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Got a question? ASK IT!

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just to find out how old my dog is. You can ask whatever your heart desires–beauty or otherwise–and I’ll do my best to answer!

I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly! Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier! And yes, you can ALWAYS ask a question, on this post or another post, regardless of the timing. There is no such thing as an old post! :)

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409 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #015

  1. DJ

    an answer to any of these (doesn’t have to be all) would be lovely :)

    1) who, in your opinion, makes the best concealer for daily use? (under eye and redness)

    2) skincare–I have been using REN ( no chemicals, no parabens etc) are there other natural-type skincare companies you think I should check out? Was thinking about Amore Pacific…what say you?

    3) if you could only keep 10 of your MAC eye shadows, which would they be? (I want to clean out my stash so badly, lol)

    4) what is your favourite cream blush? (if any)


    • Hi DJ! Hope your day is off to a good start!

      1.) To be honest, I don’t use concealer on the regular. Only in the past six months have I started to have major sleeping issues, so I’ve started to develop some undereye circles–so now I’m on the hunt (but not a vigorous hunt yet, I admit!) for a good one myself. I’ve liked YSL’s Touche Eclat and MAC’s Moisturecover (love the applicator). I also like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer as well. I don’t know if I love any of the ones I mentioned, though. Without super dark circles or anything, it’s hard to really test ’em out, you know?

      2.) Amore Pacific is a good brand as far as I’ve been able to tell. I’ve only tested our a few products of theirs with no issues. I also really LOVE Korres, which I do believe is a more natural brand. I’d definitely recommend that brand! :)

      3.) I’d probably die if I could only keep ten. I would probably keep 5 neutrals, 3 greens, and 2 golds. (I have a bunch of LE and permanent shadows, so I don’t know if I could remember all the names exactly.) I look best in neutrals, greens, and golds, so that was my reasoning!

      4.) I love MAC’s blushcreme. Very pretty, very creamy. After swatching NARS’ cream blushes, I’m interested in a few, but I’m not sure when I’ll take the splurge. I’ll probably hold off until there’s a sale!

    • Breane

      I really like Benefit’s Erase Paste for under the eyes

    • Cherie

      Have you tried Lush ( products? They are all natural. I’ve tried their Ultra Bland facial cleanser and it’s pretty nice. I’ve heard their other products work well too.

  2. Lee

    I want to fill up a pro blush palatte which ones do you recommend? I already have Margin and dollymix in there.

    Thank you!

    • What’s your skin tone? Do you like dramatic color, shimmer, matte?

      Some of my favorite blushes, in general, are (besides Margin!): Springsheen (or Peachykeen), Well-Dressed, Plum Foolery, and Ambering Rose.

  3. Blu

    Any idea on what’s the best blush for an NC42 girl? I’m still on the look out for the perfect blush!

    • I’d suggest Margin or Ambering Rose!

    • Letitia

      I’m an NC42, and my favorites are
      1. NYX’s Terra Cotta (It is gorgeous for everyday wear)
      2. MAC’s Coppertone (with a light hand or 187 brush)
      3. MAC’s Gleeful (If I need a bit of pink)

      I hope this helps, but the first two are awesome!! If you can’t get your hands on the NYX, MAC’s “Enough Said” gives me an awesome glow :)

  4. Dea

    hmmm.. what’s your favorite your concealer to use for dry skin?? i have dry skin, and mac studio finish just doesn’t do it….

    thank you christine!! <3<3

  5. Nicole

    if u had to pick one makeup line what would it be and why?

    • At this point in my life, I don’t think I could, because I truly have favorites from all different brands now. I’d choose MAC, however, if I had to, because I already own enough MAC to keep me happy for eons!

  6. Emm


    1) Is MAC’s fluidline ok for your waterline? My eyes are sensitive.

    2) Should I exfoliate before I put on a mud mask, or afterward?

    3) What would you use for an easy 5min face?

    4) Matching eyeshadow to your outfit tacky?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Emm,

      1.) I believe a few of them are safe for waterline usage, but I’d probably send a quick email to MAC to ask them which ones those were. I am pretty sure Blacktrack is OK, while Frostlite is not (has glitter).

      2.) When I do a mask, I don’t exfoliate before doing so. I find that only one treatment at a time works best for my skin. I’ll exfoliate the day before or the day after, but not the same time (either right before or after) the mask!

      3.) I’d fill in my brows, sweep on a coat of mascara, a wash of Ricepaper eyeshadow on my lid, Margin blush, and whatever gloss/lipstick I had nearest to me.

      4.) I always match my eyeshadow to my outfit, so if it’s tacky, so be it! I’ll be tacky til the day I die on that one!

      • Emm

        Yea! I am not the only tacky one :)

        Thank you again!

        • Nope you’re not! I do it too!

          • hi

            I fourth that! I find if I’m wearing a piece of clothing with a unique or bright color, I’ll opt for something similar but not right on-the-dot. Matching your makeup right down to the color of the shimmer and the hue can be a bit tacky, but similar makeup will invoke the thought “Oh, I just noticed her makeup and clothes kinda look the!” instead of “WOAH. I just noticed her makeup and clothes are EXACTLY the same. Weird!”

  7. Erin


    I need something to hide my under-eye circles. I’ve found most products are either cakey or don’t cover much. I’ve also tried the light-reflecting type products (though it was Avon) and it just looked stupid. Any suggestions? And to make it more fun, I only buy products that are cruelty-free.


    • I like Urban Decay’s 24/7 concealer pencil – it holds up pretty well, and it has a creamy texture. It’s easy to tote around if you need to as well. I know they’re a cruelty-free brand :)

  8. Do you have a favourite dupe for the MAC 239 brush, and 190 foundation brush? Share ’em if you do!

    • Jodie

      I’ve heard about a company called Sigma Makeup that dupes all of MAC’s brushes for much less than what MAC charges! Their website is I’ve never used their brushes personally, but everything I’ve read is good…might be worth checking out! :)

      • I’ve heard a lot of good things about their brushes, too! I haven’t personally tried them, though!

      • Brenda

        If you can find them, I (and others i’ve heard of as well) use paintbrushes that are the SAME thing as the 239. I buy 270 Maxine’s Mop made by Loew-Cornell in the 1/4″ size. You can go larger (1/2″) but these 1/4″ are AMAZING. They pick up colour well, wash well and are natural fibres. I pay 5.99 CDN at Michael’s craft stores in Toronto, so anywhere they carry Loew-Cornell brushes you could check.

        I have several different brushes from Loew-Cornell that I use for my makeup.

    • Letitia

      I’ve tried Sigma…they’re great! There are several people on YouTube who have done in-depth comparisons on them vs. MAC, if you’re interested!

  9. Anja

    1) I am a NW45 what color blushes would you recommend?
    2) eyeshadows?
    3) lipsticks?

    I like to be conservative most times but now I am trying to get out of that box and be a little funky. I mean you are only in your 20’s once.

  10. Jennifer

    1) In law school, are you the gunner, the guy who sits in the back of the class while chatting on AIM, or somewhere in the middle?

    2) What are some good MAC blush recommendations for someone is a NW35-NW40 (I have very red undertones btw)

    3) What is your ethnicity?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      1.) I’m somewhere in the middle. There are some days where I’m totally spaced out, and other days I’m really involved. I usually just type everything the professor says (I used to do transcription, so I type pretty fast) and weed through it later. It helps me stay awake and focused, too!

      2.) I’d say Well-Dressed, Peaches, Dame, Pinch Me.

      3.) I’m half Vietnamese, quarter Swiss, and quarter German!

  11. MichelleB

    I cannot seem to master liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliners. Are you planning on doing a video tutorial for this? I would love any tips! :)

    • I’ll see if I can. I just find it REALLY hard to do it on video, but we’ll see. I gotta play with that a bit more. No sense showing you BAD eyelining skills, LOL.

  12. Stephanie

    I use NC30 Mac Studio Finish concealer but I heard if I am trying to cover dark circles (which I am ) I should be using NW30…does that sound right?

    • Noemie


      I’m not Temptalia, but I can say that it is recommended by MAC makeup artists to use NW for concealing dark circles because the pink undertones cancel out the darkness of your circles. Which number you use depends on how dark your circles are. For instance, I’m NC42 but I use NW30. Try NW on one eye and NC on the other and you’ll see the difference (NC make me look sick, NW brightened me up and was just right!).

      Good luck!

  13. Hey Temptalia! I was wondering if you had any views on/have had a chance to play with Coastal Scents’ Hot Pots.

    Also, I was thinking of swapping for Suncentered Colour Forms Powder because I saw it on you in a lot of looks and I thought it looked soo gorgeous (I’m really into suuuppper subtle blush/highlight). I was wondering if you think it would be worth getting for someone a little darker than you, say NC40ish?

    And finally, have you ever gotten a chance to try out NARS’ face powders? I’m thinking of getting one and was wondering whether you had any knowledge about them.

    Thanks! :)

    • Hi Miss Fred,

      I haven’t had a chance to play with the hot pots very much. The little time I spent with them they felt decent to me, obviously good for the price, but they didn’t have enough variety in terms of shimmer/duochrome/etc. to really excite me. They are a great way to test out color, though, or grab a shade you know you just won’t use often.

      Suncentered gives me some color at NC30, so if you want a subtle blush or highlighter, I think it would work out for you at NC40!

      I haven’t tried their face powders, unfortunately! :(

  14. Christine!!! I hope your doing well :)
    I have a feeling I’m the only *special* (lol) person who has this problem, but I thought I’d ask..when doing a nude lip or using concealer as a base, I get this horrific white ring on the inside of my lips, it’s like…reverse lip-liner in nasty-white!!! haha I was just wondering if you had this problem at all, or if I am just doing something HELLA wrong, I have a feeling it’s the concealer, but it happens with some nude glosses also!

    Thankyou again, i love love love LOVE temptalia :)

    • Hi Summer! How are you?

      Hmm, I don’t have it happen to me, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it before, so you aren’t alone! I actually don’t have a clue what’s going on other than thinking the gloss/concealer/product is migrating towards the center of yourl ips. I’m not sure why, if you’re using a nude gloss, it’d turn white though!

      I might say try a lip liner or clear lip liner all over your lips and see if it prevents some of the migration!

    • hi

      I think maybe your lips might just be dehydrated. I went on a milk kick one week, drinking hardly any water, and my mouth was gunky and water-deprived. That week, combined with high dairy and low water intake plus daily wear of lipstick gave me that same white line of gunk on the inner lips. You might try drinking more water, less concealer on the lips before nude lipcolors, more hydrating lipsticks and glosses, and thinner gloss formulas.
      Good luck! :)
      – Redhead

  15. Andrea

    Hi Christine!! You totally rock for doing these sessions :)

    I’m looking for a yellow e/s to pair with a purple (like Creme de Violet or Beautiful Iris). Any recs? Could be from any brand!

  16. Crystal

    Hi Christine!
    I have a bunch of questions, so here I go!
    -Is it ok to use the Rave Pearlglide eyeliner on the waterline?
    -What’s your fave thing from Laura Mercier?
    -What’s your must have product from Benefit?
    -What is your favorite pencil eyeliner?
    -Can you recommend a mascara for me? I have long, thick lashes that grown downwards! So, I think I need a lifting mascara, right? But any mascara I use always makes no difference. My lashes just look darker, not thicker or curlier.
    -What’s your fave product from Stila.
    -How long did it take you to master blending?
    -What’s your must have brush for blending?
    -Favorite purple MAC eyeshadow?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Crystal,

      I know that MAC often doesn’t test products for the water line so they don’t say that they’re safe for the water line. With so much glitter in pearlglide liners, though, I would say it is not waterline safe.

      I really haven’t tried much of anything from Laura Mercier, so I really couldn’t tell you a favorite!

      I love Benefit’s cream shadows. They are perfect for the one-swipe-and-you’re-out-the-door look!

      I love kohl powers by MAC, which were limited edition. LOVE THEM. After those, Urban Decay 24/7 liners (love the smoothness), but Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes are close.

      Are you using an eyelash curler? You definitely should try that first, if you haven’t already. I like CoverGirl’s LashBlast for holding a curl, too.

      I love Stila’s new lip enamel luxe glosses — sooo pigmented! I also adore their smudgepots.

      Master blending? Well, I’m still working on it! Practice makes perfect :) I think I started getting the hang of it after a month or two.

      I will always say the 239. When it all comes down to it, I can do everything with the 239 – highlight, apply, blend, crease… you name it. I did it for years. I use multiple brushes now out of habit, but I know the 239 will let me do it all if I need to.

      Stars ‘n Rockets! Love the duochrome.

  17. I have no idea how to wear and apply blush, so I rarely, if ever, wear it. Whenever I try to, I always feel like it’s too much, and usually end up taking it off.

    Any advice about how to wear blush, and how to find a good blush shade for your skintone? I’m a MAC NW20.

    • Hi Luciole,

      I’ll have a video tutorial up later on applying blush, but I’ve found the MAC 116 brush makes it even easier than before (I had always used the 129 previously, which is good, but requires better technique). It’s really about lightly dusting the apples of the cheeks with color, and then diffusing it upwards towards your temples.

      Use a stippling brush like the 188 or 187 to get a more subtle application if you feel you apply too heavily. You also dust loose powder on top to help diffuse color, too.

      I think you’d really like Dame or Well-Dressed as a NW20.

  18. Phoenix

    where do you get all of these mac promotional shots before the collection comes out? and how do you know so much about what are in the mac collections before they are released?

    • I have anonymous sources that tip me off — out of respect for their requests for anonymity, I can’t really say much more! Other times, another site has the information, and I’ve merely republished the information and credited them for that information.

  19. hi..
    I like your other section in temptalia (social) where you explain all about blogging n stuff. I would request you to update that more often. Also, do we have to buy stock photos only once or keep repaying to use them. I am kinda confused wth that whole thing.

    Thank you for all the good stuff on TEMPTALIA>..

    • Hi Samaya,

      I typically use free ones from Stock Exchange, but if you buy them, as far as I know, you can use them however you want, as often as you want, based on the terms of the purchase (e.g. some require certain forms of linking/crediting, others you pay for a certain size, etc.). It actually really varies!

  20. daphne

    Hey Christine – any recommendations for keeping your eyeshadow vibrant throughout the day? I have gone through just about every popular base out there – UDPP, TFSI, Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics – and have now found MAC’s paint pots to work best for me, in that all the color actually *stays on* when I use it. However, the vibrancy and richness of the color always fades within a few hours. It’s like I get a nice defined crease, and by the end of the day it’s faded as though I overblended it. Do you think this is a technique problem? Or will eyeshadow always do this and I just have to deal? 😉

    • Hi Daphne,

      Wow, what a frustrating experience that must be! I’d say perhaps you are using too much base. Have you tried different thickness in your base (e.g. really thin layer, really thick layer, medium, etc.)? I wonder if that might make a difference. I don’t have any problems with my makeup fading towards the end of the day, but I am a bit unconventional, and I tend to use mixing medium with pigments as my base!

      • daphne

        Thanks! That’s definitely a possibility. I do sometimes feel like I goop on a lot of Painterly and have to spread it out really far. Using a colored base might help too, right? I keep meaning to try the pigments and medium trick (I just made some mixing medium a few weeks ago!) but it *seems* like it adds all this extra time 😛

        • A colored base will definitely help increase the intensity/vibrancy of your shadows! :) I’d just give a shot going with a thinner layer as your base rather than a thicker one.

          Once you get the hang of mixing medium, it’s SUPER fast. Takes as long as any other base!

  21. Kristine

    Hi Christine! I’m so happy that you have your ask temptalia again! Well this are my questions:

    1) What can you recommend for a good undereye concealer? I have a lot of concealers already from MAC (studio fix and sculpt) and MUFE (palette) and other brands..and they do cover my undereye circles, however they never last a long time…also, would you recommend Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer?
    2)I am planning to take law when I graduate in high school, now I just want to know if it’s so stressing…and also, I what pre-law course did you take? (I’m not sure if you’re still taking pre-law courses or actually in law school)
    3) What lipstick from MAC can you recommend that’s neutral but a little bit on the pink side,too?

    • Hi Kristine,

      How are you?

      I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, but I do find it is extremely creamy and can settle into my lines if I don’t set it really well. Be sure to set any and all concealers with a loose, translucent powder. This will help soak up any excess oil and minimize settling into fine lines. I don’t like MAC’s Sculpt concealer — it’s just way too thick and doesn’t move easily for me. I prefer MAC’s Moisturecover, because it’s more of a liquid foundation than anything else, so it applies easily and a little goes a long way. I also like YSL’s Touche Eclat, but it can be pricey.

      A lot of the way your law school experience goes is dependent on the school you attend. Some schools are highly competitive, and those will have a much more stressful environment. A certain percentage of first year students are forced to drop out, because their GPA isn’t high enough to continue (I think my school is around 20-30%). I wouldn’t say my school is highly competitive, so I don’t feel stressed out as much as other law students I know at other schools. I am also in a combined JD/MBA program, so for the past year, I’ve hardly been at law school (only took three classes over the whole year), ha!

      I didn’t take any pre-law courses, to be honest. I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a second one in Political Science as an undergraduate. I applied to both business and law schools for graduate school (I had always intended to do the JD/MBA program, not purely JD), because law school can be hard to get into. (I’d say business school is easier to get into, partially because there are more options available.) I didn’t want to not get into any law school and then have no back-up! A lot of my fellow law students had degrees in Political Science, though there are a ton with all sorts of degrees — from English to Neuroscience to Electrical Engineering.

      Hmm, I’d suggest Hug Me or Hue! Ooh, maybe Plink!

      • Kristine

        Thanks for the answers Christine!I think I’ll try to find the YSL’s Touche Eclat in my Sephora (’s expensive..I checked the Sephora website..but with the rating in the website and your recommendation, it’s worth the try! ^_^) and also the MAC’s Moisturecover concealer.I wanted to try that one out for the longest time; once I went to the MAC store asking them for a Moisturecover concealer and the MA forced me the studio sculpt saying that it has better staying power blah blah blah….I agree with you that some creme concealers do settle on my fine lines..(*cough* I’m so happy to know what you think about law school…my mom told me to get nursing as my pre-law course( about so unrelated?!) so I can have a back-up too. Now, I’m on a quest on what I actually want to take as a pre-law course and find a good law school. I’ll check out the things you recommended…I’m off to the mall now. THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering my questions…it really means a lot.! ^_^

        • No problem, Kristine! If all else fails, you can return it if it doesn’t work, too, since Sephora has a nice return policy. :)

          Law school definitely doesn’t require you to take anything related to attend, so I’d encourage you go with what interests you! :)

    • kat

      I would recommend taking ambitious pre-law classes. Students who have an undergraduate in engineering (what I do) have a fairly easy time getting into most law programs because there is a niche for engineering-type lawyers which isn’t being filled; plus it’s the most difficult undergraduate program so they are more liberal with entrance grades knowing that you can’t really compare it to a social science or whatever.

      That said, engineering IS the most difficult undergraduate program at many schools so it may not be worth your time, money, and effort if your real ambition is law. But also like Christine said sometimes it can be really competative getting into the programs so having an aggressive undergraduate degree will make you a more desireable candidate. Additionally if your plans change or fall through having a stronger undergraduate degree will be helpful! Good luck!

  22. Audrey

    Hi Christine!

    I’m on the hunt for a good coral lip gloss(that is more orangey)- preferably not too sticky or overly sparkly, and not drugstore. I feel like a good number of brands just don’t carry it, or are just so expensive! I’m almost done with my summer job and willing to splurge a little, but do you think spending over $20-25 on a lip gloss is really worth it…?

    • Aww! The one I was going to recommend was Chanel’s Aqualumiere in Tangerine Dream, too. If you’re going to wear it all the time, then yes, I think it’s worth it. Sonia Kashuk has some really nice glosses, though I don’t about the color selection so much!

  23. daphne

    Oh yeah! One more. What exactly ARE the Kohl Power liners? I picked one up from a livejournal sale – Jealous – and the color is gorgeous, it’s very pigmented and creamy…but I can’t figure out what makes it different from other pencils like the Powerpoints? I actually found it smudged really badly and I had to be careful :( though when I apply it right it looks just gorgeous.

    • Super smooth, super dark, super pigmented. I think it’s really just that they’re extremely, extremely dark/black. Very intense, smoky charcoal kohl kind of feeling.

  24. claudia

    Christine, I’m a long make up lover but recent mac addict. i’m so excited because dsquared2 collection will repromote sculpt and shape ! I’m NW 15, which shade do you think would be a perfect match for me – bone beige/emphasize or accentuate/sculpt ?? Ive never seen them, but looking at the swatches, I find bone beige too bright !
    Also, I’m a fan of plumish blushes, but was looking for a mac pink one with no shimmer – suggestions ???
    also, what’s your foundation shade ?

    Thank you. Love and follow it everywhere !!

    • To be honest, I think Accentuate/Sculpt is a really great, near universal duo. If you are really on the light side of NW15, I’d say Bone Beige/Emphasize, though. I think, though, I’d still recommend Accentuate/Sculpt. You can always use it lightly!

      Breath o’ Plum has low shimmer, I think. I’m not sure if MAC has a plum blush without shimmer (most of their blushes have shimmer).

      I am NC25/NC30!

      Thanks, Claudia!

  25. claudia

    Oh, BTW, I don’t have a mac store around – I live in brazil and there’s no mac in my city :(
    i asked a friend to bring me ruby woo and russian red. i love both shades, but i found ruby woo SOOOOOO dry, it’s such a disappointment.
    Russian Red although matte is not like it at all. I became worried to purchase other matte lippies to find them as dry as Ruby Woo. Is it an exception (maybe because it’s a retro matte ???), are usually matte lipsticks dry ???

    • Try adding a little lip balm to your lips before applying Ruby Woo, it will help with the dryness. :)

      Ruby Woo is one of the driest lipsticks EVER. I find most of the mattes are more like Russian Red. Matte lipsticks, though, do tend to be a bit dry, from any brand. You might try a semi-matte finish or an amplified cream finish – less drying.

  26. Kim

    Hi Christine,

    First, I really love your site and the first thing I do in the morning is checking your blog.
    I love make up and the only thing I’n not good at is choosing the right lip colour(combination)! I really love to work with bright colours for my eyes, like blues, green, teals and purples. But when I come down to do my lips, I always end with a coral lip or something like that.
    I do have bright lipsticks, like hot pink and fuchsia and even a bright red one. But I never know how to wear them in combination with e/s.

    How do you pick your lip colour?

    • I am so honored to be on your morning reading list! :)

      With bright lipsticks, I tend to go easy on the eyes. There’s nothing like the retro/vintage/pin-up look of red lips, soft, neutral but contoured eyes and black liquid cat eye-liner. I love bright pink lips with neutral eyes, but they also work well with cool-toned purple eyes, too. (It’s a bolder look, though!)

      I like pairing blue eyes with nudes and corals. I like pairing green eyes with corals. I like pairing purples with pinks or purples or berries.

      I pick my lip color based off of experience, at this point! I kind of know what shade range I like with certain eyeshadow pairings (like I mentioned above).

  27. Chynna

    Hi Christine,
    Is MAC’s Print eyeshadow a warm grey or a cool grey?
    What’s the right way to highlight browbones with eyeshadow? Every time I try, it looks like I put too much on the browbone (I used a fluffy eye blending brush from Flirt! and blended in a circular motion).

  28. Millie

    Hi, Christine! What cosmetics did you buy during the Nordstrom anniversary sale? Did you get any MAC look in a box?

    • I didn’t get any MAC stuff, just because none of it really appealed to me. The Look In A Box had mostly permanent items, so I had to pass on those, for sure. I ended up with the Kate Somerville skincare set and Philosophy Shower Gels.

  29. Noemie

    Hi Temptalia!

    Not a makeup question…but I’m very curious to know how you came up with the name TEMPTALIA!!!

    Fill me in!


    • I was trying to think of a way to describe the perfect woman. A woman who was sexy, confident, intelligent, and just amazing. Out popped Temptalia!

  30. marsy

    Hi, Christine!
    Could you please recommend me some pale cool pink lip gloss with good pigmentation? I tried MAC Viva glam VI SE and Cultured – but they don’t work for me, look very sheer and frosty :(

  31. Jessaminex

    Hey Christine!

    I just bought my first pro palette eyeshadow!! But now I’m not sure what eyeshadows could be best for me. Do you have a recommendation of 15 eyeshadows for a NC45 girl?

    • What kind of eyeshadow colors do you wear? Are there any you’d stay away from?

      I like: Bronze, Goldmine, Humid, Swimming, Freshwater, Deep Truth, Stars ‘n Rockets, Ricepaper, Shroom, Prussian, Carbon, Soft Brown, Coppering, Antiqued, and Parfait Amour.

  32. Cassie

    Hey Christine,

    Any tips on applying shadow to hooded lids? Its so fustrating to spend so much time applying my shadow only to have it disappear when I open my eyes.

    • Do you just mean you can’t see your eyeshadow vs. eyeshadow actually disappearing? Just want to make sure I have it right, lol!

      If it’s the former, I’d say try bringing the color a little higher up.

    • Nicole15

      Cassie – I know I am not Christine, but in addition to whatever advice she may offer, I thought i could share with you what I know as well. Typically, when applying eyeshadow, people put a lighter color on the lid & then a darker color in the crease to create depth. Because you already have natural depth to your eyes, you do not want to deepen them any more; rather you should ligthen your crease. Apply the darker color in your combo of choice to your lid & then a lighter color to your crease. With a darker color on the lid, it will show more when your eye is open. When defining your crease, you can also bring the color up higher so that it still shows when your eye is open. You may not be able to change how much of your eye lid shows when opened wide, but with makeup you can alter your crease line & more. Definitely play around with different techniques to see what works best for you. I am sure Christine will have some great ideas as well. Good luck!

    • Jessie

      Hey Cassie: I’m not Christine, but makeupgeek on youtube recently posted tutorials for all different eye shapes & she has one up for hooded eyes. Check it out, I hope it helps you =)

  33. Colleen

    Hi Christine! What eyeliner do you recommend for the waterline?? I can’t find one that stays! Also, what blush would recommend for someone who is NW25??

  34. Anja

    Hi Christine,
    What brushes do you recommend from:

    1) Sonia Kashuk
    2) Loew Cornell (spelling)
    3) Coastal Scents

    And why

    • I don’t currently own any brushes from those brands, except a few from Loew Cornell. I own two of the Maxine Mop (the one that looks like the 239), but I only use those for applying pigments wet.

      I personally prefer MAC brushes over Loew Cornell, because I find Loew Cornell can be a bit scratchy and can eat color more so than the 239.

      Sonia Kashuk has a good, solid line of brushes, but for a few bucks more, I’d rather get exactly what I want, you know?

      I don’t have any Coastal Scents brushes to compare, sorry!

  35. AbbyL

    Hi, Christine!

    1. what are you dupe recommendations for Petalpoint and Shimmersweet blushes?


  36. Anja

    Sorry Christine,
    Seems as if I have a lot of questions today. I live in the Bahamas and my MAC shade is usually NW 45-NW 50. My aunt lives in philly near a MAC pro store and I wanted to send her for some pro colors. Are there any MUST HAVE PRO colors I shoud add to my ever growing MAC collections?

    • daphne

      Hey Anja – fyi, the nearest MAC Pro store to Philadelphia is actually the one in NYC. You and/or your aunt may be confusing a freestanding store for a pro one.

    • If you like intense brushes, there are some very pigmented PRO only blushes. You can view colors at, though prices don’t show up, but you can get a good idea as to what’s available. I really LOVE pigments, so I’d suggest checking those out — pigments like Kelly Green, Forest Green, True Chartreuse are some of my favorites. I also like eyeshadow shades like Bio Green, Sour Lemon, and Bright Sunshine.

  37. Eyeris

    i just purchased the pink porcelin mineralozed skin finish but When i camo home I noticed that it is very similiar to the Redhead skin finish can you veryfy for me?
    Also i wanted to ask you if you know were i can find the pink shell porcelin mystery powder form MAC my frined has it and it is beautiful but not onli anymore and I need it!!!

    • They are different on me, as Redhead has a bit more copper to it on me!

      Unfortunately it was limited edition, so it’s not available. You might find it on eBay,, or at a CCO!

      • Eyeris

        Thank you. I also wanted to ask you what color do i use for my eyebrows i just died my hair jet black but i dont want black eyebrows to dark?? What do you suggest?

  38. Goh

    Hi Christine! I’m from Malaysia xD

    1) What do you do for a living?
    2) If I could only buy one MAC product (eyes) to start out with (as it’s super expensive here), what would you recommend?
    3) Who helps you run this website?
    4) Where on earth do you find the time to update temptalia everyday?? O_O You’re so hardworking haha

    • I go to school, LOL! I am a full time JD/MBA student, and then I do the blog on the side :) Between those two, I don’t have much time for anything else!

      I suppose I’d say a paint pot, because you always need a good base. I just don’t think one eyeshadow would be very effective!

      I do everything except tech stuff — like coding, maintaining the server, etc. My boyfriend does those things! :) SO, it’s just us two!

      LOL! I live in another dimension of time 😉

  39. Hinahon

    Hi Christine !

    I have a very “special” look, kinda goth, punk…
    and i’m looking for pretty dark colors. (red, purple, blue any color as long as it’s kinda dark)
    What eyeshadows would you recommend me?
    And also do you know any good dark red lipstick? The sort of really dark cherry red, that could almost look a bit black.

    Thanks you !

    • Hi Hinahon,

      If you’re looking for dark shadows (and prefer less shimmer), Make Up For Ever has a really great line of colored eyeshadows that I think would fit the bill.

      Lipstick wise, perhaps MAC Dubonnet or MAC Underworld would be up your alley. Media is also very dark, but it has a little more purple in it.

      • Hinahon

        thank you ! i’ll be sure to look for swatches and look for those lipsticks when i go back to the MAC store.

        Gonna check MUFE too !
        Thanks a lot !

        • No problem!! :)

          Oh yeah, and at MAC, some good shadows that are dark are – Prussian, Nehru, Typographic, Deep Truth, Contrast, and Sketch.

        • Deirdre

          Also, M.A.C is coming out with a black collection this fall. With a true black lipstick you might want to check that out.

    • Diabla

      I’m not Christine but…. Chanel also have pretty dark red. Not “almost black” but they’re dark anyway. I own “Barcelona Red” and “Russet Moon”. They have the same darkness as Mac Dubonnet except they’re on the true red side while Dubonnet is more brownish.

  40. Nicole

    Hi Christine,

    I just read that you are quarter Swiss and quarter German, so my quastion is, can you speak Germany?

    Last year you had these name games? Are you going to continue such posts?

    My last queastion. I’m not sure if you had the chance to post a review of Bobbi Browns Nude Eye Platte. Could you or anyone else name MAC dupes for the palette, cause I’m girl and I want to stick to one brand.

    Thanks for your answers and that lovely blog.

    • Hi Nicole,

      Unfortunately, I can only speak English. I took several years of French, but admittedly, I don’t know the language very well. I can read it better than I can speak, but I’ve forgotten a lot of it now. One of my mom’s biggest regrets was not teaching my sister and I Vietnamese/enrolling us in Vietnamese school (like on the weekends).

      I haven’t done any in awhile, I wasn’t sure anyone was missing them, lol!

      I haven’t seen the BB palette yet, sorry I can’t help you on that!

      Thanks, Nicole! :)

      • Chynna

        Mom enrolled my brother and me in Chinese school for a couple of years, but it didn’t really work because we were taught Mandarin in the morning and Cantonese in the afternoon (we were supposed to learn just Mandarin).

        • Oh, that’s… industrious learning! I am terrible at learning language (well, at least in high school — I imagine it’s only gotten worse over time).

      • Nicole

        Thanks for your answers, Christine.

        And please excuse my spelling and grammar mistakes. As a german girl I learned english in school and I forgot so many words over the last 8 years, it’s so sad.

  41. Jay

    I love these sessions! I think I must ask a question every single time!

    I was very interested in Porcelain Pink MSF. I had gotten Petticoat and was very dissappointed with how dark it was for my skintone (I got matched as NC30, but I think I’m more of an NC20 to be honest). I wanted a nice light pink blush/highlighter. What do you think of Porcelain Pink?

    Also, I recently bought Rebel lipstick on a whim. It’s such a fun, outrageous color for me but I have no clue how to wear it. If I go too neutral on my eyes with Rebel on my lips, I find I just look odd. If you’re familiar with this lipstick, what would you suggest I pair it with?

    • Porcelain Pink is pinky-peach, and it is definitely lighter than Petticoat. If Petticoat was too dark on you, I think you’d be happier with Porcelain Pink.

      Try it with liquid liner with a neutral eye — the darkness of the liner will make your eyes pop without a lot of color, and yet you won’t look as “weird,” I think. I also like pairing it with a little gold myself!

  42. Hi Christine,

    Sorry, I just thought of another question for you! How do you find the best red lipstick for your shade, and what is the best method to get a really great looking red lip, without it looking smudgy/messy? I’m an NW20.

  43. erika

    Hi Christine,
    1) I am a NC30 what color blushes would you recommend?
    2) eyeshadows?
    Thank you!

  44. Angela

    Hi Christine:
    What type of camera are you using to take your pictures? Your pics are always so close up and clear. Thanks.

  45. tess

    ho’w mac moisture tint for u. i just got mine last night in med dark… am i suppuse to still misturize and prep and prime before applying these… and if u’ve tried it, was there any allergic reactions… i have sensitive skin and just by the way it smells, seems like there’s lots of chemicals and stuff on it…

    • I’ve only worn it a few times so far, still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I still moisturize, but my skin runs normal to dry, so I need a good bit of moisturization! I’d also recommend a primer if you normally use one.

      The scent is GROSS. It smells SO chemical-y to me, and it is something that has been bothering me. I wasn’t sure if maybe mine was off.

    • kara

      I bought the moisture tint in dark, i loved it, i wore it for 3 days & broke out,mostly on my forehead.. so dissapointed! i thought it would be something i can wear every day.

  46. Christina

    Hi Christine!

    I have a big problem with mascara smudging on me. No matter what I’ve used, by the middle of the day I swear I look like a racoon. I don’t wear mascara on my bottom lashes, and I would even skip on eyeliner…so I know it has to be the mascara. Do you have any MAC or Lancome suggestions? Or any other brand? Oh, and I smear with waterproof, too.

    Thanks, and I love your blog!!!

    • What mascaras have you tried?

      It might not be that it’s smudging necessarily, just because you mentioned waterproof, but the mascara itself could be flaking and thus causing smudging (vs. wearing off/smudging on you). I’ve had good luck with MAC Splashproof lash for waterproof, as well as Maybelline Full ‘n Soft (Waterproof). I love MAC Plushlash as my favorite mascara, but it isn’t waterproof. I do like Lancome’s Oscillation (though pricey) and Fatale mascaras!

      I will say you might want to run your finger under your lashes after 1-2 minutes since you applied it — see if you can get any potential smudging onto your finger instead!

  47. Roxanne

    Oh my god! So many comments already! :) Ok, here are my questions…

    Can you remember what your very first “real” put together kind of look was like? How long ago was that?
    I’m looking for a medium pink blush to match a pastel pink eyeshadow I have (Tigerlily Cherry Blossom by Clinique). I’d like it to be a soft pink, not too “pinkishly” pink (so unambiguously described, right? *ahum*). Could you please recommend something by MAC? I’m NC15 (but you can just think of any kind of white fabric and you’ll get an idea of what my face looks like lol).
    Also, I was browsing through some “less” new posts 😉 and found this experiment you did a while ago:
    It’d be so much fun if you could do sth. like that again (bearing this hot sweaty summer in mind), maybe with Fix+? I’ve always wanted to know how well that REALLY holds up!
    I loved your video tutorial on foundation too, it would be great if you could do like two more with other brushes (like the 190 of the 187), just to see how they differ.

    Okay, I’ll just leave you and your cramped fingers to it now lol :)
    Thanks in advance for answering these and please just keep doing what you do best!

    PS: I’m so happy you started this site; before I discovered Temptalia I was so scared of make-up… It definitely gave me an extra push (right into a MAC store, of course) to just GO FOR IT!


    • Hi Roxanne,

      I can’t remember what it was exactly, but I know I most likely used a pairing of bright blues and greens together! It was approximately four years ago.

      I like Well Dressed, to be honest. It’s a soft, pastel pink. It runs a bit cool. If it’s too cool, try Dame, I like that one a lot, too!

      Fix+ doesn’t waterproof your makeup at all. It really just “sets” it by making it look less cakey, IMO, but it definitely doesn’t help make it sweat or water resistant! MAC paint pots, however, are water-resistant/waterproof!

      I will definitely try to do the videos using different foundation application techniques, thanks for the idea! (And if I forget to mention you as inspiration, my apologies, and feel free to berate me at that time, so I can edit the info and say as much–I have a terrible, terrible memory!)

      Thank you so much, Roxanne! :)

      • Roxanne

        Thank YOU for your quick answer! I’ll definitely check out those blushes. And I really thought Fix+ made your makeup water/sweat resistant. Oh well, I’ll just skip on Fix+, next time I stash up :)

        And I promise to only sue you for a couple of thousand dollars if you happen to forget my name! Nah, just kidding, no need to mention me at ALL, I’m just a humble Temptette, hungry for more beauty tips :)


  48. Pucca

    Hi Temptalia! Thanks for doing this, my question for you is:
    I am a NC30. What lipstick/lipgloss/blush would you recommend from MAC? I am new to makeup, I like MAC, but I have no idea what colour suit my skintone the best. I like natural, office-friendly looks. Thanks!

    • Are you just looking for one? Gosh, that’s hard! I am NC30 for reference, so if you see something on me you particularly like… it will probably look good on you, too!

      I absolutely can’t recommend Margin blush enough, it is STUNNING! Amazing! For lipsticks and glosses, corals are always a slam dunk. Lychee Luxe lipglass is great. For a lipstick, definitely check out Sweetie!

  49. tehreem

    Hey Christine how r u? I am addicted to this website!!!! My question is can you use a darker shade of blush for contouring purposes or does it have to be bronzer. Also if bronzer is being used can it be shimmery or does it have to be matte? And I know you have posts dedicating to highlighting and contouring but I would love if you would do a video!!! Thanks so much!! :)

    • Hi Tehreem! I’m great, how are you?

      You can always use a darker shade of blush to contour. There are no rules! You can use a darker foundation, a bronzer, a blush, a face powder… whatever! The idea is simply that it’s like a grayer version of your face. It adds the illusion of shadow.

      I prefer matte products for contouring personally, just because I find shimmer a little fake-looking. I have a simple, everyday contouring video going up tomorrow :)

  50. Burcin

    Hi there,
    Thank you so much for this post!
    I have the new style snob from MAC starflash shadows and it comes off as a dirty taupe. It’s a bit disappointing because it’s very faint.
    Any recommendations on what it would go with? Or do you think I should give up and return?
    THank you!

    • Hi Burcin! Happy to have it.

      What base are you using it with? I might try a gold colored base to make it pop a little more! If you’re unhappy with it and it’s not working easily, return it. I don’t, personally, deal with shadows that are hard to work with! I just want one that works, not one that makes *me* work!

  51. Jae

    Hi, Christine!! I absolutely *LOVE* your site! It has become part of my morning routine to see what’s new w/you along w/checking my email! =) My quesitons are:
    1) What brush do you use to apply MAC fluidline to your waterline? Is it the same for the upper lid as well?
    2) What’s your HG for finishing powder?
    3) What would you pair amber lights with?

    I don’t use mac foundation, but i’m light/medium toned w/yellow undertones (asian w/a light tan). =) Thanks so much and THANK YOU for keeping such an awesome site!!!

    • Aww!! :) Thank you for making us part of your morning routine, Jae!

      1.) I use the 208 brush for my upper lash line. I don’t use a brush for my waterline. I actually dip Graphblack technakohl into Blacktrack fluidline and apply it that way. I do it in this video:

      2.) I don’t have a HG finishing powder, but right now I’m using (and liking) MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

      Thanks again, Jae 😀

      3.) I love Amber Lights with golds like Goldmine, reds like Coppering, browns like Bronze and Antiqued!

  52. Carolin

    hello christine!i have 3 questions:

    1.which moisturizer including sunscreen do you use?

    2. what lsf/spf is sufficient on a normal sunny day, where you don’t hang out outdoor a lot just going to university and back?

    3. do you prefer mac or nars eyeshadows and what’s the advantage of your favorite?

    • Right now I’m using a separate moisturizer and sunscreen – I’m using Clarins Wake-up Moisturizer with Dermalogica’s spray sunscreen.

      Ideally, sunscreen should be reapplied every few hours, no matter the SPF amount. I consider SPF 20-30 to be sufficient for everyday usage.

      I haven’t used enough NARS eyeshadows (I own very few NARS’ products), so I don’t think it’d be fair for me to just go ahead and say MAC when I haven’t played with NARS enough to do a fair test. I’m most experienced with MAC shadows — I know how to use them, how to blend them, and how they work together; they’re my comfort zone!

  53. tess

    can u do an in depth review of brush 131… is it as multifunction as the 188 and 187… thanks

  54. MERY

    hi temptalia
    first of all you soo pretty soo different i love you

    whats the best products below for oily skin ;
    tinted moisturiser

    im from morocco and i love love your site i check it every day its very helpfull + your youtube channel is amizing

    witch products have you used from korres
    best body exfoliater

    thanks a lot

    • Hi Mery,

      Thank you!

      For oily skin, try a gel cleanser. I like those a lot. Right now, I love this Waterlily gel cleanser by Darphin. Look for a moisturizer that says oil-free, because it will be better for your skin type. Also look for a lightweight moisturizer — I like Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer. I adore Korres’ Tinted Moisturizer; it’s really my favorite. Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer is also tops. Look for a mattifying primer for oily skin — I’ve liked MAC’s Mattifier in the past, though I’m not oily skinned, so I don’t use any mattifying products for the most part. I like Korres’ primer, too, but I don’t think it’ll work out so well for those with oilier skin.

      I love Dior’s Nude foundation. It’s really nice to wear and feels so lightweight and never looks cakey. I like Make Up For Ever HD for photos/videos, because it looks great. I don’t feel it looks as great in person, though. MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid is great for me, and it looks just like Make Up For Ever’s HD, just a bit more matte. Both MUFE HD and MAC SFF are good for oily skin, because they have a more matte finish. However, for MUFE, I’d probably recommend Mat+ Velvet, since that is truly matte.

      I’ve tried Korres’ lipsticks, primer, tinted moisturizer, yoghurt mask, and lip butters so far.

      For a body exfoliator, I don’t have one I stick to – I kind of go through all kinds. Right now I’m finishing up a Papaya one, and I love True Blue Spa’s line of exfoliators. AHAVA makes excellent body washes, too.

  55. Jen

    Hi Christine,

    I’d appreciate if you could make a list for lifespan of different makeup products especially by MAC. When to toss once the product is opened and how long you can keep it if the product has not been opened. I’m doing ‘the after summer makeup inventory’ and I could really use your help on this.

    • Each brand has their own guidelines, some are published, some aren’t. I believe this is a summary of general guidelines, though I don’t personally follow them (I go by the “if it smells funny, looks funny, or it’s changed texture/feel” rule of thumb)…

      Lipsticks – 2 years
      Lipgloss – 1-2 years
      Mascara – 2-3 months
      Eyeshadow – 3 years
      Foundation (Powder) – 2-3 years
      Foundation (Cream) – 1 year
      Foundation (Liquid) – 2 years
      Eyeliner – 1-2 years
      Blush (Powder) – 2-3 years
      Blush (Cream) – 1 year

      Most guidelines only apply to opened makeup. Makeup that hasn’t been opened often has a much longer life span (probably up to 2-3 years without opening — and then the clock starts ticking), but it depends. If you purchase natural makeup with no chemical preservatives, then the shelf life is often decreased.

      General rules are powder products have the longest lifespan, because it is difficult for powder to harbor bacteria since it is dry. Creamy products like lipgloss, cream blushes, cream shadows, foundations, etc. have shorter life spans because they’re open to the air and are nice places for bacteria to grow. Liquid foundation can last much longer if you never contaminate it (e.g., you use a clean brush, pour it out onto a clean surface, etc.). Lipgloss can also last longer if you use a separate wand and never double-dip. Lipsticks can be prolonged by sanitizing them with alcohol (just dip them in).

      You can also refrigerate creamy products, lipsticks, foundations, etc. to prolong their lives, because bacteria loves warm, moist places. It doesn’t eliminate bacteria growth, but it helps to minimize it.

      • Carolyn

        Hi Christine, thanks so much for giving us this guide! What would your recommendation then be for something like Fluidlines, which are also creamy and exposed occasionally to air? Thank you :).

        • Hi Carolyn,

          1-2 years would be the guideline. I’d lean closer to a year, just because bacteria build-up in eye products can cause more damage (since it’s by the eye and all that) than facial products (like cream blushes).

        • This is also why it’s a really good idea to *not* share any creamy, gel, or liquid eye products (gel liners, liners, mascaras, etc.).

  56. Christina

    what’s a good cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer for someone that has hormones running, and cannot control when acne comes up?

    • You want to find a routine and stick with it — changing products too often can just further aggravate acne sometimes. I’d stick with a gel cleanser with AHA/BHA like Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser, which also has a gentle exfoliation bits in it. As far as toner goes, use something that doesn’t have alcohol in it – something like NARS Hydrating Toner is nice. For a moisturizer, go for one that is oil-free like Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer which is lightweight and won’t add any more oil to your face.

  57. This is my first one of the Q&A sessions, so hi! I have a few things I’ve wondered:

    1. How can you tell what your undertones are, skin-wise? I want to try Meow mineral foundation, but it comes in like 8 different undertones or something and I have NO idea how to even tell if I’m cool or warm toned, much less peach/pink/yellow/taupe/w’ev undertones.

    2. How do you normally choose what colors to pair together for your e/s looks?

    3. How often do you recommend exfoliating?


    • Hi Jadelyn,

      Oh, wow, 8, eh? That’s a lot! Look at the inside of your forearm – if your veins are green, you’re warm toned. If your veins are blue, you’re cool toned. That’s the simplest way I know how! As for the rest of it, I’m not totally sure. I’ve always just… eyeballed it. Can you get a few samples? I know a lot of MMU companies have good sample programs!

      I just choose colors I like, LOL! I go off of what I’m wearing for the day, and I usually have one color I know I want to use (e.g. blue), and then I just look at my palette and use what grabs me. So unscientific and unhelpful, I know.

      I recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week, depending on your skin’s sensitivity. If you have any active acne, no exfoliation or only once a week mild exfoliation.

  58. BrownEyes

    Christine, I was trying to read thru 2 c if maybe this was already asked n answered but my eyes were getting tired :) Just wanted your recommendations on e/s and cheek color for nw45. thx

    • Any look you’re going for? You can really wear any eyeshadow you want, IMO! :)

      Some good blushes for your skin tone are Style, Honour, Breezy, and Ambering Rose.

      • BrownEyes

        I love smokey looks. Also I have big eyes, so lots of room to play with color and I’m not afraid :) So, maybe ur recommendation for 1 smokey look, 1 daily and 1 bold color. Thx!

        • Smoky look: Electra, Silver Ring, Print, Typographic, Carbon — all great grays/silvers (you only need 2-3 though!)

          Daily look: Ricepaper/Dazzlelight/Soft Brown (depending on how dark your lids are), Soft Brown/Espresso/Brun

          Bold look: Juxt, Bitter, Humid, Freshwater, Shimmermoss (you can mix and match these five for some awesome green/blue/teal looks!)

  59. Tori

    Hey christine!
    So im NC20-NC25 and i was wondering what blushes you would recommend?

  60. Elizabeth

    Hi: I’m really interested in some of the business and day-to-day aspects of the website. I know you don’t work for MAC, so I’m wondering how you get some of the products in advance. Also, when you do giveaways that readers can win, are those products purchased with your own money? Temptalia seems like a full-time job–do you make a living from it, and if so, is it mostly from ad sales (or if not, what)? Thanks! p.s. love the site!

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Sometimes readers who have connections I could only dream of having send me things or information because they know others would want to hear about it! If a giveaway has a tag “sponsored,” then that means the brand is supplying the prize(s). MAC doesn’t sponsor any giveaways, so all of those are paid for by Temptalia. We do have a bunch o’ ads on the site, and yep, those would be the place where we see any money coming from. I don’t currently make a living from it, but I would love to :) Going to school full time just doesn’t give me the ability to dedicate myself as much as I’d like to the site!

  61. Kaleen

    I was hoping you would do one of these soon, because I had a question I was hoping to get your input on! :)

    I don’t have too many matte eyeshadows, but when I do use them I often attempt to mix them with other eyeshadow finishes that aren’t matte, like shimmer. It never seems to come out right. They often don’t appear to mix and just look out of place together. It’s discouraging and it tends to scare me away from mattes, which is sad because I have some MUFE shadows in matte that I really love!

    I would really appreciate some tips! Thank you Christine.

    • Hi Kaleen,

      One thing I like to do is to apply the matte *before* I apply any shimmers. Where are you placing the matte colors? (Is it always in the same place?) Have you tried to do an all-matte look? Mattes can definitely be tricky to work with, but once you get the hang of it, so worth it! I like using a fluffy brush like the 226, 224, 222 to apply mattes in the crease.

  62. Rita

    Hi Christine! I have a large MAC palette, but instead of 15 holes it has only 8 holes. What is it for? The holes (3,5 cm) are too big for eyeshadows and too small for blushes.

    • Hi Rita,

      You have a really, really old school MAC palette!! MAC used to have much larger eyeshadows — the size that would fit that palette you have there. It is an eyeshadow palette, but it’s from MAC quite a bit ago.

  63. Constance

    I’m wondering if anyone knows an effective way to de-pot MAC shadows. I can’t seem to do it with out severe damage to my nails! Thanks!

    • Hi Constance,

      I find the oven method is just the easiest for me, but the alcohol method is really good, too. I just like the oven method, because I can do a whole bunch in one shot.

      Oven method is just putting the plastic pans and the metal pans into the oven, getting the glue to melt, and then I use tweezers to remove the shadow itself. I don’t know that much about the alcohol method as I haven’t done it, but I know Koren (EnKoreMakeup on YouTube) has a great video on it!

      • I use a regular iron, baking paper, and an Exacto (sp?) knife. Pop the piece out of the pot & turn it upside down & lay a piece of baking paper over it. Place an iron (set on the lowest setting possible – for cotton) on top of it for about 10 sec. Use the exacto knife to peel out the tin. If there’s any resistance, turn it back over and put the iron back on (it wasn’t hot enough). I’ve depotted hundreds this way, and it works every time. You can also remove the sticker this way too (so you won’t forget the name), but only use the iron on there 3-4 seconds. HTH!

  64. lynn

    Hi, i just watched your blush tutorial and i loved it. But I have a lot of trouble applying the mac cremeblush I have. I feel like its very tacky in texture.
    Also I’d like to try a bobby brown rougepot. Can you recommend a shade. I am NC 43
    thank you!!!

    • Hi Lynn,

      I’ll definitely do a tutorial on blushcreme application! What brush are you using to apply yours right now? I find the 188 works best for me.

      I’d say Pinked Truffle or Blushed Rose!

      • lynn

        Thanks christin!! Right now i use mac 188 dupe (got ripped off on ebay. took me forever to figure out it wasnt mac). So the bristles are not as thick as the real one.
        Thanks for the suggestion and waiting for your new videos

        • No problem, Lynn! Sorry to hear about your bad experience on eBay :( Buying authentic brushes on eBay is one tricky/near-impossible thing to do!

  65. MC

    I was wondering if you take suggestions for your “Temptalia Asks” things… I’d love to get people’s opinions on things like favorite berry lip stick, best/ worst brush brands, best everyday red lip stick, and best gold eye shadow.

    Also, I’m a N4/ light complexion with some pink undertones. Can you suggest some good lip sticks from MAC (my current favorites are Cockney, Impassioned, and Ahoy There).

    As always, THANK YOU!

    • Hi MC,

      I definitely take suggestions for questions for that post! Often the things you just suggested in your comment are things I’d actually put in “The Hit List,” which is more of a best/worst kind of column. I will keep your suggestions in mind for sure! :) Thank you! I always appreciate ideas, because every night I sit here stumped for a question, LOL!

      As far as lipstick suggestions go… girl, you like a variety of shades!! Ahoy There vs. Impassioned, whew! If you like Impassioned, you might like Girl About Town, which is a darker pink, but still bright, and has a really creamy texture. Sweetie is also one of my favorites, being a neutral pink with just a lil’ coolness, but not too much. It’s a great everyday kind of shade (more along the lines of Ahoy There). For something totally different than those three… Captivating. It’s really a pretty shade of raspberry pink that’s not too dark, not too light – and has some brightness to it.

      • MC

        Glad I could help =] I’d also love to see people’s favorite cosmetic item under $10.

        And Captivating sounds good… I’ve been looking for a berry, I’ll definately check it out. And Love that Look gave me enough pots to back to mac! [I’m a total lip color girl! Pinks, reds, a few berrys… yet to find a good purple though…] Thanks!

        • Thanks again for yet another idea, MC! :)

          I like Capricious, which is like a purpled berry, but it’s a bit cool-toned. Up the Amp is a fun purple – have you tried that? Pink Nouveau runs a bit purple on some, though it’s a garish pink on me, LOL!

          • MC

            Also I’m interested in when people don’t wear makeup– like, they don’t wear makeup to school or to run errands or only wear it to go out at nights. And the most perfect dupe people have ever found. Best beauty trick that you’ve learned from your mother (my mom has always told me drinking water is the best makeup– never failed me!). Colors people never mix when doing their makeup. Trednds people have always wanted to try but don’t know how to/ are to afraid to. Best waterline eyeliner.

            Sorry I have so many– I always think of them and now they’re all coming back to me! Just some suggestions ;]

            I think I’ve tried Up the Amp, but the other two are worth a shot. Thanks!

  66. Alex

    I was wondering what your opinion on using Mac’s glitter, like a pigment, for eyeshadow. I was wondering this due to the beautiful glitters coming out with the Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection. Thanks!

    • Hi Alex,

      As far as I know, the glitters aren’t eye-safe, so I don’t like them from that point of view. I personally avoid using anything that’s not eye-safe, particularly when I know it’s because of the glitter. You can just do some real, permanent damage to your eyes with glitter particles (like scratching your cornea!), so it’s just not worth it. If you do use it, just be sure to take precautions and use an adhesive mix like mixing medium to make sure it adheres better.

      I don’t know if MAC will test their glitters for the upcoming launch or not, because all of their pigments/glitters do come with little paper inserts talking about where you can use them safely. (Sometimes products aren’t listed as eye-safe because a company didn’t test it.)

  67. Carolyn

    Hi Christine!

    Have you ever tried Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet Foundation, and what do you think of it if you have? How would you compare it to MUFE’s HD foundation in terms of its look, feel, etc.? Thank you so much — you are the best! I hope you are doing well.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, I have! Mat+ Velvet is heavier, and it is a lot more matte in finish (but that goes without saying, I s’pose). HD has a satiny, near-dewy finish, which is why it has a more “soft focused” effect. Mat+ Velvet feels heavier when I’ve worn it in comparison to HD, though HD isn’t ultra lightweight, it is lightweight. Mat+ Velvet is even a bit thicker in the texture itself, whereas HD is a little thinner.

      I liked Mat+ Velvet, and I like HD. I find Mat+ Velvet to be very similar to MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid, since they’re both matte with light to medium coverage. If you need heavier coverage and you don’t have dry skin, I’d vote Mat+ Velvet. If you only need light to medium coverage or you have dry skin, HD is better. Any foundation with a matte finish can be difficult to use if you have skin on the dry side. Similarly, if you have super oily skin, anything that has “dewy” in its advertisement might not work out and only add to oiliness.

  68. Brittany

    Hi Christine!
    I’m not sure if you’ll have any experience with this, but do you know of any good chapstick or lip product that help heals cracked lips really well? It’s the corners of my lips that get huge cracks, I can barely open my mouth without it hurting. I’ve tried a whole bunch of medicated chapsticks, but none of them have really helped…

    Also, is there anything you can tell me about the prices of PRO pigments? At least if they’re more or less expensive than the “normal” ones?

    Thanks for doing this sessions :) They’re so helpful!

    • Hi Brittany,

      I like Carmex, which works really well on chapped/cracked lips. I also like good ol’ Vaseline before bed time. If yours are really bad, I’d actually consider seeing your doctor and seeing if there is something prescription-wise that will help heal it on warp speed — just because I know what you’re going through (though not to the extent), and as such, I know it’s hard to give the cracks time to heal since you kind of need to open your mouth, y’know?

      PRO pigments and products are the same price as regular products. By this, I just mean a PRO pigment is the same price as a regular pigment; a PRO lipstick is the same price as a regular lipstick, and so on :) I believe pigments are what, $19.50 now?

  69. Thanks for this post! I have brown eyes, and am looking for a good eyeliner that would make my eyes pop. What do you reccommend, and where should I apply the eyeliner?


  70. Chynna

    Is Print eyeshadow a warm grey or a cool grey?

    What’s the right way to highlight browbones when applying eyeshadow?


    • I find it a neutral-cool gray on me, but since it is a bit neutral, it may warm up on warmer complexions.

      I like to start at the inner brow bone and work my way towards the outer brow bone. Using a fluffy brush like the 224 can be helpful at making it look soft and diffused, too.

  71. MichelleB

    I forgot to ask in my earlier post — is it true they are getting rid of all of the MAC Matte2 eyeshadows?? If so, I need to stock up . . .

    • I don’t know if they’re getting rid of all or if they have plans to phase out all of them, but they did, recently, discontinue at last half of the shades.

  72. Alex

    Hey Christine!
    I was wondering what MAC Glitter is like if you use it like an eyeshadow. I want to know this due to the new glitters coming out with the Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection.

  73. Sass

    Christine, do you think a makeup collection w/o MAC, MUFE and Nars products not make for a good, interesting makeup collection?

    I want your thoughts because there are many people out there who cannot afford the popular brands I have mentioned and instead they purchase affordable makeup like NYX, LA Splash, what else??

    Again, your thoughts?

    • Hi Sass,

      No, I don’t think that’s true. I think a good collection is one that you enjoy and use, whatever brands may comprise that. It is important to buy what you can afford, and what you like, I don’t think you need to purchase high end if it’s not in your budget or you don’t find the products worth the money.

  74. kc

    hi christine,

    what are some good nude lip colors for an NC35, my lips are very pigmented, even if i put concealer undearneath, i just recently bought shy girl by mac and i find it a bit too peachy

  75. joanna

    Hi Christine!

    Can you recommend a 10 minute face? Like, things you would put on and stuff? I will really appreciate it. everything I do with regards to makeup I get from temptalia. :)

    Have you tried Chanel’s lip stains? Are they any good? thanks!!!

    • Hi Joanna,

      I do brows, mascara, wash of a neutral shade on the lid (like Ricepaper by MAC or a Benefit cream shadow), maybe quick liner on the lower lash line, foundation, Margin blush with Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer, and lipstick/gloss that’s nearby.

      The three things that always make a big difference for me are mascara, filled in brows, and cheek color!

      I haven’t tried their lip stains yet, sorry!

  76. Laetitia

    Hi Christine,
    First off I would just like to tell you how big of a fan I am of your site. I probably visit the site about 5-7 times a day… seriously. Loving the youtube vids as well.
    Anyway, my question is about skin care. I don’t know if you have oily skin or not, but I’ll ask anyway.
    I’ve seen different advice on how often people with oily skin should exfoliate, but I was wondering what you thought. I don’t want to over do it, but I don’t know which scrubs are very harsh and which aren’t. For example, is the Apricot Scrub too harsh to use daily?
    What are your thoughts?

    Also what kinds of products do you use for anti aging or do you use any yet?

    Hope this might help others.

    Many many thanks

    • Thank you so much, Laetitia! Your support is very much appreciated :)

      I’ve heard a lot of things about the Apricot Scrub by St. Ives, and while a lot of love it, it is a pretty harsh product. I like softer scrubs (love Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser, which has lil’ bit of exfoliation in it, great for everyday). I also like Lush’s Ocean Salt, too, but it is a bit harsher, so it’s better to use it only once or twice a week. Oily skin can exfoliate 3-4 times a week for the most part, but it’s good to go for a mild to moderate exfoliant rather than a harsh one.

      A harsh one is just one with bigger/sharper particles — they’ll feel rougher to you. A gentle exfoliator is one with much smoother, softer particles or beads.

      I definitely wouldn’t use the St. Ives’ scrub daily, though.

      I don’t really pay much attention to anti-aging products, just because there’s not too much for them to work on yet. I primarily do preventative measures which is better in the long run — e.g. sunglasses, not tugging at my eye lids roughly, sunscreen, etc.


  77. Daria

    Hi Christine!

    Hope you are well. Sorry for the similar questions:

    Have you tried/heard about Laura Merciers Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, and if so, what do you think?
    Is Keihls tinted moisturizer good for oily acne prone that needs fairly good coverage (Im NC 25, is there a color you would recommend??
    and lastly, Have you heard of the clarisonic MIA? I am so excited…I was wondering if you were thinking of getting one as I know you have the original…Is it worth getting a travel size?

    Thank you so much Christine, and as always great great job! I enjoy opening your site every am!


    • I have heard about it (all good things), though I haven’t personally tried it at this time. I love Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer though, and I think medium would work well for you! I alternate between Kiehl’s and Korres’.

      I have heard of the MIA, but haven’t tried it! I’ve been tempted by it, but I’m a bit more tempted by the one with the speed settings and body brush attachment, ha! Pursebuzz has it and LOVES it. She adores the smaller size and sounds like she uses that now over the original size :)

      Thanks, Daria! :)

  78. Breane

    I’m wondering if anyone knows where I could find a Twilight Eye Shadow Dior palette from Holiday 08? I was searching through all of the Dior posts and fell in love, only to discover I can’t find any online:(! Thanks!!

    • You could try They sometimes carry older, LE/DC items. I’ve purchased from them before and had good results both in shipping speed and authenticity. Otherwise, eBay is probably your other choice.

  79. Christina

    Hi, Christine!

    What does “Temptalia” mean to you? Why did you choose it for your beauty blog?

  80. Lauren

    I am looking to do a grey smokey eye (not silver). I love Mac and Nars, but am open to anything! Any suggestions? I think I am NC25 (pink undertones).

  81. Rebecca

    How much money do you spend on all your cosmetic purchases, in say a month? What majority is given to you to try out?

  82. Hey Christine! I was hoping you’d do one of these soon! I actually DO have some questions for you:
    1. Can you explain to me what tightlining is exactly?
    2. What camera(s) do you use now-a-days? Face shots? Product shots? I think you told me for your tutorials already. I love your photography work!
    3. What happened to Social Missive (was it?) I want to hear more about blog promotion, and your tips on generating more traffic.

    Thanks! You’re awesome!!

    • Hey Heather,

      Tightlining is lining the *upper* waterline. It’s going underneath the upper lashes and lining. It adds more depth/drama to your natural lash line. If you can manage not to stab yourself in he eye, it’s amazing!

      I use a Nikon D90 for everything these days :) Finally got it work for close-up shots of my eyes/lips, so I use it pretty exclusively now! Thank you!

      I think I got a little ahead of myself — Temptalia is just eating up more time than I anticipated, so I haven’t been able to keep up with anything I had going on on the side :(

      • Thanks! Didn’t you get a separate micro lens for that camera or do you just use the settings? Aw well, kinda sorry to hear you had to put SM on hold, but glad that this site is flourishing enough to demand your time! Hope you don’t mind if I bug you about blogging type questions now and then 😉

        • I have a portrait lens (55mm), kit lens (the one that came with it), and the macro lens (60mm). :) I use macro most of the time, though I use the kit lens to take full face photos (the macro is too zoomed in to do it self-style!). And of course not :)

  83. Hi. I have two questions I hope you can help me with. I am NC42 and both questions are for MAC products.

    1. I plan on getting a 15 pan pallette soon. What eyeshadows would you recommend? I prefer neutral colors, but also like pinks, greens, and smoky looks.

    2. What lipsticks would you recommend?

    • Hi Daisy,

      I’d say to get: Soft Brown, Ricepaper, Brun, Espresso, Carbon, Print, Typographic, Humid, Greensmoke, Da Bling, Stars ‘n Rockets, Dazzlelight, Goldmine, Antiqued, and Bronze.

      For lipsticks, try: Touch, Capricious, New York Apple, Honeylove, and Odyssey.

  84. nicole

    1) what are your favorite perfumes?
    2) can you do a perfume series? (:
    3) what is your favorite mac collection this year so far?
    4) favorite mac lip product? (like in general lipglass/lustre/dazzle/tlc/etc)
    5) if you had your own mac collection (haha! you probably will someday) what products would you want in it?

    • I like Dior Addict for evenings out/nights out, and for every time else, I like Lacoste Love of Pink, Burberry The Beat, and Vera Wang The Look.

  85. Vivian

    Hello, Christine! How’re ya? I’m wondering like, what is the best liner for people with oily lids? I’ve tried cream ones, but they soon deposited on my crease. And do you recommend waterlining for people with sensitive eyes? And what is the best way to line eyes without hurting oneself? Thank you! :)

    • You want something that is touted as water-resistant or water-proof, smudgeproof, etc. I like MAC fluidline or liquidlast. Liquidlast won’t budge, seriously. I also like Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes. I think you can do it, just be sure to use something approved for waterline usage and nothing with glitter or shimmer for sure.

      I like pencils for waterline, brushes for the upper lash line. Also, in the beginning, particularly for lining the upper lash line… start with liner *first* then do eyeshadow. The reason being you can do your liner, and to make it smooth and finished, you can take a q-tip with makeup remover on it and perfect it. If you had shadow on top, this would be difficult. You can always lightly re-line at the end to deepen the color or overlay it with black shadow with a brush like the 219.

  86. Natalie

    Hi Christine! Great blog:)

    Question: which long-lasting lipsticks do you like? I have not had any luck with MAC, Revlon, or Maybelline. Thanks a bunch:)

  87. hi

    A few questions :)

    – What’s your political affiliation (republican, democrat, independent, neutral, etc?)
    – What are you training as in law school (lawyer, judge?)
    – How long have you been with the boy?
    – Favorite liner smudger brush for less than ten dollars? (It can be in a kit, as long as the kit fits the budget)
    – Favorite black liner for the waterline in terms of staying power?

    Thanks! :)

    • I’m a democrat if I had to choose, but I’m closer to the middle on most of the issues. On some, I’m more liberal on.

      I’m training to be neither. I don’t like law, so I really have no desire to practice it after I’m done with school. I’m going to do my best to pass the BAR exam, so I can have the “authority” to practice, but I don’t intend to do so.

      We are coming up on our four-year anniversary this October :)

      I’d just use a disposable sponge-tip applicator (you can find packs of them for a few bucks at drugstores) actually!

      I love Blacktrack fluidline the most! I find it stays the best for me on my waterline, especially when mixed with Graphblack and set with Carbon eyeshadow.

      • So then… what exactly are you going to do with your degree? And what do you really want to do in general?

        • Go into finance or be a social media consultant :) I’m very much an entrepreneur, so I’d like to continue in that path, ultimately! So if I’m running my own business, then having a law background is incredibly helpful!

  88. Cherie

    Hi Chrisitne! Love your blog!! My questions:
    – I want to do a natural eye (I have brown eyes) with blue in the outer lid type look. What colours would you recommend? Do you think matte colours would be better???
    – what foundation would you use on fair skin with light freckles? I’m NW15 in mac. I don’t want to mask my freckles and want a foundation that will prove nice even skin tones.
    Thank you sooo much :)

    • Hi Cherie,

      I think mattes tend to be a little more subtle if you’re going for just a lil’ bit of color. I like Prussian a lot for a blue, as well as Plumage, which is a blue-teal.

      I’d actually just sheer out foundation on your cheeks/nose or else use a lightweight and sheer foundation (like MAC Face & Body). You may even like the new Moisture Tint. A lighter, sheerer foundation will cover your freckles a lot less.

  89. Christina

    Hey Christine. I was watching your vids on Youtube, and I was wondering.. do you apply your blush, bronzer, etc. right after your foundation? or do you have to set it with some kind of all-over powder first? Thanks!

    • Hi Christina,

      Yes, I do! I set as the very last step. I wanted to break up the tutorials so you could be able to search/find better, rather than have a 10 minute video with all of it one, you know? I do blush, highlighting, contouring after I apply foundation. Then I set!

  90. hiii christine!!

    i really have a messed up face.. i mean literally.. my face gets really dry on my entire nose.. especially on the outside corners/creases of my nose.. flakey…. and also my cheeks! cheek area.. the space thats around the bridge of my nose.. gets really dry too.. i know that could be roscea.. but i’m using medication for that…

    also, i have a lot of acne scars on my cheeks.. very noticeable .. dark brown/black scars.. and flesh colored bumps..

    i don’t know what to do.. i got some of the mario badescu (sp?) samples for dry skin/acne prone.

    with all these problems.. its very hard for me to get my foundation nice… sometimes it just makes me sooo frustrated and upset that i don’t enjoy using makeup anymore.

    please help me!!!! i’m really desperate for good help.. i’ll even send you pictures of my face .. so you can see what i’m talking about. please help me!!

    • Hi Tiffy,

      I’m not trained in skincare nor am I a doctor, and it definitely sounds like you have some serious skin issues going on. Have you seen a doctor or a dermatologist? Especially since it’s troubling you so and making you less confident about yourself, I really think you should see one if it is possible!

      • i have.. but nothing that they prescribe to works anymore.. it would work for the first 2 months.. and then it just stops working for my skin because i get assume to the ingredients.

        so i’m just wondering how can you disguise acne scars, redness..

        what’s a really good moisturizer for very dry skin??

        • I like Osmotics’ Cream Extreme for really, really dry skin. It’s pretty pricey, but I use it as a spot treatment whenever I get dry patches, and it works wonders!

          To cover up redness, try a green primer like the one by Make Up For Ever, because green counteracts redness.

          • i meant to say.. i get immune to the ingredients. cool, i’ll check those products out.

            also, is there any MAC F&F’s sale anytime soon that you know of??

  91. Sandy

    Hi Christine. I’m wondering whether you could recommend any baby pink lipsticks?

    Thank you x :)

  92. Ashley

    Definitely can’t look through them all to see if what I want to ask has been asked, but oh well!

    1) If you could go back in time to when you first started wearing makeup and give your past self makeup/cosmetic/style advice, what kind of things would you say? (I would definitely tell myself to stop drawing shapes on my face in eyeliner :\ LOL)

    2) If you could invent one beauty product of ANY kind, even if physically impossible, what would it be?

    3) Are there any hair masks that you would suggest/recommend for someone with wavy and slightly curly, frizzy, dehydrated hair? Either moisturizing or strengthening?

    4) Would you ever go dancing in the rain even if it means ruining your makeup? Aha random, I know. Asking because I think I hear rain!

    5) If your life became a soundtrack, what songs would definitely be included?

    That’s about all I can think of haha

    • Hi Ashley,

      1.) I’d tell myself to wear sunscreen EVERYDAY! I didn’t know until two years after I had gotten into makeup. I wish I could tell my 5 year old self.

      2.) Cure for acne. The universal, permanent cure for acne.

      3.) For frizzy hair, Living Proof’s No-Frizz line is pretty spectacular! I like hair masks (no particular brand) for moisturizing dry hair on a 1-2x a week basis.

      4.) I totally would 😉 I got no qualms about that! Well, if it was warm rain!

      5.) Oh, my! That’s a tough one. I’d say these are a few: Alice in Chains “Nutshell,” Rascal Flatts “Fast Cars and Freedom,” Whitney Houston “I Want to Dance With Somebody,” Garbage “The World Is Not Enough,” Cross Canadian Ragweed “Cry Lonely,” Guns ‘n Roses “Welcome to the Jungle,” Michael Buble “Fever,” Alient Ant Farm “Glow,” 50 Cent “In Da Club,” and Michael Jackson “They Don’t Really Care About Us.”

      I don’t know if I could tell you these describe my life, so much as these are songs that I associate with moments in my life :)

  93. Liliana

    Hi, I am looking for a dark, deep red lipstick, could you recommend something please? Medium tonde skin, dark brown hair and eyes.

    Thanks a lot for your great work at Temptalia :)

    • Viva Glam I is a great retro red — I consider it a deep red, though not necessarily dark. Dubonnet is also a great dark red, maybe more your style. You might like Viridiana by NARS, which is a deep, dark red, too.

      Thanks, Liliana!

    • Diabla

      Mac dark red tend to be brownish imo (I think of Dubonnet and Viva Glam). You can also check Chanel Barcelona Red and Chanel Russet Moon if you want deep red with pink/true red undertones. Those are pretty shades! :)

  94. Brenda

    Hey Christine! Hope you aren’t too worn out from all of our questions!! I know everyone really appreciates the opportunities to just ask you anything!! I’d like to know:

    a) HOW can I incorporate more purples into my e/s looks. I have hazel (green outer/brown around the pupil) eyes, but I find i always wind up looking like I’ve been beaten or super tired. Am I using the wrong colour purples?? I’m NC20 and want to bring out the green eyes more.

    b) I would so love to see you do more matte looks. The bright blues/greens are fun, but I’d love more daytime/wearables for inspiration. Or more yellow! I’m on a yellow kick lately now that i’ve gotten a bit of a tan:)

    c) What could you recommend as a dupe for Costa Chic? I can’t find it anywhere :( all sold out at any of my home stores here in Toronto.

    Hope you are well!! Thanks again :)

    • Hi Brenda,

      Oh no, never worn out! :) I love answering questions – it’s fun for me! Especially if I can be of any help.

      1.) Try pairing purples with golds. It might warm up your purples and work better with your eyes. I have hazel eyes, too, and I’m NC30 and wear purple *all* the time. I find redder purples like Stars ‘n Rockets work really well, too.

      2.) I’ll definitely try to do more matte looks :)

      3.) You could try CB96, which is a little more orange than Costa Chic. Vegas Volt is nice, too, though a bit brighter!

      Thank you!

  95. Gege

    1. What’s your favorite eyelasher curler? Have you tried Shu Emera or Shiseido?
    2. What is your favorite Urban decay product?
    3. What’s a good nude pink lipstick ? no brand preferred.
    4. What’s the best drugstore lipstick?
    5. can you do more reviews on urban decay?? favorite!!!!!

    • Hi Gege,

      1.) I love shu uemura’s! That’s my pick for sure.
      2.) I love their 24/7 liners. FAVORITE from them for sure.
      3.) I like Honeylove and Cherish by MAC, but they don’t have that much pink in them. For a little more pink, I’d say Hug Me or Hue. I love Naked by Urban Decay, which is more of a pinky nude.
      4.) I love Sally Hansen’s line of lipsticks – the ones by Carmindy.
      5.) I definitely will try to!

  96. Gege

    6. What’s a good Mac MSF for me im NC30?
    7. What’s mac blush do you recommend for NC30?
    8. What’s your favorite concealer for pimples and blemishes?
    i love your blog its so very hlelpful!!<3
    in the future can you review the new Urban decay primer potions..mascara, lip, etc thanks

  97. Gege

    What is the difference between fix+ & charged water?
    IWhich one do you recommend?

    • I couldn’t really tell you, to be honest. They both seem the same to me, except they just have different “minerals” infused in them. I think Charged Water is more of a refreshing thing whereas Fix+ helps make your makeup look less powdery/cakey.

  98. Janelle

    Do you reapply SPF on your face during the day? If so, do you wash your face first? I can’t bring myself to slather something else on my face unless it’s clean. I feel like I’d be rubbing in the dirt and pollution that has settled on my face since I first applied my moisturizer/SPF. Furthermore, wouldn’t a second SPF application ruin the blush/foundation you were already wearing?

    If you do not reapply SPF during the day, do you know of a skincare blogger/guru who does and could offer advice on how to do this best?

    Thanks, Christine!

    • Hi Janelle,

      I use a spray sunscreen by Dermalogica during the day :) I usually spend most of my day indoors, though, so I tend to only do it before going out if that’s the case. (I still put it on in the morning everyday… but I only touch-up if I need to.)

      I find spray sunscreens are really the only effective way to re-apply it without ruining your makeup. I spritz, and just wait for it to dry.

  99. Daisy

    Hi Christine, thank you loads for doing this!
    I was wondering if you could recommend a bronzer or bronzer like product that would work with NW25 skin. Most (if not all) bronzers end up looking really orange on my skin, but I would really like to get a nice sun kissed glow for the summer. Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this without using a bronze bronzer or orangy type product? (looking like an orange really doesn’t work for me!)

  100. Sulhip

    I don’t have a makeup related question, but I know you’ve mentioned a few times that you’re doing a jd/mba program. I want to do the same next fall, so I’d like to know the ff:
    how did u study for the lsat? alone or w/ powerscore etc?
    if you don’t mind, what law school r u in? i’m in chicago, but looking to relocate to cali, just not sure what area, though my two choices now are berkeley and davis
    did u use any assistance in applying…like or you applied alone?

    Also, I have these under the skin bumps on my left cheek and nothing seems to work. I’ve tried MB’s drying cream, it only flattens it, but it doesn’t really go away. Any reco’s?

    If you answer all these questions, you’re simply the best!

    • Hi Sulhip!

      I studied alone for the LSAT. One of the sections that people struggle with the most (just in general, not everyone) is the logic games section. I am AMAZING at them. I’m not bragging when I say this, because I have always done logic games for *fun.* (You can buy books of logic games at the grocery store by the magazines.) So when the LSAT rolled around, I had already been doing them for over ten years… for fun. Lots of practice. Admittedly, I could have studied much harder for the LSAT, but I was satisfied with my score based on the schools I wanted to apply to. I think my score was around 165 or so.

      I applied to four law schools, I believe, and five business schools. I got into all of the business schools except Berkeley, if I remember right (my memory sucks, sorry!). Law school was harder, and I was accepted into two of the four. I didn’t use any assistance to apply, just did it on my own. I attend Santa Clara University’s Law School, which was my first choice. They have one of the best IP programs in the country. I believe in California, there are several law schools like USF, Hastings, UC Irvine now has a law school… (they rolled that out a year after I graduated, boo!).

      As far as your skin bumps go, I’m not sure. I’d normally say it must be a reaction to something you’re using, but since it’s just the left cheek, I’m not sure.