Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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356 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #020

  1. Laetitia

    Anymore ‘build a quad’ features coming up? I love those!

  2. heather t

    Hi Christine, so have you stopped youtubing? You should also become a yt partner! and any current faves as far as foundation?

    • I haven’t, but I’ve been on hiatus, mostly because I’ve been sick for most of the fall/winter season or else super super busy with school, and nobody really wants to hear someone with a hacking cough, LOL.

      I love Guerlain Parure Gold for foundation!

  3. Gianna

    Hello, I was wondering if you had any suggestion for a good cleanser, toner, exfolieter, and nighttime moisturizer for sensitive but yet acne-prone skin. Thank you :) !

    • Hi Gianna,

      You might want to try out Mario Badescu, Renee Rouleau, or Philosophy’s product lines. They have a lot of products that cater towards sensitive and acne prone skin :)

  4. Mac 217 or 224? I just ordered the 217 but am second guessing myself! (I’d eventually like to own both, but I can’t buy both at once.)

    • Hey Sara,

      The 217 is probably better to buy first, but I think they’re totally different brushes, so there’s no real wrong way to go :)

      • Wooo, I made the right decision! I think the 219 is next on my list, then maybe the 224 😉

        • Aww! The 217 and the 219 were my VERY FIRST MAC brushes! I bought them at the same time – And I too, was confused at whether to buy the 217 or the 224. Everyone said, “get the 217, it’s more multi-purpose.” So I did.

          I own the 224 now and I like it – But I have more 217’s than any other eye-brush :) It’s awesome. I think the 217, 219 and 109 would be my “desert island” brushes. MAYBE the 134 as well, but only because the handle would be good for clubbing animals with so I didn’t starve.

          Oh! There’s a question! Going back to the top of the page to post!!! :)

          • Thanks for answering too, Dusty! ^_^ 217 will be my very first Mac brush! Been wanting to try them for a while now, and had a bit of extra cash so I went for it. It’s arriving tomorrow, eeee!

  5. iliana

    What can you do to prevent oily face from turning orange as the day goes along? :) I got NC40 foundation but at the end of the day, I turn orangey. When photographed, it looks natural with a touch of NC35 powder but in real life it’s pretty fake-tan-gone-bad. :(

    I know I should probably change the foundation formula instead, but I’m thinking if there’s a way to deal with the color instead of the formula. Drugstore brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Max Factor all look too light on me and MAC is the only reasonably priced good foundation I can afford right now. :)

    Second, how do I keep upper lid makeup on the upper lid? Since my skin is oily, my mascara and liner (if using) tend to “move” to the lower lid in a very unsexy, not “the morning after” way. I get very conscious at work because of this. :(

    Anyway, thanks Christine for doing this again! :) Happy holidays!

    • Hi Iliana,

      You may have to switch foundations, because it sounds like this one is oxidizing on you. :( The only thing I can suggest is to use a primer underneath it (but you may already be doing this) to help avoid some of the oxidation.

      You could try using a lash primer, which may help your mascara stay in place better! I’d also recommend using waterproof liner (like liquid) or else setting your liner with a powder eyeshadow (similar color, of course!), which will also help it stay in place a little more :)

      Happy holidays!

      • iliana

        Thanks! :) One last question though. Would you have any recommendations for non-oxidizing (if that’s the term) foundations? I know that foundation hunting can be very expensive but I’d like to know where to start :) Thanks so much!

        • Hey Ilana,

          It’s unfortunately just a process :( Oxidizing can occur because of skin acidity (your natural pH level), the amount of oil you produce… and how it interacts with the formula.

  6. hannah

    Can you give me a quick pros and cons on the diorshow extase? I’ve been wondering about it ever since you started using it. Your lashes seem longer too in your eotd’s

  7. ElleryAllison

    Do you have a favorite everyday lipliner from MAC?

  8. Candi

    Can you really use baby powder as a setting powder on your face? I saw it in a video but I don’t think she was serious…

    • I never have, and I personally wouldn’t… but I’m more of the ilk of erring on the side of caution and prefer to use products designed for that area (especially when it comes to the face!).

    • J

      LOL was that QueenofBlending’s joke video? Yeah she wasn’t serious.

  9. Candi

    What’s a good foundation to use that has light coverage? I used to use MAC Studio Mist foundation and that was perfect but they discontinued it :( and I’m out. I’m NW50 for ref w/ oily skin.

    • Hi Candi,

      Have you tried a tinted moisturizer? I like Korres and Kiehl’s, but they both have a limited shade range, so I don’t know if that would be suitable for you.

      If you liked Studio Mist, you might like Dior’s AirFlash, though. For a lightweight liquid foundations, I also like MAC’s Face & Body and Make Up For Ever’s Face & Body.

  10. CaliMommy

    After reading all the hype about Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils, I decided to take the plunge and try it out. After only two days of use, I developed four HUGE cystic pimples on my chin and a couple smaller ones on my cheek. I did some research (stupid me should’ve done this BEFORE trying it) I found that the main ingredient is mineral oil. I guess some people react to mineral oil differently than others, but in your experience have you found mineral oil to be harmful and cause breakout? I see conflicting info floating around the net.

    • Hi CaliMommy,

      I use shu uemura’s cleansing oil (the orange one) all the time, and I’ve had no problems, and I can be very acne-prone (clear skin has never been my M.O.!), so it can definitely vary from person to person… which, unfortunately, is something common in just about all skincare ingredients! For example, some people react badly to silicone (often found in face primers) — and I do — while others have no reaction at all.

      • inani

        i don’t know if you guys have it there (although i’m almost sure you do) but i use BABOR hy oil and phytoactive combo. Hy oil is hydrophylic oil and is plant based (like peanut, sessame etc.) with added vitamin E and no perservatives so it’s ok for even most sensitive skins. Being hydrophylic, it disolves in water, but the second step is phytoactive which contains water and plant extracts. I’ve been using it for years on my acne-prone skin and don’t have any problems with it. It even removes the most stubborn of makeup, like waterproof maskara and stuff. Google it, i am sure you will love it.

      • CaliMommy

        I used the green a/o one. I did see improvement with the texture of my face… except for the zits, of course. Lol! Too bad for me. I really wanted it to work as a make-up remover.

        What would you suggest for a makeup remover? I use foundation, waterproof liner and waterproof mascara so I’m looking for a oil type remover to use before I cleanse. I’m currently using Boscia’s Makeup Breakup and it works great, but it’s a bit pricey. Any suggestions?

        • Ohh, I’d really recommend Lancome Bi-Facil for eyes/lips. Love, love that stuff. Removes everything! Though I tend to be lazy and just use shu’s cleansing oil for all my makeup, and then I just go back with a cotton swab and Bi-Facil for taking care of eyeliner.

          I’ve tried MAC’s, Bobbi Brown’s, and Shu’s cleansing oils – I like them all the same. I don’t feel like any one performs better than the other, really.

        • Brenda

          I know it’s a bit late, i just came across this post. Mineral oil is not generally recommended to use on skin as it does clog pores, it doesn’t absorb and it’s really not too great for your skin. Whenever my mother or I make scented oils or ointments plant based products are used and the health food stores (in Canada) carry the correct oils to use on your skin.

    • Natalie

      Calimommy – just wondering if you are using it the right way? Once you massage your face with the oil, you have to add a bit of water. Once it goes a bit milky you also need to massage it a bit too and THAT process clears out your pores, etc?

      • CaliMommy

        Hi! Yup, I added water several times and did the whole emulsifying routine. (I currently use Boscia’s Makeup Breakup and emulsify the same way.). Mineral oil does not agree with my skin and unfortunately it’s the main ingrediant in Shu Uemura cleansing oils.

  11. MC

    You know that hot pink/hot purple color Barbie wears on her lips? I’m searching for it… Ideas?


  12. Roxanne

    Yay, Christmas edition! I’ve pretty much forgotten everything I wanted to ask you though, LOL. Will post another one if I think of something else :)

    So, here are my questions:
    – Could you maybe recommend a few pink/nude lipsticks for NC15 skin? I have blue eyes and yellow undertones.
    – Some reds too maybe? The MAC MUA told me I could wear both blue and orange based ones (if that helps you). I’ve been thinking about buying Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon (since you love it so!) but I’m afraid it might be too dark? Would Viva Glam I be suitable? And Russian Red?
    – I’m having some issues applying blush lately! The color never deposits even. I’ll have too much on the apples of my cheeks and never enough towards my temples, no matter how much I excess I tap off/extra blush I add. Any tips? I use the #116 brush because you recommended it to me (Do you still use that though? You mention the #129 a lot lately. Just curious!)
    – I’m getting a MAC #182 for Christmas! YAY! Should I use it with MSFN (or any face powder for that matter) or use a regular brush for that and use the kabuki “clean” for fading harsh edges? Do I use long strokes? Swirl?
    – MUFE HD powder vs. MAC Prep+Prime?

    – What collection for Spring are you most looking forward to?
    – How did your finals go? :)

    I guess that will keep you busy for a while! I know I wrote something down I really wanted to ask you but I forgot :( Thank you for thesession, by the way!

    • Hey Roxanne,

      How are you? Hope you’re having a good week!

      For pinks/nudes, Crosswires, Sweetie, Hue, Honeyflower. Also, Urban Decay’s Naked? Gorgeous!

      For reds, Viva Glam I, Dubonnet, Russian Red. I think Dragon would be just fine on you – it’s not much brighter than Russian Red 😉

      (Most of these are pulled from this post: http://www.temptalia.com/best-eyeshadows-lipglosseslipsticks-blushes-for-fair-skin)

      You know what, I need to update that, because I don’t use the 129 at all. I only use the 116, LOL. I just copy and paste from an outline for looks posts (so I don’t have to retype it every single time). Is your foundation wet or dry? (Are you wearing foundation?) I find if my foundation is still a little “wet” (like I just applied it), blush can go on splotchy. I also usually tap it up along my cheek to the temples, then I blend it together. Have you tried using a buffer brush (like the 182) or using setting powder on a fluffy brush (like the 150) to see if it evens it out post-application?

      YAY for the 182! Love, love it. I like the 189 with MSFN, actually… I like the 182 for liquid foundation (gasp!) or for buffing makeup at the end. It’s more of a swirl :)

      Prep + Prime, personally. I wasn’t impressed with MUFE HD (well, not to the level that it was hyped up to be), so I’d rather pay less and get the same product!

      It was probably Chanel and Guerlain, both of which I’ve now seen and enjoyed… I usually don’t get too excited about any collection until I see it in person. Everything has a tendency to look pretty in promo photos! What about you?

      Haha, I don’t know! Law school tends to take eons to get grades back, so I’m still crossing my fingers. I imagine I won’t know most of my grades until February, LOL!

      • Roxanne

        Lots of studying this week acutally :( But I love to check here when I’m on a break :)

        Thank you for tips, I will definitely check those lipsticks out! I’ve seen the Rouge Allure Laque “live” for the first time yesterday and it just screamed my name! Might have to pick it up sitll…

        I use liquid foundation, then blush, then setting powder (MSFN). Hmm, maybe I’m not letting it dry enough. That could def be it! Before, I did foundation, powder, then blush (powder on powder…) but it would all fade too quickly. I love the 116 much more than the 129 though.

        I’m most looking forward to MAC’s Spring Color Forecast, but from earlier collections I know I should wait for swatches and not just look at the promo pics. They can be so deceiving sometimes! Hope your grades turn out well, but I’m sure they will :)
        Thank you again for answering my questions! (And sorry for any double posting *woops*)

        • Still studying? Aww :( I finally finished all my finals, now I just wait in trepidation for my grades, lol. Good luck!

          If it screamed your name, that is a good sign! :) That was how I felt when I first swatched Dragon… I was like, ohh, la la!

          I love the 116 much more than the 129 as well — my 129 sits around collecting dust at this point!

          No worries!

  13. Natasha S.

    Hi Christine! =)

    My question for you is….

    Do you have any options for the best cleanser to use for combination skin (I’m mostly oily in my T-zone area, and dry/normal the rest of my face)?? Name both drugstore and high-end brands if possible. I really need a good cleanser that will remove makeup and also not cause breakouts! lol

    Oh, one more question please…sorry, but have you tried Stigma brushes as yet? If so, are they worth it, or better than MAC brushes??

    • Hi Natasha,

      For drugstore, I like Clean & Clear’s product range a lot. For high-end, I do like Mario Badescu, Renee Rouleau, and Philosophy for combination skin.

      Personally, I do find that a makeup remover and a separate cleanser is the best way to go :) One of my favorite makeup remover types is cleansing oil (MAC, Bobbi Brown, shu – they all have ’em), because they really work well to get all your makeup off at once (face and eyes). Lancome Bi-Facil is my favorite for eyes/lips, though.

      Haven’t tried them yet, sorry!

      • Natasha S.

        Oh wow! Thanks so much for the info! I’ll be sure to check those products out…I’ve never heard of Mario Badescu and Renee Rouleau, do they sell their products in Canada, by chance if you know? I’ll research anyway, lol. Happy Holidays Christine =)

  14. Piper

    Hey Christine,

    I am a makeup newbie and as such I am easing my way into blush. I only own two (Raizin and ambering rose) and am having a difficult time choosing others, hopefully you can help with the following questions.

    1.) Can you suggest other blush colors for my NW 45 skin tone?

    2.) How do you choose a blush that compliments the rest of your makeup look?

    • Hey Piper,

      I did a whole post on my recommendations for NW45s here — http://www.temptalia.com/best-eyeshadows-lipglosseslipsticks-blushes-for-dark-skin

      Just look for the suggestions under “Cool” :)

      I usually look at the undertone – do I want to stay cool or go warm? If I do warm cheeks, I do warm lips; if I do cool cheeks, I do cool lips. I usually don’t clash the cheeks/lips too often myself. I’ve found I just gravitate towards certain shades/colors based on my eye makeup. Like I tend to do corals and peaches with green eye makeup, or cool pinks and purples with pink/purple eyes.

    • D.O.T.Girl

      Hey Piper, I’m a NW45 too! If you don’t mind me butt-ing in… I think you should try Nars Taj Mahal blush. It’s beautiful on skin tones like ours.

  15. hi,

    thanks for doing this.
    my question is Can you please suggest MAC dupes of ‘very’ high end brand e/s..like Chanel, Dior etc etc. As you get the chance to see almost all of these every season, it would be great if you could help with some dupes from MAC, as MAC is decently affordable…and available.

    Non Make-up related: How to you manage to store so many photos/pictures/ swatches/Looks..I mean how do you arrange pics in laptop. Is it brand…or lip/eye/face category…just wanted to know, so that I can try and organise my little collection….:)

    • Hi Samaya,

      You’re always welcome to ask me for a dupe, but I don’t want us to be 100% MAC-focused and MAC isn’t the only brand that might have a dupe, you know? I’m always happy to try and list dupes when asked, but I do feel it can take away from a review just to say, “But here’s what you can buy at MAC, instead!” Just feel free to ask me if there’s a color you like or would want a dupe for and what brand you’d like it in :)

      I use a desktop computer, and I just organize it by season. I don’t bother with brands or the like, because I like to keep it by what I’ve reviewed for spring, summer, etc. so I know where all the most recent stuff is :) For looks, I organize it by year. I don’t keep it very micro-organized, just because I rarely find myself referring to photos on my computer. I tend to just go back to Temptalia and grab the link to the review instead!

      How do you organize yours now?

      • thank you for answering…
        I would like to know dupes for the latest Chanel quad that you reviewed. I saw it myself, i think the colors are dupable…I just need some expert to answer and put a brake to my lemming!!

        I organize broadly…as launches/swatches/brands..
        Mine is a small, fun blog…so I mostly have in-store swatches and all stuff random…:)

        Have a great, fun-filled, healthy and Happy Holidays…:)

  16. Rebekka

    Hi Christine… what is the very best bestest ever forever bestest face primer you have ever used? Thanks! have a wonderful Christmas and thanks very much for all the work you are putting in for the blog and the videos, it really means a lot and is very helpful!!! xoxoxo

    • Hi Rebekka,

      My favorite is Korres Silicone-Free Primer :) I just find it very lightweight, doesn’t break me out, and gets the job done.

      Thanks so much! Happy holidays!

  17. daphne

    Oooh, yay! I’ve been saving up some thoughts for this, as I want to avoid derailing other posts with random questions :)

    -You talk about your skincare routine (which I know constantly changes) sometimes on here, but I’ve never noticed you mentioning an eye cream. Do you use a separate one, or do you just use moisturizer on your lids? Any particular reasons why? I’m the same age as you are, so I’m curious to hear it from someone similar’s perspective, but I also do have very crepey lower lids already, sadly :( so I have been using eye cream…except I don’t think it helps much!

    -I know your strong preference is for liquid foundation, but have you ever used cream foundation, and if so, any recommendations? Liquid and powder both enhance my dry patches no matter how much I moisturize so I thought a cream foundation might be worth a try. I suppose I could also try tinted moisturizer (hey when are you gonna review the Kiehl’s one you keep mentioning :))

    -Do you use the 239 to apply your browbone highlight color? Do you also use it to blend/soften the line btwn crease and highlight? I generally use the 217 but I’m finding my dark-crease looks appear a bit muddy lately.

    -Suggestions for a (powder) cheek highlighter that is cheaper than the Dior ones (maybe in the $30ish range) that has a similar soft shimmer, and isn’t too pink? Most of the MSFs I’ve played with in the store (Shimpagne, Soft & Gentle, etc) are too sparkly, but I’m willing to try to seek out a DCed one…

    Hmm, that’s all for now. Thank you for your time, as always!

    • Hi Daphne,

      I don’t use eye cream very often, because most of the ones I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) tend to burn or irritate the skin around the eyes. It seems pointless to cause flakiness/dryness by using an eye cream, lol! I’m also a huge, huge skeptic for anti-aging products. I believe in prevention rather than correction — sunscreen, wear sunglasses, wear glasses (if you need them, so you aren’t squinting all the time), don’t tug/pull, don’t rub your eyes excessively, all that good stuff. A lot of times I just use Vaseline or Cortisone on my eyes if they feel particularly dry.

      I don’t love cream foundation, just because it has a tendency to feel heavy on me. When I do, I go for Eve Pearl’s HD cream foundation. I’d say that’s my favorite, though a lil’ pricey.

      I wish it weren’t so expensive, but I love, love Osmotics’ Cream Extreme Barrier Repair — it’s not cheap, so I only use it for dry patches, but it’s one of the more effective moisturizers I’ve come across for dry, patchy skin (I tend to get dry patches around my upper lip and off to one side of my chin — ugh!).

      I pretty much use the 239 for everything. I have five of them, and I probably use 2-3 per look. Sometimes I apply the highlighter using the 217, but the 239 works for me. I don’t find one works particularly better over the other – it’s kind of whatever I reach for and whatever’s clean at the time! I don’t do much blending of the crease/highlight area – I tend to just apply and gently brush over the upper edge of the darkest color of the crease, but I don’t do too much back-and-forth.

      You should check Benefit’s Sugarbomb – it’s a little cheaper (I think maybe $34?) – and it reminded me a lot of Dior’s Skin Shimmers. It’s not too pink, though it has some pink in it.

      • Susie

        try Graftobian cream HD foundation with a beauty blender sponge. It goes on light and excellent coverage. I think the foundation is like $14.

      • daphne

        Thanks for the info about eye cream! Yeah I can see why it doesn’t make sense for you…sounds like your eyelids are a bit sensitive. I do agree with you about being skeptical of anti-aging stuff, especially with how obscenely expensive it can be. The Sephora folks always push eye cream on me and I’m like, are you kidding me, $50+ for half an ounce? I have MAC’s Fast Response because the first time I tried it, I really liked the feel, but I still developed the crepey-ness. I do try to treat my lids with care, for sure!

        And thanks for the Osmotics recommendation, I’m going to keep that one in my back pocket…it IS pricey but it is something my skin would probably love in the winter. I found it on a site that has a 20% off code so maybe that’s a more worthwhile splurge than the Chanel quad next month 😉 I’ve been fighting with my skin because it’s been breaking out, but the only effective acne treatments pretty much suck all the moisture out. Grr!

        I might just have to get Sugarbomb, then…a Sephora employee ambushed me with it this past weekend 😛 and boy I loved the GLOW it gave me! But I was already wearing a fair bit of blush (Coralista) when I got there so it was hard to tell what kind of color effect it might have had.

        • At least eye cream will last you quite awhile, even if it is only .5 oz!

          I keep a jar of Cream Extreme on my desk and use it solely for touch-ups, so the jar has lasted me quite awhile. I wish they had samples or you could try it in-store. I want to say my local Nordstrom sells Osmotics, but I’m not 100% sure.

          I love, love the glow from Sugarbomb. It’s peachier than CORALista and not as pigmented, but it’s just pigmented enough for that ohh, natural glow, so pretty! feeling.

  18. Patty

    Can you recommend a good tinted mousturizer?

  19. MAC addict

    Christine do you know of any products for acne-prone skin? I break out all the time and am starting to give up already. Thank god for concealer!!!

  20. Crystal

    Hi Christine!
    I just have to say that I love the way you swatch the eyeshadows you used for your FOTDs in the post! It makes a great reference!

    What do you think is a good blend out eyeshadow color from MAC for medium skintones? Non-shimmery but not matte. Something that can be used as a highlight and blend out. Like brule maybe?

    Do you think this would make a good neutral quad from MAC? The blend out eyeshadow you recommend above, goldmine, grain, and ricepaper?

    What lipgloss do you like that has an amazing scent and flavor?

    Are you going to review the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette? Please??!! :)

    Would you say that the Urban Decay Book of Shadows 1 or 2 is better based on just the eyeshadows.

    For monolids, do you think it’s okay to just apply the darkest color of eyeshadow on the lid and apply a blend out or highlight in the crease for a simple eyeshadow look?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Crystal,

      Thanks so much :)

      I like Shroom, to be honest. It’s very soft, pretty, and lightly shimmered but barely so. I think it would be pretty in that quad, but with Grain – you could likely use that as a highlighter, too (I often have!). I’d suggest swapping out either Grain or Ricepaper and adding a darker shade – maybe something like Soft Brown.

      Flavor? Hm, don’t know about that. I’m really good about not licking my lips (leads to peeling!), so I don’t actually know the flavors of most glosses, haha. I really like vanilla – just the scent of MAC lipglasses is good to me!

      I will certainly try :)

      I’d say #2.

      Yes, I think that would be just fine!

  21. Amanda

    Can you suggest a good topcoat that prevents chipping? I always love my nail polish the first day and then after that it gets chipped :(

    • I LOVE and fully standby Zoya’s Color Lock System (it’s a base coat, top coat, and fast-drying coat). LOVE IT!

    • Crissy

      Haven’t tried the Zoya system, but I must recommend Seche Vite. It’s the best topcoat I’ve tried and is available at beauty supply stores. (Also saw it at CVS!)

  22. egon

    Hi Christine, what’s your favorite full coverage foundation? & what are your top three MAC pigments? Trying to stock up after the sad news :(
    <3 XoXo

  23. Eyeris

    I love whenyou have these sessions….
    I tried the studio fix (stick) foundation on an NC35 and it turns a little darker troughut the day other than that i love it because it doesnt dry my skin and it is pefect coverage….I use the mineralize natural on top but i dont know if its my summer color fading away that makes it appear darker…..Or if its oxidating…..What other affordable foundation do you recommend?? (n i already use the primer underneath….
    Also what would u pair up lipstick up the amm (cheeks,eyes,)

    • Hey Eyeris,

      It sounds like it’s oxidizing, unfortunately :( You may want to, at least, give it a try wearing it without the MSFN and seeing if it’s really the MSFN that’s oxidizing instead, though.

      If you like stick foundation, you might like Max Factor’s Pan-Stik. I take that back, though, because I believe Max Factor is pulling out of the U.S. So in that case, I recommend L’Oreal’s True Match line instead!

      • Eyeris

        Thanks….So what would you pair Macs uP the AMP lipstick with??? (Cheeks, eyes)

        • Oops, sorry I missed that part of your question, Eyeris!

          I’d go with maybe a light champagne gold on the lid or else just a very neutral, soft look and winged out black eyeliner on the upper lash line. For cheeks, I’d go with something soft and subtle like MAC’s Dame or Well Dressed.

  24. Anitacska

    Hi Christine,

    A non-beauty question: what kind of music / bands / singers do you like listening to?

    And a beauty related question: what do you think about the Chanel Exceptionnel mascara? I’ve noticed you’ve used it in a few of your looks lately. I had a sample given and tried it the other day, but it didn’t work for me with the different lenght/type bristles, just felt weird and didn’t do anything for my lashes, plus smudged a lot when trying to apply it (the Guerlain Le 2 mascara I normally use never smudges).



    • Hey Anita,

      I listen to everything, haha! I think the only genre I don’t dig is heavy metal/industrial kind of stuff. Right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Mary J. Blige and Cross Canadian Ragweed… totally opposite of each other, though.

      I actually have always loved it – I did a review here originally: http://www.temptalia.com/chanel-exceptionnel-is-excepetionally-dramatic

    • Lauren

      I love Chanel Exceptionnel too! The trick to putting it on correctly so that is doesn’t smudge or clump is rolling the wand in your hand when you are allpying it, almost like rotating your wrist upwards. I had to get used to it before I loved it! Looking forward to trying the new Dior, just ordered it on Sephora!

  25. Eyeris

    OH yes i forgot my main question….. what do you recommend for a smooth skin…I already got clear skin…I am getting electrolysis treatments but i still have some old scars and big pores around my T zone…What do you reccomend??

  26. Do you use a light box for your photos? ^^
    And what camera do you use ?

  27. Noelle

    Hi Christine, I have a couple questions for you!

    ~Do you think a face primer is necessary? If so, does it go under your moisturizer or over it? I am thinking about trying UD Primer, but am unsure if it’s worth it.

    ~Also, have you ever tried Benefit’s Boiing concealer? I have been trying to decide whether or not to try it for ages! I need a good under eye concealer.

    • Hi Noelle,

      Nope, not at all. It really depends on your skin, what you’re doing, and what kind of products you wear on top. If you do wear it, it goes over your moisturizer but under your foundation :)

      I think I have, but it’s been awhile. Either way, it didn’t impress me enough to remember, lol. I’m actually in the process of trying out their new one for spring!

  28. Crystal

    Hi Christine, thank you for taking the time to do this. I was just wondering what you think a good blend out color is for medium skintones from MAC. Non-shimmery but not matte.

    Also, did you like the new MAC Studio Fix Lash Mascara?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Crystal,

      Shroom :) I love Shroom! It’s soft, satiny, and has just a touch of shimmer.

      I haven’t tried it yet, unfortunately! I didn’t add it to my online order either, so it might not be til January that I try it. (I’m totally trying to avoid the mall on the 26th!)

  29. Rose

    Hey Christine! I have a few questions for you:
    1- What is a good tinted moisturizer for sensitive skin?

    2- What is a good sheer red and a nice opaque red lipstick for a girl with pale skin with pink undertones and dark hair/eyes?

    3- What should I do with my cheeks and lips if I do a navy cat eye? I bought myself the Stila Smudge Pot set from Sephora, and I was wondering what colors would go well with the Navy smudge pot.

    THANKS SO MUCH! I looove Ask Temptalia sessions. I love reading everyone’s questions and answers :-). Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Rose,

      1.) I really like Korres and Kiehl’s. I feel like both are really simple formulas, and I’ve tried a variety of their skincare and have never had any issues (thankfully) and I do have somewhat sensitive skin.

      2.) For a sheerer red, you could try Smashbox’s Legendary. For a more opaque shade, I’d recommend MAC Viva Glam I or Russian Red!http://www.temptalia.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php?comment_status=moderated#comments-form

      3.) I’d go with light pink cheeks (maybe like MAC Well Dressed) and either nude or beige-pink or pink lips (think Hue, Hug Me, Angel, Creme Cup).

      Thank you! Happy holidays!

  30. ilona

    hi christine,
    have you gotten a chance to look at the warm & cozy collection yet? I’m dying to see swatches!

  31. Sixx

    Why is the Special Editions (Holiday) 266 brush different from the regular 266? It’s thicker & more dense.

    • They’re made differently – one is made by machine, one is made by hand. With some of the smaller brushes (like the 266), there are more noticeable differences!

  32. Alison

    Any dupes for the blue shades in Lancome’s indigo palatte?

  33. Candi

    Thanks so much for answering my earlier questions Christine Just one more and I’ll leave you be ^_^ Can you reccomend me a decent Matte gray Nail polish? Thanks so much! Oh and how is Mellan?

    • No problem! Ask as many as you want, that’s what I’m here for. No need to leave me be — I enjoy answering and helping wherever I can :)

      For a brown-grey, OPI’s matte You Don’t Know Jacques; for a matte but slightly shimmered gray, Zoya’s Loredana. I think MAC maybe coming out with a matte gray this spring as well… Or you could use a finisher like Essie’s Matte About You and turn any shade matte!

      Mellan is good! He should be excited, since his birthday is the 24th and Christmas on the 25th aka total spoilage!

  34. Mina

    Hi Christine!

    I have just recently started to really build my makeup collection with quality products. I can’t tell you what the shade of my skin is exactly, according to MAC, but I have do know I have olive, neutral cool skin.

    01. What kind of cream blush would you recommend? I like to stay with peachier tones (my favorite is Nars’ Deep Throat), and I was considering to buy Nars’ Cream Blush in Lokoum.
    02. If I wanted to do red lips, is there a specific color you would recommend? I really like Nars’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, but I’m open to any suggestions. :)

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Mina,

      Sounds like you’re a NARS fan, so I’ll my suggestions to NARS! First, just in case you’ve missed it, here’s a post I did with swatches of NARS’ cream blushes – http://www.temptalia.com/nars-cosmetics-cream-blushes-swatches. If you want something peachier, you may like Constantinople :)

      For red lips, you should try Cruella (for a deeper red) or Dragon Girl (for a brighter red).

      • Mina

        Thank you so much!

        I didn’t see Constantinople at my local Sephora, so I’ll definitely try that out. If I did get Lokoum, is there a powder blush you would recommend? It doesn’t have to be Nars.

        And any MAC suggestions for red lips with my skin tone? I am thinking about trying Viva Glam I, but thought I’d ask if you have any other recommendations.

        Thank you so much! Reading your blog has definitely fueled my Must-Build-Makeup-Collection-NOW frenzy! It’s very exciting. :)

        • I like Sin and Luster for NARS’ powder blushes. For MAC blushes, I really like Margin!

          Viva Glam I is a fabulous shade to start off with :) If you want a brighter red, try Russian Red (always a classic!). Dubonnet is also nice, for a more brown-based red.

          LOL! I don’t know if I should be proud or feel bad that I’ve helped fuel that 😛

          • Mina

            Ahh, thank you so much! You’ve been a huge help! Maybe not to my wallet, but it’s all good… 😉

            Happy holidays, and I hope you enjoy your time off from school!

          • iliana

            Sorry to butt in but I think you might also want to try out MAC’s MAC Red lipstick since you said you’re a neutral cool girl. I’ve been dying to wear that particular shade of red but since I have warm undertones, it looks wrong on me. :)

            You might want to try out MAC’s Breezy blush, it’s one of my favorites (bright! cool! pink!). You’d have to apply it with a skunk brush though :)

  35. Happy Holidays Christine!

    I just bought the Chanel Incognito l/s but they were out of the glossimer futile (?) The l/s appears bold on my lips and I want to tone it down so any suggestions? Thank you as always.

  36. JillyB

    I have a problem with red l/s turning pink on my lips. How do I pick a red that will stay true to color? Thank you! I loved all of your red lippies.

  37. felicia

    Hi christine, thanks for doing this again. :)
    My question is, for the back2mac program, do the containers have to be completely empty? I have a few liquidlast liner that i havent used for a couple years and would like to get rid of, and also a dried up fluidline jar. can those be counted? what containers qualify for back2mac?

  38. Silvia

    Dear Christine,

    please help. I read a lot about the home made mixing medium. So I bought Glycerin and mixed it with purified water 1:3. Now, do I just slightly dip in with the brush and then take on some pigments? Because I guess the first time the brush took on too much mixing medium. The color and finish of the pigments improves, but it creases very fast. what am I doing wrong. Also: I read something that the mixing medium should not be used for longer than 2 weeks. Is that right? Thank you!

    • Hi Silvia,

      If you can get a bottle with a dropper, that’d be best. I use just one drop, and then I take the brush and sweep it against the back of my hand to make sure it isn’t too wet at all.

      I’ve heard that, due to the fact that it doesn’t contain any preservatives (which is why if you have a droplet, it can help maintain a more germ-free environment!).

      • daphne

        I hadn’t heard two weeks…I just know mine got a little moldy after two months. Ew :( But I just had a little screw-top bottle so it probably wasn’t the most sanitary! I’m going to make some again next week in a better container.

  39. Emm

    Christine – Do you like Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer? Because I want one since it’s easier to apply than foundation. But I have combo/oily skin and most are too heavy. Any you can recommend?
    Thank you! Happy Holidays!!! :)

  40. Zoe

    my cheeks already hav kind of a lot of pink in them….should i still wear blush??

    • It’s really up to you, Zoe :) There’s no right or wrong thing to do. You can always wear sheerer shades to accent your natural color or maybe just top with a highlighter if you’d like!

  41. Amber

    Hey Temptalia! I just love your blog and check it evey single day! And thank you soo much for your Chanel spring 2010 collection info and reviews – I am a HUGE Chanel fan!
    I have blue-green eyes and love the shades in Chanel’s Murano quad and MAC’s Photo-realism quad – can you suggest a nice teal/green eyeliner I can use with these colors?
    Thank you so much!

  42. Noelle

    Hi Christine, one more question: Your helping me with my after Christmas shopping list 😉
    What do you think of Nars albatross highlighter? I always swatch it in the store, but I have yet to take the plunge and buy it. Do you think it would be a good purchase? Its so pretty! I just fear its a little too shimmery. But everyone raves about it!

    • It’s okay. I know a lot of people love it, but it’s just so so for me. I’d rather stick with my Dior DiorSkin Shimmers! It’s a nice universal highlighter, I suppose, since it’s virtually colorless and just adds a little shimmer. I just know I don’t personally reach for it ever.

  43. carmen

    hi! :) what do you think the best powder foundation s for oily/ sometimes acne-prone skin?

  44. Thanks Christine!

    I was wondering which is your absolute 100% most favourite brush to apply foundation. I am looking for that gorgeous airbrushed and flawless look.

    Also, this isn’t beauty related so you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to: what area of law are you thinking of focusing in? You’re doing an MBA at the same time too right?

    Thanks! You’re so awesome =)

    • Hi Sheila,

      I love MAC’s 109 :) That’s my favorite!

      If I had to choose something, maybe corporate or high tech, but since I’m in a combined program, it’s really difficult to focus on anything because of the scheduling conflicts between the two schools (one is on semester, one is on quarter system; MBA only offers courses at night).

      • Eyeris

        OMG Cristine just want to congratulate you because I know that school is so stresfull….. I am also applying for a joint LAW program… Mine is an MSW/JD at UCLA….And it is so hard!!!! Did you alreadytake the LSAT???

      • I’m taking my LSAT next June! I’m hoping to do International Business Law because I’m doing a Bachelor of Commerce degree right now at Queen’s University, but law school is super competitive in Canada because there are only like a handful of schools that offer it.

        Thanks for your time =)

  45. cloudburst

    Hi Christine

    My friend & I started a blog a few months ago – is there any advice you can give us to make it more successful? Also, does Temptalia solicit product samples from companies or do their PR contact you?

    Thanks for the great blog!

    • Hi there,

      It’s really just hard work and dedication. It’s a lot harder to find success today than three years ago (which is when I started), because there are a lot more people blogging. You really have to be in it for the love and passion of whatever it is you’re blogging about. Make friends, get a support system together, and really just do what you love :)

      PR contacts us most of the time!

  46. Jill

    Have you ever done any all-pigment looks? I have been having a lot of fun with the MAC pigment sets this holiday, and would love to see what you could do with the 5 Sexpot. (It’s my favorite!)

    • I’ve probably done a few, but I find that just using pigments can often feel or look a little overdone on me so I prefer mixing powder and pigments myself :) I also feel like there is not as much variety in texture for pigments as there is in eyeshadow!

      I don’t have the Sexpot set, sorry! (I didn’t buy any of the sets this year.)

  47. Nicole

    Hi Christine,
    I have a problem with creasing, I have tried multiple bases and there is always creasing and fading after 2-3 hours. I’ve tried UDPP,MAC Paints,Benefits creasless creams….The only one I haven’t tried is the paint pots, but I’m really skeptical to any bases now because they all work the same. Can you please recomend something to try or some tips.

    I’m starting to experiment w/ dif types of liner and gel liners are the most recent. I have tried a gel liner from MUFE and really didn’t like it, could you recomend a good gel liner? I have heard great thing about the mac fluidlines, stila smudge pots and bobbi brown’s gel liners.

    I have acne prone oily skin and just realized I should start wearing a primer underneath my foundation, could you recomend one that you love or know would work well for my skin.

    Thanx for the help:)

    • Hey Nicole,

      How do you apply the base? Fingers, brush, sponge? Have you experimented with applying less/more product? Sometimes if you apply too much product, it’ll still crease. What shadows are you putting over the base?

      I like MAC fluidlines the best myself!

      I like Korres’ Silicone-Free Primer :)

      • Nicole

        thank you for your tips I have tried using different techniques for the bases brushes fingers lots of product barley any…it all seems the same though:/

        • You could try applying a thin layer of translucent powder to your lids first, see if that helps!

        • Sarah T

          You know what works really well for me is I apply a layer of MAC’s Matte to my lids before my base – I have such oily lids and somehow it keeps them at bay better! HTH 😉

  48. *neena*

    Hey Christine!

    Thanks again for doing this session! I know you’re a Korres fan and recently I have become one as well. What products do you recommend from them besides the primer?

    • I also like their Tinted Moisturizer and Cherry Lip Glosses! :)

    • CaliMommy

      I love Korres products too! Their lip butters, yogurt mask, cherry lipglosses and mango butter lipsticks are fabulous! I have dry skin in the winter and from using Proactiv, but after two uses of the yogurt mask, I can already see and feel a big improvement!

  49. anita

    im a 128 in mufe.i am having a hard time finding a suitable match in MAC(i have an oily t-zone).could u suggest something?

    • What is making you switch from MUFE to MAC? To be honest, if MUFE works for you, I’d stick with it :)

      Is it MUFE HD? The most comparable MAC formula is Studio Fix Fluid.

  50. Rachel

    Hi Christine!

    I just love your blog and all the swatches!
    What are some your favorite mac lipsticks and lip glosses?
    Also, does the korres primer keep your face from getting oily? I have tried so many primers but always find that my chin gets super oily by the end of the day. Thanks and happy holidays!

    • Hi Rachel,

      Here are some of my favorite permanent lipsticks: Honey Flower, Velvet Teddy, Sweetie, Viva Glam I, Bombshell and Capricious

      And lipglosses: Luminary (Lustreglass), Prrr, Nymphette, Lychee Luxe

      It helps my skin, but I’m normal-to-dry and only get a lil’ oily at best towards the end of the day. You may want to look into a mattifying primer or gel :)

  51. irini

    im a new reader kinda so i have some questions!

    1)any recommendetions for NC20 skin?
    2)your hg bronzer?
    3)are urban decay eyeshadows any good?

  52. kristie

    Christine, which camera and setting do you use to get such awesome swatch/look shots?

    • It varies, really. I just play around with settings depending on what I’m photographing – I’m not even close to a pro, sooo I’m still figuring it out!

  53. How does Insouciante compare to Mythic rouge allure?

  54. Andrea

    Hi Christine!! I’m just wondering if you’ve ever used any La Mer products, and what you think of them?

    • I have used some. They’re very nice, but I don’t think they’re necessarily worth their heavy price tags.

      My mom, however, who knows zilch about beauty products, is frugal, never really moisturized… LOVES Creme de la Mer. (It’s too rich for my skin, plus I’m fortunate to be 23 and not have many signs of aging, so it seems useless to use it on me.) She insists it’s far better than any other cream she’s tried. She LOVES it.

  55. Here’s a question: In between your “Ask Temptalia” posts, I come up with at least three or four questions that I REALLY want to ask, but when the next “Ask…” post shows up. I’ve forgotten all of them. Why is that?

    LOL. Seriously… I need to start writing them down and saving them.

  56. These are always such fun!

    What products do you recommend for shading/contouring facial structure?

    I’m NC 15, and last time I asked at the MAC counter, they shoved Belightful pressed powder, and two shimmery creams at me, that were not, at all, appropriate for contouring the face(particularly nose)

    I’ve just been lightly dipping into my Cork eyeshadow and blending down a lot, but it would be nice to have a product suited a bit better for it, that i had more control with.

    I wear mostly matte, or slightly dewy foundations, so something with minimal shimmer would be GREAT!

    Also, is there any way of putting MACs mineralize products into palettes? I HATE having mine separate from the rest of my blushes, but it doesn’t look like they have the metal pan underneath to depot the same way, or that the slope of the shadow would fit in the pro palettes. I’m OCD enough with my makeup that it really bothers me having one eyeshadow, and a few blushes, that HAVE to have their own containers.

    Also(and these might be more personal questions), what are you studying? Do you do makeup mainly for yourself, or do you do a lot of makeup art for others?

    • Hey :)

      Interesting. Not sure why they’re trying to give you highlighters if you’re wanting to contour… I like MAC’s Sculpting powders, actually — Sculpt is great (whether in a duo or alone) for a lot of skin tones, including yours. You may also want to give MSFN a shot (like say the second lightest shade), because it has a matte finish. You could also try Harmony blush, which is matte — I used that to contour for awhile previously.

      As far as I know… not really. They are domed, so they’re not going to fit into the MAC palettes until they’re totally flat. They can also be finicky — very easy to break in the depotting process.

      I’m in a JD/MBA program (juris doctor = law degree; MBA = masters of business administration aka masters in business). I’m in my third year, of four (law school is typically three, business is two; the combined program is around four). I do makeup mostly for the blog – I don’t know whether that would mean for others or not :)

  57. glittens

    I love your blog. You’re so talented. Could you recommend a dupe for MAC’s Glamoursun lipglass? Mine is nearly all gone.

    Thanks :)

  58. Robin C.

    Hi Christine,

    For my NW47 skintone what do you think about
    1. Urban Decay’s lipsticks? Which shades would you suggest? Any nude shades worth trying?

    2. Any suggestions on blemish lighteners/removers? I have a few dark blemishes from an occassional breakout and can’t find any products that can really get rid of them without taking forever.

    3. What color combination or place would you suggest for a smokey eye using the suave intentions and love lace eyeshadows from the new Love Lace MAC collection?

    4. What NARS eyeshadows (single or duo) would you consider must haves for my skintone?

    Thanks for such a wonderful site and taking the time out to answer all of our questions…you are the BEST!

    Have a wonderful and happy holiday season!


    • Hi Robin,

      1.) Confession, Gravity, Jilted, Rush, Trainwreck. Naked is super pretty, but it might be too pale on you. I’d check it out in person first, though.

      2.) The sad news is that pretty much anything that can effectively lighten or minimize post-breakout marks or hyperpigmentation is going to take awhile. It’s just not a quick fix. You might find facials, microdermabrasion, or prescription products could be faster than anything OTC. I’d recommend talking to a dermatologist if you’d really like to speed it up!

      3.) I’d do Suave Intentions all over the lid, Love Lace in the crease. If you’re looking to lighten it up, you could try a bright silver like Electra in the inner lid, Suave Intentions on the middle of the lid, and Love Lace on the outer lid/crease.

      4.) NARS eyeshadows: April Fool’s, Brazil, Kalahari, Misfit, Portobello, South Pacific, Surabaya

      No problem! :) Happy holidays, Robin!

  59. I’ve got one!

    Ignoring all logic here: If you were trapped on a island (without Matthew Fox, thank you very much) and could only have a few make-up brushes with you, which ones would you have? :)

    • 239, 109, 182!!

      LOVE THEM!

      • Ooh! I DO love the 239 – I think I have three of those guys :) The 109 would be on my list as well – It can do just about anything!

        The 182 brush is the only brush that I own that is ONLY mine! LOL. I don’t use it on anyone else (mostly because it’s a pain to clean and I clean my brushes EVERY time I use them).

        Thanks for the answer! Good brushes :) I’d love to hear what other people’s choices would be as well!

        • Haha! I have two 182s. LOVE THEM SO. I use them less now than I used to, but I still love them.

          I feel like I need to buy more 239s. (I have 5.) I just always feel like I need more… you know, like ten. At all times!

          • Haha! Amen to that! Currently by “over-the-top” desire is to have TWO fully-loaded brush aprons slung to either side of my hips like gun holsters: One for eye brushes and one for face brushes! Then I will feel truely bad-ass! :)

            • I have the brush roll… and I need another one. ONE isn’t enough to fit all the brushes. I don’t know if this is a “yay!” moment or more like a hall of shame moment…

            • Definitely a “yay!” moment. Having too many brushes is like saying you have too many shoes!

              Even as I type “too many shoes” I think, “Stop it! That’s crazy talk!” LOL!

              Seriously, I ran out of room on my MAC brush roll too – So I use the MAC brush apron instead – I like it because it fits about three times the brushes (if not more), the only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have a flap to cover the brushes when you aren’t using them.

            • LOL! Oh man, shoes… there’s a habit I’m glad I managed to control… a little bit :)

              Yeah, I love that the brush roll can keep them all tucked away when they’re not in use. And I totally LOVE them for travel!

  60. Han

    Hi Christine, is MAC Mink & Sable neutral, cool, or warm? TIA

  61. Colleen

    Hi Christine!
    I was so excited to see another session! I was hoping you would have one soon just last night. My question has to do with my eyelids: I tend to have little bumps on my lide, especially along the upper lashline. This makes it difficult for my eyeliner to look decent. I always use a primer, but it doesn’t help with the area. Do you have any recommendations for fixing this? Should I use an eye cream to hydrate the area?

    • Hey Colleen,

      Are the bumps new or have you had them forever? Sometimes bumps develop and can be from irritation or a reaction to an ingredient/product, so if they’re newer, you might want to see a dermatologist to make sure everything is no the up and up.

      Even if they’re older, you may still want to ask and see if the dermatologist has a better idea what they are, why they’re there, and if there’s anything that can be done to smooth them out.

  62. Kate

    Christine, I love your site! I also am amazed at your swatch library, it’s so helpful to me (the other day I used your MAC lipstick swatches to pick out Dubonnet and Dare You – LOVE them!)

    My question is: As much as I love makeup, I’m not quite at the skill level where I understand how to do multi-eyeshadow looks. I try to follow or imitate your FOTD tutorials, but I’m not so good at them. What advice do you have about “what shadows go where”?


  63. Wendy

    Hi Christine,

    First of all I’d like to thank you for your fantastic site – I visit every day and find the information invaluable :)

    Could you tell me what MACs tinted lip conditioners taste like? I had hoped they would be vanilla like the lipsticks, but I tried a tester at the counter last week and it was horrible. Now I don’t know if that’s what they are supposed to be like, or if the tester had gone off! Also, what’s your recommendation for a really good lip balm/conditioner?

    Thanks so much – and have a fantastic Christmas!!!

    Wendy xxx

    • Hi Wendy,

      I think they’re relatively tasteless, but I know others feel like they taste like sunscreen a bit. I’m pretty sure they’re not actually flavored, though. I like C.O. Bigelow’s LipShines for something flavorful. Or SoftLips!

    • daphne

      If it tastes soapy, that’s pretty normal – some people are more sensitive to the taste than others. I have several TLCs because they were so ME in how they looked when I first got into makeup, but I only ever used them for a few weeks and gave up, because I was so grossed out by the taste.

  64. How is Christine spending Christmas, what to buy a boy who has everything and what is Mellan getting for Christmas?

    • I’m heading to my parents’ house for the holiday, with the Mellan-head in toe. Buy him socks! Socks, coffee… anything you think he might use regularly. At least then you’ll know he’ll use it ’cause he will need it… eventually, haha.

      Mellan is getting a whole slew of stuff – he was born on the 24th, and he’ll be 2 years old this year! So he gets double duty gifts and love for Christmas and his birthday. I think my mom has baked him a bunch of doggy approved treats, I know I got him some various bully sticks and chews and a few new toys 😉

      How are you spending Christmas, NuNu?

  65. Theresa

    Thanks for all your hard work on this site- it is awesome!
    1. What brush would you recommend using with mineral foundation? (I use BE)
    2. What would you recommend to control oil on my nose? My face is normal other than my nose- weird, I know. I have tried a few mattifying lotions, but they dry the rest of my skin out.

    • Hi Theresa,

      I’d recommend a brush like the 189 for application and then the 182 to buff it out. I find a flatter brush works well for initially getting it onto the face and spreading it out a bit.

      Have you tried just applying the mattifying lotion on your nose rather than your whole face? I’d definitely give that a shot :)

  66. AbbyL

    Hi, Christine! Thanks for doing this again… two question for you:
    1. i recently picked up pas-de-deux lipglass at my cco… i love the shade but am having trouble finding a good lipstick to wear w/ it. any recs?
    2. if i’m using a paint pot as a base for my eyeshadows, but i want to use a pigment as well, should i still mix my pigment with the water based mixing medium, or does the paint pot give enough stick to use the pigment dry?


  67. Rita

    How should you use Pearlmatte Face Powder? As a finishing powder?
    What are the best released MAC coral lipsticks and lipglosses, past LEs included?
    Can you recommend tinted eye shadow bases that are not frosted, nor too colourful (like Painterly, but with some colour)?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Rita,

      Since I haven’t seen or swatched it, it’s hard to tell. From the description, it sounds like a highlighting product that can be used either to highlight certain areas or lightly as a finishing powder (but probably better as a highlighter).

      You might like Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows – they have fun colors that aren’t too shimmery. From MAC, I’d also suggest Quite Natural (dark brown) and Fresco Rose.

  68. Marcy

    Hi Christine, this one is going to be a long question…

    I recently bought Bobbi Brown Skin in 5.0 (Honey), it worked fine in Australia, but now I’m back in NZ I think the tan has disppeared, and it’s too dark for me. I have been mixing it with a much lighter shade of Estee Lauder Individualist (3N1 to be exact) and the colour is ok. I only did this cos I read about mixing foundations to get the right colour, to adjust for your skin colour changes, but is it actually bad to mix different brands of fdtn??

    Also I am just not getting the finish that I got when I tried the BB at the store. I can’t build coverage. I would rather just buy a fdtn with fuller coverage. 1. what is the best way to ‘build’ coverage, for a fdtn that claims it has buildable coverage? 2. I used MAC SFF in the past, and I get bored, what is a comparable fdtn to it. Price is not a problem, as long as we don’t go into the La Mer’s and those sort of prices. Hopefully your rec is obtainable in little New Zealand….

    Your blog is fantastic, keep up the good work :)
    Merry Xmas and wish you a fantastic 2010.

    • Hi Marcy,

      I probably wouldn’t mix two totally different foundations together. It’s not that you can’t, but ingredients may react when thrown together, you know? It’d be better to mix two shades in the same formula, IMO! I don’t know if it’s necessarily “bad” you know, but it does get into that DIY area and I don’t know enough science to tell you if it’s bad, but it could be questionable, lol!

      When I want to build coverage, I put an entire layer on my face. After that, I go back and I use a flat brush (like a concealer brush) to apply additional product, then blend out with whatever applicator you want (I use the 109). It concentrates the coverage where I need it.

      MUFE HD is very comprable to SFF. My favorite foundation is Guerlain Parure Gold, though. At least for the moment 😉

      Thank you!! Happy holidays!

  69. Nicci

    Hi Christine,

    Know of any good fruit enzyme peels? I can think of Pumpkin Peel from Peter Thomas Roth. Know of any others? Thanks!

    • REN Glycolactic Peel ($55) is the only other one that comes to mind. I thought of Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate, too, but that’s not really a peel!

  70. CaliMommy

    Hi! Do you have a tutorial on how to wing out eyeiner? I can never get mine to look right. :( Also, do you have any suggestions on eyeshadow placement for hooded eyes? When I do my eyeshadow and then open my eyes to look straight into a mirror, most of my e/s gets “swallowed” up into my eyelid and I can only see the crease color poking out a little from the outer corner. Lol! I do have a good amount of space to see my top eyeliner though.

  71. Eunbee

    Hi Christine!
    1) I ordered Feline Kohl Power and All That Glitters e/s from MAC on Saturday and I still haven’t gotten the email with the shipping info. Is that normal? I read that it DID take 1-2 days to process standard shipping orders …
    2) I’m visiting MAC with my friends next week, and I’m wondering what a good shade would be to compliment All That Glitters..?
    3) Have you had any problems with Feline? I have oily lids, and I’m afraid it’ll transfer all over my leds and beneath my lower lash line like the UD 24/7 liner did for me.
    Thank you for the session! I love reading all the Q and A’s! :)

    • Hey Eunbee,

      There are two things I’ve learned from MAC online:

      1.) They don’t always update the status. So I’d call. They might be able to tell you more, or at least make you feel like they’re not forgetting you.
      2.) Sometimes it takes longer than it says, which is really, really frustrating. Particularly when you put up the extra for overnight or two-day shipping. I placed an order a week ago, and it took 5 days to get to me… and I paid for two-day. That means processing took *at least* three days. Hey, if they’re going to take that long, they should reimburse me the shipping, IMO. Two-days was to get here fast, not way late. ANYWAY, lol, I would give them a call. It is the holidays, so they may be backed up (though they were saying delivery by the 24th requires overnight by the 23rd at 11AM EST) or else just slow to update the status.

      As far as shadows to pair with All That Glitters, I’d suggest Bronze or Satin Taupe :)

      I haven’t had any problems with Feline, but I don’t consider it the most smudgeproof, budgeproof, longest lasting liner ever. What it has going for it is just how intense and rich the blackness is.

  72. Jenny

    Two quick questions.
    1. When you talk about your one-swipe-and-done eyeshadows, do you do anything specific with them or just use as an all over lid color?

    2. I’m running out of my MAC blot (in medium dark) – I was wondering if you know of something that works better at keeping your face matte before I go and repurchase.

    Thanks Temptalia!

    • Hi Jenny,

      I’d just use them as an all over color :)

      I personally just set my makeup with Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder right now, and I don’t bother touching up, but I am also not really oily overall (more normal to dry). If you feel particularly oily, you could try a face primer or a mattifying cream/gel. Blot powder is pretty good for helping soak up the oilies, though :)

  73. Rebecca

    Hi Christine!

    My questions are…#1 do you have Electric Coral pigment from MAC? I just used mine for the first time last night and it was horrible…did I just happen to get an old one or is it not a highly concentrated pigment? and #2…where do you go to school? you sound like a busy lady! thank you and merry christmas! my dog loves your dog too!

    • Hi Rebecca,

      What did you use it with? I don’t own that one, because it’s not eye-safe (at least, last I heard), and I try not to tempt fate by simply not owning shades that aren’t eye-safe!

      I go to Santa Clara University out here in California.

      Aww! Doggy love! <3

  74. Sasha

    hi christine,

    i would really like to start contouring my face, but i dont know what product(s) to use. could you recommend any? perhaps mac or nars? i am an nc45 for reference.

    thank you!

    • Hi Sasha,

      From MAC, you could try MSFN in Dark or Deep Dark. I think Harmony blush (which I’ve used to contour) may not be dark enough. From NARS, you could try Mountain Pressed Powder or Cap Vert Multiple.

  75. kpenn09

    Hi Christine! Can you recommend a good MAC red lipstick for me? I’m NW20 (MSFN in Medium), brown-eyed, with dark chocolate hair. I can run either cool or warm, although I tend towards the rosier undertones. I’m always drawn towards berries, but want a good red for the holidays. Thanks a bunch!

  76. Sass

    Christine, what camera do you use to take pictures for your blog with?

  77. Darby

    Thank you for doing one of these! I have combination skin that has been more oily recently but half way through the day it starts to look dehydrated underneath the oiliness. What would you suggest to help get my skin back to normal?

  78. sandra

    Just popped in for one question… I’m a blush girl… but through the day I really need to do a touch up, as it has completly gone…. (yes I wear foundation and a primer and blotpowder to set). However if I use the mineral blush (I loooove Gleeful and Gentle) it stays on the whole day…. I try to layer the other blushes, but isn’t it weird it just dissapears? Oh and Happy Holidays!

  79. Alyse

    Hi Christine! Your site is AMAZING…thank you so much for all you do! I’m NC45 and just venturing into lipsticks. Which MAC lipsticks would you recommend?

    • What kind of shades are you interested in?

      Nude: Velvet Teddy or Touch
      Pink: Sweetie or Bombshell
      Red: Viva Glam I or New York Apple
      Plum: Capricious or Plumful

      Thanks, Alyse!

  80. Anitacska

    One more question: in your reviews you say lipsticks lasting for 4-5 hours is an average for you. Do you do anything to prepare your lips before you apply lipstick to make it last longer? I have a few G lipsticks from Guerlain and they will stay on me for 1-2 hours, but no more, even if I don’t eat or drink, so have no idea how you make them last for 4-5 hours on average. The only thing that lasts on me for 6-8 hours even when I eat are Lipfinity longlasting lipsticks. Thanks.

    • Nope, I don’t do anything. I think I just don’t smoosh, lick, or otherwise do anything to my lips, so color tends to stay intact much, much better. When I’m trying, I do lay down a layer of foundation or concealer, then apply with a lip brush, though!

  81. Lulee

    hi christine!

    im looking to get a concealer for undereyes and to cover pimples (the latter is more my concern). what is your recommendation? (i have combo/acne prone skin, btw)
    also, i bought dragon today!!! after craving it forever and ever and ever i took the plunge. but now i think i want pheonix too… SO PRETTY! They are like pokemon… gotta catch em all.

    • My favorite multi-tasking concealer has been Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer – it’s creamy enough to work on pimples/acne, and it works well for undereyes, too.

      So glad you got Dragon!! (And that you like it!)

  82. SusyLovesMac

    Hi Christine and happy holidays!

    My question is how would you achieve the smooth look of Kim Kardashian’s face? The highlight that she always has underneath her eyes is amazing. What products would you recommend? And how do you highlight like a pro? Brush/ Product/ Area?? Thanks!

    Second questions is how do you come up with color combos? Any ideas that would look good and make my eyes pop on a Puerto Rican light skin (NW15), Brunette with Green eyes.

    • I pretty much encourage you to read Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist’s blog: http://blog.makeupbymario.com/

      He breaks down a TON of her looks, and obviously, knows exactly what he uses, lol! Far better advice than I could give :) She is blessed with some amazing skin!

      I like Dior SkinShimmers to highlight the face, and I like using MAC’s 165 brush!

      As far as color combos go… first, you can wear anything! Second, I think you’d be beautiful in golds, ambers, and blues :)

  83. Anja

    What’s your favorite moisturizer with spf?

  84. Carrie

    Hi Christine!
    What’s your favorite foundation primer? I’m almost out of Smashbox and thinking of switching.

  85. Haylie

    Hi Christine! I’ve had a few questions held up for awhile so I hope I don’t bother you too much!
    1) When is Mac having another sale? I remember last years was early January. Is it going to be the same again this year?

    2) I love how Nars Orgasm looks on me but I want more of a matte blush. Would Amour work well for me? (I’m NC 25-NC30)

    3) Mac paint pot vs. shadestick? I don’t really care which one holds up as a base but which one would you recommend? I wanted to get the shadestick in Beige-ing but the paint pots hold so much more product! I’m worried the paint pots will be a bit too drying for my liking.

    4) What are some of your staple neutral eyeshadows from Mac?

    • Hi Haylie,

      1.) I haven’t heard anything. I think last year’s sale in January was only for the holiday products (I believe it was 25% off), but I don’t know anything about sales or not at this point.

      2.) I think Amour would work for you :)

      3.) They’re different products, so I guess it just depends on what you’re looking for… Shadesticks tend to be shimmery, thinner, and may or may not crease (paint pots seem to have a better general consensus of *not* creasing). I’ve never found paint pots to be drying (nor shadesticks). I’d personally just choose based on the color you wanted!

      4.) These are my must-have neutrals: http://www.temptalia.com/8-must-have-mac-neutral-eyeshadows

  86. Cherie

    Yeaaah :) Just in time for Boxing day shopping…

    My 5 golden rings… I mean questions… :)

    1) What Benefit l/s (or other brand) would you recommend for NW15 with brown eyes? Any colour.
    2) I love peach colour blush but they always come out orange on me (Orgasm, I’m looking at you!) – any recommendations?
    3) Eye lid primer – thoughts? Recommendations? Are paint pots just as good?
    4) What is your recommendation for a good lip scrub and lip balm/cream?
    5) I often get overwhelmed in Seophora. What brand should I take a second look at?

    Now for a random personal one… What is your favourite holiday movie??? :)

    Happy holidays, merry Christmas and happy New Year!!! I’m looking forward to more Temptalia in 2010 :)

    • Hi Cherie!

      1.) I like Candy Store and Do Tell!

      2.) Have you tried Make Up For Ever #153 (eyeshadows are blushes, blushes are eyeshadows) or Illamasqua Expose? There’s also NARS Luster or Madly.

      3.) I like paint pots (well, only Soft Ochre if you’re warm, Painterly if you’re cool). UDPP and TFSI are about the same on me, but I prefer paint pots.

      4.) I like Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub. For lip balm, I love Philosophy’s Kiss Me Intense Lip Therapy!

      5.) Smashbox!

      My favorite holiday movie… oh, wow. Hmm. I don’t really have one, but if I had to pick one, A Christmas Story, since that’s one I see every year (my dad LOVES that movie). Do you have one?

      Happy holidays!

      • Cherie

        You are so awesome :) Thanks again for helping me and everybody else out – you are SO helpful!!! Seriously.

        Embarassed to admit it BUT I haven’t tried any MUFE products… so I am definately checking that and the other products out once the holiday crowd dies down and I have some holiday cash to spend :) I have dabbled in Smashbox and find I am going back to their foundations again. I’ll need to expand more into that brand in 2010 – can that be a New Year’s resolution?? lol

        haha, Christmas Story is a good one. It’s hard to say for me, they are all so cute. I think I’d have to say the claymation Rudolph one and The Muppet Christmas Carol :)


        • Happy to help, Cherie! :) What good is being obsessed with makeup if I can’t talk about it? LOL. Nobody in my real life wants to hear one more thing about beauty… haha.

          I like Make Up For Ever, but they’re not my favorite brand. I think they do excellent matte eyeshadows, but their frosts/shimmers aren’t anything special. If you ever need a pigmented matte color, though… they’re #1!

          Smashbox has some really lovely shadows and blushes – surprisingly lovely, actually.

  87. D.O.T.Girl

    Can you recommend a good eye cream for crepy-ness and crow’s feet? Can you recommend a good undereye concealer also? Thanks in advance!

  88. Michelle

    Hi Christine!
    I am a dental hygiene student and I noticed during clinic this past semester that after two patients my makeup had been pretty been worn off completely by my face mask, leaving me looking a mess. Any suggestions on face products (foundation, concealer, etc.) that have enough staying power to withstand an entire day of donning/ removing face masks? FYI, I’m NC 20 with sensitive combo skin. Thanks!!

    • Hey Michelle,

      What are you using to set your makeup? I’m really liking Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder right for keeping my foundation on my face and not anywhere else (like my boyfriend’s shirt!).

      • Michelle

        I’ve been trying alot of different things lately. Just finished off some Molton Brown loose powder that I wasn’t impressed with. Just picked up some MUFE HD powder to give that a try. I’ll check out the Laura Mercier stuff too, I think. It’s never a bad thing to have options, right? :)

        • Nope, not at all! I didn’t know Molton Brown had loose powder, LOL. I wasn’t impressed by MUFE HD – it just didn’t WOW me like the hype seemed like it would…

  89. Sheena

    Hey Christine! :)

    I had two questions:

    1. Do you have any recommendations for a good moisturizer and/or night cream for someone with oily/combination skin (somewhat acne-prone)? I’m usually pretty good with the products I use during the summer, but as soon as winter hits, my skin freaks out! Still oily in the T-zone, but my cheeks and the skin around my mouth gets really dry/flakey :( Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

    2. I was hoping you might also have a rec for a good foundation for my mom. She’s around an NC44/45, I’d say, and she needs medium to full coverage. I think her skin is more on the dry side, though she does still get random breakouts…she also has some wrinkles, so it would be nice to find a foundation that doesn’t “sink” so much? I’ve been giving her different primers to try, but she likes to keep her makeup routine as simple as possible, so a foundation that didn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles would be awesome! Haha, I don’t know if that’s too much to ask from one foundation, but again, any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks for all your help, and happy holidays!! :)

    • Hi Sheena,

      For a night cream, I’m liking Origins’ Make a Difference cream. It’s heavy without feeling heavy, and it’s really worked on my skin which tends to get dry in spots. I also like Clinique Moisture Surge – also a very hydrating without being heavy product.

      I’d recommend Clinique Superfit or Laura Mercier Silk Creme :)

      Happy holidays!

  90. kathyb

    Hey Christine! I’m really wanting a powder brush from mac since I fell in love with my 187. I can’t choose between the 150 and 134. What brush do you prefer for powder? Thanks for posting the ask session it’s helping a bunch!

  91. christine Chu

    Hi Christine,
    Have you tried the revlon matte lipstick in “Real Red”? If you have What do you think about it? Thanks!

  92. Vivi

    Hi, Christine; I’ve got two questions.

    1. you use the 226 crease brush right? And how do you define your crease? I know mine isn’t pronounced, but is my crease located on top of my eye socket?

    2. the blending of the eyeshadows. Is it necessary; I often find that I made them look muddy and messy. Is it because I don’t have a blending brush? What do you do?

    thank you for your answers!!

  93. Rosanna Lam

    I’m a NW 20/25 (at least in concealer…never bought MAC’s foundation). I would like some recommendations for RED and PLUM/Wine lip stick colours from MAC, however I don’t like shimmer or sheer, just creme.

    Thanks in Advance 😀

  94. Anna

    Non-beauty question here:I see that you use a Nikon D90. I have one too! I was wondering if you use a macro lens or whatever to get your clear close ups. Every time I take beauty pictures with my D90 I seem to not get the best results. Thanks! :)

    • I have a portrait lens (50mm), dedicated macro (60mm), and the kit lens, but I tend to use the kit lens for a lot of things. For my makeup photos, I do use the dedicated macro, though! I also have a separate flash unit that I use for close-ups rather than the included pop-up flash.

  95. Pam

    Hi! Can you recommend another substitute colour for MAC Sunny Daze pigment?

    I hope you can do a review on flat irons for the future :) If you have done one, please send me the link :) Thanks and merry x-mas

    • Try Tempting eyeshadow!

      My hair is pretty naturally straight, so I don’t know how much good my review on a flat iron would be, lol! I have two (ghd and T3) and they perform the same to me. :/ I feel like I don’t know what I’m looking for!

      Happy holidays!

  96. Dolores

    Do we know if and when MAC will have another friends and family sale???

  97. Rachael

    Hey Christine, got a few questions for ya!
    1. What does a toner do?
    2. Best facial moisturizer for normal skin?
    3. If I use a face primer, do I still need to use a seperate eye primer?
    4. Do I still need to use a moisturizer if I use a face primer?

    Thanks, happy holidays!

    • Hi Rachael,

      1.) Toner seems like it can do a few things… It can help restore the pH balance of your skin (but a lot of products don’t mess with your pH balance any more), get rid of any last bits of dirt and grime, or even exfoliate.

      2.) I like Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer for day :)

      3.) Yes, you’ll likely still need to use a separate eye primer!

      4.) It depends – if the facial primer is moisturizing, then probably not, but if it’s just a regular primer, you’ll still want to use a moisturizer!

  98. penny

    How do you get all the latest MAC and other makeup collections before they come out??

  99. Susan M.

    In what kind of lighting is best to apply makeup in a.m. and p.m.? Do you have one of those lighted mirrors? Love the site! Thanks

    • I just use whatever lights are in my bathroom, to be honest! I do believe that daylight is the best to apply your makeup in, and office/harsh white light is the worst!

  100. Any suggestions for smokey eyes and other makeup techniques for really deep set eyes with little brow bone space?

    • Hi Crissy,

      Have you tried horizontal placement (instead of vertical)? It might give you a smoky eye without being too overwhelming/close to the brow bone area!