Friday, August 17th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Are there any beauty product types you only own one of? Like just one highlighter? Bronzer? Mascara?

Temptalia's AnswerI can’t think of anything. I just imagine the product would be lonely and that I lack the capacity to have only committed to one item for a category. The best I could think of would be hair dye or something like that, which I may have a box or two of around here, but since I don’t dye my hair, I usually set those aside to donate from the get-go.

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93 thoughts on “Are there any beauty product types you only own one of?

  1. Nicole

    I only have one powder: Maybelline Dream Matte. It’s all I need; it does what exactly what I need a powder to do, and I can get it cheap on sale.

  2. Gina

    Right now, it’s mascara for me. I hoard everything else, but I love my Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash, and nothing else compares!

  3. Safyre

    Generally speaking, I usually only have ones of base makeup – primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder – I usually only have multiples when I’m close to running out and buy a backup or if for some reason I bought a real dud and buy something to use in its place/it doesn’t make friends with my skin. I also usually just have one mascara because I only use one at a time – I understand why some people might have several – for layering purposes or for review or what-have-you, but I guess I’m fortunate in the sense that I can usually use just one and get good results, so it’s wasteful to me to have several tubes open at once (in the event that I have several, like if I buy a lash-stash) because I’d have to throw them all out in 3 months rather than throw just one out – hope that made sense 😛

  4. Aida

    Only two things come to mind: only one eyelash primer and one eyelash curler. I never use any of them, hence they have no companions :).

  5. Carina

    I only have one highlighter, I just don’t see the need for more than one. If I were a makeup artist yes I would need more than one for different skin tones/types.

  6. blueraccoon

    At first I couldn’t think of anything, but then I realized I only have one pressed powder compact. I have two powder foundations, but only one translucent powder (Guerlain Meteorites compact). Everything else I have at least two versions of or more.

    • Same here! Guerlain Meteorites compact is my absolute favorite translucent powder, so I’ve stopped buying other powders & given away / sold all of my other translucent powders.

      I definitely have two+ versions of everything else.

    • divinem (Melissa)

      I found the Guerlain Meteorites compact, and it is now my Holy Grail! I ordered two backups because I’m scared to death they’ll discontinue it. I have it in the lightest, 01, and it’s perfect for me. It brings back my porcelain doll complexion that I had in my 20s. Just gorgeous!

  7. divinem (Melissa)

    Facial moisturizer. Estee Lauder’s Vérité Moisture Relief Cream for super sensitive skin is the only thing that works for me, so I do not stray.

  8. Michelle

    I actually have one each of highlighter, bronzer, and face primer. I can’t think of anything else.

  9. Beckie

    I only have one concealer (mac studio finish)… it’s all I need and it’s a never ending product, I’ve probably had it for three years and am not even close to finishing it… I also have only one brow gel (Senna Golden Brown).

  10. Shayna

    I only keep one mascara at a time cause I never finish one before it goes bad.

  11. Stephanie

    Only one top coat: Seche Vite. It’s changed the way I do my nails. Although I’ve been coveting a matte finish top coat, so this might change soon!

  12. Jasmine Valistreri

    I only have one contour color. Burberry Earthy Blush is my perfect cheek contour so I just stopped at that. I also only have one opaque lipstick: Guerlain Garconne. I’m not much for lipsticks so I just have one good opaque red and the rest of my lip products are in the balm or gloss categories.

  13. Veronica

    A few things –

    -At any given point, I *usually* only have one foundation on hand. Currently, I have two, but I only use the Maybelline because the Covergirl is thicker coverage than I need. (I’d have given it away a long time ago, but nobody I know is as pale as I am. :) Shoved somewhere in a drawer is a powder foundation I tried and disliked, which I should really get around to tossing.

    -The only tinted moisturizer I own is Sephora brand.

    -Too Faced Absolutely Invisible pressed powder is by it’s lonesome in my drawer. :)

    -I only have one little kit I use for my brows, which is e.l.f. I’ll probably replace it with a different brand when I’m finished with it, though, because I feel vaguely guilting having their products lying around when I visit your site. >_>

    And while I am a moisturizer slut that will use anything one hand, I will say my mother is a brand devotee of Clinique. She refuses to use any other product for her sensitive skin, claiming that everything else she has tried broke her out.

  14. Martina

    Mmmh… Foundation, I have one for winter and one for summer (for shades reason), does it count? Then I have only one tinted moisturizer, one eyelash curler, and one eyebrow pencil (that I never use…). Oh and one brow set, from mac, that I do sometimes use. And if I can consider contour powder as a separate category from bronzer (they’re actually quite different) I only have one of it.

  15. I only have one eyebrow gel, one pencil sharpener and one daily moisturizer. They all work perfectly, so I don’t need to find any companions.

  16. Jessica

    Hmm, lash curler, face primer, cream shadow, brow pencil, gel liner, liquid liner, retractable pencil eyeliner, foundation, bb cream(I normally use tinted moisturizer, hence only one foundation and one by cream), powder compact, powder foundation, base coat, top coat, and toner.

  17. For me, it would be brow powder, powder brush, body brush, concealer setting powder. I think I only have one full-sized foundation, too (the rest are all sample jars).

    But strictly speaking, don’t you only have one brow powder as well? 😉 (I know it’s technically eyeshadow, but still)

  18. Dominique

    I only have MUFE HD powder and I don’t use it very often !

  19. I only have one eyelash curler at the moment. I don’t actually know why I own one because although I curl my lashes all the time, it seems somewhat pointless as they just stick straight out after about an hour anyway. Any recommendations??

  20. oooh just read comments below and it reminded me that yes, I only have one face primer as well. It rocks so why bother with others. :)

  21. For me it’s YSL Cleanser and Pure argan oil, noting more

  22. lilly04

    I only have one:
    – mascara, the Loreal volume million lashes.
    – one black liner, the Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony.
    – one face powder, CLINIQUE Superbalanced Powder Makeup

    i don´t need more then one of this things, because they work well for me. the only reason why i have more than one bb cream ore foundation is, i don´t hit the right colour for my skintone, or they don´t work on me like i want.

  23. Mariella

    Only an eyelash curler (which I rarely use) and a dedicated “blot powder” – MAC Blot. Those are the only 2 things I can think of.

  24. Meiya

    I only have one eyelash curler

  25. I only have one concealer and one type of eyeshadow primer that I USE. But I have a couple more just chilling in the bottom of stash.

  26. Fitrah

    Highlighter – Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Peach Mosaic
    Bronzer – Too Faced Splashproof Cream-to-Powder Bronzer

  27. AnGeLwInGz

    Eyebrow pencil (Dior Browstyler) and believe it or not mascara! I only purchase mascara one at a time because it’s a perishable item. Right now I am using Maybelline Define-A-Lash and I don’t like it. I’m trying to cut down on my beauty budget so I switched off from my HG Chanel Inimitable Intense, but I think I’ll have to sacrifice the $30 and go back to it.

  28. Joni

    I have a few. I only have one eyeshadow primer, one bronzer (which is more than I ever thought I’d have!), one concealer (which I only use when I really haven’t slept), only one of any skincare products, one translucent powder, one black mascara (and one plum), one bb cream, one face sunscreen, and…one pair of circle lenses? I somehow went from having no face primers to having two. I would probably have only one lipgloss (MAC Nymphette) if it wasn’t for palettes and samples. So I’ve only purchased one lipgloss. Other than eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush, I don’t have more than 2 or 3 of anything.

  29. Vanilla

    The only thing I can think of is eyebrow wax (some MAC stick I bought years ago) which I never use. Everything else I have at least 2 or 3 of. If it’s something I use normally, then I will keep trying out new products.

  30. Esther

    I have one foundation, one pressed powder, one highlighter, one loose finishing powder, and one lip primer. they all work perfectly for me, so I’ve got no reason to drop money on another.

  31. Helen

    Eyeshadow primer. I’ve been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for years! It was my first eyeshadow primer and it’s been working just fine. Not sure if there’s one that’s better because I never look.

  32. Liz

    -highlighter powder (Physician’s formula)
    -brow product (Benefit’s brow zing)
    -Concealer (loreal true match)

  33. nacacijin

    I only have one eye primer, one clear brow gel, one face highlighter, one face primer, one loose powder and one pressed powder. But this is only if we’re not counting sample sizes (ie., mini freebies and GWPs) because then I have multiples of every product.

    I can’t believe how many people here only have one mascara! I have at least two open at all times plus a stash of backups just in case. Right now I’ve got my two that I switch between plus ten unopened backups in a drawer. I would feel completely out of whack if I didn’t have my backup stash of mascara.

    • Liz

      Oh yeah, eyeshadow primer. I only have one and I’ve only ever tried UD primer potion.

    • Liz

      My other comment is in the wrong place. Oh well. I too am shocked about people having 1 mascara. It is kind of embarassing how much mascara I have. I have 4 open full sized mascaras, at least 4 sample sized mascaras from Sephora that I’ve already tried, and 3 unopened mascaras.

  34. stef

    nothing! i cannot think of anything that i don’t have several kinds of!

  35. beth

    i only have one bb cream because it burns my skin! wont be buying anymore

  36. Melanie

    1 face primer. Palladio Herbal Primer. It’s not too ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ and it glides on perfectly. Plus it’s not very expensive.

    I used to have a bunch of different primers ranging from L’oreal to Benefit, but I tossed them. The Palladio is perfection for me.

  37. Mel

    Mascara. I have full long eyelashes so when I find one that works perfectly it’s all I keep.

  38. Technically I have 2 facial sunscreens, because my HG Clarins (old formula) is running out. I would count that as 1, since my other is not in use.

  39. xangria

    Yes. I only have one highlighter, my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and one foundation, Benefit Hello Flawless.

  40. Lisa Clemons

    I only have one bronzer! I guess because I never tried them until recently. So I bought one from Guerlain. Love the smell! Give me time, I’m sure I’ll get more lol

  41. I’ve got it! I only have one eyelash primer! hahaha

  42. I only have one nail base coat and top coat! I think that’s it…

  43. Amy

    I usually only have one or 2 mascaras. I find a mascara I like and keep with it until I get the urge to try something different. I also have found a concealer I like and only have one of those. Of course, I have tons of shadows and lip products!

  44. Jessica

    I only have one finishing powder-tarte Amazonian clay translucent loose powder. love that stuff!!! and I only have 1 bronzer-nars laguna. that’s only because I’ve always been afraid to bronze (scared of oompa-loompa-ing myself lol), until I kept hearing that laguna works for soo many different skin types- and all the hype is TRUE so I’ll probably never ever try any other bronzer. haha unless they discontinue it… which has been known to happen to me when I find a holy grail product…. O.o

  45. Ace

    Eyelash curler (I never use)

  46. Kathleen

    1 deluxe sample size finishing powder (I have dry skin and don’t use powder), 1 clear mascara/brow gel, and 1 mascara primer! (Shiseido works for me so I’ve never changed.) Wow, I am surprised and pleased to know this! I thought I had too much of everything, LOL.

  47. Michelle

    I’m surprised I actually have “only-one-of” items!
    BB Cream – Skin79 Hot Pink
    Tinted Moisturizer – Urban Decay Urban Defense
    Loose Powder – Fyrinnae Finishing Powder in “Sunkissed”
    Lip Stain – Tony Moly Tony Tint in “Red Apple”
    Perfume – Hanae Mori “Butterfly”
    Mascara Primer – Diorshow Maximizer
    Bronzer – Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Bronzer in “Light”

    It’s one of my personal beauty goals to be able to minimize my stash down to one item per category. 😛

  48. Leia

    the only thing i own one of is eyelash curlers.

  49. Jane

    Products I only have one of:


    Top Coat/Clear polish

    Eye Lash Curler

  50. Ellie

    I just have one face primer, the bare minerals one which i am very often too lazy to wear.
    I also only have Urban Decay eyeshadow primers, but i have it in two shades so I dont know if that counts!

  51. Susan Nevling

    I have only one lip primer and seldom use it.

  52. Natasha Morrow

    I’ve only one of the following: bronzer, foundation, face/eye primer, and concealer would be getting a heavier rotation with my sleepless nights but cant find one which doesnt look dry and flaky.. buying a few more would probably counter this lol!

  53. Jennifer

    Face Powder, illuminator/highlighter, bronzer, and mascara

  54. Josiane

    I only have one primer, mascara, foundation and concealer at a time.

  55. Jasmine

    I only have one foundation, concealer, bronzer, and eyeliner.

  56. t_zwiggy

    Brow powder, brow wax, lip stain, bb cream and concealer setting powder.

  57. Eeva

    Good question for the beauty freaks… 😀

    Things I ONLY have one of:
    Liquid eyeliner (I’m planning on getting two, black & brown…)
    Contouring powder (I have a back up, but it doesn’t count, does it? :D)
    Face powder
    Eye brow wax
    Bronzer, which I hardly ever use

    I thought mascaras and primers would be “lonely ones” too, but then I realized that use two mascaras and I also own both TFSI and the Glitter Glue version… And I always have to mix foundations to match the shade to my skin. :(

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Oh if only I could be trusted with *one* pair of tweezers. When Cosbar for Target went on clearance I bought 15 pairs (all they had) because cheap, good, cute tweezers are hard to find and I am constantly losing them.

      • Oleander

        I lose them all the time too! I don’t know where they go. I never find them again, not even when I move.

  58. becca

    I own only one face primer, highlighter, bronzer, brow powder.

  59. Danielle

    I only have one eyebrow gel, lip primer, lash primer, and eyelash curler, translucent powder, and concealer. More than I originally thought. Actually, I also only have one lip gloss ( a clear one I never use); I’m more of a lipstick girl.

  60. Liz

    Yes, brow pencil. The only one I own in MAC’s Impeccable Brow Pencil in Taupe.

  61. Adele

    I only have one foundation (excluding samples), tinted moisturizer, nail polish remover, and eyelash curler.

    If we’re including more specific products: matte nail topcoat, any given type of brush, liquid concealer, and colored mascara.

  62. 18thCenturyFox

    Aww! I don’t like my products to be lonely either. They live as giant ramshackle families in turn of the century New York style ghettos- loud, happy and crowded.

  63. Dinitchka

    Hmmmm, interesting question. Let me start by saying my stash is seperate from my daily make-up. My daily make-up is kept in a huge old school Caboodle. In my daily make-up I have 1 each of lipliner, lip treatment, lip gloss, primer (face and eye), foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner for brow, and false eyelashes. I think that’s it.

  64. Sarah

    I was going to say powder foundation, but then I realized I have two of the same one..does that count? ahah I also only have one brow pencil. :)

  65. Oleander

    I only have one bronzer, a mini Tarte Park Ave Princess (the shimmer one) because it came with a kit. I don’t bronze.
    I only have one type of nail polish remover, eye lash curler, pedi creme, one topcoat, one base coat, one type of shampoo (as opposed to the six different conditioners I use) one lip stain, and one finishing powder.
    Wow, that’s a lot more than I thought.

  66. Echo

    I have one mascara, one lipliner, one setting powder, one powder brush, one eyelash curler, one pair of tweezers, one nail polish and one top coat (don’t do my nails that much).

    Almost everything after that comes in twos: two concealers, two lip glosses, two lipsticks, two eyeliners, two eye brushes. Then I have one eye palette and a few loose shadows.

    That’s my collection. I loathe clutter and it sort of stresses me out to have more makeup (more anything, really) than I can use. I had a blush for awhile, but I used it like twice. Then I ended up having to trash it when it expired. If I won’t use something at least once a month, I’d really rather not own it.

  67. Curiouscreature

    One finishing spray- Skindinavia’s original. The best and hg. Use it every day.

  68. AH

    I have one tube of waterpoof mascara because that’s the only mascara I need/want. There’s no point in me wasting money/space on something I don’t want/need.

  69. Ruby Scarlett

    I only have one contour powder/bronzer (Sleek contour kit in Light) and one setting powder (Kryolan Anti-Shine powder) and one brow product (ELF Eyebrow kit in Ash). Eyelash curlers (Shu though to be honest it doesn’t work that well for me, it’s too round). They work so well for me (with one exception), I don’t feel the need to buy more.
    I loathe lipgloss so I’m surprised to see I have two!

  70. BooBooNinja

    Can my lonely makeup and your happy makeup make a play date? :)

    I have one each of: eyeshadow primer, loose powder, pressed powder, bronzer/contour, brow gel (sample size), liquid eyeliner, and illuminator/highlighter. I can still say I have only one highlighter because my backup has yet to arrive. Yessss!

  71. Steph

    I only have one bronzer! The NYC Sunny one.. I’m looking forward to investing in Hoola by Benefit though!

  72. Nikki

    The only product that comes to mind is lip balm. I’ve attempted to try others in the past, but they always let me down and I return to my faithful Carmex (in the squeeze tube). I own at least two of everything else.

  73. Lauren

    I have only one liquid eyeliner – the one that came with my Book of Shadows IV. I don’t use liquid eyeliner. :) I also have one lipliner. It came with an Estee Lauder gift. I don’t use lipliner. But I have multiples of EVERYTHING else. Variety is the spice of life! (Though I honestly don’t need more than one foundation-type product – I only use my BB cream these days).

  74. Amy

    I have only one: highlighter, bronzer (that’s open) I also only use one mascara- have a few samples but none that i’ve bought myself and one loose powder, one pressed powder (for my purse) and one eyelash curler.

  75. Geneva

    I only have one corrector, it’s from Bobbi Brown.

  76. Geneva

    I only have one bronzer

  77. Johanna

    I Only have one eye shadow primer and one gel eye liner.

  78. Tina

    Well, I have multiples of certain things because I’ve been looking for my HG. I only need 1 mascara — but I do have some older tubes that I need to toss out. I love Peter Thomas Roth’s mascara because it looks natural and doesn’t smudge like every other mascara seems to do. I have to blend two Jane Iredale foundation colors together to get my match — with her new bb cream, Glow Time. Otherwise, I’d only own one. I’m pretty simple on some things — I really only need one foundation, mascara, and setting powder because those are staples. But, I do have multiples in my search for my HG.