Sunday, June 29th, 2008

This is your chance to ask any questions you may have that you want me to answer! I will try to answer whatever you may ask, and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll at least do my best to point you in the right direction. I’d love to answer your beauty-related questions, but I will take non-beauty questions, too. As always, if you have a question you’d like to ask that’s private, just drop me an email!

So, not sure whether you should get Rollickin’ paint pot when you already have Aquadisiac eyeshadow? Need to know where to buy a product? Ask anything, and ask away! (And feel free to chime in with answers to other readers’ questions–the more the merrier!)

(I will periodically do posts like these where I will take as many questions as I get to answer.)

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183 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #004

  1. Melissa

    This is a general question for anyone who sees it! When MAC comes out with quads or limited edition eyeshadows that come in cool packagine such as the orange from neo sci fi.. do you still de pot them and return the empties to MAC?

  2. Kristen Elisabeth

    How do you depot eyeshadows from the holiday quads?

    • Use a sharp knife point and lift out the plastic insert (it’s a plastic piece that has 4 holes in it). Then I usually slide a knife underneath each shadow pan (they’re lightly glued in).

  3. grace

    would you compare hipness from fafi and joyous bpb?? i dont know if they are similar.

    • They are pretty close, IMO. The texture is different (Joyous is better, IMO) from what I remember… Joyous may be a bit pinker.

    • claudine

      joyous is finer milled
      on me hipness is a lil more pink and joyous a lil more peach im nw20 but the colors are very very similar i prefer hipness though

  4. Stephanie

    When i depotted my eyeshadow and i put the magnet on the back of it I used the company promag adhesamag and the strength was 2 out of 10. I don’t know if the magnet was too thin or what but it barely stuck to my palette or anything magnetic. I just lightly tapped the pan and it falls out…do you know if i need a thicker magnet? About what thickness do you use?

    • Calico

      I have this same problem! :( im so sad i depotted them now, cos i cant seem to find stronger magnets…

      • Stacey

        I used an old fridge magnet and cut it up into pieces.. it was really thin but they don’t fall out!

    • when i depot my shadows, i don’t even put a magnet on the back of them, just a round sticker with the name of the shadow on it. i haven’t had any problem with them falling out (i rarely tote them around with me though), and i find that they kind of stick in there on their own.

    • To be honest, I don’t put magnets on mine, but I’ve found that magnets from craftstores work fine!

    • Stephanie

      It seems like whatever strenght magnet i put on when i stick the label on the bottom the magnet just won’t stick at all! But i really want the label on the pan!

  5. Nell

    Do you remember – what was your very first MAC item and do you still have it?

    • Ah thats a tough one!!

    • Amanda23

      My first MAC product was Aquadisiac in ’05. Its one of my all time favs!!!

    • DJ

      In 1991 I got a set of make up to take to college– retro lipstick, concrete e/s is what I remember and no, I don’t still have those products. Would be a laugh if I did.

    • Silver Ring eyeshadow, and yes I still have it. I love it, and I should use it more often.

    • Stephanie

      My first product was a lipglass called new years eve – prefect red!!!! oh how i loved it! sadly its gone and it was LE! the closest i found was from last year’s x-mas collection, Red romp.

    • Pquanda

      Yeah – I think it was “Honesty” eyeshadow and “Trax” eyeshadow. I probably tossed honesty, and just gave trax away. I HATED how chalky these shadows were and were so upset their colour payoff – whenever someone would talk about how great MAC shadows were, I thought they were nuts! Now I know to stay clear of lustres (unless it’s tempting, my one and only exception, and velvets (sorry climate blue!)

    • I think I purchased several shadows – I believe they were Amber Lights, Bronze, and Goldmine!

    • Zsofi

      very nice question :-)
      i bought Old Gold Pigment maybe 4-5 years ago. i still have it,love it,it got some siblings trough the years :-)

  6. michelle

    would you use a primer with mineral foundation powders? like the smashbox one or just moistirizer. also, i know you mentioned that you wear studio fix foundation. does your application technique stay the same in summer?

    • Rachel

      I would like to know this as well! Laura Mercier has a mineral powder primer for her new mineral foundation collection but I don’t know if it’s worth the 30 bux or if I should just stick to to Smashbox!

    • DJ

      When I first started using Bare Escentuals loose mineral foundation, they kept recommending a primer. I ignored that for a while (ok, for a few years) but started using my smashbox primer under everything, on top of my moisturizer.
      It does make the minerals go on a bit easier and stay on a bit longer, at least for me.

      In general, I don’t think you need a special primer that coordinates with the brand of mineral make-up. Regular exfoliation also helps with mineral powder foundation.

    • If you want to use a primer, sure, you can definitely use it. I wear less foundation overall in the summer, or I sheer it out with moisturizer!

  7. michelle

    uuuuggghhh, i missed a letter on my email for the previos comment. i was just fixing it so i can get email comments. sorry.

  8. Kelly

    Have you ever tried Lancome’s mascara Femme Fatale? If so, what’d you think of it? I’m not sure if I want to buy it quite yet.

  9. Sanita

    Hello Christine! Could you please tell me the size of MAC blush refill that you put in MAC palette (diameter)? I just want to know whether other blushes would fit in that palette. Thanks.

  10. Stephanie

    Hi, i also have another question. I have Viva Glam I liptick and i like it but i want it to be brighter because it’s more of a darker red, do you know of any liglass or ligloss that i could put over it to help brighten it up…i tried clear lipglass but it’s still kind of dark. Thanks!

    • DJ

      I would try a lusterglass (Flusterose, Instant Gold or Oranamental?) to change the color a little bit (I would even go so far to say try Spring Bean, why not)– if you aren’t already: try using a bit less of the Viva Glam, perhaps tapping it onto the lip or using a to brush lightly fill in the mouth.

      Fulfilled Plushglass might work as well. If not that, Ample Pink Plushglass.

      hope these are some interesting options for you.


    • I use Venetian lustreglass over VGI to make it a brighter red.

    • Try Russian Red lipglass!

  11. orsolina

    Hi Christine! Your blog is fantastic, I would buy some e/s golden brown, I like woodwinked, but I want also one darker and one for highlight, can you help me? Can you tell me a paintpot for a golden base?sorry for my english, I’m Italian. thanks

    • Kristen Elisabeth

      Bare Study and Soft Ochre are great paint pots for bases. They are both a neutral color and will go with anything. Bare Study is a frost, while Soft Ochre is more matte. Hope that helps!

      • orsolina

        thank you! what do you think about rubenesque?

        • claudine

          rubenesque is gold but with a peachy tone to it
          its a lil warm but you can use it under almost anything since it applys sheer if u use it as a base…it would work well under golds
          cashflow paintpot (limited edition with fafi) is a colder gold without peach

    • Amanda23

      The best golden base I found was Cash Flow LE from the Fafi collection.

    • Try Bronze for something darker, and perhaps Nylon for a brighter golden color! I love Soft Ochre paint pot for golden colors, but Rubenesque is also good!

  12. Nicole

    Hi Christine,

    first of all I like the idea to ask questions and I loved the “Name the quad” or create your own collection games. I’d like to read more “What would you pare with”, because this is gives If its possible, I like to read more about using I really admire that you take your time to answer our questions and write some words to every comment. Wow.

    My question is about lipsticks. I like to stock up my small MAC collection with some nude-natural-light-daytime colors. I already own N3, N4, Strawbaby, Pleasureseeker, Ahoi there!, Sweety, Rue d’Bois and Barely Lit. My problems are highly pigmented lips and a NW20/N5 skintone. When I wear light colors (like N1, N2 lovedust, Viva Glam II), I look like ‘I’m dead’ and my lips look uneven and ugly (I don’t know how to describe it, cause englisch is not my mothertounge). I create the same look, when I wear pretty light glosses.

    Which MAC colors would you recomend?

    And my second question, if you have name (or invent) just one lipstick color, which you have to use for the next year, what will it be?

    • DJ

      I know you asked Christine, but I will give my thoughts. I have the same problem with lipsticks and have found the following 3 look really good and although they are 2 frosts and a lustre, they are not too shiny:

      3-D (just try it, you never know–I really do love it)
      High Tea

      The most recent one that is special to me is Sci-Fidelity. You can’t go by how it looks in the tube.

      Hope these are some interesting suggestions for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      (I have no idea what Mac shade I am but in shu foundation I wear 564/armani 3 or 4)

    • claudine

      hue is a nice nude color that doesnt wash me out im NW20

    • Nicole

      Thanks for your reply girls. I will take a look at the 4 mentioned colors, when I visit my counter.

    • Also, if I had to use just one color, it would be Mari-sheeno :)

  13. Leila

    Whats the best mac brush to use for your crease? Also, whats the best brush for cheek contouring and best brush for blush for the apples of the cheeks?

    • Stephanie


      Just wanted to share that i love MAC’s 219 brush to use in the crease. It allows for awesome control!

    • I personally prefer the 239, but I know a lot of people like the 224 or 222. I prefer the 168 for contouring and 150 for cheeks!

  14. What do you find to be the Pigment that you reach for most as a base? And what, if any, of the new Pigments (In Colorforms) are you looking forward to most?


    • There’s never just one, to be honest! Plus, I usually just end up playing with the newest stuff that’s out. If I had to pick one, I’d say Gold Dusk, though. Hmm, maybe Gilded Green :) The new pigments from Colour Forms didn’t excite me TOO much.

    • Tanya

      i havn’t got any pigments as yet… but i am really looking forward to ‘circa plum’ and ‘royal’ flush!

  15. Jane

    This is about nail polish, what is the best product for making sure polish doesn’t chip after a couple of days and stay on for a long time?

    • Stephanie

      OMG i’m in love with Seche Vite top coat…it works wonders i can have my nailpolish last up to a week and a half…they also have a base coat called Seche works so good!!

      You can buy it at Sally’s.

    • Stephanie D

      A good drugstore brand topcoat is Sally Hansen Quik-Dry Topcoat. I use it all the time and my hands are always in water and get alot of abuse. I always do my nails before I go to bed and I never have smudges on them. It’s in a box and the bottle is red with a white top.

    • I use Zoya’s Color Lock System & it does a great job at keeping the polish on and looking good for days. But in general, a good base coat, top coat, and drying coat work well.

  16. Haydee

    Christine I will be ever grateful if you can answer this for me. I just purchase some MAC Brushes. I wanted to know since they are new would it be alright to clean them with light Baby Soap first or would you recommend just using the MAC B. Cleaner. Thanks so much.

    • I’m not Christine, but I use baby shampoo to clean all of my brushes! I used to use the MAC brush cleaner, but when I ran out, I noticed that baby shampoo actually gets the brushes cleaner and softer. It’s all I use now.

      • Kristen Elisabeth

        Absolutely! Baby Shampoo works PERFECTLY. And is much cheaper.

        • Haydee

          Thank you ladies. I wonder if anyone else was like me when they got their MAC Brushes. EXCITED, SCARED AND STARE AT THEIR BEAUTY LOL. I also have another question if you ladies would be so kind. What brush should I used with loose powder? Like I have I think its called Dancinglights and would like to know what brush to used. Thanks again.

        • claudine

          baby shampoo is fine i sometimes use a mild regular shampoo too and brush cleanser for in between cleansings when i have to use more colors

      • Haydee

        Thanks so much. I ve had these brushes over a month. I have some cheaper brushes that I have been using and washing with the baby shampoo ( Baby Soap, My mind went blank there LOL) and it works great. Since the MAC brushes are new I really wanted to give them a cleaning before using them on my face. I have the cleaner which you know Im gonna get my moneys worth but I think Im gonna stick to B.S. I like it. Thanks so so much :)

      • Haydee

        Erin, by chance I clicked on your name and was sent to your blog. I starting reading “Why I do What I do” I dont need to know you personal to know your a wonderful person. I was moved.

    • Kella

      Hey Haydee, I actually would not recommend the MAC brush cleanser, because of the alcohol it contains. You can use a good quality shampoo, a bar of oatmeal soap (I use the one by Aveno), or baby shampoo. I’ve tried all three. Another secret is to apply CONDITIONER after you rinse out the shampoo/soap… and then rinse really well. It keeps your brushes soft and in great shape. All my brushes are in 100% perfect shape still. :) Make sure you dry them so that the bristles are angled downward, so the wetness doesn’t sit where the glue is.

      • Haydee

        Thank you all. Hi Kella What conditioner should I get. Thanks so much for your tip. I cant wait to start using my brushes.

    • I use baby shampoo :) Works well for me!

  17. Jen

    Hi, Christine, I want to know if it’s “eyesafe” to wear fluidline on the inside waterline of your eye. In some looks, it seems like people use it that way, if so, does it stay put all day without washing off and how would you clean it off at the end of the day? Thanks

    • Kristen Elisabeth

      Fluidlines work great in the waterline. The only thing that might work better would be the liquidlast liner, but Fluidlines are easier to use, imo. It stays really well. I just use eye makeup remover on a qtip and rub it very close to the waterline, but not right on it, and it usually comes off for the most part.

    • Some of the fluidlines are waterline safe, some aren’t. I don’t know them offhand, but I know that say, Frostlite, isn’t.

  18. Ashley

    Hi Christine,

    When applying powder (or powder blush) over my liquid foundation, should I wait until the foundation sets and is completely dry before applying the powder, or should I apply immediately after I smooth out the foundation, while it is still a little wet? Thanks!

  19. Heather

    Do you crop your pictures before you post them – or are they posted as-is?

  20. Miss QQ

    Hi Christine. How should I apply eyeliner to bedroom eyes (eyes that slopes downwards) to open up my eyes? Should I line them in the downward slope or slightly upwards at the end only to create cat eyes look? Thanks!

  21. sussana

    do you ever feel guilty at how much youve spent on makeup instead of donating that money to charity?

    • Jenna

      Do you feel guilty about spending your money for your internet cable or whatever instead of donating that money to charity?

    • claudine

      some of us donate to charity and hey buy a viva glam lipstick or gloss and the money goes to the MAC Aids Fund so we MAC lovers do donate

    • No, not at all. It’s a hobby I enjoy, and if I didn’t have this as a hobby, then I’d have something else that I would spend money on (in the past, it’s been puzzles, scrapbooking, painting, graphics, etc.). Just because I spend money on makeup doesn’t mean I don’t donate to charity. I recently donated $5,000 worth of brand new makeup to my local battered women’s shelter, actually!

  22. Kimie

    Hey I love your site! You’re so brave with color lol! My question is about foundation. Moisturelush has been my fave for a while but now that it’s hot omg it’s like melting off me face! I did like mineralize but hated that stupid spongie thing..should I try it again with a brush or is there another foundation that’s better?

    • Thank you so much! Moisturelush is a cream, so I’m not sure how you’re using that as a foundation! You could try it with the 182 brush instead, actually. I hated the mineralized sponge brush. I wear Studio Fix Fluid despite the hot weather, but I sheer it out with Fix+ or a spritz of water. You can try Select Cover Up or Select Tint for something lighter, too!

  23. sara

    hey could you do a tutorial of your Soft Neutral & Teal Eye? it’s superbly pretty :)

  24. Minty746

    Hi Christine! I was looking at the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powders (the ones without the metallic veins) and I was wondering, as an NC30, would Medium Dark be too, well, dark? I haven’t seen them in person (yet) and I think I recall that you’re also an NC30? If so, what shade do you use?


  25. Amanda23

    So I’ve been a MAC addict for about 5yrs or so and I’ve picked up enough nerve to start using pigments within the past year…. I noticed that you use the mixing medium with pigments, what’s your experience with using alternatives like paint pots, etc.?

    • claudine

      paint pots are great as a base
      mixing medium (pro stores) makes the pigment more vibrant and glitter ads to the skin better you can use it with eyeshadows too …..for lining etc.
      you can do your own mixing medium
      1 part glycerin
      3 parts water

    • I pretty much dislike using pigments with anything but mixing medium, LOL. I just find they don’t stay on nearly as well, so I always opt for mixing medium instead!

  26. Melia

    Please help! I have a personal grooming problem that has been sticking like a thorn for years now. I have a medium brown skin tone, so naturally we tend to have dark shadows on our faces. What bothers me is the area around my mouth, especially the upper lip. How can i minimize the dark spots, so that it will not look *extra*?

    • Kella

      You can actually buy skin lighteners; creams that you apply daily and over time it lightens the colour of the skin (some people use them for age spots, sun spots, scars, discolourations, etc)… Easiest way would be to ask your doctor about it, and have her recommend one to you. I don’t want to suggest one since you have darker skin, just to be safe. Hope this helps!

    • Is it a dark shadow because of hair or just the planes of your face? I know some ladies have told me that birth control can mess with hormones and will darken the upper lip area. I know for hair, I personally use Sally Hansen’s home-wax kit and do that every few weeks. If it’s just a shadow, you could try to highlight that area with a soft, lightly shimmery highlighter.

  27. kate

    so my question is about skin tone. i have strawberry blonde hair brown eyes im super duper pale with freckles and my veins are really blue (i heard undertones in veins and what not had something to do with it), so basically is my skin tone warm or cool, or like winter, summer, spring or fall? im so confused!! help!! much thanks in advanced x10 <3333333

    • Kristen Elisabeth

      I know a couple of ways you can use to decide.

      One was is to put a silver eyeshadow swatch on one hand and a gold swatch on the other hand. One hand will look kind of pasty and the other will look bright. Silver is cool, gold is warm.

      Another way to tell is to think about what colors you look best in. Cool skintones will look best in jewel tones– like blues, greens, pinks, purples, and magentas. Warm skintones look better in earth tones, such as yellows, oranges, browns, and yellowish greens.

      Another way to tell that is a little harder is if you can wear black close to your face. Cool skintones can easily wear black, but warm skintones look washed out.

      Hope this helps!

    • Kella

      Chances are you’re a summer, with pink or blue undertones (cool). The easiest way to tell is compare the skin on your arm to a redhead friend… if you look green or yellow compared to them, you may have a light golden undertone. If you match them (but you can still be lighter or darker), you have pink/blue undertones (cool).

    • Usually, if they’re blue, you’re considered cool-toned. If you have green veins, you’re considered warm toned!

  28. Jenna

    Hey Christine!
    Is it true that makeup will age your skin quicker? I use a lot of makeup (can’t help it, I LOVE IT!) and I seem fine now but still, is it true? How do you keep yours looking so great?

    • claudine

      i dont think so …but make sure you completely remove it before going to bed
      i think genetics, habits like smoking eating unhealthy stuff and to much uv light is worse than make up

    • Hey Jenna! I think there is pretty much an endless debate over it. My boyfriend’s mother (who is over 50) looks fabulous, and she confessed she’s worn makeup since she could (early teens), and she used to do the baby-oil-bake-in-the-sun bit. Aging seems like it is dependent on so many things, one important factor being genetics. I also feel sun exposure will age you faster than applying makeup would.

      From what I’ve read, makeup only ages you in the respect that perhaps you’re tugging/pulling your skin more than you would if you NEVER used makeup.

  29. If I already have Parrot and Aquadisac, which of the colors should I get from the cool heats collection? I am thinking of getting Climate Blue, Blue Flame, and Solar White. Comments?

    Also, which Paintpots should I get? I already have Painterly (for nudes and neutrals), and Otherworldy (for blues and aquas).

    I want to collect more MAC blushers! Which are the nice ones? Should I look out for the future launches like the mineralised powders?

    I never depot my Neo Sci e/s, cos I like the orange packaging!

    • I would get Climate Blue! It’s very unique, IMO, compared to past and existing MAC colors. Blue Flame is worth looking at if you don’t own Deep Truth or Freshwater – Parrot and Aquadisiac are both different enough from it.

      Soft Ochre is my favorite paint pot! You may want to check out Sonic Chic, just because it’s coming soon, and the colors look fantastic. I definitely recommend Margin, Peachykeen, Springsheen, and Well Dressed from the permanent blush line.

      • Thanks!!

        I have heard a lot about PeachyKeen, definitely going to check it out!

        I am going to MAC tomorrow, so it is gonna be a Haul time! :) I just saw a neutral eye look with teal liner color pop, that makes me think of getting Aqualine liquid blast.

  30. christine

    Ok so Iโ€™m not sure if anyone have tried this but i bought the mineralized eye shadow from mac last year, Lovestoned. It’s too raspberryish for my eyes but it’s kinda pretty for the cheeks. Does anyone know if its safe to use as a blush? I haven’t tried it yet but I would like to. TIA

    • Nell

      I think if a product is safe for use near the eyes it is never a problem to use on the face, since the potential for irritation is way greater in the eye area.
      Iยดm sure Lovestone is an exellent blush color (it is how i would use it too)!

    • You can use it as a blush ๐Ÿ˜€ For sure.

    • Elise

      I use lovestone all the time as a blush, and never had any irratation:)

      P.s though it’s a little hard to blend out so go easy and blend on more color as desired=)

  31. leelee

    How did you meet your boyfriend and how long have you been together?

    • We originally met because we played the same game online, which was about 8-9 years ago (WOW!). We met in person only three years ago (I believe it was Septemberish), and we were officially together that October 2005 and have been since!

  32. Hi Nicole!

    One way to brighten up lipsticks that make you look dead is by using a more pigmented gloss on top!

    Some of my favorite more natural lipsticks by MAC are: Sweetie, Skew, Blankety, Cherish, and Capricious.

  33. Selene

    what techniques can you use to open up a small eye? or make brown/hazel eyes pop?

    and how can you you make a round face seem more narrow?

    thanks so much in advance for your answer! (:

    • Have you tried doing liner on the upper lash line? Sometimes experimenting with liner can help. Also, using a white or champagne colored liner on your lower waterline can add pop. Same with using a soft champagne shimmer on your inner tearduct!

      To make a round face seem narrower, try contouring the cheeks and jawline.

  34. Val

    Have you ever tried pure luxe pigments? Are they any good?

  35. Angie

    How do you make lipgloss or lipstick last?
    I see in all of your looks the lips are always so luscious and well done! Do you use a lipbrush or do u apply the lipstick and lipglass straight?

    • If you really want it to last, you have to do this:

      Line and fill in lips with a lip liner
      Dust loose powder over lips
      Apply lipstick with lip brush
      Dust loose powder over lips
      Apply lipstick with lip brush
      Apply lipgloss

      I don’t do that at all, I just apply lipstick then gloss on top. Mine usually last 3-6 hours, depending what I do.

  36. Kimie

    Moisturelush as foundation?? ha I crack myself up! Ever since my son was born 4 months ago my brain has turned to mush! I ment moistureBLEND lol. Thanks for the tip tho…I will try studio fix liquid :)

  37. Kelly

    What about Lancome High Definicils mascara?

    • Kelly

      oh and i forgot to ask something else. i’ve heard that mac foundations & concealers cause acne. have you ever had a problem with them like that?

    • I wasn’t blown away by any of Lancome’s mascaras – I think I tried at least 3-4. I want to say there’s a review here on the site for High Definicils!

  38. Melissa

    Do you know if MAC pigments used to come with Black labels on the back?

  39. natalie

    can u tell me wat collections are coming out
    on july 10…plz i need to know =]

  40. Liz

    I absolutely love Shimmermoss e/s, but I don’t wear it that often because I have a hard time finding the right color combos. I saw on the MAC website that it is often paired with Goldmine and Beautiful Iris. How would you create a look using those three shades?
    Also any opinion on Urban Decay pigments?

    • I would do Goldmine on the inner lid, Beautiful Iris on the middle of lid, and Shimmermoss on the outer lid/crease… Pretty straight forward ๐Ÿ˜€

      I’ve tried their loose pigments and they have great color pay off and go on smoothly. I haven’t used them in an actual look, though.

  41. Jasmine

    Ok, so I love smokey eye looks…but when I use black colours, it looks kind of harsh on me…like I’m caked in makeup. How can I make it flatter me more?

    • What about doing a gray smokey eye instead? You don’t have to go black to do a smokey look. You could go lighter on the black, or maybe revv up the liner rather than go for too much black shadow.

      Also, are you keeping your cheeks and lips pretty subdued?

      Black smokey eyes are naturally “more makeup” than less makeup, though!

      • Jasmine

        Thanks – I just purchased a charcoaly gray colored shadow & it’s much more flattering than pure black. & yes, the cheeks/lips are pretty subdued :) Thanks for your advice!

  42. Sisi

    Question: When I use mascara, my eyelashes tend to dry out. I’ve tried different brands and it’s still an issue. What products should I use instead?
    Question 2: I am a strawberry blonde and thus have very pale skin. What kind of makeup looks would work for me? Also, how can I get an artificial tan with drugstore brands without it looking fake?
    Thanks so much and I love your site! Its amazing and you are so talented with makeup!

    • You may want to look into a lash moisturization product – even something like jojoba oil could help them out.

      You can try self-tanners that are gradual, because then you can build up the color on a daily basis, and you won’t have to worry about it fading really!

      As far as colors go, you can try greens and blues, they should work well for you!

  43. DevilishDoll

    What is the name of the palette that has Gorgeous Gold, Tease N Teal and Cinders? I really want it, but can’t remember the name to look it up on EBay.

  44. DevilishDoll

    Oh and also is Da Bling similar to Trophy Pink from the Royal Assets Cool Eyes? Cause I wanted both, but didn’t want to get Da Bling if it was too similar.

  45. Megan

    Hi, I don’t know if this is the correct area to post this or not, but there is a seller on Ebay using your photos to sell MAC. The seller’s name is: tinamc57. Just thought I would let you know. Keep up the wonderful work!

  46. Zsofi

    Dear Christine! i always wanted to ask You this: how You have so much energy and time for allllllllllllll the things You do?
    You do everything so well,You have a plan for each day?
    maybe You write down what You need to do that day?
    i mean You have this wonderful blog,go to school and summer school,You teach how to play piano to Your bf’s sibling,You have Mellan,You have a serious long relationship.
    How can You organize all this?
    still You have the energy and time to answer our questions on the blog.
    How You manage to do all this so well?

    • Hi Zsofi! I am very schedule-y. I like to have to do lists and think about what I need to get done. I do live with my boyfriend, so that helps with the relationship part :) If I enjoy what I need to get done, I always have no problems getting it finished!

  47. kellie

    I saw these at and I was wondering if you have ever tried them. Personally, I don’t think they look like they work. I was just curious. Thanks for everything. I love your site so much.;jsessionid=3PV2RUPBWQIT2CV0KQHRXCQ?id=P216905&categoryId=RPYMAL&navAction=jump

    • Hi Kellie,

      I’ve seen them, but haven’t tried them. They seem a little silly to me, IMO. Maybe for Halloween or something similar, but yeah.

  48. KatoAto

    Hi Christine!

    I’m a long-time fan of yours; you’ve kinda taught me everything I need to know about MAC. :) I was wondering if you might be able to do an audience-informed set of tutorials on the best looks to make different eye colors pop (brown, green, blue, Rihanna-hazel, Liz Taylor–violet, etc.) :) You are so lucky you have brown eyes, all the colors look beautiful on you…but if I use something like blue on my eyes, it washes out my blue eye color. I’ve had some MAC folks comment that I should go opposite on the color wheel, and while orange looks fantastic w/my baby blues, I can’t wear it EVERY day!

    I’d love to see what you and your readers would recommend for all the eye colors (mine is blue).

    Sincerely, Kate

  49. Kirsten

    I normally only have time to visit a MAC counter, since the closest freestanding store is 20-25 minutes away where as the counter is 5. My question is for Back 2 Mac at counters can you get a free slimshine or is it just regular lipstick?

    • Hi Kirsten,

      You can get a free lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow, I believe. I’m not positive, but the BEST thing to do is call your counter and ask :) I know others have gotten slimshines in the past.

      • Kirsten

        That would be great, but I was told that only freestanding stores gave a lipstick gloss or shadow, and counters were lipstick only. Doesnt really make sense to me but i’ll take your advice and call

  50. Nana

    Hi Christine. Not too sure if this entry only entertains MAC-related questions. Anyway I just want to hear your opinion about NYX cosmetics.

  51. amanda

    hi! I was fortunate enough to be at the cco and i found the 182 couture kabuki brush, i also picked up the mac 134 but im wondering if i should return the mac 134 for another 182. what I am looking for is a good setting brush for my loose powder (over my foundation) but i have found that I have a problem because after i use the foundation/concealer on my blemishes, i tend to want to use a loose powder over it but it always ends up moving the makeup where I just concealed! Which would you recommend for this loose powder application? the 134 or the 182! let me know! Thanks!

  52. Rae

    Hi Christine!
    What is your process for cleaning your brushes and how often do you do it? Do you have any other tips on that? Thanks!

    • Hi Rae,

      I use baby shampoo, and I’ll put a quarter-sized drop in my hand, then dampen a few eye brushes or one face/powder brush (basically, if it’s a small brush, then I clean 2-3 at once, if it’s a big brush, then one alone), and swirl the brush(es) in my hand. I rinse until they run clear. I try to do it once a week, but it’ll depend on how often I do makeup. If I only do makeup once that week, then I don’t bother.

  53. SRN.

    Hello Christine,
    Yesterday, I join a makeup class with mac, it was a great fun as always. Still, I’d like to know more but can’t find it anywhere about the eyeshadow descriptions like…satin, veluxe, veluxe pearl, frost.. They look similar to me esp. the frost, veluxe, veluxe pearl or even the lustre.
    For example (from what I have) Patina (frost) and expensive pink (veluxe pear)…they look the same for me..just shimmering.

    Thank you

    • Hi SRN,

      This is what MAC says about their finishes…

      An iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour.

      Smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted with deluxe ultra-fine “conditioned” finish.

      Hi-colour pay-off in a no-shine matte finish.

      Intense, opaque matte finish with exceptionally rich colour payoff.

      Pure colour in a satin-style finish. Provides a soft subtle non-frost, light-refractive sheen.

      Superfine pigment rich and very luxe. Supple to apply. Provides silky smooth matte finish.

      Vibrantly-toned. Velvety soft. Shimmeringly metallic. Veluxe eye shadow, now overlaid with high-shine pearl.

      Soft look finish with high-colour intensity. Has a plush velvety look and feel.

      • SRN.

        Thank you Christine. You safe my day…(sound like Powerpuff girl, don’t you think…they safe the day of Townsville)

  54. Marlena

    Hey Christine! – a while back you mentioned a new skincare/acne line called Skin ID. It seems like a seemingly promising line and I wanted to know if you or anyone else has tried it before I shell out my money. Thanks a bunch!

  55. Jamie

    Hi Christine!! I was just wondering whats a really good cleanser that takes off your makeup (foundation/sunscreen) and cleansees your face completely without being too drying. My skin type is normal/dry. It’s been really hard to find a good cleanser because every sales lady that I go to keeps saying that you need a “Makeup removal” and tissue off your foundation/sunscreen and then a different cleanser to clean your face. This can get pretty expensive!! I just bought Olay – moisture balancing foaming wash for all skin types and its just “Okay”. Please let me know if you can think of something ๐Ÿ˜› THANKS!!!!!!!!!

    • I like Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA cleanser, but I also like Philosophy’s Shine Control Scrub! I usually follow up with toner, which helps remove any leftover makeup!