Friday, December 7th, 2012

Long-time readers may remember that from time to time, I would hold “Ask Temptalia” sessions, which were open Q&A sessions where I would take questions from readers about all sorts of things–from blogging to recommendations to dupes to education and everything in-between.  It’s a great way for me to interact with readers on one-on-one basis, answer any questions you may have, and the like.  I’ll keep this post open and answer any questions for a few hours tonight :)  I also encourage readers to chime in with an answer of their own!

Edit at 9:47 AM PST: Thanks for an amazing Q&A session! I’ve answered all outstanding questions and have closed the post to comments, but you can still read them! :)

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307 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia – 2012 Edition

  1. rena

    Hi Christine,
    I always worry about foundations with SPF and how they look on photos. It seems like every foundation out there has some SPF in them, except for the MUFE HD foundation, any thoughts or suggestions?

    • As long as you avoid foundation with physical sunscreens, you should be OK, because physical ones reflect light. I use Guerlain Parure Gold and MUFE HD for photography!

  2. Doll

    Hi Christine! What do you think of the new Guerlain Parure de Lumiere foundation? Does it have a light or more of a medium coverage? In your opinion how does it look on photos? I’m on the hunt for a great foundation, that still looks natural enough in daylight but also photographs beautifuly. Thanks!

    • Hi Doll,

      I’m not comfortable rendering a review for it yet, as I have not tested it enough! Sorry!

      MUFE HD fits those requirements – natural, photographs well!

  3. Hani

    Do you ever rereview products?
    If you do, when do you rereview products?

  4. Raquel

    Hi Christine! Would you consider adding more options in the swatch gallery tool? i would found very useful to have options like “permanent” or “temporary” (since i fell in love with a lot of MAC lipsticks which i cant have anymore, i rather see sometimes only the products available on a permanent range!) or even “low-to-high” and “high-to-low” price options!

    • We are working on it – it has to be completely redone, so it’s not something we can just turn on with a flick of a switch. We’ve been working on expanding that feature for several months now but aren’t ready to release anything! Sorry! :(

  5. Frou

    Hi Christine! I’m a high schooler who is obsessed with makeup, and, although I’m not sure if I’ll be pursuing cosmetology as a career, I’d really like to take a course to learn more about the artistry and application of makeup. Aside from the Makeup 101 classes, there are a million others to choose from – What kinds of courses do you think are the most interesting and beneficial?

    • I’m not very familiar with what kind of courses are available since I’ve never researched cosmetology or gone to a school for it! I would say something like theatrical or costume makeup? It’s probably wise to take a contract/business course to understand how to run and work as a makeup artist!

  6. Mary Beth

    Hi, Christine!

    First of all, I check your blog every day (sometimes multiple times throughout the day!). The posts are always visual and very informative, and your analysis is great! :-)

    My question is…I have been contemplating starting my own makeup blog. Where should I begin?

    • Thank you!

      Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, because the niche is very, very, very saturated. I’m actually not trying to discourage anyone, I just want people to be realistic. So long as you start because you love it, it will work out. Aside from that, you’ll want to figure out where to host and run your blog from. Depending on how tech savvy you are, you might want to get a ________ for Dummies book! I recommend WordPress, which is harder to use initially than Blogger, but everyone I know has always migrated from Blogger to WordPress when they’ve become more successful.

  7. Patricia Souza

    Dear Christine, it is so amazing that you take this time to answer our questions! I really admire you! I would like to ask you if you ever had any experience (or would be willing to ) with Brazilian makeup Brands, such as O Boticário, Natura, Quem disse Berenice?, Contém 1g, Duda Molinos…? Ever heard of them? =)

    • I think I’ve only come across maybe one Brazilian brand, which was a nail polish, and even that I’m not 100% certain on. I have heard of the brands, but I haven’t tried them!

  8. Claudia

    I have a pretty dark lipline that makes it hard to wear even bolder lipsticks without it showing through. I was wondering if you had any tips on this issue. I’ve tried dabbing on a bit of concealer, but my lips are too dry for this method. I’ve used my regular concealer for this, but do you have any suggestions on a concealer that is more preferable? Thank you, Christine! I’m a HUGE fan of your blog!

    • Have you tried patting your foundation on? Well, assuming you wear liquid. I find liquid foundation is more comfortable on lips that way. Otherwise, I’d recommend using a lip liner! :) You might like MAC Prep + Prime Lip.

      Thank you!

  9. Natalie Korolevsky

    If you could design a nail polish or make up collection based on any television show, which one would you pick and why?

  10. Desiree

    Hi Christine!
    First of all I want to say how much I love your blog, I’ve found so many different makeup looks that I would have never thought to have tried. My only question is about nail polish, I’ve noticed you don’t review OPI, just curious as to why?

  11. Charlotte

    Hi Christine! I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder and shop frequently at makeup counters and stores. But for all my perusing, I have yet to find a duplicate for Rock & Republic Bedroom blush. It’s the warm guava pink matte color that compliments my olive skin. Any recommendations?

  12. Nadine

    Hi Christine! First off, thank you so much for always updating the site! It’s really helpful to all the people (myself included) who come here to look for something new and to confirm whether a product is good or not :)

    Anyway, pardon my curiosity, but I have 2 questions for you:

    1) What do you do with all the make-up that you have, especially the ones that you’ve only tested and don’t plan on personally using? Do you give them away?
    2) I understand that you work on 70 hours a week on average. Do all those work hours pertain to maintaining Temptalia (like testing products and making posts and uploading)? Sorry, I’m just really curious! :)

    Thanks! More power! :)

    Nadine :)

    • Hi Nadine!

      1.) I keep what I think I might need or re-use in the future (I have all these grand ideas and plans and no time to accomplish them!). Otherwise, I donate what I can to a local legal aid group that provides representation and legal advice for victims of domestic violence.

      2.) Yes, 70 hours is related to Temptalia in some way – from writing, testing, email, working with brands, replying to comments, planning, etc. I think this week I spent three days where I mostly just trying to get through my backlog of email!

      Thank you!

  13. What’s going on with your newsletter? I subscribed but haven’t received it for a while – is it on hiatus? Or do I need to resubscribe?

  14. Linn

    Hi Christine! How fun this is! I can’t wait to hear more about you. I have three questions/issues that are all intertwined and I hope you will take the time to answer them.

    I’m wondering about what your thoughts about the consumption society is, and what consumption in the Western world might mean in terms of maintaining the imbalance in the world.

    Also wondering, do you ever research products or companies and their policys? I’m thinking since you have such a big blog, your opinions would probably make a difference if you started to empower the voices of those who manufacture all these cosmetics.

    Do you ever think about your consumption? Please feel my friendly and curious approach to your view on this. I’m not asking to make you feel bad or anything like that, I’m just curious about what your view on this might be. Take care! Looking forward to your answers (to all these questions!). All the best!

    • Hi Linn,

      I prefer to keep my social/political beliefs separate from the blog, so I generally do not make social, political, etc. commentary on brands, their products, or their policies. Temptalia, like makeup in general, is an escape from the “real world,” so I like to keep it that way for both myself as well as readers. :) The rare instance usually relates to a specific incident and ethics or is a discussion post inviting readers to share thoughts but not for me to – I prefer to be the moderator, because my non-makeup opinions should not define the blog or its readership.

      Sure, I do – I don’t think one can enjoy the privileges without also appreciating and understanding where they came from!

  15. Alison

    Will Shaun be writing any more articles/reviews? I know its silly, but I think its a fun element of Temptalia that occasionally, your Tech Guy makes a cameo. It makes me think of Tabs on MBB modelling, or if “El Hub” were to do it. Its a nice personal touch, and I think its great!

  16. Alison

    Also – I love antique gold and charcoal gray! I notice we have the same sort of skin, and what looks good on me also suits you, so I’m wondering – do you have any favourite charcoal gray products?

    I have Dragon, by the way – both my Mum and I love it. I even sometimes wear it around the house – just to feel on top of my game!

  17. Lindsay

    Hopefully I get this in in time, but I understand if not. :)

    I’d love to get a clear lip liner without breaking the bank. Are there any drugstore (or at thar price point) clear lip liners you’d recommend or suggest?

    Also, I know you’ve had contributors in the past. What I think would be amazing is having different people post techniques, etc. for specific features or whatnot (like finding darker foundations with the right undertones or how to work with what you can find, different eyeshadow techniques for different eye/lid shapes, etc). What do you think? Yknow, since you don’t have enough on your plate already, haha! :)

  18. Katrina

    Hi Christine! Love the blog. I was wondering, as I’ve started to hit the later half of my twenties I have developed substantial fine lines under my eyes (I’m pretty pale NW15 or less so sun has not been my friend). Do you think there is an under-eye concealer that is better for people as they develop fine lines in this area? If so, which one? I find that most want to settle into the lines which is even more aging. Is this a technique issue instead of a quality product issue instead? If so, should I just continue my practice of applying the concealer to the non-lined areas?

    • It might be your application. You want to apply thin layers and help it set before it has a change to settle into lines. There are definitely products more prone to do so than others, but I’d probably try to work on application. These would be my tips:

      1.) Pat lightly, blend with a fluffy brush (I use MAC’s 217)
      2.) Thin layers
      3.) Set with translucent powder
      4.) Mix with eye cream/moisturizer

  19. reena

    Hi Christine
    i have dry skin, so foundation seems to cake on me. do u have any foundation recommendations for dry skin?
    also, i really like estee lauder double wear, will a good cream work as a good base for foundation? to help me with the dryness?


    • You could mix your foundation with your regular moisturizer OR you could spritz a little water on your brush as you apply foundation – both give it more slip so it applies better over dry skin!