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In the summer, I’ll mix a little bit of a bronzer into my foundation just as a tone warmer, but I am so pale that any kind of self tanner just looks ridiculous on me, so I forgo.

Same answer as you, Christine, but for a different reason– bronzers make me look like a Oompa Loompa!
Also loose glitter, although they’re amazing colours, I get them everywhere and I feel like a disco ball because I’m so paranoid I have sparkles all over my face.

False eyelashes and eyeliner. The eyeliner always comes off the waterline and I always mess up my upper lash line, so… And I just can’t get the hang of false eyelashes and I hate the way they feel on :-s.

I don’t own or wear bronzers; I like being pale *g* I keep meaning to get one, just so I have it, but so many of them would make me look like an oompa loompa. Same with self-tanners. I’m afraid of looking orange or muddy. Hower, if anyone has a rec for a good bronzer for the ghostly pale, I’m all ears. I was thinking one of Guerlain’s, maybe.

Try NYX blusher in Taupe – not so much for a bronzer but as a contour colour for cheeks. It’s really natural looking and wont make you look orange 🙂
For a bronzer I love NARS Laguna – it looks dark in the pan but it’s really buildable so you can slowly add just the right amount of colour.

I have Laguna, it came in a palette I got last year. but it doesn’t look good on me; it’s too warm and makes me look muddy. 🙁 I’ll try the NYX blush, though!

Anything that promises to give a “dewy” finish. I have very oily skin naturally, so anything that is supposed to have a radiant or glowy finish just makes me look even oilier.

I’d have to say my least reached for product is pencil liner…. I just would always choose liquid or gel or even dark shadow over it. And no shimmery bronzer, I always use matte for some reason.

I do not like lip gloss or most lip pencils. The sticky feeling and dealing with random hairs flying onto my lips isn’t fun with gloss. I’m also not a fan of shine, which is often in gloss. Most lip pencils feel like they are drying out my lips, but I have sampled some of the NARS and would use them.

Huh, I can’t think of any type of makeup that I am not willing to try.

I’m Asian though, so I never understood the appeal of self tanners when I tan so easily. I wouldn’t say that “I don’t like to wear it” however, I would just say “I don’t need it”.

Same with you and Christine. I tan easily in the summer so there’s no need to use such product. Most bronzers/self-tanners look too unnatural too: they are either too orange or too brown.

Just for reference I’m a NW 15 skintone and am 18, going on 19.

I *never* use:
-Bronzer (I personally love having pale skin. I find the “Snow White” look to be to-die-for!)
-Eyebrow Gel
-Frosted Lipsticks
-Blue Eyeshadow
-False Eyelashes (My eyes are too small to look good with falsies)

I *rarely* use:
-Face Primer
-Waterproof Mascara (Good grief, that stuff is hard to get off!)
-Liquid Foundation (Powder looks much better, in my opinion. Or a light tinted moisturizer is much better, as well.)
-Any eyeshadow outside of the very neutral peachy, champagne, light brown, or light purple family.
-Concealer (I just can’t get the trick of covering blemishes. I try, but in attempt to blend out the concealer it disappears.)

I’m exactly the same – bronzers, self tanners, anything in that family. Even though I think they can look nice on other people, I can never get them to look right on me! I will occasionally use a bronzing body product, the kind that washes off, but even then, very rarely.

I love self tanners just not when they start to wear off 🙁 I’m not big on liquid eyeliner, it burns and flakes and I prefer gel. Also never like lip liner on myself. Tried everything, never like it on me. Lastly, I’m not huge on contouring. I have chipmunk cheeks and putting color on your “hollow” of my cheek just makes it stand out even more. Looks a million times better if I apply blush on the top, high up, of my cheek bone. Brings everything up and looks better on me and even gives me cheek bones.


I have a small mouth and lipstick just seems to draw attention to it. Never have felt comfortable wearing it.

Liquid foundation. They all feel too heavy to me! I try to take very good care of my skin with diet, hydration, and good moisturizer so I don’t even feel like I need to cover much up.

Self tanner, bronzer, highlighter, shimmery highlighter on my brow bone (big pet peeve), metallic eyeshadows, glitter on my eyes, anything but black colored mascara, odd colored lipstick/gloss (black, grey, green, etc), glitter/magnetic/crackle nail polishes (I’m so over that, I donated all of mine to a women’s shelter, and I had A LOT of those), false lashes (even though I love the look of false lashes, sadly I haven’t managed to master applying them), liquid liner (I find gel/pencil so much easier), lip liner (unless you use it all over the lips as a base, to me it looks very old fashioned).

I avoid tanning at all costs, as I find it just makes me look dirty/muddy. (same with coppery brown hair color) So just like you, I avoid bronzers and self-tanners. I do have one matte light bronzer that I use for subtle contouring, although I should probabl switch to something that has more gray and less orange tone in it.

I’m a bit like you Christine in that I don’t often reach for bronzer and I never use self tanners. I have super fair skin and I love it, so I opt to use blush to add color to my skin instead. That being said, I’m quite a blush collector (hoarder)! 😉

I don’t reach for bronzer very often either. I occasionally use it around the the sides of my face to give a bit more definition, but only on days where I’m looking particularly wan. Guerlain has great shades for lighter complexions, but still.. my neck and chest are much paler than my face and the use of bronzer only brings further attention to the issue. I don’t like wearing bronzer powder all over my neck and decolletage either to try and match it up and transfer annoys me.

But, top of the list would be false eyelashes. I’m hopeless.

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