Friday, March 27th, 2009

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer:) I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly aka today! 😀 Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier!

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355 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #011

  1. abby

    One more question, how would you combine aqualine and aquadisiac together?

  2. Katie

    heyy christine, i simply adore your site! it’s where i go to get in the know. 😉

    anyway, i was wondering about the two new MSFs launched for the sugarsweet collection. i’m definitely looking into getting one, but i already have soft and gentle. which one is the most differential to that? i’m new to MAC, and trying to get as much variety as possible. :)

  3. Chiefy

    Hi! what MAC brush do you recommend for contouring with bronzers? i have really small face. thanks!

  4. In comparison to the other lipglasses how sticky is the tricolour glass? :) Thanks x

  5. Mandi

    Hi Christine! I know you’ve probably been asked this a million times but I wasn’t sure where to look. If you already have a story about this or whatever, please feel free to direct me there :)

    Anyways, I’m looking for a new concealer, especially for bags under the eyes. I also have dark circles, but they aren’t half as bad as my actually bags under my eyes so I’m more concerned with that. What are your recommendations? Or are you aware of the general consensuses/popular concealer that everyone loves? Price isn’t too much of an issues, I generally shop at mac and sephora for all my makeup needs. Thanks so much!

    • Bags can be genetic, but sleeping proper hours as well as sleeping WELL (aka not tossing and turning), less stress, and more water all help :) Also, sometimes those cooling masks can help get rid of some of the puffiness.

      As far as concealer goes, I like YSL Touche Eclat, but Kanebo makes a good concealer, too. I know people love theBalm’s and MAC’s Select Touch Up (I think that’s it!).

  6. Shabbi Vaghei

    Hello! Whenever I use a cream concealer my eyeliner from my bottom lashline melts down into the concealer. I set the concealer with powder and I still have this problem. Any suggestions?

    • Try a line filler/primer underneath the concealer! Also, use a sponge or a brush to pat the concealer on in thin layers, then build up the coverage.

  7. hi

    Can you press pigments using that same method? I have two loose shimmer powders from the Color Workshop Winter Collection Kit (cheap local kid

    • Yes, you can use the same method 😀

      They have CCOs, where you can get MAC at 30% off, but they’re only in the U.S. and there aren’t a lot of locations :(

  8. hi

    Next question, lol! 😉 I’m going to a bat mitzvah in two weeks, and I want to do a look with bronze, pink, and gold shadows. Basically what I want to do is something like Expensive Pink on the inner half of lid, Sable on the outer half of lid darkened with a bit of Embark on the outer third, Antiqued and Goldmine on the middle lid, Shroom on the brow bone, Embark overlayed with Swiss Chocolate in crease, black liner on the top lashline smudged with Swiss Chocolate and black liner on the lower lashline, covered with Sable. (I love my bronze liner, lol!) Im going to use the Almay Intensif-I Eye Colour Trio for Hazels in place of Antiqued, Goldmine, and Expensive Pink, and the dark brown side of Sweet Liason Suite Array duo in place of Embark and Swiss Chocolate. I thought including MAC shadow dupes would help, since you probably don’t own the Almay trio 😉 I also wanna do cool bubble-gum pink lips (and lightly shimmery, peachy-pink cheeks) but I can’t find a matte lipstick that would suffice. Could you do a look like this, pretty please? :)

    • I’m definitely not going to be able to do this before your Bat Mitzvah :(

      MAC has some mattenes – I can’t think of one off hand that works perfectly, but they might have a shade in the pink family that would work that’s matte.

      The look sounds fantastic, I don’t even know why you want me to do it, lol! It sounds like a slam dunk. :)

  9. Tiffany

    I love your site! (:

    I was wondering what would you recommend as a good on the spot acne treatment, for the occasional pimples that pop up? thanks! (:

  10. Kara

    Hello Ladies,

    I’m in desperate need of some help! I’m soo frustrated. I have been switching back & forth between UDD & Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance for years. They don

    • Hmm, are your lids any oilier than they used to be? That is REALLY weird! I’d say maybe they’re too old, and perhaps the formula has broken down over time!

  11. Stephanie

    how do you press pigments? what kind of medium do you use?

  12. laura

    i need tips on what to pair dear cupcake with. brown? thanks…

  13. Nathalie

    Hello Christine, I have several questions! (I really enjoy your site!)

    – I’m generally a YSL mascara user (I use Everlong, the one making doll lashes) but I thought I could give a try in Mac mascaras. That said, I’m feeling a bit lost. I have light grey green eyes and generally wear a smockey eye. My natural lashes aren’t especially short, just maybe a bit “uncurly”. As I don’t want to use a mechanical Lash Curler (it freaks me out), I love to find mascara which give a flase lashes effect: dense, long, curly. Dramatic if you prefer. What mascara would suit me best in Mac?

    – I actually need a little bit of foundation to unify my complexion but I don’t need a lot of coverage. I really dislike when it’s obvious you’re wearing some foundation. My ideal stuff has always been something like a tinted cream. I’m NC15/NC20 (right between the two). What would you advise me as a face product?

    – I enjoy wearing shimmer brick on summer time (on my cheekbones). For now, I am using a Calvin Klein limited edition we’ve had in France called ‘urban lustre’. It’s a gorgeous association of 4 gold (white gold, light gold, gold, warm bronze). For the presentation, it looks a bit like Bobbi Brown’s shimmer bricks. As I will be running out of it someday soon, I was wondering if Mac has something quite similar, a shimmering enlighter. Could Mineralize skin finish work well? Would they have something gold, light and warm to enlight light skins?

    • Hi Nathalie,

      My favorite MAC mascara is Plushlash. Zoomlash is nice, too, but Plushlash is my fave. Face & Body is a pretty sheer foundation, and it has a nice finish. Are you looking for a MAC specific foundation or anything?

      MAC has Soft & Gentle, which is the closest to “gold”, but it’s not my favorite. It’s OK. Since you’re NC15/NC20, though, it might work better for you :) It hardly shows up for me!

  14. cat

    How do you apply your lipsticks? Do you just apply it straight from the tube or do you apply with a lipbrush?

  15. cat

    Do you apply your lipsticks straight from the tube onto your lips or do you use a lip brush?

  16. Saira

    Hi Christine! Hope you are well. Have you tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear Creme Eyeshadows before and if so, what did you think of them? I love the Mac paint pots and want to get a purple one but Mac doesn’t currently have paint pots in purple. Estee Lauder is now selling cream eyeshadows and I’ve been thinking of getting the pale lilac one called Lilac Petals but I’m not sure what it’s like on in terms of coverage and how long-lasting it is, compared to the Mac paint pots. No worries if you haven’t tried them before, just thought I’d check in case you have used them. Thanks :o) .

    • I have not, Saira! I believe Karen over at swatched them, though. :)

      I would imagine that they’re probably on par with MAC. The reason I say this is Estee Lauder owns both Estee Lauder & MAC, and I find that across the company’s brands… a lot is similar — the price points just tend to be different, you know?

      • Saira

        Thanks very much, Christine. Yeah, I checked out the swatches on makeupandbeautyblog and they looked pretty cool. I tried them out in the shop on my hand but I wasn’t sure what they’d actually be like on, as I haven’t tried Estee Lauder make-up before (apart from their mascaras, which I love!). It’s interesting to hear that Mac and Estee Lauder are owned by the same company as I hadn’t realised this, so maybe the creme shadows will be fairly similar to the paintpots. Might just get one and try it out and see what it’s like. Thanks for your help :o) .

  17. Julie

    Hi Christine
    I am trying to get Lotusland, but it is hard to find. Can you recommend me a similar dupe from MAC please, I don’t care if it is a perm or LE. I look at pictures, but they vary so much, it is hard to tell. Thank you :-)

    • Lovely Lily pigment is similar to Lotusland, though it’s a little cooler. Mancatcher might be closer (from Lure). Lavender Sky is kind of there, but not quite. Good luck!

  18. Shannon_Dee

    Hey Christine!
    I am headed to a cousins wedding next week and I want to rock a red lip… Something matte would be preferred, I am naturally fair skinned, but will be a nice broze (thanks to an airbrush tanning). I have light brown hair and brown eyes. Do you have any faves? I prefer a red without blue undertones, but let me know any good ones, both department store and drug store. thanks!!

  19. Jessica

    Hi Christine,
    This session is already over, but i hope you’ll still answer this (: I am running out of moisturizer and don’t know what to use. I think I have the same type of skin as yours. It’s combination, but dry in the winter. I get a lot of those little tiny pimples that I think you mentioned before. What moisturizer would you reccomend me to use?
    I also want to get a bronzer, but don’t know what to get! I’m medium olive toned. I kind of want those half highlight half bronzer combos or something like that.

    Thanks !

    • I love Kate Somerville’s Oil Free Moisturizer — that was really good to my skin. I also like NARS Hydrator Gel, but I like Kate Somerville’s more. Clinique’s Maximum Hydrator is really good when your skin is dry, too. All three are staples in my skincare regimen :)

      I’m drawing a blank (bad, I know) about a highlighter/bronzer duo, but NARS Laguna is a really good bronzer that’s almost universal!

  20. Nanett

    Hey Christine, what are your feelings about Fix+. Do you think it gives your face the dewy look? Also, what e/s base would you recommend? I am a NW43 and I usually wear browns.

    BTW, I absolutely adore this site and am impressed with your dedication.

    • Hey Nanett,

      I’m not totally like OMG FIX+! I don’t know, it just feels like water on my face.

      I love using pigments as bases, which is kind of a cop out answer, because most want just one base to use. In that case, I do like MAC’s Soft Ochre paint pot, or else Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance :)

      Thank you!

  21. Helena

    Hi Christine!

    I was wondering, what are your top 10 mac eyeshadows?

    • It’s hard to make a top ten, just because it’s really a question of top ten for what, you know? Have you seen my series of posts on eyeshadows by color?

  22. K

    Christine…..could you please do a Celeb-A-Like for Kim Kardashian?

  23. Allie

    Hi Christine :-)

    I’m not sure if someone else already posted this or not, but I’m not really good at coordinating my eye makeup colors with my clothes. Could you possibly help me? I don’t wanna clash or anything!

    • Hey Allie,

      I personally match, while others complement. If you google “color wheel” a complementary color is opposite of the color you’re wearing :)

  24. Krishna

    Hi Christine,

    The lady at MAC says I’m an NC30 but I haven’t really bought their foundations yet because I know how important it is to get the right match so I thought of getting a second opinion, not that I don’t trust the MUA. I have like redish/greenish veins on my cheeks but I could tell the veins visible near the side of me eyes and forehead are greenish/purple-ish.. shouldn’t that fall at warm toned?


    btw, i almost check your site every single day.

    • NC30 is for warm shades. I don’t know if it’s the “official” lingo, but NC = not cool, NW = not warm. So NC30 is not cool 30. So it’s kind of the opposite then, since you are “not cool” the foundation is warm-toned.

  25. Hey Karen!

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come by again soon :)

    I believe mixing medium is water-based (well, the one I get…). Is there a customer service line or another person who works for Luminess you could contact about it? I admit I don’t know much about airbrushing equipment at all, but happy to hear Luminess is worth the money!