Friday, July 10th, 2009

Got a question?  ASK IT!

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just to find out how old my dog is. You can ask whatever your heart desires–beauty or otherwise–and I’ll do my best to answer!

I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly! Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier! And yes, you can ALWAYS ask a question, on this post or another post, regardless of the timing. There is no such thing as an old post! :)

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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    love this opportunity to ask questions… here i go

    ( i have olive skin i case u
    1- best concealer for dark circles under eyes

    2- best lip pencil for keeping lipstick from feathering esp reds

    3- best moisturizer for normal to dry skin that i can use and then apply liq foundation( i was using Dior L’or d Vie but it makes the foundation clump up in little balls!) not good

    4- what do u know about Natura Bisse inhibit dermafill and tensolift?

    5-also Dr Brandts lineless cream.. any feedback or remarks?

    • Hi Maddie,

      I’m actually just behind on comments :) I’m spending my morning going through all of the ones I haven’t responded to right now, so I’ll answer you questions in just a bit! Promise!

  2. MC

    Hey Christine,

    I have that Iridescent Powder (loose) in a pinky/silver light shade. It’s wayyy super shimmery. Have any suggestions of what I can do with this product (other than highlighting)?

  3. jbct

    Christine, are highlighters advisable for people who have oily skin? from what ive read, its supposed to give you somewhat of a glow and make your face brighter…but with oily skin…im doubtful. can you give your opinion on this? and do you have any recommendations? thank you!

    • I think so! I think it is important to use a highlighter that isn’t super glittery or shimmery. You can get products that are less rather than more – look for soft sheens instead :) I personally *love* Dior’s SkinShimmers, because the shimmer is very subtle, very sophisticated.

      • jbct

        Thank you, Christine! Can you give me some tips on how to apply it? Thank you for your recommendation…Dior SkinShimmers are kinda pricey, though. Do you have any lower priced alternatives? What about liquid luminizers? are they the same thing? and what do you think of benefit’s moon beam and high beam?

        • I like Benefit’s High Beam :) That’s a nice one, though it can be a bit shimmery if it’s not sheered out enough. Benefit also has 10, which is a highlighter/bronzer duo, and I like the highlighter in that! I actually don’t know of any great dupes for the Dior SkinShimmers–definitely not lower priced, at least, LOL.

          Brushes that are fluffier or tapered can be helpful in applying highlighters so you don’t get too much. You don’t have to use MAC brushes, but for reference, the 138, 165, and 188 are all good.

          • jbct

            Christine! Thank you so much, once again. One last question, though…which parts of your face do you put highlighter? should i prioritize it more than blush or bronzer? Thank you!

            • I put it on cheek bones, and for me, that’s really it. I’ll put it on the cupid’s bow as well from time to time. Blush is more important than a highlighter, IMO, and bronzer and highlighter are on the same level.

            • jbct

              Christine, I swear to God this is my last question. Can you recommend a blush? I really value your opinion, cause everything ive asked you has turned out well for me. MAC irritates my skin, so i cant use anything from there. Any suggestions? Thank you!!!

            • NARS makes outstanding blushes, and they will last you quite awhile since they give you a lot of product. I’d recommend Orgasm or Angelika :)

  4. ams

    hi christine,

    what sculpt and shape powders would u recommend for NC40-NC42 complexion as a contour and highlight? Thank you.

  5. MC

    If you had to fill 1 15-pan MAC palette, based on a combination of practicality (trying to create a wide variety of looks) and your favorite shadows, what would you put in it?

    As always THANKS SO MUCH!

  6. )Megan

    boo, I think Im too late to ask a question, but if I’m not, I was wondering if there was a lipstick that was similar to Purring Tendertone, I’m not talking about coverage though, I want a shade that looks like Purring but more opaque! if you could recommend something that would be great :)

    • Never too late, Megan! :) Is Prring the light pink or dark pink one? If it’s the dark pink one, maybe Captivating. If it’s lighter, maybe Sweetie!

  7. Jennie

    Hey, i was wondering if you knew any Hello Kitty Sweet Strawberry dupes? thanks, &i love your site! its a great help <3

  8. Sherry

    Hey Christine! I was just wondering what bronzers from previous MAC collections are must-haves? We don’t have a CCS/CCO in the place where I live but I’m going to Seattle soon and I want to stock up on limited edition MAC bronzers (I have a bronzer fetish :P)!

  9. Tattoo Girl

    What do you think of ULTA brand products? I have never bought any of them and have heard some good and some bad about them. I swatches a few e/s there one day and was kinda impreesed by the pigmentation. Just wondered what you thought.

    Thanks for all your hard work!!! I read everyday for hours sometimes!

  10. Vanessa Ledesma

    Have you tried the Sigma Makeup Brushes yet?

  11. jb

    Christine, I have another dilemma. I’m going shopping, but I’m on a strict budget. I can only buy 2 items. I need a neutral everyday look with a hint of color. I’m debating whether to buy an purple eyeshadow quad, blush, or lip tint. Out of the 3, which 2 do you think are the most essential to look healthy and awake and polished for school? Thanks so much!

    • MC

      I, personally, would suggest on a budget: mascara, blush, and gloss/lip tint. It makes you look bright eyed, awake, put-together, and natural. Plus, these are 3 very quick steps that mean you don’t have to wake up extra early. Eyeshadow can be too much of a hassle on lazy mornings.

    • Blush and lip tint, TBH! You can get away with just mascara on the eyes, but a nice blush and lip tint will wake your whole face up :)

  12. Saira

    Hi Christine,

    Could you suggest a good Mac dupe for Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl eyeshadow? It’s kind of a shimmery light cream-gold eyeshadow. I really like it the colour but find that I tend to get fall-out from the glitter particles so I really want to try out something new in a similar shade without the fall-out. Do you know of any Mac permanent eyeshadows which might be a good dupe? I got Nylon recently but it’s a little too icy and whitish in tone so wondered if there were any other shades you could suggest. Thanks :o) .

    • KrisBliss

      I would try All That Glitters or Dazzlelight. They are sparkly and not frosty like Nylon. I love Midnight Cowgirl too, but it does leave a lot of fall-out. Hope this helps!

      • Saira

        Thanks for the suggestions, KrisBliss :o) . Yeah, I thought Nylon would have been more shimmery/sparkly – I hadn’t expected it to be so frosty. I have All That Glitters, so I’ll maybe try that out and also check out Dazzlelight. Yeah, the fall-out from Midnight Cowgirl can be a bit frustrating – I sometimes hold a tissue under my eyes when I put it on to catch the fall-out but still seem to get particles on my cheeks!

    • Hmm, have you looked at All That Glitters or Jest? Maybe even Retrospeck…

      • Saira

        Thanks for the suggestions :o) . I have All That Glitters and Jest so I’ll also check out Retrospect.

  13. KrisBliss

    I have a question regarding depotting MAC shadows. Do you do it? I have so many individual pots and would like to get paletts to organize my makeup more. So my real question is, if I depott them, can I turn in the empty pots w/o the metal pan for back2mac or will they not accept them? Thanks so much!

    • Oh, yeah, I definitely depot. I depot only 3-4 times a year, though. I hate doing them one at a time, so I do a BUNCH at a time. Like 30 at a time, LOL.

      You should be able to, but it’s going to vary from place to place, unfortunately. One of the most frustrating policies by MAC — inconsistent.