Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer:) I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly aka today! 😀 Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too!

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316 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #010

  1. Nell

    Hi Christine,
    long time no write 😉
    but I have been silently reading all the time. Envy your NY adventure, way to go!
    My questions: Aside from the cuteness factor of the packaging and the hype, what of the Hello Kitty make up do you think is really exceptional, which shades does one really “need”?
    And what is the best light pink e/s shade MAC offers in your opinion?

    • Hey Nell!

      How have you been? It’s good to hear from you :)

      I’d definitely pass on the eyeshadow palettes and beauty powders for SURE. If you have the Fafi blushes, you could pass on the HK ones, too. I liked Most Popular and Strayin’ lipsticks and She Loves Candy lipglass out of the lip products. The glitter eye liners are fun and better than previous releases of glitter liners.

      Pink Freeze, I suppose, but MAC doesn’t offer any great light pink eyeshadows, IMO!

      • Amelia

        yes, this was a good question :)
        i mean, i love HK and all, but i find it hard to buy something just for the packaging when i know that i won’t reach for those specific colors. good to hear your 2 cents.

  2. HEY, i am so sad :(
    I live in NY but im in florida at the moment, so wanted to meet and greet you, PB, Koren!!

    I was trying to get some info on Eve Pearls internship program on her site as Koren mentioned in his video, but i was not able to find any concrete info, was wondering since your rubbing elbows with Koren in nyc this week if you could find out some concrete information for me, i really appreciate any help in the right direction, and your site is incomparable in value! thx, Barbara 😉

    • Aww, how is Florida? I bet the weather is a nice reprieve from NY’s!

      I don’t have anything to add about the internship program, but I think the best way to get information is to contact Eve Pearl via her website. Hopefully they have an official information release :)

  3. Jen

    What is your favorite skin primer and have you tried the new Studio sculpt foundation from Mac, if so, do you like it?

    • I haven’t found a skin primer that I really love yet. Right now I’m using Eve Pearl’s Priming Moisturizer, because it’s a two-in-one product (yay! multi-tasking!).

      I haven’t given Studio Sculpt a full trial, but from the few times I’ve tried it, I’m not in love. I find it quite thick and almost goopy, and in photos, it reflects light quite a bit… aka ghost face. SFF has SPF in it, but it doesn’t give me a ghost face like Studio Sculpt does!

  4. Arika BH

    Christine, sorry if you answered this already but what is your skin care regimen since you had your breakout. Ive had a similar reaction with my skin. Ive always had the occasional blemish but the last couple of weeks have been ridiculous. My skin is congested like no other. Ew! What is helping for you and if it doesen’t sound like your case what would you recommend for very congested skin? Thanks Christine!

    • I’ve been pretty much using Mario Badescu products exclusively. I was using their Acne Facial Cleanser, Special Cucumber Lotion (which is a toner), and their Oil-Free Moisturizer. I was also using the Drying Lotion and Drying Cream as needed (they’re basically spot treatments), and following up with the Herbal Hydrating Serum on any dry spots. I’m currently using Clinique’s Maximum Hydrator for Men (yes, for men) from a tip from Koren about creams for dry skin, and so far, I’m lovin’ it — hasn’t caused me to break out any more than I already was.

      I also use the Clarisonic when I cleanse with the Acne Facial Cleanser, both AM and PM!

      On a tip from a lovely reader, I do an aspirin/honey mask once a week after I’ve steamed my face (which is just boiling up water in a pot and putting a towel over your head). The steam opens up your pores, so when they’re open, that’s when I cleanse/tone. After that, I splash my face with cold water, then pat dry. The cold water closes your pores from when you opened them!

  5. Jen

    Oh, I forgot, what can I wear Comet Blue dazzleglass over, what color lipstick? Thanks

  6. Tetonia

    What’s “the look” for makeup going into spring and summer? Are pastels back, or does the smokey eye still dominate?

  7. Roxanne

    What is the best way to apply UDPP (TFTT by the way!)? Finger or applicator? Let it dry first?

    And how in the world do you remove Liquidlast Eyeliner without scrubbing your eyes out?


    • I apply it with a brush (like the 249 or 252) then blend it on the lid, let it dry for a few seconds.

      Use an oil-based makeup remover, like Lancome Bi-Facil, on a q-tip :)

  8. Audrey

    what are your top 15 mac eyeshadows? the ones you cannot live without and use the most often!

    • Permanent or including Limited Editions? It’s a totally different ball game if this includes LE 😉

      • Ashley

        Oooo… I want to know this too! I’d love to see your list for both perm (so I can get them!) and LE (so I can keep my eyes peeled for them in sales! :D).

        • Here is my permanent list: Goldmine, Sumptuous Olive, Gorgeous Gold, Shimmermoss, Bronze, Cranberry, Shroom, Carbon, Patina, Stars ‘n Rockets, Ricepaper, Silver Ring, Freshwater, Deep Truth, Humid, and Juxt.

          Here is my limited edition list (all are LE): Overgrown, Wondergrass, Femme-fi, Firespot, Pink Papillon, Going Bananas, Rye, Lucky Green, Cinders, Pearl of the Earth, Say Yeah, Evening Aura, Gulf Stream, Elite, Magnetic Fields

  9. Whitney

    I’m going to be in a pageant and want to know what makeup will look best without looking over done. my dress is coral, kinda orangeish pink. The makeup should look good on stage and be natural. thanks 😀

  10. Jessica

    What is the best NATURAL-LOOKING mac bronzer for NC20-30ish?

  11. sprut

    I have really fair skin and I’ve bad luck lately on picking blushes…I’ve gone too light and too dark. Any tips on how to pick a blush? what blush do you like?

    • Have you been swatching them? I’d try swatching the blush on the inside of your forearm, too, because it’s often the palest part of your body. If you can’t swatch, I’d really try to find swatches online to help you!

      If there’s a blush that’s too dark, you can use a light hand to apply it so you can still get good color, but not TOO much! :)

    • I used to be suuuuper pale (not anymore, thanks to a job that requires me to actually see the sun, haha!) and I loved blushes like Springsheen and (lightly) Sunbasque, from MAC. Also, maybe try some of the Benefit blushes, especially Dandelion. It barely shows up on me now, but when I was really white it gave me a really natural, healthy looking flush.


  12. Amy

    is there a non-lustre lipstick that resembles durashell pro longwear?
    and also, what do you think is the best waterproof mascara out there?

    • I can’t think of a lipstick that resembles it. I’m kind of blanking on what Durashell looks like exactly.

      I like Kanebo’s 38C mascara, which is waterproof so long as it isn’t warm water!

  13. angiie

    Hi ^^ I always wondered, how do you choose the type of color of blush and gloss of each look?

    • For me, it’s just been through practice and doing different looks. This has helped me figure out what works best for me or what I like best. When I wear green/blue eyeshadow, I tend to go with bronzes, corals, tans, golds, or nudes. When I wear pink/purple eyeshadow, I often go for pinks, raspberries, berries, purples, or nudes.

  14. Anitacska

    Hope you don’t mind me asking, but I was wondering how old you were? You look so sweet and innocent, but you strike me as being actually quite grown up. (If that makes any sense, lol.)

  15. Hey Temptalia! It looks like you had a fabulous time in NYC. I’m so jealous!

    I had some quick questions about lashes…I’ve got pretty lush lashes already but of course I would love for them to be even more prominent. Do you know of any good waterproof mascaras that aren’t particularly clumpy, and that add something to your lashes while looking nice and natural?

    Also, is there anything you’d recommend to make the Benefit Full-Finish Lipsticks you reviewed earlier last longer? They’re gorgeous (I have Wild Card and Lady’s Choice) but I’d love for them to stay on my lips for longer.

    • I like Kanebo’s 38C mascara, because it washes off in warm water and doesn’t feel like a traditional waterproof mascara. I also like Maybelline’s Full ‘n Soft (Waterproof). I usually have a tube of that during the summer time, because I don’t usually wear waterproof except if I know I’ll need it! Both of these mascaras are pretty natural :)

      You could try layering concealer/MAC Lip Erase on your lips prior to lipstick application, or you could blot loose powder over the color, then layer with the lipstick again to help it “set.”

  16. whyceee

    hey there :)

    what eyeliner do you recommend using for the waterline?
    my eyeliner ALWAYS goes away after a few hours.

    • To be honest, I haven’t yet found anything that really stays on the waterline all day long. One trick is to set with powder (whether it’s invisible or colored, like an eyeshadow). MAC Fluidline and Urban Decay 24/7 Liners stay the best for me.

    • I really like the Stila Kajal eye pencils for waterline. They definitely stay on throughout the day, no touchups needed, and it doesn’t smudge! 😀

  17. Tina

    I loved the coat you had on in the videos from NYC!! May, I please ask who is it made by and where you purchased it?

    Thanks, Tina

  18. Brittany

    Is it strange for eyelashes on each eye to act differently from the other eye when applying mascara?

    Whenever I put mascara on (doesn’t matter if it’s lengthening formula, or volume or whatever), my right top eyelashes always get longer with little volume, but the bottom right lashes get volume and not length. Then my left top lashes get a lot of volume with little length, and the bottom left lashes just get longer with little volume. It’s kinda frustrating cuz I can’t make them match well lol.

    • I think it’s pretty normal, Brittany! My left eyelashes are really wonky on the outer portion (uneven and oddly positioned), whereas my right ones are normal!

  19. Katy

    Hi Christine!
    I’ve recently been using Bobbi Brown’s Oil Control Lotion, and I really like it. But it seems to run out way too quickly compared to how much it costs. Do you know of a good dupe for it, or just a recommendation of a moisturizer for slightly oily skin?

    • Hi Katy!

      I haven’t tried BB’s Oil Control Lotion before, so I don’t think I could give you a dupe! Have you tried using less to see if maybe you’re just using too much per use? How quickly is it running out?

      • Katy

        I use 1 pump AM and PM. I just got the bottle about 1 month ago and less than half is left. It costs $45 and thats way too much for it to be almost gone already. :\

        • I think 2 months is probably pretty good if you’re using it AM and PM, to be honest! Do you need to use it during the evening or could you use a less expensive moisturizer for night time? (I don’t know much about the product, but I’m assuming it helps control oil, which is more important during the day than before bed–at least appearance wise.)

  20. mahalia

    Hey christine!

    A long while back when the chil collection came out, you said that you would do a review on the penultimate eyeliner after you’d used it for a while.
    I wanted to know what your conclusion was..
    I have it and I love it, I was just curious about your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance :-)

    • Hi Mahalia!

      I’ve only used it a handful of times, but it seems fine. It has a nice level of blackness, though I think the felt tip/brush tip is a little cheap. I think it could be thinner and more pointed!

  21. AbbyL

    oooh yes I have a question!! I’m absolutely in love with your haircut!! What did you ask for when you got it done?

    Thank you!

  22. Hi Kristine! Thanks for doing this, I’m sure you’ll get a ton of questions! My question is: I was wondering if there’s anything ou thtere that is similar to MAC’s beauty powder blushes, since they’re not in the regular line. I love the sheen without the huge chunks of glitter. Thanks!

    • NARS blushes are very smooth and well-pigmented, though a few run chunkier in the shimmer. Dior’s Skinshimmers have the subtle sheen/shimmer, but not the pigmentation level of more of the BPBs, but their blushes are more pigmented and have similar sheen/shimmer levels.

  23. Doreen

    Hi Christine! How do you like the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural?

    • I like it, but I don’t love it. I personally only use it to set my makeup when I use it, but I quit using it a month ago as I wasn’t sure if it was causing or adding to my break outs!

  24. styrch

    Oh I have lots of questions…

    1) How do you keep your skin looking as beautiful as it does?
    2) How do you take your pictures? They are so consistently cropped and at specific angles. What do you use? Most blogs are not nearly as nice.
    3) What do you think are your favorite items in the major categories of makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow, etc.)?

    • 1) To be honest, it’s really just an illusion. My skin is not in top shape, since I’ve been breaking out a lot and if the breakouts have calmed, my face is still healing (so there is some redness, dryness, and unevenness). It’s good foundation and being photogenic, LOL!

      2) I’ve taken so many photos that I kind of have it done pat! I usually just take one photo of each different eye/lip shot, and for full-face, I’ll probably snap 4-5 real fast and pick the best when I’ve uploaded to my computer. For product photos, I do use a lightbox these days.

      3) I love pigmented lipgloss!

      • styrch

        Christine – thank you for your responses. I know you put a lot of hard work into answering everyone’s questions. And if your skin is “illusion” as you say, then you are a true master of illusion. I am so jealous! :)

  25. Victoria

    What do you do with the overdue make-up. Life of powders and eyeshadows is not long about 2-4 years, you have lot’s of make up,it’s impossimble to use it all in time. You throw it away or what? And the other question what eye cream and face moisturizer do you usually use? And what would you dream to have?:)

    • I give a lot of makeup away or I’ll throw it away, depending on what it is and how long I’ve had it!

      I don’t use any eye cream currently (I’m not certain I buy into needing a specific cream just for eyes vs. moisturizing using your regular face moisturizer), though I have used MAC’s Moisturelush for Eyes and Mario Badescu’s Hydraluronic Eye Cream and liked them enough. I was using Mario Badescu’s Oil-Free Moisturizer during the day and NARS’ Hydrating Moisturizer in the evening, but I’m currently using Clinique’s Maximum Hydrator for Men both AM & PM.

      Dream… like a makeup dream? My own huge makeup space so I could be ultra organized!

  26. Donna

    Hi Christine! I loved your Eve Pearl make-over post and pictures. Do you like the technique Eve used for foundation with the sponges and water? Did you like how the powder looked with the pads instead of brushes? Thanks!

    • Hi Donna,

      Eve’s foundation is cream-based, so it’s definitely something I like using with a sponge or a brush. Thus far I’ve only used it with sponge (spritzed with water), and I like the appearance. It does look quite natural and not at all powdery. I do set with her pressed finishing powder using a brush, though!

      • Donna

        Thanks,Christine! Do you feel there is as much coverage as studio fix fluid? I am thinking of getting the eve pearl foundation and powder. Did you like any of her other products?
        Thanks again!

        • Eve Pearl’s foundation has better coverage than Studio Fix Fluid, but it can be sheered out or built up, which is what I love about it. It also feels weightless, even when it’s applied heavily!

          Her lipglosses are really fun, and her pencil/felt tip liner is really great!

  27. hi

    HELP! How do I tell if I’m wearing too much makeup? I don’t realize that I am until everyone I know says I look a little Tammy Faye Baker-esque. What people say I have too much on of is eyeliner and brow pencil, sometimes too much mascara, and occasionally that my shadow is a little too dark. Advice?

    • Hey!

      Do you think it’s just that they prefer the really, really natural look? I’ve had people tell me I’m wearing too much makeup, but it’s clearly a case of me wearing really bold eye makeup and it being “too much” for their preferences. You might find that perhaps you draw your eyeliner/brows on too severely — perhaps try a softer color for brows if you feel they’re standing out too much. Are you picking one feature to highlight (e.g. dark eyes but neutral lips)?

  28. Terry

    Hi Christine! This is my question: I love black eyeliner but I still haven’t found the perfect one! I’ve tried the gel form (Clinique) and the pencil (MAC Engraved powerpoint), but I think the liquid form is the one which suits me best. According to your experience, which is the best liquid eyeliner out there? Thanks for your advice :)

    • I like MAC’s Liquidlast liner (I’m blanking on the name) that’s black the best… because it wears forever and it looks really black! I do like MAC Blacktrack fluidline for a gel liner (very black, but it’s not as difficult to use as liquid is for me), too. MAC also put out their Penultimate liner, which is a felt-tip pen liner… so liquid without the liquid hassles!

  29. evangelia

    No question, but I just wanted to say HI CHRISTINE! and thank you for the awesome NYC posts. You brighten my day!

  30. hi

    Second question, lol! Ok: how do you afford ALL that makeup you have? I spent a whopping 80 dollars on three eyeshadows and a slimshine at MAC last weekend, and you have bought probably hundreds of makeup products from MAC, dozens of makeup products from other just as expensive or even more expensive brands, and goo-gobs of skincare items. If I’m off with the numbers, its still true that you buy alot of beauty products that mostly come from high-end, expensive stores. 80 bucks for a few eyeshadows and a lipstick is just too much because I want to buy so much more for cheaper – how DO you do it? :)

    • danielle

      for her im sure its like somebody spending tons of money on a sport or spending loads of money on fixing up cars. its a hobby and its what she enjoys doing so she saves money for that and probably cuts back on buying other things (clothes, shoes, video games, cds, etc.)

    • I know this answer seems really simple, but I work hard! I work hard on the blog, and I’ve always had some sort of gig where I earned enough money to keep me in makeup. I also take out full student loans (tuition and living expenses), which I budget to cover what I need :)

  31. anonymous

    Would you recommend the Givenchy Maharani Apricot Palette? I don’t ever wear makeup and am just starting to, and I was thinking about getting the Maharani Apricot palette after I saw the photos from your review but the price turned me off. Also, do you think you’ll be reviewing the Stila loves Barbie collection any time soon?

    • To be honest, not really. I didn’t find the colors to be above and beyond other neutrals available from other brands. It’s pretty, and the packaging is gorgeous, but the product itself isn’t worth the price.

      I didn’t get anything from the Stila and Barbie launch, sorry!

  32. Roberta

    Hello! When you apply blush what brush do you prefer to use?

    • Shanel

      I absolutely love the mac’s #129 brush,
      & for more pigmented blushes…either use a lighter hand w/ the 129 or
      simply use a #187 brsh to distribute a good amount of color to
      the cheeks w/o over’doin it!
      hope this helps :)

      oh & if your the type that like to re’apply blush or
      facepwders, then you MUST purchase the 129SH brush, it’s a
      smaller/travel size version of the reg. 129 & has the same
      great finish also.

  33. danielle

    Hi Christine,
    Just curious, sorry if you’ve answered this quite a few times already, what kind of camera do you use when taking photos of your makeup?

  34. Helene

    Thank you for doing this again Christine :)

    I would love to know, what you would dupe Softwash Grey with.

  35. Amelia

    what do you usually take your makeup off with? what is the best method?
    i ask because if i use just cleanser, my eye makeup doesn’t always wash off completely (i will still see remnants of liner, mascara)…

    • I use my facial cleanser, followed by toner, and if I have anything left after that… Lancome Bi-Facil. If I’m wearing really heavy eye makeup, I’ll take a makeup remover wipe to remove some of my eye makeup initially. Lancome Bi-Facil gets EVERYTHING off, though!

  36. Joan

    Hey! Any particular products that have been saving your skin lately? Mine is so combo it confuses me sometimes, lol. I know you mentioned before you like MB products? I just got a facial there yesterday and bought lots of stuff!

  37. Ming


    I was wondering which HK tinted lip conditioner you liked better, Pink fish and Popster. Are they really conditioning or not?


    • Popster on me, personally, because it’s probably more flattering than Pink Fish. I like both, though, and I wear both all the time. They do the trick for me!

  38. Shanel

    for the hello kitty kouture compacts (mystery pwders)…
    can the compacts be depotted and put reg. mac pwders in it instead
    of the mystery powder?!

  39. Jackiejaci

    I was wondering if you had a favorite RED lipstick. Or if you could recommend one for a NC30(intense yellow undertones)? Thanks :)

  40. AmyLou

    Hey Christine! Thanks for another great session. I have a couple of questions:

    1) Do you think Too Faced makes good shadow? I’m really wanting a palette from them, but got burned on a LORAC palette and don’t want to waste any more money. Palettes are such a better deal than buying individual shadows.

    2) Are salon shampoos/conditioners/treatments really worth it? I think they are, but maybe it’s the placebo effect? LOL. Just curious where you stand on this!

    3) I’m going to a rock concert in March (Nickelback). . . I want to do a smokey eye but have never done one. . what do you recommend? Is that even appropriate for a rock concert?

    4) What lines of lipstick makes a really good, lasting lipstick? Can you recommend any stains or longwear formulas?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hey AmyLou!

      1) Sure, I think they do! Their shadows are usually pigmented and fairly smooth. I admit I don’t own many personally, but from what I’ve tried they seem good to me!

      2) For me, they’re not. My hair is not so temperamental! It can really take whatever I throw at it. I think the fussier the hair, the more likely salon products can often be a godsend!

      3) Something with a really, really secure base, LOL! You can wear whatever you want to a rock concert 😉 I’d probably just make sure to set any liner so it didn’t smudge during the concert, though. You can use traditional grays and silvers for a smoky eye!

      4) I haven’t had much luck with stains personally. They just never seem to give me what I want! The best stains I’ve tried are actually just really bold lipsticks, LOL. I love MAC’s Pro Longwears personally. They take a little getting used to, and you might need to practice application, but once you have it down pat, they’re fab. I think I own like 15!

      • T

        Thank you for answering our questions again! Which shades of the MAC Pro Longwear would you recommend? I’m an NC30, and I usually prefer lighter lips, especially in lip stains. Do you have any application tips?

        • If you can get any of the more recently released ones, definitely go for those. They’re newer and have a slightly improved formula :)

          For application, make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips. I usually do this before I do my makeup, so that by the time I’m ready to do my lips, my lips are super soft. Then you want to apply the lip color as quickly and evenly as you can, let it dry completely. Walk around looking silly, letting your mouth hang open. THEN apply the gloss!

  41. Jessica

    Hey Christine! Loved the last vide of Be-YOU-ti-fied.

    Anyways, I just wanted to know what those invitations that MAC are giving out again? I know it’s not really anything to do with make up but it’s the invitation that comes in a pink envelope with a Hello Kitty head card (different from the unveiling invitation). Thanks in advance! :)

  42. MiMi

    Hi Christine,
    How does one get their foot in the beauty industry as you have, I have a blog, but no following, and it seems like all of the same people are on YT, Twitter, Specktra, etc. So, how does someone new get “established?” Does that make sense? It’s a lot of work posting on forums, making tutorials, swatching, along with working full time, freelance for a cosmetic company and going to law school? How do you make it look so easy. Thank you in advance!

    • It’s really just a matter of hard work and patience. I think it is much harder to be recognized for having a beauty blog today than it was a year or two ago. There are infinitely many more beauty blogs now then when I first started!

  43. Crystal

    Have you tried Benefit Cosmetics? If you have, what did you like? What about Tarte Cosmetics? What did you like from them? What do you think of the Pro Beauty Powder Loose? Is it too shimmery for everyday? Also, do you think that because of the economy, there will be more sales in cosmetics? Like at Sephora, I’ve never seen so much stuff on sale! Hae you ever attended a MAC seminar or class? I want to but I’d like to know what it’s like. Thank you for answering so well!

    • I’ve tried several products from Benefit Cosmetics. I think my favorite product from them are their new full finish lipsticks. They’re really creamy and pigmented! I haven’t tried much from Tarte, but their Shadow Insurance is as good as all the raves on it! :)

      I don’t think the loose beauty powders are too shimmery for every day, but it will always depend on your application. If you use a stippling brush (like the 187), the application will be subtle and appropriate without being OTT!

      I imagine there may be more sales, but brands don’t want to do too many. I still think that most brands will stick to one a year and call it their friends and family sale. Too many sales can ruin the brand’s image, and if they give you lots of sales this year, what about next year? So it’s not a trend they’ll want to pursue so much, IMO!

      I have attended a MAC seminar once or twice, I believe. I didn’t love them, as I felt the ones I had gone to were too basic! It’s usually a small, private room with chairs set up for attendees with one or two MAC artists demonstrating the topic of the class!

  44. Nell

    Hi Christine. I was wondering how light concealer should be compared to your skin color? Also, what’s the best MAC concealer? I went to MAC for the studio finish concealer, but the MA ended up selling me the new studio sculpt concealer instead. Im an NW 40, so she said since I get darker in the summer I should also go with the same color concealer. This didn’t work out for me, cuz it was way too dark. Can you please help?

    • It should only be one shade or so lighter, if that. It will depend on what you’re trying to conceal. I learned from Eve pearl that redness is better covered with a shade *darker* than lighter, and it really works.

      I don’t like the new Studio Sculpt Concealer, personally, but a lot of people have been raving about it. I found it was too dry and settled into my lines when I used it. I’ll give it a few more tries before I write it off, though. I prefer YSL’s Touche Eclat or Kanebo’s Brush-On Concealer for concealers. MAC’s haven’t been good to me!

  45. Natalie

    Hey Christine:) Wanted to ask you about cream blushes. What do you recommend? I’d like to layer them with powder for longer wear. Also, have you tried any of the Coastal Scents palette? I found that the e/s colors have excellent pigment..and at a great price!

    • What kind of recommendations are you looking for? Colors or application tips?

      I posted about the Coastal Scents palettes a month or so ago, actually!

  46. Cristina

    Hi! I wanted to know if there is any kind of trick or way to make an eyeshadow to be more “bright”. I have some eyeshadows, and they blend really easily, and the color isn’t very noticiable, is there any way to make it more noticiable? Thanks a lot! :)

    • Are you using a base? That’s definitely the first thing I’d look at! If you aren’t, get one (like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion). If you’re already using a base like TFSI or UDPP, I’d try a colored base instead. I personally use MAC pigments with mixing medium for most looks, because I find I get the best color that way!

    • Kristine

      i love using mac chromaline in pure white….it’s a pro product but you could always buy a pro product by calling mac pro…anyway…a white base helps brightens the colors….i love it when i do rainbow looks for the eyes….i use it just like how i use paint pots…be careful though because this is a very pigmented white base! :)

  47. Yaya

    I never got into foundation. I bought Clinique’s tinted moisturizer years ago and I’ve only used it a few times. I got a free trial of Bare Escentuals and my skin looked bumpy and looked like it was hiding acne, which I do not have. My skin is acne-free but oily, and the only thing I put on my face is moisturizer. However, my cheeks get pink in the wintertime. I’m so scared to get used to wearing foundation. I don’t want to start breaking out or relying on it to feel good about myself. Does every girl need it? And which one do you recommend? I was thinking of trying a powder from Physician’s Formula just to put over my moisturizer to cover up any redness.

    Sorry for the long post. Thank you! And I love this site!

    • Yaya

      I forgot to add that I want it to look as natural as possible.

      And also I meant that I tried the Bare Minerals, specifically.


    • You were probably reacting to the bismuth in BE! It is considered an irritant for some, so that’s why your skin was going nuts.

      You can try to use just a concealer over your cheeks instead. There’s no reason to wear it if that’s the only issue you’re having! Eve Pearl’s concealer or foundation worked really well to hide the redness on my face from my acne, so I imagine it would be just as good for your cheek’s redness!

      Nobody needs foundation, IMO! It’s just a matter of what you like. For instance, my skin is not perfect, so when I want to look my best, I wear foundation. But I’ll still totally rock the no-makeup-look, too!

      Also, if your cheeks are getting pink in the winter time, is it a result of dry skin or wind burn? Maybe if you address the underlying cause of the pinkness, you won’t have any need for foundation at all! Clinique also makes several skincare products to counteract redness, too.

  48. abby

    Hi Christine! Thank you about the recommendation about the gladiola lipstick. You know,i made a mistake by buying lavender whip and fast friends lipglass to match them with parfait amour combined w stars n rockets, or purple haze combined with vellum and beautiful iris and of course, too purple. Any suggestions on how to wear lavender whip and fast friends?

  49. bina

    Iuse Mac undereye concealor but it keeps on accumulating in my under eye creases. Pls can you suggest what I shud do about it.

    • Try laying a primer underneath it to help minimize the fine lines (because the primer will basically settle into your lines first!). Also, set with powder to help minimize movement/creasing.

  50. Charlotte

    I’m looking for an eggplant-colored eyeliner. Can you recommend one? I’ve asked around at counters and they only recommend colors that are too light, more plum than eggplant. I’d prefer a gel eyeliner, but will take pencil if I have to, color match is most important.

    My Pharaoh paint pot has dried out. How can I revive it?

    • I think Stila recently came out with a smudge pot that might be eggplant enough for you, but I want to say it’s leaning a little red.

      Is MAC’s Prunella eye kohl not a good match? Bobbi Brown has a Black Mauve gel liner, but I think it may be too dark for eggplant.

    • monica

      l’oreal HIP has an eggplant creme eyeliner. i haven’t tried that color specifically (i have the black one and LOVE it), though. i’ve seen a few youtube reviews on it and if you want something on the darker side, it sounds like it would work out for you.

    • Macaddict

      Not sure if that could help you but, I personnally use Nightmoth (a MAC lipliner)as an eyeliner when I want a darker purple. Who said that a product cannnot multitask?? I find it darker than my other purple ones and it does a smokier purple. In fact, I use it more as an eyeliner than as a lip liner…

  51. Carolyn

    Hi Christine! Thanks so much for doing this! I have extremely oily skin and my makeup just slides off my face after I’d say 5-6 hours. I am currently using Makeup Forever’s Super Matte Loose Powder, as well as a makeup finishing spray by Skindinavia, but still find that it doesn’t help my makeup stay on that much longer. Do you have any recommendations for great powders and finishing sprays for oily, acne-prone skins? I’ve also tried using oil control lotions and a few primers in the past, to no avail :(. Thank you so much!

    • Sure thing, Carolyn!

      You might try blotting sheets and blotting powders throughout the day to help minimize the oil on a regular basis. You seem to get pretty good wear out of your face products (5-6 hours), so I’m wondering if maybe you just did a little blotting or touching up once or twice a day if that would give you eight hour or longer wear.

      You may also want to look for a moisturizer that helps control oil or a primer beforehand. Philosophy’s Never Let Them See You Shine is a good line of anti-shine/oil products! I’ve also heard good things about shu uemura’s oil-control line!

  52. Pau

    Hey Christine! thanks so much for doing this Q&A, it was so much fun reading it :)
    My question is probably less makeup related but here it is: i absolutely adore how well defined your eyebrows are. do you do them yourself? if so, pleaaaaaase do share your technique, since i always end up with very thin eyebrows, or uneven arches (one higher than the other!!!)


    • I love doing it! :)

      I thread my eyebrows these days! I usually go in every 2-3 months to have them threaded, and between visits, I pluck with tweezers and trim with brow scissors. I find after about two months or so, I’ll notice my shape isn’t quite as defined or as lovely as it was before.

      I also fill my brows in when I do my makeup, which always helps to make them look more defined!

      I had very thin brows for years, but I finally grew them out and am so happy I withstood the torture of it because I love my brows now! I’d definitely recommend trying to grow yours out and having them professionally shaped. Even if you can only afford to have them professionally done once, I’d totally recommend it! It’s the shape that’s the hardest part to get right. Once you know the shape that works for you, you’ll be able to maintain it better.

  53. Selene

    hi chistine!

    i recently started really liking peach eyeshadow and i was wondering what your favorite peach eyeshadow is?

    and also what are your favorite looks or specific products for spring?

    • Guerlain makes a really pretty peach shadow that was recently launched with their single eyeshadows. I’m blanking on the name, but it’s really lovely. MAC’s Motif eyeshadow is kind of a peachy-pink color, very fun and pretty, too.

      I love blushes for spring :)

    • Saira

      I’ve tried a couple of peach Mac eyeshadows that I really liked, in case any of these ones appeal as well. I really like Jest – it’s a lovely smooth textured pale, pale peach, very fresh looking on. Expensive pink is also gorgeous too – a sort of coral-peach colour.

  54. Selene

    oh and also, i have pretty pigmented lips, and i was wondering what your favorite brand of lipgloss are that are not sticky but still really pigmented? thanks again!

  55. jessica

    I was looking at your makeup collection. You have so much makeup!! How do you afford it all? Also how are you able to afford to give HK stuff away for free?

  56. viv

    Christine, since MAC is going to launch more MSFs, I felt that it’s time for me to be curious and learn about them. What are they for, actually? I mean, I’ve known that they’ve existed for a long time but I never knew what they were actually for! 😛 Are they blushes or highlighters? And what effect do they achieve?

    • BOTH! They’re shimmery, but they’re supposed to be very fine and smooth, so the shimmer is subtle and not over the top. Some of the MSFs have chunkier shimmer than others, and some of them give more color than others. Half the time it just depends on your skin tone — like Soft & Gentle is a highlighter on me, but on someone fairer, it’s a bronzer!

  57. Ada

    Hi Christine. I was wondering if you use any kind of primer on your eyelids before applying eye shadow. I’m using MAC’s paint pot in bare study but it seems to make my eyelids crepey looking. I don’t know if I should try a paint pot without shimmer, or something else.

    • I only use Soft Ochre paint pot as a base, and I generally only use it if I’m doing a natural/neutral look. Are you applying too much product? I find you don’t need much paint pot to cover the lid, and it’s good to give it a few seconds to dry, too!

  58. ice

    Hi Christine!

    I sent u two emails already, one was like 2 or 3 months ago and the other one was last week. I’m commenting on the wrong post because what i have is not really a question but a request actually. I am a Filipina and like most Asians (southeast and east), my eye crease is not very prominent and it gives me a harder time to make my eye makeup more dramatic. Can you please make a diagram (just like your previous eye diagram) but based on my eye photo? I sent you one already but if you need another one, then i’ll be more than happy to send again.

  59. sprut

    How do you know when to throw out a make up brush? Or should high quality brushes last a really long time?

    • Brushes should last you a very, very long time! You’d only throw one out if it was constantly shedding (and therefore no longer the shape/density you’d want) or if it got a funky smell that you couldn’t get out.

  60. I saw you have a few NARS blushes, I received my first last week, deep throat. Love it sooo much. Which do you have and which do you recommend??

  61. charlieee

    Thanks for doing this, Christine! My question: I’m currently looking for a turquoise eyeshadow, but one with more green in it. I’ve looked at Aquadisiac, Surreal and Shimmermoss but couldn’t decide because they looked almost the same. Could you please recommend one (doesn’t have to be one of the 3 e/s I mentioned above)? Thanks :))

    • Really, you think those all look the same?!!?! No wayyyyy! LOL.

      Aquadisiac is much lighter compared to the other two. Surreal isn’t my favorite; it’s a little awkward in color just for my tastes.

      Shimmermoss is gorgeous, and if you’re wanting a teal, then that’s the one to go with. I’d say Aquadisiac is more turquoise, though. It’s so easy to mix up what we mean, though, because turquoise and teal may mean the same thing to one person and different things to another!

      Of the three, Shimmermoss has the best texture and color pay off, though.

      • charlie

        I guess it was the lighting at the store or the fact me wasn’t wearing my specs that make the shades look the same to me. haha. anyway thanks for the reply! really appreciated :))

  62. May

    Hi Christine!
    I’m from Brazil, i check your website EVERY DAY, I just LOVE IT!
    And i have a HUGE curisity about your makeup stash: The MAC products that you have, you buy the all or the MAC give them to you so that you could do your reviews?
    I’m asking this because, as soon as a collection is launched, you’ve done a review about everything, like if the products come’s to you first!
    And of course, because from most collections, you’ll get almost every product! And I’m sure it’s a little expensive to buy everything..
    Besides, you do a LOT of giveaways (I wish i could participate, but since i live in another country i don’t i’m allowed to.. :( )!
    Are your giveaways sponsored by MAC in anyway?

    (im sorry for my BAD english, i tried to write so you could understand but it’s a little hard, since im Brazilian!)



    • Hi May,

      I buy everything the day a collection launches by going to the store :) I’ve been buying it all, because I perceive the value derived from it to be worth the cost to me. It makes this blog stand out and help become a destination for in-depth reviews and photos on MAC collections! MAC does not sponsor any of my giveaways; they are completely done by Temptalia. If I ever have a collection early, it’s usually from a hookup or I just bought things from the PRO store instead (because they often launch a week earlier).

  63. Daria

    Hi Christine! thanks for doing this!!!

    I didn’t know if you had any ideas for my situation. I have acne prone, rosecea skin so I need a lot of coverage, and I’ve been using bare escentials powder foundation but I’m finding a few hours in it’s completely off my face! I prime and everything, so I was wondering if you had any other mineral foundations in mind that you liked, or even good liquid foundations that you found were kind to acne skin. I’m open to all brands! It’s just so sad that I feel I cannot leave the house without coverage.:( thanks so much!

    • Hi Daria,

      I know I must sound like a broken record, but Eve Pearl’s foundation really impressed me. Nothing has been great at covering up my acne redness or existing acne or healing acne until she made me over. I’ve been using her foundation and it’s SO lightweight and covers so well. You can sheer it out or build it up, but the coverage is fabulous even when used sheer. It’s a cream-based foundation, and I’m usually a liquid girl so it’s a big deal for me to love it, LOL!

      She also taught me that using a darker shade on redness helps to minimize/cancel/cover it up — it really works!

      I wish I could offer you a mineral makeup solution, but I’ve never had luck with it. It never gave me that flawless look, and it was often too dry-looking on my skin :(

  64. Daria

    thank you so much! one more question: Is it only available online, or do any stores carry hers? I just wouldn’t know what colors I would be and don’t know how accurate the colors are online. Im Bare Escentials in Light if that helps…Would the concealer also be worth a try?

    • She only carries her line at her studio in NYC, so pretty much only online. I think she only has three shades – light, medium, and dark. So I think you’d be light!

      Her Salmon Concealer is what made her famous :) So I say yes!

  65. neena

    hi christine,
    can you tell me how and why you use the 182 buffer brush for liquid foundation and buffing in liquid highlighters such as glimmer shimmers.
    why you choose this over the 187?

    • I find the 187 is streaky, to be honest. The bristles tend to clump up a little with liquid products, and it gives a streaky effect for me. The 182 is smooth and it gives me the finish/look I want, which is closer to air brush. I used to use the 187 all the time, but once I tried the 182, I never went back.

  66. 1) How old were you when you first moved out of your parents house and why?

    2) Do you have any of the photos from the meet and greet in NYC? =)

  67. Saira

    Hi Christine! Could you suggest some good pink powder blushers which give a nice pink, natural flush and last well (shades from Mac and also other brands)? I have Mac Dollymix and Mac Dame but wondered if there were any other good shades you could suggest?

    Also, are there any Mac eyeshadows or pigments which you would see as ‘must-haves’ and which are really versatile?


    • For me, Margin blush does the trick for a natural flush, though it’s not super pink. NARS Dolce Vita also gives me a natural flush, but rosier/mauvy vs. pink. You might like NARS Angelika or Desire for pinker blushes :)

      There are a ton of eyeshadows and pigments I’d consider must-haves, LOL! There are just so many to choose from. Is there something you’re looking for in particular?

      • Saira

        Wow! That was a really quick response! Thanks! I’ll check out Margin and the Nars blushers. No, there wasn’t a colour shade in particular that I had in mind, just wondered if there were any particular shades which you found were really versatile and found yourself using a lot with different looks.

        Thanks for your help. Looking forward to checking the blushers out :o) !

        • I think there are so many, LOL! I just use so many shades. I find a lot of MAC’s permanent colors to be more versatile than the limited edition ones, though!

  68. Marissa

    What do you think of urban decay shadows comparison to mac? Im thinking of getting the Ammo Palette.

    • Grace

      UD eyeshadows have great textures and they have some awesome color options. If you’re really into shimmer and glitter, definitely go for Urban Decay (they do, however, also have their matte e/s collection as well). On me I’ve always had a problem with lots of glitter fall out though…

      • Saira

        I agree – Urban Decay eyeshadows are really cool! They have some really good colour options. The Deluxe eyeshadows are especially good. The texture of the Deluxe eyeshadows is great and the colour payoff is excellent – you only need to use a little and the colour goes on really vibrant and lasts really well.

    • They’re great, Marissa! Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are fantastic, and their palettes are definitely worth checking out.

  69. Marissa

    Are full size brushes better then the SE ones?

    • Grace

      Hi Marissa,

      I believe the SE brushes MAC offers (during the Holiday launches and other collections) are machine-assembled. I have found that they don’t have the same softness and build quality as the full-size brushes they offer. The full-size brushes are hand-assembled with better quality bristles. However, if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, definitely go with the SE brushes.

  70. Ailidh


    I’m kinda new to the whole make-up wearing thing, so I was looking for some advice on eyeliner please..?

    I got some earlier in the year, but I just can figure it out!

    I’m not sure if it’s just rubbish eyeliner or if I’m putting it on wrong.. :S

    I alo wasn’t sure if this was a website you can ask things like this, lol, hope it is!

    Needs Help Soonish :)

    Ailidh x x x

    • Grace

      I think with any kind of eye makeup primer is essential. Make sure you’re using a nice primer before you apply eye shadow or eyeliner. If you use pencil, liquid or gel eyeliner try dabbing some invisible powder (or matching color eye shadow) on top of the eyeliner to set. If you use powder eyeliner, try applying a layer with a lightly dampened brush and then go over the line again with the dry powder.

  71. Arika BH

    Christine, I read your reply about dewy skin being in this spring, and thanks for the MB skincare recs!!! I was wondering what you personally are going to be wearing makeup wise this spring? I usually wear Springsheen and Sunbasque for blush and do less complicated eye makeup but in bold bright shades. Also any vacations anytime soon?

  72. Tahnee

    What would you reccommend for dark under eye circles? I’ve recently started having this issue and wonder if you have any tips or product ideas I could try. I’ve heard to try a concealer with pink tones in it but Im not sure what to try!!
    Thanks lovely!

  73. Myxa

    Hi, Christine.

    I had a couple of questions about HK.
    1)how does Fun and Games compare with Nars Orgasm? Do you think Nars Orgasm is a must have?
    2)what is a good dupe for Creme Royale from Hello Kitty from the permanent collection?
    3)What is the difference between blushes and beauty powders in Hello Kitty?

    Thank you soooo much!

    • 1) I don’t think they’re similar at all, to be honest. Fun & Games is more pigmented on me, and it’s more orange! I don’t think either are must-haves overall, though.
      2) You could try Nylon, I think!
      3) Beauty powders are sheerer and have less shimmer.

  74. HoneyBrown1976

    Am I too late?

    I’m looking for eye shadow colors that work best with red or pink lip color. When I’m wearing them, I don’t want them to clash or compete. If it helps, I’m honey brown complected.

  75. Sofia

    When are you going to reveiw the Mario Badescu products? I am waaaiting. lol

  76. Letitia

    Hi Christine!

    I wanted to know if all Urban Decay shadows can be used wet or dry. I’ve heard that the deluxe ones can’t be, but I’m not sure and I’d like to know before I mess something up!

    Your NYC posts were great! It seemed like you had fun. I hope you did!

  77. Laura

    What brand of light to medium coverage liquid foundation would you recommend for my olive skin tone that wont break me out?
    I was thinking I might try out Clinique but I was wondering what other brands are out there.

    Thanks :)

  78. Vanessa

    Hi, I’m currently using arbonne concealer in medium tone, not sure if you’ve heard of it. But I’m always on the hunt to find a better concealer, as of lately my dark circles have seem to be getting worse, due to lack of sleep. Can you suggest any other concealers, besides the new kanebo?

  79. Adriana

    Hi Christine! This is my first post asking you a question! Nice meeting you, your blog is great! I want to ask you, what highlighter powder do you recommend? I have started using blushes now and getting the hang of blending on my cheeks but sometimes I get overboard, and sometimes I feel there is something missing. How do you get on getting perfect cheeks always? For reference I have medium skin with freckles. Thanks =)

    • Hi Adriana! Great to meet you :)

      Are you looking for a particular price range? I love, love Dior’s Skin Shimmers for highlighting, but they’re a little pricier. MAC’s Soft & Gentle is a cheaper alternative to that, though.

  80. Sarah

    Hi Christine!

    I dont know if this has already been asked but do you know if the Hello Kitty Kouture line will be available on MAC website or just in MAC stores? I initially heard both but recently saw somewhere that it was only going to be available in stores and that some stores were pre-ordering and sold out. any information you might have would help! thanks

  81. catie


    What is your favorite mac eyeshadow combination (what mac eyeshadows would you use?/looks that you do often?) for a brown look?…a green look?…a purple look?…and pink look? Thanks.


    • Hi Catie,

      I actually try not to do to the same combo more than once, so I wouldn’t say there’s a particular combination I do that’s a favorite since I avoid repeating!

      I like using very pale soft golds for a neutral look… yellow greens for a green look… fuchsia purples for a purple look or a pink look.

  82. Hello,
    haha,so i really wanted the HK collection,
    but its sold out in all the MAC stores nearby…
    i even made my dad take me to a mall 3 hrs away,(even thought he doesnt like me being interested in MAC) && it was sold out. he was pissed.
    anyway so i really wanted the brush collection, so i want to know your thoughts on it?, are the brushes like the regular kind?(quality-wise) haha..Did you liiiike it?

    maybe ill get lucky && go to a store that still has it?
    :) (fingers crossed) LOL

    -Jenny :]

  83. neena

    I really like your teal looks! Something about the color I just really love. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me the difference between Parrot e/s and Cool Heat e/s. Is there one that you like best? Are there any other colors you could recommend in the teal family that are worth having?

  84. Cheryl

    Hi. I wanted to know whats the best way to have your lipstick/lipgloss stay on for a long time. Thanks!

  85. Jessica

    I see you have a ton of questions, but if you have a chance, I’m wondering what advice you would give people who want to start their own blog, beauty or otherwise. How would someone, in your opinion, even get started and what would be the best way? Thanks so much, I hope you had a great time in NY.

    • Hi Jessica,

      It’s really about writing about what you love and making it personal. I do think that there are probably more beauty blogs than can be supported at the moment — not that you shouldn’t start one, just that because there are so many, it is harder to get noticed, you know?

      If you love it, it will show, and an audience will come :)

  86. phuong k

    hey christine. i’m going on a camping trip soon and just for kicks, i thought i’d ask you what you’d bring if you went on a week long camping trip and why. thanks!

    • Oh, gosh! Probably not much makeup. I’d bring SPF, bug spray, moisturizer, cleanser, toner… Maybe a tinted moisturizer or a very light foundation but probably wouldn’t wear it! Lip balm :)

  87. Jessica

    Hi Christine!

    I have another question :) I was just wondering about the Kitty Kouture collection. Are they going to be having refills with the compacts? Thanks! :)

    • I don’t actually know how it works, because I’ve never heard of someone going into MAC asking for refills. I think they are refillable, but I’m not sure what with!

  88. Monica

    Hi Christine what brand makes your favorite blush? And can you recommend a good one that doesn’t make you break out…thanks

  89. Rita

    Hey! I’d like to know about beauty powder blushes. Which ones would you recommend? I’m interested in Tippy and Fun&Games (once they get here in Europe…). What about the previous ones – are Stark Naked and Enough Said very shiny?

  90. Natalie

    Hi Christine,
    What did you think of Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer? Was it heavy? I have Bobbi Brown cake concealer, which is just too heavy (gives creases too) so I am using MAC Select Moisture, which doesn’t give much coverage lol.

    Does Eve’s Salmon Concealer provide a good coverage?

    • I liked it! It wasn’t heavy at ALL. It gives you good coverage and definitely does a good job of hiding you dark circles better than most concealers do! It’s up there with YSL Touche Eclat for me!

  91. Sandy

    do you make youtube videos? you should. Can you show us where you keep your makeup like storage stuff and a review on the studio sculpt would be nice.

  92. Christine Darling Ive been reading your blog from way back when I need to ask you a huuuge favor could you do a tutorial for wedding makeup/ bridesmaid makeup? red dress evening look? It would be so helpful to me!
    If you could even recommend sites for me to look at it would be so helpful!

    • There is a detailed wedding guide listed on the site under features – guides :) I would recommend neutral makeup for both occasions, personally! I do have a few tutorials already up that are neutral enough for wedding/evening!

  93. geezy


  94. Vanessa

    Hi Christine!

    I know this is the RANDOMEST question but where better to ask than here right? It’s not makeup related but… what font and serifs are you using in your “Ask Temptalia” graphic? LOL I’m not only a makeup lover, but a graphic design senior student. When I see something I like, I like to know what it’s design characteristics are :) I also know i’m late but, welcome back, and I hope you had fun in NY! Cali weather has really just been killing us hasn’t it? :/ I would of said that sooner but this was posted during my birthday weekend so I just got around to it now.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    vivaciousmakeup @ twitter

  95. Brittany

    Hey Christine, i know this is a little irrelevant, unless there is somewhere where i could read about it, i was just wondering how you got started on all this, and got so good at what you do, and got involved with everything!

    but one question i do have, sometimes people refer to e/s as matte, taupe i think is how you spell it etc… i was just wondering what they meant! thank you

    • Hi Brittany,

      To be honest, it was just a hobby that turned into more over time–there was probably quite a bit of luck to it :)

      Matte is regarding the texture, it means there is no shimmer, it is flat. Taupe is a color, like a brownish shade.

  96. Marlena

    Do you think you will ever have a post on the new studio sculpt collection? I’ve been dying for some swatches/reviews!

  97. DoDe

    Hi Christine!

    What foundation do yu reccomend for wedding photography? Not only high end. are there any drugstore brands that work?

  98. hi

    Christine, have you ever thought about starting a cosmetics company? You have reviewed all these products over the years and certainly know what every woman wants in a certain product, and I think if you started a makeup line that it would be the MOST gorgeous, high quality, reasonably priced collection EVER. :)

    • You know, while it would definitely be neat and fun… I don’t think it’s truly what I’d want to do in life, because I love exploring all of the different brands. Talk about being put in an awkward position of having to sell my own cosmetics, but then reviewing others?! LOL.

      But I am so flattered you think it would be good!

  99. lmnmakeup

    Hi Christine!, I’m glad I read the comments so I didn’t have to ask you twice. So most of my questions were answered but I still have a few left.Does the Eve Pearl HD Dual foundation last throughout the day, does it get oily, and does it exacerbate pores and wrinkles? Thanks, Lisa

    • It lasts all day for me, especially if you set it–which is importance, since it is a cream foundation and will do much better when set with powder :)

      Doesn’t seem to accentuate pores or wrinkles at all!

  100. Cat

    I love when you do this. Thanks in advance. My question is I recently (last week) purchased the Clarisonic Skincare Brush. I was using it once a day in the evening to take all my makeup & dirt off. I was wondering should there be a limit to how much you use it. I mean since I have oily skin should I be using it more or less than what I am already? Also my friend said she goes over her eye area with her brush but I refuse since that area is so delicate. Is that safe to do?

    • Hey Cat!

      It’s really what your skin can stand. I use it AM and PM, and I don’t have any issues with that. I don’t use it on my eye area, because I don’t think it’s appropriate. It just moves too fast for such a delicate area. I usually apply the cleanser with my hands, cleanse for 10 seconds using my fingers/hands, and then the Clarisonic for 2 minutes!