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I want to try more, in terms of different things rather than number. Shades I’ve never tried, products I haven’t looked into, etc. There’s a lot out there, and I think I’m in a small rut. I know what I like, and that’s good, but exploring can lead to new favorites!

I’m going to only buy products I *really* want, and stick to a list. I’m also going to allow myself a set amount of cash each month, and what I don’t spend will roll over. This way, I’ll curb my impulse buying a bit-hopefully… I plan to start in February, though, as I’m really considering the LORAC Pro palette my next trip to the mall.

In past years, I’ve made beauty resolutions (gloss out, project ten pan)… I’m not making any personal beauty resolutions this year (though I probably will do a project ten pan at some point), aside from just continuing to really use and enjoy what I own rather than buy buy buy. I think starting my own blog has been helpful on that front, because with each product review, you’re really focusing on using and assessing the product… being broke ‘helped’ too 😉 But my beauty resolutions are all related to my blog – writing more efficiently, experimenting with different types of posts, figuring out an ideal lighting setup, getting the forum up, etc.

Finish or hit pan on half of my makeup, buy more efficiently, dare to try more looks, improve my makeup skills, stop compulsively buying, buy more clothes that fit me, dare to wear my own style.

Wear more make-up, even if it’s just for practice! Also, start budgeting my make-up purchases properly — This one is going to be harder than the former. x_X

Xamyx, I really like the monthly budget that rolls over idea. I started that partway through this year and it was a really good exercise in deciding what I really wanted. It was always ‘do I buy this stuff now or save up and spurge in a few months time?’.

My aim (at least until September) is to buy only what I absolutely need! No if’s, no but’s, no ‘it’s new!’, no ‘that might be better for my skin’. Also finishing as many products as I can, to help that goal along. I’m hopefully going on exchange in September to Canada and the US, so the money saving is important, but I also know I’ll fail at point number one while I’m there, so if I can clear out as much space as possibly, I won’t feel so guilty when I stock up on new stuff!

I also want to cement a set of essential products, partly so I know what to bring with me on exchange. As much as I don’t want to get stuck in a style rut, I’d much rather minimise my selection that waste money expanding it just to try things out.

Oh, and I desperately need to organise my makeup properly (and find a way to do so that costs next to nothing)!

I’m making the same one I made last year…stop buying so much makeup!! I’m trying to use products I already have. Much of it has been sitting in my collection for a while, totally neglected. My resolution is to stop buying so much, use what I have and put the saved money away. I’m planning to return to school to finish my degree in 2013 (finally!!) and the extra money could really come in handy.

I recently reorganized my collection and vanity and doing a little rough math in my head, I was actually blown away by just how much was spent over the last few years!

Hopefully 2013 works out better than 2012 did 😛

Oh, I forgot. Be consistent with my skincare, too! I try so many new products that my skin doesn’t really have time to adjust. About two months ago, I started a more consistent regimen and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. It’s calmer, clearer and I think happier! Continuing that is my other beauty resolution! 🙂

My new years resolution is to FINISH my skin care products or any makeup product for that matter before buying more and more.

Hi, Christine,
this is not a resolution but a comment on yours.
I think you are doing an absolutely amazing job already.
Yours is the best beauty blog. Plenty of in-depth reviews, honest opinions, superb pictures, etc.
It must involve an incredible amount of time, and I cannot fathom how you had time to finish your studies and plan a wedding with all this.
So, thanks for a year of very enjoyable reading!

Use up all my beauty products before I buy any more makeup!!! I should put myself on a no-buy makeup ban! There’s too much stuff going to waste because this year so many great products came out and I got got all googly eyes and buy, buy, buy. Okay, No new makeup buys in 2013! (How long will I last?)

Yep. Stop reading this blog so I won’t want to buy any more makeup!! 🙂 Ah no i’ll keep reading the blog but I”m really gonna try not buy makeup unless I run out of something that I need.

Yes I am! I’m planning on expirimenting with make up colors, and getting healthy…. Just today went grocery shopping for some better food choices, and planning to work out more

buy less. a lot less. use up what i have. i have so many dupes of the same shades, it’s ridiculous. i also want to be a lot smarter about what i buy and focus more on skincare. i’m turning 30 next year and need to find the best and most effective skin care. i’m not about to have a wrinklely ass face by my mid 30s like some of my cousins because they were just so damn cheap that they wouldn’t invest in any sort of skin care, drugstore or high end.

I only want to buy 10 makeup items per month. At the moment, I buy about 20 per month.
It’s not that I can’t afford it, but in my job I can’t wear eyeshadow and lipstick, so many of my color cosmetics only get use on weekends.
Plus, I want to reduce my blush stash.

To only purchase products I really love and will want to use regularly!

To do this I created an Excel file with all the beauty/skin care/hair care products I own. I assessed how much and why I do/don’t enjoy each of them. That way I am hoping to find the magical combination to what makes me want to use and even repurchase certain products 😉

First off I just want to say that your resolution totally benefits all of us 🙂 You’re awesome Christine and I think I can speak for everyone that visits Temptalia.com when I say that we appreciate all that you do to help us looking beautiful!

My beauty resolution this year is definitely to use up some product! I have “hoarded” quite a bit and really need to use some of it up before I buy more. It’s so hard though, when there are so many “limited edition” items I feel like I just HAVE to go get it!

Maybe I will only buy if it has an A+ grade 🙂

Get better at using makeup. I’d just like to be confident in my skills rather than worrying it looks garish. Also no more eye shadows! Though I’m going to try one Nars product, then no more.

Probably not what I should be posting on a makeup blog but my resolution is to buy less and use more of what I have. Honestly, every single one of my eye shadows looks brand new…that’s how little they get used. I’ve a lot of makeup that I really love but keep buying more and putting aside “last week’s love” and, as I’ve said here before, the mental clutter of it all is sort of overwhelming me. Of course, I keep saying this and then I see something new and – BAM – it’s in my bag and on the way home with me. I am weak! I hope to be a bit stronger!

I have two… the first is to find a great skincare routine so I’m trying out the oil cleansing method for a while. And second, I’m doing my cousin’s wedding makeup in June so I need to brush up on my skills before then.

Happy New Year everyone!

I plan to use more lipsticks, because I bought about 7 new ones, but finished none. I have to work on that.
I hope to find another Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows by Armani, who I can wear everyday and don’t buy too many new eye shadows.

I think I will do another project 3 lips, or project 5 lips to reduce my lip products. This year I started to set monthly goals what to buy and how many products to finish. This worked pretty well for the last month. I hope do continue that in 2013.

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