Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Are there any eyeshadow colors you avoid? Ones you just hate?

Temptalia's AnswerSallow/true yellows–I can do sunny yellows and golden yellows… but if it runs a little sallow, it’s hard for me to wear it.

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169 thoughts on “Are there any eyeshadow colors you avoid?

  1. Naun

    pinks and pinkish maroons etc. anything in that range near my eyes makes me look hungover or sick.

  2. I’m such an eyeshadow wuss! I wish I could pull off bright colors, but I can never pull off blue, true yellows, or true reds. I’m more of a browns and pinks kind of person ;P

  3. Zee

    Nope! I’m an equal opportunity makeup junkie :)

  4. M

    Blue. Dark blue especially. I feel like I have a black eye when I wear them or I instantly think of really bad 80’s makeup.

  5. Jess

    No color that you can find on a common highlighter. It’s not my style.

  6. Tiffany

    I steer clear of light blues because it doesn’t look flattering on my yellow-hued skin and it reminds me of the 80s.

  7. shontay

    Copper, really brassy tones. Makes me look like I have a rash or something. Colors like Amberlights and Antqiued I have to use in moderation if at all.

  8. True blues. =__= If it runs more looks lovely against my skin..but true blues are terrible.

  9. weng

    i like blue and teal..but for some reason, when it comes to eyeshadow, i find it weird on me…im an NC43 right now, and blue and teal eyeshadow just doesnt look good on me…sigh…

  10. Tiffany

    Can’t do yellows and oranges.

  11. Shelby

    I tend to avoid blues.. I feel like they look a bit tacky on my skintone.

  12. I wouldn’t avoid any colours really. There are colours I prefer over others. Chartueses and red-based Purples are pretty much below on my list of colours. But I really do think you can work any colour if you work at it and if you have the interest to wear it.

    Colours I am WARY of are reddish-purples (look sickly or bruised). Charteuse is just new territory for me. =P

  13. the_izzle

    I am an NW45 so I avoid colours that are not richly pigmented. I have also been avoiding the bright colours and going for more neutral looks.

    • Jazz

      you should try the brighter colors! They will look really good on you, I am Nw45ish , and brights look awesome on me when I wear them.

  14. i can never wear peachy colours on their own. it makes me look like i’ve got an allergic reaction. same with certain pink shades.

  15. LNU

    Hmmm…I really have a problem wearing bold, bright eyeshadows. I like neutral, warmed up colors which is why benefits velvet line is appealing to me! I like wearing toned down bold colors though, like the ones in the barbie loves stila palette!

  16. Blues-normally true blues or darker blues like Freshwater and Deep Truth from MAC. I’m always afraid I will look like an 80s disaster! Speaking of which do you think you could do a blue look that doesn’t look like the 80s?

  17. mandy

    I’m REALLY wary about blues. I’m very picky on which shades I like and think will look good on me. This stems from one of my sisters wearing a terrible shade of blue for years, piling on just that one color, and it did not go well with her skin/eyes/hair. So I am mainly afraid of ending up looking like she did haha

  18. karen

    I avoid bright colors and red purples…or anything that would make me look like I was just sucker punched.

  19. Meagan

    Purples. yuck.

  20. nikki c.

    i hardly stray away from my neutrals, browns, golds, the occasional purple or black
    i don’t wear eyeshadow all that often but i love them experiment
    yellows and pinks don’t look too great on me

  21. Lauren

    I tend to stay away from oranges: pale to true to bronzy oranges…they just tend to look really strange on me. I also stay away from any reds, even other shades with lots of red in them…they also tend to look orange on my eye and/or make me look like I’ve been having a sob fest.

  22. Sandra

    silver looks really bad on me. i think most silvers are too cool toned. the only silver type shadow i can pull off is UD mushroom

  23. marta

    blues tend to look strange on me.

  24. KY

    Well, since I am 24, I feel like I am too old for colors for some reason, since also I am a young professional. The brights just don’t fit within my field. However, I do wear brights on the weekends or when I am on a date. However, for sure I know I do not look good wearing YELLOW, ORANGE, PINK and BRIGHT BLUE. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Sam

      Yea, 24-year-olds shouldn’t wear colors. Ha. 24-year-olds aren’t too old to do anything at all! Maybe a 54 year old should avoid it but c’mon, if 24 is too old now to wear bright make-up, what is going on?

  25. Tina

    baby blue. i think looks terrible on my olive tan skin. actually, i avoid most pastels also, now that i really think about it.

  26. nicci

    anything that is bright blue, orange, green, yellow, pink, red…I don’t really even give them a second look.

  27. jacqueline

    I couldn’t think of any colors in particular, but I do avoid heavily glittered eyeshadows.

  28. risela

    I am I am fair ga

  29. courtney

    really dark colors really don’t work with my dark hair color, i don’t know why but they just look so much harsher on me than lighter colors

  30. Valeria

    I hate dark blue on my eyes, orrible :S

  31. risela

    I am fair game for any color.

  32. Christine

    I know there’s always a way to make pretty much any eyeshadow work but I don’t like the look of green or true blue eyeshadow on me. I’m nc30 with golden tones.

  33. Mai

    i just can’t seem to get blue right.

  34. Maria

    I tend to stay away from blues not because I’m affraid of them or anything just when I was younger and would wear makeup all I was ever given was bright blues that just looked tacky to me and my grandma still tries to get me to wear them all the time.

  35. Camille

    turqouise or bright blue… just looks awful and drag queen esque

  36. shuz4ever

    White: 10 yrs ago that was my fav wash of all over eye colour and for evenings a lil black in the outter- V…but now i don’t even own a single white e/s.

    Blue: I just can’t pull of an all blue look…the bright vivid blues (Electric Eel etc) just look OTT on me and very 80’s soap vampish:) So i use darker blues sparingly with green/yellow looks.

  37. Leea

    I just can’t make yellows, reds and greens work !! But I’m happy to stick with neutrals, blues and purples. :)

  38. Yumi

    Can’t do bright matte colors, like vibrant purples, yellows, blues and greens. I probably COULD pull it off but I’m just not comfortable with them. I prefer more neutral colors.

  39. Tawny

    I avoid all shades of blue except for Turquoise, Aqua.Generally I go for neutral colors or bright colors with sheer, shimmering finishes. Mat finishes tend to show the TRUE colors of bright shadows, and I can’t pull them off… ever.

  40. april

    sadly i can’t pull off teals (my favorite color) or most blues.

  41. Marian

    Purples. Every time I wear purple, someone tells me that I look tired.

  42. Julie J.

    At first I avoided browns ‘cuz I thought they were boring but they’re growing on me.

    But I always avoid shades of purples that aren’t bright (NW45 here). Something like Dame’s Desire (MAC) is awful against my yellow-undertone skin.

  43. Bronze, coral, pink and sometimes plum shades. They just don’t look good on me.

  44. Sarah

    Nope. I can pull off any color I like :)

  45. pastels.. they just horrible on me. I can rock any smokey eye… but bring me light baby blue… i look like a mess.

  46. alia

    yellow and pink

  47. Hend

    Any color that is not neutral ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Yeon

    PINKS! Most definitey. Pink shadowsmae the eyes looks swollen and unflattering.

  49. Any really super bright eye shadows. I really like the bright eyeshadows from Krylon and Sugar pill. I do love the colors, but it scares me because I don’t know how to apply it without looking like a clown. I wear mostly neutrals, but would love to branch out and wear fun colors, I just have to learn how to use it well to complement my features.

  50. didinium

    Pink unless it’s the palest, hardly recognizable pastel pink. Purple in general, it also doesn’t look good with my haircolor, so I never ever wear those shades.
    I also basically never go for really bright shades, they overpower my complexion.

  51. coco72

    Reds, oranges and copper. Some browns and taupes sads my look

  52. Any kind of green, blue and yellows :)

  53. Melly

    Green. I just know i’ll never wear it on my eyes, so i just stay away from it.

  54. Martina

    pink: i’m a redhead and it looks so ugly on me

  55. Sam

    Aqua blues… I can’t wear blues because I have blue eyes (according to me, at least). I hate when people wear the same color eyeshadow as their eye color. Looks like a muddy mess! But bright cyan type aqua’s just leave a taste of Mimi in my mouth. Yuck!

  56. Arantzazu

    I think green eyeshadows, as my eyes are olive green. Neither I like green clothes… So it’s something about that colour! Hahaha
    But I do use olive green eye pencil in the water line =)

  57. Lo

    For me I tend to avoid acid brights, I like colour, just not completely in your face colour, with my pale skintone I feel like it’s difficult for me to pull off very yellow golds too, snd anything with very strong orange undertones.

  58. Victoria

    Dark oranges and reds, they make me look sad and tired!

  59. Laia

    True white, pink and red. They make my eyes small (or make me look tired) and I don’t really like it… apart from white and purple, I wouldn’t wear any colour meant for lips on my eyes. :)

  60. Natalie

    light blue. its one of my favorite colors but it look awful on me :/

  61. Desiree

    I’m on a total neutral kick at this point–bronzes, browns, beiges, etc.

    So colors in general right now.

    But if I narrowed it down, I cannot pull off blues! It’s just too much, like a *whispers* hooker… (I’m NW40-43)

  62. Ryan

    nope. I look fabulous in every color.

  63. Jessi

    yellows of any kind and lime greens are right out, just look bad on me. I can wear pretty much anything else, but I don’t care for stark white.

  64. Azaza

    I havent really found any eyeshadows that I cant wear as of yet. Maybe I have found one I just havent really noticed

  65. Wendy

    I’m very cool toned (NW15 – 20) and find that browns and golds/yellows look awful on me. I occasionally use them, with other cooler colours to balance the look. The easiest colours for me to use are silvers, greys, purples, pinks, greens and teals – I have also recently started to include taupes, as long as they lean towards being cool. I’ve never tried orange.

  66. Shelley

    Purples…not because they look bad with skin tone or eye color(thought not so great with bright red hair) but because all the department store lines I used to use when I first got into make up would always put me in purples—I hate purple!

  67. Emily

    I love ’em all! I used to be wary of blues, especially if they match my eye color, but I’ve learned to use them effectively with my coloring. I will say I’m a bit wary of silvers still…that’s a color I’m still getting comfortable with. =)

  68. CeeBee

    Yellow yellows, some orange/coppery colours, anything with a lot of red and pale blues.

  69. Kerstin

    I can’t wear blues. My skin is to warm, I can’t get it to look right… Maybe I just have to find the right blue, because I love the look of dark blue colours…

  70. Miss Silver

    I can’t wear purple toned lipstick because it makes my teeth looks yellower. I can’t wear certain cool eyeshadow tones, blues and greens, as my skin is olive toned, and it clashes badly.

  71. Yellow, oranges or reds.

  72. I avoid dark matte browns, because I can’t figure out how to lighten up and not give myself raccoon eyes. I used to be afraid of purple, but I’ve gotten over that fear this year!

  73. Pink is my favorite color but I am not a fan of how pink e/s looks on me. I have alot of pink in my skin, so its not like it looks bad. I guess it just does not do much for me. The only exception would be passionate. That color is the bomb.

  74. Mary Beth

    Taupe. I like some warms but not your hardcore autumn-y ones like mustard or grey-green. I don’t think I’d do red. Brown and grey don’t do much.

  75. Jay

    Pinks! I can wear pinky-melon colors, and even reds and coppers. But true pinks? Wish I could!

  76. Erika

    Yellow, orange and red

  77. Karen

    Browns with red undertones. I just bought the MAC Making it Easy trio because I loved the peach and champagne shades. But when I applied the coppery red – ugh. I looked ill. I should have known better.

  78. ace

    yellow- this is just a personal preference though, i just happen to really diislike the color yellow. i love golds though…. and i dont really wear bright pink, which makes me look ill…

  79. ledonatela

    any yellows, yellow golds, or yellow greens look awful on me and I just don’t particuraly like true blues or true greens.

  80. hot pink I just don’t like the colour!

  81. Xtina

    There are no colors I wouldn’t wear, but I try to avoid pinks, reds, and warmer purples because they tend to irritate my skin like crazy!

  82. Katie

    Oranges, yellows, and very, very hot pinks. I just don’t feel like their flattering on me.

  83. Sherri

    I tend to avoid blues and yellows they just don’t compliment my skin tone

  84. Lady Di.

    I don’t like true red. I feel it looks too clown-like.

  85. I avoid blues. My eyes are blue / grey, but more on the grey side and the colors clash. Blues do me no justice!

  86. I find pastels in general hard to wear, darker, brighter colours work better for me. But then I don’t wear black, dark brown, very dark blue, red, orange, etc. as I don’t like them.

  87. Radha

    Light pinks. They look horrible on me, I can wear hot pinks, just not light pinks.

  88. nana

    cool browns and grays, dark cooler green (beautiful shades that bring out the green in my eyes, however they clash with my skin tone), pink and pinkish-browns (they don’t do anything for me, they just weirdly sit on my lids), harsh gold or silver.

  89. Dini

    I tend to avoid pinks, since people tend to ask me if I’m ok or need a hug when I wear a pink look. Ha ha.

  90. Tonya

    I’m an NW45 as well and I never do anything with frost. I have began experimenting with color and am having a blast but I keep it simple with just color in the crease. Neutrals are normally my go to, so I love the UD Naked palette!

  91. Marina

    Any yellows, oranges, reds, warm browns and greens.

  92. Megan

    Mainly greens/yellows and true blues. Iโ€™m more of a neutral girl. LOL

  93. Dana

    Yellows, oranges, reds, dark pinks, anything with a strong red base or brassy

  94. Jennifer

    I avoid any color that is super bright or super dark, neon… lol

    I kind of avoid blues, just because I have blue/green eyes and it does nothing for me. Although I do like “Deep truth” from MAC.

    Mostly if I’m wearing color they almost have to act like a brown, grey would or I rarely think of wearing them.

  95. I try to wear pretty much anything, but I’m not particularly captivated by Olives, or more yellowy golds. Other than that, I’ll wear and use pretty much anything.

  96. I donยดt like green.

  97. Cherokee

    I agree with the yellow yellow colors (if that makes sense). I have some purple eyeshadows and blues that I don’t avoid but have to make sure it is properly placed and the right color for my NC45 complexion.

  98. Shayna Marie

    lime greens! they look terrible with my eyes! If i must wear a green its more of a dark hunter with shimmer otherwise i look gaudy!

  99. Bel

    Red and orange eyeshadows. The red ones I avoid because it looks like I’m bleeding! And orange is just not a color that I like lol!