Friday, March 27th, 2009

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer:) I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly aka today! 😀 Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier!

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355 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #011

  1. meagan

    Hi Christine!

    I really want a new bright lipstick for summer. I am NW20 with black hair. I tend not to look good in pinks with a ton of blue in them or a ton of orange. Show Orchid and Impassioned look so fun but I am stumped! Any ideas? Any brand is fine!


    • Hey Meagan!

      Have you tried shades like Lustering or Girl About Town? I’m wondering if those might be too blue, though. Thinking about it, you might like Speak Louder or Chatterbox. They’re both brighter, but not super bright, and they’re not blue or too orange.

    • S.

      Megan if your thinking about going bright- you can always try patting the color on your lips then spreading it out with your finger or lip brush. That way you can control the intensity of the color. Go bold or go light :)

    • Saira

      I have Impassioned lipstick but sometimes find it too bright, so I often put on a layer and then blot it with a tissue – it means that I still get a bit of the colour but it’s much more subtle.

  2. Renee

    Hi Christine, I missed the 226 brush, do you think they will ever repromote it again?
    And also, I was wondering which limited edition colors I should look out for at CCO, or it repromotes again?

    • They might, though I really don’t know how MAC decides what to repromote, you know? You can always check out the 222 or 224 instead, which are decent replacements :)

  3. joyce

    Hi Christine, what do you think is the best drugstore dupe for NARS turkish delight gloss? it’s a long shot, i know, haha. but thanks for any help!


    • I really don’t have a clue, Joyce! I wish I could help you. I would say that NYX is probably your best bet — they have a great selection of color and most of them seem to have good color pay off!

  4. kristie

    Hi Christine,
    Do you do bridal makeup by any chance? I’m getting married soon and need a makeup artist. Do you have any recommendation?


  5. Hi! Thank you! I was actually thinking just things morning of emailing you to ask…

    I am so bummed. My Nanogold and Modest Tone (shadows from last Spring’s “N Collection”) broke last week! :(

    Any replacement recommendations?

    Thank you! :)

    • Oh no! You weren’t able to repair them with alcohol? :(

      I’d say for Nanogold, you might try Seedy Pearl. I can’t remember if it’s perm or not, but it comes out frequently in quads! As for Modest Tone, maybe Malt+Pink Freeze… I can’t think of any exact perm dupes for it, though.

  6. Noemie

    Hi Christine the Makeup Queen!

    I’m looking for a concealer for my dark circles that won’t melt! I’m having a destination wedding and I know the concealer I use now (Mac Studio Finish) just won’t hold up. It creases and melts in the sun. Any alternatives?

    Also, any ideas for a great face primer to keep the makeup on for my wedding day?

    Thanks for taking the time to help a sista out!

    In Make Up Junkie Spirit,


    • Nicole15


      For my wedding day, the makeup artist used Smashbox Photo Finish “Light” Face Primer which was good cause it was oil-free & for acne prone skin so it avoided me having any skin issues when leaving the next morning for my honeymoon. She also spritzed me down when done with a makeup setting spray. The one she used was called Model in a Bottle. My makeup did not budge until I wiped it off at the end of the night and the pictures came out great w/ no face shine. Just an airbrushed glow. Definitely do a trial prior to the big day to see if the items you are planning to use can withstand the test. Congrats!

    • Galen

      Obviously not Christine, but I’ve got a couple of wedding recommendations. Play around with self tanners (the gradual ones are super easy to use) so that you look like you’ve got a bit of a tan on your wedding day. That way you’ll need less makeup and there will be less of it to melt.

      Also, play around with primers. I know a lot of people love the ones Smashbox makes, but I find them to be too slick when it’s warm. Cargo’s HD one is great though, and it helps under eye concealer stay in place too.

      As for concealers, have you tried the one TheBalm makes? If you can get a good color match, it stays in place really well. If you happen to live in Canada or near the border, Lise Watier makes the very BEST concealer ever! It’s solid in the palette, but you just warm it up with your finger and it becomes creamy and blendable, and then it dries to a perfect finish and doesn’t budge.

    • I’d suggest trying an undereye primer/line filler and then applying concealer on top. Then be sure to set it with loose/pressed powder :) I find this method works with most concealers.

      A lot of people like Smashbox’s Photofinish, though it broke me out personally. There is always their Light version, which is supposed to be more sensitive-skin friendly. MUFE makes a good selection of primers and colored primers which work well, too!

      • Linda P

        I have the same problem but I’m wondering what exactly is an undereye primer/line filler. I’ve never seen one (i’m still a bit new to the makeup world), I have UDPP but that’s just an eyeshadow primer. Can you recommend a specific undereye primer/line filler?

        • MAC’s new Line Filler seems pretty good to me, and it’s not overly pricey (like some of the higher end brands can be). Line Fillers plump up your fine lines/wrinkles so they look less like wrinkles. They basically “fill” in the lines to create a smoother surface for makeup application. Face primers can do this, though Line Fillers are better for more obvious lines!

  7. Ellene

    I’ll be different and ask what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Your hair always looks so shiny and soft in your pictures!

  8. Nicole15

    Christine & All Beauty Gurus –

    I am in desperate search of a good foundation. I unfortunately have moderate acne & cringe when it shows. I need something oil-free but with good coverage that doesn’t look cakey, melt off by end of day, or turn my face shiny by noon. I am open to suggestions from anybody that can help me out. So please ladies, point a sista’ in the right direction!


    • Galen

      Can you tell us what you’ve already tried and why it didn’t work for you?

      • Nicole15

        I’ve tried a lot of foundations in my time & my main issue always ends up being that they either look too heavy/cakey, make my skin look incredibly shiny/oily after just a few hrs., don’t have good coverage, look blotchy by day’s end or make me break out. Mineral foundations sometimes look ashy on me or i can’t find the right color match. The foundations i’ve tried & didn’t like are: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Defense, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation, Revlon Colorstay, Loreal True Match, Loreal Cashmere Perfect, Cover Girl Clean, MAC Studio Fix & Studio Tech, Bare Escentuals, Maybelline Mineral Power, Loreal Bare Minerale, & Smashbox HALO Perfecting Powder.

        Guess I am just hoping that maybe others have been able to find their holy grail foundation & can clue me in so i can try it and see if it works for me.

        • Galen

          Definitely check out Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ foundation. It’s really good for people with oily skin. If you find that one to be too dry, their Face & Body foundation is also really good especially if you set it with MAC blot powder.

          • Nicole15

            So funny you mention these because I was just reading the reviews for it on Sephora’s site. Very good reviews. MUFE HD Foundation also seems to get almost 5 stars as well. Guess i am going to have to test out the MUFE foundations. Thanks Galen!

        • I highly recommend checking out Guerlain if you have a Neiman Marcus or Saks that has a counter. It’s pricey but worth every single penny!

        • Nars

          If you are not on a tight budget, try Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s very light and not cakey at all. Once you set the foundation with loose/pressed powder you should be good to go! I DID like MUFE HD Foundation, but I’d rather go with Luminous Silk. I believe Saks or NM carries GA Beauty, so try it out when you get a chance to shop at those places.

    • I do like Eve Pearl’s foundation. I find it doesn’t accentuate my acne, and it does a good job of keeping it a lot lower key than most foundations! When set with powder, it lasts most of the day for me.

      • Nicole15

        Christine –

        Does Eve Pearl make different foundations & if so, which one do you use or does she just have one kind. What setting powder do you use?

        • I believe she just makes one. I think it’s the Dual Finish HD Cream Foundation – something like that. I think they just come in different packaging. I don’t have a go-to setting powder — I’m currently switching between Eve Pearl’s Pressed Powder, MAC Loose Blot Powder, and MAC Invisible Set. I’ll be trying out MAC’s Transparent Finishing Powder this week, too.

    • nicci

      Hi Nicole –

      I also have oily skin and have tried many foundations from the ones you get at the drugstore and also department store. I tried Make Up For Ever tonight actually at Sephora after reading all the positive reviews. I didn’t purchase it. It did feel light and I liked that it is oil-free but I felt it looked cakey. I could tell that I had foundation on. I was disappointed. You should try it and hopefully you’ll have better results.

      You might want to try Dior Airflash. It is pretty light and doesn’t feel like you have foundation on. I believe it is oil-free. The foundation I am currently using is from Sisley. It is oil-free and light. I really like it. Long lasting, I don’t get all shiny by noon. I’m happy with it. You can get it at Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, or Saks. But it is not cheap – $110 I believe I paid. For me, I feel it is worth it because I’m happy with the results & it lasts a long time.

      I heard Bobbi Brown makes a good oil-free foundation as well. I’ve never tried it but you can give it a try.

      • Nic15

        Thanks Nicci – I really appreciate yours, Christine’s & Galen’s help w/ my quest. You all had good suggestions & at least now there are a few more foundations I can try in hopes that one of them might be “the one”. Wish me luck ladies! :)

  9. Tami

    Hey Christine,

    I was wondering do you know were the colors in the Spiced Chocolate quad from Cult of Cherry collection limited edition or could I find them in the permanent line of shadows? I foolishly passed on it and now I am jonesing for those colors.

  10. Galen

    How old were you when you first started wearing makeup? Who taught you how to apply it?

  11. Diana

    Hi, Christine! What’s a good reddish brown or taupe brown eyeshadow for my NC25-NC30ish skin? Also, what’s your favorite, time-tested hair product?

    • Diana

      I thought of a couple more, haha…

      What’s your favorite lotion for sensitive, dry skin?

      What pinky-peachy blush would you recommend that’s easy to blend and buildable?

      By the way, I love your website, it’s fantastic! You put so much work into it and it shows; I check it all the time.

      • Clinique’s Maximum Hydrator for Men (yes, for men). Absolutely divine. Koren recommended it to me, and it’s really great. It doesn’t break me out, doesn’t irritate my skin, and it hydrates well.

        I love Margin :) Though I suppose that’s kind of a dirty pink-peach. I guess I’d have to say NARS Orgasm for something more pinky-peach!

        Thanks, Diana!

    • Hey Diana…my fav products are from Bumble & Bumble…the best? Brilliantine. Its versatile & I can’t live without it.

    • Embark is a good reddish brown, and Satin Taupe is a nice taupe one. Taupe is a color description that confuses me, though, so maybe if you could tell me dark brown, light brown, etc. I could do better, LOL.

      I am actually LOVING!! Tresemme’s Root Boost Spray. It saves my hair everyday.

      • Diana

        Thanks so much for your help, Christine and Leann! And when I meant “taupe” eyeshadow I mean like a dark gold brown, not exactly taupe sorry. Any ideas? I like MAC eyeshadows but any brand you can think of is fine with me.

  12. Faiza

    Hey Christine, first of all just want to say that you do an amazing job running this site. I myself would never be able to pull it off! So thank you for everything you do for your visitors!

    My question is: What foundation do you think is better, Mac SFF or Eve Pearls? Which one has more coverage, is better for acne prone skin, while it still covers blemishes? Thanks for your help in advance!

    • Thanks, Faiza! :)

      It really just depends. I like Eve Pearl’s for when I’m breaking out. I feel like it isn’t clogging or worsening my acne, and it does a good of concealing/minimizing their appearance. SFF is matte in finish, and if I’m breaking out, my skin might be dry from anti-acne products, too, so it’s not a great match for me during breakouts!

  13. Ricci

    Hi Christine!
    How do I find out my skin tone? Thanks!!

    • If you have blue veins, you are cool toned. If you have green veins, you are warm toned!

      • Nicole15

        Mine are bluish-green! AHHHH! What does that mean? LOL :)

        • Just a guess, but maybe you lean more neutral than either warm/cool. LOL. I wouldn’t say mine are glowing green or anything, but they’re definitely fairly green!

      • Diana

        What happens if my veins are more blue-green than any definite color? I’m not joking :)

        • I’d say you just may be more neutral-toned than too cool or too warm. Do you feel you’re more warm or cool toned?

        • S.

          Im searching for my color as well. I see its bluish/green but maybe once Im in the sunlight. I will be able to get more of a clue, I hope :)

          • Carrie

            I’ve also seen people do a thing where they hold up brightly colored sheets of paper next to their face — a blue one and a red-orange one — and if it looks “better”/”matches” the blue one, you’re cool, if the red/orange one, you’re warm.

            The whole warm-cool thing is so weird–I look pink, everyone tells me I’m cool toned, but the Prescriptives counter matched me to a Red/Orange foundation, so who knows!

      • Ricci

        I must be cool toned then.. alas I tan rather well though … many thanks!

  14. do you know of an inexpensive body lotion that also adds a nice shimmer that lasts?

    • Jergens! I love them. I am also loving Mario Badescu’s Shimmer Lotion right now.

    • Tanya

      Make your own!! It rocks because you can use any scented lotion that you love. Just use a good quality glitter, by that I mean don’t use cheap craft glitter. Wet and Wild has (or at least use to) little pots of very fine glitter that works perfectly for mixing with lotion. Make sure that whatever glitter you use that its a nice fine type. You can control how much glitter you put into the bottle which I really like.

  15. Terry

    Hi Christine!
    Two of my favourite MAC lipsticks are Vanity’s Child and Jubilee. They’re both lustre but I’d like to use some lipgloss on top of them. What lipglosses would you suggest? Thanks :)

    • Oh, gosh, ANY! You really can use whatever you want. Are there any shades you’d like to see?

      I’d definitely pair Jubilee with corals of all kinds – like Lychee Luxe. Vanity’s Child might be great with Luminary lustreglass (anything really shimmery and dazzling), as well as red glosses to make a pretty pink.

  16. Tanya

    hey all make-up loving girly girls
    I recently broke a MAC shadow when I knocked it onto the bathroom floor. I have yet to open it up BUT I can see though the lid that its in a bazillion pieces. Any suggestions what I can do with it? Should I smash it up some more and make my own version of pigment? is that even possible? I seem to recall that someone “melted” pigement and turned it into shadow, can I do something like that? and if so, how?

    Thank you Christine or whoever has some fab insight or help for my broken shadow problem.

    • Hey Tanya!

      You can actually repress it if you’d like. You can either do that or you could use it as a pigment. To repress it, you just have to mash it all up (so it’s all loose), then pour a LITTLE bit of rubbing alcohol into the pan. Use a tooth pick to swirl it together to make it the same consistency (you don’t want it to be really liquid-y). I like to use an old t-shirt and a quarter, then I put the quarter on one side of the t-shirt and have the t-shirt be the part that will touch the wet eyeshadow. Use it to press the mixture together. All done!

      • hi

        Can you press pigments using that same method? I have two loose shimmer powders from the Color Workshop Winter Collection Kit (cheap local kid’s makeup boutique, got this as a gift) – one is magenta-pink, the other is bright silver with a hint of blue shimmer. You just dampen it with alcohol, then press it with a tee weighed down by a quarter? Also, do you have any tips for reducing the mess when you open a jar of loose shadow? The shadow sticks to the lid and the opening, and then it gets on my clothes, floor, etc. I’ve tried laying it on a paper towel, but I still got some all over my face and clothing.
        Do you have any tips for making my MAC bill smaller? I find myself spending over a hundred dollars on just four or five products!
        Thanks for answering my question bombardment,
        hi :)

        • iliana

          Here’s a guide I saw while browsing through Specktra. I hope it helps!

        • Yes, pressing pigments is very much the same :)

          I don’t think there’s a way to spend less on MAC other than buying less. You can get some MAC from CCOs in the U.S., which are Cosmetic Company Outlets owned by Estee Lauder, and some MAC finds it way there and you can get it for around 30% off the retail price.

          If you have a sifter lid, you can reduce some of the mess of loose shadow, but otherwise it’s not super easy :/

    • Galen

      Most eyeshadows are pretty easy to repair. Drip rubbing alcohol on the eyeshadow until it’s saturated, but not sitting in liquid. Then use the back of a small spoon to gently, but firmly push and repack the eyeshadow back together. Leave the container open for a day or two so that alcohol evaporates and it should be as good as new.

  17. Emm

    What is the difference between a MAC paint pot, cream color base, and paint? Just texture and color variety? And what the is the difference between MAC Fluidline and Chromaline?

    BTW I totally agree with what Faiza said. Your site is great!

    • Paint pots seem to be the thickest, and they’re water-resistant. Paints are thinner. Cream Colour Bases are hit and miss, not really similar to either paint pots or paints, and they don’t work so well as bases for most people (they’ll crease).

    • Chromalines are a little thinner, very creamy. They are similar, though!

  18. Angie

    1) For beginners wearing the fluidline, would you recommend the 209, 210, 263 or 266? i prefer a fine line as i have rather large eyes already lol.

    2) How can you make eyeshadow colours pop, like making the colours more intensified? I’ve tried doing looks using paint pot + eyeshadow but it still not as intensified as I want it to! I love the way you blend the colours and they look really pigmented!

    I’m asian and have dark brows and skin v similar to yours, NC25-30 :)
    3) Which mac blushes would you recommend (matte finish)?
    4) Which mac eyeshadow do you use on your brows!

    • I prefer the 208, actually :) It’s angled and very thin.

      What paint pots are you using? I don’t like using a lot of them as bases as they tend to eat color in my experience. I like more neutral bases, or else I like using a colored base that’s similar to the shadows I plan to use!

      Prism would be my fave matte blush for NC30. Strada makes a decent contouring color — TBH, I don’t like a lot of MAC’s matte blushes (they tend to look dirty on me!).

      I use Espresso :)

  19. Roslyn

    What is your favorite makeup trend right now? Do you have any predictions for what will be hot this summer?

  20. Andrea

    This might be a weird question, but how would you suggest a person who never wears makeup on a daily basis ease into it?

    • Start with just a wash of color over the lid. I’d probably say start with neutrals, too, just because you haven’t seen yourself in makeup very often. Colored eyeliner is a fun way to perk up your look without worrying about blending and all that. Or else just dive into it :)

  21. Daria

    Hey Christine,

    I was just wondering if you think that Eve Pearls HD foundation is ok for everyday use. I have been wearing mine almost every day, but didn’t know if you had other thoughts about that! Also, I know you tried Eve Pearls Priming moisturizer which at the time you said didnt break you out, but now that time has passed, I was wondering how it was working for you after a month or so.

    Thank you so much! Happy friday!

    • Yes, it should be just fine everyday! I wore it for 3 weeks straight with no issues. I’m currently testing some other foundations at the moment, though. None of her products broke me out 😀

  22. Camila

    Hi! I’m from Brazil, but I’m going to the USA and I wanna know what product you use to make the face’s contour. Do you think foundation or concealer are better for this work? I’m thinking of buying the “MUFE 5 camouflage cream palette” for it. Do you think it would be good? I prefer a foundation duo, like the Eve Pearl’s, but I don’t know where to finf it at Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Can you help me? thanks =D

  23. NuNu

    Hi Christine!

    I can’t decide between the Dior coral harmony blush or the rose brazilia. I’m NC 25 and Asian. Can’t get both cos DEFINITELY want Pop Diamond when it comes out!

    Thanks so much!

  24. Luv J

    Do you find it necessary to wear a primer under foundation? Aside from extending the wear of makeup, do you think it changes the consistency or texture of foundation on the skin if primer is used before hand?

    • For me? No. I don’t get too oily, except by the very end of the day, when I’m taking my makeup off any way. For special occasions, I will use a primer if I know I need my makeup to last all day. I don’t feel it changes the consistency or texture of my foundation. If anything, it might help it apply better.

    • i tend to get oily in my t-zone so i sometimes apply it just there. i dont find it absolutely necessary. if oil is a problem for you, i recommend blot papers instead.

  25. Hiiii Christine. xD
    I want to know how you make all the freakin’ money necessary to buy so much makeup… -dizzy-

  26. SN

    Hey Christine, I noticed there are a lot of questions here regarding foundation and you’ve already recommended Eve Pearl’s but which one would you suggest that’s non-clogging,acne-safe, good coverage (HD),sweat-resistant and lasts and lasts through all the tears and humidity of a summer wedding? Or is that hoping for something that’s not out there??!!Please help!

    • LOL, I think that might be wishing for the stars, SN! I do like hers for good coverage, non-clogging, doesn’t break you out product. It’s made for TV in a sense, so it’ll definitely do the “HD” part. If you wear a good primer and set your makeup, it should last a bit. I’d carry a blot powder or pressed powder with you to touch-up.

    • AmyLou

      I was a bridesmaid in an August wedding 2 years ago and wore Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Even Finish Foundation. I prepped with a mattifying treatment, then oil-free primer, then applied foundation with a brush. Be sure to wait a few minutes between each layer (matte treatment, primer, foundation). I set it with a cheapy translucent clarifying powder (cover girl maybe) using a big fluffy brush.

      It lasted from application at 10 a.m. until I got a little drink happy around 10 that night. That includes being in a HOT church balcony and outdoor pictures, plus warm limo ride and dancing about an hour or two before the major fade happened.

      Good luck!

  27. Mahalia

    Hi I am an NW45 amd i am trying to figure out what would be
    a good hot pink lip for summer…
    girl about town was a mess!

  28. whyceee

    hey there!

    i was wondering what you would reccommend for an everyday lip for people who are NC25-30.

    thank youu!

    • Mari-sheeno, but it’s not available and so that’s not my final answer, LOL.

      I like Angel and Sweetie for pinks; Jubilee and Peachstock for peachy shades; and Plum Dandy for a more purple-toned color.

  29. I have the Butternutty shade stick from MAC and I was wondering if there was a way to make it glide on more smooth?


  30. Yaya

    How do I know if I am cool/warm on the color spectrum?

    Also, any tips on full lips without people saying “hey you have lipstick/product outside your lips”.

    Thanks! I love these posts.

    • If you have blue veins, you’re cool toned. If you have green veins, you’re warm toned. Just look on the inside of your forearm :)

      Hmm, what do you mean for the second part, Yaya? Is it that your lips are full, but they aren’t 100% the same pigment so the outside looks different? If that’s the case, you might try lip liner :)

      • Yaya

        Sorry, I should have been more specific. I am going for more fuller lips. But I do have a problem with natural color kind of outside my lip line if that makes sense, and when I put color there it looks unnatural. But I will try experimenting more with lip liner thanks!

        And sorry for repeating the warm/cool question again- I wrote my question before I read the other questions

        • It’s no problem — it’s an quick question to answer, LOL! I know it like the back of my hand, y’know?

          If you want fuller lips, one way is to highlight the areas around your lips. Like the cupid’s bow — put a dusting of highlight just above it. You can also use concealer around your lips to really make your pout more defined. Try accenting the middle of your bottom lip with an iridescent shimmer, too :)

  31. Brittany

    Hey christine! i am having SUCH trouble with eye bases=[ MACS shade sticks dont really work.. and paint pots… to keep color on… in liek 5 hours my makeup looks horrible my highlighter is completely gone and it jsut doesn’t stay on=[ any suggestions??

    And one more thing, about finding a mixing medium. I asked a girl at mac and she had absolutely no idea what i was even talking about.. i went to a drug store and they didn’t sell glycerin… i love pigments but i obviously need something to make them go on good! any suggestions on what to do? I really really want to get a hold of this stuff! =]

    • Are you bringing the base all the way to your brow bone? (Might be obvious, but it never hurts to ask.) You might want to try to vary your application method — perhaps you’re putting too much (or too little) on at once? Maybe let it dry a little bit? Have you tried Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance?

      Where did you look for glycerin? It’s usually in the first aid aisle. I know it’s common in the drugstores I’ve been to here in the U.S. Mixing medium is a PRO product, so if you weren’t at a PRO store, she might not have heard of it before!

      • Brittany

        I live in Sacramento CA, ill look today or tomorrow! thanks.. it was longs, they said rite aid might be better to look for that.

        I will re try my paint pot and see.. I just know that Honeylust came on SO well for me before, then i got a paint pot and i feel like it barely shows=/

        • Mine’s from Rite Aid, ha!

          It should be with skin protectants – like bandaids and the like. Mine came in a small black bottle, labeled by Rite Aid, very simple.

          Which paint pot are you using? Could be the paint pot! What were you using before?

          • Brittany

            I did have a shade stick, the beige one, i guess that worked better than i thought it did lol. Because the honeylust doesn’t show up well at all. and comes off super easy. I believe its the one that starts with an O (its neutral toned, sorry the name slips my mind) ocharly? LOL probably butchered it. but i think thats what it is.

          • Brittany

            wait! lol i meant to say painterly.. the other one is soft ochre huh? way to mix those! lol its painterly

    • S

      For glycerine, check out Walmart!

  32. Brittany

    Im sorry, just one more thing. What are your thoughts on Bare Minerals cover up? from Sephora/Ulta? I used it, i like it but sometimes i feel like my skin doesn’t look that great with it.. when i break out its not like HUGE blemishes, but little ones =[

    • I don’t use BM, because it makes my face kind of itchy/scratchy :(

      I’ve found that cream concealers are way better to minimize blemishes than anything else.

      • Brittany

        I would love to try a new cover up, im light in BM if you know what shade that is, i dont know what else to call myself, im not super fair skinned but im not tan, i just have so many red spots on my face and dark circles under my eyes! im not scary looking i promise;) but i am having trouble finding all the good makeup, man! lol i wish this came easy for me.

  33. Nicole15

    What are your thoughts on MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Foundation? Some people say its not good & causes acne but others say its great.

  34. What is foiling? Has something to do with eyeshadow.

    • If I’m not mistaken, it’s applying eyeshadow wet (like, patting it on instead of sweeping). It often gives shadows a metallic sheen and better color payoff.

    • Arika BH

      Foiling is when you apply your eye shadows wet. It makes the color more vibrant and it increases the wear of your shadows. You could use a mixing medium but I just use Visine.

    • Just applying eyeshadow wet!

      • hi

        I know that Mixing Medium is water and glycerin, but when you apply your shadows wet with this, does it dry? I would think that glycerin doesn’t dry, and you’d have to apply others shadows over the medium and shadow mixture.

        • It dries for me, but I do like to wear mine with shadows no matter what, because I prefer the way shadows look on top of pigments than pigments by themselves :)

  35. hi,
    i just bought ‘refined’ MSF…i find it too opaque…as a highliter. hw can i make it work??
    Also, i have So ceylon MSF..shud i buy warmed MSF frm my local CCO??

    • Try using a brush like the 187 or 188 – it might give you more of a highlighter look. Warmed was kind of orangey on me, so I didn’t like it, but you might like it if you are a fan of MSFs and So Ceylon!

  36. what lipglass would you suggest frm each color family…from permanent MAC red, coral, pink, fushcia, natural, brown…those types..u knw what i mean…:)

  37. I’m getting married on Sept.4 and I need to figure out my makeup –
    can you recommend some good eye looks for an NC37? (I want something that really my eyes POP – something bright and dramatic, yet natural). How about blush and lipstick? (I love nude-pink lips… Hue looks great on me)

  38. lisa

    What mac products would u recommend for a bridal make up look e.g powders etc?

  39. Nadine

    Hey. Love your site! I was just wondering your fav. pick of makeup brushes outside of MAC? I just can’t justify spending $30+ on a brush. Also, what are some good blushes for an NW-20?

  40. i dont have a question but i just want to thank you for using lychee luxe so much in your looks. i ordered it and it came today and it looks GREAT!

  41. Is the lip erase good? by M.A.C

  42. Lizzclare

    Hi there lovely lady :)
    can you recommend a good waterproof mascara – i get such runny eyes in the wind and England at the min is cold and windy.
    Also can you recommend a mineral powder that looks like a good liquid foundation – I have macs mineral skin finish in natural but its looks powdery on me and shows lines, pores and makes me look really aged.

    • My fave waterproof is Maybelline Full ‘n Soft or Clinique’s Lash Power!

      I don’t really love any mineral powder foundation as of yet :( I find they all look drying. I know a lot of people swear by Alima, though!

  43. Myxa

    1) What is a good dupe for Creme Royale from Hello Kitty from the permanent collection?
    2) What is the different between blushes and beauty powders in Hello Kitty?
    3) How does Fun and Games compare with Nars Orgasm?
    4) When would you use a pressed powder, and when would you use loose powder? Why? What is the benefit of loose powders? I just find loose powders messy in general… :(

    • Try Nylon as the closest perm dupe. Do you mean the beauty powders or beauty powder blushes?

      Beauty powders: soft, sheer fine-milled powder–tend to work better as highlighters than blushers
      Blushes: soft, sheer to medium pigmentation, low shimmer usually
      Beauty powder blushes: more fine-milled, softer, usually well pigmented

      Fun & Games is quite orange for me, whereas Orgasm is more peachy-pink.

      You can use pressed or loose powders to set your makeup. I tend to use pressed over loose. Similarly, you can use either to touch-up your makeup (and minimize oiliness), but most use pressed so they can carry it with them. Loose powders may be easier to buff in.

  44. Kate

    Christine, what are the best MAC dupes for the Stila Summer Collection e/s quad? Those colors were gorgeous!!!!

  45. Nicole

    Hi Christine,
    Just a quick question what MAC eye brushes do you recomend for someone just starting out with MAC products?

  46. JillyB

    How do you blend the colors in your e/s without them blending together and getting muddy? I keep hearing to blend well but when I do, the colors aren’t as distinct as yours are.

  47. Rachael

    Hey Christine, you can suggest a good dupe for cumulus eyeshadow? Thanks!

  48. Arika BH

    Christine, what movies are you looking forward too this summer? What type of cuisine is your favorite?

    • Is it sad to say that I don’t even know what movies are coming out this summer? I am too cheap to go to the theatres (it’s like $10 per person here!), so I wait for everything to come out on DVD. :) I am eager to purchase Marley & Me, though!

      Italian is my very favorite! Yummy!

  49. Kayc

    Hey Christine,

    This question has probably already been asked before.
    But I’m wondering what undereye concealer you would recommend that does not crease. I have tried many and they all crease within an hour even when I use a primer underneath and set them with powder. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Ilaria

      Have you tried shiseido or MUFE? I think they’re both really good. shiseido had two shade of concealer and fixing powder all together… This year I was looking for it but couldn’t find it.. on the website you can see it so I guess it’s still available

    • Wow, I can’t believe they’re still creasing on you!

      Are you letting the primer set fully? Maybe even a line filler would work better, actually. I’d also suggest that perhaps you’re using more concealer than you need — try dabbing it in with a sponge to really get it to sink into the skin. If those things don’t work, I believe theBalm’s concealer tends to be one of the more long lasting concealers, though I tend to like my concealers to be creamier.

    • UD also has a 24/7 Concealer that I like!

  50. Arika BH

    What is you favorite MAC color combo for a neutral matte eyeshadow look? Im lacking in the mattes and need to build that part of my collection. Thanks Christine for any recs! Your site is the best!

    • Soft Ochre paint pot is an absolute must — really great base for matte shadows. I kind of just like the neutral/nude lid with a stark, dark brown crease. I don’t have any particular favorite specific combinations, I just tend to like the way those colors look.

      I’d say Espresso/Ground Brown are my faves for the crease. Shades like Blanc Type, Bamboo, and Bisque for the lid!

  51. Hey Christine! I love these question sessions!

    Do you find that Chanel lipglosses disappear right away? I just recently bought one and in like 10 minutes I feel it’s gone. Maybe it’s just the particular gloss I got… or are they all like that?

  52. Myxa

    Which black eyeliner is the easiest to use? Pencil? Fluidline? Liqiudlast? Which one is the best for the lower waterline? Is there the best to get it all done? How do i pick? :)

    • I find pencil is the easiest, with liquidlast being the more difficult of the three. I use pencils on my waterline (I like UD 24/7 Liners) or fluidline, never liquidlast!

  53. berly

    Hey christine!!! well im looking for a nude lipstick as well as a pretty pink lipstick and lipgloss nothing to bold just something that will go with anything …i am a NC42 and my upper lip is more pigmented than the bottom and i never like any pinks ive tried…what would u recommend???? THANX

    • I love Fresh Brew and Honeylove for nudes. I love Sweetie and Bombshell for pinks. For lipgloss, I love Luminary, Love Nectar, and C-Thru :)

  54. catie


    what’s the dupe for lightscapade msf?

    which msf would you recommend to be used as a highlighter for nc30/nc35….soft and gentle, perfect topping or redhead from the brunette blond redhead collection.


    • I believe Physician’s Formula’s shimmer strips and Jane Wisteria are dupes. By MAC, I don’t think there are any great dupes… perhaps Pink Opal pigment?

      Soft & Gentle would probably be a better highlighter of those three!

  55. Ashley

    What do you use for organization? I can’t seem to find anything that keeps my eyeshadow singles organized and easy to look through! I am always wasting time looking for certain colors in my abyss of a make up bag. I had a train case, but quickly out grew it…any suggestions?

    • I use clear bins from The Container Store–they’re like $3-10 a pop. :) I don’t keep eyeshadows in single form for long, LOL. I don’t think there is an easy way to keep them organized. You could try the 6 drawer units – they might be shallow enough for you to lay them all out :)

  56. Sheena

    Hey Christine :)
    I’m a NC45, and I’m trying to decide which of the Grand Duo blushes to get…from the swatches, I kinda liked Grand Duos, Light over Dark, and Intenso, but I wasn’t sure which would suit my skin tone best…any suggestions? Also, I really liked how Lollipop Loving swatched on you, but I’ve heard that for pretty pigmented lips (like mine!), it might not show up so well…do you agree, or would you say go for it? :) Thanks for your help!!

    • I think both Grand Duos & Light Over Dark would look the best on you. I’d say go for Lollipop Loving – it’s a unique color and it’s pretty, especially with your skintone!

      • Sheena

        Thank you :)

        and sorry, one more question…I love the Feline kohl pencil, but I find that it has a tendency to smudge/spread, esp in the inner corner of my eye…is there anything I can do to stop that from happening?

  57. Daisy

    What would you suggest as dupes for Mac Heatherette Trio 2? I’d prefer Mac (or cheaper alternatives).

  58. vicky!

    what are your favourite TV shows? :)

    • I like terrible trash TV. Like give me a reality show on VH1 and I will watch it! That pretty much encompasses my TV watching these days. I also like watching the Dog Whisperer :)

  59. hey christinee! u rock i lovee u <3 i was just wondering i won something from your website… and i was wondering if its okay to enter for other giveaways? thxxxx byee

  60. Erynn

    Hi Christine-
    I was wondering if you picked up the Bobbi Brown Brights palette and if so, would you post some looks using some of the colors? I’m having a hard time imagining the looks that I can create with so many “colors” especially when they’re brights, not neutrals.

  61. dolce aria

    I think asked this in a different thread but, it seems like in a lot of your brighter looks, you tend to do a lot of color/liner on the lower lid, and no liner on the upper. Is this something you intentionally do because of your eye shape? Or is it just “well i wanted some distinction and thought that putting that purple liner on top too would be overkill”. Its a pretty shape, but one I can’t use at all. I have to line the outer 1/3 of both upper and lower, blending heavily into nothing on the middle/inner parts. What other contouring/shading things do you feel look best on your face? And how would you alter those for different face shapes?

    • Wearing liner on my upper lash line causes my eyelid to swell up, so I generally prefer not to go through that. If I do it in a look posted on the blog, I’ve usually taken it off shortly after taking photos to minimize the effects. At this point, I’m not sure if I just prefer myself without it because of how it looks or not. The best part about all of us is that we are different, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you adapting a look you see to better suit your style/face/eye! In fact, I don’t think we should replicate so much as get inspired by, you know? :)

      I’m not sure what you mean by contouring/shading things. I don’t usually contour, though if I do, I just do my cheeks for the most part. I’m happy with my nose and jawline!

  62. Tee

    Hey Christine! Well I have a question, but it may seem like sort of a beginner question. Well a few months back I bought an eyeshadow base and it isn’t available anymore. It works well and it was cheap. I was wondering if you have a suggestion for a cheap eyeshadow base? It would be lots of help! Thanks!!

  63. Andrea

    Any suggestions on how I can wear Humid eyeshadow? I am NW20 with brown hair and dark brown eyes. Loving all the info. Thanks!

  64. Thais

    Hi Christine! I asked something a few posts ago, but I think you didn’t read it… But no problem!! I’ll ask it now :)

    – Your eyebrows are SO beautiful, seriously… Tell me the secret, PLEASE!
    – What colors of eyeshadows/lipsticks/glosses do you think girls should have?


    • I think I answered this, actually! I get them threaded every 3-4 months, and in between visits, I just pluck stray hairs. I fill them in with Espresso eyeshadow and that’s it! :)

      I think girls should have every color 😀 LOL, really, I do!

  65. Annie

    Hey Christine! Thanks for answering all of these questions. I hate to add to the load, but I noticed in your palatte collections that you have the square shadows from LE sets. So my question is:

    How do you remove the eyeshadows from a MAC holiday/LE set?

    I know how to remove shadows from a single container, but I have no idea how to from my holiday sets. :( I want to recycle my containers to get new eyeshadows! 😀

    • Each holiday palette contains a plastic insert that actually holds the six shadows. You can pop that out much like you pop out an eyeshadow from a regular pot. Then I just used a lighter to melt the glue, knife to push the shadows up and out, and voila. :)

      • Annie

        Thank you very much! Please disregard the message from me below. I didn’t see the link to move to newer comments. Haha. I’m excited to put those shadows into a palette now! :) Thanks!

  66. Danielle

    What Kayc asked… and to add to that: I was under the impression that one should set the concealer w/ powder but recently read in Allure that powder will inevitably settle into the fine lines, especially if one is older (sigh — I guess that means me). So does that mean the concealer should just be bare?

    • I know if I don’t set my concealer that the concealer settles into the lines pretty much right away, sooo powder does help me moreso than it just alone.

  67. mahalia

    What are good mac lipsticks for nw45 skin?
    And good blushes too please

    • To be more traditional, you’d want to stick with cool or neutral toned lipsticks and less on warmer tones (like orangey-reds). It’s really a matter of what you like. I wouldn’t say that there are only a few you could use, you know? You should definitely check out colors like Snob, Capricious, Sweetie, and Lustering, though!

      For blushes, I’d recommend Dollymix and Melba.

  68. heather t.

    Do you know of any really good undereye concealers with SPF? I think MAC had one, but that’s it!! I think that SPF should be a given with concealers. I mean, it prevents them from darkening and aging..

    • Do you not have SPF all over your face, though? I imagine you’re already using some sort of SPF product on your face, so your eyes should already be covered! :) MAC Studio Finish concealer, Clinique City Cover, and Estee Lauder Double-Wear Concealer all have SPF in them!

  69. Mist

    Hi Christine ! What other alternatives are there for Paint Pots ? I only have painterly and find it to be ok. I mostly use browns/neutrals. What paint pot should i buy ?

    • The only paint pot I actually use is Soft Ochre, and it works decently for colors, though I don’t feel it’s the best base. I tend to stick with pigments for more colorful looks, but I have used the new shadesticks and have found them to be quite good, too.

  70. Jen

    Did you ever get a new, lighter camera? I have a problem with my bulky Canon camera as well, so I wanted to see if you solved the problem yet yourself.
    Also, I just got Beautymarked but it seems really.. chalky. Would a base make it go on smoother? I had the same problem with Passionate.. how the heck do you use these? Are bases an absolute must?

    • Hey Jen,

      I still haven’t gotten a new point and shoot camera yet. I’m still toting around my normal one, ha!

      Hmm, I always use bases to be honest, so I’m not quite sure. Beautymarked is a bit on the chalky side, though. I find a fluffy brush like the 224 or 226 works better with chalky shadows than my 239 sometimes. I do believe bases are a must :)

  71. Colleen

    Hey Christine,
    I’m a little late to the party, but I’m so excited to see another session. I have a couple of questions:

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with foundation. I’ve been using BM for a couple of years (I hardly ever wear full makeup), but my skin is pretty dry and it doesn’t sit like I’d like. Do you have any recommendations for a foundation that sits well on dry, sensitive skin and can cover ruddy cheeks? I’ve also heard about some technique where you use a wet sponge to apply foundation in order to get a less-full but luminous look; do you know how to do this?

    2. I need a good exfoliating mask/cleanser for my skin (dry, sensitive, a bit of rosacea). Any recommendations?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions. These sessions are so helpful! I love your blog!

    • Hey Colleen,

      You’re just fashionably late 😉

      I do like Eve Pearl’s foundation (boy, I sound like a broken record), because it works well on all types of skin, even sensitive skin. It is also great at covering up anything you want covered. I also like MAC Studio Fix Fluid and find it covers pretty well, too, though it has a matte finish so it’s not ideal for dry skin so much. MUFE Face & Body might work better for you, as it gives you nice coverage, a slightly dewy finish, and it’s better for dry skin. If you’re looking for a compact foundation, I’d definitely look for a creamy foundation over powder, though!

      As far as the sponging technique, it’s really simple :) Just buy cosmetic sponges to have on hand. Use a brush to apply foundation to your face (in patches, don’t worry about blending it out). Spritz a little water on your sponge, then dab the foundation into place. Don’t rub it, dab. :)

      My favorite exfoliating product is Prescriptives’ Instant Gratification. It’s a bit pricey, though. A good alternative is Clean & Clear’s In-Shower Facial. I also love Lush’s Fresh Face Masks :)

  72. DiamondDoll1008

    I love your site! Do you have any tips/ideas on how to keep my hands off my face. I love to wear foundation, but I hate that it ends up on papers or other objects because I can’t stop touching my face.


    • Hmm, write reminders all over the place – like on post-it notes. Maybe wrap a string around one of your fingers, so every time you see it, you’re like, “No face touching!”

      I think it’s mostly something you just have to force yourself to be conscious of. :(

  73. Hi Christine! Just wondering if you are a fan of airbrushing and if you know anything about how much coverage you can get from it. I have hyperpigmentation spots I’m trying to cover but I hate feeling like I have a mask on. Thanks!

    • To be honest, I’ve never had airbrushing done or have seen it done. I know MAC PRO sells an airbrushing kit, though. I think the best thing to do is fine a good, creamy and emollient concealer that covers without feeling like a mask. It’s a tough quest to go on, but I think it is possible. Eve Pearl’s foundation and concealer did quite a good job hiding my post-acne marks!

  74. trish6785

    hey there christine.. loving the matte looks. hope you could a little bit more. anyweiz, do u know any makeupartist here around orange county? hope you reply.. thanks.. more power to yah

    • Hey Trish,

      I really don’t have that many makeup artists as friends. Most of the artists I know are MAC artists or artists for beauty counters, not freelancers. If you do see an artist who has great makeup (even at the counters/MAC), you might ask them if they freelance, because many of them do.

  75. Jody


    I cant pull myself away from this site, is there a Temptalia rehab? :)

    Is Soft Ochre a base that will “eat” color? Would it work under a shadow like Aquavert? Do you know of a Dupe for Mac’s Fun Fun? I am in love with this lipstick, it is such a unique color and I only have 2 back ups!

    Where do you shop for your clothing? I love all of your tops! Do you have to be a member to shop Cosmetics Company store? Last question I swear! What shadows would work best with Dipdown fluidline? I love chocolate browns.


    • LOL! 😉

      I don’t feel Soft Ochre eats color. It might eat a *little* bit on occasion, but it’s my favorite paint pot to use as a base. I think Aquavert would look lovely on it :) It’ll be light and springy over Soft Ochre.

      Snob might be the closest dupe to Fun Fun — maybe a lil’ Pink Nouveau mixed in to get it closer.

      I buy a TON of basics. I’m one of those people who buys the same shirt in five different colors, if that shirt works for me. My sweater tops are from H&M, Forever 21, and Old Navy. Though I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 in some time — I think I have out-aged the place, LOL. I just bought a ton of basics at Old Navy yesterday – lots of tank tops, button-ups, and a couple of sweaters.

      And nope, you don’t have to be a member to shop there. It’s a regular store/outlet that’s open to the public.

      For Dipdown, I like wearing it with golds (Goldmine, Romp, Patina). I find chocolate browns and golds work really well together!

  76. Summer

    Have you ever tried any Erno Laszlo products?

  77. *neena*

    Can you recommend a silverish eyeshadow and greyish eyeshadow by MAC. I was also wondering if you have tried the new studio sculpt foundation. If so – what do you think of it?

    • Annie

      I love Silver Ring! You can make it very subtle, or with more layering a gorgeous deep silver. I use it almost every day because it is also very versitle.

    • I like Silver Ring for a silver shadow, and I like Print for a gray.

      I don’t like the new foundation – I find it doesn’t blend out very well for me. It’s a little too thick in texture, too. It also reflects a LOT in photographs with flash :(

  78. JIN

    Hi Christine!
    I was wondering which brush would be the “perfect” one to use MAC’s MSF or mineralize blushes. Can u recommend some brushes to use MSF lines?
    Thanx ! 😀

  79. Saira

    Hi Christine! Are there any warm brown Mac eyeshadows which you would recommend as crease colours to go with Texture eyeshadow? I have Woodwinked, Tempting and Embark but I’m looking for something which is more deep browney-orange to go with Texture, as I find that the other shades I have don’t complement it so well. I was thinking of Antiqued – do you think this shade goes well with Texture and do you have any other suggestions for other shades? Thanks.

    • Antiqued is pretty – it’s also a warm, reddish brown, but it has shimmer in it. You could also check out Folie, Brown Down, and Twinks!

      • Saira

        Thanks very much for the suggestions, Christine! You are so prompt at replying, so helpful! I think I’m going to pick up Antiqued this week (yaaay!) and will also probably check out the other shades you suggested as well. It’s been a while (well, a month perhaps, lol ;o) ) since I’ve bought a new eyeshadow, so can’t wait!

  80. S.

    I would like to know what is your all time favorite MAC AD/Photo? Who is your beauty Icon? Are the MAC shadesticks worth getting or are they just like the paint pots? Also I know this is a silly question but I hear the word crease a lot on YT maybe thats whats happening to me or the reason why my eyes are irritated lately. Are you watching ILove$2 lol.

    • I like the Barbie Loves MAC promo, because I felt like it was a really creative and well put together look. I don’t have any beauty icons, to be honest! I think the shadesticks work better as bases than paint pots, as I feel most of the paint pots eat color (I only like Soft Ochre).

      Hm, are they talking about putting makeup in the crease or talking about making creasing? LOL. In the crease is part of your eye, it’s where your lid kind of “folds”. Creasing is when your makeup slides around and there are visible lines where the skin has folded and there is no longer makeup there.

      And yes, I am watching I Love Money 2! :) Are you?

    • Soraya

      hi!, i would say from my experience.. Shadesticks are realy nice.. The will crease if you dont put a good base (i personaly use UDPP) and it works great…(i have extreamly oily lids but base+shadestick work wonders)…
      I dont realy see the point of using for example blue base and a blue shadow on top.. because i dont see any diference.. i do see a diference when i use a color base and i use a shadow that has reflecks becuse it acualy changes the color.. yesterday i tryed the purple shadestick (i tnk its called royal somthng..)with Beauty Marked and it look dark purple with purple shimmer.. (normaly beuty marked looks almost black and the shimmer dosent show.. (since the shadestick its stiky..(lol) it gab the shimmer of the shadow.. sooooo nice..
      Sorry for my long comment.. i just wanted to share my happyness lol…
      Good Luck!

      • S.

        Thank you so much Soraya for sharing. Meant to say it earlier but was out the door! Im gonna have to start using my UDPP cause I feel like my eye makeup is creasing/moving causing my eyes to become very irritated. Your advice made a lot of sense to me. I like to wear color paint pot just to add a lil color to my eye/simple fast look. I dont think I ll purchase anymore paint pot then again I kinda have them all but I wont repurchase. The way you say the color changes, I will definitely try it out:) Thank you.

  81. Laura

    Hey Christine :)

    I was wondering what is the most pigmented white eyeshadow that you’ve ever used? I was looking into Gesso from MAC but was just wondering if there’s anything better. I’m attempting a Britney Spears look
    (that sounds kinda lame lol) for when I go to her concert in April and the white would be going on my lid, not as a highlight, possibly above black NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil.

    Love your site! Thanks for everything :)

  82. Krys

    Hey Christine!
    I frequently find my lipcolor or cheek color clashes/takes attention away from the eyeshadow (eyes = my focus). Is there a rule on what lipcolor and cheek color to wear with your eye look?

    I’m NC35, I tried laguna (NARS) bronzer and it doesnt show up on my skin tone. I was wondering if I should get a darker color or does darker complexions not benefit from bronzer?

    I saw your swatch of the new naked honey highlighter, will that be too light for me?

  83. amy

    Love the site I’ve got newsfeeds on my sidekick and am constantly hitting refresh to see if u have posted something new :)
    I loooove soft spot lipstick from macs 2008 holiday collection but am fearing the day it will run out can anyone suggest a good dupe? how about a dupe for gentility lipglass from an older holiday set thanks

  84. Linda P

    I hope you’re still taking questions. This is a beauty one, not so much a makeup. My dermatologist told me to use a brush when putting on my facial creams becuz it was more sanitary & would less likely break me out (i’ve got very very oily tzones, mild acne on occasion & dry cheeks). But, i don’t know which types to use.
    I need one that will efficiently get the product into the skin but not waste so much. I’ve tried using the mac foundation for moisturizers & creams but to no avail – they need to be buffed in to be properly absorbed. So i tried the 188 but it seemed to waste a lot more product than using my fingers!

    What’d you recommend?

    • Hey Linda,

      Have you tried sponges? When it comes to creams, I do find sponges are way better than brushes. You can find cosmetic sponges at your local drugstore/superstore (Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, etc.).

  85. Hey Christine!
    I was wondering if you could let me know which MAC eyeshadow is the closest dupe to Shore Leave LE from Naughty Nauticals from last year? I’m almost out of Shore Leave, and it’s my favorite.

    • Hey Michelle,

      Shore Leave looks a lot like Phloof! or Filament on me. It’s almost like a slightly silvery Phloof! (which makes me think Phloof + Electra = money).

  86. barbs

    Christine! I’ve been waiting for this session. =)

    I was wondering what’s a good dupe for mac utter pervette lipstick? Or a pinkish nude lipstick? I’m nc35

    • Pervette, probably! Utter Pervette was like a “remake” of Pervette. :) You might also like Pretty Please and Politely Pink!

      • barbs

        oops didn’t mean to ask twice sorry! its really weird because i didn’t see it before.

        anyways. i bought the pervette yesterday and i didn’t like it. it looks purple on me!=/ im going to exchange probably tomorrow and get the one you recommend!

        thanks! xoxox

  87. phuong k

    christine, could you explain a little more on how returning beauty products works? i have bought numerous things, such as foundation, and have not been satisfied after say . . . one use. how are you able to return things even after using them? do the people ask you why you’re returning it and what do you say if yes? i have read your posts several times and seen that you return things and this is amazing to me because i thought cosmetics weren’t returnable!

    • I don’t really get asked usually. If I do, I just say it didn’t work for me, because that’s really the reason I return. It might be the color wasn’t as pigmented, a product broke me out, color was wrong, etc.

      In the U.S., most retailers allow you to return cosmetics, even drugstores!

  88. Rita

    Hi! Redhead is the only MSF I have. Can you recommend others that are not so shiny or too cool (blue pink). I’d use them as a blush.

  89. Soraya

    Hi Christine!
    Its great that we (your viewers) can interact with you this way, i love your website, its so easy to browse.
    I have some questions for ya..
    1. What type of finish do you prefer for lipsticks..
    2. Do you use lipliner? if you do.. what would be a good neutral color
    that can be pulled of with moust of shades, (pinks, peaches, nudes)
    3. Whats a good dupe for the mufe brigth purple shadow.. (i thk its
    no. 92 not sure..) its the one every body raves about.. hihi..
    4. What would be the best red lipstick for warm toned.. (im NC25)

    thanks !

    • Hey Soraya! Glad you like the site :)

      I prefer Amplified/Amplified Cremes. They have the best pigmentation and texture! I rarely use lip liner, but if I do, I love Pink Treat. My fave! Spice is also a nice neutral color. I don’t think there’s really a great dupe for the MUFE #92 shadow, which is why everyone raves about it, LOL!

      I like Viva Glam I lipstick – it’s a retro matte red. I find Russian Red looks too bright on me, but Viva Glam keeps it classy with it’s slightly deeper red and matte finish.

      • Soraya

        Thanks for the recomendation.. im gonna check it out.. :D…

        Just one last question..

        I have only one MSF, but sadly i dont know what to do with it… i was not very aware of its use i had a wrong idea i wanted something golden for my sky.. but it was too much.. and i realy dont think im ever gonna use it.. Its called Gold Deposit.. it looks weard on me.. i cant use it as a high ligther cause its very orangy-gold…

        Im in Tijuana (Mexico).. I know that in the US you can swap.. i know what it is but i dont know how to do that..

        Im planning on getting another MSF.. and i want it for a good highligth… (not very shimmery)… What would you recomend.. considering that i only want one.. something that can be used with any color.. ??

        Any sugestions on Gold Deposit?? how can i use it?


        • You can head to if you want to swap. Have you tried using it with a smaller brush, like the 188 or 165? You might find it easier to highlight with that one :) You could also use it wet on your eyes!

          Soft & Gentle would work better as a highlighter for you!

  90. phuong k

    christine, i also forgot to ask about ingredients in products. for example, what should i avoid and what i should look for in ingredient lists? like…many products contain talc or mica, is that a good thing or bad, etc.

  91. Jeni

    Hi Christine,
    Can you suggest me a color that would make my eyes stand out?
    My eyes are like a yellowinsh brownish color and I have light skin
    . The foundation I use is CLINIQUE PERFECTLY REAL MAKEUP

  92. Jeni

    SORRY my computer didn’t let me finish well I use the Clinique perfectly real makeup in shade 4 ( maybe that will help you out with my skin tone)I also have medium brown hair.
    Can you please help me?

  93. barbs

    That’s weird I posted a question before but I don’t see it. =/

    Anyways could you tell me what’s a good dupe for utter pervette lipstick? Or what’s a good pinkish/nude lipstick for nc35?

  94. Rachael

    Do MAC eyeshadow pans ever have beveled rings around them like in the picture I provided?

  95. tracey

    Any tips for applying concealer without it looking too cakey?
    I’ve been using MACs select cover up for my under eye circles but i feel like its been too cakey and that either im not applying/blending it right, or i might just have the wrong color because my undereye circles are still pretty noticeable afterward.
    btw i LOVE your site. its one of the regular ones i visit everyday :]

    • Use a sponge or a brush and dab it on :) Build it up in layers rather than applying a lot, and then set with a loose, finely milled powder.


  96. barbs

    can you tell me a good dupe for utter pervette lipstick? or what pinkish/nude lipstick would you recommend for me? im an nc35.

  97. Janelle

    Hi Christine! I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind.

    (1) What is your favorite pencil eyeliner to use on your waterline? And your favorite gel eyeliner to use on your waterline?

    (2) Other than using a primer or dusting translucent powder over my lids after I finish an eye look, what other things can I do to prevent myself from getting raccoon eyes after finishing an eye look?

    (3) I use Lancome’s Bi-Facil to remove my eye makeup at night, but it doesn’t always work perfectly for me. Sometimes I’ll wake up the next morning and find some black eyeliner or other eye makeup under my eyes. Does this ever happen to you and if so, what do you do to prevent it?

    (4) Do you have a top 10 or top 20 MAC eyeshadows that everyone must have?

    Thanks so much, Christine! I’m sorry I have so many questions, but I appreciate your taking the time to spread your wisdom! :)

    • I use Feline or Graphblack most often, though sometimes Blacktrack fluidline.

      To be honest, after using a base, I don’t find myself getting raccoon eyes at all! You can help set makeup under your eyes, too, to minimize migration of eyeliner, though.

      I use a q-tip to remove liner after I’ve “removed” my makeup so I can get it all :)

      It’s really not a top 10 or 20 — there are so many great shadows, but those ten together might not pose a very good ten to have if that’s all you had, you know? It’s more about what you’d wear or what you want to try. Like if you were a neutral look kind of gal, I could definitely give you ten of my picks :)

  98. LOL – you’re always so patient, Christine, answering so many repeat questions!

    This time, I can’t think of any makeup questions, haha… so here’s some random ones!

    What are your favorite restaurants to go to? I visit California pretty frequently, so I was curious. I know you mentioned Italian is your favorite – mine too! :) Got a favorite dish in particular? Do you like desserts, too? If so, what kind?

    Since you purchase a good amount of makeup (meaning you invest in prettying yourself up), do you visit spas or salons on a regular basis as well? Or are you not into that kind of thing? If you are, do you recommend any places you love? :) Or are you just a home spa kind of girl? You do a great job at keeping your skin and hair gorgeous, that’s for sure!

    • I love the Cheesecake Factory and Red Robin :) We go to both fairly often. Red Robin is totally our go-to though!

      My favorite Italian dish is fettuccine alfredo! I do like desserts in general, though I can’t say I have a favorite. I’m a sucker for sweets! My boyfriend’s mom makes an amazing carrot cake, while my mom makes an amazing cheesecake.

      I only started going to a salon for my hair in the past year–otherwise I got $8 hair cuts, LOL! I’m mostly an at-home spa kind of girl, but I might start getting facials on a regular basis to help me with my skin issues :)

      Thank you, Jenn!

  99. Jody

    Thanks for answering Christine! :)

    I do that too with my clothes, I sometimes buy two of the same color if I really like it and the sales person always asks “Do you know you have two of the same color and size?”

    I have Snob so I am going to get Pink Noveau, thanks for the tip!

    I read that you really liked the Daisydust beauty powder, do you wear this as a highlighter? Do you still prefer this or is there something you like better now? I dont own any of Mac’s MSF, what do you think of Perfect topping for my first one?

    • LOL! I’d totally do that, too, if most of the stuff I had didn’t also come in so many colors!

      I do wear it as a highlighter. I have so many highlighters that I tend to forget about anything I’ve liked for whatever’s newest, LOL. I think that’s why I’m a true addict!

      Perfect Topping is pretty, I think you’ll like it!

  100. abby

    Hi Christine! I am wondering what is the difference between the 222, 224 and 226?
    Another question is, have you tried the eyeliner by MAC engraved? would you say it is better than the smolder eye kohl? I like smolder because it is very black but when i used in in the waterline it fades quickly, i wonder if engraved would look just as black and last longer.

    Thank you!!

    • 226 is shorter, wider than the 222 and 224. I believe the 224 is bigger than the 224.

      I don’t like Smolder — it smudges on me. I prefer Graphblack! I haven’t tried Engraved, though.