Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Aloha, all! For the next week, I am in Kauai (an island of Hawaii), vacationing with my family. (The boy is staying at home, and he gets to be on Mellan-sitting-duty!) Now, don’t run off thinking this means the blog will be at a stand still. No, no, NO! I have plenty of content geared up to post, and I expect to make plenty ‘o posts about what I do, learn, and see in Hawaii when it comes to beauty. And I have no doubt I will learn a lot about water-resistant and heat-resistant makeup! I also tend to be much better at applying makeup everyday while on vacation, so I’ll be showing you regular looks. You won’t even know I’m gone. In fact, you’ll probably wonder if I ever relaxed at all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s my first time in Kauai – I’ve only been to Honolulu a few times in the past, and probably not for a good ten years since my last visit. If you have any spots or things to do to recommend, feel free!

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29 thoughts on “Aloha — Blogging From Kauai!

  1. Nell

    Ohh, Hawaii, Iยดm jealous!
    Enjoy your vacation and relax!!!!
    Glad you will be posting though!

  2. lovekills

    OMG, I love Hawaii, I was in Maui a few years back, Its so lovely and LUSH!
    have fun!

  3. danielle

    hey i live on kauai! how do you like it? wow, it’s your first time here?!
    are you here for vacation?

  4. Jennifer

    OMG Kauai is amazing! I was in Hawaii a few (okay… 6 or 7) years ago, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy the islands!

  5. naomi

    Have fun girl!

  6. Faye

    I grew up on Kauai and I can definitely recommend hiking the Na Pali coast. Fairly difficult, but the views are worth it!

  7. KyaLyn

    Oh, sounds great! I was there a couple of years ago for my honeymoon. We spent a week on Maui and a week on Kauai. Kauai is very laid back. If you love coffee, the coffee plantation is fun to see and yummy to taste. I would also recommend a visit to the Allerton Botanical Gardens. They do a two hour walking tour that’s great for pictures and not too strenuous. Plus most of it is in the shade.

  8. Mackenzie

    hey Christine im going to kauai for christmas this year and i was woundering ( i know your gonna think this is wierd) but when in in kauai the dame edna collection comes out and i heard that there is a macys and is there a cosmetics department in that one? thanks!! because i need that collection badly!!!hahahhahaha xoxo

  9. Mackenzie

    Hey Danielle I was woundering how the weather on kauia is at christmas time and around that time since im going to kauai on the 17th of December.And does the macys mac get the shipments in the same time the US does? And do they still have products from past collections like neo sci fi and tendertones and stuff im just think they might because kauai is not that big if that makes scence ? hahahahaha
    Thanks =)

    • danielle

      the weather here is very windy and rainy but during the day there’s sun and windy.
      the shipments don’t come in on time all the time, it comes in a few days after or it could be a week till they have their shipments.
      unfortunately they don’t have any products from past collections, they sell out so fast.

      how long are you gonna be on kauai?

  10. Mackenzie

    thanks.. and i will be going on the 17th of december and leaving on the 1st of january! Do you know any things that would be fun to do on the vacation?

  11. danielle

    beaches, zip lining, hiking, luaus, if you’re over 21 there’s bars called Rob’s good time grill, trade winds, and the point. a lot of sight-seeing, and just relaxing. the places to eat that is good are duke’s, keoki’s, jj’s broiler, and kintaro’s.

    i hope you have a great vacation here. =)