Monday, November 9th, 2009

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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394 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #019

  1. What colors do you recommend in someone’s wardrobe who has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an lightly tanned/olivey complexion?

    I can’t seem to pick colors out… I make beelines for black, white, and gray but I want some color! I just don’t know what would look good on me…

    • Freshwater, Sumptuous Olive, Shimmermoss, Stars ‘n Rockets, Coppering, Juxt, Beautiful Iris :)

    • Kelly

      I’d say any shade of blue, especially turquoise. Also, yellow looks really beautiful on tan olive skin! You can probably get away with anything!

      • Thanks Kelly

        And thanks Christine. These ask Christine (and friends, hehe) are fun! I’ll be on the lookout for some fun yellow and blue stuff. I never would’ve thought yellow!

  2. Iya

    Christine, any good eye cream? i have puffiness and dark circles and i don’t want to just hide it by makeup, i want to reduce them

  3. mia

    When I use pigments they tend to fade superquick on me. The colours are still there, just more pastel. I am using Beige-ing Shadestick as a base. Should I use something else?

  4. Emm

    What is your prime choice in regards to Dry Shampoo? I have Oscar Bliandi’s and it’s ok. But I have tried Ojon and many others, do you have a recommendation?

    • Oscar Blandi or T3, probably. I don’t love any of them – they usually have very strong scents and sometimes since I have dark hair, they leave dust behind. I say dust, but it looks like dandruff, which is so not sexy.

    • Rose

      I really like Batiste at Sally Beauty. It smells good and makes my hair fluffy and clean looking. And its under $10. I don’t think its worth it to spend more on dry shampoo when this product works great!

      I suggest you get the pink can :)

    • julia

      i’d recommend dr. hauschka’s body silk powder. i’s gorgeous for this purpose. it has a slight salvia scent.
      lush’ deodorant and body powders are also good to use them as dry shampoos. they smell nice, but i like dr hauschka’s powder more :-)

  5. Jennifer

    Hey Christine
    What MAC blue eyeshadows would you recommend me? I’m NC20, Green eyes and dark brown hair. I sort of want a natural smokey blue look. Also purple eyeshadow from mac? If this helps I loved the combo of colors and finishes from the Photorealism palette (I know it’s green but it looks really nice on me).


  6. Jen

    If you could only give ONE beauty tip to a beginner, what would it be and why?

    • Practice makes perfect! I know, silly tip and not actually “helpful” in any technique, but I see a lot of people kind of just give up because it doesn’t come together right away. Practice really does help your technique no matter what else you do – you’ll learn what you don’t like, what colors you like on yourself, and all that with time and practice.

      • Haylie

        That’s so true. I remember when I first started to wear makeup I’d always mess up on my mascara. It was a huge mess!

  7. Laiqah

    Hi Christine,

    I LOVE Temptalia :)

    My question is, would the Fab-Racabadra face kit be a good buy?
    Im NC40 in colour and the holiday recently came out in my country (South Africa)… Summer is coming up and it seems like a nice bronzy kit!
    What do you think?

    Also, if you were me, would you rather get the smoke & mirrors eyeshadow set or the devil may dare warm eyeshadow set?
    I love smokey colours but warm shadows aswell!

    Thanks for being AMAZING!!!

    Your #1 fan in SA :)

    • Hey Laiqah!

      Thanks so much :)

      I do, actually! It’s very pretty and totally worth it if you don’t have any of them full-size.

      I’d probably get the Devil May Dare set instead!

  8. Saira

    Hi Christine! Could you possibly suggest some Mac eyeshadows (e.g light, medium, dark shades) that would go well with Sketch eyeshadow and also with Cranberry eyeshadow? If you could give shade names, that would be great. Thanks so much.

  9. Brandi

    Have you ever visited Toronto?

    • Nope, I haven’t! I’ve only been to Canada two times (I think) — Vancouver both times, I believe. I was way young, which is why I say “I think” and my memory is shoddy!

  10. Brandi

    You’ve mentioned that you’re bi (or multi) racial. Do you identify with one race more than the other?

    • I identify as American, I guess. I don’t really identify with my Vietnamese side beyond a few cultural traditions and do follow some norms/signs of respect.

  11. Andrea

    Hey Christine!!! I always say this, but it’s so nice of you to take the time to do these sessions :)

    My question for you is about pressed powders. Do you have a favourite and do you feel they’re necessary??

    I am seriously wanting to buy Guerlains’ Illuminating Pressed Powder and debating the price tag!!

    • I’m happy to do them! They are as fun for me as they are for you :)

      Pressed? Hm, I like Clinique’s Almost Makeup pressed powder, but I very rarely use pressed powders. I use loose powder (currently Laura Mercier’s) to set my makeup, and I do think it’s a good step, though not always 100% necessary. I just prefer loose powder to set my makeup, but I don’t mind pressed — I’d just say I always end up trying out a new loose powder over pressed (I guess I overlook them!).

  12. Millie

    What are your lemmings from the Nordstrom half-yearly sale? And did you buy any of them?

    • Nothing :( I always anticipate and get SO excited for the sale, but I end up buying nothing. I bought a scarf for someone for Christmas, and I bought a headband for myself (which wasn’t on sale, haha). You?

      • Millie

        Just a couple of tops and some jewelry. Got your Guerlain recs too (the Gems lipstick and Parure gold foundation), of course they’re not on sale but I got double points! Wanted to buy comfortable heels but there were a lot of people in the shoe dept. so I didn’t buy any.

        • Nice! I hope you are loving the lipstick and foundation, Millie! Do let me know :)

          And yay for double points! That’s how I justified the headband, LOL.

  13. Iya

    one more q. I am an NC42, what should i pair Fig 1 with?

  14. Jen

    Can you suggest a color that would go with Rose pigment. I keep wanting to wear it but don’t know what to match it with?

  15. Robin C.

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for taking our questions and giving your advice.

    I have difficulty pulling together eyeshadow combinations, using 2 to 3 colors.

    Do you have a golden rule or advice on how to pull colors together in a coordinated look? Could you give a few suggestions?

    Also, what MAC lipstick, lipgloss and lip pencil combination would create the perfect Nude Lip for an NW47 skintone?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Robin,

      Try playing around with color combos on the back of your hand – that’s one trick to play around with colors without trying them on your eyes. I also think of light, medium, and dark – pick a shade from each of those categories. If in doubt, you can do something that’s mostly one color – e.g. light green, medium green, dark green.

      Creamola, Hue, Nymphette/Oyster Girl

    • iliana

      You may want to try Hug Me and a smidgen of Partial to Pink for a darker nude. Use Syrup for a cooler pinky nude :)

  16. Lauren G

    Hello Christine
    Did you know that Perscriptives is going away?
    Lauder is shuting down the line-have you heard anything about replacements?
    Loving my Hocus-Focus palette and Jingle Jangle from Mischief

    • Hi Lauren G!

      Yes, I had heard about it when they first made the announcement, unfortunately! I don’t think they’re replacing the line at this time, as they’re (from what I can tell), trying to reduce costs.

  17. Susan

    Hello Christine! Glad you are doing “ask temptalia” again! I just love reading the post… I learn so much from it!

    My question today is…. What nude lipstick would you recommend for a NC 42? I want a pinky nude as well as a reg nude. I went to the MAC store and an MA gave me Blankety but it was too much, made me look pale… Idk maybe I need to pair it up with a liner or something…. What do you suggest???

  18. Tina

    what’s your favorite blog, other than yours, of course! :)

  19. felicia

    Hi Christine,

    I have a weird “problem” with my makeup application. it seems that eyeshadow colors come out different on each of my eye. it’s darker on my right eye than the left. and no matter if keep patting on more eyeshadow on my left eye, the color still wont come out the same. it will look “brighter” (coz i packed loads of eyeshadow on the left eye) but it wont look darker and match the right eye. I was just wondering if this ever happened to anyone else? the degree of the difference differs on the eyeshadow, though. some shadows it can be quite noticeable and some others not so much, except maybe if you are an inch from my face. but i know it and it kinda annoy me sometimes. LOL.
    And your advice about practice makes perfect and that some people tend to give up coz it doesnt come out right the first time….it really encourage me coz ive been playing with makeup for a couple years and most of the time they still don’t come out right. i blame my eyes though as they have different crease width and the shapes are a little different too! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for a fabulous website! Love you!

    • Hey Felicia!

      Do you apply all the shadow to the left eye first, then the right eye (or vice versa)?
      Do you use one brush or multiple ones?

      I ask those, because the first thought I had was maybe the brush gets dirty or colors get a little mussed when swirled together, you know?

      The only other thing I could think of is to make sure you use a neutral base or something over your eye prior to eyeshadow (not sure if you’re already doing this). Do you notice any skin darkening/lightening when you don’t wear shadow?

      • felicia

        I’ve tried applying both eye first (on different occasions, of course. i’m not ambidextrous like that. haha) and i think i always use the same brush for each color on both eyes. i switch brushes for different colors though. I use UDPP or shadow insurance most of the time when i know im gonna be out for more than 3-4 hours. if i’m not, then i don’t use a base at all usually.

        But you know what….. now that you mentioned it, i think the color difference is more noticeable when the brush has been used multiple times (i wash my brush every 7-14 days and in between use i just swipe it on wet ones or use those brush cleanser spray thingie.) Whenever the brushes are freshly washed, the color difference is not as noticeable, i think.
        Thanks for your help, Christine.

        Oh and another thing, you are NC25-30 on MAC foundation right? but i read you’re 140 on the MUFE HD foundation? i’m and NC 30 too but I’m 12o on MUFE HD. Do you feel alright with the 140 and dont feel that it’s too dark for you?

        • Hey Felicia,

          Maybe that’s it :) I’d definitely play around with that theory and see if it helps at all!

          Yep, I’m about NC25/30 and 140 seems to be my match – I think I may have had 120 and didn’t like it on me, actually!

          • felicia

            Hmmm maybe i should go back and try the 140 on me then.
            Thank you so much for doing this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site. it’s the first site i go to every day. πŸ˜€

    • Toni

      Hey Felicia, how’s your lighting? The lighting in my bathroom is horrible – have an extra overhead light source on my left side – and with it on, it made it seem like my right eye was darker. I’ve since invested on a wall-mounted lighted mirror and it fixed the problem! πŸ˜‰

    • iliana

      You may want to check your lighting as well :) The same thing happened to me with blush A LOT until I realized that the light hit my face unevenly, where there was a tad more light on the left side of my face that the right. It wasn’t very noticeable when I’m in the room but I found the contrast quite harsh in bright light πŸ˜›

  20. happybadfish

    Do you know how Giorgio Armani foundations shades compare to Mac? I don’t have a counter here, and can’t find any swatches. I can’t figure out their color numbering system.

  21. kpenn

    Hi Christine!

    I’m in desperate need of a foundation overhaul!

    So here’s the situation: I’ve struggled with horrible skin for years (combination acne and super dry/excema). I’ve finally found a skincare regimen that is working for me, and things are actually clearing up (yay!). Now that I have clear skin, I’m not so much loving my everyday skincare regime.

    I’m very very fair and generally have really rosey cheeks but am cool-toned. Currently I’m using MSF Natural in Medium, then a dust of Golden bronzer everyday to warm me up, and then whatever blush I want. I don’t use a primer, only my daily moisturizer which I apply about 20 minutes before I do anything else.

    I’m just finding that it’s looking really heavy and uneven on my face when I’m done. It almost looks cakey or chalky. Am I doing something wrong (maybe using the wrong brushes?), or should I just look to use another MAC product? I’m leery to start using something heavier like a liquid foundation on my face since I’m so prone to breakouts.

    • Hey K!

      Have you thought about a tinted moisturizer? You might find that it gives you a much smoother, softer look that’s not as powdery. I also like Clinique’s Almost Powder, which is very, very lightweight.

      What do you use to apply the MSFN?

      • kpenn

        I’m using The Body’s Shop biggest, softest brush because I figured it would deposit the least amount of colour. I have quite a few MAC brushes though, but I’m still intimidated about which one to use for each thing…LOL…I seriously need to review your brush tutorials.

        Does MAC have a tinted moisturizer?

        Thanks so much!

    • daphne

      Hey there! As a devoted MSFN user (okay, for about six weeks now, but I’m pretty converted!), I find the easiest way to make it look softer is, after applying with your brush of choice, very lightly mist your face with water, then grab a kabuki brush and buff it. This smooths everything out and makes the makeup sink into your face a bit. To me it gives an almost liquid look but a much lighter feel! Just a thought you might like to try with your MSFN :)

  22. Anja Nicole

    Hi Christine,
    This is me Anja again. I must tell you I love reading your website everyday. I work at Atlantis in Nassau Bahamas and when I reach to work I read your blog before I even check my mail. lol

    But I have a question I have been looking at your red lips post and I am curious what MAC shade of red would you recommend for a NW 45-NW 50 person and if you can recommend the liner with it as well and if there is a corresponging lipglass, lustreglass/plushglass, dazzleglass

    • Dubonnet is really pretty! It’d be nice with Red Enriched cremestick liner. It’d be fine with any gloss really, but there’s nothing that pops into mind as a must-have.

      And thank you! I’m so honored to be a must-read for you πŸ˜€

    • iliana

      I liked the way my lips looked when I paired Dubonnet with a touch of Lychee Luxe lipglass :)

  23. MC

    If you didn’t have a blog about makeup, what would you have a blog about?

  24. karen

    Hi Christine,

    Could you please recommend a good eyelash grower/conditioner? Thanks!@

  25. Florence

    Can you suggest a nude lipstick for an NC25-NC30?

  26. rashmi

    hello christine
    my earlier quest didnt appeard
    so m asking beauty quest…
    whenever i apply pigment on paint pot it fells near the eye area and sometimes its too golden or whatever colour m using is visible near eye area
    tell me how to get rid of that coz i use fluffy brush but it still remains there
    and any suggestions for urban decay fnf sale …


    • Hey Rashmi!

      I sent you an email – did you get it? I wanted to respond to you via email for that :) But the short answer is – yes, you were at the same place I go to!

      I find pigments apply best when used wet vs. over a creamy base. I use MAC’s water-based mixing medium personally (well, a homemade version – 1 teaspoon glycerin, 3 teaspoons water) or you could try Fix+ if you have that. It helps it stay better!

      Suggestions for UD –

      Naked lipstick
      24/7 liners (the sets are great)
      Book of Shadows Vol II Palette

      • rashmi

        m so happy
        u wont believe i had tears in my eyes after reading ur mail…
        i will try homemade version of mixing medium

        i did purchased the book II after reading ur comments
        and thanks to u for introducing me to UD eyeliners
        i bought stach already
        but as i told u m going next week so i think i will buy few more eyeliners
        and yeas the lipstick …
        thanks christine

  27. Adina

    Hi Christine! I was just wondering if you know if MAC will be having a FF sale in January this year… Also, I’m NW15, do you know what neutral pink lipsticks would look good on me? I don’t want anything too bright or dark, more MLBB. And- one last question- does Sumptuous Olive look good with hazel eyes and fair skin?

    • No, I have no idea and haven’t heard anything about upcoming sales at MAC.

      Try Hug Me, Angel, Plink!, or even Sweetie.

      I think it would look good on you!

      • Cherie

        Hey there! I’m also NW15 :) I would suggest checking these out…

        Hug Me, Plink, Naked Rose (LE), Perfectly Unordinary (dazzleglass creme)

        When I want to spice it up a bit but not too much: Shy Girl, Viva Glam V, High Strung, Cocoamour(Slimshine l/s)

        Most days I mix Naked Rose or Plink with Hug Me. And if I’m risky I mix with Blood Red :)

  28. SarahT

    Hi Christine:
    I am going to order some samples of MAC pigments. I want to get a variety of colors, brights and neutrals. What would be your ‘must have’ pigments? Top 20?

    Also, do you think the Hocus Focus face kit is worth it if you already have Peachykeen? (I am NC20 btw)


  29. Please recommend me a moisturizer for sensitive skin! I have been using the Aveda sensitive skin facial moisturizer, but within the past two months, every time i put it below my eyes(one of my few dry spots) my eyes literally swell shut, adn it takes days for the skin to quiet down! It NEVER did that before!

    I have combination skin-can be a bit dry around my eyes, but my cheeks and forehead occasionally get oily. and most lotions are just too much and make me break out. If it had some sort of anti-wrinkle property, i would die of happiness, as I’m 22, but apparently spend too much time glaring at people, since i have a tiny glare line in my forehead, adn the beginnings of wrinkles under my eyes are slowly getting worse.

    • Hey!

      Cetaphil is my go-to for products that work well on sensitive skin! I also like Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer, but I don’t know how well it will do for your skin.

      I make funny faces 24/7. I have funny face-making lines. I figure there’s not much I can do about those, since I can’t seem to stop making weird faces!

      • Where are those available? I’ve heard Cetaphil mentioned before, but dont recall specifics.

        Heh, I’ve been told that my “standard” facial expression is somewhere between a glower, and “concerned”. So I have a line above one eyebrow, because thats the one i ALWAYS raise, and just a teensy line below both my eyes. The funny thing about it, is that the crankier i am, the more i smile! I figure an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, while I’m revamping my skin care regimen anyways.

        Thanks for the help! I’ve just been doign without moisturizer, but then I see dryness, forget, put it on, and POOF INSTANT SWELLIGN AND REDNESS UGH!

        • LOL!

          Yes, I am a FIRM believer in prevention, no matter how you slice it. Sunscreen, more water, moisturized skin (drier skin wrinkles more, typically), being gentle with skin… all that helps so much!

        • BeckBeck

          If you’re in the US Cetaphil should be in all the drugstores/grocery store personal care departments. I’m not sure about overseas though (it might have a different brand name outside the US, they love to do that)

          • Thanks! I was able to get some cetaphil on teh way home from work-got a little lost by whether there was a difference between teh facial ones or the body ones, but i think I got the right thing, and am looking forward to trying it! Especially after that last reaction, i NEED it. The underside of my eye has that stiff, dry feeling that you get with minor burns. I’m waiting for it to peel off, but it would be nice to help mediate it with moisturizer. I have lizard scales. Heh.

            • Good luck — let me know if Cetaphil helps at all! I just know it’s like my go-to whenever I have crazy skin problems and my doctors have always recommended it to me.

  30. Erica


    I have read and re-read your Medium skintone recommendations for lipstick and I really want to get Hue but two MA at the Mac counter said it would be too light for me?! I like nude/pink lipsticks but everyone i purchase washes me out. I trust your recommendations and will probably head to the counter today to get the hue lipstick but what liner or gloss should i wear with it? Thanks for all you do!

    • Which ones have you purchased in the past?

      I like Creamola or Buerre with nude lipsticks, or UD’s clear lip liner. I like Nymphette over nudes!

      • Erica

        Lipstick wise I’ve purchased, creame d nude, blankety, myth, cherish, hug me and I can’t think of others….
        I only have subculture and buerre lip liners and glosses…well just about all of them! Ha. I really like the instant gold gloss but like i said, i have just about all the lustreglasses. I’m trying to get the nude/pink look without getting washed out. Should i get the creamola to give some brown hue to the lipstick?

  31. Brandi


    Do you think Mac will have another Friends and Family sale late December?

  32. Jessica

    Hey Christine:

    I was wondering if you could recommend a lip brush for me? I have small lips so I have to use one in order to apply lipstick and the one I currently use I bought at a drugstore and the bristles have hardened a lot over time! Also, what do you use to clean your brushes? I’m shelling out for some lipsticks–probably revolution and naked (I know, complete opposites!) for the UD friends and family sale– and I need a new brush stat! Thank you so much!

    • I like MAC’s, to be honest. I just haven’t found huge differences between lip brushes, so I’ve never really strayed from MAC’s. I use Cleanse Off Oil for lip brushes, though!

    • Seriously, I’ve bought mine at e.l.f. for 1€. I didn’t put high hopes in it but thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t want to put too much money in a ipbrush. It appears I was extremelly pleased with my e.l.f brush. No bad smell, no sheding and it’s doing a really good job.

  33. Emily

    Do you know when the next MAC friends and family sale is going to be?

  34. Hehe, I should have specified I meant wardrobe – clothing. I use plenty of color on my eyes :-) Greens and purples are my fav

  35. Anja

    This seems like a silly question, but how do I know if my skin is warm or cool toned? I have dark blonde hair and pale skin. I don’t wear foundation much, but I sometimes use MAC Mineralize Powder Foundation in light, and I have Studio Sculpt concealer in NW20.

  36. Shayla

    Hi Christine! I was wondering if you could recommend a nude lipstick for my NC44 skin! Also, do you think Shimpagne msf and Nuance mineralized blush would look good on my skin tone as well? Thanks!!

  37. andserenityy

    Hi Christine!

    First I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your site. You put so much thought into it and always think of exactly the right posts. You are so amazing!!!

    And now I have a question lol.

    What should I do for the black smudges I get under my lower lash line from mascara & eyeliner? I don’t want to switch my mascara bc I really like it but I wouldn’t mind switching my eyeliner (MAC Kohl Liner in Smolder).

    Thanks! Love you!

    • Thanks so much :) I’m glad you are finding the site to your liking!

      What mascara are you using, by the way?

      You could set your liner with a powder shadow (like MAC Carbon), which will do a lot to keep it in place and prevent it from smudging. As far as mascara, perhaps try a lash primer, but otherwise it just might be something that comes with the mascara!

  38. andserenityy

    Sorry I have another question.

    What should I do to help my very oily skin. It gets better in the witner since it’s colder and dryer but its still a bit oily. I am currently using Neutrogena’s Oil-Eliminating Cleanser, Neutrogena’s acne streess control toner, and Clinqiue’s dramatically different moisturizing lotion. As far as makeup goes I use Clinique’s perfectly realy foundation, MACs studio finish concealer, and MAC’s natural skinfinish. Should I cut out foundation? (I do have blemishes).


    • One thing is to make sure you’re not over-drying your skin out. When you use any of your cleanser/toner products, does your skin feel dry/tight after use? If you over-dry your skin, your skin may actually produce more oil than it normally would!

      I do like mattifying products (like gels or primers) to combat day to day oiliness, though.

  39. amelia

    hi christine! Do you use a curling iron? If yes which one is your favorite? What size and what brand do you recommend? Thank you!!

    • I have a few, but I don’t use them too often. I like FHI’s and Hot Tools about equally – but the FHI is easier for me to not burn myself on, so I tend to use that one!

  40. Silvia

    Hi Christine,

    I am using macs Sutdio Fix. Now I am thinking, that I don’t like it when it looks kind of “cakey”. I read that sprizzing Fix+ on a brush and then dabbing it on my face would help. Is that true? Can I do that also with thermal water sprizz? what is the special thing about Fix+? Or should I apply a face powder or mineralize skinfinish instead over Studio Fix?
    and then, I will be doing back2mac this week and am thinking about which lipstick to get. I don’t know..I am NC 43, do you have any favourites at the moment? Could you please name 2 in the color families pink and beige? how about hug me? Now that I am having the chance of getting one lipstick for free, I am totally confused and don’t know.

    • Hey Silvia,

      Yes, getting your brush a little damp (just a spritz of water or Fix+) can help that. I think you could do that with any type of water, fancy or from the tap. :)

      Pink: Sweetie, Creme Cup
      Beige: Spirit, High Tea, Touch, Fanfare

  41. Karen

    Thanks for doing this session again!! I have 2 questions:
    1 – My bronzers/blushes/eyeshadow often develop a matte appearance – like they’ve gotten wet (probably because I prime my brushes with Fix+. So because of this I have a hard time getting the blush/bronzer/e/s onto my brush. It can make for very uneven application. Does this happen to you? Is there any hope for being able to get a clean swipe of makeup on my brush again?
    2 –

    • Karen

      Sorry I accidentally submitted…
      2 – Is there any chance you’ve seen the show Vampire Diaries? Elena, the main female character, had a great orangey e/s on her lid in the first few episodes. I don’t watch any more but I would love it if you could recommend an subtle orange!

      • I haven’t, sorry! Make Up For Ever would probably be my go-to for an orange shadow. MAC does have Rule, which is kind of a muted slightly darkened orange.

    • Hey Karen,

      Unfortunately, a lot of powder products will get a grimey surface on them when they get wet. I’d suggest rubbing it off with a paper towel. Going forward, you may want to pick up the product, then lightly spritz or spritz onto the back of your hand and then dip the brush on your hand – basically, don’t let the wet part come in contact with the product itself.

      You should be able to rub off the top layer, though!

  42. Anitacska

    Hi Christine,

    I know you bought (almost) the entire holiday collection, but what are you actually keeping / planning on using? Will you be doing more looks with them? Many thanks.


    • Hey Anita,

      You know, by almost default, I never use anything for long. I don’t even really bother thinking, “What am I keeping?” Just with how much new stuff is coming out and all of the products I get requested to review… I just never have the time to concentrate on new products for long. I’m usually onto the next thing, you know?

      I have a look that I’ll post tomorrow or Wednesday using the Devil May Dare palette. I have no definite plans to do more looks using the new holiday products (nor do I have any definite plans *not* to them either) — I just keep a box of all new products that I’d like to do looks with and use and pick what I kind of want to use at that moment in time :)

      • Anitacska

        That’s cool, I just got the Devil May Dare palette yesterday! :) I initially got the Mystic Cool and Sorceress palettes, but really really liked the Devil May Dare too, so went back a couple of days later for it. :) I don’t even wear that much warm eyeshadow, but the pink and the golds really got me! :)

  43. MACnMahalia

    Hi Christine. I’m an nw43/ nc50. My skin looks exactly like nc50 fresh out of the bottle. However it lightens and looks chalky after a while so I use nw43 and a MSFN (deep dark. I recently jst purchased MAC’s pigment set w/ museum bronze and I am looking for ways to use it. Rather alone or w/ other shadowws. Wwhat would yu recommend? Thanks in advance :)

  44. Hey Christine!!!

    can you recommend a moisturizer for oily skin? Im having so much trouble finding one that doesnt break me out!!!

  45. laura

    what’s your all time fave mac palette

  46. Mary007

    Hey there! Hope you’re having a fabulous day!

    I water down my foundation just like you do…I like the natural look. My question is what is the difference between watering my foundation to tinted moisturizer? Some of these tinted moisturizers cost as much as foundation. What are the benefits? Thanks a lot!!

    • Tinted moisturizer also moisturizes (the idea behind it is combining your moisturizer and foundation steps into one–I don’t usually do this myself, though). Tinted moisturizer is also sheer coverage, and you can always build up heavier coverage with liquid foundations (typically). I prefer the light to medium coverage of liquid foundation, and I like the water step to just make it easier to apply and blend out the product and ensuring I don’t use more than I need that day.

  47. Mary007

    My mom is suffering from dry skin (face), she’s 50+ years old…any face creme/moisturizer recomendations??

    • Hey Mary!

      Olay is one of my favorite brands for affordable skincare. What’s even better is Consumer Reports always does all this crazy, extensive testing on skincare, and Olay always seems to come out as one of the best options (even beating out much pricier creams). I also really like MAC’s Moisturelush for a thicker, more moisturizing cream, too!

  48. julia

    hi christine,
    first of all i love your page. it’s really great and i love the mix of the latest beauty news, swatches and sharing views on products etc.
    my question is – i’m nc 15 so i have very fair skin. does it make sense to use a highlighter though? or would it make the skin appear even more pale? which highlighter would you recommend for nc15?
    thanks christine

    • Hey Julia,

      Thanks! :)

      You can definitely use a highlighter! Psh, it shouldn’t make you paler at all. I’d recommend Soft & Gentle MSF or Dior’s Rose Diamond Skin Shimmer :)

  49. Mary007

    So where abouts in Cali are you located in? :)

  50. Hi Christine! I wanna go honey blonde but i dont know what kind of makeup and colors can go with it? any suggestions

  51. Mary007

    I’ve never tried Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler…will the mini work as well as the normal size?

  52. Sixx

    What are your favorite [or best brands] for long-wear lipsticks? I cannot wear something like MAC’s Prolong Lipcolour ‘cos they always cake & start to peel on me so can you suggest a “regular” lipstick formula. Also, long-wear for me is something that lasts @ least 3-4 hours & will still leave some color after eating lunch…Thanks!!

    • I actually really love Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lipsticks & the new Rouge Allure Laques. I find both formulas give me really good wear and linger on despite eating/drinking. I do find the Laques last longer/better overall, particularly in the more pigmented shades (e.g. Dragon).

  53. amy

    You probably almost never use up products, as you have access to many and by a lot too, but what are your all time favourite beauty and skin care products? Which ones would you buy again if you hit pan or run out?

    • Hey Amy,

      You know what’s funny about this question? It’s probably one of the only ones I regularly ask beauty bloggers in general. You see so many products pass through, and it’s like, “OK, which ones did you LOVE LOVE LOVE SUPER LOVE?”

      My answer always changes, that’s the problem! What I love this month may change in two months or I might re-fall-in-love with something by the next season. I just say this so nobody later reads this (or has read a list I’ve given in the past) and say, “WAIT, you didn’t say that before!”


      Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer – I’ve repurchased this
      Chanel Exfoliating Mousse – I plan to repurchase should I ever run out before falling in love with something else
      Prescriptives Instant Gratification – I need to remember to pick up another tube as a backup since Px is going away, but I haven’t run out of the tube I started with!
      Mario Badescu Drying Lotion/Drying Cream – I’ve repurchased both of these

      Beauty products

      I think I’d be hard-pressed to purchase too many things, because I don’t know if it’s really possible to run out. I’ve repurchased these in the last year:

      MAC Bronze eyeshadow
      Dior Amber Diamond SkinShimmer (I dropped my first one, unfortunately!)
      MAC Espresso eyeshadow (it’s my go-to for brows)

      These are some shades that I’ve hit pan on (basically, you should safely assume if I’ve hit pan on ANY eyeshadow that means I love it and would repurchase/replace it): (all MAC) Margin blush, Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow, Juxt eyeshadow, Ricepaper eyeshadow, Goldmine eyeshadow, Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow, and there are probably more, but I know I have pan showing on all of those.

  54. leslie

    Hi Christine!

    Are you going to do more YSL Golden gloss swatches? I also wanted to know if you sell/swap makeup? If so, do you have MACs Push Up Plum???:))

  55. Rita

    Hello! What can I pair Trax with? I’ve had it for some time, but I do not know how to use it.
    Could you do a look with It’s a Miracle MES (if you have it) or (another one) with Sorceress palette?

  56. Andrea

    Oh I’ve got one more :)

    Been wondering about your review of the Volcanic Thermal Mask!! Did I miss it??

  57. Val

    I say this every time and I hope you’re not getting sick of it but I LOVEE your blog. <3
    my questions
    do you think mac slimshines are any good?
    If so which shades?
    And what colour tote/hobo bag matches everrything I can possibly wear?

  58. Eeeradicator

    Hi Christine!

    Love the site, first of all.

    I was hoping you could help me with an eyeshadow application issue. I feel as though I don’t know how to blend properly, and I either come out looking insufficiently blended or one of the colors seems to vanish altogether. Most of the time, I feel like I blend into oblivion, even if I’ve only done a few swipes.
    Should I be using a separate “clean” brush for blending, or the same one I used for the lighter (or darker) shade? Could my problem be not adding enough shadow?

    Any ideas would be appreciated. I almost always end up using just one all-over-lid color because I feel like such an incompetent blender. Thanks!

    • Hey!

      You may benefit from a really soft and fluffy brush that’s really mostly for blending and not applying shadow (like MAC’s 217), because it helps make sure you don’t over-blend while making blending much easier :)

  59. carmen

    i live in iceland and we have 2 mac stores, i was wondering though the collections always come way later than the international launch date !
    do you have any idea when collections come in the IC, i even think it’s the same in the Scandinavian countries (DK, Sweeden, Norway)

    • Hey Carmen,

      Unfortunately, I never get any exact dates for outside of North America; it’s always just a month. The best thing to do is probably to ask an associate at the store about when they release collections (or even call when you know it’s getting close).

  60. Tara


    I recently lost a lot of weight due to illness and I look like I’ve aged years! My skin is so blah looking. Is there a skin brightener that I can use that looks natural in the daytime?

    • Hey Tara,

      I hope you’ve since recovered from your illness! Has it been long since you’ve recovered? If it hasn’t, I’d just let yourself adjust back to being healthy. Product-wise, you’ll want to look into illuminating or luminzing face products – probably something that’s “all over” vs. a highlighter. You’ll want products that aren’t glittery or overtly shimmery – subtle is best when you’re going for an all-over product. I like MAC Strobe Cream mixed with moisturizer for an all-over brightening effect.

  61. hey christine,
    thanks for this ask & answer session. i love this feature! now, onto my question lol!

    I am very fair skinned and I have uncontrollable dark circles. I use the salmon concealer that takes care of the discoloration but not the actual bag. it’s like i always have a half moon under my eye! In addition, my face is quite round and this problem just accentuates this. I’ve tried all mac’s concealers, makeupforever full cover, and i have the makeupforever concealer palette. i just can’t get a good enough one. i dont know how to make myself look awake, it makes me look tired and angry. it’s SO frustrating. any tips, techniques, products and advice would be much appreciated.

    thank you!!

    • Hey Samantha,

      The bag itself is physical, so it’s definitely hard to really conceal. Just make sure you’re getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and not eating too unhealthily!

      Have you tried putting a highlighter shadow on your lower lash line or inner tear duct? You could also try lining your lower waterline with white!

  62. queenmarie

    Hi Christine—
    I have two questions. Can you recommend a great white/off white shadow that really shows up well? Could you name a matte one and a shimmer one? I just ordered Unbasic White and am hoping that it might be the one, but would love your recommendations. Also–is there ANYTHING in this world that will tame the static in my hair this winter? I have long one length hair that I hot roll every morning. I put styling creams (Ojon/Nick Chavez) in it before I brush it out but the static is still there. Nothing seems to work !!! Thanks so much. Love your site !……Leigh

    • Hey!

      I think Unbasic White is a good white shade, as is Gesso, which is matte. For a shimmer, I’d say White Frost or Crystal Avalanche!

      Hmm, perhaps using a thick cream (like Nivea) to tame flyaways might help. I am, admittedly, totally hair-stupid, so I’m not very helpful in this area!

  63. Kerry

    hi christine :)

    this is probably going to be a really hard to answer question but you seem to know pretty much everything there is to know about makeup and beauty so i guess it couldnt hurt to ask :) lol

    have you ever done a post explaining all the finishes of mac products because i just find it all so overwhelming. ive looked but i couldnt find one but o might just be missing it. lol if you havent would you mind briefly explaining it.. i know thats a big ask though so its no problem if its too much. or if you could eeven put in a link to another blog/website which explains this. :)

    thankyou so much πŸ˜€ xxx

    • Here’s what MAC says:

      Mineralized Eyeshadow
      A sheer, pearled, mineralized powder Eye Shadow with up to four shades baked together in one pan. Superfine, lightweight: provides a softly tinted, reflective shimmer on the skin with a delicate sense of dimension. Subtly builds colour and shine. Can be worn on face, eyes or body.

      Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.

      An iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour.

      Smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted with deluxe ultra-fine β€œconditioned” finish.

      Hi-colour pay-off in a no-shine matte finish.

      Pure colour in a satin-style finish. Provides a soft subtle non-frost, light-refractive sheen.

      Superfine pigment rich and very luxe. Supple to apply. Provides silky smooth matte finish.

      Vibrantly-toned. Velvety soft. Shimmeringly metallic. Veluxe eye shadow, now overlaid with high-shine pearl.

      Soft look finish with high-colour intensity. Has a plush velvety look and feel.

      Here’s what I say:

      Mineralize Eyeshadows: shimmery/frosty and perhaps slight metallic in finish, sometimes smooth, sometimes chunkier

      Frost: very shimmery, highly pigmented, frosty in look

      Lustre: glittery, decent pigmentation most of the time, tends to have fall out

      Matte: no shimmer/sheen, flat, powdered/matte look, pigmentation can be good, may require layering

      Satin: subtle shimmer/sheen but almost like a semi-matte, pigmentation is decent but not always intense

      Veluxe: very soft, slightly shimmery, has a pearly finish – pigmentation varies

      Veluxe Pearl: very soft, smooth, highly pigmented, slightly frost finish

      Velvet: very soft, almost a bit powdery (but not in a bad way), pigmentation varies

  64. Saira

    Would you consider reviewing Lipstick Queen by Poppy? Especially the Chinatown glossy lip pencils with funky names like mystery, genre,and thriller.

  65. Lena

    Hi! I wanted to know your thougts on different lip glosses I’m considering purchasing- I want one that does not have any shimmer or glitter and has good color payoff. I really want to try stila’s lip enamel because t sounds perfect for me but it’s only available online :(
    okay, so here they are:
    make up for ever glossy full coleur (I’m looking at the trio collection from sephora)
    stila lip glazes (esp. Cranberry color)
    nars lip gloss (esp. Frisky summer and Giza)
    mac tinted lipglass (esp. Russian red, lychee luxe and pink lemonade or oyster girl)
    thank you so much! I love these q & a sessions!

    • Hey Lena,

      Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Coleur: they’re non-sticky and have a jelly texture, but I just didn’t find them to be that pigmented on my lips (just from the ones I tried)

      Stila Lip Glazes: non-sticky to slightly tacky, pigmentation varies from shade to shade (deeper shades having more pigmentation than lighter ones), but I’m not a big fan of brush-type glosses where you have to twist to get the product out (sooo gross to me)

      NARS Lip Gloss: I do like NARS’ lip gloss, because they feel good and they aren’t really sticky, but the scent kind of throws me.

      MAC Lipglass: I’m a big fan of lipglass, but I have no problems with a sticky lipglass. Lipglass IS sticky, so if you don’t like that, you might want to try Lustreglass or Plushglass, both of which are much less sticky in comparison.

      Of the four, I’d probably gravitate towards Lipglass myself!

  66. Heather

    Hi Christine,
    I’m starting to finally wear different colored lipsticks instead of nude shades all the time. I recently bought Mac Speed Dial and when I originally put it on my lips I didn’t like it, I thought this is to dark for me. But now I love it and I use it with Mac Tasty tricolor lipglass. What other colors similar to speed dial would you suggest? Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try a red lipstick lol.

    • You could try and upgrade to Lustering or Craving – both are nice pinks, but they’re a little deeper and run more fuchsia. You could also try Pink Nouveau, which is brighter and paler, too.

  67. MC

    Do you use any non-beauty products as beauty products? (ie, paint brushes as makeup brushes)

    • I used to use more paint brushes as makeup brushes, but I only use two 239-dupes for pigments, because I use mixing medium and I’d rather not gunk up my MAC brushes. I’ve just found that makeup brushes (at least my MAC ones) still reign supreme over paint brushes – feel softer on my skin!

      I’m not much of a DIY person, I’m afraid!

  68. Patti

    Hey Christine!

    I’ve been doing makeup for years, but I’ve never known what people mean when they say to apply eyeshadow “wet”. I use mostly pressed powder compacts, and my attempts at figuring this out always end up disastrously. How do I apply it wet effectively, without making a huge mess? :)

    • Hey Patti,

      You can either wet the brush and dip it into the product or you can get the product onto your brush and then spritz water onto the brush at that point. (I recommend the later.)

  69. Cat

    Hi Christine,
    I am a teenager and am really getting into makeup. I love MAC but it is too expensive for me to buy a lot of things from there. What do you think would be some must haves for me? I am a NC20. Thank you!

    • Hi Cat,

      What do you like most? Eyes? Lips? Cheeks?

      For eyes, one way to save is by buying their holiday palettes (out now!) or creating your own eyeshadow quads/palettes and buying the pan/palette form, as well.

      • Cat

        I used to be in love with eye liners/ shadows but now I am starting to get into lips products. I want something age appropriate but very subtle. Any lipsticks you would reccomend?

        I think I am gonna try to save up for an eye palette, which is the best in your opinion?

        Thank you Christine!

        • Just some shades that I like…

          Sweetie, Hue, Hug Me, Angel for pinks
          Craving, Captivating, New York Apple for deeper shades
          Creme Cup, Honeyflower, Cherish, Velvet Teddy for more nude lips

          Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows is a good palette for the money!

  70. Tianna

    EMERGENCY HELP!! I need a nude color! I’m NC50 and I just cant find a color for me! I tried Jubilee and that didnt pay off and I loved Underplay but that got discontinued!! I love M.A.C. so can u help me???

  71. Hi Christine! I might have more than one question, but the only one that is pressing me right now is another camera question :-) Can you give me the specifics about your camera and your macro lens? I’d like to get something nicer this holiday season – THANKS!!! :-)

  72. Rose

    What’s on your Christmas List this year??

    • I haven’t even started it yet! LOL! I actually don’t put makeup/beauty on my list. I refuse to let friends and family to do so!

      I probably will ask for a few bits and bobs like headbands/jewelry (though I seldom wear the latter), Beverly Hills 90210 box sets (I think I’m missing one or two seasons, haha), and maybe some new pots and pans. I know, BORING.

  73. OH! I remember my second question – do you ever get recognized when you’re out?! Kind of like a celebrity? Your blog and face are so well known in the beauty world…I know if I ran into you…I’d be a little star struck haha! :-)

    • I think I’ve been recognized maybe once or twice, but not normally! I was recognized a few times at IMATS in Pasadena, but I think that’s sort of outside the norm, y’know! Plus, I was hanging out with some super super famous YTers like Pursebuzz & Koren, too!

      Awwww :)

  74. makeuplover514

    Hi Christine! What ever happened to the Free for Haul friday post? I really liked that one. Thanks!

  75. Mary007

    Do you like (watch and play)any sports?

  76. Christine!!! another Ask Temptalia Session!!!! you generous generous person you!
    Could you please recommend some Dior Quints for an nc25? I’ve been lemming them and I too want the Dior pokemon disease!!

  77. Teresa

    Hi Christine! Thank you for yet another session πŸ˜€ I’ve asked you a few things on twitter but this is my first time on Ask Temptalia! πŸ˜€

    1) I was wondering about IMATS. How are the price points for each booth? Is everything generally at full price? Or is it a bit of a sale, even if by a couple bucks? Let me know if you can! πŸ˜€ I’m very interested in the booths for Eve Pearl, Urban Decay (if there will be one), Make Up For Ever, and of course MAC! Also brushes :)

    2) I may buy the 165 soon (it’s on my list, I better hurry though πŸ˜‰ ) and I wondered how it compared to the 138? I’d like one brush for highlighting and another for contouring. The 165 is much cheaper though and I already have Posh’s white angle brush. Is the 138 a skip? (You may say no as I think you said it’s one of your fav brushes? πŸ˜‰ )

    Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it! :)

    • Hey Teresa,

      1.) Some brands are discounted, some aren’t. Some brands have “special values” or “deals” on certain products as well. From my single experience, most brands are some sort of deal or discount in play. I believe Make Up For Ever was 40% off everything and MAC is 40% off everything if you are a professional artist/in the field (I believe it was consistent with the PRO discount) but I do believe they offered 15 or 20% to non-professionals at the show.

      2.) It’s much smaller and thinner in comparison. They’re similar, but not really the same. I prefer the 168 for contouring over the 138! I just don’t find I like the shape of the 138 for contouring that much.

      • Mary007

        What is this IMATS show?

      • Teresa

        Thank you for answering, Christine!
        So the 165 for highlighting and 168 for contouring? :)
        The 168 looks just like my Posh brush so I can get that down the road if I do find it to apply better :)

        I have another question as well. Can you tell me the closest dupes for the MAC Sorceress e/s palette from the Magic, Mirth & Mischief collection? It can be from MAC as well as Urban Decay (or any lower end e/s if the payoff is good!), as long as it’s a permanent shade πŸ˜€

        Please and many thanks, again! :)

        • Yep, 165 for highlighting, 168 for contouring!

          Crystal Avalanche = White Rabbit; Hold My Gaze = Flourishing + Goldmine; Edge of Dark = Knight Divine; Magnetized = Digit, Hypnotizing = Satin Taupe; Altered State = Nocturnelle

  78. Hi Christine.. I am a NC 42 and my holiday MAC list includes Fun in the sun (i only have the 182 out of the set) and the cool pigment set. Will shimpagne just be glitter on me?? and I have Margin, Peachtwist, Torrid (NARS) so will Nuance look any different on my skintone?? Also, a MAC MA recommended concrete e/s for my brows.. does that seem right? Thanks!

    • Shimpagne will pretty much just be shimmer/highlighter on you – it doesn’t have a ton of color to begin with, even on the fairest skin!

      I think Nuance is different enough from the three shades you listed!

      Conrete… it could work. I typically see these shades recommended for brows: Brun, Espresso, Omega, Wedge

      • Thanks heaps for taking the time to answer all these questions Christine!!

        I am going to push my luck and ask another question :) Do you think electra is too bright for my skintone? for a silver eye look I usually use silver ring, knight divine and carbon but want something lighter than silver ring for the inner lid.

        • No problem, Kimberly!

          The more questions, the better! Ask away, and don’t worry about it :)

          No, I don’t think it is! It’s fun for a very bright silver look — and if you try it and it is a smidgen too light, you could always mix it with Silver Ring.

          • Ok…
            1. What do you think about Dubonnet on a NC42.. any other reds that might look good?
            2. Which e/s, blushes, lipsticks/glosses or makeup in general go on holiday with you?
            3. If you wrote a blog about dogs.. what would you call it? :)

            • Hey Kimberly,

              1.) I also like Viva Glam I and New York Apple! Dubonnet is a great choice.

              2.) I don’t have any specifics that I have to take with me, to be honest. It’s really where I’m going that sets the tone for my makeup. I usually take 15-30 eyeshadows, 5-10 lipsticks/glosses, and 2-3 blushes, though! :)

              3.) Well, I started one, but it just didn’t go anywhere – Paws and Kisses :)

        • Brandi

          It’s me again…just want to help a sista out. Electra would look great on you, especially if you have brown eyes! I have both Electra and Silver Ring…they will make your eyes POP!

        • Brandi

          OOOhhh….one more thing…I find Silver Ring to be a bit too close to Electra so, to try something more different I would recommend Vex. It’s really pretty and versatile.

          Ok…I think that’s it πŸ˜‰

    • Brandi

      Girl, DO NOT get the Fun in the Sun kit! I’m NC42 and I tried it this past weekend…it DID NOT show up on me AT ALL! You can try it to see for yourself, but if you can’t easily bring it back, I would say pass!

  79. tehreem

    Loving this blog!!!

    Can you tell me how one should alter their skin care routine in the winter time as oppose to the summer time. I have combination skin….Its oily in the tzone and dry everywhere else. What kinds of cleansers, mostuizer etc should my routine consist of in the winter time?? what should it be in the summer time???

    THanks a lot for answering…i appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!! love this blogg

    • Hey Tehreem,

      You shouldn’t have to switch it up too much! Most people just tend to get drier in the winter time, so they may swap their night moisturizer for something richer/heavier and/or exfoliate more often (maybe once a week to twice a week).

      Thank you!

  80. Crystal

    Hi Christine!
    How would you deal with blackheads not using extractions? Like by exfoliating, etc. Also, I know that you love Mario B. skincare, but is that what you would reccomend for combo skin to get rid of blemishes? I don’t have tons, just some on my forehead a little. I’m mostly clear skinned, except for those!

    • I recommend mild exfoliation once or twice a week (see what your skin tolerates), drinking more water, and look into trying a clay mask from time to time as well!

  81. glitter princess

    hi christine,

    frst of all just want to take the opportunity to say thanks for the wonderful blogg ou have set up its always a delightful read of all your reviews! etc

    my question is do you think mac’s fluidlines are a good as bases for applying e/s or are the paint pots better and is it best always to use UDPP first i have just recently ordered rubenseque and bare study(campagney colour with shimmer)??

    thanks in advance!

    • I like them as bases, though I don’t use any regularly as a base. I think you can go and use either one as a base–it just depends on what shade you’re looking for, IMO! I’d say paint pots are creamier and thicker than fluidlines, but they both last all day on me.

      I never use UDPP underneath a paint pot, personally!

  82. Rosie

    What is your favorite book(s)?

    Are you originally from the Bay?

    Do you ever wear hats?

    I don’t know if you watch tv but any show that you particularly like?

    Are you watching New Moon?

    • Hi Rosie,

      1.) I love Marley & Me, Freakonomics, Super Freakonomics, and Rain of Gold.
      2.) Nope. I was born in Massachusetts! I moved to California when I was around five years old.
      3.) Pretty much never! I hate the way I look in hats πŸ˜›
      4.) I watch a lot of trash reality TV – like all those VH1 shows and the like. I love Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) and always watch reruns :)
      5.) Nope! No Twilight for me. I could never get over the similarity of the plot to the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton (which I lost interest in several years ago). Seemed odd to go from the adult version to a PG-13 version.

  83. Crystal

    What exfoliator do you like, besides the Kate Exfolikate one?

    • I like Chanel’s Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser (that’s what I use daily, it’s soooo gentle/mild). I also like Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Gel Cleanser, which is good for a daily cleanser, too.

  84. Bits

    Hi Christine!

    – What bronzer would you recommend for NC42? What about a highlighter? Can you also recommend nude/pinky nude lipsticks from Mac?
    – Is there a ‘universal’ lipliner that would work with most lipstick shades?
    – Do you have a favorite drugstore facial cleanser/moisturizer?
    – Do you know of a dupe for Chanel Jade Rose?
    – Which is the best gel eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, Mac Fludiline or Stila Smudge Pot?
    – Do you know if all colors of Urban Decay 24/7 pencils are safe for use on the waterline?
    – What’s your favorite lip scrub?
    – Would you recommend Urban Decay’s lip primer potion?

    I love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions:)

    • Hey Bits!

      1.) I like Cargo’s bronzers a lot, those would be my rec for you! As far as lipsticks go: Spirit, Touch, Honeyflower, Hue, Hug Me, Plink!, Creme Cup
      2.) Buerre or UD’s clear one
      3.) I don’t personally have a favorite beyond Cetaphil cleanser/moisturizer!
      4.) Haven’t seen it in person, unfortunately :(
      5.) To be honest, they’re all even to me. It’s all about the shade if you’re comparing those three — might be slight shade or texture variations that tip the scales one way over another.
      6.) I don’t know, to be honest. I’m going to send a tweet over to UD and ask!
      7.) I like Sarah Happ’s Lip Scrub and PeterThomasRoth’s – but I think PTR one is discontinued now…
      8.) No, I wouldn’t. It just didn’t really do anything for me and didn’t even apply evenly. It was just kind of an odd product to me that I only gave it a test once or twice. I felt like using a concealer was about the same effect!

  85. Mary007

    What is your makeup removal routine?

    • I use Lancome Bi-Facil on a cotton pad for eyes/lips if they’re heavy, and then I follow-up with my cleanser (right now it’s Chanel Exfoliating Mousse) and finally a toner (NARS Hydrating Toner) to make sure it’s ALL gone!

      • Mary007

        How does it differ to your morning face cleansing routine?

        • I use a lighter cleanser in the AM (currently Korres Materia Herba) and no toner!

          • Mary007

            I really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions. :)

            What’s the difference between “Hydrating Lotion” and “Balancing Toning Lotion”?

            • I haven’t tried the Balancing one myself. I know the Hydrating one doesn’t feel drying (though it does have alcohol as an ingredient) and removes SO MUCH BUILD UP it’s ridiculous. From the name, it sounds like Balancing is about restoring the skin’s pH balance. I read the description on Sephora, and I didn’t care for the “tightens pores” part, lol.

            • Mary007

              Thanks for the info!!

  86. KIKI

    Hey Christine,

    Thanks a bunch again for taking the time to answer questions! Temptalia is definitely an everyday must-read for me now!
    My question is if you had to choose one pink eyeshadow from MAC what would it be? I have a medium, asian skin tone (medium for MSFN)and it just seems that pink doesn’t show up very well on me.

    Second question is which MAC lipstick would you recommend if I wanna start wearing lipstick that’s not too bright or in your face kind of red? Thanks so much!

    • I really like Expensive Pink, just because it has the warmth I like in pinks :) If you don’t like warmer shades, then I would suggest Da Bling.

      Thank you!

  87. Chapis

    What is a good product that we can use to set our makeup and have it last a long time? Im debating over the MAC fix+ or the ‘Model in a Bottle’ spray, wondering what you can tell me about them, Thanks Christine πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Chapis

      Personally, I use a loose translucent powder to set my makeup at the end. I don’t use any sprays – I don’t find Fix+ enhances the wear of my makeup; it’s just nice to refresh your face after you’ve worn makeup for awhile. I haven’t tried Model in a Bottle, though. I prefer to use a face primer and loose setting powder to make my makeup last all day :)

  88. Danielle

    Hey Christine. I love your site. I look at it everyday. I had a question. I haven’t been able to accomplish applying eyeshadow on my lower lash line. Do I put it under my lashes, or do I put it on top on top of the lashes and let it fall down naturally? And what is the best brush to do this 219, 239, other??? I have them all. LOL. Please help. Thanks.

    • Look up, apply it to the area just below your lashes – like under them. I find the 219 the easiest to do this with, but the 239 (the thin part) patted along the lash line works, too!

  89. Mary007

    One more question…What does HD (High Definition) really mean and what does it do? Should I be using these HD products?

    • Hey Mary,

      I tend to consider a lot of this HD stuff to be mostly hype/marketing. I’d say there are more likely certain techniques that you use when you’re on camera vs. not and that kind of thing, but product wise, no, you don’t need to rush out and buy HD :)

      The idea behind “HD” products is that you get a more flawless appearance because of HD TV/photos these days – so every flaw can be seen when you have such crisp definition – so then makeup started coming out labeled HD.

  90. Abi

    Hi Christine! Love your site and thanks for doing another Ask Temptalia session :) I really want to buy Melon pigment but I have no idea how to use it. I have reddish-brown hair, brown eyes and light tan skin, so any ideas on what colors to pair it with/how to use it? Thanks in advance!

  91. Nicole

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for doing this it’s really nice of you:)
    I have a few questions,
    1)I have tried usuing a bunch of different primers but I still get fading. I have treid mac prep and prime, their paints,primer potion,one from chanel… I do have oily lids and think this may be one of the problems.
    2)Could you recomend a good liquid liner for first time use, to make more natural looks.
    3)I have also been dying to try NARS eyeshadows. Could you recomend a good duo or and single for blue/green eyes,NC 25 skin and dirty blonde hair.
    Thank you

    • Hey Nicole,

      1.) You may want to do double-duty — e.g. UDPP and then a MAC paint pot on top. You may also want to dust your lids with translucent powder prior to applying your base.

      2.) I like MAC’s Penultimate eyeliner for easier liquid lining, though it’s pretty black. NARS recently came out with Stylo, and they have a brown, which may be more natural.

      3.) Star Sailor or Cheyenne!

  92. annie

    what is your favorite nude lipstick?

  93. Heather

    Hi Christine! I really like my Mac Mulch eyeshadow. Any suggestions on other colors I would like that are somewhat similar to the color of mulch?

  94. Charlotte

    Hi Christine,
    I have pink lemonade lip glass by MAC and really don’t like the bright fake colour it gives my lips. Could you recomend what lip colour I could mix it with to change the gloss colour.

    Also what are you 5 favourite drugstore mascars and 5 favourite high end mascaras and why.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Try pinks, peaches, or beiges underneath it. You could try it with a light pink like Angel or a peachier shade like Ravishing. You could also go with a deeper shade like Dubonnet and layer it on top.

      Drugstore mascaras: CoverGirl LashBlast, Maybelline Full ‘n Soft — those are really the only two that stick out to me

      High-end mascaras: MAC Plushlash, Chanel Exceptionnel, Lancome Oscillation, YSL Everlong, Guerlain Le 2 Mascara

      All of the mascaras I listed I like because they’re dark, lengthen and thicken lashes, and don’t leave mine looking clumped up :)

  95. Trang

    hi christine,
    could u pls tell me when does Mac , bobbi brown, shu uemura have F&F sale ??

    • I don’t know when they have their sales, sorry! The only knowledge I have is of the past, but they’ve really only started doing sales in the past year or two, so it’s still hard to predict if and when they’ll have them.

  96. Jasmine

    Hi Christine,

    Do you know of a good full coverage concealer? I have yellow/olive skintone. I am thinking MUFE, CoverFX, Coverblend or anything good for acne scars on the face (not undereyes).

    Love the site!

  97. Heather

    Hi Christine,
    I’m trying to be really conscience of which make-up brands don’t test on animals (it’s one of the reasons why I love MAC!) Do you ever consider that in your posts, or would you in the future?

    • Hi Heather,

      If a brand’s marketing or pitch really pushes that they’re vegan or that they don’t do animal testing, I might mention it in my review (if I know something’s vegan, I do have a tendency to mention that), but it doesn’t factor into how I review or rate products on a whole.

  98. Andrea

    My face tends to get really oily throughout they day. Do you suggest any products or primers for me?

    • I like Philosophy’s Never Let Them See You Shine primer for combating oiliness. I also recommend looking into mattifying creams/gels as primer, too – I believe MAC makes one.

  99. Tina

    hi christine!
    i have naturally very red/pigmented lips, and i was wondering if you knew a lipstick (mac) that would just..tone it down and make the color more pinky/nude? i use concealer sometimes, but it tends to dry out my lips or settle in the dry spots.

  100. carm

    You have tons of lip glosses and lipsticks. Don’t they get old to the point where you have to throw it out because it smells bad? If not, what do you do so they can last and not smell bad?

    • I throw things out when they smell bad. For the past two years, I’ve taken to using recyclable disposable lipgloss wands or coffee sticks to minimize bacteria getting into lipgloss tubes. Lipsticks, I sanitize every 6 months with alcohol.

      • Cherie

        That reminds me, what brand of alcohol is safe to santizie lipsticks or concealer sticks?

        And yes, I do know it’s not something like Captain Morgan’s πŸ˜‰