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Not wearing makeup is kind of my default state. I actually feel more comfortable not wearing makeup than when I am because wearing makeup means I have to check that nothing is out of place.

Me too. In fact, I’ve only recently become comfortable with WEARING makeup outside of the house. 🙂 There were some double-takes from people who have never seen me with makeup on…

That’s exactly how I feel – especially with lipstick, I’m constantly checking for smudges. Also, even when I intend to wear make up I often forget to factor in time for it and end up running out of the house with a bare face!

Can I join the club?
Most of the changes to my make-up routine are about making sure it is hassle free.
Lipstick/gloss is an issue more for ware than smudging but I have more issues with Mascara, straight eyelashes mean it flakes off, I’m always looking for better formulations to counter it.

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I really am, even when I look awful. But I live in a very casual area where you don’t see many people wearing a full face, and I’m usually too lazy or out of time to deal with makeup before I get going–my alarm goes off at 5:35am, so I’m really not one for doing my face before I go to work. I’ll put on a lip product and call it good.

Yes! I’m completely comfortable in my own skin. Honestly, as much as I love make up, I rarely wear it. I usually only wear it for special occasions, holidays, and going out on the town with family, friends, or my husband. If I do wear it, it is usually only on the weekends. I’m much too lazy to wake up earlier than I already do during the week, just so I’ll have time to apply a face full of make up daily. LOL I just don’t feel like it is really necessary on a daily basis.

I’m a junior in college. I think some of my classes have hardly ever seen me with makeup (8am), whereas I’m done up for some others almost always. I’m perfectly fine going without makeup for the day. I think it’s fun, not a necessity.

I’m also fine being around my boyfriend without any makeup. He says he likes to see my freckles that otherwise get covered up by makeup.

There have got to be more lightweight/sheer face makeup products that let your beautiful freckles show through! What are you using right now?

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I am definitely fine. I live in Oregon and the whole au natural, channel your inner-hippie thing is quite accepted.

On a weekly basis I wear makeup depending on the time of the day. It’s not a necessity for me, but rather something fun to do.

I generally won’t have makeup on for an early class, but as the day goes on, and I actually have time to do my makeup, I’ll take my time and enjoy doing it.

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It depends on how my skin is and if my brows are looking good. I usually at least put on lipstick. If it is for a long period of time then I always wear makeup, if it is to just run an errand or two then I can go out without makeup. Sunglasses are my best friend when I only rock lipstick.

I’m being honest here and say no, not at all. Very rarely I don’t have the time to put on make-up and I feel really, really uncomfortable then. I’m just pretty messed up in general right now, very low on self-confidence, lonely, sad, just not in a good place at all (there are a lot of reasons for that), and the worse I feel, the more make-up I wear. But at least it’s not just kind of a mask to the world (which to some degree it certainly is given my current state of mind), but often the only thing I still enjoy and makes me feel somewhat better, so I guess that’s something.

I know exactly how this feels, Anita. Makeup can be therapeutic. But I feel like I hear your heart in this comment, and without even seeing you, I know you are beautiful.

Personally, I don’t like how I look without makeup and worry people will think I’m ugly. But I’ve gone makeup free the last three days while moving cross country, and even this short break has made me more comfortable with my naked face.

YES!! I really despise wearing makeup most days just because I am ..well…lazy. Other than work, I am always not wearing makeup. I am comfortable in my own skin and prefer to be makeup less. 🙂

I never go without any makeup anymore. When my skin was clear and actually looked nice all i wore was mascara and eyeliner. Now I feel I have to wear at least foundation, fill in my eyebrows (mine are really sparse), mascara and a bit of eyeshadow to just define the eyes (mine are hooded). That is the minimum that I’ll wear. I usually never wear blush or highlighter (only for certain looks) and I don’t go anywhere near bronzer.

I have absolutely no problem with traveling or doing groceries without any make up. I do prefer some make up when I go shopping, or partying. It makes me feel more confident and that’s what I need in those situations.

I have some redness on my cheeks, so I’m not comfortable without at least a little bit of base makeup on my face. I’ll go out with just tinted moisturizer on, though.

I usually wear eye makeup, though, because it’s the fun part of me getting ready each day!

No way! I see girls at my university with acne scars and other “imperfections” on display for the world to see, but I couldn’t let anyone see me with out my makeup. All I wear is foundation/powder, blush, mascara, and lipstick, so I’m not at all clown-faced. My face isn’t clear so I don’t want to show that to other people, for there sake and mine, LOL.

Same here. My skin is not as clear as I would want it to be so I never (or veeery rarely) step out without makeup. And the crazy thing is that I get compliments on how “beautiful” my skin is and I always feel like laughing when I hear that.

You know, if people are telling you your skin is beautiful, then you probably don’t have too much of a problem. Chances are, you may be seeing yourself incorrectly! I always go without makeup, have had and still do have acne ravaged skin. I use makeup, when I feel like it. My skin treats me better when I let it out of its makeup cage! I have had people who were genuinely curious ask me “How do you deal with your skin looking like that everyday and smile?” I know it can sound very mean, and some people I know would have turned around and just smacked the man. The reason was, he had a brother who was having problems, and wanted to know if I had any advice. So, yeah, you are probably good to go! lol

Absolutely! I wasn’t always, but my sophomore year in college (about 4-5 years ago) I made leaps and bounds in my self-esteem and challenged myself to go to somewhere other than the gym with absolutely no makeup on. I’d do my hair and wear normal clothes and simply wear no makeup. It was liberating the first time I realized I could look a person in the eye and command just as much respect as I could when wearing a full face of makeup. I do usually make time to do it most mornings just because I enjoy doing it and it is my “zen” time, but I have no problem if I don’t.

Not really. I have always had dark under-eye circles but as I’ve got older and paler, they appear darker (and, of course, age hasn’t helped) so if nothing else, I always put some sort of under-eye concealer on. I’m fine with everything else except that.

Yes, I’m make-up free when I go grocery shopping, working out at the gym, going for walks, playing with my kids at the park etc. I love the feel and look of freshly cleansed skin topped with a good moisturiser.

NO! I put a little on when I wake up in the morning to see my husband off to work, shower and take it off when he’s gone so I can do my housework and put on a proper full face before he gets home.

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