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No, I don’t think I have any brand loyalty. Initially, sure, I was using about 99% MAC products, but the brand is such a perfect gateway drug–the price point is less than other high end brands but you get the same “experience” of the store/counter, range of products, etc. Plus, with something new rolling out every few weeks, you never have time to go anywhere else! Since I started blogging, though, that has all gone out the window, and it’s given me a better appreciation of what goes into good/bad products and what works and doesn’t work.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I’m pretty loyal to MAC but only face products because of my sensitive skin and lip products, but as far as eye products I pretty much move around from UD, Fyrinnae, and KVD.

I’m fiercely devoted to Urban Decay. I’m into makeup for the color, and I don’t think anyone else does it as well. But they have misses, too (I don’t like their foundations, for example, and they haven’t done a really good lip gloss since the gunks got discontinued), and besides, there’s too much to explore to only use one brand.

Faced with two similar products, though, I’ll pick the UD every time.

I may be the weirdo here, but I have yet to be wow’d by mac. Everything I’ve tried from them has been mediocre. I really like Paul&Joe for their eyeshadows and Becca for skin products (blushes, highlighters ect).

I kind of agree wtih you! I like MAC well enough to check out their collections regularly for unique shades or products, but as far as the quality goes, they’re good but certainly not the best in my book. I prefer Urban Decay and even Rock & Republic eyeshadows and Revlon, Chanel or Rock & Republic lipglosses to MAC’s lipglasses. Also, Laura Mercier and Chanel provide foundations that far exceed MAC’s range. One thing I will say MAC has that ranks highly on my list are their lipsticks. But yes, I’ll go so far as to say MAC is slightly overrated. As one YouTuber said (I forget who!), MAC has sort of become almost a “status symbol” in the makeup community, and it’s not completely warranted.

I agree with what you said about MAC, I like some of their stuff but I can’t get into the hype. I love the lipstick I have as well as my 3 blushes but I don’t really find myself ever crazy about anything.

I think you can say that about a lot of things in the makeup community. For example, I have seen *so many* makeup amateurs who preach and preach and preach about makeup brushes! Makeup brushes are so great, but it’s definitely useful to know how to use your fingers or a sponge.
I really like MAC for their eyeshadows, liquid liner, and lipstick, but I hate their foundation. And, like I say whenever relevant, I don’t like UD. I think they’re more overrated than MAC.

When it comes to eyeshadows and eyeliners I absolutely love Urban Decay. I just really vibe with their products. The colors and pigmentation is absolutely awesome to me. Colors like Woodstock, Aquarius, Baked, and my all time favorite and first love Flash is why I keep coming back to this brand. There are always other brands that catch my eye but Urban Decay is definitely the one for me!

Loyal for a quick 5 minutes. I buy what is the latest when the new brand first comes out, but once the “new ness” wears away, I fish another new brand. And the saddest part is that if I see someone with a particular brand or a pretty container, I must get that exact same item the very next day when I was in high school…..Now, I just go to Temptalia and see what is the latest that tempt my eyes.

I use a lot of Merle Norman’s products. Their skin care has completely changed the way my skin looks and their Lasting Foundation lasts foreverrrr and plus it is matte. It looks amazing!

No, I usually stick with MAC or Chanel, but I’ll go somewhere else if there’s something I want. Although lately I mostly just want Chanel. šŸ™‚ But it’s not like, “I must be only a Chanel girl!” I just happen to like their products.

As a make-up beginner (1 year or so) I am still finding the brands I love most but so far Benefit has been my favorite! I fell in love with the brand when I saw the minis on Sephora!

Not at all. I’m not a brand snob at all & my wallet thanks me! Although I am partial to Bobbi Brown’s lipsticks & gel liners.

I am 90% to MAC, I love their products mostly the basic permanent line, but because there is no MAC where I live I stray from it and I buy Bourjois, MUFE, Bobbi Brown and some Lancome and Dior.
I believe Dior is really expensive as you pay more for the name so I try to avoid it.
I get Lancome mascaras religiously and I got Shiseido SPF pressed powder.
I try to buy what I need from MAC when I got to the city where its sold. Its 4 hours away.

I have to say that this has controlled A LITTLE my make up buying obsession.

From age 13 to about two years ago (that makes six years) I had an undying loyalty to Lancome. I got into them because their GWP purchase deals (especially the holiday kit!) were such a great introduction to makeup. Back then I didn’t use any foundation, concealer, etc… just eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, blush, neutral shadows, makeup remover and haircare (RIP Lancome haircare!). My undying loyalty to them was broken when I took on the search for the perfect concealer (HATED theirs) and started experimenting with different eyeshadow colors (theirs aren’t bad, but the value is much higher in UD palettes). However, I’m still loyal to those initial products and if anybody trying to get into makeup asks me for advice, I always push them to wait for Lancome GWPs!

MAC is great because they have such a wide range of quality products. I’m still looking for a decently priced concealer that can compete with their stuff!

I definitely don’t have brand loyalty, different brands are good at different things.

Ever since Sephora came to Canada it’s where I do most of my cosmetics shopping. I love their return policy and beauty insider points! I also think it’s great to be able to see a product and touch it without a sales associate hovering.

I am with you on everything you say about MAC. However I do stick to a brand (for at least a while) once if Itried something good for them. I will go through a phase where I explore that brand excessively and buy more of their products.

When I first started getting into MU I was using mainly MAC, UD and Benefit but now I’ll go HE and drugstore if the products have had amazing reviews, I won’t just get a product for the brand anymore.

I’m really loyal to MAC but that doesn’t mean I don’t try out other brands because I love a lot of high end MU brands like NARS and Lancome and even drugstore ones like Wet n’ Wild, ELF, and L’oreal.

i used to be very loyal to mac, i would say right now, 80% of my makeup is mac. But thats because i found it pigmented, affordable and i have a freestanding store and a counter with a very good loyalty card reward scheme all within 20 minutes distance from my house. But with the latest mac collections and everything tending to be limited edition, the hype in trying to buy everything i like from every collection seems to have made me lose interest and im steering towards other brands. Mainly nars and bobbi brown and chanel.

what is this loyalty card you speak of? i’m lucky if they’re not so rude that i want to cry when i leave there?

I will always privilege Nars <3 but sometimes I fall prey to cute new items from Benefit… Oh and my duty-free shopping is all over the place!

I have never been loyal to any brand, I always buy whatever is reasonably priced and have cool colours. The only thing where I am loyal to a brand is nailpolish top coat. That is always OPI.

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