Friday, January 16th, 2009

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer:) I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly aka today! 😀 Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too!

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241 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #009

  1. Jessica

    Can you compare Knight Divine to Smoke and Diamonds?

    Can you compare Kanga-rouge to Red she said?

    Can you compare Petticoat to the Blonde MSF?

    Thanks I love your site!

    • Smoke & Diamonds is lighter silver-gray, and it has some gold flecks to it. Kanga-rouge is not quite as bright light red as Red She Said, and it is also really, really pigmented. They’re similar, though! Petticoat is more raspberry in color and pigmented than Blonde, which is a bit more pink than berry in color.

      • Jessica

        Thanks so much! A few more questions…How much time do you have to put into this website? Do you get any makeup deals because of it? Do you feel like you get a lot out of running this site? Did you get popular just through word of mouth or how did you generate a buzz? What was your favorite MAC collection this year? lol I’m so curious about this because I think you have the best makeup blog out there!

        • It depends on the day, because it really varies. I can put in as many as sixty hours or as little as twenty hours a week :) I love running the site; it’s something I really enjoy doing, so I’m happy to have found it!

          Word of mouth :)

          This year or 2008? Hard to say this year since there has only been one really 😛 Last year’s was Neo Sci Fi!

  2. Shayla

    Do you have a foolproof way to get gel liner perfect? Namely winged out…

  3. fuzz

    I just recently purchased concealer from the mac and it tends to make my dark circles under my eyes look grey.I wana go back n grab another one but do i go lighter or darker then my skin colour?i dont want it to look grey.


    • Concealer should be 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone, and you could try applying it after foundation!

    • DD

      Hey fuzz
      I dont know what your skin tone is but if youre around an nc/nw 35 and above you want to get a concealer thats a salmony tone .it completely neutralizes dark circles. i have revlons beyond natural creamy concealer in medium deep and its So good for darkcircles. I love theBalm concealer as well. OR you can try a yellow based correcting concealer under your foundation. This works pretty well too.

      • fuzz

        ohh thanks!Im nc 42 but recently i went to the mac to and they tried nw40 wich is great!!!just perfect.So ill give it a shot n seee.

  4. allison

    I have oily skin and was wondering if you knew of a really good primer that actually keeps the oil away! thanks for any suggestions!

    • check out Smashbox photofinish primer LIGHT! it is made for people with oily skin. it doesnt have as much of a silicone feeling. it looks more like alotion.

      I use that.

      also, i juststarted using MAC’s green gel cleanser and it is AMAZING! my skin has had NO shine in days! i love it!

    • Smashhbox Photofinish Light is a good option, as Rose suggested! Philosophy’s Never Let Them See You Shine Primer is also designed with oily skin in mind!

    • Alana

      I use a mattifier. Laura Gellar Welcome matte. It helps a lot! I put it on before my foundation.

    • AshBash

      i use Matte by mac. it’s $17. hope that helps.

  5. sharon

    how do the dior makeup brushes compare to the likes of mac or lancome or chanel ?

    • I feel Dior brushes are on par with Chanel, which are both better than MAC. They’ve always felt softer and denser than MAC brushes, but I don’t necessarily feel they’re WAY better or anything. I still use MAC brushes, and I don’t own any Dior or Chanel ones.

  6. Liz

    What is the best way to use MAC’s Strobe lotion? Should you use it before/after moisturizer? I always end up looking a little funky when I use it! I also (finally) purchased Melon pigmant. What are some ideas you can give me on looks? Thanks so much!!

    • I like Strobe Cream better than the Strobe Lotion (I think that’s the more liquid one), buttt if you find there’s too much shimmer for you – try mixing it with a regular moisturizer. I used to use it in place of a moisturizer, but it is nice to mix with your regular moisturizer so you can get a nice all over glow. Or else try it on your highlight areas (like cheek bones, tip of your nose, etc.).

      Melon is great with golds, coppers, reds, and browns. I’ve used it plenty o’ times, just do a search for looks using Melon :)

  7. hi,
    would like to know a little detail about clarisonic skin care brush. Is the whole mechanism like any other cheap brushes that work on those china made?? or is it different…Also, is it worth the money???

    • There’s a base that comes with it, where you put the brush back on the cradle and it recharges. I think it’s worth the money! I haven’t tried any other products like it, so I can’t compare to anything else.

    • Tanya

      I got one for Xmas and I have to say that its worth every penny my boyfriend spent on it!! It is by far the best beauty tool I have ever owned. He also uses it and raves about how great it is.

  8. Crystal

    I love Reflects Blackened Red but I have no idea how to use it in a look. The MA told me its not supposed to be used around the eyes, so what do i do with it? its such a gorgeous color!

    • Yeah, as far as I know, the Reflects aren’t eye-safe, which is why you’re not supposed to use it there. You can try to use it in your hair or mixed with gloss maybe!

    • Dee

      It’s not? Ooo, then yeah please give advice. I had every intention of putting it on with blacktrack fluidline.

      • Glitters can be damaging to the eye (like scratch them), and as far as I know, MAC probably has a policy where they don’t bother to test and they just state it’s not. I know lots of consumers and professionals still use them on the eyes.

        I have done it on occasion, but I seldom use glitters and choose to at my own risk do so. I always make sure the glitter is adhered using mixing medium or the like. But yeah, not eye safe so it’s definitely an at your own risk kind of deal.

        • Julie

          I take the risk and use glitters on top of my liners when I got out to party. I use mixing medium to avoid glitter falling into my eyes and down on my cheeks.
          Tip 1: use a blowdryer after application to blow away any loose glitter before you open your eyes.
          Tip 2: (from Christine) use tape to remove any fallout glitter on your cheeks/face.

          Good luck if you dare with your Blackened Red :)

  9. Stephanie

    Hi, i wanted to buy another red lipstick. I currently have Viva Glam I and i want something brighter…i tried MAC Red but it was more orange on my lips. I’m an NC20 and would love to find a true red (maybe more on the pink side than orange).

    Also, I saw the Dolce and Gabanna Spring 2009 ad and i love her lipstick. Do you know of a Mac one that would look the same?

    • You could try Russian Red, which is a blue-based red, I believe. New York Apple is a raspberry-red, but it’s probably not *brighter* than VGI. The ad looks a lot like Russian Red to me, actually!

    • AshBash

      i just want to add that i LOVE russian red and it looks good on alot of different skintones

    • Julia

      I agree! Just thought I’d chime in because I’m also NC20 and Russian Red is my favorite red. It’s pretty universal I think, but I Find it’s just a very pretty, true red on me.

  10. Stephanie

    I have one other question…whenever i wear any kind of bright lipstick (red,pink,etc.) i always line my lips first then apply the lipstick with a lip brush. All the time, my lipstick bleeds outside the lines. I can’t stand it and don’t know why it does this since i do wear lipliner. Any suggestions???

    • Lola

      I’m no expert, but i know of a product from Benefit called d’finer d’liner, which is supposed to create a barrier around your lips to stop lipstick feathering.

    • Sara

      sally hansen has an “invisible” lip liner which is pretty much a stick of wax i think…you line it around your lips instead of inside and it helps stop bleeding!

      • Macaddict

        Cargo also has a “reverse” lip liner where it’s the same principle; you line around the lips to prevent “bleeding”. Worth checking.

    • msviolet

      My sister had the same problem…she started using MAC’s prep and prime lip and hasn’t had any problems since. Other than running out of the primer of course!

      • Julie

        I too use MAC prep and prime, and it works wonders, stay on longer and gives a better look. Read up on mac site for more info.

    • You can try a lip primer to help combat that, and you can also use foundation and powder around your lips. It may also help to prevent your lipstick from bleeding!

    • Saira

      I got a tip a while ago from a magazine which I always use when I apply any red lipstick or any other bright dark colours and it works! I apply a thin layer of red lipstick on my lips with a lip brush, blot with a tissue, then outline my lips and fill them in completely with a red lip liner, then apply another thin layer of red lipstick with the lip brush. I used to find that when I wore red lipstick, it either bled at the corners or it came off in the middle and left a red rim. Since using this tip, my red lipstick doesn’t bleed and fades evenly over time, so I only have to top it up very occasionally. Hope this helps :o)

  11. Haydee

    I really would like to purchase an eye brow brush, any idea on a good brand?

  12. Myxa

    You mentioned that you use oil free SPF 15 face cream by Kate Somerville, and that your favorite foundation also has SPF. However, I couldn’t find a cream by this brand that has SPF. This seems to be the only moisturizer that they have that is oil free.

    Do you buy it in a store?

    Any other recommendations for a daytime light moisturizer that contains SPF?

    Also, I wanted to point out that SPF in Studio Fix Fluid would not really be enough for daily protection, because the only active sunscreen ingredient in that foundation is Octinoxate, and it only blocks UVB rays, but not UVA. UVA are the rays that are responsible for ageing the skin.

    • I must have made a mistake when I remembered it (I don’t have my jar anymore, since it’s empty!). I actually use Neutrogena Dry-Touch most of the time, in combination with any moisturizer I use so I’m quite covered in the SPF department! I don’t find Dry-Touch to be moisturizing enough to be used alone, personally.

      I’m actually in the market right now for a lightweight moisturizer with SPF in it, so I don’t have any recs at the moment. I like some of Clinique’s (I believe it’s their Superdefense line). Superdefense is a little harsh on my skin for some reason, but my boyfriend has no problem using it (I passed it onto him).

  13. Hi Christine. Ok this is my question that I have always wondered. What makes the Shu Uemuera eyelash curler so much better than others? I have been using the plain ‘ole Revlon one for like all of eternity and I don’t have any issues with it so I want to make sure I am spending money wisely if I get the Shu Uemuera one. Thanks!

    • If you don’t have problems with the Revlon one, then I’d stick with it. I’ve only had a cheap one, which, ironically, I believe was a Revlon one, prior to getting shu’s. Once I got shu, I loved it, it worked, and there was never a reason to go anywhere else!

  14. openexpression

    Hi Christine! I’m a lurker who has a couple of questions and one comment…

    1. I’m new to eye makeup and when I try to do my eyeshadow I feel like the colors look muddy (even when I do everything step-by-step and use MAC, etc.) How can I stop this from happening?

    2. My MAC foundation color is NC 45. What are some colors you recommend for Eyeshadows and Blush?

    Lastly, I just want to commend you on a wonderful and very comprehensive site! I am in my last semester of law school and you must be very good at multi-tasking to maintain this site and do law school.

    • If you’re having trouble with blending, start with browns. I think they are the EASIEST to work with because they are already muddy in a way, you know? They’re brown!

      You can try using a light brown and a dark brown, just two colors, very simply. :) The 222/224/226 brushes (just need one, not all!) may help you blend better, too, if you’re able to make the investment.

      You can wear a lot of eyeshadows–there’s really not much you can’t wear, IMO! But definitely greens and golds for sure. Don’t pass those up :) As far as blush goes, I love anything coral on warm skin tones, like Springsheen and Foolish Me. Margin is obviously my fave ever, so I rec that, too!

      Thanks so much! Congratulations on getting to the last leg of law school!! :) That’s such an accomplishment. What do you hope to do post-graduation? I’m sure you’re tired of being asked that, though, LOL!

    • Dee

      I’m NC45 too and when I was feeling unsure of make-up and colors, I would just get a crazy eyeliner color and use that and plushlash mascara. Quick and easy. Christine’s right, we do look good in golds and greens. I would say you should try woodwinked.

  15. Anna

    Could you give some blending tips? I always seem to have a noticable line between colors, no matter how much I try. Is there any specific brush or technique that works for you?

    Maybe you could do a video tutorial at some point. Those have helped me the most, personally.

    • I don’t know if you’ve seen my two video tutorials, they might be helpful (if you haven’t seen them).

      The 226 has been working nicely, though to be perfectly honest, I’ve always used the 239 to do it all when it comes to eyeshadow, including blending. The 226 does make it easier, and I think if you’re having trouble, it’s worth looking into.

  16. Cat

    I have oily skin too, like greasy pepperoni pizza by 12noon. I have tried the smashbox primer in light and it was just ok but i’m looking for something matte like UDPP for face so I will try Philosophy. However it seems it also affects my hair. Within 1 day I feel like I need to wash my hair again. Is there any kind of shampoo/condition I should be trying to make my hair last a lil longer??? Thanks Christine, I love your site.

    • Ohh! Also try MAC’s mattifying product. I believe it’s available at most MAC stores (not a PRO product).

      Sigh, I do find sometimes conditioner makes a difference with the hair deal. My AG Hair conditioner seems to make my hair less oily on day 2, whereas Lush Retread makes me oily by the end of day 1. So perhaps switching your conditioner might help!

    • nadinee

      Hello, I’ve had the same problem with oily skin…I switched to bare escentuals thinking that would make a huge difference since it was a powder foundation. It did, but only a little. So I went to Sephora and they gave me some suggestions that, although the total price was pretty expensive, was pretty much worth it since my face stays matte all day. Anyway, they suggested 1) L’Occitane riz rice ultra matte face 2) make up forever primer and 3) makeup forever mat velvet. I was pretty hesitant about going back to liquid foundation, but the stuff works like a charm. Anyway, hope that helps!

  17. Anitacska

    Hi Christine,
    I have a question that might sound silly to you and other experienced people, but I’ve been wondering about this so I’ll risk looking silly anyway. :) What purpose does the pigments serve when you do your eye makeup? Do you use them as primers? I don’t own any pigments, so just put primer on my eyelids and then the eyeshadows. In what way is using pigments as a base different/better?
    See, told you it was a silly question? 😉

    • NO question is silly! And I love answering questions of all kinds.

      A lot of people don’t use pigments, actually! I fell in love with MAC because of MAC pigments–they were my first products. I use pigments with mixing medium, and I basically use them as colored bases. They are really pigmented, so they can make even the worst shadow look way better. So for me, they’re bases. On very rare occasions, I might use it as an eyeshadow. I’ve also used them as highlighters (Pink Opal, I’m lookin’ at you!) or in lipgloss (Reflects Glitters + lipgloss = Dazzleglass on the cheap!).

      I also find pigments hold up all day with no fading, creasing, etc. They aren’t waterproof (like paint pots). They really grab color for me! It’s also fun using a colored base and layering shadows on it for a very unique end result.

  18. Nagiko

    I have a stupid question: I’m rather new to the more technical side of make-up and was wondering what people mean when they say things like “NC45/50″ and so on. I figure it has something to do with skin tone, but is there a chart or grid that I could refer to for explanation? Thank you!

    • NC45 means not cool in shade 45. Shade 15 being the lightest, and then I think it may go up to 50 or 55, which is the darkest. NW is not warm! it’s only for MAC products, though. Other brands use other ways to describe!

      • Art

        hey Christine, i always thought NC was neutral cool and NW was neutral warm.. lol.. what about those start with C? Like C20, C30 etc?

        • I believe it’s not cool/not warm… I know that if you’re NC, you have warm tones; and if you’re NW, you have cool tones!

          • Iliana

            Oh in the website it says “neutral cool/warm”. The way they explained it is that NC is for people with cool undertones, while NW is for people with warm undertones.

            But when I had myself tested for a match, Christine’s explanation of NW as Not Warm and NC as Not Cool makes so much more sense. NW wasn’t as flattering as I thought it would be on my warm skin. :)

            • I can’t believe the site says it’s neutral cool/neutral warm. I read the shade guide, and it does say, though, that if you have warm tones, you’re “neutral cool.” So maybe it means that your cool shades are neutralized… aka not there? LOL.

      • Myxa

        So does it mean that NW (not warm) actually means neutral cool, and NC (not cool) actually means neutral warm?

        • Carrie

          Yeah, this is my understanding, Myxa. You are an NW if you have cool/blue/pink undertones and NC if you have warm/green/yellow undertones. At least, that’s how my local folks at the MAC counter explained it!

        • If you are NW, you have cooler tones. If you’re NC, then you have warm undertones. I’m NC if that helps! Someone like Scarlett Johansson would probably be NW!

  19. hello and good afternoon christine! i wanted to know if there was any tips for smaller eyes. I like black liner but sometimes i’m unsure whether it helps or adds to the problem.

    • Usually liner on the upper lash line will open up eyes, but not both upper and lower. You can also try lining with a light colored liner (beige, champagne, white) on your lower water line and inner corner of your eye to open up eyes!

  20. Sherie

    Hi Christine – love your website. I recently started using Philosophy skin care products and I noticed they got no love in your polls. I’ve never tried the products that won but think maybe I should. My question – have you tried Philosophy (cleanser, moisturizer, serum) and, if so, what do you think is better about the products you use now?

    • Purity Made Simple (cleanser) is actually a cult favorite of Philosophy products. Lots of people swear by it! :) I’ve used both the original and foaming formula and like both–they’re both great at removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

      I did try Hope In A Jar moisturizer, but it was a little oily on me so I didn’t stick with it.

      My boyfriend LOVED their Never Let Them See You Shine scrub/cleanser, too. Those are great for oily skin :)

      I’m constantly fluttering between products as a beauty addict and avid blogger, so it’s really hard for me to stay loyal to one product, since I’m often busy trying different ones out.

    • I have mad passionate love for purity made simple. It’s a fantastic gentle cleanser and even my derm said he didn’t see any reason for me to switch– and he sells his own brand! lol.

      I didn’t like hope in a jar because it smells funny and was too rich for my skin (oily).

  21. Tatiana

    Hi Christine,

    Love your site! You’re the coolest, especially since you’re in the Bay Area =) I have an eye lash curling problem. I like to curl my lashes after I apply eyeliner. It’s way too hard for me to do curl my lashes then apply eyeliner. Once I apply my eyeliner, I wait a bit so it could dry/set (that goes for pencil & liquid) but it still comes off on my curler! It doesn’t come off all the way but it fades. I even tried putting eye shadow over the liner and still comes off a bit. I find that the best curl I get is when I hold the curler as close to the lid as possible. Do you know any tricks to resolve this? I use the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, just in case you needed to know.


    • Aww, thanks 😉

      To be honest, I don’t reallyyy think there’s a way to avoid it. I’m surprised that liquid will still smudge, though. Have you tried MAC liquid last? That stuff does NOT BUDGE once it’s dry.

  22. Charlotte

    What’s the best highligher for a NW20, blonde hair, blue-grey eyes? Femme-Fi, Shroom, or Dazzlelight? Thanks!

  23. Amanda

    I’ve read and been counseled numerous times on how to identify one’s skin undertones… but I still don’t understand. On top of that, I’ve heard people say “well my skin color is X, but my undertone is Y”. What exactly is beige? What is Olive? I get the whole ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ concept but I can’t help but get a little flustered with the responses I’ve gotten. What’s your school of thought? Do you think you could name some celebrity for references with your definitions? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • LOL, you are NOT alone, Amanda!

      I think it even varies by BRAND. I think olive tends to be skin that’s more naturally tan–like Salma Hayek. I think beige goes more along with lighter complexions, perhaps someone like Angelina Jolie? I’m really not sure. I think ivory is cooler, paler complexions, while beige might be paler complexions with some warmth to it.

      I really do feel like they’re probably arbitrarily used to described complexions and will vary across brands.

  24. Crystal

    Thanks Christine for taking time out of your day to answer all our questions. I think i speak for everyone when I say “THANK YOU”

    • It is truly my pleasure, and I am always amazed I have the opportunity to offer advice :) That y’all WANT it! It’s just humbling and a true honor.

  25. Valeria


    first of all i luv ur page ur so talented.did u teach urself or did you go somewhere? also how exactly do u make ur mixing medium?

    • Hey Valeria!

      Thanks so much! Glad you like! :)

      I’m totally self-taught, didn’t go anywhere to learn but my own bathroom, LOL. Lots of practice, though! :)

      I make mixing medium using 1 part liquid glycerin and 3 parts water. I usually do 1 tsp glycerin, 3 tsp water.

      • Valeria

        thank you so much.:) i have another question also, where do you find the mac palettes i so luv ur collection

      • Myxa

        Any advice on how to store the mixing medium? I bought the liquid glycerine, but not sure of an easy way to store the actual medium once it is mixed. I also used 1 to 3 ratio, like you said, but it seems VERY watery. Is that right?

        What am I supposed to do with it, once it is mixed? Do i dip the whole brush in? Just the tip? I found that the color of the pigment that goes on the lid will vary SO MUCH depending on how much liquid I pick up. How do you make it so uniform?

      • Kellie

        where can I buy liquid glycerin?

  26. Andrea

    So I have alot of skin from my crease to my eyebrow and find it very difficult to get shadow to look right. Any recs??

    • What do you mean by the shadow looking right? What makes it look off? Or how do you feel it’s off?

    • Vibeke

      I also have a lot of skin from crease to eyebrow. I used to find that 1) I couldn’t see my eyeshadow when my eye was open and 2) the color transfered to the skin above my crease leaving a funny looking arch. Starting the color closer to the brow (much closer than I thought I would need when my eye was closed) gave a nicer more even result.

      • Amanda

        Another way to look at eyeshadow placement is to look at it from an artistic point of view… I see eyeshadow placement as a way of adding dimension your eye, giving you a dramatic or less dramatic effect. It took me a while to understand this but I eventually learned that it takes a) blending and b) purposeful placement. I have a small crease/fold (I’m asian) so I know what you mean by having a large eyelid. The trick is to place a color just above that crease so that it doesn’t disappear when your eye is open. Then, to get that dimensionalized effect, you place a darker color inside the crease near the outside corner of your eye. If you feel there’s still too much space on your lid, take it up a it higher, just a bit, so as to not get that owl-eyed look. Hope that helps.

  27. Tatiana

    Thanks for responding so fast! The liquid didn’t really smudge, it just faded, like some of the liner imprinted onto my curler. I was using my Penultimate too…You’re still the coolest!

  28. Mari

    Hola Cristine!
    I have a rather dumb question. I knoe you had mentioned once in your site what color e/s goes w/ what color l/s. BUT can u please help me as far as what color e/s goes w/what! I know blues go well with orange peachy colors and am just wondering what e/s colors go well w/ purple, pink, blue, browns, grey, golds, coral? Sorry I am soo BAD at knowing what color goes with what! Thank you in advance and I love having a good cup of coffee and going into your site! 😀

    • Hey Mari,

      Purples – pinks, blues, golds
      Blue – blues, teals, greens, golds, purples
      Browns – everything pretty much! especially golds
      Coral – reds, coppers, orange, gold, brown

  29. mahalia

    What would you recommend for looks of any kinds for people with nw45 skin? Studio fix fluid is my holy grail too! Oh and what red lip combos do you recommend for me?

  30. mahalia

    What would you recommend for looks of any kinds for people with nw45 skin? Studio fix fluid is my holy grail too! Oh and what red lip combos do you recommend for me?

    Oh and I also found that the redhead products worked better for me than the brunette ones…. even though I am a black woman.

  31. Jessica

    Before you apply your paint pot as a base, do you powder your lids first? My eyeshadow is still creasing when I powder the lids, Help!

  32. amy

    do you know if the white chromaline is waterline safe? also, do the chromalines crease on your eyelid? thanks!

  33. Reesa

    Hi, Christine. What tinted moisturizer can you recommend? I aready use MAC Select Tint, but I’m in the market to try another one. I was looking at both Laura Mercier and Stila. Thanks much!

  34. Myxa

    Christine, would the looks still turn out the same if you used nude-colored base? For example, Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Prep + Prime Eye, MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre (it shows up pretty flesh-colored on me) or Shiseido Protective Base primer? or would they be toned down somewhat? Would you recommend using a neutral base as a way to make any certain look less OTT?

    • Not always. Sometimes I’m using a colored base that has little to do with the shadow colors, which means the interaction of say green + gold = a totally different shade than the gold shadow itself.

      But yes, it would tone down a look!

  35. lisa

    I have heard that some anti-aging moisturizers or just regular moisturizers also help to clear up acne. Out of all the moisturizers u have used which one do u consider to be the best at doing so?

    • It’s possible, but it may also just be because you’re using a different product and perhaps your original moisturizer caused the acne! I tend to use products designed to combat acne or else I use a moisturizer I know *doesn’t* break me out! :)

  36. Natasha

    This is so off the whole “makeup” topic, but I wanted to know what inspired you to make a Makeup Blog and if you give 3 tips to anyone wanting to start one. Thanks!

    • Leah

      Yes I am interested in how you became aware of MAC and what was your first MAC product? How often after your first purchase did you get things? lol. Your site was the only site I found helpful when I first started with make-up (MAC that is). Really seemed like nothing else was as helpful. I found specktra later on, but it’s not the same. 😀

      • My best friend in high school bought and wore MAC products, so I did own a few eyeshadows :) I think Bronze may have been one of the first ones. I probably got those when I was 15 or so, but I didn’t LOVE makeup until I was 18 — when I got some pigment samples from ebay. Then it was all down hill!

        And thanks, Leah :)

    • I really liked makeup, and I wanted to share all the looks I’ve done :)

      Three tips…

      1. Love makeup, love what you do.
      2. Decide what you want to cover.
      3. Be ready to work hard!

  37. JillyB

    I’m having trouble making a thin line with a pencil eyeliner. I can do it with Fluidline and a very thin brush, but sometimes a pencil seems like it would be a lot easier. I’ve tried several different types of MAC e/l and also Stila and UD24/7. Is there a secret to this or are pencils just better for a thicker line. Thank you!

    • Tanya

      keep ur pencil liner in the freezer!! sharpen it when its cold before each time u use it.

    • Pencils tend to give a thicker line, because they aren’t permanently sharp or one thickness. I’d recommend sharpening your pencil and then using it, and you might want to keep it in the fridge (so it doesn’t melt as fast).

  38. Hannae

    I am really having trouble with looking like I am wearing the wrong foundation color on my face. My neck and face has two different color. Any tips on how to get them looking the same? Thanks

    • You want to match your face to your neck, so if your neck is darker, try going another shade or two deeper. You could also go to a counter and have them match you! Ask to take the mirror outside in natural light to check, too.

  39. Marlena

    I unfortunately have small pockmarks left over from bad acne. Is there anything I can do to disguise these or fill them in a bit? Foundation primer? Wall spackle?

    • Hey Marlena! Primer will often help even out your skin’s surface a bit. It won’t necessarily hide them 100%, but it should help. :) You’ll probably want something silicone based (like Smashbox Photofinish).

  40. MIchelle

    I am wondering how I should go about tight lining? What would be the best brush and the best dark gel eyeliner to use? I am not a big ‘black eyeliner’ person. At times I do use Orpheus eye kohl which I love, and I also use carbon with the 266 brush. I do enjoy how black eyeliner on the top line makes me look awake and my lashes thicker, this is why I hope to tightline.

    Also what are your Top 10 favorite MAC eyeshadows from the perm. line? I am a neutral lover and would love to know your opinion!

    If you also wouldn’t mind telling me what is your favorite look to do with goldmine eyeshadow for a neutral day?

    Last time you did a ‘ask me anything’ I asked about Margin and I love it now that I got it. What is your other top pick from the perm. line of MAC blushes?

    • A small angled brush like the 208 (I think that’s it) might be helpful, or else a thin lining brush (not angled). I’ve always preferred pencils for tightlining, though!

      Here are ten neutral shadows I love: Bronze, Soft Brown, Satin Taupe, Texture, Patina, Shroom, Grain, Cork, Omega, Espresso.

      I like Goldmine with Bronze a lot, but that could be a little too dark. I might try Goldmine as a wash with something like Texture in the crease :)

      I really like Springsheen and Ambering Rose from the blush line!

  41. Maren

    Hi Christine,

    thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions!

    I have the MAC 217 and 224 and the BBR-LE hasn

    • I find the 226 to be really great for blending right now, and I like how dense it is. I find it picks up color quite well. I don’t own the 217 or 224, to be honest, so I can’t compare it to actually using either of them.

  42. DevilishDoll

    I usually think of a ton of questions I wanna ask, but by the time you post one of these, I end up forgetting them all. Maybe I should start writing them down. Anyway…do you think Top Knot is similar to Top Hat from Starflash? In a lot of swatches I’ve seen, Top Hat looks purplish or bluish, but on me it looks almost black with a purple hint. Also what are your favorite eyeshadows that are either purple, blue, green or brown?

    • Top Knot is just like what Top Hat looks on you. It’s black with a barely purple tint. It’s not a must have for me at all. :(

      Purples – Parfait Amour, Stars ‘n Rockets
      Blue – Fresh Water, Deep Truth
      Green – Juxt, Sumptuous Olive
      Brown – Bronze, Patina

      I only picked perm ones! :)

      • DevilishDoll

        I think I’ll probably stick with just getting Pincurl then, I can easily dupe the other 3 I wanted from that collection. I definitely think I’ll get Juxt, I don’t have many greens. And I definitely need to get some browns in my collection. So I’ll get some swatches of Bronze and Patina. I swear, I have like 40 colors I wanna get swatches of when I finally get to the store, trip has been put off twice due to snow.

  43. megan

    Hey Christine

    I bought Bold and Brazen from the starflash collection and I have no idea what to do with it!! Do you have any ideas? I have the same question for Amber Lights I love the color but I’m stumped on any new looks. Thanks for your help

  44. Turkidhdelight573

    hi christine
    i love ur website and visit it daily
    i, myself love pigments and i am NC35
    can u recommend me some must have neutral shades pigments for my skintone?
    and some must have neutral eyeshadow?
    iv been a colorful girl for so long and now i think i shud work my way in to neutrals!!! lol

    • Neutrals? Hmm, there aren’t that many great neutral pigments from the permanent line. Tan is nice, so is Melon (though not that neutral)!. As far as eyeshadows go, I really like Bronze, Patina, Soft Brown, Texture, and Ricepaper!

  45. Hi Christine! I’m wondering which cameras you use for what – I know you have two. Which one do you use for product and swatch photos? Another question is how exactly do you do swatching when you’re at the store – do you write down what is what while standing there? :-) And lastly – where do you (or what do you have set up in order to) take your product photos at home? Thanks so much!! Your site is my favorite!!!

    • Actually, it’ll depend what I’m taking photos of. For products, I generally use the Nikon D90 these days. For swatches, it’s been a combination, but lately I’ve been leaning towards my Fuji Finepix E550, just because it’s easier.

      I try to swatch things in alphabetical order, so I can just go home and look at the list 😀 If not alphabetical (in the case of some brands), in numerical order.

      I have a DIY lightbox I made, which is missing the light part, LOL, but it works well enough until I drag my lazy butt to Home Depot for the light part.


  46. Kathleen

    Could you suggest a sunscreen for oily, acne-prone skin? I have tried several, but all of them cause me to either break out or feels very tacky on the skin, which only causes my skin to become more oily than ever.

  47. DevilishDoll

    I remembered another question I wanted to ask. Although this one is sorta for anybody to answer. Has anybody else had problems with their MAC orders being delayed? I made an order on the 8th during the sale, and they charged me for it already but they haven’t even shipped it out yet. I made another order on the 12th for some BBR items and I received it yesterday. It has me sorta annoyed.

    • They may be backed up *because* of the sale, but I’m not really sure. I’ve always ordered 2-day or overnight shipping so it’s been quick for me. I’d totally call tomorrow, though, to ask!

      • Danielle Sharkey

        OMG I’m having the same issue…I also ordered mine on the 8th and am still waiting…today I recieved a ‘gift invoice’ for my dad b/c he bought the stuff for me but still no package…

        • DevilishDoll

          I sent a message to MAC and the guy said it would be shipped within 5 to 7 days of ordering it. It has already been 10 days. I am not happy at all. I’d expect this kind of crap with EBay, not a site like MAC.

    • MYXA

      hmmm… mine was REALLY fast. Hope yours comes soon!

  48. Kelly

    I was just buying some BBR stuff today and thinking “gee I hope there’s an ask Temptalia post soon!”

    I bought Blow Dry & Red Devil today as an attempt to get out of my neutral coloured lips rut. Do you have any suggestions for what to do with eyes and cheeks with these colours? I thought the colours looked good together but on their own is okay too. I was thinking even just a smokey eye or some big black liquid liner but what about cheeks? Thanks so much!

    • Kelly

      oh i feel like also noting that i’m an NC15 (if not lighter) with brown hair and brown eyes (kinda anne hathaway colouring, hah. we’re both pale!)

    • :)

      I loveee green eyes with that lip combo! You can also do golds/coppers or even just plain black liner like you mentioned :) As far as cheeks go, you could do bronzy, coppery, or even golden.

  49. Ruth

    Christine, the new la laque from Lancome, is it really long lasting ?

  50. tinnie

    do know a cheap sub for 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in gold?

  51. abby

    Hi Christine! I love it when you do the sessions because i learn so much from all the different questions and answers you provide.
    I have the select moisturecover concealer by MAC and i like it when i first apply it because it covers up the dark circles under my eyes but then it starts to cake and it emphasizes the few fine lines i have:(
    which other MAC concealer would you recommend the studio finish spf 35 or the select cover up? or can you recommend another one. Thank you!!

    • You might want to wait for MAC’s new concealer, which launches February 5th. It’s supposed to be really good! Otherwise, I’d recommend Select Cover up!

      • abby

        Thank u! i will do that. I will wait for your reviews on the new product :)
        So if that launches feb 5th, when does the creamteam collection launch? i have hello kitty and that one mixed up. I am looking forward to the lavender lipstick from the creamteam collection!

  52. Saira

    Hi Christine! Could you suggest some shades that would go well with Coppering (could you possibly give some shade names to check out)? I love this shade and wear it a lot with Goldmine but I’d also really like to pair it with some other colours. I’d like to try more looks wearing it as a lid colour or as a crease colour but I’m not totally sure what shades to wear it with. Thanks.

  53. Ada

    Hi Christine, could you suggest some colours to wear with Club. By the way, I also bought Humid because of your post about the different ways to use it. Thanks for your hard work and many posts!

  54. whitnee

    Whenever I put mascara on my lower lashes they look like spider legs. Is there some way to make it look more natural besides using a dark liner on my lower lash line?

  55. mandi

    I was wanting to know where I can get the papers you see in the makeup stores that they have there makeup looks on. The ones that have the picture of a face on and you put makeup on them to create looks. and practice.

  56. shoshana

    how come you don’t like spending as much on clothes/or are not a fashion freak like you are a makeup one? for most i know..they generally go hand in hand. just curious

    • I’ve never really gotten into having the latest fashions because I dress casual and never feel the need to dress up. Now, living with a dog, the last thing I want to do is buy expensive clothes and have them get all furry or messed up when I play with him!

  57. darjaleening

    has anyone really given you hell for your makeup addiction? has it ever opened up your eyes?

  58. maryrose

    what do you think about costal scents palattes?

  59. jennifer dulles

    have you noticed your eyelid skin gotten worse since before doing temptalia? as in looser etc

    • Nope, not at all. Even if it did, it would be hard to really attribute it to the site – I’d have no way of knowing how my skin would age naturally without doing makeup often.

  60. traca

    im 30 should i be wearing glitter on my eyes? i saw a look, that i really like, but i think i may be too old.

    • Traca, you can wear whatever you want to!! Of all rules… having fun with makeup is #1 in my book. There’s no harm in trying the look you saw out!

  61. Carrie

    I have a lot of lipglosses, but I’m just now wearing lipsticks again. What would you say are some essential MAC ones to get? Are there certain colours any girl should have?

  62. Jenna

    What are your top five most versatile pigments to own? (permanent line)…I have none and want to get some. Gracias

  63. Angie Guerrero Mart

    Hi Christine ^^ how do you choose the type/color of the blush when doing a look? And how do you choose the color of the lipgloss? o__o :)

    • It’s really just from doing so many different looks! I tend to use coral/bronze blushes with green/blue eyeshadow looks, while I’ll opt for pinks or purples when I do pink/purple/smoky eyes.

  64. kat

    My question is about the back to MAC program! On the mac pro website I remember reading that they had a statement on BACK 2 MAC that anything could be returned for the discount except sample products (like the kind you get the pigment samples in) and like the little mascara wands and stuff. But it sounded like you could return pan eyeshadow pots (like the little metal thing only… because it didn’t say anywhere in the statement that it didn’t quality as it is a full sized product packaging) but then, of course, that can’t be true or else people would just seperate them and get twice the return for each eyeshadow. So I’m basically wondering: which products qualify? And in the case of the little lipgloss samples, does the set of 5 count as one item or are they not returnable or does each half size lipgloss count as a unique item??

    • As far as I know, you are supposed to be able to return pan eyeshadows if you bought them that way (so you didn’t depot them). So if you buy the eyeshadow in pan or palette form, then you can return it. You just can’t return a pan without an official MAC magnet + label like the pan shadows are for B2M!

      I believe the mini lipglasses do count each towards B2M, but I’m not positive. I know the packaging you *get* the lipglasses in doesn’t count.

      • kat

        ok thanks so much (I forgot about this and just checked it now haha) also one more question, you don’t need the to return them in their boxes do you? just the empty packaging will do right? haha I hope so cause I tossed all of my boxes when I moved :S I forgot to check about this haha!

  65. Zhen

    hi christine! was wondering what you mean by mixing medium? (eg dip your brush in a mixing medium before dipping it in your eyeshadow) can i just use water?
    thanks so much!

    • Mixing medium has glycerin in it, which is kind of like glue – it’s tacky. Water alone isn’t going to make the pigment adhere as well as water mixed with glycerin!

      I put a drop or two of mixing medium on my brush before picking up the pigment.

  66. barbs

    Hi christine!

    I was wondering what is a beauty powder? Is it a blush or for all over the face?
    (Like the heatherette alpha girl). Thanks.

  67. Marta

    Hi Cristine,
    Alot of ppl have been talking about the Makeup Forever HD primers. Ive looked at a couple of different sources (MUF website, beauty websites) to figure out which tint(lavender, blue, green, etc) would match best for me. Some of them have recommended choosing a tint based on my undertones but I’m not sure how that would factor in if I had some redness in certain areas. Maybe I need to get one of those correcting palettes! Do you have any ideas? Thank You!

    • Hey Marta,

      I believe the colored primers are there to correct the tones of your skin. For instance, if you had a lot of red splotches on your face, you’d want a primer that neutralizes those. :)

  68. Lauren

    What is up with the new MAC site? I for one don’t care for the way products are shown. Why change the old site, it was great!
    I really appreciate your advance notice on MAC and your realistic comments on all the new collections. I bought Quick Tease gloss based on your comment that it is not like Jampacked (which I thought upon first glance)

    • I suppose they thought it was time for a face lift for the site! I don’t mind it for the most part, though I dislike the way they have the swatches/products shown. I preferred seeing them all at once with swatches, rather than computer-generated color squares.

      How do you like Quick Tease?

      • Lauren

        Liking the Quick Tease, also like from Chill Frozen Dream.
        Looking foward to the Creamteam collection, love those purples!
        I’m with you on the swatches, I miss being able to just ask for
        frosts or creams etc

  69. Ada

    Christine, what brand of foundation do you use?

  70. Stephanie

    christine, did you see the new mac website? it’s very different, but i like it! it’s all flash!

  71. Chynna

    Hi Christine,
    what do you think of the 120 eyeshadow pro palette? It’s sold on eBay and, and there’s reviews and looks of it all over YouTube.

  72. tinnie

    hi christine! i just wanted to know, how to i choose a contour and a highlight color for my face?

    i’m a mac studio fix NW43 btw =)

    • Contour should be 1-2 shades darker than your normal skin tone. Highlight can really be anything. Usually a little shimmer (subtle or not) or sheen in it will help, but whatever is sheer and simple.

  73. Beckie

    What is a good long wearing eyeliner? I put mine on at the begining of the night and after two hours it wears off and it doesn’t look like I put any on and my eyes very tierd and very bare.

  74. Beckie

    Also, what colors eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara should I use for my brown eyes?

  75. Ashley

    Is the “Back 2 MAC” recycling program going to be in effect for Hello Kitty? Meaning can we redeem 6 emptes for something from the collection??

  76. Amy

    Has there been any comments on the new Mac site look?? Are there no product descriptions anymore?? For instance – All that glitters eyeshadow – midtone beige with gold reflects – satin finish. Or am I missing that in the navigation?

  77. Brittany

    Hey Christine, i was just wondering what your thoughts were about Paula Dork eye primer from Ulta9 Im sure sephora as well). I don’t know if you heard about it but i bought it to keep my eye shadow on, it seems to be working good but i didn’t know if you had an opinion on it… also Matte- means that it has no shimmer or anything, its just basic and plain right?? thank you!!!

  78. Nanett

    I was very fond of the MAC Studio Mist Foundation (dark) and was sad to see it go. What foundation do you think has similar coverage with the same look?

  79. Ella

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site last night, while looking for inspiration to freshen up my boring makeup routine. This is such a helpful site, with step-by-step how-to’s and pictures…thanks for all the hard work you clearly put into this!

    I have a question that gears towards your “Five Ways…” posts. I have MAC eyeshadow in Poison Pen, a matte, really muted grayish violet. I looked on the website and they don’t even have it listed on there anymore. How do you suggest using it? It seems to lend itself to smokiness, but I have a hard time figuring out a good way to utilize it and just get frustrated that it isn’t more noticeable, no matter how much I try to put on the brush. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Ella!

      You could try Poison Pen with silvers/grays, like you said, but you could try it with more eggplant purples or brighter purples, too! Maybe even gold :)