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Same with the silicone based products! I have enough skin problems without purposefully smothering my pores! =P

It gives me clogged pores and pretty bad cystic acne.
I’ve had plenty of people jump on me and tell me the reason for my bad skin was my diet, my lifestyle, my make-up removing technique, etc… even though they know nothing about me. I eat fresh products, I avoid fatty foods, I don’t eat refined sugar, I drink plenty of water, I exercice regularly, I don’t smoke, I can go weeks without wearing make-up and I clean my face every single day. You get the picture.
I removed silicone from my skincare regimen after I read it could cause problems for some people, and quickly the problems started to fade. But I’ve had all the trouble in the world finding a good oil-free silicone-free moisturizer.
Alcohol as well.
It exacerbates my sensitive skin and makes it redder. Also it dehydrates it.

Hi Marie! Silicone is the worst thing for my face too. I had a ton of clogged pores all over my fore head and along my smile lines and chin and it was due to silicone in makeup and skincare. I now use OCC tint which is a silicone free tinted moisturizer and all of those nasty suckers are gone! yayy! The problem is that I can’t use moisturizer on my face because if it doesn’t have silicone it most likely has glycerin and that causes clogged pores for me too. I don’t know if you are sensitive to glycerin like I am but face reality’s hydrating emulsion is silicone free.
I’m glad I found someone who has similar skin to me though! Everyone at my job (makeup industry) thinks I make up the word sensitive when I talk about my skin but little do they know.

When I have to choose a foundation or anything that goes on my entire face I avoid silicone and petroleum-based products , but I don’t care at all of eyeshadows or lipsticks!

Well I’m a muslim so I can’t have any ingredient of pig/pork origin.for eg pig gelatin.

I’m conserned about lots of things:
SLS, ALES, ALSParabens, MIT, BHTPetrochemicals (Mineral & Paraffin Oils)Synthetic Perfumes (Phtalates , PCM)Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)Animal Derivatives (excluding bees)Animal TestingRadiationSiliconesPropylene GlycolSynthetic Colors

Parabens. I’m not so much “concerned” about them, but I find my skin is so much better since I began limiting them. Although it’s nearly impossible to cut them out 100%, I’ve been able to cut them out of my skincare routine, although the sunscreen I’ve been using does contain one (although I don’t use that one every day). I also use mineral foundation as my “everyday” foundation, but occasionally I’ll use a liquid foundation, over a paraben-free primer.

I try to avoid silicone, too! But I don’t really care if there’s silicone in face products, I only care about avoiding it in hair products, I try to use only organic/natural products for my hair.
The ingredient I try to avoid the most is paraffin (liquid paraffin/mineral oil)

I avoid too many ingredients to mention here, but the most important ones are silicone, mineral oil (breaks me out like crazy) and alcohol (so harsh and drying).

nope. if you research long enough, you’ll find that everything is bad for you. not worth the worry, imo.

There’s no particular ingredient I avoid. However, before I buy any makeup, I ask my dad, who is a chemist, to look at the ingredients list and let me know if any of the ingredients is potentially bad or harmful in any way. For the most part, the products are fine. As he says, they would not be allowed to be sold if they did not pass safety standards.
That is how I found out that the coastal scents eyeshadows are not actually all “bad and filled with horrible harmful chemicals” as a lot of people on makeupalley were complaining. In fact, when I asked him to compare the ingredients list of the coastal scents eyeshadow to the MAC technikhol, which was used on the actual waterline of your eye, he said there were more “odd” or harmful ingredients in the MAC teknikhol
However, even if there was a potentially harmful or odd ingredient in a cosmetic (this includes the MAC teknikhol), he said that it would be in such a small amount that it wouldn’t do anything to you. He said as long as you’re careful to wash off the makeup everyday, then it is fine.
Seeing as how he works with chemicals all day, and knows them like the back of his hand, I think he’s a pretty good source.
Hope that helps

I only use sulfate free shampoo now and I’m cautious of where on the ingredient list alcohol is listed–if it’s one of the first few ingredients, I’ll probably avoid that prodcut as well. As far as other ingredients go, I don’t go out of my way to avoid them, but if I’m debating between foundations/concelaers/blushes/etc, and one of them is paraben free, sulfate free, and silicone free, I’ll choose that one. I like to reach for makeup products that are more natural, but if I love a product and it’s not natural, I’ll still use it.

I always look for Titanium dioxide in product, for flash photography….Tell me if I’m wrong cuz it’s kind new for me, when an ingredient is mentioned in the very beginning it means that the proportion are higher than if it was at the end of the ingredient’s list right?? Does it make sense??

I try to avoid mineral oil on my face, especially in products that are going to stay there.  I’ve never had a problem with silicone products and actually find they’ve been a bit of a godsend in things like primers – they leave a flawless finish that I like.  A lot of people (not you, Christine, but in a lot of product reviews) talk about silicone as though it were worse than radioactive materials. I’m sure it can be a problem for some people, but that would apply to just about anything you can think of, whether it’s “natural” or “chemical”.

As far as body care items, I don’t use parabens or phtalates.  I’ve been been trying to avoid them for the past five years.  In that time I’ve discovered a few amazing organic skin care brands!

Triclosan, formaldehyde, quaternium-15, nitrosamines, pthalates, hydroquinone, 1,4-dioxane.
There are some others that I monitor (to make sure they’re not in *too* many products), but those are the ones I stay far, far away from.

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