Friday, July 10th, 2009

Got a question?Β  ASK IT!

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just to find out how old my dog is. You can ask whatever your heart desires–beauty or otherwise–and I’ll do my best to answer!

I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly! Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier! And yes, you can ALWAYS ask a question, on this post or another post, regardless of the timing. There is no such thing as an old post! :)

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339 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #014

  1. Luv J

    If you have found HG or can’t-go-without products/shades in the following, what are they?


    • I’ll list my current favorites, and if anything is HG status, I’ll note that :)

      Primer: Korres
      Foundation: Korres Tinted Moisturizer (HG!), Dior Nude (liquid) (HG!)
      Bronzer: I rarely use bronzer myself (lazy, lol!)
      Blush: MAC Margin blush (HG!)
      Lippie: MAC Mari-sheeno lipstick (HG!)
      Gloss: Cle de Peau #2 (HG!)
      Other: Renee Rouleau AHA/BHA Cleanser (amazing stuff!), MAC Cleanse-Off Oil/shu cleansing oil, Clarisonic, Lush face masks, Philosophy Shower Gels… just to name a few other fave products!

  2. NuNu

    Hi Christine!
    Been waiting in anticiptation for another Ask Temptalia opportunity!
    So, it’s summer, and I’ve jumped onto the tinted moisturiser train, only problem is, I have no idea what to apply it with!!Does one apply it with fingers like a normal facial moisturiser or like a foundation with a brush?
    Any good ones I should try out?I’m a NC25.

    • Didn’t realize so much time had passed since the last one (I aim for once a month — so I’m about nine days late!). Oops!

      I personally apply my tinted moisturizer with my hands. Currently, I’m alternating between Kiehl’s and Korres. Kiehl’s is more moisturizing than Korres is for me, but I still prefer to apply my moisturizer before the tinted moisturizer. (My skin has been a bit dry lately!) So I actually find I apply my moisturizer, and then I immediately apply the tinted moisturizer on top — all with hands. If I was going to suggest a brush, I’d probably vote for the 109.

      I adore, adore both Korres and Kiehl’s. I like Korres a bit more, just because I feel like the coverage is a bit more, and I need that (personally). I’m NC25/30 and I wear shade #2 in Korres. I believe I’m Medium in Kiehl’s.

      • NuNu

        Thanks Christine!!
        Hopefully I can find those 2 brands in Vancouver. My skin gets too oily for full on foundation during summer and I just didn’t think the whole BB Cream business is for me so I’m gonna give tinted moisturisers a try instead!

        • Good luck! I know Sephora sells Korres at least :)

          • Angie


            Just in case you weren’t sure where to find the products in Christine’s recommendations: Kiehls has a free-standing store on Robson in Vancouver and Sephora opens today at Pacific Centre.

        • Natalie

          Hey Nunu,
          I used BB cream for 6 months and moved on. I have an oily skin and it actually made my skin more oily! Back to lightweight foundation now.

          • NuNu

            Yeah, the formula of BB creams just feel too thick and oily. I only played with the ones inside The Faceshop and from online reviews they apparently have one of the really bad formulations for BB Creams.

      • Hyzenthlay

        I use my daily moisturizer (Aveeno Ultra-Calming), let it sink in, and then use the Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer. So I use moisturizer before my TM too. I feel like the TM applies more evenly more easily that way. Sometimes I even use a foundation primer (Smashbox Light or Philosophy) after the moisturizer before the TM.

        • Same here :) If I know I’m going to be out for all day and need my foundation to look good (err, tinted moisturizer), I’ll often use a primer, too.

  3. Sass

    When are you going to setup a forums for your site so all of your subscribers can get together and swap makeup stories and the like?

    Your blog will continue to get great traffic numbers and comments, but it would be nice to get to talk to everyone and to see their EOTD and more. It’s on my temptalia wishlist. Please think about this. :)


  4. anna


    So I’ve been dying to master the V technique. I have deep set eyes and I’ve been trying to find a tutorial to spell out all the steps for me… Do you have one or can you make one??? Thanks!

  5. Cristina

    Hi! Im generally new to makeup, and I want to build my kit, but I can’t choose between these 2 Brands, Nars or MAC. What do you suggest?

    • MAC is cheaper. I believe NARS’ professional discount is around 30% and their products have a higher cost. (I think NARS does editorial credit, though — but I don’t know much about those things.) MAC’s professional discount is 40%, though there’s an enrollment fee. You can find out more about MAC’s program at

      A lot of artists keep kits of multiple brands though from my experience :) You don’t have to just stick with one! In terms of easiest availability and less expensive, though, MAC is tough to beat beyond theatrical brands like Ben Nye and Kryolan.

    • anna

      It depends on what you need. I like both brands but I don’t get everything from one company, not everything they make is great! If you’re on a budget, cover girl eyeshadows are amazing! They have great colors and are very pigmented. I also love the too faced eyeshadows cuz the colors r amazing and well pigmented. I’m not a big fan of mac eyeshadows. I don’t love the pigmentation even with a primer. A good primer is worth the investment, it makes your makeup last and last. I use and love the urban decay eye primer, I can wear my eyeshadow for days straight without smudging it! I also love the urban decay 24/7 eyeliner. It goes on sooo smooth and does smudge. But a great cheap alternative is the prestige line sold in most drugstores. They have a HUGE selection of amazing eyeliners for like 3 bucks! All sorts of colors and great wear! Excellent alt. To UD, $18 eyeliner. Oh and NYX eyeshadow is also a great cheap eye shadow brand to invest in.tho good brushes r a great investment! For that I am addicted to MAC, for most brushes anyway. I use the bare escentuals kabuki brush for mineral makeup cuz its just really damn good and cheaper than MAC. Things like foundation and blush is really upto personal preference. I def. Love the bare escentuals mineral foundation for the summer… It really does go on smooth and applys great on the face and let’s ur skin breath. And I’m addicted to all mac face products just cuz it goes on so well and subtly like the shape and sculpt duo for contouring and highlighing and the skinfinish for an ovrerall polish. And mascara is just up in the air, that’s just something you gotta find urself for the effect u want. Tho I find that most drugstore brands r just as good or sometimes better than any high end brand. Lol sorry for the whole novel!

  6. Have you done any contouring tutorials?
    What do you like to use to contour?
    What is your all time favorite higlighter for your face?

  7. Thanks for doing this!

    How do you get foundations to apply smoothly over rough spots (acne/dry patches/etc?) And then, how do you keep the foundation from changing colors (it turns whiteish) on top of these areas?

    • I use a thicker moisturizer over those areas, and I let it absorb. I then use a primer (try a moisturizing primer like Eve Pearl’s) over my whole face. Then I apply :) I’ve never had my foundation change colors over those areas, though… that’s a new one to me!

    • Nicole15

      Jillian – I run into this issue every now & again when I am trying to dry out a pimple or have a dry patch from the pimple medication. What i like to do is apply my moisturizer & then before my foundation, I take a q-tip & spray it with Fix+. Then I rub the Fix+ on my dry spots. This helps so much with giving those areas an extra burst of moisture & vitamins. It makes application of concealer/foundation in those areas sooo much easier. Good luck!

    • Wow, thanks so much! That’s great advice, I will try it out for sure!

  8. Ann

    I’ve hit pan on my Fun and Games blush from Mac’s Hello Kitty. Any recommendation on a dupe? Also what’s the best waterproof liquid eyeliner/cream liner? Thanks! Love the site!

    • I think Gilda by NARS is similar. For MAC, perhaps Style blush!

      I like MAC’s liquidlast liner or penultimate liner. Fluidline is great, but it’s not as waterproof as the two others I mentioned! I also like Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream Liner.

    • Michelle

      I heard one of the new mineralized blushes is a dupe for fun & games. I think either improvise or hand-finish. Check on those two. :O)

  9. cate m

    whats your favourite face and eye primer?

  10. This is a total makeup unrelated question but:
    Where do you get all those pretty pictures you used here:
    Or how do you do those logos?
    Or where did you find all these fonts?

    Questions over questions :)

    • I either make, take, or purchase stock photos/graphics :) It just depends on what I need and if I have the time (or want to spend the time!) to make a graphic like the “Best in Beauty” one. I get most of my fonts from :)

  11. Brittany


    My face is oily (sucks I know) and i dont know how to make it not! lol. its also on my eyes which ive noticed that hardly ANY primers work for me .. I bought TooFaced Shadow Insurance.. another one from Sephora.. Paint pot.. those Sticks you can get from Mac.. and nothing stays on that well=\ Maybe i just need a really good coverup for a face thats not that oily?

    I use bare minerals but i feel like it just sits on my face and makes me look disgusting =[

    Basically my question is for my face and eyes.. if you have ANY suggestions on what to do to make it not so oily and for E/S to stay on=\ thanks!

    • Do you moisturize? Seems silly to ask, I know, but sometimes when your skin feels oily, you don’t think it needs moisture — but it still does! MAC’s Oil Control Lotion seems to work for some people (but I haven’t tried it). I like Lush masks to help give temporary results.

      Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte is a mattifying primer, so that’s always good for oilier skin :) Also, blotting powder can help reduce oiliness (well, not the root cause, just the appearance thereof!). If you’re looking for a foundation product, look for something that is matte or semi-matte in finish. You may find things marketed as dewy only add to the oily-appearance. MUFE HD primers are supposed to work wonders on oily skin, too!

      I’d try a mattifying primer/cream/lotion and see if that helps any – even over eyes. Have you tried UDPP? A lot of oily-skinned folks recommend that from my experience!

      • Brittany

        lol that was a lot to take in! thanks! lol your wonderful.. I am very new to anything having to do with face care/ moisterizing/primers lol (everything i asked abotu) so im trying to understand everything:)

        I use Neutrogenas moisterizer with SPF everyday.. its in a little green bottle? i dont know if its that great but i was able to afford it lol.

        So is the MUFE primer something you put on your face or eyes or both before cover up? or is it something different? lol

        Thanks again!

        • I know some people use Monistat chafing gel instead of Smashbox Photofinish Primer. I can’t bear to use it (I just can’t get over it), but I know those on a budget have, as well.

          You’d put MUFE primer all over your face. I think you could do your eyes, too, and yep, before cover-up!

          • Nicole15

            The Monistat Chafing Gel can be used as a primer (i can’t get past the thought either – HA!) but is better suited for normal to dry skin from what i’ve been told. It tends to make oily skin a bit oilier due to the moisturizing properties is possesses, since it is primarily used to treat chafing. You may want to try one better suited for oily skin. If you are looking for a primer not too expensive so that you can see how you like it first, try out Rimmel’s Fix & Perfect. It’s a nice drug store alternative. If not, I have oily skin & like to use Philosophy’s Velvet Touch Mattifying Primer which is available at Sephora.

  12. Stephanie

    Hi Christine,

    I have extremly oily eyelids as well. I really like the look of lining my waterline…but it just won’t last. Any suggestions?

    • I can only recommend Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes or Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners. I think MUFE ones beat out 24/7 liners just a bit on staying power. Very little stays THAT well on the waterline unfortunately :(

      • anna

        U know I recently discovere the prestige line in drugstores. I was looking for a cheap black brown eyeliner cuz I’m on a budget and it was the cheapest, something like $3. I gotta tell you, its amazing! Better than my mac eyeliners. And those DO go on well and stay on the waterline. I was so impressed that I’m going to switch over to the prestige eyeliners and the line has SO many colors to choose from!

      • Stephanie

        Thanks Christine…maybe I am just out of luck too :(

  13. Stephanie

    just to let you know I’ve tried using MAC powerpoint and MUFE aqua eyes.

    • You might want to try UD’s 24/7 pencils or perhaps Guerlain’s loose khol. Aqua Eyes, 24/7, and Guerlain’s loose khol were the best I’ve had success with.

  14. Andrea

    Hi Christine! As always, thanks for doing these sessions!

    My question is what to do about an eyeshadow I recently cracked into three large pieces. I’ve heard about the alcohol solution, but I’ve only ever heard about people grinding the e/s into a paste, and I’m not sure if it is a good idea to do it. Advice??

    • Hi Andrea,

      If it’s a regular powder eyeshadow, you should have no problems using the alcohol method. You need to grind it up into paste so that the whole thing can reset as one solid rather than pieces. I’ve done it before, and it’s been fine! It doesn’t always look fantastic, but the product has always worked the same afterward in terms of color, feel, etc.! :)

  15. Melika

    Hi, Christine!
    I didn’t know you were a fellow anteater!!! Year and major?
    2003 English here.

  16. This may sound silly but it’s been driving me crazy! How do you pronounce Illamasque? Eel-a-mask? Lllll-a-mask-ay?
    Also: do you have any special tips or tricks to hide old acne scars? I don’t have any actual zits anymore but the sides of my cheeks have some of those nasty little pits… Gross, I know.

  17. Angie

    Hey Christine,

    This comes at the perfect time. One of the MAC counters near me is offering a special this weekend, where if you bring in any, old tube of mascara you can get one of theirs for $4. Although I use a ton of MAC I haven’t really ventured into trying many of their mascaras (other than Plushlash, of which I have a pretty full tube currently). I thought I’d use the opportunity to try out something new. What, in your opinion, is the best of MAC’s mascaras? Thanks.

  18. rowan

    favourite glitter liner/shades?

  19. Christine shen

    What do you recommend for the best pink nude lip stick from mac, I took your opinion on and got the new brave lip stick from style warrior and I love it (I also got the dior coral blush .. and many others, You are the bomb =)). I would like to have a Nude PInk tone lip stick that will go with cool tone look. Thanks! I am nc40.

    • Hi Christine,

      A cooler-toned pink lip, hmm… I’d say Snob is a nice cool toned pink, BUT I think it might be too cool for your skin tone. I’d then recommend Bombshell. Neither are very “nude pink,” though. They’re more like pale, cool-toned pinks. For a nude nude pink, I’d recommend Creme Cup or Pink Plaid.

    • Christy

      I’m NC40 and for a nude with a hint of pink lip (kinda like Kim Kardashian), I use Cherish, Honeylove or Style It Up.

  20. Helene

    Thanks for answering all of our questions Christine :praise:

    The colour Creme Royale has been released a few times, but IΒ΄ve hit the pan in my third one now, do you know this colour? If you do, what would be a suitable dupe?

  21. Ruby

    Hey, I was wondering if you’d recommend mixing & matching primers and foundations? For example, is there anything wrong with wearing a Bare Minerals Prime Time foundation with let’s say, Mac Studio Fix foundation on top of it? Or should I stick to a Mac primer? Does it matter?

  22. Ruby

    I meant to say *Bare Minerals Prime Time primer (not foundation), sorry.

  23. Piper


    I’m Very new to the world of makeup and even more of a newbie to foundation. I recently purchased my first liquid foundation (NW 45) after wearing studio fix powder for the last year or so. After the liquid foundation purchase I returned to m.a.c. for a setting powder because I was told that I needed it. I got the MSF natural in deep dark (I think) and was told that this would work. However, when I put it on, I looked like a glow ball.

    My questions: Is there a different powder that would work better to set my face or is it even necessary? What is the real purpose of the MSF natural? I would hate to take it back and find out I used it wrong to begin with.


    • Dee

      Maybe all you need is a blot powder.

    • What liquid foundation did you get?

      I like MAC’s Transparent Finishing Powder right now. MSFN isn’t supposed to make you look like a glow ball — it’s supposed to be fairly matte, so I don’t know why it’d do that to you!

      • Piper

        I got the studio fix fluid. The M.A.C. website describes the mfsn in deep dark as a rich golden bronze, so maybe that is why it is so shimmery.

        • SFF definitely isn’t the cause then, since it’s matte. I’d say nix the MSFN & return – try the transparent powder, it’s matte and invisible, so all it does is set!

    • Natalie

      I agree with Christine – P+P Transparent powder works great!

  24. Crystal

    Ok, here are my questions.
    I saw that you have lots of Benefit products, when you featured your stash. Do you think you’ll ever have time to review some of them like the cream shadows and the Beneftint Lip Balm? Also, if I was to buy one thing from Illamasqua, what would you recommend? Also, do you know of anything that might remove blackheads? What is your favorite NARS eye shadow duo? Did you order anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Beauty wise)? Have you tried Rock and Republic’s Beauty line? What do you think of it? What was the BEST thing you found at the CCO? Generally speaking, which makeup artist would you prefer to sit down and talk with? Laura Mercier or Francois Nars? One more question, what is your HG pressed setting powder?

    Thank you for answering!

    • I definitely plan to! I just have so many things to review and get through, LOL! I actually already have photos and swatches of their cream shadows. I am just slow :(

      I liked Illamasqua’s lipsticks the most so far, but I have a feeling I’d probably love their Intense Glosses moreso.

      Blackheads… regular exfoliation, using AHA/BHA. I don’t have any miracle cures hiding up my sleeve, though! I do like those strips, too!

      I like Balthazar, but I don’t own many duos personally!

      I haven’t ordered anything from Nordie’s sale yet – I’ll probably do it the day of or later. What about you?

      I have tried a few products from the R&R line. Everything seems good to me, but they’re a bit pricier than I’d probably shell out for very often! Their packaging is tops, though. Very classy!

      No great CCO finds for me yet. I’ve only been to a CCO maybe five times or less over the past five years! Always leave empty-handed.

      I’d probably love to talk to Francois Nars, if only because he does a variety of makeup and would love to learn more about his technique.

      I do not currently have a HG pressed setting powder. I used to use Clinique’s Almost Powder to set, but I prefer loose powder for setting my foundation!

      • Crystal

        Thank you for your answers!

        I’m lemming the NARS Modern Love Palette and the Rock and Republic Drama Queen Set!

        • No problem! For one reason or another, NARS’ price just doesn’t entice me to buy. I know it’s “cheaper” because you get more…. but I’ve just never been compelled to purchase much from them :(

  25. Natalie

    Hey again Christine!!
    I would like to ask how do you select shadow combination for your eyes? For example, you select 5+ shades that are sometimes contrasting, similar tone or you lay on top of each other to create more interesting shade. Do you usually play with them to know they go together? Or do you just place them all in random, hoping they all somehow work at the end? lol. The reason I ask is that I would select one shade I like and get STUCK.

    • I usually just pick a theme – like I’ll be wearing a teal shirt and so I’ll start off with teals, or I’ll know I want teal to be a major shade in it. Then I’ll decide if I want it to be subtle or bold, do I want high contrast or less, and go from there. I never really play with combos beforehand, I just go for it :)

  26. Leora


    I am starting to buy mac brushes which ones do you recomend for me to get for the eye area?

    • What’s your budget?

      I’d say the first brush to get is the 239 or 217!

    • anna

      Omg! I personally thinkt that the MAC 242 is THE most essential brush to own!!! I did not realize this until I went on vacation recently and took that brush with me. You can LITERALLY do your entire face with that brush as it applys ALL types of product well from cream to powder! And the precision and application of color on that brush is amazing. It deposits color brilliantly and you can do all parts of the eye inner, outer, crease, brow… And blend well!!! U can even apply foundation (for spots) and liptsitck with it! Ugh! I f**king LOVE this brush!!! Lol.

  27. Rosie

    Hi christine I luv ur website I have it saved as my fav on both my home comp and my i phone hehe =0) my question is how do u min the appearance of a scar???.. its on my face and i use foundation but u can still see thru it =0( (its still some what pink)

    • Rosie

      I do use consealer(studio finish con), foundation then powder over it but then it just ends up making the scar look a bit brown im an nc25/nc30

    • Thanks for the support, Rosie! :)

      I use Mederma as a topical solution for scars – or else just piercing a capsule of vitamin E, too.

      If it’s pink, I want to say it’s still in the process of healing/scarring, actually. Anyway, your best bet is to use concealer/creamy foundation layered over the area for extra coverage.

  28. Hi Christine!

    This is not so much a question, just wanted to say that I went and bought a Margin blush after your recommendation and it really is pretty. :) I have you to thank for my ever growing Mac collection, it’s so great to see the forthcoming collections announced, then swatched and reviewed, thank you for all your time and effort that you put in this blog.

    Oh and thanks to you I am now pretty good at applying eyemakeup and have been commented on my make up by loads of ladies including sales assistants at beauty counters (been asked if I’m “in the business” once!). Sorry, I’ll shut up now. :)

    • Thank you, Anitacska! :) You don’t know how amazing that makes me feel — knowing that you’ve found my recommendations to be helpful! I really LOVE it when something I love is something a reader loves, too. There’s just a certain sense of satisfaction in it! I am also really honored that you attribute some of your makeup application skills to me/Temptalia :)

      Thank you!

      • I’m very glad to hear that, you deserve to feel good about yourself, this is by far the best beauty blog/site I’ve come across. Incidentally, how much time does it take you in a typical day to run it? I’ve recently started a blog (just for fun) and I have very little time to do it as I have young children who are home most of the time, and find it really time consuming to take pictures, upload them, write the post, edit the mistakes, etc. I can only imagine it would take up several hours to produce something as good as Temptalia. How do you find the time?

        • Aww, thank you again and again!! :)

          I think I found a fourth dimension of time! I typically spend 6am-2pm working on Temptalia, 2-5pm on school and whathaveyou, 5-7/5-9 at school, and then when I get home, more Temptalia! I also use weekends to help cushion my lack of time during the week!

          It can be tough to find time sometimes, and I’d definitely say that there are certain processes that I’ve been able to streamline or “get down to a science” just from experience — which always helps! :)

          • Wow, that is a lot of time! What does your boyfriend think about all this? My husband has slowly got used to me sitting at the computer all evening, although he still complains that I go to bed about 2 hours after him and am tired in the mornings. :)

            • My boyfriend does all of the back-end/coding/technical stuff for Temptalia, actually! So he spends most of his day sitting next to me, on his computer, working on Temptalia, LOL!

              Aw, your hubby sounds like a sweetheart looking after you!

            • Aaw, how sweet, the two of you sitting next to each other working away on your computers. :) He’s a keeper by the sound of it. πŸ˜‰

              Yeah, my hubby’s pretty nice too. :) Thanks for the chat. :)

            • LOL, yep, that pretty much describes us to a T. πŸ˜‰

  29. Redhead (hi)

    How do I get rid of self tanning lotion streaks? I was given Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Body Moisturizer forf Medium to Dark Skintones by as friend as a summer present, and also as a joke because I’m so pale πŸ˜› I tried to use it before bed last night, and I woke up this morning with oompa loompa hands and streaky arms and legs! HELP! I heard that rubbing alcohol and lemon juice both work, but this has never happened to me so I thought it would be good to get a real answer from the best beauty guru I know! :)

  30. Jessie

    Christine! Thanks so much for doing this. I was curious, I want to get the Graphic Garden palette from Nordstroms (The one with the blues) but I feel I can easily dupe all these shades.

    However.. I dont know which ones would work lol

    Do you know what would best dupe the shades?

    Thanks! :]

    • Stars ‘n Rockets, A Bluer Blue/Cool Heat (LE shades), Aquadisiac+Shimmermoss, Carbon, Vex, Vapour

      • Jessie

        Awesome! I have all those except A bluer blue and vapour. Vapour is on the regular line, right?

        Thank you again!

        • Yep, I tried to give all permanent dupes — the blue is the only one that’s harder to dupe from the regular line. But it’s in the family of A Bluer Blue/Cool Heat. If you had to have perm dupes, I’d say a mix of Electric Eel & Shimmermoss would get you there.

  31. Redhead (hi)

    ‘Nuther question! :) How well does Graphblack technakohl last on the waterline? I’ve been using Powerpoints on my waterline, but Engraved easily slips off. I’m looking for a pencil from MAC that’s very smudgeable, lasts long and has good pigment. I heard that Technakohls fit the bill, but it MUST last long (it is a kohl, after all)!
    Thank you :)

  32. I just want to thank you for all the lovely work you do on Temptalia. I also liked the new Photo gallery that you included in the site.
    All the best for more new ideas….

  33. Tekoa

    Here’s my question!

    Are Made With Love (ls) and Costa Chic (ls) different enough to justify getting both? If not, which do you like more?

    • Oh, yeah, they’re definitely different. Made With Love doesn’t have a frosty finish like Costa Chic. It’s not creamy or anything. Costa Chic is also a bit more orange-y coral, IMO!

      In terms of which one I like more… I don’t know. They’re different! I guess if pressed, Made With Love.

  34. Natalie

    Christine, I just received my HD pressed powder and it came shattered. Is there anyway you can repair this? TIA!!!

    • OMG! That’s terrible.

      If you bought via a retailer, I would tell them what happened and make sure you got a new one.

      Otherwise, you can use alcohol to press it back together. It should be okay if you do that!

      • Natalie

        Thank you! Yeah, but I am in Australia, so if they asked me to ship it back, it would cost me more, on top of $58 I already paid for. So do I just look up ‘pressing method’ as you would with pigment pressing, etc?

        • Got it – that really sucks :(

          Yeah, it’s very similar. You just take isopropyl alcohol and add it to the mixture, make it a paste, and let it dry. Just make sure to add a little at a time so it doesn’t get to be a mush!

          • Natalie

            Thank you so much for your help Christine! <3
            This is a bit scary, so I will try it on my broken Filament e/s and see if it works. My Pretty Twisted e/s is shattered too, so this would come handy!! Thanks again~

    • MichelleB

      Natalie — I’m not Christine — but saw that you received an item that was shattered. Usually if the company is at fault, they will pay for the shippping (sometimes they reimburse you for shipping if you have to ship it back). I would definately call the customer service line!

      • Natalie

        Thanks Michelle, I would take it up with CS normally, but as I said in the previous post, the item was shipped to my friend first, than to myself (in Australia), so it was more likely damaged on the way here.

  35. Elbone

    Colored eyeliners?…what to do with them?…how to wear them?

    …I have a pretty Saphire blue Sonia Kashuk eyeliner…but not sure how to wear it!

    Please help!!

    • I love colored liner on the upper OR lower lash line, though my fave is on the lower lash line :) I use them to accent colored eyeshadow or just to had some *pop* to a neutral look. I’d try it with a gold-themed neutral eye and use the Sapphire Blue on the lower lash line!

      • Elbone

        Thanks Christine!!…I am definitely looking forward to trying this look out this weekend…Is it at all possible to for you to do a tutorial…gold themed e/s with colored liner on the bottom!!!!PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

  36. Sarah

    I wanted to know what concealer you will recommend. rite now im using mac studio finish but looking for something better.
    and i also wanted to know what lipgloss will u recommend for a nc42 skin to go along melba blush.

    • Try Lychee Luxe for the lipgloss – I think you’d like it! Or Chai! :)

      For concealer, by MAC, I like Moisturecover. I’m not a fan of Studio Sculpt concealer, to be sure.

  37. Hello! and yay I am excitied to see what you have to say about Latisse Bimaprost solution for growing eyelashes? I have been using it for about 2.5 months right now, and I am totally addicted. What do you think? Would you ever use it?

    • I would never use something with the side effects Latisse can cause when it comes to eyes. Absolutely no chance for me! I know Erika from Makeupbag has been using it, and she likes it — it’s just not something I would use and risk my eye area. I would also not want my eye color to change at all.

  38. ak401

    primer and foundation question:
    i read about the stipple method (only stipple, no swirling after the fact) to achieve an air-brushed look.

    when i tried this technique over philosohy’s primer, The Present, the texture of everything got all weird. and yes, i had let the primer dry for at least 2 minutes.

    so, should i be using a different primer under the stipple method? can i use MUFE all matt (which i already own)? or is the foundation the problem? i have MAC select tint and and the new foundation (studio sculp, i think). both had the same weird gooey texture effect over The Present. Help!

    • What method were you using before? I wonder if the primer is “balling up” kind of. Have you tried using just a regular brush like the 109 instead of stippling to see if the same thing happens?

      • ak401

        hmm. i have tried swirling, after stippling, still using the the stipple brush, to fix the problem, but it is still kind of streaky. which leaves me thinking that its the primer-foundation combo that’s the problem rather than the brush. i haven’t used a different brush, mainly because i really wanted to try stippling to get that supposed HD/flawless/airbrushed effect

        but good point. i guess i have to experiment with different primers and foundations. i was hoping someone had already done that experimentation and could give me an easy out! πŸ˜› i spent about six months experimenting with concealers to work out a corrector and concealer combo that works for me (dark circles, don’t wear much other makeup, lazy, etc), and i’m exhausted!

        • Aww, I feel ya! Sometimes it’s such a pain to figure things out and how they work for you. I wish you luck and patience — let us know what you end up finding!

  39. kathy

    Hi, I’m going to New York soon, so I want some recommendations on what cool pro products I should get at MAC. Also what are some good eyeshadow colors that I should get (I’m planning on getting a 15-pan palette there as-well, so I’m wanting to fill that up since I only have a mac counter)


    P.S Thanks for posting these sessions! you’re awesome!

    • Natalie

      I am not Christine, but I would like to add: get Vellum, Cobalt and Lime! :)

    • Hi Kathy,

      I would definitely say check out the PRO pigments! That would be my first stop at the PRO store. I’d also check out the PRO brushes like the 205 mascara brush. If you’re into contouring, the Sculpt & Shape line is great.

      PRO also has a great range of bright shadows and matte shadows, so if either of those appeal to you, definitely grab ’em! Some of my favorite brights are Sour Lemon, Bio Green, and Bright Sunshine. I love nearly all of their mattes. Can’t go wrong with ’em (plus, you’ll be there, so you can swatch and see what you like!).

      What’s your eyeshadow style? What are you looking to get – brights, bolds, neutrals?

      • kathy

        I really like smokey looks and I really like neutrals, greens, and purples for my brown eyes. But I do want some brights since I never get to go to the pro store. Also have you tried Cantaloupe blush? Do you like it?

        • I like Cantaloupe blush the most out of the PRO blushes, but I do find it can lean a little dirty on my skintone!

          I’d definitely vote for Bright Sunshine, Sour Lemon, Bio-Green, Atlantic Blue, Vellum, and Naval for some PRO only shades :)

  40. beth

    My MAC select moisturecover shade is NW35, does this mean my foundation shade would be NW35 too? I used to think so but seeing macnc40’s blog made me think again too b/c shes the same ethnicity as me and similar in coloring so I don’t think I’m NW35 and probably closer to NC40? going to the counter would be the most accurate way to know but could you at least tell me if i am NW or NC for foundation?

    • I’m NC30 and I use NW30 for my concealer personally (so I use the opposite but same number). You can look at the color of your veins to check. If you look at the inside of your forearm, note the color of your veins. Greener veins = NC, bluer veins = NW.

      • beth

        thanks! my veins look more green and “cool” toned palettes/shades look awful on me; i guess I’m warm and NC then. thanks again!

      • hi

        Do NC and NW mean Natural Cool and Natural Warm? If you’re cool-toned, why would you use a warm foundation?

        • I believe they mean Neutral Cool and Neutral Warm, but I tend to remember it “Not Cool” and “Not Warm.”

          No matter what they mean in MAC-talk, NC is for warm tones, and NW is for cooler tones. I’m warm-toned and I have always used NC. NW looks extremely pinky on me.

  41. Mia

    Hey Christine, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post about the MAC Colour Craft Collection here, but since this is a session…I’ll ask anyway! πŸ˜›
    I’m still 15 but I’ve been keeping an eye out for every single MAC collection so far. I only wear eye makeup and some blush since I play a brass instrument in the morning and I don’t bother wear lip products (other than lip balm) during the day.
    Since checking out the swatches for the products, I really wanted to dish into the collection, but I don’t know which eye shadow to get! I’ve also been skeptical of the mineral skinfinishes and blushes being too glittery but looking at the swatches again, they don’t look too bad. But…I don’t know which to get either. But the lip products look fantaabulous too!
    Could you recommend just ONE eye shadow, ONE blush, ONE MSF and ONE lip product (doesn’t matter if lipgloss/lipstick) for me? And if it’s not too much of an hassle, could you tell me which one of those I should really consider purchasing? I’m in no shape of purchasing 4 products at the moment. πŸ˜›
    I am not afraid of bold colors, my skin tone is beige with strong yellow undertones (I am Asian), and my skin type is oily/combination (with redness). Sorry for such a long post! Thanks in advance. :)

    • Post anything you want πŸ˜‰

      If you like pinks, Girlish Romp. If you’re a more a neutral person, Natural Flare. If you like a little smokiness, Assemblage. For blush, I think either Daft Pink if you’re cooler toned, Cheek & Cheerful for warmer tones. For the mineralize skinfinish, Cheeky Bronze for warmer toned skin and Smooth Merge on cooler tones. For a lip product, I like Madly Creative for originality, but it may not be so wearable, so I’d probably cast a vote to Crazy Haute lipglass for wearability. Hard to recommend just one!

      For myself, if I did have to limit it to just one… I’d choose Natural Flare mineralize eyeshadow, Improvise mineralize brush, Smooth Merge mineralize skinfinish, Madly Creative lipstick.

  42. beth

    also, just wanted to tell you i LOVE the temptalia gallery – every time im looking for a MAC swatch i come here instead of google images :-)

  43. Ilona

    How did you get your acne to clear up? Or was it mostly due a bad product that caused your face to break out in combination with the weather change? For some reason my skin is breaking out like crazy and I haven’t tried anything new. Also, I’ve been scarring from my old acne too. Any product suggestions or tips? I also have a Clarisonic – what is your favorite cleaner to use with it?

    • Hi Ilona,

      I’ve been using Kate Somerville moisturizer lately, and I’ve found that’s really worked wonders on my skin! I also use Mario Badescu treatment products :)

      I like cleansers that foam up when I use the Clarisonic, and right now, I am loving Darphin Cleansing Foam Gel with Water Lily.

  44. daniela

    hey christine i only have like 2-3 simple questions :]

    1. whats your ethnicity?
    2. do you like owning THAT MUCH makeup?(i mean sometimes dont you think omg i need to clean all these makeup that i never use)
    3. do you have a myspace?

  45. Nadine

    Hey! I want to thank you for all the work you put into the website! Next:

    Vancouver just got a sephora!! And I’m going there tomorow. I want to pick up some UD eyeliners and UDPP or TFSI. Are there any good gift sets I should look out for? Is the sephora brand good? Is there anything else I should look out for?

    Where are you supposed put blush on you cheek? I never wear any for fear of looking silly!

    What areyou studying and when do you think you’ll be done? I am also going to school this summer so I feel you pain! I’m in engineering and takin 6 classes so your posts always brighten my day!

    As always, I’m looking forward to your response!

    • Thanks, Nadine! :)

      Sephora has some nice sets for Korres, Philosophy, and Urban Decay, I do believe! The Sephora brand is so-so — not everything is great, but most of it is decent. It’s worth checking out, though!

      Mostly the apples of the cheeks (smile really big and they’ll kind of be apparent), and then brushed a bit upwards/outwards towards your temple.

      I’m in a combined JD/MBA program, and I have about two years to go!

      Good luck in your summer courses! Six sounds like a ton!

    • Hyzenthlay

      I found some drugstore dupes for UD 24/7 liners, and they’re about half the price! The green is a DEAD ON dupe for Stash . . . The L’Oreal HIP Color Chrome eyeliners . . . They came out about a month ago, and the colors are bright and wonderful! They wear all day, and the texture is soft like the UD liners. I’d say check them out, if there’s a drugstore in your area that carries the HIP line! FYI, the purple is darker, not violet like the packaging suggests. The other colors (blue, silver, gold, but I haven’t tried the black) are truer to their packaging.

  46. Audrey

    what are the differences between mac glitters(reflects, crystalled, etc.) I have always wondered. Thanks, your website is so amazing and incredibly helpful to me and my fellow makeup junkies!

  47. Melissa

    Hey Christine, so my first question is, is it better to apply liquid foundation with a sponge or brush? Also, I need a foundation brush but they seem to be so expensive, so do you know of a good foundation brush that works well and is around 20 bucks? Or if a brush is better, same thing.

    • Personally, I prefer a brush. I’ve found I get better coverage, nicer finish, and I find brushes way easier to clean than sponges. Right now, I really love the 109 for foundation, but I believe that’s $32.

      Sigma Makeup makes a dupe to the 109, which is $14, so you could try that! (I’ve heard good things about their brushes, but I haven’t personally tried any.)

      • Melissa

        Thanks so much! (:
        Also, one more thing.
        In your opinion, which company makes the best foundation, Make Up Forever or MAC?
        I was thinking about trying Make up Forever HD Invisible Coverage Foundation…

        • MUFE HD feels like Studio Fix Fluid — in person, I don’t see much of a difference. I will say that MUFE HD photographs better, though! I think it really just depends on how your skin reacts to each brand’s foundations.

  48. Can you provide dupes for Girlish Romp quad please? :) Thank-you once again for everything! x

    • You could try Gleam, All That Glitters, Pink Freeze + Da Bling, and Pink Freeze for dupes. I don’t think there are great dupes for this quad of shadows, though. The light pink is the only one that seems really similar to an existing shade (Pink Freeze).

  49. Roxanne

    Hi Christine! Quick question: how do you sharpen your 24/7 UD pencils? I have one in Bourbon, which came with the Get Baked Kit and I L-O-V-E it but I have a horrible feeling I will damage it by sharpening it. The tip looks already kind of “loose”, if you know what I mean. I’ve heard you should only use UD’s Grind House sharpener… What do you think? Put it in the fridge first, maybe?

    Thanks :)

    • Hey Roxanne!

      I actually use the Urban Decay sharpener, LOL. I have two sharpeners – MAC & UD. So I always use my UD on the pencils. I’ve had no problems with it thus far, but I haven’t used it with another sharpener before. I think you could try it, and your fridge idea sounds like a good idea to me :)

  50. Cassie

    I have no idea how to use MSFs. Could you pleas explain their purpose? Also, I own odd couple mineralize eyeshadow. Is eccentricity to similiar to bother buying it?

    • You can use MSFs as blushers, highlighters, bronzers, or all over powders — just depends on how they look on you & how you want to use them. Some use them on lips and eyes, too.

      Eccentricity is still probably worth getting if you’re drawn to it :)

  51. Nicole15

    Christine, I desperately want a vibrant yellow eyeshadow. i love my goldmine, gorgeous gold & golden lemon pigment for creating yellow looks but i need something with a little more kapow. Chrome Yellow doesn’t do it for me & I wasn’t a huge fan of Bright Future from Style Warriors. I know Goin Bananas & Bright Sunshine were LE, but if i could get one of them, which would you reccommend? Is one better than the other? Can you give me a brief comparison & if you know of what type of finish they were?

    Thanks so much for everything you do!!! :)

    • I’d say Going Bananas personally :) Going Bananas is a little lighter yellow – maybe a bit more golden toned in the end – but it’s still very yellow. Bright Sunshine is just a bit more oomph sun yellow. You could, however, try Ben Nye’s Sun Yellow (I think that’s the name). You could also try MAC’s Primary Yellow Pigment. (Is that still around? I’m blanking!) Going Bananas is a frost, and Bright Sunshine is also a frost.

  52. AshleyMelissa

    Hi Christine…. I just want to say ever since I discovered Temptalia.. I’ve been hooked and it’s been less then a year. My boyfriend even knows that when I’m on the laptop I am most likely on your site! I have a question for you.. I am NC40-NC42 and I just wanted to know if I could pull off the Sunny by Nature MSF as a bronzer or contour? Or as either or.. pls and thank you! And what MSFs of colour craft would you recommend for my skintone. Thanks a bunch!

    • Aww!! :) Happy to have you reading, AshleyMelissa!

      Oh, I definitely think Sunny By Nature would make a lovely bronzer on you! I think it’d work better as a bronzer than a contour, just because I personally like contour colors that are a little grayer/deeper (e.g. Sculpt sculpting powder) – more “shadow” in color.

      I would recommend Cheeky Bronze & Warm Blend — if Warm Blend seems too dark, then Smooth Merge.

      • AshleyMelissa

        thsnk you for your recommendation.. one more question pls..what product would you recommend from the permanent line that i could use as a contour? To be specific.. I use NW35 as my concealer and medium dark msfn as my setting powder but I don’t know wat to use as my contour… thanks a lot!

  53. Michelle

    I have this annoying problem anytime I wear pencil eyeliner. After I put it on, after a couple hours, I always end up with an annoying smudge on my upper lid, especially in the inner corner part of my eyelid. Basically, it looks like I have a second line of eyeliner. Using primer doesn’t help. To skirt around the problem, I’ve always used liquid liner which doesn’t seem to have the same result. Still, I would REALLY appreciate any tips so that I could reintroduce more pencil eyeliner into my collection.


    • Hey Michelle,

      Are you lining the upper or lower lash line with the pencil when you have this problem? What pencil are you using? I would try setting your pencil with powder (either a similar colored eyeshadow or translucent powder) to see if that works.

  54. mememe

    hi! i was wondering if you think creme de miel from naked honey is worth buying. i don’t own any proper highlighting colours so i thought that might be good.if not, do you have any other sugestions? im from the uk and naked honey has only come out now along with colour craft!

    • I like it, but it’s not OMG! kind of color. I actually love a lot of MAC’s permanent highlighter shades – like Shroom, Phloof, and Ricepaper.

  55. Ali

    Hi I was wondering if you have any tips for lip care, especially during summer months? I drink water, use glosses with SPF, but would like to know if there is anything else I can do! Is there any treatment/product you recommend putting on before going to bed, for example? Or if before wearing lipstick, is it better to put on something?

    • Exfoliation!! I don’t know if you do it already, but definitely that. My favorite lip treatment kit is by Peter Thomas Roth, which includes a scrub, a clay/putty thing (makes lips SUPER SOFT), and an amazing balm. I could only find it at Amazon right now, though. (I got mine awhile ago.) I also like Sara Happ’s Lip Scrub. Very similar to PTR’s, just finer sugar.

      Nonethless, a super cheap method is just to take a bit of sugar and olive oil and voila. You can also use a toothbrush or washcloth.

      As far as moisturizing goes, I use tried and true Vaseline on my lips before bed. I have also been using MAC’s Naked Honey Salve, too. I think the trick is to get a very emollient, heavyweight lip balm to wear at night, so it sinks in while you sleep.

      A trick for before-application if my lips are dry that I use is I put on a balm/chapstick/vaseline about 15-20 minutes beforehand. Five minutes or so before I put on lipstick, I smoosh it onto the back of my hand to get rid of most of it. Then apply lipstick as usual!

  56. Amanda

    The whole Cool/Warm tone thing confuses me. According to MAC I am NC30. I wear a MUFE HD Foundation in 120 which is described as being for medium light skin with yellow undertones…Is this correct? It looks okay but I wasn’t sure. Also, if I am Cool toned, does that mean I look best in warm colors? It’s totally confusing. how do I know which colors look good on my skin tone? Especially blush + lip colors. thanks:)

    • liz

      In my experience, NW and NC mean “not warm” and “not cool”…I am warm toned, NC35, and cool colors look awful on me!

  57. AshleyMelissa

    Hi Christine… I asked a question but for some reason it disappeared or got deleted.. I am NC40-42 and I was wondering if the sunny by nature msf would be suitable for me as a bronzer or as a contour.. or if it wouldn’t suit me at all. Also, what msfs and blushes would you recommend for my skintone from the new colour craft collection. Ps… I loveeeee your site :)!

  58. Hi Xtine!! :)

    Do you take pictures of the MAC products at the store(new releases) or do you take picturtes of the prodcut at home?

    Just wondering, because I wish I could whip my camera out and take pictures of the product at the store, but not sure if its ok.

    • Hi Lala,

      I purchase everything, bring it home, and then I take photos at home. I’m not allowed to take photos in store, and I’ve never been able to get away with it!

  59. erika

    Hello Christine,
    My question is about MAC Colour Craft Collection …
    Could you recommend 1 eye shadow, 1 blush, 1 MSF, 1 lipstick and 1 lipgloss product for me?
    I like bold colors but my everyday makeup is more neutral.
    My skin tone is NC30 (I am half Japanese and half Italian), and my skin type is normal.
    Thank you so much for your attention!!!

  60. Nadine

    Another question: I always use SPF 50 on my face but I sometimes forget to put sunscreen on my body. Now my face is now much more pale than the rest of me. Bronzer does help but is there a face self tanner that works well?

    • I like St. Tropez for self-tanner — they’re just really on the mark for all things self-tanner! Xen-Tan is also a brand I trust for self-tanning!

  61. Vivian

    how long does MAC generally take to ship if I live in America?
    And I know you’re not a big fan of Triple Fusion, but what ways do you think it would look good used?

    • Hi Vivian,

      It depends where you live. When I’ve ordered from MAC online, it takes about 7 business days to get to me, since they ship from the east coast, and I live on the west coast.

      I think it works better as a highlighter, particularly on deeper skin tones.

  62. Christina

    Hi, Christine!

    How do you like NYX Cosmetics, specifically their eyeshadow products?

    What Mario Badescu products do you recommend to clear acne if you could only choose three?

    Thank you! Your blog is my absolute favorite. I love your format and your organization. More importantly, I love, love, LOVE that you use correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in your posts and comments. A bit strange, but it is a weird pet peeve I have with people who do not use their Shift key!

  63. Darby

    Hey Christine. I’m interested in buying a clarisonic brush for myself but I’m not sure if it’d be worth it. I’m 17 and my skin is in pretty good condition but a little oily with a few small breakouts. Do you think it’d be worth the money?

  64. Christina

    Another question:

    I noticed that you did swatches for the entire MAC Color Craft collection. Did you purchase the collection specifically to do swatches and reviews for the blog? Or would you have purchased the collection anyway for yourself? What do you do with the products after, especially the ones that did not win you over?

    I hope this question does not come off as rude — I am amazed that you always have the swatches and reviews posted up for most, if not all, of the new items from a given collection. I am always wondering what do you do with the items afterward; that is, if you do anything with them at all.

    • Hi Christina,

      I purchase each collection so that I can photograph everything upclose-and-personal like at home. (If I could do it in the store, I probably would — talk about saving money, LOL!) I wouldn’t have purchased the entire thing for myself if I wasn’t doing the blog. A lot of times I swatch in-store, and then I just photograph products at home — so I’m not touching them or using them in any way that ruins their newness. You know how sometimes I and other bloggers take our own photos of products you can win? (I guess it’s kind of “proof” that we have it!) Same idea — I treat it that way. I give a lot of things away, and if I’ve used something and don’t like it, I give it away to friends/family or else I keep it (which tends to be the case).

      There’s just no real, practical way to do lip swatches in store when there are 6+ lip products in a collection, either, and I’d like to think those are helpful :) So it makes buying them worth it so I can do those, too! I use disposable (and recyclable!) lip wands so I can pass my glosses along to friends/family if I want to, as well.

      • Christina

        Thanks for the reply!

        Your reviews and swatches are super helpful, and I appreciate them so much. It is incredible that you buy a bunch of makeup that you may not use yourself, and you review and swatch them for us so quickly. I know your lips must take a beating after, like, your tenth lipstick/lip gloss swatch of applying and wiping off the lip product! In case you did not see my above post since it has yet to be replied, I wanted to let you know that your blog is my absolute favorite beauty blog (and I frequent quite a few, too!).

  65. maddie

    love this opportunity to ask questions… here i go

    ( i have olive skin i case u
    1- best concealer for dark circles under eyes

    2- best lip pencil for keeping lipstick from feathering esp reds

    3- best moisturizer for normal to dry skin that i can use and then apply liq foundation( i was using Dior L’or d Vie but it makes the foundation clump up in little balls!) not good

    4- what do u know about Natura Bisse inhibit dermafill and tensolift?

    5-also Dr Brandts lineless cream.. any feedback or remarks?

    • Hi Maddie,

      I like MAC Moisturecover and YSL Touche Eclat for concealer, but I don’t have super dark circles, so I haven’t been able to truly test drive a concealer to see if can cover severe dark undereye circles!

      I like UD 24/7 in clear :)

      Right now, I love Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Moisturizer, but it’s a bit pricey. I’d say her Oil Free Moisturizer works just as well :)

      I haven’t heard much (or know much) about Natural Bisse or Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Cream, sorry!

  66. LipstickCouture

    Hi Christine,

    I know it has already been said, but I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for maintaining such a wonderful website Christine and helping to answer our makeup questions.

    I hope this is not a repeat (i tried to read all the q&A’s above, but may have still missed this one), so my apologies if i have.

    Is there such a thing as a HG Mascara? One that lengthens providing drama, volumises, holds curl, doesn’t clump, flake nor smudge and is waterproof?

    I absolutely love Maybelline’s full&soft mascara but its just not dramatic enough. And i have heard that a cheap dupe for YSL faux cills is Loreal’s voluminous. What mascara do you recommend?

    Thank you for your time =)

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! :)

      I think some people have found their HG mascara. One person’s HG isn’t another person’s, though, so there’s definitely no universally amazinggg mascara.

      My favorite mascara is still Plushlash. I adore the blackness of the mascara, and it gives me longer, thicker lashes. I do love Chanel Exceptionnel, but it is pricey. DiorShow flaked on me, but I know others who consider it HG status. CoverGirl Lash Blast is pretty good, too — though I’d like it to thicken more personally.

      I have always loved Maybelline Full ‘n Soft (used it for years!), but I agree that it’s not a super dramatic look.

  67. Bea

    Hi Christine!

    Me again!

    Can you recommend a concealer for oily and acne skin? And a good primer as well? Another thing, what is your opinion of Chanel’s exceptionnel mascara? Is it worth the price?

    Thank you so much!

    • I like Korres’ primer, but I don’t know if it’s great on oily skin – I don’t think it’s bad necessarily, I just don’t know if it’ll excel! I think you might want to look into a mattifying primer or gel, because I find those work way better at helping control oiliness! As far as concealers go, I like MAC Moisturecover or Kanebo’s Brush-type concealer. Just make sure to set it with translucent powder!

      I love Chanel’s Exceptionnel mascara — it’s just pricey. Here’s the review I did on it:

  68. CoCo

    Hey Christine, I bought the korres tinted moisturizer and I wanted to know a better way to apply it. I love the coverage and it smells so good but it seems to dry so fast and it accentuates some flaky spots on my skin. Do you ever have that problem with this product and if so… what do you do to fix it?

  69. Heather

    Hi! Have you tried any lip primers such as Laura Geller Lip Spackle or the new Urban Decay one? I have lots of lines on my lips, I don’t want to say wrinkly but maybe they are. Also, having something to neutralize the color would also be nice, especially for nude lips (which I haven’t been able to achieve). How do you care for your lips lol? Am I the only one with this problem? It is really hard to wear matte lippies b/c of this.

    • I haven’t tried either, unfortunately! :(

      I tend to use MAC Lip Erase or just plain ol’ foundation when I want to neutralize my lip color. Personally, I use a sugar scrub every few days, and then I am always using a balm during the day. At night, I apply a layer of Vaseline.

  70. Amber

    When are contest winners going to be selected (not makeup, I know. I’m just curious)?

    • Winners have all been notified as of any contests that ended early last week. I don’t post winners on the blog due to legal reasons, since there are a significant amount of entries, the only way to truly announce a winner is to give both a first and last name. To do that, I need their consent, and to have their consent, I need them to be 18+ and U.S. only. Instead of all that legal mumbo-jumbo and to keep contests open to as many as possible, I email winners privately. I update contest posts in chunks with a little sentence that says “winners have been notified” once I’ve received all winners’ addresses.

      • Amber

        Thanks!! I’m gonna go check if I won one. Not likely….but I’m crossing my fingers πŸ˜€

  71. AndreaMarie

    Hi Christine,
    Could you recommend a highlight powder with subtle sheen for an NW20 complexion? Thanks!

  72. Jay

    What is your HG nude lipstick/lipgloss? I’ve been trying to find one for ages, and though I’m a bit lighter-toned than you, I’d love to know which products you prefer.

    • Cle de Peau #2. Really pricey, though. A similar dupe would be MAC Nymphette or NARS Orgasm lipgloss. Neither are perfect, but they’re similar.

      As for a lipstick, I love MAC Brave New Bronze, which was LE, but it worked really well on me.

  73. Jody

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you so much again for doing these! Your amazingness is out of control! I honestly can’t live without you. Thanks to you, I now have a Mac collection, it will never ever touch yours but it makes me smile. :)

    Two of my favorite eyeshadows to wear are Handwritten and Brun but I have an incredible amount of fall out with these, this happens as I am applying them on my lid. I do apply Soft ochre paint pot first but it still happens. Is there a way to avoid this? I am using the 239 brush.

    Would you please compare Soft ochre paint pot to Painterly paint pot? I am fair/medium skinned and I really like Soft orchre but it is a little yellow on me, not sure if this is a good thing though so I was wondering if Painterly might work better for me?

    Unfortunately my closest Mac store is 2 hours away so I rely on you for all of my make-up choices when ordering online. I have ordered from a place called All Cosmetics Wholesale and I was wondering if you were familiar with this place? I have not received any fakes but I want to make sure that they are legit.

    I can only get 2 of the msf from the color craft collection, can you please recommend 2 for me, I currently have Perfect topping and I love this one. I have blue veins so I believe I am cool toned. Dark hair, dark eyes. I was thinking of Sunny by Nature and Porcelin pink but I need your Goddess opinion. lol

    Oh and last question, how old is your dog?

    Thanks so much Christine!!

    • Aww, Jody!! You are too sweet :) Thank you!

      I’m surprised to hear you’re having fall out problems with Handwritten and Brun! Do you think you might be packing too much on the brush? Both colors are fairly pigmented, so you don’t need much when applying! Perhaps try a fluffier brush like the 217 and see if that helps!

      I think you would like Painterly more. The way it goes is Painterly does have some pinkness to it, whereas Soft Ochre has more yellow. So in the end, Painterly tends to suit cooler tones while Soft Ochre tends to suit warmer tones.

      I have heard of the place, and as far as I know, they’re legit in terms of what they sell. As far as I know, MAC does not have authorized dealers such as that place, but I’ve heard from many who are very knowledgeable about authenticity of MAC products who are satisfied with those products.

      If you like Perfect Topping, I think you would like Porcelain Pink, too. But on the same token, they might be a little similar so maybe you want something different. I’d say try either Smooth Merge (if you want something more colored) or Triple Fusion (if you want something lighter). Sunny By Nature is a great choice, though it is more of a bronzer – not sure if you’re looking for that! :)

      My dog is 1 1/2 years old now!

  74. Kate M.

    Hi Christine, this is such a nice idea!! I know that you love coral lippies or glosses and so do I!! I’m still looking for my perfect one since mine got discontinued =( Do you think you can recommend a gorgeous coral lippie (or many) or pigmented coral gloss that you love?? I had high hopes for Chanel Coral Reef and Candy Glow but I found them a little too pale, my lips are pretty unpigmented.

    Thanks so much!!

    • Breane

      I am no expert but I love coral lips too. Some of my faves are YSL’s Peach Passion, it’ super glossy for me and Mac’s Costa Chica is nice as well!

    • Natalie

      I second Peach Passion. MAC Ravishing is gorgeous too!
      With glosses, I love Chanel Tangerine Dream and MAC Utterly Posh Dazzleglass

    • I liked Chanel’s Tangerine Dream, actually. I found that to be more of a coral than Candy Glow (I haven’t tried Coral Reef). I don’t actually have many coral favorites that are permanent. I just don’t seem to find many I adore. My favorite of all time is MAC’s Mari-sheeno, which isn’t available any more. (Apparently, it is permanent in Asia, go figure!) So I am like you… still hunting :(

  75. Kate M.

    Oh and if they’re glossy/slightly shimmery that’s even better thanks!!

  76. Breane

    I LOVE your website and must say my make-up collection has nearly doubled since finding it a few months ago! This is kind of a strange question… I’m wondering if you remember the Madame B collection from so many years ago? I loved it and was wondering if you could recommed some dupes for the eye shadows in that collection. Also, I’m a big fan of the YSL lipstick and am looking for a bright, almost strawberry pink shade. I tried caress pink and love it but it’s a bit muted. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!!!

    • Thanks, Breane! :)

      I do remember Madame B, actually. It was the first collection that I bought all of the eyeshadows from. As far as dupes are concerned, there aren’t any *great* dupes in the permanent range. If I had to pick, though… Metamorph = Juxt, Meadowland = Tilt+Aquadisiac (this is iffy), Mothbrown = Club+brown, Plum = Blackberry, Pink Papillon = Swish, and Pollen = Nylon.

      For the YSL lipstick, try Frivolous Pink — I think it is a bit more pink and might be just what you’re looking for. It’ll be out in a week or two — it’s new for fall :)

  77. Kim

    I was wondering if you could compair the triple stripe MSF from Color Craft to the BBR MSFs. . . they seem really similar in color and I was wondering if they swatch similiarly

  78. Heather

    Hey Christine! I know that Temptalia is not run completely by you (It’s in your FAQs why you always say “we”). What exactly do the others do?

    • Hi Heather,

      Well, technically, Temptalia is really just me (like in terms of who owns it, who writes it, who is the “face” of it, haha). My boyfriend, though, does the backend/technical/coding part of the site. He implements and designs the layout, keeps the site working and running smoothly, makes it so we have cool plugins or features, all that good stuff :) Otherwise… that’s it! I think of WE as you and me. You and all the people who read the blog. Like a big family :)

  79. deadCat

    Hi. I was wondering is there any way of getting a MAC eyeshadow out of the black case(with out killing it) , so I can put it into a 15 palette? Thanks ppl.

    • Hi,

      It’s called “Depotting!” If you Google “MAC depotting” you should get some good results :) I know there are YouTube videos on it, too!

  80. aaj83

    this is more of a request than a question…
    but christiiiiine why have you stopped taking the full-face shot pics in which one can see the whole eyelid :(.. i loooove normally look at the side or look down in order for the whole look to be prominent..
    i actually get a MUCH better idea when i see those pics..please please do take those pics…sniff sniff..

    would really appreciate it.. :)

    • I don’t always do those, unfortunately, because they are much harder to take since I can’t see what I’m doing. I do it sometimes, when they turn out right. I’m sorry you miss them! If one isn’t in a post, it just means that I couldn’t get a good one taken.

  81. I am very interested in leaving my old life behind including freelancing and taking beauty to a whole new level. How did you begin and do you have a tips for blogging, being able to be on the front line for reviewing products and really helping others with the amount of knowledge you can provide to your readers and helping others by doing what you do and having the opportunities you have. I want to take my channel to a whole new level now. More than hauls. I am now doing reviews, Embrace your Short Hair 101, etc. I would love advice on how to do more to help the beauty community.I would love to dedicate my days/evenings to this industry. Thank you.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Just be yourself and love what you do. Put all your effort into it if that’s what you really want to do, and people will recognize that! Unfortunately, there’s no magic recipe for success, but I feel if you love what you do and it shows, an audience will come!

  82. How do you decide which lipstick to wear with your eyeshadow?

    I can’t seen to wear Costa Chic without looking/feeling ridiculous.

    I also can’t seem to get Viva Glam SE VI SE l/s to look right on me.

    (I’m NC37/NC40)
    My HG l/s is Hue, so I generally wear a toned-down lip… but still, I feel like the right eyeshadows would make Costa Chic and VG work for me.

    • I’d pair Costa Chic with greens, golds, or neutrals, but most likely with greens. If you find Costa Chic too bright or frosty, I’d layer it with a nude or creamy gloss to tone it down.

      I like VG VI SE with golds, burgundies, smokey eyes, and neutral eyes. I’d probably try layering with a golden shimmer lipglass and see if that helps!

      For me, I pair lipsticks with eyeshadow based off of experience. I have certain go-to color families depending on my eyes. For greens, I usually opt for a coral or bronze lip. For purples, a cool-toned pink or purple-based lip and so on and so forth :)

  83. Evan

    Hey Christine! I’m still trying to get over how much time and effort you put into this beauty blog! it is really appreciated =D. I was wondering what mac collection was your favorite that came out. thanks!

  84. sunshine817

    hello there christine, i’m planning to get the new 131 brush but i don’t really know much about it. can you tell me more about it. is it worth $40? also one more thing, i’m looking for cream/stick foundation. what do you recommend? i’m nc30-35.

    • I don’t think it’s really worth $40. I’d rather get the 188 or 187 for that price (if you don’t have either). It’s sort of like the 116 brush, just duo-fibre, and way fluffier.

      I’ve only loved Eve Pearl’s Dual Foundation, which is a cream foundation. I can’t think of any other cream foundations I’ve fallen for! I did like Prescriptives AnyWear, which is a stick foundation, but it can be a bit heavy.

  85. Kathleena

    I am a NW45 and I have always been so into blushes. I wear only Mac Raizin and Pinch Me. I just ordered Eversun and On a Mission during SUMO and I hate them. I just look ashy. Is there any more blushes out there that you can recommend for dark skin that won’t make me look ashy?

  86. Michelle

    I have heard so much about MAC face and body foundation. What are your thoughts. Is it pro only? I have tried several MAC foundations Studio fix, mineralized satin finish, and also studio sculpt. I have also tried out surreal or something and it wasn’t for me. I like the previous 3. Just curious why pple love the F& B so much.

    Thanks. I love this site.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I don’t think it’s PRO only, but I’m not positive. I know that it is being released/promoted with the MAC HD collection later this fall. I think by Surreal you mean Hyper Real :)

      Face & Body is light to medium coverage, goes on sheerly, builds in layers if desired, and gives a slightly dewy look. I like it, particularly during the summer, though I tended to prefer Studio Fix Fluid over it, just for the heavier coverage.

  87. Elise

    What is your favorite cleanser/toner/moisturizer? Do you know of any drugstore skin products that work well too? Thanks again πŸ˜€

    • Hi Elise,

      Gosh, it’s ever-changing. (It’s the failing of being a beauty junkie!)

      Right now, I am loving Darphin’s Waterlily Gel Cleanser, Kate Somerville’s Deep Tissue Moisturizer, and Mario Badescu’s Special Cucumber Lotion (toner).

      As far as drugstore skin products, I’ve always had good luck with Olay and Neutrogena — as well as Cetaphil.

  88. Shyla

    Hi Christine,
    I’m a NW45-50 and was wondering what you would reccommend from the Color Craft collection, also what blush from MAC’s perminant line would you suggest? One more think do you think I should go for dark or deep dark msf natural? I live to far from a MAC counter so would really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, Shyla x

    • Just one blush?! I like Mocha, Gingerly, and Peaches for more neutral blushes. Breezy, Plum Foolery, and Fever are deeper, richer blushes that are nice, too. I’d probably say Deep Dark MSF!

      As far as the Colour Craft Collection goes, I’d definitely check out Made With Love and Ever Embellish lipsticks, any of the glosses, Style Demon/Hand-finish blushes, Natural Flare eyeshadow, Sunny By Nature/Warm Blend MSFs.

  89. Tehreem

    I dont have a question because your posts pretty much cover everything and leave no room for questions which is great!I just want to say u are beautiful and this is def. the BEST make up site out there! You can see your effort in every post. I am a daily visitor, seriously i am addicted!! I am sorry if this comment is a day late…maybe u wont read it..but if u do…i just wanted to say how beautiful you are. Also, your looks are awesome and just keep doing what you do!! may npot have all the money in the world to buy some of these things but i get ideas and try to recreate them with what i have got. GREAT JOB keep it up and i hope ur dog is well πŸ˜‰

    • Aww, thank you SO much, Tehreem! It is just amazing to hear you say so many nice things. It’s not late at all, I read all of the comments on the site, even if I am not super speedy at getting back to everyone all the time.

      Thank you again :)

  90. Katie

    Hey Christine, does MAC Satinfinish Foundation settle into thin lines? And also, what powder (pressed or loose) would be good to use over it? Thank you!

    • It can, but if you buff it out and then set with powder, you shouldn’t have any trouble with it! I like Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder right now!

  91. Esh

    Hi! how are you?

    my questions are: do you do all the stuff on your website alone or do you have ppl to help you?

    if this site your regular job or do you work at something else? and if so, where do you work? :)


    • Hi Esh,

      The only person who helps is my boyfriend, and he does the tech stuff (like coding, making sure the site is running, etc.). I don’t work unless you count the blog as a job :) (Some don’t)

  92. Samantha

    Hey Christine,
    Would you mind ever showing us yourself without any makeup on? Would like to see a total transformation….

  93. Steph

    Firstly I love, love, love your site. Thanks for being an invaluable resource!

    Secondly, I’m Eurasian too but if I looked a quarter as gorgeous as you I would be a happy chickie. Except I got the worst of all combos. LOL!

    OK, the Qs are (apologies first for asking so many):
    I’m quite yellow-toned & am a NC20/25. Yet I have blue veins. How’s that possible? Is that why I cannot carry off warm tones without looking dirty and/or dull? No wonder cool tones seem to work on me instead. Am I on the right path or should I be doing something else? So confused now.

    I’m a little afeared of MSFs too. Only use them as highlight or blush. Can you recommend one that I can use as an all-over powder without emphasizing my massive wrinkles or making me look oily or a glitter-ball, yet look nice & glowy?

    I used to have an Estee Lauder lavender blush which looks fab on me but it’s been DC-ed. Any MAC equivalent?

    Lastly, (for now) I tried a couple of Bobbie Brown nude lippies but looked so washed out everyone thought I was ill! Coffee tones makes me look like I used a bad self-tanner. Any recommendations for a girlie who likes to wear smokey eyes, and tends to veer towards purples, blues, greens & if going more natural, pink & browns?


    • Hi Steph,

      Awww! Don’t say that! You’re your own worst critic πŸ˜›

      I’d really go by your veins, particularly if you have found that cooler tones work better on you. You might even run more neutral than warm or cool!

      The only MSF I’d really recommend for all-over is MSF Natural. I don’t think any of the regular MSFs are particularly great for all-over, because I think they’re too shimmery.

      I have no idea what the Estee Lauder blush looks like! Could you tell me more about it?

      Are you looking for Bobbi Brown lipsticks or anything? I think a shade like MAC Honeylove might work well on you, or you could try Hue or Hug Me, which are pinker!

  94. Evelyn

    Hey Christine!
    I already own Moon River and I was wondering if there’s any face product in the Colour Craft collection that I should skip
    My Moon River did shatter though…haha

  95. Whitney

    Just curious, how do you select winners for contests, I know you select randomly….but how? :)

    • First, I create an Excel spreadsheet and paste all of the entries (so I can include RSS emails, forum names, twitter names, too). Then I use a random number generator to give me a number between 1 and however many entries there are.

  96. maddie

    oops!! did u forget me?? looks like i was the only one not answered :-( lol

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    love this opportunity to ask questions… here i go

    ( i have olive skin i case u
    1- best concealer for dark circles under eyes

    2- best lip pencil for keeping lipstick from feathering esp reds

    3- best moisturizer for normal to dry skin that i can use and then apply liq foundation( i was using Dior L’or d Vie but it makes the foundation clump up in little balls!) not good

    4- what do u know about Natura Bisse inhibit dermafill and tensolift?

    5-also Dr Brandts lineless cream.. any feedback or remarks?

    • Here are my answers again –

      Hi Maddie,

      I like MAC Moisturecover and YSL Touche Eclat for concealer, but I don’t have super dark circles, so I haven’t been able to truly test drive a concealer to see if can cover severe dark undereye circles!

      I like UD 24/7 in clear :)

      Right now, I love Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Moisturizer, but it’s a bit pricey. I’d say her Oil Free Moisturizer works just as well :)

      I haven’t heard much (or know much) about Natural Bisse or Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Cream, sorry!

  97. Zee

    Hey Christine,
    I am wondering if you have a release date for YSL’s Frivolous Pink Rouge Volupte?!

  98. AMS

    Hi Christine, my colour is NC40-NC42… what would be the best sculpt and shape powders for my skin tone from the mac pro store. Also, I use medium/dark msfn everyday.. would dark msfn be a good contour besides the sculpt and shape and i could i use medium msfn as a highlight or would it be too matte for a highlight? PLS let me know… I completely value your tips and I’ve wanted to know this forever… thank you. P.s. you are stunning!:)

    • Accentuate/Sculpt! :)

      I think Dark MSFN would be okay, too! I like the MSFN as a contour, just because it’s easy to get.

      Thank you!

      • AMS

        So Accentuate/Sculpt over Lightsweep/Shadester in your opinion? And what is a nice hightlight for my face (forehead, nose, cheeks chin etc)from the permanent line that you can suggest for me please, if I were to use Dark MSFN as my contour? Would Medium MSFN be too matte as a highlight for me… pls some ideas so that i can take a look at these products from the permanent line. THANK YOU!!!

        • Yes, I think so! I think Shadester is too dark, and it runs a bit too warm, IMO.

          I like Soft & Gentle MSF for a highlighter. I think that would be pretty :) I tend to use Dior’s skinshimmers for my highlighter of choice, though. Medium MSFN will likely be too matte to highlight, but you could try it in store if that’s possible to see!

  99. abby

    Hi Christine! i have a question about prep + prime eye from MAC. I use painterly paint pot and i really like it because the eyeshadows last a long time without creasing. What is the difference between using paint pots as base and the prep + prime for eyes? thank you!

  100. Natalie

    Christine, what is your HG concealer again please?
    So far I tried Bobbi Brown, MAC Select Moisture, Laura Mercier, Koh Gen do and Benefit Erase Paste. I find Benefit Erase Paste works the best for the dark circles, but it doesn’t cover up the dark spots as well as I hoped. I am thinking about getting Shu pro concealer, but it feels too stiff for the under eyes.