Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Apply Cream Eyeshadows

Share your best tips and tricks for applying cream eyeshadows! Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.

My Tips

  1. For a wash of color, a flat, firm brush is great to get the product to the lid, but then using your finger tip or a fluffier eyeshadow brush works well for dispersing the color more evenly as a wash of color.
  2. For more intense color, a firm, flat brush works well for applying, patting, and packing on the color without blending it out too much.  Use a fingertip or a fluffy brush to soften the edges as you work.
  3. If you are more prone to creasing/fading or have oilier eyelids, while some eyeshadows may last, you may still want to apply primer underneath for extra hold.

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11 thoughts on “How to Apply Cream Eyeshadows – Tips & Tricks

  1. I definitely prefer to use my finger instead of a brush sometimes.
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  2. I’d like to add one thing: start close to your lash line and don’t apply color all the way to where you would normally do with pressed shadows and then blend up. If you apply all the way to your socket line, you will most probably end up with too much product and the line will be harsh instead of diffused. At least that’s how it works with my monolids!

  3. Kelsey

    I can’t wait to read all the answers to this question — I love cream shadows, but no matter what brand I use (Maybelline, MAC, Benefit…) they ALWAYS crease on me. I refuse to use a primer underneath, as I buy cream shadows for the sole purpose of them being a primer. I always set them with powder shadow, and I’ve tried many different application methods, but I can’t seem to get them to work :( It might be time to give up.

    • xamyx

      You may be using too much product. I use Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush all over to blend it out. I never had an issue with creasing, but I find using this brush leaves a minimal layer of product, and any powder product just seems to lay better.

      I find the brush to be too large for my actual crease, and I don’t like it for blending powder shadows, unless it’s a full “wash”, but it’s my HG for creams. It’s not scratchy, and I’ve found it to be the perfect balance of fluffiness & density. Plus, it’s only around $6-7.

  4. Rad

    Thanks for the tips Christine. I bought some cream eyeshadows a few months ago and no matter what brush I used, the colour would just turn all weird, so now the only way to use them is fingers. That way I get even and pigmented colour.
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  5. I definitely prefer using my finger to apply cream shadow. And I don’t apply it up to the crease, I would rather use a clean finger to blend the shadow toward the crease.

  6. I’ll use a flat synthetic brush or a short fluffy natural hair brush sometimes but I prefer to just use my fingers. It warms the product up a bit and makes it easier to blend
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  7. I’m the opposite to everyone: I can’t use my finger or I end up with too much product, but I have slightly hooded eyes so I don’t have that deeper well to set the product into. If you have any aging/crepe action going on, you will know what I mean as well. I really love cream eyeshadows, always use one as a base for my eye looks which are always very simple. MAC paint pots are the bomb for me, work double duty acting also act as a primer, but I do have to be careful with how I apply. After trying a lot of different methods, I found using a fairly large (about 3/4 inch wide) stiffer dome ended brush and applying in thin layers works best for me. I work in swirling circles and apply product to the lid blending down to lash line in downward circles and then above crease in upward swirling circles. I also do not apply product directly to the skin past the crease as mentioned by Sunny, but this as a result of having slightly hooded eyes which are similar in some respects to monolid. Too much product on a heavier lid ends up with this horrible pastey look.

  8. Tara

    Cream shadows don’t last on me, even with primer. While the rest of my skin is extremely dry, I think my eyelids are oily. I apply it, and it disappears. Would love to know anyone’s tricks for this, as I have some gorgeous cream ones I would love to use.

  9. I only ever apply cream eyeshadows with my finger! It works wonderfully, but I bee you can tell how often I’m blending anything into a cream shadow (hint:never!). 😀