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Profile photo of Terra

I think I’m going to cool it on eyeshadow palletes for a while since I haven’t been too thrilled with quality. I really want to condense stuff into Z palletes and focus on singles.

Profile photo of Nancy T

Even though I don’t make New Years resolutions, I do know that I have to seriously limit my spending this next year as I do want to move next year. But unfortunately for me, I have all the self-control of a Tazmsnian Devil on speed when it comes to conscientious budgeting vs. rabbid shoppaholicism! Oddly enough, I’m not even materialistic, though. Just towards Sephora, MAC, Colourpop, Ulta…😳

I feel the same way Nancy. My living room furniture is mismatched as are all the dishes in my kitchen cabinets, but I can’t stay away from the exact same retailers you mentioned. 😣 I’m going to try to go on a low buy because realistically I can’t quit cold turkey. I think the most important thing for me is to not fall for all the hype of any particular product. I also need to stop collecting samples. I have way too many.😔

Profile photo of Nancy T

Yep, the hype and the FOMO are what have been difficult to resist for me too, Angie. In fact, I stupidly went out on a rainy night last night to get the KVD Alchemist palette, rationalizing it by telling myself that I also needed my eye cream and a UD Eden PP. The struggle is very real!

Profile photo of Pearl

I don’t think I’m going to do any this time around. I think I’m just going to coast and keep up what I did last year (rotate, purge, buy quality not quantity, organize). I’ve got a good thing going and if it ain’t broke . . . 🙂

Profile photo of Pearl

ETA: Not a resolution (which I equate with serious, diligent effort) but a goal (which is more of an attempt or a trial and could be enjoyable) – Bi-monthly shellac manicures!

I just got a shellac manicure which I guess is different than a gel manicure? Gel manicures always lifted on me after a week so I stop getting them. Apparently this is different, or at least the way the manicurist did it was different, she called it a dry manicure. She buffed my nails with a buffer scrapey thing, did the shellacking first, then cut my cuticles, then the lotion-hand massage but she never soaked my hand/nails in water like a normal manicure and she said that hydrating the nails like that could have been why the gel was peeling/lifting. I loved it! I asked her about removal because I was a little worried about the acetone soak to get the gel off and she said that she just puts a tiny square (she showed me them) on top of the nail, 2 drops of acetone and then foil wraps it and by the time she’s done wrapping all the nails, she can scrape off the old shellac off with an orange stick/cuticle pusher, no drilling or filing necessary, just buffing again. She doesn’t even own a drill so any buffing is done with those little scrapey buffers. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this wears (hopefully no lifting or peeling) and if it wears solid for the next 2 weeks, I am so getting this done on the regular!

I haven’t made a resolution about makeup ever but this year I am going to try to cut back on purchasing makeup based on hype. I want to try and limit my spending to those things that will work for my daughter and myself and that score well here on Temptalia. I have so much makeup and while I am realistic and realize that I am not going to stop purchasing makeup altogether I want it to be makeup that works well and looks good. So, a low buy for this year!

Profile photo of Roxi

I am not one to make any definitive resolutions, but I hope I will have less phases with buying stuff. It seems like I’m just finding things to be obsessed with nonstop; one month is eyeshadow palettes and z palettes, another month blushes, another eyeliners, finishing powders, highlighters, oh and I had a summer fling with brushes… I do feel good when I’m playing with my collection, but I’m hoping this compulsion of having to have endless choices for every single category of makeup can go away next year. And maybe, i could just find more holy grail ‘basic’ products that I can be loyal to (e.g., foundation, concealer, mascara, liquid eyeliner), to avoid opening 374848958 products at the same time to try out.

Following my comment about 2016’s resolution: I don’t want to buy any new foundation (in the first half of 2017); I just NEED to use up a foundation in my stash

Also I would like to never buy youtube brands makeup in 2017 (anything but makeup geek, but I’ve gotten enough makeup geek in my collection too). I don’t have any good words to say about internet companies that are involved in covert advertising, youtubers drama, or scandals. I regret ever spending my money on morphe and ofra this year. (I honestly think the popular youtubers shilling / marketing model should be named “The Morphe Scheme”). May my 2017 be so prosperous that I can just buy tom fords and guerlains and whatnot and get as much distance from these youtube brands as I can.

Regarding skincare, my resolution is to never order any j-beauty, k-beauty or t-beauty products again. Ive probably spent thousands of euros on so many of them, but I don’t particularly like any that I’ve tried. (My biggest disappointments this year include Sulwhasoo and Cosme Decorte). I will continue using sheet masks (because I still have hundreds left), but no, I’m not going to buy them again. Its better to stick to brands I can have easy access to, as im a firm believer in having skincare staples and sticking to them. There’s too much fragrance and alcohol in most popular Asian products anyway. Affordable sheet masks have been controversial in Asia as well – they have questionable ingredients, and many say the costs are just way too low for actually beneficial properties. In recent years, I’ve also discovered how much sponsorship that there is from Asian shopping sites to Asian bloggers, it makes me always question if I am getting the legit things. Even amazon has fakes too so it’s really risky. Plus I always get taxed for parcels outside of EU… its just not worth it anymore and I don’t want to place any more orders in 2017!

PS, I know many people (outside of Asia too) love Banila Co Clean It Zero cleansing balm. It contains microbeads deceptively (because it’s not a scrubbing product and you don’t feel it), and it’s bad for the environment! Don’t buy it, just don’t. Clinique’s take the day off balm is fab, and Biotherm has also come up with a cleansing balm that is cheaper than Clinique and softer in texture too.

Profile photo of ouineque

Improve my skills!
And work with what I have instead of being greeding and wanting more new, shiny, expensive and inaccessible things. To help me with this I want to try out something: next year I allow myself to buy one luxurious, expensive beautiful lipstick, one eyeshadow quad (or sext: Viseart might launch another series of Theory Palettes… 🙂 ) and one brush or another thing that might come up. (Work horese products like primer or powder or concealer do not count in this challenge, if I need those I will purchase them.) 💪
Ow… now that I wrote this I have to do it! I might gonna ask for help girls! 😃

Profile photo of Linda

*Keep up the good work, Christine! High standards keep us going, but can also create a prison of the mind. Do what you can, and know we appreciate it all.* 🙂

For me, 2017 will continue to be about quality vs. quantity and need vs. want. I have just about everything my stash needs right now and it’s dialed in to my liking.

The brushes have been culled, and between my new purchases and some oldies but goodies that section is settled.

Here are the few things I will be considering. Other than this, I think it will be a low buy year.

1. could use a new blush treatment or two. That is a hole in my holdings I’d like to fill. I tried the Kevin Aucoin Neo Bronzer/Blush product yesterday in Bloomies. I loved it. My husband remarked on it when I got home. I think that might be a buy.

2. I’d like to know if the CT Colour Chameleon eye pencils would be helpful for when I’m in a super rush in the morning. (Anyone?) I’ll check those out (Amber Haze and Dark Pearl) and decide.

Having too much stuff stresses me out. Looking at product after product I spend money on and don’t use stresses me out. Keeping things to a dull roar is helpful to my psyche and helps me from getting confused. Creature of habit here who gets overwhelmed by too much! 🙂

Yes, CT color chameleons will help you get out the door quickly, but the wear is terrible. They disappear quickly. If you want quick but with amazing wear, go for the By Terry Ombré Blackstars. Price point is higher but they are sooooo much better!

Like a lot of others, I want to buy less but use more of what I already have. I’d like to concentrate more on skin care and less on makeup. Realize that some colors and some brands are never ever ever ever going to work for me (orange-ish lipsticks and e.l.f., I’m lookin’ at you). Less shimmer and no glitter, more matte. Cuticle cream EVERY DAY.

Spend less and focus more! Still thinking through the main steps, but will be something like a specific tight beauty budget; some cool down period on discretionary items; use up strategies. I’m going to allow myself to explore skin care though; have been in this phase for the last couple of months and it’s paying off.

Profile photo of Stephanie G

I am going to be way more careful about what I buy, because giving myself permission to buy what I wanted for a while came back to bite me in the butt this year due to some craziness that I am not comfortable describing on a public forum – suffice to say that some big changes have taken place in the last few months that were 100% necessary, but have had a negative impact on my disposable income.

I don’t know that buying less makeup would have made a huge difference, but it couldn’t have hurt…and it won’t hurt now. Also, I have too many dupes and too many things I don’t use enough to justify the money I spent on them.

I would also like to hit pan on some of my eye palettes and use up all of certain staple products before buying anything new, and be a little more willing to return foundation that doesn’t work for me. That way, I won’t get stuck trying to salvage a foundation that’s too matte or too greasy or makes me look like I’m 30 years older and on drugs…or that I just don’t like.

Buy less, use more. Less reliance on Sephora and Ulta. Finish off brushes. Need to up my concealer/corrector/brightener game, for a very odd reason. When I graduated out of bifocals to a strictly distance script, much of the time I cannot wear glasses at all. Worn glasses since before JFK was assassinated, so no glasses in public is very odd. Gotta tame those circles more effectively. Prob will need to wear true foundation more often, too, same reason. That’s a real issue for my reactions. Think it’s down to KGD 02 or 013: is that the next darker cool shade? They both kind of work. I want to vow to be neither rouge nor platinum this year. (Well, for 2018, anyway…) Rouge conveys no benefit, when you can sign up for free shipping at a tiny fee. And, unless you get Ulta credit, I believe there’s no free shipping. Try to buy NOTHING that I have 2 dupes or greater. And, aside from the shades I deselect, I usually do, at times five dupes. So, why the annoyance over Taraji? I know I have at least 4. Let it go. Most people would not even see the differences…

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