Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Go ahead!  Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is.  I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly, just FYI :)

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203 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #005

  1. Sarah

    What is your take on MAC Studio Tech? A ma tried to sell it to me this weekend but I think it seems a little thick for everyday. I have combo skin.

    Also what are your fave MAC false lashes?
    Is Honour sheertone blush a blush or highlighter (I know they call it a blush :))?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Studio Tech is a heavy coverage foundation — it is not typically meant for everyday wear if you don’t really *NEED* such heavy coverage everyday. I know that often those who use Studio Tech suffer from severe scarring all over their face. If you do want a heavier foundation, Studio Tech is a good option. You can always spritz your sponge or brush with water/Fix+ to sheer it out, too.

      My favorite MAC lashes are #7s!

      Honour will highlight for some, lightly bronze for others — kind of a “dirty” bronze look.


  2. lovekills

    I use Mac’s concealer, but its a bit heavy for my oily skin, However, it matches my complexion really good.
    I have tried YSl’s Touch eclat and liked it but I have heard that is gives off a funny smell after a month or so. I’m thinking of trying dior skin flash…
    What would you recommend?

    What is your fav. mouisturizer, I have oily/acne prone skin…any recs?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I haven’t tried any of those concealers – can you believe it? I use Kanebo’s Brush-On Concealer; it’s my HG concealer. It’s soft, works well, and it’s convenient (since it’s in a tube that you twist out). If you can try that, I really recommend it!

      My favorite moisturizer is NARS’ Hydrating Moisture Cream or their Aqua Gel. The Hydrating Moisture Cream is probably too heavy for you, but Aqual Gel is lighter (very water-based, which is GREAT for oily and acne-prone skin). I’ve also been trying Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer, and it’s been working out as a nice, lightweight moisturizer (and definitely not heavy or oily!).

    • victoria

      YSL touche eclat will only smell if you do not wipe the brush after use, and to be honest i dont really do that and mine doesnt smell at all – it reall is the best concealoer/brightner!!

    • Skyler

      I have oily and acne-prone skin in the summer and I have only used one moisturizer that does not make my face look like a grease pit or make me break out in the slightest. It’s Dove Sensitive Skin Day Lotion. It’s amazing. Everyone’s skin is different but even after using a moisturizer ONCE, I would break out within a day or two. I tried every “light,” “for oily skin” or “for acne-prone” skin moisturizer and kept breaking out, over and over again no matter which brand I used. It took me years to find this one and I will cry if they ever discontinue it! Just my two cents! :)

  3. lisa

    What is your favourite drugstore brand foundation for dry skin?

  4. lisa

    I just noticed that sephora has the napoleon perdis china doll foundation on sale going for $12.50 would you recommend this foundation for dry skin?

  5. KULA

    Hi Christine!

    Do you have any recomendations for a pencil or powder for the brows? Currently I’m using BE dark blone/medium brown which has a grayins tinge to it. I have tried benefit and lorac and all of them seem to make the skin around my eyebrows reddish. Any recomendations? Thank you!

    • Hi Kula,

      I love just using a powder eyeshadow! I use Espresso most often, but sometimes Brun, both by MAC. I also love MAC’s brow set – I use clear personally.

    • Shmo

      You should definitely try Shu Uemura brow pencil. They have a gray one that I’m thinking of getting when I finish up my Anastasia one.

  6. Amanda

    Yay Christine – thanks for doing this.

    -What relatively cheap gradul self tanning lotions have you had luck with? I’ve tried Jergens firming in medium and Loreal Sublime Glow in medium. Loreal seems to get a lot darker/more noticeable than the Jergens but but I just noticed a weird spot near my shoulder where some of the color flaked off. Ack! Weird looking!

    -What eyeshadows do you think have the best payoff besides MAC? I love Mac, but I’ve almost tried Urban Decay and Too Faced…then chickened out because I wasn’t sure if they were any good.

    -What’s the best way to hide dark circles under eyes? Obviously concealor…but any other tricks?

    • Hi Amanda,

      I actually really like L’Oreal Sublime Glow – I find it works really well! I don’t know why you had that experience with the color flaking off! Jergens Natural glow is also a good one – sounds like you might have tried that one already, too!

      Urban Decay’s eyeshadows have amazing pay off. They have a little palette/box of shadows that are smaller than regular, but also cheaper, which is a great deal. NARS’ has good quality shadows, too.

      As far as dark circles go, I find that tea bags, herbal patches (Wei & East), and just drinking more water can help combat them. Sometimes, applying a primer, then a concealer, and then foundation can help minimize them, too.

      • SnickerDoodle

        Avon has a good one too..I can’t remember the name. The bottle looks just like the Jergens bottle! But, Avon is pretty cheap usually and ALWAYS having great skincare sales.

    • angie

      makeup forever has AMAZING pigment.
      this is the MA’s for American Idol and Dancing with the Stars choice line.
      it was originally made for theatre, which mean all the products have amazing staying power.

  7. Jen

    I recently bought Creme Color Base in Luna and I don’t know where to use it on my face? Do you put it on last after you’ve done all your makeup?
    Also, I want to know if you’ve ever tried Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes pencils? There is a beautiful dark olive green you might like better than Urban Decay’s Stash! Thanks

    • On your cheekbones, or blended with your foundation/moisturizer a bit :) I put it on before and after, it’ll depend on what I’m going for. I haven’t tried MUFE’s Aqua Eyes pencils, but thanks for the rec!!

  8. AmyLou

    Hi Christine!

    What MAC foundation (or otherwise) would you recommend for wearing with T-zone oiliness year round? I prefer a liquid that feels/looks light but provides decent buildable coverage.

    I need to pick up a fall/winter foundation next month and MUFE HD was recommended, but they don’t have the right color. I was thinking MAC liquid foundation (I think it’s studio tech or fix? I forget which), but the gal at the counter said she would put me in the powder version, which I am scared will look heavy, esp. as I pale up this coming season (currently am NC35, am expecting to be NC30 or even 25 over the winter).

    What’s your thought?

    • I love Studio Fix Fluid, because it’s matte – which makes it great for oily skin. MUFE Mat+ Velvet is good, too, actually. I prefer Studio Fix Fluid over Studio Fix powder, too.

    • claudine

      studio fix fluid works on my oily skin the coverage is buildable …use a brush you can go from light to full coverage…i would recommend getting color matched at the counter oh and buy the pump (they sell it seperately) its so much easier to use.

      ps. studio fix fluid doesnt make my skin oilier than without a foundation and it doesnt wear off but i still get a little shiny after a while i use blot powder to touch up (doesnt add color, controls shine and doesnt look chalky)

  9. whitnee

    I was wondering what your current AM/PM skin routines are. Thanks.

  10. Darkangie

    Hi Christine! ^^
    I need a new foundation. I use it daily (7 days of the week!). I have oily skin, so what can you recommend me??(preferably from MAC ^^)

  11. Katie

    Hello Christine. Which foundation is better, if I use it 24/7 and I got oily skin, Select Tint or Studio Fix?

  12. jesstooimpress

    hey chris, ive been blessed with ACNE, my whole life! and im 22!!. i have i guess you would call it a pot hole, very small but i notice it.. from a zit that i attacted on my face, do you know of anything that will make it not as noticeable or .. fill it up..

    ive tried the clinque pore minmizer, but it just clogged the pore when i was doing my makeup once i washed my face it was back the way it used to be..

    let me know!!

    also, a good anti ageing cream, to start using now.. even tho im young.! thanks a million

    • Hey Jess!

      Try a primer, it might help smooth it out a bit! Best anti-aging cream is sunscreen, and then moisturizing your eyes (eye cream) and neck :)

    • angie

      i’ve been blessed with acne since i was a baby (yay milia!) so i hear where you’re coming from.
      by using a primer over the pock mark and then “painting” in the mark using your concealer and a tiny, pointed brush, it’s much easier to conceal.
      i’ve been on antibiotics, topicals, microdermabrasions, dermatological peels, and the onlyu things that have ever cleared my skin was Boscia’s Willowbark Acne Tx and MD Skincare’s Alpha-Beta Peels. The peels are expensive, but so, so worth it

      • jesstooimpress

        does the peel help against the look of the mark? what does it accually do.. sorry i just wanna hear more about it before i go order it

        • Peels usually help to remove dead skin cells and renew the skin – it’s kind of like taking off the first layer of skin and helping more skin renewal.

        • angie

          the peels definitely help the marks.
          christine is right, it hes speed up the desquemation process (which is a fancy way of saying how quickly your skin sheds its own dead cells.) however, because your ridding your skin of unneeded cells, the acids penetrate deeper into your skin and work better. the cells that have pigment left over in them are shedded quicker, and healthy, unpigmented new cells are surfaced.

  13. Helene

    I bought Merrily M/B, because I find it sooo pretty. But I can´t really use it, I´ve tried it with several different looks, but it just looks wrong :'( Any suggestions on what to pair it with or maybe ideas on what I´m doing wrong? (I also have Frankly Scarlet and don´t have any problems with that.)

    • I second this comment! It was too pretty for me to pass up, but I am scared it’s too dark on me. :/

    • Have you tried putting a highlighter on top? Perhaps a warm, gilded peach or a cool pink? Sometimes I do that to help make a blusher work better for me. Merrily wasn’t a fave for me, but if you can rock Frankly Scarlet, then Merrily should work for you!

      • Helene

        Hmm I think maybe my chosen highlight, has been too light. I´ll definitely try a darker shade. Thank you for your input Christine.

  14. Tanya from Oz

    this is a great thread, christine!

    I need advice for three things:

    1. I need a (blotting) powder to touch up my makeup during my formal (or prom, in the states). Just wondering if you can recommend me a good one & in the shade you use, because I think my skin tone is quite similar to yours.

    2. Please tell me what your favourite mineralize eyeshadow was from electroflash, and put the shadows in your order of preference from best to worst.

    3. Also, please tell me the four mineralize blushes (from sonic chic) that go best with your skin tone to use as everyday colours.

    Thankyou! this would be of great help to me!

    • Hey Tanya,

      1.) MAC Blot Powder is nice, but I don’t personally use one myself, actually. I am NC30 though, in MAC foundations and powders.

      2.) I didn’t like the mineralize eyeshadows from Electroflash, LOL. I’m not a fan of mineralize eyeshadows in general :( I would say my favorite was Sea & Sky, and then the rest were all on the same level. I’m not very helpful!

      3.) I love Dainty, Nuance, Gentle, and Warm Soul.

  15. claudine

    Hi Christine

    i dont know if you have the Cherry blossom Lipglass from the COC collection but you swatched it….is the color similar to a perm lipglass?

    How do Cherry Blossom Lipglass (COC) and Ensign Lustreglass (Naughty N.) compare?


    • Hey Claudine! I skipped it, though it was pretty. I wouldn’t say it’s that similar to existing lipglasses – maybe Cultured, but it’s pinker. Cherry Blossom is a regular pastel baby pink, whereas Ensign has a purple-pink kind of duochrome to it.

  16. Alma

    Here in Holland it’s terribly difficult to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, so I was wondering what you think is a reasonable alternative, till I can finally find a place to get UDPP?

    • SnickerDoodle

      I’m not familiar with what you DO have available in Holland, but I personally use L’Oreal’s DeCrease eyeshadow primer, and I love it. It’s pretty chep too, if you have access to L’Oreal. Also, Ulta makes a good one, and a lot of people swear by Too Faced’s Eye Shadow Insurance.

    • jesstooimpress

      if you want, i can buy it for you here, and send it to you over there.. idk how much shipping would be tho, . and you can pay threw paypal

    • Can you get Too Faced Shadow Insurance? That’s becoming a popular one. MAC Paint Pots are also good bases, too – like Painterly and Soft Ochre.

    • MY

      Hi Alma,

      I don’t know if you can buy Benefit in Holland. I like using Benefit’s Lemon Aid as a base. If I don’t use it, I get a big crease line on my eyelid.

  17. Sarah

    I can’t get my mineralize blushes to work.. They always come out splotchy or wayyy too dark. Suggestions?

    • Hey Sarah!

      What brush are you using? I find that the 129 has been pretty good for applying. You could also try using a buffer brush like the 182 to blend it out once you have it on, so it isn’t so splotchy (and it can help make it less intense, too). Also, if it’s too heavy, you can dust some loose powder over it :)

  18. Helene

    Hi Christine!

    How do you layer lipgloss on top of lipstick without getting lipstick all over the lipgloss wand (esp. layering 2 glosses over lipstick!)?

    Do you use your finger to apply gloss?
    Do you use the gloss wand over the lipstick anyways, and then clean it afterwards??

    I always get either lipstick all over the lipgloss wand and don’t want to put it back in its tube, or the gloss wand takes off some of the lipstick I’ve applied.


    • Hey Helene!

      Depends. A lot of times I just don’t care, LOL, and will just use the wand. Otherwise, I’ll use a lipbrush or disposable lipglass wand :)

  19. khim

    Hi Christine,

    I just found your Blue Storm/Smoke Signals look and I think it looks amazing! can you suggest any substitutes for the following as they were all limited edition?

    Rondelle eyeshadow
    Waft eyeshadow
    Blue Storm eyeshadow
    Gentle Fume eyeshadow
    Barely Lit lipstick Bare Truth lipglass


  20. khim

    Hi again,

    I was also wondering if you could recommend a contouring powder for my skin tone…I haven’t got access to a pro store but someone told me that the mineralise skinfinish powders would be a good option. My skin shade is nc45

    thank you so much!

  21. sasso537

    Hi Christine,

    I have oily skin and use proactiv so it is kind of dry at the same time. I don’t like using powder because it looks flaky, but I also do get oily thru the day, such a pain! Anyway, I started using Laura Geller matte primer. If I put only the matte primer on, my foundation goes on wierd because my skin is a little dry from the matte. Could I put the Matte primer on and then my usual laura mercier primer or would that counter effect the matte?

    Thank you!

    • dee

      It seems to me that if you wanted to use both primers you would start with the regular one first then use the Matte primer.

    • angie

      coming from an esthetcian and an acne sufferer, PLEASE STOP PROACTIV!!
      that stuff is horrible for your skin. this is how it works:
      by over-drying your skin, your face is over-compensating by producing a boatload more oil. however, because the surface of your skin is so dry, the oil get trapped under dead skin cells and creates pimples. that’s why your so flakey.
      using a mattifying serum or moisturizer (one or the other, or else you risk drying out your skin again) and then only one primer should rehydrate your skin AND keep oily at bay.

      • Helene

        I second this :nods: Moisture Surge™ Extended Thirst Relief has saved my ultra sensitiv, but at the same time oily skin.

      • Sasso537

        Would you recommend anything? Proactiv totally cleared my skin up! I know it is probably not that great for your skin, but I am scared to stop using it. I’ve tried everything, i don’t know what to do!

        • angie

          Personally, I use the Boscia Willowbark Acne TX and the MD Skincare Pads, as I had written above. Other than that, I use a gentle face wash (Caudalie Foaming Face Wash, or the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Foaming) and a basic moisturizer with sunscreen (DDF Enhancing Moisturizer SPF 30). When I do get a zit, I throw on some the Fresh Umbrian Clay Facial Mask on the sucker and sleep with it on. In the morning, it’s totally gone.

      • MY

        Occasionally I get acne and I use Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions line. It’s great and I don’t think it’s too harsh ‘coz I never feel any dryness.

    • You could try the primer on top of the mattifying primer, if you want. There’s no harm in trying. I’ve rarely used a primer, let alone two, LOL, so I can’t tell you from personal experience. You could try mixing the two primers – maybe that will make it better, too!

  22. kleri

    Hi Christine,
    I am NC30 also and I only have one blush from Mac. Can you please give me some advice of some blushes that you really love pinks, peaches etc.

  23. MY

    Hi Christine,

    I’m getting married in October and will be doing my own makeup. I was wondering what color would you suggest for the eye shadows? I’ve heard lots of suggestions like go with neutrals, browns, purples, greens and I’m lost. I am Asian and have brown eyes and use Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium.


      • MY

        Hi Christine,

        I did check out that series and it’s great info but I would like some suggestions regarding the colors. What would you suggest something neutral like browns/golds or going with purples, greens etc? And maybe you could suggest a combination for me like what to use for the inner lid, outer lid, highlight, crease?


        • dee

          I would think it would depend on your wedding colors. Like what color are your flowers and what color are the bridesmaids dresses.

          • MY

            Hi Dee,

            Thanks for your input. I only have 1 Maid of Honor and she’s going to be wearing whatever color and dress she likes as she’s the only one.

            With regards to the flowers they are going to be orchids, lisianthus, calla lily and it’ll be mainly purple. My wedding colors are actually red and gold.

        • Hi My,

          Do you have a particular color theme to your wedding or even your dress? Is your dress just white? What kind of makeup do you normally wear?

          I would do a soft shimmer color like Ricepaper on the lid, then a soft matte brown, like Soft Brown on the outer lid, and maybe a touch of Espresso or another darker, matte brown in the crease. Then highlight brow with Shroom or Ricepaper.

          • MY

            Hi Christine,

            I’m wearing a diamond white wedding gown for the ceremony and for the reception I’m wearing a evening dress in the color like the Overrich pigment Copperbeam.

            My bridal bouquet will be mainly purple with orchids, lisianthus and calla lily.

            As far as makeup goes, I wear all colors and looks so I’m not restricted by anything.

            • Hi My,

              I always advocate going more natural than not for weddings, just because I think it is so classic. However, if you wanted to throw some purple in, you could try Shale on the lid or outer lid, perhaps with a very touch of a matte purple color (I know MAC has one, but I’m blanking on the name!).

          • MY

            Hi Christine,

            Thanks for the 2 suggestions. I shall give both of them a try and see which looks better on me. I just bought Shale so it’ll be a good way to try it out.

  24. Yaya

    Hello Christine,

    I’m a HUGE MAC fan but i haven’t tried to products yet. The pots i only own a black because sometimes i use it as a eyeliner. The other product is the paint creams how do i use them??? How do i apply them??? What color and brush do you recomend??? Thank U and sorry for the many question. Thanks!!!

    • Hey Yaya!

      Do you have paints, the ones that come in tubes or paint pots, the ones that come in a glass pot? Either way, I love the 249 brush for them :) My favorite paint pot color is Soft Ochre, and I love Untitled paint.

      • Yaya

        Hello Christine,

        Well i haven’y paints thne ones that come in a tube(like toothbrush) and the paint pont i only have one the blank one which i use as eyeliner sometimes what other use do i have for the paint pots and how do i use the regualr paint??? what color do you recomend??? Thank U once again.

        • Yaya

          Sorry i meant that i don’t have no tube paints at all and i have only one paint pot. What can i do with both and how i do i applay them???? Sorry for my mistakes :(

        • Paint pots can be used as an eyeshadow base, as can the regular paints. You apply a thin layer using a brush, sponge, or even your finger to your eye lid before you apply any other shadows.

          • Yaya

            Thank U as always Christine!!! By the way I bought the brushes you told be like two weeks ago(187, 182 and 129)I’m yanira from Puerto Rico hope u remember. Thank U LOVED THEM!!!

            P.S. Do you recomend any other brush????

  25. Yaya

    Sorry i meant two products.

  26. Oh man, I was just thinking today that I wished you’d do another one of these so I could ask you something!

    1) I got Feline Kohl Power like you recommended, but I have to ask, how do you control it? I’ve got a long history with eyeliners, and I like to think I’m pretty good at lining. But Feline is so black, and so thick, it’s hard for me to get a tight-to-the-lashes line. I end up with not just a thick line, but the black is so dark, you can suddenly see between my eyelashes because of the contrast, and I get get the liner between my lashes. It’s also fairly smudgy. How do you use/control it?

    2)Crap! There was another question I had earlier today that I wanted to ask you, but it’s evading me now. Oh well, I’ll post later, or email you. 😀

    • Hey Mariah :)

      Hm, I don’t really have a problem with Feline and control, LOL. Granted, I do not line my upper lash line. Have you tried tightlining with it? If the pencil is a bit too large, you could try filling in the gaps with another black liner (so the contrast is so bad). I know for others, they’ve set it with a black shadow or put primer on before to help keep it from migrating.

  27. maxiene

    I’m 24. I was born with dark brown hair. When I started using makeup back in the day, everything was in the pink family. But now that I have a real job and steady income, I’ve done what I’ve always wanted to do – dye my hair red. It’s not fire engine red, it’s an aubern red. So now I have this red hair and fair skin. I’m having trouble finding shadow and blush to compliment me well. Can you suggest some brands and color familes I can try?

    • Greens!! Greens will totally work well with your new hair and skin tone. Also try coral and nude lips – both fab for you. I personally believe you can wear ANY shadow or lip color with any hair/eye/skin color.

  28. Stephanie

    I currently have VIva glam I lipstick and i want a lipgloss to really make it a bright red. I was going to get russian red lipglass but now that cult of cherry came out do you think that would be even brighter?

    • Russian Red will REALLY make it pop. Cult of Cherry is similar, not sure if it’s necessarily brighter – but it has shimmer, so it might give more pop that way.

  29. Danielle

    I noticed you use Margin blush often. Do you recommend this for everyone. I am an NC20.

  30. jesstooimpress

    hey chris i was in target today and saw a new brand pixi.. they are more expensive than MAC.. i think a foundation was like 32.. and there were bronzers for like 27… have u tryed them?

  31. Skyler

    I have been meaning to ask this for quite some time but honestly, I have been very embarrassed to even ask about it. It’s a 4-part question but all related to facial skin.

    What are my options to cure blotchy, discoloured skin?

    1. I have something resembling rosacea (not nearly as severe) but only on my cheeks. A faint, blotchy redness that is always there. It is not textured or dark, but I hate it. It always looks like I am wearing blush.

    2. I was thinking about laser treatments for acne scaring but are there any non-surgical ways (aside from concealer) to cure this?

    3. I am very pale and some parts of my face are darker than others. I don’t know if it’s from sun (I use P+PSPF50 so it shouldn’t be) or what, but it’s annoying. It almost looks like I’ve contoured one side of my face and not the other because it’s darker along the cheekbone and in other odd places.

    4. Bad, bad, dark under eye circles (not matter how much sleep I get). Is concealer my only option or are there eye creams that actually improve your under-eye skin? Mine looks beat up (very bumpy from my tear duct and below the eye) and I am even developing wrinkles already.

    So many products claim to even out skin tone permanently, get rid of your under eye circles… but I am completely skeptical and don’t want to fork over the cash for useless products. I’d love to know if you have used, or heard of, any products that successfully work for these types of skin dilemmas. I know it might be wishful thinking that there are products that actually cure this and not just cover it up, but a girl can dream and at least ask a well-versed beauty product lover. :)

    • Skyler

      By the way, I am NW15 with cool pink-beige undertones, if that helps any. Here is a picture I found where the girl’s cheek redness look similar to mine: http://z.hubpages.com/u/309441_f260.jpg

    • Hi Skyler,

      From what I’ve read on on rosacea, dermatologist is the way to go. The most effective and efficient products are prescription-only, plus they can access just how bad they are. Laser treatments seem to be the most widely used treatment for blotchy skin or skin with rosacea, actually – not just acne scarring.

      If the acne scars aren’t too old, you can fade them with a brightener or skin lightening product. Regular glycolic acid peels or microdermabrasion may also work, too, since they peel off the layers of the skin more thoroughly and “renew” it in a sense.

      If you’re on birth control, that could be why you’re experiencing some darkness on your face (common issue for fair skinned ladies). This article: http://dermatology.about.com/od/skincareproducts/a/darkspotcause.htm was helpful when I was looking up causes of dark spots on the skin. I hope it might give you better info! :)

      Your undereye circles may just be the result of genetics. How is your water intake? That can improve dark circles, too. Try an eye cream to better moisturize and hydrate the area. I have yet to try an eye cream that’s done anything for my undereye circles. I do like DuWop’s DoubleGlow7 for some oomph underneath the eyes. I find that concealing AND highlight can brighten them more than just concealer. Also, healthier foods (like limiting starch and sugars) might make a difference in the severity of the circles.

      But on the wrinkles issue – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you’re out in the sun, wear sunglasses (squinting is a terrible thing when it comes to preventing wrinkles!).

      • angie

        Just a word of caution-
        if you have rosacea, DO NOT use any type of chemical peel without a derm’s approval.
        You could further aggitate your condition and possibly make it worse.

      • Skyler

        Thank you so much for all of this information, Christine! I was thinking about going to a dermatologist before but now I think I should definitely go. :) And I am on birth control–I never knew that was a side effect! Geez, you try to do something good and end up with endless problems because of it. Being a woman sucks sometimes! I think I will try an eye brightener too. I will look into DuWop. I know Smashbox has one too. I always wear sunglasses because my eyes are obscenely sensitive to sunlight, so yay! 😛

  32. Oooh yay!!

    -I’m sure you’ve gotten this question a lot, sorry! What are the best products you’d recommend for fair-skinned, blue-eyed girls such as myself as far as shadow colors, lip products, blush that doesn’t look clownish? I know you aren’t one of these girls, but you coordinate colors so darn well that I figured you must know or have a few suggestions :)!

    -Any tips for girls who have mild rosacea and want to wear blush, or do you think that’s a no-no and kind of redundant?

    -Any shadows or brow shades that sound good for filling dark ashy blonde brows? I was thinking of Urban Decay’s brow kit box, but I dunno if you’ve tried that yet.

    Thanks so so much! :)

    • Have you tried greens, JennBee? I think greens would look really lovely with your blue-eyes, as well as golds and warm browns. Now, you can wear blushes without looking clownish for sure! Use a lighter hand when going for pigmented blushes (like say… Dollymix). Blushes like Peachykeen and Springsheen are softer, easier to use. Well-Dressed and Coy would look lovely on your skintone.

      You could try using a primer, then foundation, and maybe even color corrector/concealer on your rosacea so that the blush doesn’t compete with it. Otherwise, perhaps use a light blush on top that coordinates with it and highlight to change the color up a bit.

      I’ve tried the Brow Kit Box – it’s okay, it’s not bad or anything. I don’t find myself using wax often, so I’m OK with my MAC powder shadow. You could try Omega, Wedge, or Cork for your brows.

  33. melissa

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering if you could do more looks with products from the permanent MAC line? It’s so hard to but limited edition items when you are on a budget.


  34. dee

    Whatever happened with that Originals contest you entered? I was just looking at some of your past looks and that one was amazing.

  35. Ceci

    Hey Christine!

    I was wondering…do you use or know of anything to prevent your dark lipstick looks from bleeding? I seem to have this problem every time I do a dark, vampy look, even with lip liner (I use MAC lip liner in Cranberry when I go dark and usually use MAC lip stick in Party Mate and Dazzleglass Date Night with it).


    • Chrissy

      I know I’m not Christine, but MAC’s Lip Prep N Prime has worked wonders for me! I had this same problem. Coupled with lip liner, my dark and red lipsticks stay put.

    • I haven’t had many problems with bleeding. I apply dark lipsticks using a lip brush, and it seems to hold up (I don’t use liner usually). You might want to try Prep & Prime Lip, though!

      • Ceci

        Hi girls

        Thanks for your help. I will definitely check out the Prep n Prime and let you know how it works for me 😉

  36. JennBee

    One more question!

    How do you make all your designs and graphics for the blog? Do you have someone else make them for you, or are they all your own work? :) Just wondering, all your graphics are fab!

    Thanks again!

  37. Brenda

    Hey Christine!

    What do you think would be a good dupe for Queens sin and Port red?

  38. kat

    What makes expensive shampoo better than drugstore shampoo? I’m assuming it’s the ingredients?

    How do you know which brands are worth it? I know that shampoo behaves differently on each persons scalp and all but I have been thinking about getting into the expensive shampoo. I was recommended Potion for my hair type by a few different stylists…

    • Hi Kat,

      It could be the purity of ingredients. You can look on cheaper products and see a LONG list of ingredients – probably not a good thing. On a more expensive product, perhaps it’ll be less lengthy, but it’s not always the case. It really does vary from brand to brand, product to product. :( No straight answer!

      • Amanda K.

        to add on to this question, what shampoo/conditioner do you use? Your hair alaways looks gorgeous.

        • You’d never believe it, but my hair is the must unfussy thing ever. I use crap shampoo (well, so I’ve been told). I’ve used Pantene, L’Oreal, Herbal Essences… I was using Herbal Essences’s Long Term Relationship Set for a very, very long time. I’m just about out now.

          I just tried samples of OOKISA, and I loveee it. The difference is not in the first or second day… but the third, when it doesn’t feel greasy or oily – like it’s still fresh from the wash.

    • KyaLyn

      Hi kat,

      Drugstore shampoos tend to use lots of cheap chemicals that will build up in your hair. The chemicals can make your hair feel heavier and dry out your hair. Also you should change brands regularly with drugstore shampoos as that will help minimize build-up.

      Mostly its just trial and error, to find the right shampoo for you. Get the smallest bottles or travel size that way if it doesn’t work you don’t feel so bad getting rid of it.

      • kat

        Thanks for the response :) I knew it was about the buildup but I’m wondering chemically what is differnt about the more expensive shampoos.

        If anyone knows the chemistry approach feel free to share. I am a scientist so I’ll understand the explination haha!

  39. michelle

    Hi Christine!

    I’ve been trying to find a new line to help me with my oily skin! I need your help.
    My skin tone is equivalent to Laura Mercier Classic Beige. I have mostly whitehead breakouts throughout but I have some hyperpigmented scars from acne on my cheeks and around my jawline.

    For some reason I am not too keen on the drugstore brands because I haven’t had any good luck with them. I’ve tried Acne Free, Johnsons & Johsons Clean and Clear, some Neutrogena products and they haven’t done anything to get rid of the dark spots. In the past I used Shiseido The Skincare line and that worked fine but that was over 3-4 years ago and I don’t think my skin is the same. I’ve used also Mario Badescu but that actually made my skin worse.

    I was thinking of looking into brands such as Aveda, Jurlique or Dr. Hauschka for skin care for oily/acne prone skin. Any advice on these brands?

    Any other brands you would recommend?

    I’m looking for a cleanser & moisturizer primarily but also would like any spot treatments and face masks that would help my skin.

    Thanks for your help & your great blog!

    • Hi Michelle,

      When it comes to combatting problems like dark spots, usually you need something like a brightener and a lot of drugstore lines don’t have enough of the effective ingredients. I think Kiehl’s Spot Treatment Brightener (I think it might be called something else or have an extra word or two) might work for you. They also have a coordinating mask. You could try something like a peel or microdermabrasion (at-home or at a spa) – even just one spa peel could do a lot for any hyperpigmentation you have, especially if they aren’t super old scars (the newer the better).

      Dr. Hauschka has gotten a lot of raves, so I think, of the three, that would be where I’d opt to go.

      When you look for a moisturizer, opt for something lightweight, or perhaps just go for a lightweight sunscreen — it may very well be enough for your oily skin. Also, water-based moisturizers are great for oily skin, like NARS’ Aquagel. You might want to consider adding a toner to your routine, because it may revolutionize your routine.

  40. jesstooimpress

    chris, do you kno a mac dupe for NARS Orgasm Blush

  41. Hi Christine!
    I’ve been starting to use loose pigments more, so far I haven’t bought any from MAC because they seem pretty expensive/ don’t have such a wide range of colors as the ones I get from Aromaleigh.
    My problem is that no matter how lightly I dab into the pigment and how much I tap the excess pigment off my brush before I use it, I always seem to have tiny bits fall onto my face below my eyes. Is there some trick you can recommend to avoid this?

  42. Danielle

    Hi again,

    Another couple of questions:

    I can’t seem to get a good point on the powerpoint pencils, even though I love them, they are not working that well for me. What do you think of the technakohl liners? I am trying to find one close to bountiful brown or just a nice brown color.

    What do you think the best thing for acne scars that you have heard?

    The last thing is I have recently found out I have what is called millia. Do you know of any treatments for it ,that are not perscribed. I am a student and cannot afford healthcare at the moment. :(

    Besides MAC concealers, what works, my mac concealers don’t have staying power. I don’t have a barney’s so that one is out you recommended before.


    • Hm, I don’t know why the powerpoints aren’t working out for you. I personally prefer technakohls, because they’re smoother, but I don’t do any fine lining with them…

      Peels and microdermabrasion are best for acne scars, but you can also try lighteners/brighteners (Kiehl’s comes to mind). I don’t know any treatments for millia – have you tried Googling for it? The only way I’d be able to give you an answer would be to do that, but nothing from personal experience!

      UD 24/7 concealer pencil is pretty good!

  43. MY

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering if I use a creme blush and a powder blush, do they need to be the same color but just different texture? Or should I use a creme highlighter followed by a powder blush, if so which would you suggest? For the blush powder I have Dainty, Springsheen and Gentle.

    And if I want to use both a volumizing and a lengthening mascara, which one should I use first?


  44. Terry

    Hi Christine!
    I just would like to know what is the best lip liner to pair ‘Burnin” (Amplified collection) lipstick to.

  45. Hannah

    I would like to know whether anyone knows about beauty in Beijing, and drugstore Asian beauty brands, since I can’t seem tofind anything.

    • Hopefully someone can answer you! If not, maybe try the Temptalia Forums :)

    • MY

      Hi Hannah,

      I lived in Shanghai for 4 1/2 yrs and I heard from the salespersons that customers would travel from Beijing to Shanghai to buy their skincare and makeup. I personally would suggest going to Hong Kong as the tax is quite high in China for luxury goods.

  46. Jennifer

    Hi Christine!

    I just wanted to start by saying I love your website… :-)

    I just got Studio Mist Foundation and LOVE it…just wanted to know what powder I should use to set it.

    Also would like to know which of the Mineralize Blushes (from Sonic Chic) collection would gave me a peachy glow and a soft pink glow also which blush works for contour. which bronzer would work my skin tone.(I’m a NC40)

    Regarding concealer would you recommend I really don’t use this however I’ve been having dark circles for about a month and just can stand it any more.Which would you suggest?


    • Shmo

      Hey Jennifer! I’m an NC 40 too and I had an appointment with a professional MAC artist one day when Nordies had a special event. I forget his name but he recommended MAC NW 25 Select Moisture Cover as my concealer. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I use MAC’s loose powder to set my makeup when I feel like it, but I also use the MSFN, too.

      Hmm, a peachy glow would be Nuance, and a soft pink glow would be Dainty. I don’t think any of them would be great for contour, as they’re still shimmery. I like Strada as a contour in a pinch, though Taupe is my favorite (PRO).

      My favorite concealer is Kanebo, available at Barneys. After that, then MAC’s concealer has gotten a lot of rave reviews, but I haven’t tried it personally. I do like UD’s 24/7 Concealer Pencil, though.

  47. aisha

    hi christine! just wanted to tell u that i love this site!

    i had a question about sunscreen…do u apply it before or after moisturizer?? i’ve heard some people say before, some say after..i just don’t get it!


    • aisha

      oh and another thing…how do u reapply sunscreen during the day? have u tried the spray on sunscreens that u mentioned in the summer guide or do u do something else?
      thanks again!

    • You should apply it beforehand because the way the active sunscreen ingredient may act when combined with other products. For the same reason, I apply sunscreen, let it sink in, and then come back with moisturizer. Generally, I use a moisturizer WITH SPF, though 😉

  48. I’ve been wondering how different Pandamonium e/s is from Howzat e/s in Fafi Eyes Quad 1; I’m drawn to Pandamonium tho I have the quad already. Pls give me a comparison of the shadows if you can! – shade of grey, sparkly/glittery/shimmery-ness of both. tia!

    • Hm, I don’t think they’re very similar. Howzat has a totally different texture, and it’s kind of like a grayish blue color. Pandamonium was very chunky glitter for me…

  49. Heather

    When you say that you apply your lipstick “well” – what exactly do you mean?

    • I might be answering this out of context, so if I am, let me know…

      When it comes to dark lips, I apply with a lip brush more often than not. Otherwise, I apply from the tube, but I don’t run into problems with it usually because my lips are big enough to work with the size of the lipstick tube itself.

  50. Heather

    When you put on lipgloss over lipstick, is there a particular way you do it? How do you do it so that the lipstick color doesn’t mess up your applicator?

    • A lot of the times… I just don’t care. If I do, then I use a disposable wand (like, say, it’s a super sheer nude gloss) :)

      • Heather

        Wow really? You don’t care? Interesting. It bothers me immensely if I mess up the applicator brush. Where can I get some of those disposable wands?

        • I don’t find it does much later on when I use them, I guess that’s why. So since I don’t see a visible impact, it doesn’t bug me. You can buy them at drugstores, but I think MAC PRO (maybe MAC now has them, too, I don’t know for sure) has them.

  51. Heather

    How often do you reapply lipstick and/or gloss during a typical day? Do you always reapply both or just gloss?

    • If it’s a dark lip, probably reapply gloss once or twice during the day max – once after lunch, once after dinner, if I wear it that long. If it’s a lighter lip, then I might reapply the lipstick once, then the gloss once or twice.

  52. lovekills

    Hi Christine, all your looks are beautiful, your site has really helped me learn proper make up application.

    I wondered why you rarely apply liner on your upper lid lash line?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the purpose of liner was to open the eye and make it seem bigger?

    Is this just your preference, or does it just depend on what look you are going for?

    • Thanks so much!

      My upper lash line is very sensitive, so any time I line it with upper liner, it gets itchy and watery. Yes, I do it on occasion, but then I live through pain and irritation for a few hours afterwards.

  53. jesstooimpress

    hey chris, im recently seeing myself going for some makeup forever shadows lately, and i was looking to try out there foundation, im like an NC37, seeing i havent been tanning. but around dec im an NC30, just curious if youd kno what color id be in there foundation, if those are my make shades! thanks

  54. jasis

    Hey Christine-

    I’m a complete newby to your site and I’ve been addicted!! It gives me something to read when I have down time at work. Anyways, I was wondering if you have posted a review on MAC paint pots? I’m a fan of Constructivist, but I wanted to know your take on that. Also, any thoughts on MAC’s Mineralized Blush/Bronzer? Thanks!

  55. jenn

    first off i just wanted to say that i LOVE your site!! this is my bible basically :)

    my best friend got me hooked on this site as well as MAC makeup and i am starting my collection as we speak. i was just curious what do YOU consider eyeshadow must haves? what colors do you think every girl should have in her possession regardless of hair color, skin tone and eye color?

    p.s if you have time could you suggest some colors for me? i have tan skin, dark green eyes and auburn hair… the colors i already have are Swish, Sketch, Paradisco, Green smoke and the Spiced Chocolate Cherry Quad that features Nanogold, Spiced Chocolate, Brash and Sweet Chestnut

    i am open to all colors and love to play around with makeup so nothing is too “crazy” for me

    thank you soooo much :) :) :)

    im going to buy a 15 pallet today and i fully intend to blow 85% of my paycheck from last week on eyeshadow hehe

  56. Noura

    Your tutorials are awesome!!!
    i was wondering what do you use to remove your eyemakeup…
    ALso, what do you recommened as far as face moisturzier and eye cream..
    Thanks a lot =)

    • Hi Noura!

      Thank you! I use Lancome Bi-Facil for tough to remove makeup, MAC makeup wipes if I have a lot of makeup on, otherwise just my face cleanser.

      I love NARS Hydrating Moisture Cream!

  57. Saira

    Hi Christine! Could you suggest some eyeshadow colours (which would look good together) for wearing with a burgundy special occasion dress? I really want to create a glamorous, classy look but not quite sure what sort of colours to go with it and am finding it hard to decide. Thanks.

  58. Anna

    Hi Christine, I found your website via mac_cosmetics community on livejournal, and let’s just say I immediately fell in love with you :)
    now onto my questions,

    I have been thinking about investing in some MAC face products but I’m having difficulties. I need your suggestions on a good makeup remover, facial cleanser, and face moisturizer.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Anna,

      I love MAC wipes, but their cleanse-off oil is good for stubborn makeup. I actually don’t consider MAC my go-to for skincare. As far as moisturizers go, I do love Moisturelush, though it’s a thicker cream – better for winter or dry skin.

  59. Vicky

    I am a beginner when it comes to make-up. What advice can you give to someone who’s never worn make-up and would like to learn how to apply make-up?

    Note: I am a woman of color, medium toned skin complection, and I have brown eyes if that’ll help.

    • Hi Vicky,

      I would say stop by a department store counter and ask them how to apply makeup. Really! If you have a particular brand in mine, then go to that brand’s location, and tell them you’re getting into makeup, but you aren’t sure what would be best for your features. They’ll probably do a demo on you so you can see. Tutorials either on Temptalia or YouTube are also fantastic for learning. But most of all? Practice!

  60. Lynn

    Can anyone suggest a good lip sealant. I love wearing lipstick but find it gone off my lips in an hour or two. Thank you

  61. Josee

    What do you use as an eye-makeup remover? I have yet to find a good one that doesn’t irritate my eyes

  62. DeDe

    Hi Christine…I was wondering, how you come up with the color combinations you use for you eye shadow looks. I have seen you fabulously blend color from every spectrum on your eyes..so I was just wondering, how you do it without making it look gaudy?

  63. Tennille

    Hi Christine! I love your entire site! Its so helpful. I was wondering what type of camera you use for your swatches and how do you get your pictures to come out so close and clear. Do you use extra lighting? (Hope this isn’t a repeat question)

    I have my own makeup line and I got the idea of swatching colors to add to my site from you but I want them to look as wonderful as yours does. Please help if possible. Thanks :)

    • I use a Fuji FinePix E550 digital camera, it’s pretty old. If you do a search for “how to take a close up photo” you’ll find my tutorial on it!

  64. Yari

    I have very oily skin so I use MAC Studio Fix foundation but I find that my makeup doesn’t look smooth and natural I try not to use too much of it but it still looks caked on do you have any suggestions as far as foundation and technique goes? Thank You

  65. gina

    I am not sure if anyone has already asked you, but what kind of camera do you have? And do you think you’ll come out with a book kinda like MAC’s looks. or a sheet for each look you have other than in your blogs?

  66. Alyssa

    Where can I buy MAC eyeshadow palettes? I can only find smaller sets on their website, but would like to try an entire palette instead of just three, four colors.

    • whitnee

      Mac doesn’t have larger premade pallets. you need to pick the colors yourself, buy them in pan form and then get a 15 pan pro pallet. these can be purchased at freestanding stores, but not at counters. if you go to a counter and buy pots you can always remove the shadows from the pot, and purchase a pallet to put them in later.

    • You have to purchase them yourself, eyeshadow by eyeshadow, Alyssa. They only sell quads or six-shadow palettes (holidays only).

  67. Rosaura

    Hi! Just wondering if you could do a tutorial on Christina Aguilera’s classic makeup style? I am going to a Celebrity Themed Birthday Party on November 1st and definitely want to get it down pat before that. Any info or help would be appreciated! Thanks!!!! :)

    • I’m not exactly sure what you mean… I have a tutorial for cat eyes, as well as red lips, and as far as I know, that’s her classic makeup style!

  68. Mari

    Hi Christine,

    I’m updating my MAC diary! LOL I need your help. Is it possible to let me know the Collection name and date it was released. I only have names for the eye shadows. They were mineralized>>Quarry, tectonic, by jupeter, mercurial, lovestone and ether. I just can find the info.