Friday, December 19th, 2008

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is.  You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer:)  I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly aka today! 😀 Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too!

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159 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #008

  1. when you use colored pigments as a base, do you make a paste w/the pigment and mixing medium or do you dampen your brush first and then pick up some pigment?

  2. Art

    hey ya :) Thanks for the session!

    I was wondering, could you recommend the kind of eye make up i should go for if i have a very deep crease? Kind of deep set if i’m not mistaken.

    Also, do you apply lipgloss with a seperate brush, over your lipstick, or do you apply your lipgloss directly using the applicator? Thanks :)

    • Lighter colors I feel help to open up deep set eyes, especially lighter colors on the lid.

      I use my lipgloss applicator most of the time, just because I don’t share my glosses with anyone and I’m too lazy otherwise ;P

  3. kataleen

    can you recommend a mascara that actually curls your lashes?? coz i’ve been trying to look for one but all the ones i have tried just makes them look straight and pointy =/

  4. Nicole

    My question is a little challage. If you could only use 5 make-up items to create a chistmas/holiday look, which products/colors would you use and why?

  5. Leah

    What products do you recommend to remove make up quick and effectively. Right now I am using so many things that I don’t know what really works. I start with eye makeup remover, then a mac wipe, rinse with a cleanser, toner, and night treatment with sal acid.

    Is all of that really necessary?

    Thanks in advance.

    • If I wear heavy eye makeup, I usually use Lancome’s Bi-Facil OR a MAC wipe, but not both. Sometimes if I have a long lasting eye liner, then I might use a q-tip dipped in Bi-Facil but not my whole face. I just use a cleanser to clean my face at night. Between a cleanser AND a toner, you should get all your face makeup off.

    • If you can get Cetaphil, then I would suggest trying that. It’s a cleanser for dry and sensitive skin but it takes off make up really easily and it’s really cheap. They use it backstage at fashion shows to take off model’s make up because it’s effective and gentle. I get it at the drug store :)

  6. farzana

    Hi christine

    I had bad acne bout 7 uears ago and i now i seem to have a few craters on my upper cheeks.I use macs hyper real foundation cuz i like the dewy look but i want to cover up craters completly.Can u recommend a foundation from the mac cuz thts the only thing i prefer.

  7. tinnie

    i realize that this is kind of an open ended question, but how can i make my eyes look bigger while attempting some of your looks? more specifically the eyes you had for the great cheek experiment.

    • You can always add a highlighter to the inner corner of your eye or bring the lightest inner lid color into the inner corner, too. Also, extending the lightest color so it takes up more lid space can also help.

    • kat

      What works really well for me is applying eyeliner only, or darkest, to the lower outside half of your eye. This opens your eyes up and helps them pop (especially if you lighten the inside of your eyes like christine suggested!)

  8. jess

    Smashbox Photofinish Primer makes me break out. Do you have any other primer recommendations?

    Also, I have very pale skin with a lot of pink (and I don’t tan at all, I just burn and my freckles become more obvious) and most foundations I’ve tried seem to look yellowy or orangey (especially MAC foundations) on my skin. Anything I can do about this?

    • MAC Prep & Prime Face :) I like that one a lot!

      Pricey, but it’ll do the trick, Prescriptives’ Custom Blend foundation! Truly made just for you with your undertones in mind.

    • Sanayhs

      I’m also very pale with pink-toned skin, and I use foundation from Make Up For Ever. The palest shade matches me perfectly.

  9. Rebecca

    -What is your all time favorite new (for you) product this year?

    – What is you favorite launch this year (any brand)?

    • I love Sweet Japanese Girl by lush — it’s new for me this year, though I know it’s been out for awhile!

      Perhaps Calvin Klein’s Lip Gloss? I think that’s new for ’08. I loved Givenchy’s holiday launch a lot – it was just very subdued and lovely.

      • Rebecca

        I wanted to get ‘Maven’, but when I went to the only department store that carried CK cosmetics in my city they said they phased the line out! :-( I will have to order from Sephora online I guess.

  10. Shayla

    Hi Christine…thanks for having one of these again!

    I’m looking at getting into more matte MAC eyeshadows, since I think my blending technique has gotten better. I already have Purple Haze, Plumage, Orb, Soft Brown, Corduroy, and a couple others I can’t remember right now.

    What others would you suggest I pick up?

  11. kataleen

    hey its me again =)

    i forgot to ask… what would be a good lip exfoliator??? coz i have dry lips all the time, even after i put carmex on =S

    • You can just do sugar and a little bit of olive oil for a DIY remedy. I love Peter Thomas Roth’s lip set (it has a sugar scrub, clay-based mask thing for your lips, and then a balm) or The Lip Scrub.

    • Sheena

      Have you tried Tarte’s Lip Frxtion? I liked that one a lot…my only problem with it is that I ran out of the Vit E lip balm side before the exfoliating side was finished, but it’s definitely one of my faves!

      • kataleen

        i currently use Tarte’s Lip Frxtion and it doesn’t work for me =S i actually just use the exfoliating side and not the lip balm. lols

    • Rebecca

      My best remedy (which I do daily) is to use a soft washcloth in the shower to gently scrub my lips in a side-to-side motion. I recommended this to a lot of girls I know with flaky lips who have tried everything. Just make sure the cloth is wet and to use warm water; and that you have washed your face in the shower so it is clean and plumped up with the water (sort of how you wouldn’t shave dry legs). Make sure to put on a lip balm after you get out too!

  12. Sheena

    Kind of going off Kataleen’s question…do you have any recommendations for a good eyelash curler? Thanks! :)

  13. Tami

    Hi Christine,

    What would u suggest as a perfect pale pink lipcolor? To give u an idea of my complexion I am NC45 in MAC foundation.

    Thanks and I love the site:-)

  14. Kristine

    What’s your favorite LUSH product? :)

  15. Camille

    hey ! I have a job interview in a cosmetic company on monday and I was wondering was is the best look? thx a bunch

    • Danielle Sharkey

      GOOD LUCK!!!
      I’m actually interviewing now for an internship for anything in cosmetics…it’s part of my college requirment.
      I wish you all the best!

    • A really neutral look, which is about the same as what you’d expect to wear to any other job interview :) You want to focus on showing how well you can use makeup to enhance your features and the like for sure.

      • Camille

        Thanks both of you! I think I’m gonna go neutral with just the slightest bit of color. And thanks Christine for the beautiful looks on your website!

  16. Alana46

    Hi Christine! ok 1) Can you recommend some good false lashes? I love Kim Kardashians – they look dramatic & long but could pass for real. I have tried so many, but am not finding the look I want! 2) What is your fave mascara for volume, either drugstore or high end? Thanks for the session and I love your site :)

    • Danielle Sharkey

      From my time at Sephora I’ve come to regard Make Up 4ever as a great source for false lashes…. They tend to be a bit on the wild side but I’m sure they have more natural – every day use lashes available as well. You could also try Shu Umera – I’ve seen some very pretty ones from them.

    • Ardell has some great lashes, and if you want super natural lashes go for individual ones. You can add them where you need ’em :)

      I love Plushlash for my mascara of choice!

  17. Tami

    Thanks for the suggestions! Is Angel a lipstick? I will prob check the MAC site for the info. I do have Viva Glam V gloss but let the boat sail away on the Cherry Blossom

  18. Danielle Sharkey

    Hey everyone & Happy Holidays!

    I’ve been trying to complete my MAC e/s collection and right now I have 70 quads filled with MAC, UDecay and and a few other colors. I know for sure that I don’t want EVERY since MAC e/s that is available on the perm line but I do want a huge selection. My problem is that I feel like there are so many dupes within the MAC brand it’s self – especially in the natural colors. I know that some colors do look similar but because of texture i.e. satin vs. veluxe pearl that they are different. My question is are there any MAC perm e/s colors that truely are the same and if you have one you don’t need the other? my example of this is Shimmermoss vs. Steamy – I see a slight difference but not enough to consider having both. Do you know of any other colors like this?
    Sorry about the rabbling…LOL

    • There are definitely a lot of dupes both with LE vs. other LE or permanent colors. There are what, eighty or so? permanent shades, so there are certainly some similarities! I think Steamy and Shimmermoss are definitely different enough to own both, LOL. Plum Dressing and Hepcat are nearly identical, Plum Dressing having better pay off!

      • Danielle Sharkey

        Thanks Christine! Yea I’m thinking of caving in and buying Steamy (I already have Shimmermoss).

  19. leslie

    Do you wear false eyelashes? If so ,what brand?

    • Nope, I don’t. For one reason or another, I can rarely get them on. I understand how to do it, and I’ve tried several times, but nothing seems to *click* for me. I think I have twenty pairs of false lashes that I long to wear but don’t! LOL, even when I do have them on, my eyes feel so heavy and get watery :(

  20. kat

    Any tips for making your lips look bigger? I never found that tip of applying lip liner and lipstick just outside the line of your lips very helpful and the only thing I can really do to help it apply lipstick with a brush (seems to puff your lips up a bit at least!) any suggestions?

    And specifically wider not “taller” cause most tips seem to be for filling your lips out vertically or making them puffier but I have a narrow mouth and thats my problem!

    • Rebecca

      Have you tried lining just the corner’s/V of your mouth with a nude-ish pencil and then blending it with a lip brush or your finger a little; top with a slightly lighter gloss making sure to go right to the corners of your mouth and further blending with the lip gloss brush?

    • Highlight the cupid’s bow is one tip I have! Lip plumpers, of course, as they tend to help prick up your lip volume, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for. It’s mostly the lip liner tip where you add a little extra width/height/whatever to your natural lip shape by going just a little outside the lines.

  21. Camille

    hey thanks Danielle Sharkey. Actually my job interview is for an apprenticeship so I understand what ur going through lol. I hope it goes well for you too. Right now for me its haircut time and I’m questionning what make up + clothes I should wear. I’m rather adventurous make up wise but it doesn’t really go well with job interviews… so neutral I guess?

    • Danielle Sharkey

      Anytime hun! and Thank you also! I’m in the same boat with you as far as being adventurous with make up goes. For my interviews I tried to do the whole natural thing and it works but I got tired of trying to be something that I’m not when it comes to eye make up so instead of going cold turkey and giving up on blue green and purple eye shadows I just took it down a notch. Instead of bright lime green I did a softer green and same with purple – I just did a pretty lilac / lavender. I basically did my usual colors but added lots of white and other mutted colors to make it softer and more interview appropriate. I say be your self, but keep it soft! Turns out I actually got a compliment for the green / blue look from the interviewer that told me she wished she could do the same kind of make up but didn’t know how. I’ve learned that people will respect you more when you are true to your self and don’ try to hide what makes you – you.

  22. caramel

    any updates on the Tria? :)

  23. barbs

    Hi christine! Happy holidays!

    What blush would you recommend for me? I’m nc30-35 in mac foundation.
    Thanks in advance!

  24. Jen

    I love Taupographic shadestick, can you think of a Mac eyeshadow or paintpot dupe for that color since they are phasing out all of the shadesticks? Thanks for your help: )

  25. Tracy

    how do you choose which blush to wear with your makeup?

    • For me, it’s just a result of lots and lots of looks and practice. I used to be QUITE terrible at choosing the right blush to go with a look! Nowadays, I usually pick from color families I know work with my eyeshadow.

      Peaches/corals with greens, blues, golds
      Pinks with blues, purples, pinks
      Raspberry/purples with blues, pinks

  26. meeko

    I think I’m ready to start using pigments…can you give me some recommendations for a starter set? Thanks! Love the site, btw.

    • Grab the cool and/or warm pigment sets that are available right now! They’re awesome deals (even 25% off now!) and a great way to get several colors without breaking the bank. You will almost never need to use a full jar of pigment, so it’s definitely great to get the mini sets.

  27. Maria

    I hope I’m not too late!
    I’m planning to buy some makeup online. But I’m having qualms because some of them are from old collections and are not on the MAC site anymore. I’m wondering if these items are still “fresh?” She said they’re all brand new in box. Some are from collections that came out as early as January of last year.

    • Nope, you’re not! The session runs forever, but I closely watch it and make sure to respond quickly the first few days :) But I never *stop* answering if people are still asking questions!

      If you are buying from an online seller, make sure you check their feedback. It’s important you check just so you don’t get scammed, but also because there are a lot of fake MAC sellers in the world of eBay and auction sites. If the products are all brand new in the box, then they should be fine and not have any issues with “freshness.” The shelf life of powder products is quite long, while liquids are capped around 2 years or less.

  28. Hi Christine! I would like to ask you some suggestions on bridal makeup. I’m goin to have my wedding on July 2009, it’s going to be an evening wedding and my theme will be red. Any suggestions on what makeup I should do? Maybe doing a look on your tutorial will help. 😀 thanks..

  29. cameesa

    Hi Christine!

    After hearing such great things about MAC’s MSFs, I really want to try one, but I’m afraid that I might pick something that’s all wrong for my skintone (I’m NC42). I really want that glowy, natural healthy skin look. I hope that makes sense! What do you suggest?

    Annnnnd, I love your website. Always sooo helpful! =)

    • Did you want any color or just the glowy part? Soft & Gentle, which is permanent, is readily available and will give you the glow that you seek, but it won’t give any color really.

  30. Courtney

    Hiya Christine!

    So, I used to have super-oily skin, but it dried up after I started birth control. This winter is wreaking absolute havoc on my face and I’m looking to invest in a good, semi-thick face moisturizer to stop my skin from peeling off, haha! Unfortunately, my skin also tends to be kinda sensitive, especially to strong fragrance. What’s your pick for something non-irritating and moisturiffic?

    • The best stuff I’ve ever tried is Osmotics’ Cream Extreme–extremely hydrating without feeling greasy all day long. It’s pricey, though, so I tend to use it for spot treating dry spots rather than all over. I also love NARS’ Aquagel, which is really moisturizing and never feels like a moisturizer at all. I do use MAC Moisturelush at night occasionally, because it takes a little longer to dry, but it’s very thick and hydrating, too.

  31. Vanessa

    Hi Christine!

    Do you prefer Mac’s eyeliners or Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliners?


    • I like the 24/7 liners more, because they actually stay on all day. I also LOVE how smooth they feel. I do prefer Blacktrack and Feline for a black eyeliner, though.

  32. jenna

    have you ever considered plastic surgery? and if so, for what? (acutally this would be a GREAT question for your temptalia readers as well!!!!)

  33. sharon

    how old were you when you had your first Kiss?

  34. bella swan

    Hey Christine!

    Will you please consider doing more live tutorials on youtube? I miss them incredibly much.

  35. heyi…can u please tell me a little about softlights from smashbox…by any chance the tint shade is similar to otherwordly blush from moonbathe collection. i mena does it gives the same sheen??

    • I think I played with one Softlights before, but I know it wasn’t at all similar to Other Worldly (I can’t remember what shade of Softlights I had). I couldn’t tell you unfortunately :(

  36. abby

    Hi Christine! I always have questions because i keep buying eyeshadows that look pretty when i swatch them but i dont actually try them on my eyes before i buy them, so i end up with all these colours that i have no idea what to combine them with :( I have trax but i dont know what to use it with? I also just bought passionate not knowing they still had post haste at that store. I wonder if it would look good with pen n pink? any other colour i can try it with?
    I love it when you do the sessions and do reviews on products. So helpful! Thank you!!

    • I hate Trax, OMG! It doesn’t give me any color :( But I always wanted to pair it with golds when I used to have it.

      Passionate would definitely rock with Pen ‘n Pink, but you can also try raspberries, plums, and purples, too — I love Passionate with mauvey tones for sure.

      • abby

        Thank you! I would have never imagined to try passionate with plums and purples, but i will definitely try. Which is your favourite purple colour?
        I know, i feel the same way about Trax now. It looked pretty and sparkly when i bought it but it emphasizes the dark circles under my eyes.

  37. Jen

    How do you apply Mac paints? Do you use a brush and if so, which one?

  38. Saira

    Hi Christine. Could you suggest shades which would go nicely with Bitter and Plum Dressing? Thanks!

  39. Sheena

    Hey :)
    In some of your looks, you mentioned that applying a glitter on the lid and then eyeshadows…I’ve never used the glitters before, so could you explain how exactly you use them and how to layer shadows over them?

  40. Jill

    Hey Christine, I wanted to ask you what are some good substitutes for the following shades: Velvet moss, white tie, Rye,pink papillion,living pink,up do, and fashionably Fuschia lipstick.
    I really like your tutorials that feature indianwood, contrsuctivist, and Fresco Rose PPs, and I want to re-create these looks for myself.

    Please,Please,Please, and thank you!!

    • Velvet Moss – try Flourishing (similar texture, slightly darker and less green).
      White Tie – Nylon
      Pink Papillon – Pink Venus or Pink Freeze
      Living Pink – Da Bling
      Up-do – Pink Venus or Pink Freeze (similar to Pink Papillon)
      Fashionably Fuchsia – Girl About Town

  41. A

    A bit late to the party, but better late than never I suppose.

    My question to you is this:: What would you suggest for a New Year’s eve party that’s festive, fun, bold, not-your-everyday look? Lots of shimmer? Glitter? Smokey eyes and bold lips? Icy eyes and nude lips? I’m pretty much desperate for ideas at this point, lol.

    That could potentially be an idea for a post before the New Year that would help a lot of us girls and guys out — Different ideas for makeup for New Year’s Eve parties/events. I’m sure many of your readers would love to see a few of your great ideas for off-the-wall looks [after all, it is a chance to celebrate, why not go all out?]

    Thank you for being a beautiful inspiration to all of your readers. =]

  42. Andrea

    Hey Christine, first, I think your site is simply amazing!! My question is what you think is the number one mistake beginners make when it comes to eye makeup application.

  43. kat

    have you or anyone else out there tried flirt! or scadalous cosmetics? how do they compare to other brands? i know flirt! is owned by EL just like MAC but are they just as good?

    • I haven’t tried Scandalous Cosmetics. I’ve tried a few things from Flirt! – they’re fine, though I do feel they’re a little pricey for what it is.

  44. K

    Hi Christine, just got a brush set from the MAC Carmine collection, and wanted to get your opinion on the best tasks for the brushes. I have the 252SEm 212SE, 275SE, 209SE, and 217SE. I looked them all up on the MAC site but the details are pretty short. Seems most are good for blending and a few good for lining. Your thoughts?

    • Those are all eye brushes! The 209 is good for thin lining; 212 for precision lining; 217 for blending; 252 for applying shadow (I don’t like it, though — it’s a little large for my tastes); and the 275 for crease blending.

  45. Brooke

    I have long, thin, “out of control” lashes. They’re just limp and never look good, no matter how much I curl them or what kind of mascara I use or what tips I use. What are some good mascaras for eyelash types like mine?

  46. Cindy

    I am looking for a basic everyday look. I have brown eyes, fair skin and brown/auburn hair. I don’t want a complicated look for everyday, maximum of three shadows please. I am also trying to stay away from shimmer since I hear that it ages you and I don’t want to look any older than I am (41). I would really appreciate your advice.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Cindy,

      Try matte shadows for absolutely no shimmer. You can also try velvet or satin finishes for mostly matte with just subtle shimmer. I like Malt, Soft Brown, and Soba for really good, easy-to-use shadows. I think reddish browns like Soft Brown or Texture will work well with your hair color, too.

  47. Kate

    Dear Christine,

    I have just discovered your website recently, and am slowly exploring! You are just fantastic!

    I wanted to ask you: how many MAC eyeshadows do you own? do you mostly use the classic singles? in palettes? I saw those 15-color palettes in the store, apparently it costs about $250 to fill it up!!! I am struggling with choosing which shadows to buy… especially, considering that on average you are using at least 5-6 shadows per look, and each costs about $17!!! Any advice?

    Thank you soooo much.

    • Hi Kate! I’m glad you found us on the web :)

      I own way too many, LOL. If you go under features, there’s a category where I periodically do posts/pictures of what I own. Admittedly, I haven’t done one for several months. I think I have at least six eyeshadow palettes, but probably at least enough for eight.

      You don’t *have* to use 5 or 6 per look, you can get away with less! I have a lot of colors, so I tend to reach and grab whatever–but if I had to, I could make do with less, you know? But no sense letting what I do have go to waste!

      MAC also makes holiday palettes that have six colors that go for $35-45 or so, which is cheaper :)

  48. Holly

    hey, i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on two tone lips,
    such as red/berry and black as i’ve heard its quite a big look on alot of fashion shows recently

    an example like:×360/Shows/AW2008/Paris/R-T-W/Chloe/Backstage/00140f_240x360.jpg

    i’d be so grateful!

    your work is actually amazing,

  49. Beckie

    I received the Shine On Gift Of Glaze by Stila for Christmas and while I love it, the glosses are so sticky, even so sticky that it is hard to put the glosses on. And they don’t seem to dry very fast or last very long. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to put something on before or after to seal it? And how do I make it last? Are there any lip glosses out there that last?

    • No lip gloss truly lasts that long. By nature, they tend *not* to stay on all day or anything. Sticky glosses do tend to last longer than non-sticky glosses. I’ve had the best luck with Clinique’s Long Last Glosswear (I believe that’s the name!). Lip liner and/or lipstick underneath can extend the lifetime a lil’ bit.

  50. Chynna

    Hi Christine,
    I’ve read what drugstore brands you like but I wanna know what drugstore products you like. I love CG’s Lashblast and Micromineral foundation, Blistex Deep Renewal Balm, New York Color Browser Kit in Brunette, NYX and Wet n Wild eyeshadows, and New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust in Champagne. Queen Helene’s Mint Julep masque is pretty good too!

    • Hi Chynna,

      To be honest, I don’t really use many drugstore products. It’s not really a case of makeup snobbery, but I just have a lot of other products that I don’t *need* to seek out drugstore alternatives. I use Chapstick lip balm, Clean & Clear In-Shower Facial, and some acne spot treatments, though!

  51. Phuong Khuu

    hey christine, can you tell me where in the drug store to find glycerin? what aisle or near what products because i have looked at two drug stores and have not been able to find it. the employees don’t know what i’m taking about either. thanks a lot!

  52. Roxanne

    Hi Christine,

    First of all: I love your site! Always something to see around here! :)
    Idk if you still answer questions, but I’ll ask anyway! I’m relatively new to make-up (beginning to get the hang of it though!) and because I didn’t really know where or what to start with, I asked some of my friends who recommended buying things from MAC… But now I’m a little confused; so many brands, so little time! Do you feel that MAC is a brand worth sticking by (price vs. quality) or should I shop around a little? And if so, could you recommend some brands? By the way, my eyeshadow seems to wear of fairly easily during the day (…and my reddish skin starts to show through), should I get a primer or would it be just a waste of money (other alternatives)?

    I’m sorry for all these questions but I’m just so curious! :)
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Roxanne! MAC is a pretty good brand for the price and the quality. It’s way better than a lot of cheap brands (though there are some good finds in the drugstore!), but it isn’t as expensive as some of the other high end brands. You should definitely get a primer if your eyeshadow is creasing/wearing off :) UDPP is a lot of people’s favorite!

      But you should check out brands and see what’s to your taste. MAC is fun, but they have so many launches all of the time, it can be hard to keep up. Brands like NARS and UD are a little more expensive than MAC, but they are both known for how pigmented their products are.

  53. Elle

    I love soft smokey eyes (doesn’t have to be gray or black) and would like to know your color recommendations for MAC eyeshadow staples — foolproof basic favorites that always delivers. I have started building my collection but would like to know some key colors from each of the color groups. I’m a brunette with an olive complexion, if that helps.


  54. Saira

    Hi Christine,

    I wasn’t sure if the ‘ask temptalia’ post was still running as it’s been up for a while but thought I’d post my comment just in case :o) .

    I’m trying out more looks with brown eyeshadows these days and the girl at the Mac counter suggested I try ‘Texture’ and ‘Kid’ as she said these colours would be good with brown eyes. I’ve not tended to wear browns in the past, as I’ve found that they sometimes look a little muddy on my eyelids but the girl at the counter said that I may have been wearing browns with too much grey and that warm shades of brown would probably suit me and not look ashy. I swatched them on my hand but I wasn’t totally sure if they’d suit brown eyes or not, as I don’t often wear neutral colours (I normally always stick to coloured eyeshadows). Just wondered if you’ve tried these colours and what you think of them?

    • Hey Saira!

      I do read and reply to old comments :)

      I LOVE Texture! I’ve never used Kid to be honest. Texture and Soft Brown are both great warmer brown shades that would definitely work well for you :)

  55. BREKA


    Thanks for all your great posts, i cant wait to experiment with them all!!

    Anyways, i was just wondering what brands are your eyeshadows?
    Also, are they all shimmery, or do you do that?

    Much Thanks!

  56. Jessica

    love your site !
    What are your most favorite mac pigments? And what would you suggest for a good highlighter? I don’t want something too glittery, but to give me a natural glowy sheen. I’m asian with light-medium yellow/olive skin.

    Thank you (:

  57. Jessica

    Thanks for the quick response, haha I actually meant for my face. like highlight/contour. (:

    • Oh, for your face! Hmm. Soft & Gentle MSF might be nice :) It’s subtle and appropriate for pretty much ALL skin tones!

      I love Dior’s Skin Shimmers for highlighting personally :)

      • Jessica

        sorry for so many questions,
        my eyelashes are very stubborn and never stay curled. 5 seconds after i apply mascara they fall. do you have any suggestions?
        also, have you tried clinique’s super city block spf40 as a primer/base?
        thank you so much for your help !

        • Do you use an eyelash curler at all? That might help, as well as using a blow dryer on it to heat it up for like 2-3 secs.

          I haven’t tried it as a primer/base, but I have tried it as a regular SPF product, and it’s nice.