Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer!

I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly– as in, today! :) Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier!

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316 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #012

  1. *neena*

    Hi Christine!

    Thanks so much for doing this! I love these sessions!

    I was wondering if you could recommend a good bronzer or MSF color to use for contouring. For reference I am a NC40.

    Keep up the great work! I love your site!

    • I’d use 1-2 shades deeper than your regular matching shade for MSF naturals. I think maybe Dark or Deep Dark for your skin tone. I don’t personally love contouring with bronzer so much, as they do tend to have shimmer (I prefer matte contouring shades). I’d probably opt for the MSF over bronzer in general as a contouring option.

      Here’s a post about my favorite bronzers over $30 –
      And of course, best bronzers under $30 –

      Benefit’s On 10 powder is a highlighting/contouring duo, too, which I just recently tried out and love the smooth texture.

  2. anne

    hi Christine!

    i know you are a loyal MAC user, but what do you think of NARS? Especially their blush powders, eyeshadows and Multiples? It’s tempting for me to buy some stuff whenever i visit our local NARS counter, but it’s more expensive than MAC! are they better? are there lots of dupes for MAC items?

    sorry for the heavy questions… thank you for all the help! i really appreciate it!

    • Hi Anne,

      I’m actually not that loyal to MAC — I love a ton of different brands and buy regularly from them these days! I’d just say I use MAC the most because I know it best and it is the more popular brand, too. Plus, I have so much from when I was a ridiculously addicted and loyal MAC fan ;P ANYWAY, that is all to say that I can appreciate other brands in addition to MAC, including NARS.

      NARS is famous for their blushes. Their blushes are large, intensely pigmented, and come in a large variety of shades. You definitely can’t go wrong with NARS blushes. I believe the NARS blushes aren’t so much more expensive than a MAC blush. I only own a few NARS eyeshadows, but they are smooth and pigmented most of the time. I find the eyeshadows–especially lately–can be hit or miss. I like the Multiples in sticks, but not the Multiple duos (too sheer and not creamy).

      As far as dupes go, you’re bound to come across a few!

      • anne

        thanks! i am looking into more of their blushes and Multiples. i guess i will try a few out!

        uhh, how do you find MUFE products? –> sorry for the follow up question! =p

        • MUFE is known for high pigmentation and overall a good standard of quality across the brand’s products. I don’t own much MUFE, but I have swatched it at Sephoras before and pigmentation is always great. They have a ton of colors, too, which is always a plus!

    • Nathalie

      I’m not Christine but I think I can share my Nars experience. I own a Nars “Nomad” (cream texture) which is a gorgeous khaki color. I ignore how good are the powder regular eyeshadows at Nars but stay away from the cream formula ones. They crease and melt like crazy and with or without base it’s impossible to get a clean result more than 10 minutes. I payed a fortune for it (somthing like 22€) and never wear it because I cannot trust it. Here’s my two cents!

      • anne

        thanks nathalie! i have oily skin, so i’ll remember to stay away from the cream shadows. the Multiples are good though! i guess cos it’s a cream to powder formula? =)

        • Nathalie

          You’re welcome, Anne. It’s my pleasure to help. (I have a combination skin by the way, my eyelids are normal – neither dry neither oily. So I’d say go for powder!)

  3. Felicia

    Hi Christine!
    You might’ve mentioned this before and I probably missed it, but what shade of MAC foundation are you?
    Thanks! and have a great sunday! :)

    • I was NC30 for years… YEARS! Now I’m NC25, which I think is too dark for me, so I might be NC20 (which just sounds impossible to me, for real!).

      • No way! I wouldn’t have guessed from your pictures that you’re that light. You looked a little tan. Pictures are so deceiving! I *was* NC20 and now I’m NC30.. looks like we’ve switched! (No question here, just commenting!)

        • I feel tan, I look tan (though not super tan or anything). But seriously, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m tempted to just sit outside for an hour so all my old foundations will match again.

  4. Chocobon

    Hi Christine, thnx so much for doing this, I would like to know how does fig1, shadowy lady and cassette e/s (from the heatherette trio) compare to each other?
    Thnx in advance :)

    • Fig. 1 is closer to Cassette than Shadowy Lady, but I think Cassette runs more purple whereas Fig. 1 is an eggplant color. Fig. 1 would be my pick amongst the three! Shadowy Lady is incredibly dark and deep compared to the two of them, and I wouldn’t compare it to either two normally (since they’re not dupes).

  5. Hey I was wondering: When am *I* going to win something? lol :(

  6. Brenda

    good morning Christine!! Thanks for the opportunity for questions (without feeling like i’m going off topic in another thread LOL). Can you please tell me the concept of MSF and how/what they are used for?? I really have no idea but i see them in every collection!! I feel silly :S

    • Morning, Brenda! :)

      MSF are to be used as any of the following (and then some!):

      1.) Highlighters
      2.) Blushers
      3.) All-over-powders
      4.) Bronzers
      5.) Contourers

      It really just depends on the MSF, your skin tone, and what it works best for you as. For instance, the MSF Naturals can be used as foundations, setting powders, bronzers, or contouring shades. The colored MSFs are often used as highlighters if they’re light, blushers if they’re more pigmented (or you’re lighter in tone), or even bronzers (if the shoe fits).

  7. kiran

    I have been using NC40 Select SPF 15 Foundation. It is the best color match for me, but in a matter of hours it tends to discolour, even with primer. Do you know what brand would carry similar tones and have less chance of oxidizing?

    Also can you recommend blush colors that would go well with an NC40?

    Thanks xxx

    • You could try MAC Face & Body or MUFE Face & Body. I find both are similar to Select, at least for me.

      Try blushes like Margin, Ambering Rose, Sunbasque, Springsheen, Peachykeen, Honour!

      • kiran

        thank you so much, hope you dont mind me askin another question….what is the difference between select and studio, i pretty much just bought whatever the MAC woman gave me lol.

        • Select is a sheerer foundation, very thin feeling and meant to give you light coverage. Studio Fix Fluid/Powder are both more medium coverage foundations (you might even call the Fluid version light to medium). Studio Fix fluid is thicker than Select.

  8. sshortiix33

    Hi christine!

    Do you know if there’s any starflash collection comin out again?

    • I haven’t heard anything, but I only have information up to Euristocrats/Graphic Garden (so mid-July). If there is a Starflash redux, it’ll be in the August timeframe as a fall collection.

  9. hi

    Ga’Morning, Christine! πŸ˜‰

    I’m always trying to create the perfect smokey eyeliner. I normally draw thin lines with MAC’s Powerpoint Pencil in Engraved (black) in small sections to ensure the line doesn’t set before I smudge it with an eyeshadow-covered fingertip. Even so, sometimes my lines become harsh – any tips for smudging liner with shadow?

    • Morning! :)

      I like the 214 smudging brush or the 219. You might also find a sponge-tip applicator works better for smudging, too. I do find Powerpoints are harder to smudge, though. Also, another way to smudge a stubborn liner is to use a brush (like the 214 or 219) and apply a similar colored shadow to help make it look smudged!

      • hi

        While doing my makeup today, I actually answered this question myself, lol! I was doing pink and bronze smokey eyes, and I needed SUPER smokey liner to pull it off. I took my 214 brush, ran my Powerpoint over the tip, and lined my lashlines. BAM! SUPER smudgy, smokey eyes. It worked so well for what I wanted!
        MAJOR tip to remember when using this new technique:
        Do NOT cover the entire tip with liner, or you’ll get raccoon eyes! D:
        Thanks for all the help! :)

  10. Tracy

    Hi Christine! I love reading your blog every day! I sort of have two questions – I thought I saw that you mentioned something about Smashbox primer – and I was wondering your opinion about that or other primers – what primer do you use or recommend. Also – now that summer is coming, I hate to wear heavy foundation when it’s hot out, because my foundation tends to melt, even with primer, but my face is oily and red/blotchy, so what can I use that even out my skin tone and stay in place! Thanks so much!!

    • Hey Tracy,

      I don’t really use primer in my regular routine, to be honest, because I don’t find I need it. I’m hoping to start testing primers soon, though, so maybe I’ll have more to say on this matter :) I do like Eve Pearl’s Moisturizing Primer, Korres’ Primer, and MAC’s Prep & Prime. I have several more to try, soon, hopefully!

      You might try Clinique’s anti-redness products, because I have found those to work well. You might find using a cream treatment might help to even out your skin tone a bit more over the long haul than a foundation, you know? So then you’d have to cover less :)

      I’d also say keeping a blotting/pressed powder at the ready so you can re-set your foundation as it heats up.

    • Nicole15

      Tracy – I too, suffer from oily skin & red/blotchiness. I use primers & it does help my foundation stay on, but it does take a lot of trial & error to find the right one for you. For redness, I have been using at night Korres Yogurt Cream. It is a phenomenal calming cream that takes all the redness out of my skin, but does not clog my pores at all. It’s a great product and is sold at Sephora!

  11. ellebelle

    Hey Christine!
    Do you have any non-cosmetic routines that you follow for healthy skin, such as vitamins or certain foods? (Any interesting things you’ve heard but never tried?)

    Also, this is a suggestion… I like your posts that list the best eyeshadows or lipsticks by color, but I’d love it if you had swatches in your posts as well in addition to descriptions.
    Thanks a lot!

    • I take a multi-vitamin and try to drink more water (because I never drink enough).

      I would say that taking vitamin E helps to improve skin tone/appearance a bit, but usually 6-8 weeks before you see anything. Eating healthier/better (less processed foods) may improve appearance, too. Drinking lots of water helps to flush out your system and keep your body running at its tops, including skin.

      I don’t own all of the products on the must-have lists, because I’ve given them away or I’ve opted to keep LE versions and give away the permanent versions (or just not bought them). After my finals are done, I will try to go to MAC and see if I can swatch some things there. I just don’t usually have 2-3 hour chunks of time to spare :/

  12. hi

    ‘Nuther question πŸ˜‰

    Do you have a good pick from any of MAC’s face products – like their range of blushes and MSF’s – that would be a pale pink powder with a high amount of refined and NOT chunky shimmer? I’m a VERY pale, freckled, neutral-to-warm toned redhead, just to see if that might affect what pale pink highlighters work best on me.

    Thx!! πŸ˜€

  13. Hannah

    what mascara would you reccomend for someone with already very long and dark lashes?

  14. Natalie

    Hi Christine,
    Okay, I was going to pass Lickable as I already own Girl About Town, Hollywood Nights and Show Orchid :) Do you think Lickable would look very much similar to the other two? I am also thinking about getting YSL Forbidden Burgundy, which might look Fuchsia if I sheer it out a bit. I am NC20 for reference. I would hate to miss out on a great lipstick hehe.

    • I think Lickable is more neutral toned than the other three, which tend to run a bit cooler. It might not be *quite* as bright as well. They are all a bit similar, though πŸ˜› If you wear hot pinks a lot, it is worth getting!

  15. Virginia

    Hi Christine,

    do you know a dupe for Creme d’Nude lipstick? It’s my HG nude colour, but unfortunately it’s not perm in my country…
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Chynna

    Hi Christine,
    don’t take any offense with this, but I was wondering, how can you afford to buy all that MAC makeup? I’ve seen the massive amount of space it takes up.
    thanks, Chynna

  17. Hey, my boyfriend is going to be in new york at the end of the month anything you can recommend I ask him to get me while he’s there? I made a list but I want more ideas LOL. Anything that you can only buy there. I live in eastern Canada so we got not much here for makeup. I buy online a lot :)

    • Eve Pearl’s Studio is located in NYC, and I like a lot of her products (though you *can* buy her stuff online, too). A lot of people like Ricky’s, which is a NYC-based store with lots of bobs and bits beauty-related.

      Hopefully some native NYCers can help you out, as I’ve only been there twice!

    • lesleykat

      I live in NYC and i highly recomend Ricky’s and the Alcone NYC store. Ricky’s doesn’t have an online store but Alcone does. you can make a list and just have him pick it all up. Its a small shop, but it’s PACKED with amazing professional products. Last time i went i dropped over $200 and was quite satified with my finds.

      google both stores to find the locations. Ricky’s are all over the place and the Alcone NYC store is in Hell’s kitchen/west of times square.

  18. iloovemakeup

    Hi! what would your recommendation of a perfume be??? I’m not very good at describing scents so I really don’t know what I like. But, some of my favorites are MAC’s Hue:Turquatic. I’m looking for a new scent.

    • It’s hard to make recommendations without knowing what you like, lol! I think Turquatic is similar to D&G Light Blue. Any reason you’re looking for a new scent?

      Some of my personal favorites are Dior Addict, Burberry The Beat, Vera Wang LOOK, and Lacoste Love of Pink.

  19. Taylor

    Hey Christine!

    First off, thanks for doing this! Okay, my question has to do with a product recommendation. After seeing this picture, I’m dying for that lipcolor. Any suggestions on a super similar milky pastel coral? Thanks so much!

    • You might find a shade like Creme d’Nude, Hue, or even Ravishing might work for you. Just mix with a milky gloss to get the same glossy sheen/look!

  20. Myxa

    Hi, Christine!

    Thanks so much for doing this! Couple of questions:

    1) Which black eyeliner is the easiest to use? Pencil? Fluidline? Liqiudlast? Which one is the best if I want to line both upper and lower, including lower waterline?

    2) I tried 24/7 Urban Decay that you often use. Do you sharpen the pencil every time you use it? It’s just I find the actual pencil to be really thick… How do you manage such a thin line?

    3) Whatever happened to your dupe project? I would love to have that list ready, just because I am a recent addict, and there are SO many colors that already have been released in previous collections.

    Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Myxa,

      1.) Pencil is always the easiest to use, IMO! For upper lash liner, though, I’ve always preferred fluidline (moves easier for me). So if I wanted one for all, I’d say fluidline. Liquidlast liner doesn’t feel good on the waterline, for most.

      2.) I only sharpen when it gets down to nothing, LOL! I don’t seem to do anything (really!) to get a certain thin line or not… but if it’s too thick, I’ll use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to make it thinner.

      3.) I’m still working on it, but I haven’t had the time to devote to getting the dupe list churned out. I was hoping more people would have been able to contribute to adding dupes, since it’s a very time intensive project and I am always short on time :(

  21. littlemissmagic

    hello! i would really like to copy this eye look, could you please make any recommendations? i love the dark green but can’t think of a product that would give me that look. thank you!! :)

    • Taylor

      Hey–I’m not Christine, but that color looks so similar to Cover Girl shadow in Aqua Paradise. It’s actually really pigmented and a really nice color. It’s only a few bucks from the drugstore so it’s worth a try to see if it works for the look you’re going for. =)

    • The dark green as in the color on the lower lash line? I’d try MAC Minted eye kohl or MAC Tealo powerpoint smudged along the loewr lash line for that color!

      • littlemissmagic

        thank you to both taylor and christine! i’m going to check out the mac liners and cover girl, too!!

  22. mahalia

    I’ve gt hyperpigmentation spots on my face and I was wondering what
    Foundation and concealer would be good for the summer. I wear mac studiofinish concealer and
    Studiofix fluid… how do yu think that new mac foundation would be (from the well defined collection)?
    Thanks and im an nw45 so what
    Would yu recommend for summer
    Lips and eyes… for cheeks I’ve already
    Chosen peach twist blush

    • I don’t like Studio Sculpt foundation, to be honest. It just feels thick and doesn’t seem to blend well for me. Just don’t like it. The new concealer, on the other hand, is great and I recommend that for a concealer! I would spend most of the time just concealing your hyper pigmentation spots and then using a light to medium coverage foundation all over, set with powder, and maybe use a primer underneath it all if it’s really hot/humid in your area.

      For lips and eyes… well, it’s really up to you! You can do typical browns/golds/pinks on the eyes with pinks/corals/bronzes on lips if you want to be more traditional in the summer!

  23. Nars

    Christine, I’m so glad that you’re holding another QnA session! *yay* I actually have two questions: 1. Giorgio Armani had released pink light loose powder for their spring collection earlier this year, which looks like a normal white powder in a jar but gives a gorgious light pink sheen when swatched. Do you know if there is any dupe in MAC loose powder by any chance? 2. Could you recommend a look using Deep Blue Green pigment and Cakeshop shadestick? What kind of color do you think would match well with those each? I actually went on the livechat on the other day and the artist recommended bronze/black with the cakeshop shadestick and when I tried it today it wasn’t as nice as I expected… hehe, would much appreciate your help!

    • Maybe Micro Pink Loose Beauty Powder (PRO), but I think it might be too noticeable compared to the GA product you’re talking about.

      I’d probably use Cakeshop as a base, then use Deep Blue Green pigment on the outer crease/lid and lightly smoked on the outer lower lash line. I’d pair it with either grays/silvers (like Print or Electra) and blues or greens (Plumage, Sumptuous Olive, etc.).

      • Nars

        Ooh, I would HAVE to try that look! I’d also have to visit the pro store soon to see that powder in person. Thanks so much as always, Christine!
        By the way, what’s up with all those pop-ups? Seems like there are a lot more of them pops from your website recently.. :S

        • Pop ups? Could you describe the pop ups?

          Are they just ads that when you rollover them, they expand? Or are you physically getting a new window popping up?

          • Nars

            They are literally pop-up’s. New windows get physically created when I try to move from page to page or click on buttons like “launches,” not those ads already associated with your website. The popup windows are pretty much about downloading emoticons, online games, sometimes greeting smileys and stuff like that. There are pop-ups and pop-unders (those windows created beneath the current temptalia page) Thought you already had known about those but I guess not? Even with the IE popup blocker and a virus vaccine turned on, they still pop up.

            • Do you think you could have any spyware/adware installed? (Have you checked your computer using Spybot/Ad-Aware?) This has never happened to me loading Temptalia, and it should as we do not have popups or popunders for advertising… but I really want to make sure it’s a problem on our end before I spend money to have someone fix it, so please let me know!

          • I think you may have a pop-up virus thing because I have no problems with this at all! x

        • cosgirl99

          I think you have a virus – i never get popups from this site :)

      • Andrea

        Try adding a pop of Juxt, (with Green Smoke) to the cakeshop and deep blue green. My MA did that on me and it looked AWSOME

  24. Crystal

    Hi,I was wondering, when you step into a store, do the SAs fight to be the one helping you? So that they could get the commision?
    Also, I was thinking of attending a MAC Master Class Event at my local Macys. Have you ever been to one? Is it worth shelling out the 50 bucks? I have the UDPP, but I was wondering if the Sin UDPP is a good base too even though it is shimmery. What’s the most prized item in your collection? Also, last question, who are your best beauty blogging friends? What is the name of their blog?

    • No, nobody seems to fight over me, LOL. MAC artists, from what I understand, do not make commissions and need to meet sales goals (a measure of performance, I assume), but they don’t get commission off of me.

      I believe the classes are $50 prepaid, but redeemable in product, so they’re definitely worth it if you have $50 worth of products you want :)

      Sin is just fine as a primer, and I like it better when I’m planning to use shimmery shadows over UDPP.

      I can’t say I have a most prized item, to be honest! I don’t think I own anything that’s really coveted, LOL. Nothing ultra rare or hard to find, you know?

      Oh goodness, I don’t know if I could pick just one! I do talk to Pursebuzz (that’s also the name of the blog) a lot, and we even did NYC together back in February :)

  25. Evelyn

    hi christine! this is my first ask session ahha im so excited
    where did you learn to do makeup? i’m trying to be self taught because i can’t go to my mom for makeup advice..haha

    • 100% self taught, Evelyn πŸ˜‰ Just lots and lots of practice, experimentation, etc. Having fun with makeup and trying not to take it so seriously. Taking photos of my makeup and posting them online also helped me really see where I was going wrong, what worked, etc.

      None of my real life friends/family were into makeup either, so I know how you feel!

      • Evelyn

        haahah thanks! yah my mom is totally not into makeup…she thinks there’s no such thing as a concealer brush hahaha

        oops sorry i just thought of another question…hope you dont mind haha :]
        how do your giveaway contests work? like do you enter everyone into a randomiser thing and have it pick out a name or comment number?
        sorry im just a little curious :]

        oh! and ive also been wondering..what are the different purposes of the three blending brushes from mac, 217, 219 and 224? thank youuuu!

        • Evelyn

          sorry, that should be 217, 222 and 224

          • The 222 and 224 are very similar, the major differences between the density/length, I think!

          • Arika BH

            The 222 is really exact at putting color down in small areas. The 224 is great for blending or depositing a soft wash of color. The 217 is great for shading with the flat side of the brush or blending with the tip.

        • I copy and paste all of the email addresses into a file, then I duplicate anyone who is also on Twitter and following me, and then I copy my list of email RSS readers into the same file. Then I find out how many lines there are, and then I have a random number generator pick a number. Then I go to that line :)

          217 and 224 are similar, but their shapes are different, so they can be used to blend in different ways. The 219 is very pointed and small, so it’s not really fluffy or anything. I only use the 219 for getting very crisp color in the crease or applying shadow to the lower lash line myself!

        • Andrea

          My co-worker, (I work at MAC) showed me this incredible technique. 1. Use 224 (big fluffy brush) to put a base color in the crease (pink or peach) 2. Then use 222 with a darker color (green, etc whatever compliments) to create/layer over the base color, in the crease again. 3. Use the pencil brush 219 to do your final crease layer and define the eye. This layering techinque is really fabulous and makes the colors appear in away that makes you wonder how you got those colors in those places.
          Basically you are layering with thinner and thinner brushes to create 3-D intensity!

  26. ms.mad

    hi christine i have oily skin and work in a salon, it can sometimes get stuffy and i get oily quick i use macs oil control lotion and just added prep & prime refined zone. i use blot loose powder only on my face because i use to use studio fix and felt it was to heavy. i like i barely ther coverage any other suggestions also i only use ma. i use zoomlash mascara and somedays it runs down my undereye area. any suggestions? sorry i have one more question i would like a bronzer use golden refined but it doesn’t work well with my italian oily skin, just tried golden bronzer and its to light, it blends in with my dark blot powder? any suggestions. thanks and sorry for the book i wrote

    • It sounds like you’ve gotten an oil-control routine down there!

      As far as Zoomlash goes, I’d suggest maybe using a primer on your lashes before hand or else invest in a waterproof mascara instead so it doesn’t smudge because of the stuffiness in your salon!

      You could try MSF natural as a bronzer, which offers a wider range in shades. Perhaps something like Medium Plus or Medium Deep?

  27. Hey Christine! I’m 15, and Asian-American. I want to start buying MAC products, so what MAC eyeshadows do you think I should start off with? I like a nice neutral look to go to school with. Is there any other products you would suggest? Do you think I should buy the stippling brush? Thanks!


    • If you’re going to use the stippling brush often, it’s worth buying, but I’m not sure what you’d be using it for (based on your comment), so I couldn’t tell you if you should or shouldn’t!

      As far eyeshadows go, colors like Shroom, Woodwinked, Bronze, Soft Brown, Wedge, Brun, Ricepaper are all good, classic shades for a nice neutral look!

    • Nathalie

      You can also check Omega (a matte mute/yellow tender beige, very natural and flattering because it looks like a shadow). :)

  28. Teresa

    I feel dumb for asking, but what exactly does a toner do?

    • Depending on the toner and its ingredients, toners can help cleanse off any remaining residue/dirt/makeup that your cleanser has left behind or it can help remove excess oil on your skin. The more alcohol content in a toner, the more drying it can be. Sometimes toners include ingredients that help lock moisture in, too.

      And don’t feel dumb, I didn’t know for a LONG time!

    • Galen

      Toners can also contain soothing ingredients and they help to prep your skin for moisturizer.

  29. cloudburst

    Hi – not a makeup question, but general interest – what are you studying in school again and what are your career goals?

  30. Galen

    How many unique users visit your webpage on a daily basis?

  31. Renee

    Hello Christine,

    What products from the Style Warriors Collection are you eyeing?

  32. 1. I know what is NC and NW But what is C and N in MAC foundation cum powder in compact? i ges its cool and neutral..
    2. Can we B2M creme stick lip liner?
    3. This if funny, but can u tell me when will sweet sienna pigment re-release..

    Thanks for doin this session dear…

    • To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve only used NC/NW products. It’s hard to tell via the MAC site whether N or C is particularly cool or not. N shades do seem warmer, though.

      • Andrea

        They always told me to remember it as NC = Not Cool and NW= Not warm. I don’t really know what they mean but NC is warm and NW is cool.

  33. Aire

    I have MAC platium pigment and I can’t seem to make this color work for me (NC43) I love the color, but it’s so intense. How can I tone the color down some, and what eye shadow colors can I pair with it. Also Carbon does not look good on me at all. Thanks.

  34. Maren

    I would like to buy a high end brand eyeshadow palette. Which one would you recommend (in terms of quality and pigmentation), Chanel Quad or Dior Quint?
    And is there a special one that you recommend (sth. versatile like neutral, brown or grey colors)?

    • Hey Maren,

      It really depends on the quad/quint. Some Chanel quads are fab, others aren’t so great–same story with Dior quints. My favorite neutral quad was Chanel’s Beiges de Chanel quad, which was, unfortunately, limited :(

      I don’t own any of Chanel or Dior’s permanent quad/quints, just LE versions so I can’t personally recommend any to you since I’m not familiar enough with their permanent lines!

  35. Rachel

    Hi Christine…

    About a month or so ago, you posted information about Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes and how the Australian/UK brand has turned up state-side. I’m curious as to where they are sold in the US?? I live in Illinois near Chicago. I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy them online. As a result, I contacted someone from the Simple website and got a response, but not the answer to my question. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  36. Kirsten

    My prom dress is bright blue with shiny silky material, almost like a turquoise color. I was thinking of doing a smokey silver eye but i do not want the silver to look blue. What would you recommend for a darker gray smokey eye? Or should i do another color scheme? Thank you!

    • I’d probably just make sure to use silvers like Silver Ring, Electra, Fineshine, etc. Just don’t use any blue in the look and you won’t have it turn silvery blue! If you want, you could accent with just a *touch* of turquoise on the center or outer portion of the lid — think Aquadisiac or Shimmermoss.

  37. jenny

    what’s your favorite light-medium drugstore foundation? and what’s your favorite drugstore moisturizer? :)

    • I haven’t used any drugstore foundations in a very long time, but I did like Maybelline’s DreamMatte Mousse (I think that’s it), and I’ve heard a lot of great things about Revlon’s ColorStay – that it’s just like MAC Studio Fix Fluid (but maybe better!).

      I like Cetaphil, Aveeno, and Olay for moisturizers!

  38. Katie

    Ok, so I’m having a little bit of a prom makeup crisis!! For a while now I’ve had my heart set on having a more neutral eye, but having big, bold lip color! The only problem is, I don’t own a single lipstick that goes with the color of my dress. My dress is very light satiny pink with a little bit of sheen, and the eye combination i’m leaning toward is naked lunch all over with gleam on the inner corner and woodwined in the crease (this is a much simpler eye than I usually wear, which is why I want to throw everyone for a loop and swap my always-natural lips for something eyechatchingly-bold!) So, do you have a recommendation for what lipstick color I can wear? (my favorite beand is MAC.) The most I can say about my skin coloring is that i’m fair/medium, with green eyes and medium-blonde hair. Thank you so much!

    p.s. here’s a link to a picture of my dress if that helps:

    Thanks again!

    • What a gorgeous dress, Katie! You’ll look stunning in it!

      I’d actually like either a pink-plummy shade, red shade, or really deep berry shade with this dress. I think nothing TOO bold/dark would be good, though. I’m thinking you might want to check out some of the following shades: Girl About Town (if you want a hot pink), Capricious, Captive, Plumful, Odsyssey, or New York Apple.

    • Sarah

      What an amazing dress, you are so lucky!!! I hope your makeup works out πŸ˜‰

  39. heather

    How do you get ahold of the MAC collection pics so quickly? Do they sponsor any of your giveaways? Just wondering take care

    • It’s a lot of networking, working with readers, and getting creative.

      I sponsor ALL of the MAC giveaways. I sponsor some of the non-MAC giveaways, but I haven’t done so lately, as brands have been sponsoring them. Basically, any contest that doesn’t say “U.S. only” pretty much means it’s sponsored and fulfilled by me, since I try to keep contests open to everyone if I am paying for the shipping. Sponsored contests are usually fulfilled by the brand/sponsor, so shipping is generally restricted to U.S. only. (Last time I shipped a contest prize internationally, it cost me $45.)

      • Marta

        This might be an odd question, but is it ok to post mac launch images? One of my girlfriends was thinking about doing some blogging and she didn’t know whether she needed permission or if it was ok cause its the worldwideweb…

  40. Oh my gosh! Christine! Can you do a review on the MAC Honey High-Lighter Powder or tell me how it is? Cause I’m thinking of either buying that or the Grand Duo Blush in Moon River, but I don’t want to buy both, so I would really like to know what the high lighter is like. Thank you!

    • You can find photos/swatches of the powder here:

      The differences between Moon River and the Honey High Light Powder is vast… I wouldn’t really compare the two beyond perhaps texture or pigmentation, but the coloring and finishes are opposite. Honey is an orangey-gold-peach, whereas Moon River is a paler, cooler pinky shade. It kind of just depends on what you’re using it for, and what color you want! :)

  41. I love the look of your site… do you create your own graphics and layout design?

    • We had our logo redesigned by an outside firm, but otherwise the layout was done internally. My boyfriend handles the web design/coding aspect of Temptalia :)

  42. Rita

    Hi! I don’t have many lipsticks since I’m not really a lipstick person. I’m very hesitant about Rose Romance and Way to Love lipsticks because I hear they are sheer. 4N is one lustre I like, but darker of course. Compared to 4N, how are they texturewise? And would they suit a warm skin tone?

  43. maxiene

    Christine, you have no idea what kind of an inspiration you are. Makeup has never been the same for me since I started reading your blog and trying versions of your looks – I don’t have all of the same colors so I have to find/create my own dupes. I really enjoy all of your info, opinions, suggestions, and reviews on everything MAC – and the other collections though I do have my favs that I look for on your blog. I don’t have a question, just wanted to tell you how wonderful you are and how what you do is so awesome for the beauty blogging world and us fans/readers. Keep up the great work! <3

  44. Anita

    Dear Christine!

    First of all, I absolutely admire your ability to find time for everything! So not to sound odd with this question… how you manage to do all that? I know that you study administration and law, well, im in a business school too, and I know how much time it takes! How do you still find time to do this gorgeous make-ups, answer our questions, updating temptalia few times a day, going shopping, doing swatches, hanging with boyfriend and family? Can you tell how you arrange you time, and how does your regular day go? Im so interested, because I find AMAZING what you’re doing and I wish I could be the same! Thanks for everything!

    • Hi Anita,

      I see my family once every week or two weeks, I’d say, so they don’t take up huge chunks of time or anything, lol! I’d love to spend more time with them, but we’re all pretty busy so nobody feels snubbed either. My boyfriend and I live together and work together (we both work from home and go to school), so us spending time together is basically whenever I’m not at school, LOL! Again, it helps a lot that it overlaps :)

      My typical day goes something like this…

      7am – wake up and then get ready for the day (shower/get dressed/etc.), maybe check my email via Blackberry
      8am – take Mellan for a walk (if I haven’t gotten wrapped up in email… otherwise this sometimes gets delayed)
      9am – Temptalia
      1pm – read/do homework for school
      4pm – Temptalia (sometimes earlier, just depends on the schoolwork load for that day)
      5pm – go to school (sometimes I meet up with a study group, in which case I leave at 3pm and skip my 1pm step)
      9pm – come home, do some Temptalia-related stuff
      10/11pm – go to bed

  45. Mara

    Hi Christine!

    First of all, let me say thank you for this site! I found you last summer when I was looking for tutorials on how to do my own wedding makeup. I have now become a beauty addict! Before I found you, I felt awkward and unsure when it came to putting on makeup… I also (mistakenly) thought I could not wear many colors. Now I LOVE color, and have so much fun and confidence when I apply my makeup!

    My question is this: How does one differentiate between warm and cool skintones? I would have sworn I was a warm because I have green veins and always found my skin to have yellow undertones (I always thought yellow meant warm, and red meant cool, but I might have that backwards?) However, it turns out I am a NC30, which is the same color as my wife/partner – and she definitely seems darker than me!

    I was also told I should wear NW25 concealer under my eyes. What’s the rationale for this, if I am a cool skintone?

    Help! πŸ˜€ (And thanks!)

    • Evelyn

      hi mara!
      im not christine but ill share with u the little i know about nc and nw haha
      NW shades are used for undereye concealers because the warmness cancels out the coolness of the blue under your eyes
      so that means that NC shades are used for concealing redness or acne because the coolness cancels out the red

      im guessing red is warm then, following that logic
      hope that helps :]

    • Hey Mara!

      I’m so glad the site has helped you find love for color!! It is so great that you now have the confidence to rock it and wear your makeup :)

      Your skin sounds warm-toned to me! NC30 kind of means “not cool” medium in skintone, if that makes any sense. I actually don’t know why they would have you wear NW25, perhaps because they’re trying to advocate a more salmon-colored concealer (so NW would make it kind of pink).

  46. Hi Christine! I’ve got a few questions for you. πŸ˜€

    1. Can you recommend a good, basic eye cream? I’m only 21 and I take pretty good care of my skin, get lots of compliments and all that, but I’ve recently started using an under eye concealer because my eye bags are starting to get me. They’re not bad, but some mornings, they’re so puffy and the rest of the time the tiny fat pockets really show from lack of sleep. Currently, I use a mix of 1/2 jojoba oil and 1/2 olive squalane as a moisturizer on my face, and that’s what I put on my eye area as well.

    2. I’m currently using MAC Painterly over UDPP on my lids as a primer since my lids are so oily. Do you have any suggestions for something that may work better for me (as in, ONE product)? Or… do you know any way to help my eyelids be less oily? I realize this one’s kind of a long shot.

    3. Any recommendations for most moisturizing/healing lip treatment w/o SPF? I’ve tried like half the ones at Sephora… but I find most things to not really help enough and/or I’m allergic to them. Just thought I’d ask what you think.

    4. Know any lip balms w/ physical sunscreens in them that actually feel good on/don’t dry out the lips? I’m allergic to chem SS, and octinoxate is usually the one in lip balms.

    5. Also a bit of a shot in the dark, any tips for a girl who’s just started selling her handmade jewelry on the internet?

    I know that’s a lot of questions… I realy appreciate any answers you can give me though. Thank you so much for taking the time for us! πŸ˜€

    • Hi Catherine,

      1. I think what you’re using on your eyes is just fine. The best thing I can recommend for puffiness is to apply damp tea bags or a damp/wet/cool cloth to the area to help them decrease.

      2. Have you tried either the paint pot or UDPP alone? I ask only because I’m not sure if you’ve just always doubled up or not, just want to be sure! I’d only say to keep trying different bases – perhaps one like Too Faced Shadow Insurance to see if one works better than the others.

      3. Does Vaseline have SPF? I like good ol’ Vaseline and Carmex for just a moisturizing/healing lip product.

      4. Crabtree & Evelyn makes a lip balm with zinc oxide – would that work? Burt’s Bees uses titanium dioxide, I believe. I don’t know if thta’s a chemical sunscreen or not, but I thought I’d mention those two!

      5. Are you on Etsy? I’d say Etsy is a good one, and perhaps starting a blog and talking about the process. You could also try to get in touch with jewelry/fashion/accessory bloggers and see if they’d be interested in trying a sample piece (you can always ask that they return — you just pay for the return shipping; kind of depends on the price/time/value of your jewelry you’re making) to see if they’ll review it, too.

      • Hey Christine! Thanks for the tips and recommendations. =) I’ll definitely try the tea bags next time my eyes are all puffed up. And um, MAC’s PP lasts ~3 hours for me by itself and UDPP lasts ~5-6… so yea. I’ll definitely put some different primers on my list to try out though. Thanks again! πŸ˜€

  47. Kate

    Hey Christine!

    I am wondering what permanent mac eyeshadow color would you compare with Et Tu Bouquet? And which way do you think is best to use concealer for small areas: concealer stick or buy a pot of concealer and use a concealer brush with it? Oh, and also what 3/4 mac eyeshadows can you recommend to make a pretty everyday summer brown look (not extremely dark brown)?

    Thank you so much!!!

    • I’d say something like Gleam maybe :)

      I prefer to use a concealer pot and then a brush with it, personally!

      As far as the 3-4 shadows, I like… Woodwinked, Bronze, Ricepaper, and Goldmine!

  48. Lily

    Christine, have you ever had acne? Atm, i’m currently battling with acne and i’ve tried everything. What products do you suggest?

    • Nathalie

      Dear Lily, that question is not adressed to me and I’ll maybe sound silly but sometimes the simpliest and most natural things are those that work the best. Aleppo soap is a good little product that can help skin problems. It’s a simple soap made of bay-tree and olive oil. It REALLY helped my eczema to get cured and I get testimony from people who get their acne considerably diminished with this soap. I swear I had tried lots of expensive problem to get rid of my skin problems when a simple soap was just the solution. Aleppo soap clean up the face without being agressive and skin doesn’t feel itchy or greasy after you cleaned it. It’s neat and comfortable. I simply thought I’d share and I hope you can get rid of your acne anytime soon. :)

    • Is that a trick question? LOL! I have acne right now, and I’ve had it since my early teen years!

      I really recommend Mario Badescu products — every one I’ve tried is fabulous. I also recommend taking a look at what products you’re using and if they contain any known acne-causing ingredients. If you can, seeing a dermatologist is still a really good way to evaluate what type of acne you have, potential treatments, etc. A good esthetician is also worth a shot, too (for facials and extractions).

      I use a combination of Mario Badescu products, drinking more water, and making sure I regularly clean my face and hands (so I don’t dirty my face by touching it later on).

      • Lily

        wow you look like you have really clear skin to be honest…Well even if you do have acne, trust me it’s not as bad as mine right now! I’m trying to drink more water and wash my face everyday, etc it’s starting to make a difference but the redness is killing me. Foundations/concealers/face powders makes it worse and my fave turns into a pink-ish color…

        I’m praying for it to go away. I don’t even go out often anymore because of acne, urgh. Enough ranting.

        Thank you Christine & Nathalie for the reply btw :)

        • Monica

          I had cystic acne for 10 years…I thank God everyday for these two things for making my acne disappear:

          1) Differin
          2) Clarisonic

          Get both and have clear skin.

        • Hey Lily!

          You might also want to look for a correcting primer (green to cover redness), too. I believe Make Up For Ever makes one. It can help minimize any pinkness you see when you just use your foundation over your skin :)

  49. Natalie

    Hi Christine! Great website:) So I really like using eyeliner (MAC Smolder) on my inner lower lashline(“waterline”).It always smears. Any suggestions on technique or a different product? Thanks!

    • Nathalie

      Same here! It’s a good question. Personally, I’ve got 10 years of black eyeliner behind me (including black on the waterline), I’ve tried lots of brands (from LancΓ΄me to YSL to Sisley but not MAC yet) and because I blink my eyes and because what we apply is wax/oily product on a wet part, I am afraid that eyeliner on the waterline is bound to fade out. I wonder if a product like Guerlain Oriental khΓ΄l can make some miracles.

      • There’s no product that stays on my waterline all day. I have products that last awhile, and I’ve always had better luck with liner, then powder to set, on the waterline, too :)

    • Hi Natalie! Thakns! :)

      Blacktrack fluidline (gel liners in general), Urban Decay 24/7 Liners, and Guerlain Khols stay the best on my waterline, but nothing stays all day (for me). I find using any of those, and then setting lightly with a bit of similar colored eyeshadow results in the best wear time I’ve experienced thus far!

    • Evelyn

      hey natalie

      i also have that eyes water like crazy too so the eyeliner ALWAYS dissapears off the outer corners of my waterline and goops up which looks nasty when it starts to smudge down
      ive heard good things about the stila kajal eyeliner on the waterline, especially because its safe to use there too
      but when i tried it, it just dissapeared like any other eyeliner ive used
      ive found that the longest amount of time it stayed on my eyes were when i did this (it may sound kind of weird/silly though…haha but it works for me at least):
      i use a harder stiffer eyeliner first (i guess u could call it using a base..i duno) like the anna sui one. its not too pigmented or creamy/soft so it wont be wiped off after the following step
      then i go over that with a creamy eyeliner like the stila kajal (its super soft and pigmented which is why its good for the second layer, especially because its not stiff enough to wipe off the first layer)
      then i set it with black shadow

      i know its kind of ridiculous but thats what i find works best so far..haha
      its kind of like taking a step further than just setting it with shadow
      u might not even need to do this, i just have to cuz my eyes are watery

      hope it helped!

  50. Jen

    I have Expensive Pink eyeshadow and haven’t used it, what color brown mac shadow can I use in the crease?

    Also, what can I tone down “Crazee” mac lipstick with? I like it but it’s a little too bright for me and I’d like to use it. Thanks for your help :)

    • You can use all sorts of browns — I’d probably recommend warm toned browns like Woodwinked, Bronze, and the like though!

      Try C-Thru to tone it down to more of a milky pink, or you can use Luminary to make it a lighter pink.

  51. VictoriaM

    Hey Christine, do you ever have days when your makeup goes all wrong and you have to redo your shadow?

  52. glasdji999

    Can u recomend a good blush for nw20 with dark hair pleae?

  53. Tina

    hi christine!
    i’m kind of new to make up, and I was wondering if you knew of a really good powder foundation? right now I use MUFE HD foundation, but I want something a little bit lighter for the summer.

    • I like Clinique’s Almost Makeup powder foundation, if I’m going to use a powder foundation. I always use liquid (even in the summer), and then use a powder to set. I like tinted moisturizers in the summer for a lighter foundation!

  54. jeny

    hey! i juat wanna say i love your site && its so fun & informative. thanks!
    ok so hopefully you’ll know the answer to this cuz obviously when i go to the mac counter the girls dont have a clue… but do you know of dup to romancin & to swoon which was in the hoilday ’08 carmine pink set??

  55. Cayley

    do you try to match your eyeshadow with your clothes? i wear alot of bright colors on my eyes and in clothing and i just feel funny if the colors are different, but some people seem to think that they shouldn’t match, however i usually get alot of compliments. what are your thoughts? thank you!

  56. Hi Christine!
    First off, I love your blog, and thanks so much!

    Here is my question…
    Everyone’s always talking about bronzing their skin. But there are also skin whiteners, or so I’ve heard. Do you have any experiences with them, and do you know what brands make them? DO you have any recommendations?
    And also, what perfume(s) do you use?

    Thanks! xoxo

    • Thanks, Zenovia! :)

      I haven’t had any experience with skin whiteners or skin lighteners. I know that they can be a big part of Asian culture, though. So I would definitely feel more confident looking at any brands with large presences in Asia (e.g. shu uemura, Shiseido). I know Dior recently came out with Dior Snow, which I presume was a whitening/lightening product line.

      I use Dior Addict, Vera Wang LOOK, and Burberry The Beat! I just got Lacoste Love of Pink and am loving that. I wear Addict for formal occasions/evenings out, LOOK/The Beat are more everyday scents.

    • Natalie

      Hi Zenovia,
      I used so many whitening products (Shiseido, Clinique, Dior, Lancome, Chanel and Avon, etc you name it, I tried it!). And unfortunately nothing works! Some products claim that they brighten your skintone and some actually claim they actually lighten age spots, but really, I never had one that made me go ‘ooooh’.

    • Iliana

      Hi! I’m Asian (Filipina, to be exact) and Christine is right, skin whiteners are a big must have for most people here. Many go for a medicine (usually sold as pills/vitamins) called Glutathione and it inhibits melanin synthesis. If you would like to use it, consult first with a dermatologist! I personally have never used it as I love my dark skin, but this is a sort of “go-to” treatment for those who really want to whiten their skin. :) HTH

  57. anonymous

    What’s your skincare regimen?

    • My last stable routine was:

      Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser, Cucumber Cleansing Lotion (toner), and Clinique Maximum Hydrator for a moisturizer. I also used spot treatment products like Drying Lotion, Drying Cream, and Drying Mask for my acne.

  58. MYXA

    What do you think about “Just a Pinch” blush from the latest collection? Is that a unique product? A lot of people are raving about it on Make up Alley. Is that something you recommend? I have oily/combo skin, and have never used anything but powder blushes.

    Also, what do you think about Et tu, Bouquet? and Of Summer e/s? I swatched them in the store. The first is listed as a frost, but has so much glitter, that it really comes across as a Lustre. And Of Summer seemed very matte and not very pigmented. Have you tried both of these already? Is there a good permanent dupe for Of Summer?

  59. Doreen

    Christine, I’m planning on doing a smokey, silvery purple eye, and I’m looking for a smokey purple eyeshadow–maybe something like Illegal Cargo. Any recommendations?

  60. Sara

    Hi Christine!

    Do you have any idea when the Stila Charmed palette or the Dior Pearly Lilac palette will be released? I remember reading May when you covered them originally, but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Thanks! Love the site, btw!:)

    • I’m not sure yet. I believe the Dior palette is already available at some Neiman Marcus stores (it’s exclusive to there). Stila’s might be delayed due to some of the issues they had recently.

  61. Ellene Ortega

    Hi Christine,
    Your pictures are always so clear and such good quality when you post swatches and show us your different looks. What kind of digital camera do you use? Thanks!

    • I use a Fuji Finepix E550 digital camera for makeup close ups (like of my eyes/lips), and I use a Nikon D90 DSLR for product photos and the like.

  62. Liz

    My prom dress is crimson red and the bottom is asymmentrical ( but longer, the long side is full length). I’m planning on wearing silver heels with it but – of course – the topic of what makeup and hair to match comes up!

    • I think a red lip would look AMAZING with this dress! I’d do a half up, half down do if you have the hair for it. I’d either go for a smoky brown eye with a coral-y (or beige nude) lip if a red lip is too much for you!

  63. sprut

    Guerlain’s summer palette or Lisa Watier’s Lagoon palette?

  64. Is your kabuki (I believe its a MAC 182) with the cubed bottom from a special collection?

  65. niknik

    Hi Christine!
    Whenever I use Expensive Pink, it tends to run gold on my skin (NC37). I’m currently using Painterly p/p as a base. Since MAC has pretty much d/c all their shadesticks, what’s a good base to bring out the pink in Expensive Pink?

  66. Vy

    I noticed that the black shadow you tend to use/recommend is Carbon. Is there a real noticeable difference between Carbon and Typographic?

    • I think so. I think Carbon is much darker — Carbon is black, there’s no other way to describe it. Typographic just isn’t that dark on me!

  67. abby

    Hi Christine! I have two questions, taking advantage of the session lol.
    I was looking at MAC’s website and it looks like Myth and Creme d nude are pretty much the same colour but different texture. Which one would u recommend? I need a nude colour for my bright eyeshadows, especially greens.
    The second question i have is which colour would u recommend other than stars n rockets that would compliment dear cupcake as much as stars n rockets does?
    Thank u so much Christine!

    • Hey Abby!

      I think with greens, I’d probably like Creme d’Nude better. Myth runs a lil’ pinker, IMO.

      I like browns (like Woodwinked and Bronze) as well as raspberries (like Cranberry) with Dear Cupcake!

  68. Bettina

    Hey Christine

    I have recently become a huge fan of this site of yours and I thank you for doing all of this, it really helps alot and gives me new ideas to try. You do an amazing job. :) I had a question though about that smnoke signals color..I went to go find it and realized it had been a limited color. What would you say is similar to that shade?


    • Hey Bettina! :) Happy to have you here.

      Which color from Smoke Signals? Is it Smoke Signals the pigment (dark burgundy)? Let me know so I can get back to you!

  69. Nicole

    What is your favorite light colored lipstick from MAC?
    I want to try something (:

  70. Shanna

    Hi =D I hope this isn’t too personal a question lol: I’ve noticed that your upper lip is always incredibly smooth. I was wondering what type of product you use for hair removal? (Assuming that you do…I’ve never seen anyone with NO hair on their lip haha, even if it’s only peach fuzz :]) My hair removal cream just isn’t cutting it for me. And damn do I hate the way it smells haha :]

    • I vary between removal creams, wax strips, threading, and razoring. Eve Pearl’s travel razor is EXCELLENT for the upper lip, because I find it really can get rid of some of the peach fuzz that removal creams, wax strips, and threading can miss sometimes. I do like Sally Hansen’s at-home wax strips, because they’re really easy to use, come in a face kit, and work well.

      Threading works, too, but I’m not good enough to be bale to get tiny hairs out, LOL!

  71. Jennifer

    Hi Christine!! this is my first time writing in such session!
    I”m ASIAN, NW25 (or NARS Santa Fe), acne-prone (due to stress), heavy dark eye circles. I’m looking for a good foundation (powder and/or liquid), and concealer (!!! cannot live without it), and blush, and I am wondering if you have recommendations for me?
    I also have a number of acne marks and i wish they would fade away, do u know of any scar-fading products/serum/essence? Which skincare brand will you suggest for acne-prone people?
    I am currently using BB creams (Blemish Balm Creams)from south korean brand Missha, but it’d be a bit too thick in consistency for summer weather.
    I have tried Benefit Boi-ing concealer but it settles in my undereye fine lines:(
    I’m also a blush addict (over 40+ blushes) but i cannot find one i absolutely die for (LOL).

    Thanks a lot!!! <3

    • Natalie

      Hi Jennifer,
      Obviously I am not Christine :), but thought I could help you with BB cream question. I use BB cream too, which is a bit thick for my liking, so I mix it with MAC Strobe liquid lotion. It thins out BB cream, while illuminating the skin! Perfect for summer. You can ask for a sample at the MAC counter. I also prefer Benefit Erase Paste concealer, which doesn’t settle into your undereye lines.

      • Jennifer

        Thanks Natalie! for the MAC strobe liquid lotion, is that called MAC Strobe Cream?? which BB cream are you using as well:)?

        • Natalie

          No problem Jennifer :) I used a few different brands, but currently I am using VOV Anti Trouble BB cream and love it! Yes, there is MAC Strobe cream, but since I am an oily girl, I have to use Strobe liquid

        • Strobe Liquid is a thinner version of Strobe Cream :)

    • Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the madness, LOL!

      I like Kiehl’s Tone Correcting product. I feel like it works, even though it takes awhile. I also like good ol’ Mederma. I pretty much use it anywhere and everywhere if I have scars or post acne marks. I like Mario Badescu’s products–they’ve really helped me clear up a lot of my acne, especially stubborn acne. Shiseido and shu uemura are both very reliable brands for skin care.

      As far as foundation goes, if you don’t feel your face needs a lot of it (beyond concealing acne marks), you might opt for a tinted moisturizer in the summer, and then use a creamy concealer on the areas you need it to help minimize how much product you use. I like MAC’s Select Moisturecover concealer as well as YSL’s Touche Eclat for undereyes.

      For blushes, you might like NARS Matahari, MAC Well Dressed, or MAC Fleur Power.

  72. details

    Have you tried the MUFE product called Matte Lip??
    I’m really curious about it. I’m trying to find something that will make my favorite lip color last for my wedding day. (it’s a MAC lustre formula – so the staying power isn’t so hot – but it’s the perfect color for me – MAC’s Mellow Flame – I’ve never found another color like it)

    The Matte Lip product is described at the end of this video I found.

    I don’t live in NY to go to the MUFE store and this item is not carried at Sephora or online at – so I was wondering if you might be able to do a review on it… and or talk about any experiences you’ve had with lip seal type products…. Like Benefit She-lac or Sephora’s Lip Last or if you’ve ever tried those gimmicky one’s in beauty supply stores?

    I know there are longwear lipstick formulas everywhere – but I don’t like the available shades…

    I have heard of the powder, blot, reapply technique for making lipstick last longer – but I find layering like that alters the color slighly on me – but I was curious about these products and your experience!

    thanks for your help :)

    • I have not tried it, though I’ve tried their Lip Seal, which works OK. It’ll break down if you get any oil on it (as will most makeup products). Benefit She-Laq works similarly. They’re both decent products for limited usages, but they don’t feel great so I don’t use them regularly!

  73. Alessa Ngo

    Can you show me some:
    -best concealer
    -best highlighter
    -best eyebrow gel
    -best skincare products for acne skin and dark skin.

    • I like MAC’s Select Moisturecover for an all-over/general purpose concealer. Highlights kind of depend on what I’m wearing, but I love Dior Skin Shimmers overall. I like MAC’s clear brow gel — works and it’s not too expensive.

      I like Mario Badescu products for acne-prone skin, but I also recommend Aveeno and Cetaphil lines for drugstore alternatives!

  74. mahalia

    My sister is allergic to sunblock
    What would yu recommend?

  75. Denise

    Hi Christine,

    I am out of one of my favorite shades Mac “juiced”. Can you suggest an alternative?

    • Is it not available at your store anymore? I can’t remember if it was discontinued or not — if it was, it was only recently so you might find stores still have it.

      There’s no great alternative to Juiced that I can think of. Maybe Jest/Gleam… but it’s nowhere near the same.

  76. Leah

    Hi Christine. I am wondering if you or any of the others reading this have any experience with hair removal, such as waxing. I am a bit of chicken. I am most FED UP with the hair that I stupidly shaved below my belly button. *CRIES*, why did I ever do that? IF you are reading this and you haven’t done that, DON’T!! Any at home waxing kits that you recommend?Or should I just break down and go to the professionals. I somehow have it in my head that I am the only one who would need this area waxed, but I also know that can’t be true. Thanks for any advice you can give!

    • No matter whether you want to do waxing at home, I recommend seeing a professional for the first time (if not the first few times). It’ll give you a better idea of whether you can do it (and do it without killing yourself, LOL!) and kind of learn from them the technique, too. :)

      I do like Sally Hansen’s at-home waxing kits, though :) Parissa has a good waxing kit, too!

  77. penelope

    do you really need one of those eyebrow brush (you know the one that you can also comb your lashes too to separate them} or no?

  78. Jody

    Hi Christine,

    Thank you so much for doing these posts, they are so helpful! I have a few questions, I hope you dont mind.

    I was recently reading your Barbie Loves Mac review and I was wondering what makeup you wore to this event?

    Have you ever put together a reference chart for Dupes of Mac’s Limited Edition e/s, lipsticks, etc?

    Do you use a Sunless tanning product for your body and face and if so, what is your favorite or favorites?

    Can you suggest a Mac brown eyeshadow that is a true dark brown that has no reddish tint to it, something to go with Mac’s Dipdown fluidline?

    What is your favorite Mac blush or any brand of blush?

    I am pretty sure I am cool toned, does this mean I have to stick with only cool shades?

    Sorry for so many questions, thanks so much Christine!

    • Hey Jody!

      I was trying to figure it out, but I honestly have no idea. I want to say I redid one of the Barbie Loves MAC looks, though.

      Yes, I’m currently working on dupes and the like. I just don’t have the amount of time I need to really get it done at the moment :(

      I don’t use them very often, but I like Xen-Tan and Clinique a lot!

      Have you tried Brun? Or Smut?

      Margin blush is my favorite MAC blush!

      You can wear whatever you want — whatever you feel looks good on you, go for it. I am warm toned, but I often wear cool tones :)

  79. Rachael

    Hey Christine…is there any difference between strobe cream and strobe lotion besides the consistency?

    • I find Strobe Liquid to feel a little more shimmery? I think I prefer Strobe Cream, though. The lotion feels too thin for my taste!

      But it’s really just the consistency.

  80. Guadalupe

    Hi christine, iΒ΄m just starting into makeup, and iΒ΄m very confused, how do i know wether my skin tone is warm or cool?

  81. Tamara

    1. What would you recommend pairing Mac’s Idol Eyes e/s with? I have it and never use it because I’m stumped on what other e/s would look good with it.

    • Lauren

      Hi Tamara,

      I’m not Christine :0) but I saw your question and thought I could help. Have you ever tried using MAC Chat on the MAC website? Whenever I am stumped as to what to pair with a color of eyeshadow I go on MAC Chat and the artists give me several ideas for shadows to pair with the one I am asking about.

    • I’d pair it with silvers, purples, grays, blues, and blacks!

  82. Rachael

    Christine, I thought of another question! When you are doing a full makeup face, what is your normal face makeup you use (primer, concealer, brushes, etc)? Thanks!

    • Typically, I only use liquid foundation and a loose powder to set. I use the 182 for foundation, the 150 for powder. Lately I’ve been using Dior’s Nude foundation and MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I’ll also use a blush and highlighter (129 brush and 138 brush respectively), too!

      I tend to skip primer and concealer unless I’m really taking my time!

  83. Lauren

    Hi Christine,

    I’m wondering if you can tell me how you apply your liquidlast liners on your lower lash line? I find the liquidlast to be sort of goopy and I don’t get a good line with the brush in the tube. Any suggestions? I thought of using the 263 but I’m not sure if that would help?

    • I wipe the brush off in the tube once (kind of like nail polish if I have too much on the brush). Or else I use a brush like the 209!

  84. Guadalupe

    Hi christine, thank you for taking the time to ask our questions, all the people that visit temptalia know how busy you are, that said, iΒ΄m new to make up, and i have no idea how to choose foundation, iΒ΄ve been told something about wether my skin tone is cool or warm, i have no idea which one i am, so my question(s) is, how do i know if wether i have warm or cool skin tone? and depending on that, which type of foundation (liquid, powder or cream) is better for oily skin on a tropical weather?

    • Here’s how you can tell if you’re warm or cool:

      check the coloring of the veins underneath your forearms. If the veins are blue, you’re cool toned. If they’re green, you’re warmer toned!

      I’d probably go with a powder or cream-to-powder foundation for oily skin in tropical weather! Plus a primer and powder to set.

  85. DanielleO

    Hello, thanks for having this Q&A session!

    My question is: how far in advance can one stock up on things like moisturizer, mascara, and LE makeup? If I do buy, say, 3 jars of expensive moisturizer, should I keep it in the fridge?

    • A lot of companies make their products stable for 2-3 years if they’re never opened. If it’s really expensive moisturizer, there’s no harm in keeping it in the fridge, that’s for sure! I believe brands like Aveda and their skincare will last two or three years unopened.

  86. Brandi

    my contour always looks sloppy and messy. it seems to get everywhere on my cheek and ruins everything. do you have any tips for application or preventing that? i know it seems to be a common problem. :/ thank you so much!

    • What product are you using to contour? I use the 168 and a pressed powder (Sculpt shaping powder) and have never had this issue, so I’m curious!

  87. Leah

    Hi Christine!

    What do you recommend for hair removal methods? Do you know if an salon will remove stomach hair?

    • Hi Leah,

      A salon will remove hair just about anywhere you ask! I prefer waxing for certain areas, especially anything prone to get itchy, because it’s quicker and lasts longer.

  88. Lauren

    Hi Christine!
    I’m wondering if you can tell me whether you use a MAC brush or the brush that comes with the fluidlines to apply the fluidline liquid liners? You seem to have flawless application but I find that the fluidlines are too syrup-like to apply with the provided applicator brush.

    Also, can you suggest a blush or beauty powder similar to Enough Said blush?

    Tks! :0)

    • Hi Lauren,

      There’s no brush that comes with fluidlines as far as I know! Do you mean liquidlasts? I use the 209 or the brush that’s included (though I swipe it once to remove some excess)!

      I’d say you’re probably better off looking for a bronzer than a blush/beauty powder that’s similar to Enough Said :(

  89. Lauren

    Whoops, sorry my first question posted twice, apologies!

  90. Millie

    Hi, Christine! I always have the problem of liking a foundation (great match) indoors but when I go outdoors especially when looking at myself in the car mirror, the foundation doesn’t match my neck! (My neck is lighter) So how do you test foundation? Should you test it on your neck? Will it mean I have to get a lighter foundation then for my face and neck to match? Thanks!

    • Sounds familiar, LOL! This is exactly the issue I’ve been dealing with right now. I really just get samples, and then I road test at home. One thing I find is I’ll take a mirror outside, so I can also check before getting in the car and *going* somewhere.

      But yes, it does mean your face foundation is going to be lighter than your actual face color if you want them to match!

  91. Arika BH

    Christine, when you unwind what do you like to do? You’ve mentioned Italian is your favorite cuisine, what dish is your favorite? Sorry about all the personal questions but what is your favorite book, and author? Also what yellow eyeshadow or pigment is your favorite for pigmentation and isn’t too shimmery?

  92. Kellie

    Christine, do you have any advice for a product to minimize pores/black heads on the nose? Thanks. Love love love this website.

    • Hey Kellie,

      I know that MAC’s Refined Zone had a lot of people raving about how it minimized their pores! I’d probably recommend that.

  93. Denisa

    I wanted to ask you, are you still doing threading on your sideburns?

    • Denisa

      Sorry, pressed submit too early!! The reason I ask is because I wanted to find out the best way to remove facial hair. I have considered getting laser done but I’m not too sure yet! Thanks for your help!!!!

      • Laser is probably the best, but it is pricey. I’d say waxing (less painful, seriously, than threading). Creams don’t seem to work well in that area. Shaving means you shave all the freakin’ time.

        Threading just takes too long and it’s pretty painful (and in terms of hair removal, I’m not usually a wimp!). At least with waxing, it’s just a few seconds of pain while they rip it off in one fell swoop. Threading feels the same… just prolonged.

    • I haven’t been. I’m trying to grow them back out, because it’s such a pain to remove them. They grow back so fast.

  94. Tiffany

    Hi Chritine!
    What would you recommend as a good highlighter eyeshadow by Mac? Thank you!

  95. Jody

    Thank you so much Christine, it is so exciting when you answer! :)
    I had asked you about a dupe for Mac’s Fun Fun in the last Ask Temptalia session and you suggested Snob w/Nouveau Frou and it is super close, I mean it might actually be how they made Fun Fun! :)

    If it’s not too late to ask, I was wondering if you could tell me of a Mac shadow that is greyish/green in color, something I could wear in the crease when wearing Aquavert & Springtime Skipper?

    Also, could you tell what Mac brown shadows look best together and what is your favorite Mascara?

    And, last question I swear, I dont own any Mac beauty powders and I am looking to purchase my first one, do you have any favorites?

    Thanks Christine!! :)

    • Copperplate is kind of a grayish green color. Flourishing is a muted green, too. I think Flourishing is about to get discontinued, though!

      Pretty much all of MAC’s brown eyeshadows work well and will look good together. It’s hard to say any one combo or anything — do you have any idea what you’re aiming for? I love MAC plushlash mascara.

      I don’t like MAC beauty powders — I do like MAC beauty powder blushes, though. The regular beauty powders just don’t do anything for me!

  96. Shauna

    Hi, I wanted to know what would classify one to be a make up artist or to have professional experience. I would love to work for MAC, but everyone including counters asks if I have professional experience. I have some photos of looks I’ve done and I do my make up as well as my friends but I guess thats not good enough? Any suggestions on what I should do?

    • Everything I know about MAC hiring for artists at the store level requires more retail experience than anything else. You do have to do a few makeup demos during the hiring process, so you should be able to do them when it’s that time (you can bring a friend to do it on — so you can practice beforehand, too).

      I’ve never heard about requiring professional experience before, though. They could have changed the requirements — it has been sometime since I’ve inquired about the hiring process!

  97. Evelyn

    heyy christine, not sure if u still check this but i just thought of a question
    is there any kind of rule specifying what blush colour to wear and what to match it with?
    like i heard that ur supposed to match ur blush with ur lipstick but im starting to think thats not true


    • Evelyn

      oh! and if theres a way to match highlight colours with ur eye look. i always just apply whatever white kind of eyeshadow i feel like haha im not sure if theres a proper way of matching it

      • Hey Evelyn,

        If it’s a warm look, I go with a warm-toned highlighter. If it’s a cool look, I’ll go with a cool-toned highlighter. I might vary depending on how cool or warm it is, too. If I use a lot of greens/blues, I do like to use Gorgeous Gold sometimes, too.

    • You can match/complement that way, or you can eyeball it and see. I do tend to match cheeks and lips more than eyes and lips (I mean, blue eyes and blue cheeks, nahh!). It’s really whatever you feel best complements and works with the WHOLE look :)

  98. Sarah

    Hi Christine!

    I had a question regarding a bronzer. Well I wanted to know if you can tell me a great way to apply the MAC’S LOOSE GOLDEN BRONZER, i’ve had the for the longest time, but can’t seem to figure out a great way to apply it.

    I was also wondering when you’re using a bronzer like that a “loose powder” form and when you want to contour/highlight your face before hand with a matte color, do you still do it or no, or just simply use the bronzer?

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to ask you! It’d truly would help a lot! Thanks a lot!

    • I like using the 134 and dusting it lightly on highlight areas, personally! Otherwise you could try the 187 :)

      I don’t use bronzer that often, but I’ll still contour with another color, because I feel bronzer is tends to look a bit orange vs. a contour shade that’s shadowy.

  99. Claire

    Hey I got a question…. the mac products sold on ebay are they fake? I bid on an item, it was really cheap and now I super sad to think it will be a fake.

    Why do they allow fakes to be sold online. If it is a fake are they bad products for your skin or is it just a poor quality?

  100. Claire

    Hey its me again…got another question. What is the difference between a pigment and actual eye shadow. I know they are both eye shadows but in terms of effects what is the differences. What do you recommend getting.


    • Pigments are loose, so they are very different to work with compared to an eyeshadow. They also come in different colors and are more pigmented :)