Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

This is your chance to ask any questions you may have that you want me to answer! I will try to answer whatever you may ask, and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll at least do my best to point you in the right direction. I’d love to answer your beauty-related questions, but I will take non-beauty questions, too. As always, if you have a question you’d like to ask that’s private, just drop me an email!

So, not sure whether you should get Rollickin’ paint pot when you already have Aquadisiac eyeshadow? Need to know where to buy a product? Ask anything, and ask away! (And feel free to chime in with answers to other readers’ questions–the more the merrier!)

(I will periodically do posts like these where I will take as many questions as I get to answer.)

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144 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #003

  1. meg

    Ok this one might me an easy one for ya! : )

    How do you know what blush to use?

    You of course want to compliment the colors you used on your eyes, but if you have a brown look do you go bronzy on the cheeks or do you do a pinkish to make them pop.
    I wear Smokey black eyes alot and I usually do a soft warm/pink is that the best match?

    I haven’t been as in to blushes until recently. So now that I have alot more to choose from I have having a hard time deciding what goes with what.

    Thanks so much

  2. What’s the best lighting to do your makeup in?

    • I do mine in fluorescent right now, and I don’t really find I have issues with it. I do prefer more of a natural light (you can bulbs that emit light like ___, including sunlight), more of a yellow than a white light for makeup, though! You do want something similar to the light where you spend a lot of time in… you may look fab in natural light, but if you’re in an office with fluorescent lights, you might want to think about that!

  3. Brooke

    How can I dupe Stereo Rose? Can I get a blush and mix it with a pigment? Any ideas/thoughts are appriciated :) Thanks!

  4. Tekoa

    If you were stuck on a deserted island with all the basic necessities taken care of (food, water, shelter ect.) what three items would you take with you? You will be rescued eventually.

  5. gracee

    what are summer colors for you??
    would you consider fleshpot and melrose mood good colors for spring looks?!
    what look do you like with fleshpot?

    • I think summer colors are really bright hues – like a bright green or a primary yellow. I think those lipsticks work any time, including spring. I like a smoky eye with Fleshpot, because it’s such a subdued and nude color.

  6. Whitney

    Hey. =] I’m new to MAC and I think I’m addicted, haha. I can’t stop looking at swatches online, trying to plan what I’m going to buy next!

    Anyway. My question is… I have Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Sumptuous Olive and Expensive Pink eyeshadow. Any recommendations about what shadows I should get next? I’m kinda having a hard time pairing these together. I was thinking about getting some neutrals but would they go with the shadows? What do you like to wear with them? Thanks in advance! =]

    • Erin

      If you like Woodwinked and Sumptuous Olive, you might like Patina- it’s a good blending in the middle shade, you could use all three together and it’d be lovely! I like Expensive Pink with colors like Tete-a-Tint, a caramely brown, or I like to use it with shades like Honesty, Honeylust or Soba.

      • Liz

        Hi Erin, I never would have thought to pair Expensive Pink with Honeylust. I have both these shades, how do you use them together?

        • Erin

          I would throw Expensive in the crease with Honeylust on the lid (or vice versa) and Ricepaper to highlight, with some outer corner contour color like Romp or something similar- or if you have Tete a Tint you could use that as the main color and Honey and Expensive as secondaries, or you can just do a nice wash all over the lid with Honeylust and add Expensive in the outer corners. I usually use it with a bronzer and a gold/pink lip for sort of a Summery look.

    • Hey Whitney!

      It really depends about what color families you want or what you wear. Did you have any in mind? Then I can recommend a few for you :)

      Neutrals would go with all of your shadows – they go with everything, I swear! Some of my favorites are Ricepaper, Mulch, Soft Brown, and Shroom.

    • kellie

      hepcat goes really well w/ expensive pink. Woodwinked is my all time fav color. Goes well w/ tempting and retrospeck.

  7. Millie

    Hi, Christine! Can you tell us what your skincare routine is (what products) morning and evening? You give such good recs, so I’m dying to know what you use. Thanks!

    • Hi Millie,

      Cetaphil Cleanser
      MAC Moisturelush
      Whatever SPF I’m on (I use so many), or Dermalogica’s waterblock if I’m in a rush

      Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser
      MAC Moisturelush

      It’s a pretty minimal routine. I honestly don’t do much, and a lot of it is just that I’m always testing something new. Like right now I have an acne system I’m testing, a cleanser, an exfoliant, etc.

  8. Saura

    Hey I was just wondering how much make-up do you own? As in do you have a link to show your make-up collection :)

  9. Erin

    I already asked this in the forum, but… do I need Rubenesque? I’m lemming for it, but I have Perky, Amber Lights, Honeylust, Soba, Paradisco, Expensive Pink, All That Glitters, things like that already.

  10. Carrie

    Hi Christine!
    You take the best photos of your makeup, so I want to know, what exactly are your light sources and where are they placed relative to your face? I read your tut about photos, but I’m still having trouble figuring out the best place to stand relative to my lights in my apartment. It’s always too dim, or too many harsh shadows.

    • Hey Carrie! Honestly, I don’t have ANY specific light source or placement. I’ll take close-ups in the bathroom, the hallway, by the door… and the lighting and placement are different. My favorite photos were taken at my old apartment, where the lighting was primarily the result of recessed lighting that was similar to sunlight (they were quite bright and could warm a place up, LOL) and not fluorescent!

  11. Nell

    What would you think is the closest dupe of Marisheeno lipstick?
    Thank you, Christine!

    • Gosh, there is none really :( Like seriously, there’s no good dupe of it because for awhile, I was considering getting it custom replicated by 3CC, LOL.

  12. dyshaun

    Hi, I have been a quiet follower of your blog for a long time. I have perfected the art of eyes, thanks to you, but i am still not happy with my foundation. I have spent almost $200 in the last 2-3 months on various ones- all of them make me look “ashy”, expensive or not. I am Black so im sure that has something to do with it. My skintone is very similar to Beyonces, so i started to use L’Oreal True Match products- which i like, which just leave me sort of ashy. What am i doing wrong? My face like many other Black girls is weird in that my TZone is about 2 shades lighter than the rest of my face. A foundation that matches the darker portion of my face looks weird because my neck and chest area are 2 shades lighter! Help!

    • kaoru

      I’m not a WOC, but I do remember reading in a magazine once that in situations like that it’s better to get two foundations, one that matches the darker portion of your face, and one that matches the lighter portion. The suggestion said to put the foundation that’s the right choice on the correct part, and then blend the two together, to make a flawless transition between them.

      Sorry I can’t remember where the article was from.

      • dyshaun

        Excellent! I will def. try that! What about the ashy, dry look that i get? Any suggestions? and i use a really lightweight mosturizer because my skin is super oily everywhere except for the left/right area(s) of my chin. Go figure…

        • dee

          I’ve heard them say it’s because of an ingredient in the make up….one of those oxy words. I think you should go to maybe a Prescriptives or any kind of make-counter and let them know about the ashy thing that happens. It’s never happened to me(I’m Black too) but I know it still happens.

    • Hy Dyshaun!

      Are you using foundations that are pink-based? Usually the ashy look is because it is pink-based. I know that dark skin like yours really works better with yellow-based foundations. As for the shades issue, you may want to have two foundations (as painful as it sounds) so that you can cover appropriately. Some may be able to get away with using a shade in between the lightest and darkest and not look weird, though.

  13. Vee

    I’m in between a NW15-20, is there anyother way to lighten my NW20 without having to buy a 15?? It’s such a waster, especially with summer coming. I’m alot close the NW20 than NW15. Thanks!!!

  14. Sandy

    I hope these have not been asked before; if they have, I apologize for repeating:
    1. What kind of foundation and sunblock do you use in the summer? I live in Canada and while it’s exteremly cold in the winter, it’s humid as hell in the summer. I haven’t been able to find a foundation and sunblock that work for me. Or a foundation that does both…
    2. Which one of the upcoming MAC summer collections are you the most excited about and why?

    Thanks Christine

    • Hi Sandy!

      I personally use Studio Fix Fluid set with Loose Blot Powder for foundation year-round. Mineral foundation might be a better option in more humid climates, though! I vary my sunblock – I haven’t found any that I hate, LOL. I really like Dermalogica’s, though :)

      I’m most excited about Cool Heat, but those are colors I’m drawn to, though I probably have plenty colors similar to them already, LOL.

  15. lisalisa

    i would like to know what is the best eye makeup remover you could recommend. i have super sensitive eyelids and at times they have become irrated and felt raw when i (very gently) remove my eyemakeup

    also, i’m a NC45 and somewhat new to MAC…and i have never owned or tried on any msf’s, can u suggest any? will there be any msf’s in the upcoming collections?

    :) thanks

    • dee

      Hey we’re the same color :). I don’t own any msf, though. I do know that usually oil bases eye make-up removers are more gentle. I use Almay for when I’ve got on Fluidline and other immovable objects.

    • JK

      Have you tried oil-based eye makeup removers? They’re pretty effective on me without rubbing. Definitely something to do before washing your face, though.

      I use Almay’s moisturizing eye makeup remover pads–they’re very heavy duty, so they take off everything I’ve tried, including fluidlines, pretty much in one swipe. The drawback is that after I use them I pretty much look like I’ve been crying grease, which is why I always wash my face right after. But it is very effective.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Have you tried an oil-based remover? MAC has a Gentle-Off cleanser, I believe, that is oil-based and should be better for you!

      I haven’t seen any upcoming MSFs, actually, so I don’t know. You could try a natural MSF, probably in medium deep or deep!

      • lisalisa

        thanks Christine, dee, and JK

        i’ll definitely check out almay and give MAC Gentle-Off cleanser a try as well

        i’ll keep my fingers crossed and see which one works me for me


  16. melissa

    Just what is a mixing medium? And do I really need it? I have been lemming this for whatever reason…lol I don’t wear pigments all the time but I have started getting into them.

    Thank you

    • If you use pigments, it is really helpful, especially if you use them as a base or a lot of them. It helps them to adhere better to your lid – it’s like water with a gluey ingredient in it, so it feels like water, but it has some adhesive to it.

    • Erin

      You can see if you like it by using a mix of 1/3rd glycerine from the grocery store with 2/3rd water… bout the same formula as the mixing medium.

  17. Franny

    hey, i’m not sure if someone has asked this before but, how do u keep ur lips so soft? because whenever u post lipgloss or something they look so perfect n mine are always really dry…thanks franny

    • Hi Franny,

      I always have lip balm with me… so I always use that, even when I’m not wearing lipstick/gloss. I also exfoliate my lips twice a week, and I wear vaseline while I sleep!

    • Liz

      I LOVE MAC’s lip conditioner! I use it all throughout the day and at night. About three times a week I put it on my lips and rub my lips with a soft bristle toothbrush. Works like a charm!

  18. lucy

    what do you do when you feel ugly, insecure or self conscious?

  19. shelly singh

    i know that you applied to be a mac artist once or you were thinking about it. what happend with that? did you not get the job or did you change your mind or what? and also would you consider being one now?

    • To be honest, I did go to an interview one time, but afterwards, I spoke with the manager and declined right away — it’s not a job that I’m interested in. I’ve never really wanted to work for MAC at the retail level, but several people pushed for me to try at the very least. At one point I thought it might be fun, but I hate retail and what I love is helping others via the blog, not so much by putting makeup on others and that kind of thing.

  20. suparna

    when is your next live tutorial on you tube? we are eagerly waiting..

    • I don’t have any time available for at least the next three weeks, that much I know. It’s just something that I do spontaneously, not really set in a strict schedule :)

  21. Sash

    Hey Christine!
    How do you know what lipgloss/lipstick to use to compliment your color eyeshadow(s)?

  22. Sash

    …And, how do I go about mixing the water-base medium/mixing medium? Would I use like 5ml gycerin and 10ml water. I just want to make sure I’m getting the measurement right. I don’t to use too much or too little.

    • melissa

      I just watched a super easy video with Enkore on youtube…
      He used a cap on a water bottle and it went like this…
      One cap of gylcerin and 3 caps of water (purified) shake it around and seal it and it should last 2 weeks
      I am off to try it now.

      • Two weeks? I had no idea it only lasted that long!

        • I hadn’t heard of a use-by time of 2 weeks either… MAC’s mixing medium lasts virtually forever. I can see if you’re literally dipping your used brush time after time into it that you’ll want to change it out frequently, but otherwise, not so much…

          • melissa

            On his video he said that the homemade last a month but he suggest that you only keep it two weeks, since it doesn’t have preseravatives like MAC’s

          • Maddicted

            I think the resaon he gave a 2 week life span for the homemade mixing medium is because things actually begin to GROW in the solution after then. It happened to me, and is totally gross…looks like a mass of floaty moss. And my medium is in a bottle that I spray onto my brushes, so no dipping involved, yet the preservative-free solution is susceptible to all micro-organisms I guess.

      • Sash

        Oh, thanks for that! Do you have the link for that video?

    • I usually do 1 tablespoon glycerin, 3 tablespoons water. So it’d be 5ml glycerin, 15 ml water. :) You can really get away with 5ml and 10ml too, but I find it’s not necessary to have that much glycerin!

  23. tnguyen

    i hear bare minerals are bad for photography. is this true?

    • Christina

      I did wedding makeup and my client requested that I use bareMinerals. I was also a bit scared that the bride would be washed out from the flash (the ingredient mica tends to reflect flash photography, hence giving that “white-wash” look) BUT the photos came out wonderful! My trick was I used a LOT of 1/2 Mineral Veil, 1/2 Tinted Mineral Veil, in between each step, like after the foundation, after the blush and then a little more to set. I was very surprised with how it came out and the bride was thrilled.

    • Not necessarily. It may when it includes SPF15, and by that nature, any product with SPF in it on your face isn’t really great for photography. If you buff it in and layer with enough non-SPF products, you should probably be okay!

  24. Not sure if it’s too late to ask you this seeing as you’ve answered a bunch already! Do you have rule e/s and what do you put it with? and what’s your favourite highlighting e/s?

  25. marie

    do you still learn makeup techniques from anybody or anywhere? where did you orignially? do you watch any makeup videos on youtube? if yes, who? love you to death christine…thanks for everything sweetie.

    • To be honest, I can’t sit through a YouTube video to save my life. I get sooo bored. I just can’t sit still and watch a ten minute video, LOL. I would say these days I learn little tricks randomly, maybe through talking with artists backstage or through readers comments. I don’t do a lot of learning from others rather I continue to practice (and occasionally, I try to be “different”).

  26. lisa

    I am just getting over chicken pox:-( I have been left with some wonderfull scars:-( My question is what product do u recommend to hide the marks left and do u know of any product that would make the marks less obvious?

    • A creamy or thicker foundation, like Studio Tech, or even Dermablend (which is made for those with scars!) will help to hide the marks left. To make the marks less obvious, there are topical creams that your dermatologist can recommend to help lighten them, and regularly microdermabrasion/exfoliation can help, too.

  27. leslie

    Have you ever tried any of Sonia Kashuks’ lip glosses or the new lip balms she has? I was looking but i wasn’t sure of it.

    • I haven’t, but I did just get several Sonia Kashuk products, and I think there might be a gloss in there, so you can look for that in the future!

  28. Elle

    This is a really dumb question – but ok here goes, I wash my face twice a day and usually don’t put on makeup unless I’m going somewhere. Do you wash your face again before you apply makeup, esp if it’s like 5pm in the evening, then apply the whole she-bang (moisturizer, primer etc etc), or do you just work on your face that was washed in the morning? I would love to start from a fresh base, but I hate the idea of washing my face three times a day!

    I wear sunscreen too, so sometimes it’s a real hassle applying foundation over sunscreen – it gets flaky and obviously looks a little different in colour!

    • Carolyn

      If I can, I try and wash my face if I’m applying a full face of make-up.
      But usually, I’m pretty lazy and don’t do that. What I typically do is spritz my skin with a facial mist. Right now I’m loving Caudalie Grape Water. They typically come in aerosol cans so you get a cool, blast of freshening water/moisturizers which wakes your skin up. If your skin is greasy, you could probably just use a regular toner (on unmade-up skin) on a cotton ball. But I’d suggest something alcohol free, as sometimes those can strip even the oiliest of skins.

      That way after the facial mist you can start with primer, instead of doing the whole process. And if you already have make-up on, facial mists tend not to disrupt it, unless you’re someone who has to have a perfectly matte foundation. In which case you may feel compelled to powder afterwards.

      I also sometimes manage to reason with myself that if I use a make-up remover wipe before going to bed, it isn’t such a pain to wash my face midday.

    • Hi Elle,

      I usually wash in the AM & PM, but not during the day. If I really want to wear a certain look out, and I have the time, I will definitely start from scratch if I already wore makeup earlier that day. Ultimately, if I just have my base routine (moisturizer, powder, foundation), then I’ll work from there. About the foundation, that’s an interesting thing it does! Which one are you using? I’ve never experienced this!

  29. kellie

    What’s your favorite MAC foundation? Also, what’s your favorite mascara (any brand)? Thanks. Just found out about your site a couple months ago. I love it and it goes perfectly w/ my mac make-up addiction!!!

    • Studio Fix Fluid, hands down :) I adore the matte finish, the medium coverage, and just the feel. Plushlash by MAC is still my favorite!

      Thank you, Kellie!

  30. Sonia

    How do you pay for your college and your personal expenses?

  31. Stephanie

    What upcoming makeup collections (MAC or otherwise) are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

    • pquanda

      I think this was asked a little bit earlier, I was also wondering the same thing! I think she replied that it was Cool Heat – I’m excited for that collection! What about you?

    • Hi Stephanie! Cool Heat is my favorite :) The colors are just gorgeous!

  32. Mary

    I have MAC eye shadow Idol eyes– what eye shadows would you pair with it?
    Also I have Tilt– what other eyes hadows would you pair with that?

  33. Calico

    I think you should be interviewed on Oprah, you’re an inspiration and an amazing source for full on detailed information, and sooo helpful! Your living your passion, and making it work for you, and i really admire that!
    Thanks again…
    Gonna go play makeup now :-)

  34. Calico

    OH! Sorry, wanted to ask. Where do you get the pallettes for the eyeshadow from? My MAC store doesnt seem to offer it, can one buy online?


    • The palettes are available at PRO stores- but don’t worry, there are tons of sites that sell good ones that fit MAC shadows, some of them are cheaper and more durable. I’ll try to find a link to one in a bit if I can.

    • You have to ask for them at freestanding MAC stores (not counters), though should have them!

  35. Christine B

    Which were your favorite shades of the Dazzleglasses you got?

  36. ashley

    I know you like Dermalogica’s sunscreen.
    But what other brands would you recomend. I have oily skin and i find alot of sunscreens feel to heavy under my studio fix?

    any recomendations would be great.

  37. Stephanie

    What do you think about fiber mascara? Such as Imju’s Fiberwig. I have pretty long lashes already, but it might be fun to pump in some volume or look a little more dramatic. I just have a feeling that the fibers would come off or something.

    • Pquanda

      I love these mascaras!! Imju Fiberwig is my HG, I order 6 at a time from Sasa and have them sent to me. The fibers seem like they would come off or be very vulnerable to heat, sweat, or water, but they really aren’t. They hold up better than normal mascara! I fall asleep (whoops!) with it on and I wake up to smudge proof, still perfectly curled, long lashes..and that’s with my eyelashes being pushed up against a pillow!

    • Hi Stephanie! I tried it in-store once, and I didn’t really LOVE it. I didn’t see anything I didn’t get from my other mascara (Plushlash).

  38. Poconos15

    Hey there! I was wondering if you new of any good dupes for Neutral Pink & Dark Edge from the N Collection…of course I missed out on these LE shadows too. TIA!!

  39. lala

    Hi my eyelids are becoming more and more sensitive. I’m wondering should I be using a specific e/s with certain type of finish?. example VP…or should I use pigments?? Thanks.

    • Hey Lala!

      Could it be some product that you’re using that’s causing this? Are you using any anti-aging products on your eyes? Sometimes that might make your eyelid smore sensitive.

  40. lalie

    Can u suggest a good concealer that provides medium to full coverage for south-east asian (indian) skin that doesn’t cause breakouts..

    Thanks a bunch

    • Pquanda

      I’m Indian and use the MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 in NW35, I like it a lot, and it has a lot of coverage. You may also want to try select moisture cover.

    • Hi Lalie,

      Have you tried MAC Select Cover-Up? Make Up Forever has a nice one, too, I think it’s the lift concealer?

  41. Calico

    What do you think of Kryolan? Is it better the Urban Decay? BAsically where does it sit on your list of must haves.
    I see its VERY available in my country (which is a shocker!)
    So im wondering if its worth while trying ot if im wasting my money. The site looked dodgy but i have heard some raves…
    You know best…

    • Pia

      kryolan?Definitely yes. in indonesia, almost ALL make up artists I know swear by the brand, especially the cream foundation (it comes in a tint) for a full coverage that stays on. I love the eye shadow and the blush palettes. The colors are fab and pigmented. go buy!

    • I love Kryolan! I think they’re a fantastic and very much underrated brand. I think a lot of it has to do with the limited availability (you just don’t see it in stores or anything). It’s actually fabulous quality and everything. I visited their location in San Francisco and got an little insider’s tour. Yes, their site could use a bit of a revamp, LOL, but they’re an established brand that’s used worldwide.

    • Calico

      Yay! thanks guys! Any recommended colours or anything would be gr8 since im getting online and have never seen their stuff..
      cannot wait to try it!

  42. Liz

    I recently bought Aquadisac, Swimming and Green Smoke for no other reason than I thought they were beautiful shades! Any suggestions for what I can do with them? I already have quite a bit of blue, green and neutral shades to work with.Thanks!!

    • You can wear them together first of all! 😀

      I also love Swimming with Greensmoke for a smoky eye. Aquadisiac is really fun with colors like Freshwater and Stars ‘N Rockets.

  43. melissa

    Is pink swoon a must have I am nw20/25 and looking for the pefect pink blush!

  44. farrahraine

    What is a good sub for Romping? I need a great shimmery, iridecent hot pink. Any one have a extra Romping they would be intrested in selling?

  45. roxzen

    I’d like to ask how do we do nude lips like hollywood stars?

    and what brand do you suggest will give us the closest look?
    I’ve very red lips therefore I think nude gloss is not enough…

    • Calico

      have this same problem, im NC20, and want them as light as possible, without looking like Abba

    • Hey Roxzen! Try using foundation over your lips or a product like Prep + Prime for Lips, which will help neutralize the pigmentation in your lips. You can use a nude lipstick and then top with gloss, too.

  46. anshu

    any one used sonia kashuk’s highlighting(skunk) brush??does it match to mac 187?and where is it available?

    • It’s not a bad alternative, Anshu, especially if you can’t afford the 187. I do find that higher end brushes are softer, but Sonia Kashuk brushes are pretty good for their price!

  47. Arika BH

    what do you guys think of the new UD mineral pot loose shadows? i swatched them at Ulta and the color is beautiful rich and shimmery, but they are $20. the same price as MAC piggies but you get way less. UD is .o3oz and MAC is.26oz so i’m thinking it’s not worth the price but some of the colors are gorgeous. what would be good dupes for their shades with MAC? i’m most lusting over Shattered, a bright blue with green shift. Graffitti a bright green. Asphixia, a bright purple with pink shift.

    • I haven’t tried the loose pot shadows, but I did try their pigments in a stick or something? LOL. It was kind of lose, but came with a brush applicator. They had great pigmentation!

  48. Arika BH

    i just bought bitter eyeshadow and i want to wear it as an eyeliner for a spring/summer look. what blush and lip look should i rock with it? i’m a dark haired latina with a slight tan.

  49. Angelica

    What do you suggest as a fix for a loose ferrule and handle for makeup brushes? I have some old brushes that are starting to become wobbly and I would love to fix them before they fall apart completely.

    • Hi Angelica!

      Hm, have you tried to turn them so they’ll be less loose? If that doesn’t work, you may want to try squeezing some glue into it to prevent the wobbliness (or even inserting a layer or two of paper/tissue to keep it from wobbling further).

  50. Agnes

    Hi Christine,i’ve been observing your make up, you are really good, how can i get mac proffessional palletes, and also be a member,considering i live and work in Nigeria, i would really appreciate it.thanks