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I really think it depends. In my opinion, I feel like UD and Too Faced give a good value and their quality is still good. However, I feel like MAC and Tarte gives amazing values for their palettes, but their eyeshadows definitely lack quality.

Some of them totally are and some aren’t at all. I like the lipgloss sets, because it’s a good way to try a lot of things for a lower price, or get a lot of different options for a lower price. But some of the all in one palettes with eyeshadow and blush and lipstick can skimp on the quality. I’m always wary of an all-in-one holiday palette because you just don’t know if the quality is there or not.

(of course, I’ve said this and Burberry is coming out with eyeshadow palettes in November. I’m totally getting at least one of those.)

Well, it depends on the brand. Two Faced yes ( it’s so cute ), Dior Grand Bal definitely yes for the ” carnet de bal ” ( 78 € ). Yves Saint-Laurent ” Nuit Arctique ” palette yes ( very beautiful and not so expensive compared to regular palettes maybe 4 € more ).
Urban Decay no, it’s always the same where is creativity in the Vice Palette ? I really wonder. I have some beautiful UD palettes but I don’t think they are worth the price ( I am thinking of the Vice and the Book of Shadows IV, 58 € here ! ).
But on the whole Holiday palettes are worth the price yes.

I’m glad someone mentioned YSL. My love for this brand has been on the upswing based on their quality and price. I think the holiday palette is just gorgeous and certainly not the typical silver/gold concoction you usually get.

Of course, the UD Vice palette is well worth the price. I’m loving the shadows, as well as the brush. I’ve been reading alot of blogs that are finding Jagged to be subpar, but I’ve found it to be quite smooth, but it could be that I’m using the brush that came with the palette.

I’m also loving the tarte Carried Away set. The glosses are surprisingly long-wearing (even for me!), although the colors aren’t noticibly different on the lips. However, since the main reason I bought it was for the shadows, I’m not going to split hairs about the pigmentation of the glosses, and the shadows are incredible. Besides, the glosses are amazing in texture & longevity. The set also includes an amazing blush, which of course is LE, but if it’s released in the future, I’ll likely buy it (and I *rarely* even wear blush). There’s also an amazing powder brush (über soft, no shedding), a setting powder, & a mascara that I don’t care for, but I’ll use it as an “emergency” mascara if I lose or run out of my current ones.

Both are quite different from one another, and although I like the shadows in Vice a bit more overall, I’m going to get more use from Carried Away, as the softness of the colors are more appropriate for my current lifestyle.

I look forward to Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown holiday offerings each year. I do notice that the prices increase each year while the amount of product in each palette decreases. At one time, I showed little restraint, and bought up most every holiday item in these brands, but Im now much pickier, and they just dont thrill me as they once did!!

I think so, but I also agree it depends on the brand. I think Tarte and UD definitely make some nice stuff, though I usually pass to pick up some Dior holiday quads.

I personally think this year Tarte has taken the gold for Holiday palettes and gift sets. Their set of 5 lipSurgence pencils is an incredible deal…5 full size products in an array of nudes to pinks for only $34. Whereas one pencil alone is $24….HELLO DEAL!!! Also their SmolderEyes set is fantastic…if you have never tried these out..get on it they go on like butter and most of the colors are limited edition and look fabulous the set also comes with a sharpener. I know there is one set that has been sold out on sephora for weeks that i am dying to get my hands on…4 mini amazonian clay blushes!!!! one highlight color a pink a coral and a buff nude neutral….every color you could ever need in blushes is in that gift set. Another gift set I took advantage of are the Sephora Favorites….I think any of these would make awesome gifts to yourself or others. I chose to do the in the glow set and you get 3 highlighters, 3 bronzers, and 3 blushes for only $45. These aren’t full size but I have a previous nars laguna in the eyeshadow size from march and use it everyday and still am not even close to hitting pan. Holiday gift sets are what get me everytime…and I am soo tempted to stock up because since some of these colors are limited edition when I run out whenever I will know I have a back up.

I agree with the overall opinion so far – depends. On my non existent spending allowance the larger “blockbuster” palettes are worth it. I get more options in colours and items for the dollar. Lipglosses and liners are great sets too as usually they are an amazing value.

The more expensive items/brands, like Guerlain and Dior, I would have to say no. The palettes are just too small for the money and I don’t usually see the quality being worth it at all. Unless it was some SUPER amazing quality or combination that really blew me away but I have yet to see that.

Some yes. Other no.

I bought the Tarte holiday palette a few years back and I was really disappointed with the quality. The eye shadows were not pigmented at all. But the idea of the palette was great. It came with 32 eyeshadows, 4 eyeliners. 2 blushes. And the price was $50. If the eyeshadows were more pigmented if would’ve been a great deal.

The other day I got Sephora’s eyeliner sampler set. It seems like a pretty good deal.

If you apply tarte shadows with a damp brush, they are far more pigmented. If you don’t want to stick a damp brush into the pan, you can mist the brush after picking up shadow with water. It’s not that tarte shadows are “inferior”, or that they put out inferior shadows in their Holiday sets, but unlike other brands (UD, MUFE), they’re not meant to be intense.

I haven’t bought a product from a holiday collection for about 5 years. I wonder why every is getting crazy about holiday collections. I don’t want to pay more money for special package or palettes including different products.

It depends. You really have to check them out in person before purchasing, as they tend to be more expensive because of the packaging. In my experience Dior is notorious for putting lower quality products into their holiday palettes. I don’t know why they change the formula for these items (specifically the eyeshadow) but they do. Urban Decay is more consistent with their formula. I always feel comfortable purchasing things online before trying them first. Even if there are 1 or 2 duds it doesn’t outweigh the overall value for me.

Two thoughts on holiday specific palettes because I wasn’t certain if you were referring to holiday makeup palettes–meaning makeup palettes with colours intended to be worn for the season–or holiday gift giving palettes:

1. Holiday makeup palettes can be just a hot mess of glizty glittery madness in silver and gold and a waste of money since its not something you would typically reach for on a regular basis.
2. Holiday gift palettes, on the other hand, are a great way to save money if you really love a product and want to expand your collection to include other colours. .. oh, and I guess you can give them as gifts too 😛

Like everyone has said I think it really depends on the brands. Usually I try to go in the store to look & swatch things myself before buying. I think it’s a great way to add to your collection, & get a great deal. Most of the lip gloss sets are really nice, also I like to shop for fragrances this time of year too because the sets are so nice.

I think that some of the holiday palettes aren’t made of the same quality as the regular items. Especially eyeshadow palettes.

Bought one of the Stila holiday eyeshadow palettes — and the quality is not the same as regular Stila shadows. (Doesn’t apply to brands that come out regularly with palettes (UD).)

I’m usually cautious now — especially when the deal is too good to be true. Also, you’ll notice that sometimes the holiday palettes are produced elsewhere (China) — so that should be a good tip-off.

It really depends on brand and on the palette itself. I always ask myself the following questions before I buy one: 1) Do you already have similar colors in your stash? 2)How much do you like the packaging? 3) How much product do you get for your money? Some brands make great sets/palettes for a fraction of the normal price (Urban Decay, Too Faced, MUFE had great liner sets in the past). Other times you get a mix of permanent products and pay extra for the holiday packaging, sometimes even for lesser quality, as seen in some of MACs recent quads/palettes.

Wow, it totally depends. I like the portability of palettes when I travel, though other than UD Naked and The Balm Nude Tude, a palette rarely has everything I need. With respect to quality, I know that it is hit or miss so I always read reviews. UD palettes tend to be the most consistent. I really like Too Faced shadow duos but I’m not a huge fan of Too Faced palettes.

This year my money is going towards tarte! I was just visiting sephora and all the set put our are amazing and they are a really good price for the quantity and quality of the products.

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