t purchase something, there is a statement of disclosure at the end of every post, so you can use that to see if I have or not. I do not purchase every product that I test out on the blog – it would be pretty close to impossible to cover as much as I do if I had to purchase everything!

  28. I can not seem to keep eye makeup on my eyes!
    Even if it’s just a bit of liner and mascara, halfway through the day I always look like I’ve been hit it the face or like I didn’t get any sleep the night before.


    • Hey Jenn,

      Could you tell me more about what products you’re using? Are you oily/normal/dry?

      • I lean a little more towards oily.
        I normally use Clinique products, but the last time I purchased their mascara it ran right off my face. I’ve been using waterproof lash blast as of late because I was tired of spending a lot of money on products and then not being happy with them.

        As far as liner, I’ve given up all together and haven’t really warn any in ages.

        • Clinique’s Lash Power should work well on you (if you are interested in Clinique mascara) – it’s designed to pretty much stay on through anything and everything!

          If you’re really interested in an eyeliner, I’d recommend Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes or their Black Creme Liner. I’d also recommend MAC liquidlast liners (they do not budge!), too.

          You can also set your eye lids with a dusting of loose powder prior to applying your eyeshadow base, which might also help!

  29. neet

    Would it be possible for you to please tell us what is the best way to take a picture of ur makeup. what light should be used and all.

    • Hi Neet,

      You want consistent lighting — e.g. the same type of lighting, so you don’t have a yellow bulb, a white bulb, etc. in the same area. If your flash washes you out, see if you can turn it down a notch or else use a tissue over it to help diffuse the flash. Take lots and lots of pictures using all the different settings in your camera to pin down what you think is best for you! Oh, and MACRO mode :)

  30. Are you able to use your blog as a full-time job. I.e, do you make decent money from it? Or is it still just a side hobby as you work through school and get to another career?

    • Hey Trisha,

      The blog is really full time hobby, part time job maybe while I’m a full time student! I’m not quite sure exactly what I’ll be doing after school is out, but I have over a year and a half to go, so it’s still early to really pin anything done yet!

  31. Mary007

    Hi Christine! I hope you’re doing great!

    Do you set your makeup with loose powder…I’m talking specifically when you wear tinted moisturizer. Thanks!

  32. ∞Luminosity∞

    I’m agonizing over brushes! i’ve just started to invest in them. I just bought the 150 and 109 and I own concealer and foundation brushes from Bobbi Brown. I love the Bobbi Brown brushes and I’ve yet to use the MAC ones.

    Anyway, my question is: Which should I buy? I’ve been looking at the Face Blender, Bronzer and new Blush brush from Bobbi Brown, all which come highly reviewed on her site. What would the MAC equivalents be and why is your preference for MAC brushes?

    • I think the 150 is similar to the Face Blender brush and the Bronzer brush… from what I can tell, the two are very similar, but slightly differ in size of the brush head. The blush brush reminds me of MAC’s 129.

      I like MAC brushes because they’re soft, easy to work with, have a huge variety, and the price point is OK for me. They’re not cheap, but they’re not as pricey as a lot of high end brushes are.

  33. Jamie Lynn

    Which foundations have you used in the pasted?
    Which have passed the test for being your favorite(s) formula(s)?
    Have you ever tried Revlon Colorstay formula?
    Do you use MAC Fix + to set foundation or powder?
    Have you ever tried MUFE HD Powder? Thoughts?

    • Jamie Lynn

      awesome spelling on past… *duh!*

    • Hi Jamie Lynn!

      1.) Oh, wow, too many to list… I’ve tried the majority of MAC foundations, MUFE HD, MUFE F&B, MUFE Mat+ Velvet, Dior DiorSkin Nude, Guerlain Parure Gold, Korres Wild Rose…

      2.) I like MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Face and Body; MUFE HD, Dior DiorSkin Nude, and Guerlain Parure Gold. Parure Gold is my favorite at the moment!

      3.) I have tried it! It’s a little too dry on my skin sometimes, and it does feel a little thicker than I’d like, but it’s good for a drugstore foundation.

      4.) No, I don’t use Fix+. It just feels like expensive water to me!

      5.) I have tried it. It didn’t wow me like the hype surrounding it seemed like it would! It was just… okay. Powder. Didn’t do anything fabulous for me.

      • Sixx

        I am addicted to Fix+! Seems like people either LOVE it or don’t care for it and I love it! I wear powdered/mineral foundation & i love using Fix+ to set it. But best of all, I LOVE using Fix+ to set the loose glitter on my eyes. (Such as MAC Reflects glitter)

  34. Make_up_maven

    Hi Christine!
    Do you apply your upper lash line liner before or after applying eyeshadow to the lid? If before, do you bring the shadow all the way to the lashine then apply the liner over it?

  35. tehreem

    Love these sessions!
    1)How far along you with the sigma brush reviews?
    2)Do you still use the clarisonic brush everyday? Do you think it is helping your acne? Does it help remove make up and help to keep pores clear?

    The reason i ask all this is because whenevr I use make up, I try to take it off ina traditional manner with cleanser or wipes or such. My pores get clogged with any of the make up that I may have missed. I know 150 for the clarisonic is a lot to use only as a make up remover but I think I can wear make up more often if it works, as opposed to wearing it once a week! So please tell me if it has helped with ur acne, to clean up make up better etc….THank YOU!!!!! I have read all ur clarisonic reviews but I want to know if u are using it now! and has it been helping…

    • Hi Tehreem,

      Had a little setback this weekend… was totally going to get all my photos in order (’cause I like to take photos with everything all new, lol) so I could start testing them, but I got food poisoning and it all went out the window! So I’m still quite a ways off – I’d say 3-4 weeks out.

      I use it 2-3 days. I’ve always found it really helps to remove makeup (particularly foundation), so I like it for that. It does help my skin stay clearer (from what I can tell), as well.

      Have you tried using a toner after you cleanse? I do that sometimes and find it helps remove all the last bits and bobs of makeup residue :) I really do love the Clarisonic, but maybe the toner is a cheaper option to try first! My favorite is NARS Hydrating Lotion (which is a toner, not a lotion!).

      • tehreem

        Feel better!!!! Thanks for doing this tho…

        I do use a toner…but I feel like using cleanser, make up remover, toner, wipes…etc etc…is ripping my skin of natural moisture! I use everything according to my skin…including alcohol free toner…

        and i think the clarisonic..will let me use make up more often! So I just wanted to know how i was helping you! I hope its gentleeeeeeeeee to mee…

        • I like using a cleansing oil for removing makeup and doing a cleanse – and it never feels drying or stripping! :) Have you tried any of those (so many brands make them – MAC, Bobbi Brown, shu uemura)?

          Make sure you try it with the sensitive brush head if you do!

          • tehreem

            i havent tried any of those brands! I think I should look into them!
            but cleansing oil sounds very pore clogging! and im very acne proneeeee. It doesnt worsen ur acne?

            • tehreem

              so in addittion to using the clarisonic u use make ur remover as well? If clarisonic does the job well why remove make u with something else?

            • Hi Tehreem,

              I use an eye makeup remover for heavy eye makeup (and lip products), and then I use a cleanser and the Clarisonic to remove the rest of my makeup, if I use the Clarisonic at the time. Otherwise I just use my cleanser and then toner afterward.

            • Definitely didn’t cause my acne to flare up at all! Check out Bobbi Brown and Shu Umeura’s sites about cleansing oil – they may really help you figure out if it’s right for you.

              I know some even prefer to use just olive oil or jojoba oil instead of a “cleansing oil” product, and I’ve heard many stories about those with lots of acne using the oil cleansing method to alleviate it.

            • tehreem


  36. shontay

    Hey Christine, I know you did a spotlight on MUFE a few months ago, but I don’t think you reviewed the HD concealer or the Aqua lip pencils. Do you think you’ll be doing that any time soon? I love those two products and I’m curious to know what you think.

    • Hey Shontay,

      The HD concealer actually burned the crap out of my undereyes – like so bad I couldn’t wear makeup for a few days and turned the skin into a flaking mess, so I won’t be reviewing it… ever. I don’t review products that I have bad or allergic reactions to, because it’s me, my skin – not yours, you know? I don’t want to make a big post that starts with, “Well, this burned my undereyes!” because that kind of gives you a pretty bad impression of the product, y’know? It’s not a fair review! (Just like if I reviewed a moisturizer meant for oily skin and it didn’t hydrate my drier skin!)

      I’ve only tried a few of the lip pencils, but they are nice and do work very well for lip liners!

      • shontay

        Wow. Sorry to hear that Christine. I just thought you never tried the concealer.

        • I think I may have tweeted about it, but yeah – I only want to do fair reviews, and of course, if you hear I had a bad experience, it might make you wary, even if the results are totally not typical! :( I couldn’t keep it on for longer than 5 minutes, so not much of a test anyway, LOL!

  37. I’ve been wanting to ask this for a couple of weeks, your pictures are always fantastic, but lately, the quality is even better! Have you done anything new with your approach to taking pics? How close do you get? Do you really use a flash? Did you get a new camera? New lens? How do you get so color accurate?

    Thanks again Christine! Your site is THE BEST!

    • I haven’t done anything in over a year, I’d say, lol! I haven’t changed equipment, lighting, etc. at all in the past few weeks. I get about as close as I can to keep what I want in focus without the color getting washed out or totally wonky! I do use flash in the majority of my photos – I just find the process so much faster with flash. Whenever I don’t use flash, the conditions have to be freakin’ immaculate, which is sooo not the usual state of things.

  38. shay

    Hi Christine,

    Hope you are having a wonderful day. i have a couple of questions
    1.what is the best darkest teal eyeshadow you suggest… something like
    really dark green-blue
    2. can u suggest an everyday brown eyeshadow palette, i am 29 and work at a very conservative software company.

  39. Darby

    Thanks for doing one of these, I know everyone (especially me!) appreiates them! My hair is color treated with a few split ends so I’ve got some breakage problems, but it’s also very oily and has to be washed everyday. I’ve heard tea tree oil is good at combating oiliness but I’m not sold, any shampoo recommendtions you can think of? Thanks again, Christine!

    • Hey Darby,

      What do you currently use?

      I would suggest to make sure you only use conditioner on the bottom two-thirds of your hair and not on the roots themselves. You may also want to use a clarifying shampoo (I like Suave’s) once a week or so as well!

  40. Brenda

    Do you describe your coloring as cool or warm or do you prefer not to use such labels? You always look amazing in whatever colors you use!

    Do you think there are rules or guidelines about colors women should wear as they age? For ex., I’m 39 and not sure about wearing things like the Stila shadows you just reviewed. Thanks!

    • Hey Brenda,

      I’m warm-toned, and I don’t think it’s really so much a label, y’know? I mean, I *am* warmer toned, lol! However, I’ll wear cool or warm makeup – it’s not about only wearing warm colors to me! Sometimes it doesn’t always work, but I always come out learning something :)

      Yes and no. I think you should wear what you’re comfortable (or more importantly, confident) in and what is appropriate for whatever you’re doing. Like if you work in a very conservative office, whether you’re 19 or 39 or 79, bold blue makeup is probably not going to fly, so then you have to work within what makes sense in your life. I’m all about having fun with makeup!

      There are some guidelines/rules in place for wearing makeup as you get older – e.g. more matte finishes than shimmer/glitter, stay away from bright/bold colors, lighter eyeliner. I just think that there is a time and place to break them, and of course, depends on you. Do I think you could rock some glitter? I sure do! :) Do I think it’s appropriate for everyday? Nah, probably not – and it’s not for me either. But it’s a fun, bling-bling kind of glitter that’s nice to pull out every so often or for a night out.

  41. AnaA

    Hi Christine!

    If you had to choose only 10 nail polishes to have for the rest of your life, which would they be?

    • Hmm…

      China Glaze For Audrey, Custom Kicks, Emerald Sparkle, Ruby Pumps, Four Leaf Clover, Wagon Trail; Lippmann Ruby Slippers, Happy Birthday; Chanel Vendetta; Lancome Indigo Paris.

  42. Z

    Hi Christine, I was wondering which MAC concealer would work best for a very dry and textured eye area. I have Studio Finish, but it doesn’t seem to work very well for me. Thanks so much!

  43. Hi christine,

    thanks for doing this!! Couple of questions from me!

    1. What would you suggest would be a good teal e/s for blue/green eyes? I fancy trying it but have no idea or even if it would be suitable. Wanting to break out of the neutral zone :)
    2. What are the best nude lip colours for really pale people?
    3. what colours would you suggest are similar to Mariah carey’s look? i loooooooooooooooove her look, the neutral eyes and the nude lips and the cheek colours. Any suggestions welcome lol

  44. Jennifer

    Could you explain different color concealers are? I’ve seen pink, lilac/lavender and yellow. Do you have a recommendation for a good concealer for dark undereye circles and redness due to acne.

    • Green reduces redness; purple/lilac helps to counteract sallow/yellow; blue for reducing imperfections, yellow to lighten, pink to brighten, peach/salmon for undereye

      MUFE makes some great face primers, so I think you might like their green one for helping with minimizing the redness in your face. I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer for undereye circles.

  45. Rowan

    Hi! Hope your day is treating you well! My question for you is this…I know I must be a total spaz, but I bought the Universal Mix pigment from MAC and I’m having trouble using it. How do you suggest? I wet my brush and tried to use it as a base, but it was next to impossible for me to get any other color to show up on top, and the fall out was INSANE! The MUA at MAC told me to put it on top of shadows to lighten them but I havent tried that yet. Thanks!

    • Hey Rowan,

      Are you just using water? I always use water-based mixing medium (or 1 part glycerin, 3 parts water for the DIY version) with pigments, otherwise I don’t find they work very well.

      Universal Mix is also pretty as a highlighter, patted onto lips, and in lotion on legs!

  46. Michelle

    I think I may have asked you this question in the past, so sorry if it’s a repeat question you answered.

    Can you tell me how I would be able to get my eyeliner like this? See how it’s very thin in the inner corner & gets thicker under the lower lash line as it goes towards the outer? Would gel or pencil e/l help me get this look?

    Also, can you please recommend a pair of eyelashes curl out like that?

    Thank you so much & I love Temptalia!

    • Hey Michelle!

      Gel would probably work best – you need a steady hand and very thin, angled brush (I like the 208)!

      You could try MAC #45 lashes, which are half lashes, but will give you that extra oomph on the edges. Make Up For Ever #156 lashes should also work!

      Thank you! :)

  47. Theresa

    I am having major issues with blush. It won’t stay where it belongs. After a while I find my whole cheek is pink.
    1. How do you keep blush where it belongs?
    2. Do you have a diagram that shows where everything goes facewise- blush, highlighter, contour powder? I can’t contour my round face to save my life! My whole face ends up pink and brown- yikes!

    Thanks for your help- glad to see you are feeling better!

  48. Cathy

    What do you think would be the best dupe for Enough Said blush? I was not into MAC when that color came out and now I am dying to have it!! Any suggestions? AND BTW I live on your site! I go on it at least 6 or 7 times a day…lol

    • Bronzer, to be honest. Enough Said is like a glorified bronzer to me – I like it, but it looks and feels much like a bronzer on me πŸ˜›

      Thank you so much, Cathy :)

    • chapis714

      They have “Enough Said” at Cosmetics Company Store….a local outlet store for MAC and other brands

  49. HC

    What is your favorite purple eyeshadow? Warm tone, cool tone, any finish, any brand. Just favorites! I’m in love w/ purple e/s and I’m dying to find more.

  50. HC

    What is a good brand for an slanted/bent eyeliner brush? (used for gel liners)

  51. HC

    One more question, what brush do you recommend for mineralized foundation? I use the MAC MSF Natural as foundation since I don’t need that much coverage.

  52. Kristina

    Could you review the NARS Spring collection? I would love to see lip swatch’s, eyeshadows and the new Orgasm highlighter. They all look so lovely.

    Do you use many NARS products? They aren’t featured too often in your looks.

    What is your favourite perfume? ( Just curious;you can tell so much from a woman from her chosen scent!)

    • I will definitely try, Kristina! My counter is so, so slow to get NARS out :(

      I don’t use too many NARS products – I don’t own very many, and I’ve never really been compelled to remedy that!

      My favorite is Dior Addict, then I like Burberry’s The Beat and Vera Wang’s LOOK. Dior Addict was my first fragrance though, so maybe it makes me a little nostalgic when I wear it, too :)

  53. Ari

    Hi Christine-

    What are your Mac must-have brushes?

    <3 your website!

  54. ilona

    Hi Christine

    Thanks for taking the time out to answer questions! I have a few:

    1. I was browsing through the mac goodbye section and noticed they still had sunny by nature msf. I completely missed out on the collection when it came out and never got to see it in person. I’m NW20 or NC20 (I kind of mix both), do you think it would make a good bronzer? I currently use Nars Laguna but I’ve hit pan and wanted to try something new.
    2. What do you use fix + for? Is it really THAT good for mineralized eyeshadows or is water just as good? (I don’t want to waste 18 bucks if I can just use water lol)
    3. If you had to recreate the spiced chocolate quad, which colors would you put in there?

    • Hi Ilona,

      It’s an OK bronzer, but it does have some shimmer to it. I think it’s OK, but probably not the best bronzer overall.

      I very rarely use Fix+ (it just feels like glorified water, IMO). I use water or water-based mixing medium (for extra hold) when I use mineralize eyeshadows wet!

      Hm… I’d probably go for Vanilla, Amber Lights, Mystery, and Coppering.

  55. I love when you have these sessions! lol

    I have a couple questions.

    1. If I have MAC’s New York Apple, is there really any other dupe for Queen’s Sin rather than that? (That’s my HG red lipstick after seeing your review)

    2. I’n thinking of dying my hair in the next few days. If I go darker, would I still be able to use the blushes and msf’s that I use now? (My hair is kinda..light/med brown to dark blond and I wanna go to a dark brown)

    3. Is there any way to use a lustre eyeshadow and have it actually show up? lol I have Banshee and D’Bohemia and one from the Belle Azure collection I tried using and I have to pack it on to show up at all.

    I think that’s it lol Thanks so much! (I also follow your blog on livejournal too haha)

    • Hey Jessie,

      1.) I haven’t really found a great dupe for it, unfortunately :( You can scour eBay and maybe get lucky sometime… or try to swap for it on MakeupAlley!

      2.) I think you will be. You might find that certain combinations don’t look as good (or look better) or that you need to go lighter/heavier, but overall, I don’t think you should worry too much about it.

      3.) You could try to use it over a colored base or with a sponge-tip applicator (which is kind of the go-to if all else fails). I find that if you take a brush and pat it on, but not swish or blend, it tends to take better.

      Thank you! πŸ˜€

        • Cherie

          For what it’s worth – I have Banshee too and love love love it. I use a paint pot in a dusty pink (Girl Friendly but that may be d/c) and then pat Banshee on top. It shows up quite well.

          • Cherie

            Crap… just checked and the paint pot is actually called Girlie Presence :)

            • Jessie

              Girly? Or is it Perky? lol I have Perky and I love it, and now that I think of it it would look good under Banshee. Girl Friendly is the only other pink one I know of aside from Perky and Fresco Rose.

            • Cherie

              So, it says Girlie Presence. It was a random one I found at a MAC stand alone one day. Maybe it was mislabelled??? But it’s like a matte pink – like a dusty rose pink cousin of soft ochre.

              I hope the pink base works for you :)

            • Sounds like Girlie. There was a shadow called Girlie!

  56. I am wanting to get my blog up and running so I wanted to know, how did you do yours? How did it become so popular? I really want to be a beauty blogger and hopefully I’ll be able to do it as a full time job one day. Anybody that I could contact that might be able to help out? Any advice and tips would be awesome. I really appreciate it. :)

    • Hi Bobbie Sue,

      When I started blogging, the beauty blogosphere was TOTALLY different. There are so many more beauty blogs and bloggers today than there were three years ago, when I started. This is both good and bad — great because more perspectives are always good and that means more discussion, more opinions, and a broader audience… but it’s not so great if you want to start your own blog.

      It is important to find something that will differentiate your blog from everyone else’s blog. You have to find that part of you that really offers something new to potential readers. But maybe more importantly… you have to LOVE what you do and not for money or products or anything but the LOVE of beauty. If you love what you do and you’re passionate about it, that’s how it’ll work out.

  57. Melissa

    thanks for making this site its really helpful!
    I google anything with swatches or collection your site shows up!!

    are you a makeup artist or more of makeup addict/guru?

  58. Kimberlee

    So I’m a little confused about my skin tone. I’m pretty pale but I have a lot of pink undertones, which would make me cool… But a MAC person matched me with an NC 15 foundation which I think you said was warm? Which one am I then?

    • Hey Kimberlee,

      My favorite (and the easiest way! way to check is to look at your the underside of your forearm. Are the veins blue or green? If they’re blue, you’re cool-toned and should be NW. If they’re green, you’re warm-toned and should be NC.

      Sometimes a MAC artist may get it wrong – the lighting in the store has never been my favorite!

  59. Lurique

    Hi Christine,
    Let me start by saying that I love this website and I love your youtube channel!!! I just recently started using (liquid)foundation. I really love the dewy look you have in your tutorial videos. I live in the Netherlands and we don’t have easy access to some US brands (like MUFE). Which european brand foundation (Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, Sisley, Clarins, Lancome, etc) would you recommend or a dewy finish like the MUFE HD? I am currently using the Kanebo sensai fluid finish and although it’s a very nice foundation I think it’s a bit matte?
    I also have a warm tone in my skincolor, just a tad lighter than you.
    Keep up the great work!

  60. Kerry

    thanks for doing this again christine :)

    every time i line my tightline but not my lower waterline it transfers over and i feel like it makes my eyes look smaller.. do you have any tips?
    and also what do you think the best brush is to use with studio sculpt? :)

  61. Karla


    This might be a stupid question but when MAC brings out new collections do you ever tend you feel like you need all the colors that obtain to your completion or colors you like just because they are limited edition? I feel like each time I go into MAC get their latest things that I can NEVER get away with not spending atleast $200. I’m just afraid of them running out and not being able to get it again.

    How often is it when they bring out things that are not on the MAC perm collection if I don’t have a chance to get it?


    • Hi Karla,

      It used to feel like that, but then I started buying collections so I could take them home and do real photographs and swatches (including lip swatches… which are like, impossible to do in-store, lol!), so it’s kind of not that way anymore.

      When I first got into MAC (maybe a year or so in), I can remember feeling like “OMG, this is LE, what am I going to do?”

      I think at a certain point you also accumulate a lot of makeup and start seeing a lot of dupes so you don’t feel as rushed or hurried to get the latest and greatest.

      MAC doesn’t bring back a lot of products. They sometimes will release a new product (e.g. Dazzleglasses) and make it permanent, but it’s not something I’d really count on. MAC regularly releases new products, makes them permanent (or not), and discontinues them when they don’t do so well (e.g. Slimshines). You’ll see repeats of some shades and sometimes you’ll see repeats of a similar shade with ten different names, but there are a fair amount of colors that you won’t see again.

  62. Rita

    Hi! I have lipstick questions:

    1) Which are the best coral MAC lipsticks, past LEs included?

    2) Are there any bright pink MAC lipsticks that would suit a NC20 redhead (past LEs included)?

    • Hi Rita,

      1.) Mari-sheeno is probably the only really fantastic coral I’ve seen from MAC. To be honest, I’ve always felt their coral line has been lacking!

      2.) Have you tried maybe something like Girl About Town? I love me some Fashionably Fuchsia, though it’s quite old now. Hollywood Nights is a bright dark pink that might work as well. Hmm, you may also like Lustering or Lickable…

      • Julianna

        MAC’s Sandy B is an amazing coral & it’s my go-to lipstick! Definitely try it out :)

      • Brenda

        It’s not MAC but Dior Addict Lipcolour Vintage Coral is my HG coral. It’s like a frosty light coral. Reminds me of a lipstick I had as a kid in the …cough, cough..early 80’s lol.

        I quite love it as an everyday colour but it does slip some.

  63. Gina

    Hi Christine,
    I just wanted to know, does Mac and other make up companies forward your their upcoming lines as well as their product? I am would assume that they do being that you have the products before they are launched. I’m also thinking that you don’t pay for all the make up yourself…but then again…you might!

    • Hi Gina,

      If you see a post, there is a disclosure statement in any post where a brand or their representative has sent me product — that should help you identify what’s what! Some companies do, some companies don’t. I have purchased, I’d guess, somewhere around 85-90% of the MAC products that I own, though. Typically, if I’m featuring something before it’s launched, then most likely it did come from the company!

      • Gina

        These companies should give you something for all the free advertisement you do for them!!!

        I’m jealous of your ability to buy so much make up!

        You’re not alone…I have tons of student loans to pay back also!

        • Lots of amazing brands and companies have helped support Temptalia through product samples, which is a huge help, because I don’t have to buy everything AND I can try and review things I wouldn’t buy myself but perhaps are highly requested! It also lets me feature and try more brands than I otherwise might (if not for brands, this may still be an all MAC blog, ha!). :) But oddly enough, my beauty spending has only increased year after year!

          But oh, those student loans. Mountains upon mountains! My mom says sometimes she wakes up in a cold sweat worrying that I won’t be able to pay them back, LOL.

  64. Lara

    Hey Christine,

    I’m super excited about OPI’s Alice in Wonderland Collection, however I’m not sure when it will be available. Some salons I’ve asked have are already sold out while others haven’t even debuted it yet. Why is this?

  65. Chai

    I enjoy all the information you provide on your site. Thanks much! My question for you is… How do you choose your shade of foundation at a drug store. I recently noticed the pallor of the lack of sun I’ve not been getting and had to rush out and buy something. Not wanting to spend a lot on a color that hopefully won’t be for too much longer, I decided to head out to my local CVS but it’s hard to decide on a shade when there are no samplers/testers. I ended up getting 2 shades to mix up that luckily ended up okay with my shade but was wondering if you have any tips??? Thanks!

    • Hi Chai,

      The short answer? I don’t. I really, really don’t like the whole no swatching, no trying before you buy thing at drugstores, so I very rarely buy anything that really requires shade matching or the like.

      My tips, though, for buying without testing is to do a lot of Googling! A lot of people seem to use their MAC shade to offer comparisons in other foundations, so I might Google something like “NC30 for Revlon ColorStay” or something like that to see if anything pops up. I also try to think where I fall in my existing foundation – am I in the middle of their range? beginning? end? Then I kind of use that as a guide for an new range as well.

  66. Eyeris


    • Hi Eyeris,

      I’m not a skincare expert or esthetician, so I can’t tell you if it’s the right thing for your skin and only what my experience has been. I found Mario Badescu really helpful for my acne-prone skin, and I know a few other readers have found it worked well for them as well. I believe you can order samples from Mario Badescu, though, if you want to try it before you buy it.

      I think they’re pretty unique, just based on the texture alone!

  67. Chloe

    Hey Christine!
    I recently discovered that MAC MSF’s break me out :(
    Do they break you out too?
    Have you found any similar products that give that same glow/finish?
    <33 your blog!

    • Hi Chloe,

      Some of MAC’s mineralize skinfinish stuff seems to break me out, but I’m not 100% sure… just not enough to wear them very often anymore, though. I prefer Dior DiorSkin Shimmers over MSFs, though, regardless of the potential to break me out, lol!

      Thank you!

      • Mina

        I just recently bought by candelight, but im not liking it too much, don’t know whats the whole hype about. I’m looking for a great highlighter powder over my cheecks, that will give me a nice frosty glowy look.

        I already use dior nude foundation, and I love it!

        Now im thinking maybe I should switch and try the dior shimmer powder, so wihch one do you recommende if im a NC 25.

        Thanks alot!

  68. Betina

    Do you know something similar colourwise to Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, but longer-lasting? I’m in love with it but it doesn’t stay on for long.

    Any suggestion goes as long as it’s not sticky and doesn’t cost a lot more!

  69. Eyeris

    i FORGOT ONE MORE QUESTION….i REALLY LIKE THE BEAUTY PWDERS THAT ARE ABOUT TO COME OUT FORM MAC…Shell pearl and Summer Rose can you please tell me if the colors are similiar (Do i really need both….) and what do I use them for…I especially love the shell pearl….

    • Shell Pearl is really pretty, but Summer Rose is very light and didn’t really wow me like Shell Pearl has. They can be used as all over face powders or to highlight certain parts of the face.

  70. samantha

    What do you do during the day to keep your lipstick and lipgloss combo nice and fresh? Thoughout the day I smile and talk a lot, eat and smack my lips.. do you just reapply? I always ask my girl friends this: when you eat or drink do you just “eat” your lipstick/lipgloss orso you always wipe it off first? I’ve though about it and it would be weirdto go to a nice restaurant in a red lip then wipe it off.

    Oh and you don’t have to answer this question since it might be personal but are you employed? And if so, what is your job? I’m always so broke as a college student and I hardly splurge for costmetics!

    • Hi Samantha,

      Ever since I started wearing lipgloss and lipstick together, I just grew to alter some of my daily habits to be more conducive to keeping it on! When I drink, I actually use my tongue (flattened) against the class to drink (or else a straw), rather than my bottom lip. I kind of do similar things when I’m eating – just avoid getting my lips (at least the part that has product on ’em!) onto food or onto the fork. I definitely don’t wipe it off before eating, though.

      The closest thing I have to a job is doing the blog, but otherwise I am a full-time students with lots of loans to pay back!

  71. katie

    what blush/face powder would you reccomend? Im after a peachy coloured one like the new dior spring summer beauty powder you reviewed but without the shimmer. I tried Georgia by Benefit but that had too much shimmer too! Any ideas? If all else fails a really light bronzer might work.

  72. allison

    I am NW43 in Studio Fix liquid foundation and I was wondering what color blush, lipstick/lipglass would your recommend for my skintone? I am pretty set with e/s, but I have such a hard time finding blushes and lippies that work for me. What my eyes like and what actually looks good are two different things! Help point me in the right direction please. They can be from any m/u line. TIA

    Also, I notice that you dont review a lot of CARGO products? Is there a particular reason why? I was looking for a review from you on the Runway palette and couldnt find one. Got it anyway and I love it! πŸ˜€

    BTW I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  73. Silvia

    Hi Christine,

    is it possible that one day a powder foundation is oxidating on me? it never has happened before, but I guess yesterday it did – or I really have to clean my brush asap. am bad in chemics…

    • I think it would be unusual if it did so all of a sudden, as I typically hear of it happening all the time and from the get-go. I would recommend cleaning your brush, giving it another go, and seeing how it acts!

  74. j e n

    Hi Christine!
    I would like to know what products or how can I prevent the under eye area from looking cakey after applying concealer.
    It doesn’t matter what concealer I use it ALWAYS seems to cake on me.
    I have also noticed that my under eye area tends to be a bit dry, I’m guessing that’s why it cakes on me but I’m not really sure…. HELP!

    • Hey Jen,

      You may need a little more moisturizer or a thicker moisturizer on your undereye area to keep it hydrated – sometimes I use a thicker cream as a “spot treatment” for drier areas on my skin. This way I don’t have to over-moisturize my entire face, but I can still keep my drier areas from being flaky. I would opt for a creamier concealer (think almost like a liquid concealer), though, if you do tend to be drier in the area!

  75. Florence

    Hi, Christine!

    I know you did a lot of posts for red lipsticks in the Scarlet Season. However, I was having information overload. So, I was wondering if you can suggest 3 red lipsticks (or lipgloss) for someone with NC 25-30 skin (any brand is fine).

    Also, have you ever tried MUFE Aqua lipliner? If yes, how does it compare to MAC ones?

    Thank you ^_^

    • Hi Florence,

      1.) I’d suggest Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque, MAC Russian Red Lipstick, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick.

      2.) I have – it works well, and I haven’t had any problems with it. I find it hard to say much about lip liners, just because, well, they just seem to do their job, lol!

  76. Brandi

    Hi Temptalia!

    Have you tried YSL Rouge Volupte in 22 – Exquisite Plum?

    Which one do you like better #22 Exquisite Plum or #12 Forbidden Burgundy?

  77. Jaqueline

    Hello there,

    I only “got into” make up in 2009, but im 38 and dont know where to start. I am worried that i will look ridiculous and people will laugh at me. Im not sure if im too old to start with make up.

    Can you give me any advice?

    I love your site and always look forward to reading it every day.


    • Hi Jaqueline,

      You’re never too old to start anything :) First and foremost, I recommend experimenting and practicing – you don’t have to wear what you try on out of the house, but by practicing application and technique, you can hone your skills and learn what you like (and don’t like!). Try less at first and then build up to something bolder/more dramatic and see how you like it. That way you will be confident with what you choose to wear!

  78. Annie

    Hi Christine,

    I remember you saying something about reviewing the Volcanic Thermal Mask from the Style Black collection. Is it something for the near future? Also wondering if you would consider the 226 brush an essential brush (I’m pondering between trying to get that one or the 219)

    And how’s Mellan doing? :-)

    • Hey Annie,

      Sorry about that – I just never ended up reviewing it :(

      I do consider the 226 an essential brush! I use it all the time (it nearly every look) – more so than the 219 (which I do use often, though). He is good :) Just napping now!

  79. Yay Christine! I’ve been waiting for this session for the longest time! πŸ˜€

    I have a few questions:

    1. Do you know of an eye shadow that looks like Zoya’s Adina? It’s a violet / green duochrome. I’ve been obsessing over this colour since I found nail swatches of it. Any brand, I don’t care. :)

    2. I use MAC Dainty for a warm pink blush. Do you know one from MAC (or other similarly priced brand) that’s more pigmented but not too shimmery?

    3. What do you recommend for a cheek highlight shade for an NC40? I’m looking for really fine shimmer.

    Thanks so much for doing this! πŸ˜€

    • Hi Arianne,

      1.) Can’t say that I do… nothing is popping into my mind!

      2.) Have you tried MAC Dollymix? It’s slightly warm, though not terribly so, but definitely pigmented. It’s not very much like Dainty, though. Smashbox Flush or MUFE #112 might work too.

      3.) You might like NARS Albatross! It has a fine shimmer. MAC makes decent highlighters.. but they’re not in the permanent line, unfortunately! They’re always limited edition :(

      • I’m going to check out Smashbox Flush for sure judging from your swatches… I actually have MUFE #112 but it’s pretty matte. Great pink though!

        NARS is a bit steep for me for highlighter. I’m probably not going to use it that often, so it’ll be a bit of a waste.

        Thanks for your help. πŸ˜€

  80. Natalia

    i have a reall hard time buying foundation, or powder for my face because i am pale… so when i go to a store i always feel like they chose a shade that makes me look too white! i am spanish and i tan easily, but in the winter i turn light. how should i go about that to buy foundation, powder, or blush?

    • Are you trying to find a foundation that works year-round? If you do get light and tan really easily as the seasons change, you’re best off having a foundation for the winter and another for the summer. For your blushes, you can just use a lighter or heavier hand, depending on the intensity of the color you need at the time!

  81. CaliMommy

    Hi Christine. I was interested in getting Showstopper e/s, but do you find it too similar to Mystery to justify having both? Also, Myself l/s makes me look like a corpse. What l/l would you recommend to pair it with?

  82. Amanda

    Do you have, or could you compile a list of MAC duochrome shadows/pigments? I have a few and love them, I am interested in getting more. Thanks!

    • Hi Amanda,

      I don’t have a list, unfortunately! :(

      Here are the ones I can think of…

      Expensive Pink
      Gorgeous Gold
      Seedy Pearl
      Stars n Rockets


      Blue Brown
      Frozen White
      Green Brown
      Old Gold
      Pink Opal
      Pink Pearl
      White Gold

  83. Kristine

    Hi Christine! I’m glad that you are doing Ask Temptalia today. So my question is what undereye primer can you recommend? I have this line in my undereyes (both left and right) that still shows through even if I use MAC Moisturecover or other light undereye concealer. I just hate how it gets so obvious that I just concealed my undereyes because of those lines showing!

  84. kristie

    How do you get eyeliner top and bottom to stay? By the end of the day I have severe raccoon eyes and it’s embarrassing. Any tips? Do you think it’s caused by the eyeliner or Diorshow mascara?

    • It could be your eyeliner, but it could be your mascara. I would try doing either/or and seeing if the problem is still there, so at least you know who the culprit is. You may want to try setting your eyeliner with either a loose translucent powder or a similar color eyeshadow for extra stay and hold.

  85. kathyb

    Just wondering what ethnicity are you? Someone told me you were half viet. If you are, you look nothing like it (not in a rude way or anything)! I’m half Vietnamese so I found that interesting. haha

  86. Haylie

    I love these things! Only two questions this time so I won’t take up too much of your time.

    1) What do you think of MUFE HD Powder in comparison to MAC Prep + Prime Powder?
    2) Does MAC Blot Powder really work? I have a really oily t-zone so I need a pressed powder. Any that have really won you over?

    Thanks for doing these Christine! You’re awesome!

    • Hi Haylie,

      1.) They’re the same to me. MUFE HD Powder never blew me away… I didn’t get the hype. It gets the job done, but it wasn’t like OMG SPECTACULAR! I like either and alternate often.

      2.) I don’t get very oily, so I’ve never invested in Blot Powder myself, however I do know lots of oilier-skinned ladies who seem to covet and carry Blot Powder around religiously πŸ˜‰ Any pressed powder, in general, will help soak up the oilies as that’s what powder does!

      • Diane


        Do you set your makeup with powder before heading out? If so,
        what kind?


      • Haylie

        Thanks Christine! I don’t wanna spend ten more bucks on a translucent powder. I mean how good could a translucent powder get right? Thanks for the advice!

        I think I’ll try the Blot Powder. I know you don’t own it but does it have like the same ingredients as the MSFN? Lol I don’t know how you would know that but I’m just worried it might break me out like the MSFN. Also, what brush would you apply a pressed powder with?

        • I have no clue what the ingredients are, but if you are interested, I would email customer service :) I find that’s the quickest & easiest way to get an ingredient list from any brand!

          I use the 150 for pressed and loose powder. I also like the 189 for more coverage!

  87. Simone

    Hey Christine! I love your blog.

    My Questions are…
    1. If you could only have a few make-up products, what would they be?
    2. What would you say have been your biggest make-up mishaps in the past, the sort of things you thought were amazing at the time and now you look back and just think! (I looked through my old pictures, and realized I have alot of those)
    3. What’s your favourite place to go for a vacation? and your favourite place outside the US.

    thanks, much love xxx

    • Hi Simone!

      1.) Mascara, lip balm, and blush!
      2.) Not wearing lipstick or blush… not realizing how important it is to have a FULL face of makeup – not just super eyeshadow and neglecting the rest! Oh, and over-tweezing…
      3.) Hmm, I’d say Hawaii, I guess. I haven’t been to that many places, particularly outside of the U.S.! I’ve only been to Canada, Mexico, and China. I don’t think I’d say any of three are a favorite place. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and Spain!

      Thank you!

  88. Miriam


    I’m looking for a very pale lipstick…my face is very light…do you know any good one? it could be from any brand, execept Nars (can’t find that where I live) or should I better start wearing concealer or foundation on my lips instead?


  89. Katy

    Hi Christine! Great timing with this question session. :)
    My prom is March 13th. I’ve found my dress, it’s the light blue one. :)

    But I’m not sure what I should do with my makeup. So I was looking through some of your past makeup looks for ideas, and I found one I really like:

    Do you think this would look good with my dress? Or do you have any other recommmendations? I have strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair, cool-toned of skin. Thanks for your help!

  90. Christine! I just got to know- how do you budget for cosmetics?! I am so addicted. lol

    • Makeup is really my only hobby! I’m not big on clothes, shoes, bags, etc. I’m not into fragrance really (my nose is dumb!), so I pick and choose there. But having makeup be the only area I really do big spending in helps keep me sane.

      Here are some of my budgeting tips:

      1.) Make a list of anything you want from upcoming collections. Sometimes I like to make collages or put links to photos, reviews, etc. of certain products I really want.
      2.) I make myself sit on it for at least a week if it’s possible. If I still want it, then I tend to buy it. If I don’t even remember wanting it any more, then I can skip.
      3.) Check to see if you have anything similar already, because then you can tell yourself you don’t really need it.
      4.) Make use of return policies — if you don’t love it, you shouldn’t have to keep it when stores do offer some really great return policies.
      5.) Watch for sales; in the past few years, with the poor economy, many brands have had sales… when we never thought they would.
      6.) Kind of an off-shoot of the previous one, but I always save up bigger purchases or staple purchases (e.g. skincare) for Sephora’s Friends & Family sale (typically in November).

  91. carie

    hey im just getting started with mac i have fair skin and green eyes. what are some products you would suggest? :)

  92. Woo hoo! I have three questions:

    1) Do you do your own graphics for the titles, etc. on the website? I like how all of your posts in a series (like the spring lips, winter lips, etc.) have a custom look to them. It looks nice and sets the site apart from your routine blog – It’s (just) one of the things I really like about :)

    2) Do you ever use old-fashioned cake eyeliners? The “get it wet and apply with brush” kind? If so, can you recommend one that you’ve used and liked? I like gel eyeliners for a fine line and pencils for smudging – But I’ve been interested in trying out a nice cake eyeliner (I suppose MAC’s Chromacake might even work – Then I’d have it for YEARS! LOL).

    3) I’ve seen a few videos on-line lately where people have been using Benefit’s High Brow – Have you ever used it? If you have, do you like it as a highlighter and do you think it’s really worth the $20?


    • Hey Dusty,

      OK, so graphic design and web design is sort of split. My boyfriend does the overall layout (though our logo was made by an outside firm!), but he does the general look and feel of the whole site itself. All of the little banners/titles/images you see on the actual posts, those are by me (for good or bad, haha!). I just have a thing for wanting themed/series posts have the same feel/look, so they can all look uniform. OCD, hello!

      I haven’t used too many, but I tried out MAC’s Cake Liner when I was at the SF PRO store a little while back, and I liked it. I think they’re the size of paint pots/fluidlines or so, not quite as forever-lasting as a Chromacake, LOL!

      I’ve only used it in-store when Benefit artists have done some makeover-type things on me. It’s not something I could really see myself using in my day-to-day makeup, since I’d rather just use whatever highlighter suits the look/me on that day, you know? Like I want something that leans gold, or pink, or champagne — whathaveyou! It’s a nice way to add a little pop to the brow if you’re not wearing much else, though. Worth $20? I suppose, considering it’ll last you quite sometime, and I do like that it’s in a pencil form!

  93. BAM432

    What would be your ideal MACl 15 pan neutral palette for someone in the NC37-40ish range? Thanks!

  94. Miriam

    hello again,

    I also have a big question for you and your answer is very important to me…I would like to know what eyeshadows from MAC are irreplaceable with other brands, so unique and must haves…also taking into consideration that I have fair skin and brown eyes…What are your must haves?…I mean colors like amber lights (which you really cannot find anywhere else)

    THANK YOU again :)

    • Hi Miriam,

      You could consider these shades very unique that would work with your skin tone… Tilt, Moon’s Reflection, Patina, Stars ‘n Rockets, Vellum, Vex, Beautiful Iris

  95. May

    hi christine
    1)can u please tell me whats the best waterproof concealer that i can use?
    2)my skin have some obviouse pores goin on can i still use luminous
    thanks alot :)

  96. Mel


    I’ve been HEAVILY into nail polish lately, but even after my mani, my polish chips the second or third day. I use OPI Start to Finish, CND Sticky Basecoat, and then Seche Vite as a top. Any advice?

    • Hey Mel,

      I would probably just vary it up – try a different base coat. I use Zoya’s Color Lock System for just about everything and haven’t had any issues with it. I know some have suggested that certain brands or formulas don’t always work well with whatever your usual base/top coat system is, so you may want to try another base coat.

  97. Claudia

    What is the best method that you use when you get a pimple?
    and what is the best makeup for oily skin?

    • Hi Claudia,

      I use Mario Badescu’s spot treatments (Drying Lotion/Drying Cream) when I get a pimple and do my best to leave it alone (which is so, so hard!).

      Best makeup? Well, what kind of makeup? Powders in general tend to work better on oily skin, though.

  98. felicia

    i want to try benefit creaseless cream shadow just at eyeshadow base but not sure what color to try. i am an african american of dark complexion. i was thinking of Birthday Suit, but do not want one too shimmery or too light for my complexion.

  99. Lauren

    hii christine!
    i have brash and bold pigment and i could really use some ideas
    so far all i’ve come up with is a smokey eye with a pink lid

  100. TL

    I have oily skin. What loose translucent powder do you recommend for setting foundation?

    How do you get rid of yellow stained nails?

    What affordable flat iron brand do you recommend?

    Have you tried maybelline superstay 24 hour foundation? If yes, what do you think of it?

    Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi TL,

      1.) I like Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder a lot right now.
      2.) You can try a gentle “bleaching” by using a mix water and baking powder (as a paste), then applying it to nails. You can also try soaking your nails in lemon juice or in denture-cleaning solution/mixture (like the tablets).
      3.) I like Remington’s Shine Therapy for a flat iron that’s affordable.
      4.) Haven’t tried it!