Friday, September 5th, 2008

AMBI Skincare is a line that understands women and their skin. They have been going around the country on their “Flawless Skin Tour,” and their final stop is Atlanta, at V-103 For Sisters Only on September 13th and 14th. This weekend, they will be in D.C. at NCNW Black Family Reunion Celebration, and the event is free and open to the public (so head over, if you can!). Stopping by the AMBI Tourbus will get you a chance to try out some of their products, as well as get consultations by licensed aestheticians.

Temptalia is pleased to announce a giveaway sponsored by AMBI for our readers! One lucky reader will win an AMBI Gift Basket and a set of two tickets to the Atlanta event. Two other readers will win AMBI Gift Baskets, as well!

Each gift basket includes:

  • Even & Clear product line
  • Soft & Even product line
  • Fade Cream for Normal Skin

To Enter: Simply leave a comment indicating you’d like to win! If you would like to attend the Atlanta tour stop, please make sure you indicate that you’d love a chance to win the tickets along with a gift basket. (Like putting, “Hey, I’m in Atlanta!” is helpful!)

Winners will be chosen September 6th, 2008 9AM PST. You must respond with your address by September 8th, 2008, 8AM PST to claim your prize if selected!

AMBI recognizes that women of African, Latin and South Asian heritage often face unique skincare challenges in keeping their skin clear and even toned due to the melanin in their skin. Melanin is a natural substance that gives color or pigment to skin and gives skin its rich, beautiful tone. However, melanin also may make skin more vulnerable to marks and uneven tone. Therefore, it is important for women with rich skin tones to have products that have been designed specifically to keep their skin clear and even toned.

Learn more at

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75 thoughts on “AMBI Skincare Tours D.C. & Atlanta – Win An AMBI Gift Basket & Tickets to Atlanta Event!

  1. Tanya from Oz

    oooohhh! pick me! pick me!

  2. DaniMae

    I am interested in being put in the drawing for this prize!

    Has anyone seen the commercial for this line with Bre from ANTM a few cycles back? LOL She’s so cute.

  3. I would love this!!! Although I am a more medium skin tone, this stuff works great!!!

  4. Trace

    Ooh I’d love to win this!

  5. jesstooimpress

    ahh the basket is yummy. MY BIRTHDAYS THE 8th id love to spend it nott in my hometown!

  6. Kella

    I’d love to win the tickets and the giftbasket! :)

  7. Kella

    oops not the tickets!

  8. Rayanna

    I am very interested in these products!

  9. S.

    ignore all the others (j/k, lol)

    Seriously though…I am very fair, and part-asian. I have always had a hard time with even skintone, and I think this would be a great thing for me to try. I would be so excited to win!!

    So…PICK ME! PICK ME! (please?) 😛

  10. Gabriele

    My skin needs help! Winning an Ambi gift basket would be great!

  11. Ambi does have wonderful products, the basket is simply delicious too!

  12. Shefali

    I’ve been wanting to try their products, so count me in for the gift basket!

  13. shangrila

    me ! me! me !

  14. Chloe


  15. Heather

    I’d be interested in a gift basket :-)

  16. Avi

    I’d love to win a gift basket! :) I have naturally dark tan Southeast Asian skin and I’ve heard a good review or two about Ambi. (I’ve never personally been able to try their products though. I’m not sure if they’re available near me…)

  17. Devin Turner

    Hey! I just read that you guys are down to your last stops on the ambi tour in DC and then Atlanta. I had a friend of mine come check you guys out in Chicago and she said that she loved your products. She also told me that you guys tour runs up until mid october. So my question is did you guys take some of the tour dates off of your original list or is Atlanta the final stop. I am from detroit but i was planning on attending the Circle City Classic in Indianapolis OCT 3-4 and i was told that you guys were gonna be there. Are you guys gonna be atttending that event, or is Atlanta really the final stop?

  18. Stephanieeeee

    I would love to win the gift basket!

  19. Sasso537

    I want to win! :)

  20. Andreana

    I would love to win a gift basket!
    I am a woman of color and have not found a solution to covering my acne scars (Hyperpigmentation) I hope this is what I’ve been looking for.

  21. I would love to win the gift basket!

  22. aeyrah


  23. Rachel

    I would love to win both…What an awesome giveaway!!!

    Hint* I am right outside ATL!!!

  24. Lisa

    Wow! I’d love to win this! Thanks for the post Christine :)

  25. Maugra

    SO excited!!! i want the gift basket please, pretty please!!!

  26. mj

    I’d love to win, too! (Just the basket, though, sadly…)

  27. I would like to win! <3

  28. Vanessa

    This is right on time…..I would love to win the gift basket!!! Thanks

  29. Ambi…gimme flawless skin !!

  30. Aisha

    wow..the gift basket is awesome..!

  31. Sonya

    I’d like to win. Thanks

  32. Sha

    Me want the basket and the tickets plz!

  33. Shelley

    Hi! I’d love to win the giveaway prize. I’m a college kid so my makeup/skincare plurge is maybe once a month that I can afford. I’ve struggled with acne, dryness, and uneven skin tone all my life. I’d love to have the skin i’ve always wanted, and not have to piling on makeup everyday to feel comfortable. I would love to try the Ambi products that i’ve heard so many good things about. Thanks for the giveaway! [email protected]

  34. bunny

    I wanna win the gift basket please!! Thanks!

  35. Danielle

    I would love to win the gift basket!

  36. amanda

    i’d love to win this! dont know if i can win tickets too because im from canada

  37. Fay

    Hey Christine thanks for the post. I would absolutely love the gift basket in my possession! I am African-American and these products are especially for women of color. I have dark circles on each side of my mouth from a childhood habit of biting inside my mouth. I am also developing bumps around my face from using makeup. I am in need of a good skin product so I am sure that AMBI can do the trick for me and clear them up. I have never been to Atlanta before so either prize would be for me. I am looking forward for the basket though. Thanks for this opportunity. My email is [email protected]

  38. Tisa

    Please count me in! I would love to win the gift basket! ~ :) Thanks!

  39. LocaLoli

    I use Ambi and recommend it to everyone its good stuff. I would love the basket.Thank for doing this.

  40. Joanne C.

    hI, WISH I WIN!

  41. Shayla

    I’d like to win :) but who wouldn’t? Haha…

  42. Ava

    I would love to win this basket. The first reason would be to cover dark spots on my face. The second reason is because my birthday is coming up on the 12th of september!

  43. Chelsey

    Hey Christine,

    love the website,heard you vacationed on kauai…wow huh u must have had a blast….lucky me huh I live here ( not lucky rite now) IT’S HOTTT….well I would love to win the AMBI gift basket

    aloha from hawaii

  44. brie

    id like to win :) not the tickets though.

  45. Kim

    I would love to win the basket :)Thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone!!!

  46. LaDawn A.

    Hey I want to come to ATLANTA for FSO 2008..I come every year from NC and I would love to win these tickets to save some money (gas is HIGH) I have been wanting to try your products as well…so this will be a dream gift basket for me….PICK ME PLEASE …God Bless!!!

  47. Tia A.

    Hey Im in Atlalnta and I have been wanting to go to FSO for the past 3 years!!! And I could really use those ambi products! Glad to see products for us!!

  48. Laney

    I would love to win the basket!

  49. Chanel

    I’d like to win!

  50. PLEASE PICK ME, big fan of product but i need more!!! Please Pick me.

  51. I’d love to! Thanks :)

  52. Reesa

    I love to win. I love Ambi products! :-)

  53. I’d love to win some Ambi products! I’ve never tried them!

  54. deesha

    Pick ME!! Pregnany did a number on my skin, this would help me out a great deal.

  55. marie

    i would love to win the gift basket!

  56. Mykeshia

    Hey I want to win and I’m in Atlanta. =D

  57. Lara

    I’m really curious about how the fade cream works. Pick me, please!

  58. Anna

    I would love to enter – The concept of a holistic skin care line for evening out melanin rich skin tone is pretty exciting. Most of the lines available at Sephora and higher end drugstore beauty boutiques are hardly affordable for regular use on a college student’s budget.

  59. jes

    I wanna win! :o)

  60. Nani

    wow I really want these tickets lol, i have heard sooo much about fso and i would really like to experience it this year, also about the ambi products i’ve had a few friends use their products and they have had great results so i def want the awesome giftbasket.

    so urmm all i can say is…CHOOSE ME!!

    please =0)
    ;;; also i am in love with your tutorials.

  61. Nani

    …who won ;[

  62. meme

    Wonderful, I’d love for a chance to win a basket!

  63. Tey

    Oh that’s really cool.
    Winner yet?

  64. traca

    i’d love to be added to the drawing. skin care is the most important part in makeup application. I don’t break out alot, but lord knows, melanin is a trip. Every time i get a blemish i get a dark mark that takes YEARS to fade, regardless of what u put on it. I hope the products in the basket helps someone.

  65. emby

    I really want to win!best gift for my birthday!

  66. Hi I am truly a fan of Ambi skin care products I’m seventeen years old and I’ve had facial problems since I was thirteen years old . It started with acne and then I started to use acne wash it cleared up but thru the years bumps and blemishes kept coming up and its really hard to hide dark spots with makeup in my situation because I have oily skin.When I tried the product for the first time I saw major improvement’s on the dark spots and I was really excited about something that would actually work for this chocolate girl.I don’t live in Atlanta but I’m next door in Birmingham, Alabama and I would love that gift basket so please pick me.

  67. Sherry

    I wanna win!!!

  68. ieisha tickles

    i would love to win the ambi skin care basket and tickets to the atl love the city been their several times it time for something good to happen to me and i think this is it pick me pick me… :)

  69. Miraya Jackson

    I would like to know how to become a Ambi skincare spokesmodel. I use these products faithfully and they work really good for my skin. I would like to join your team to help educate young black ladies on how to be beautiful and how to take care of their skin. Please get back to me if you can, I would greatly appreciate it.
    -Thank you Miraya Jackson

  70. Helen Carprue

    I’ve been using Ambi for a long time and my skin is flawless. I always get compliments and I always give credit to Ambi products. I would love to continue to represent your products by receiving tickets and winning your gift basket. Thank you in advance!!