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If there’s new hotness creating buzz in the beauty community, I’ll check it out. However, when it comes to skin care, I have to stick with what works because of my ultra-sensitive skin. I can only use 1-2 mascara brands for the same reason — allergic reaction. But I am always on the hunt for the HG highlighter.

I’m also a professional brush hoarder. LOL

I heard i the Dior Amber diamond highlighter its pretty good, i dont have it but i do have the wet n wild one in reserve your cabana which its a very pretty, subtle highlighter and looks so natural on the skin, btw have you tried the shiseido foundation brush, or the dior one that looks a lot like the shiseido one? Im planning on buy a good foundation brush thats easy to use and gets a natural, airbrushed finish

Hope it’s not rude to butt in but I do have the Shiseido brush. It gives a great finish, but it takes a very long time, the brush is so small. The head is completely flat, and I prefer a rounder one or a shape like Tom ford, it’s easier to apply and buff simultaneously.

Thanks for your thoughts on the Shiseido foundation brush, Malia. I did check it out, of course. It does look sort of small.

I have the Hakuhodo G543. Paid $94 for it, and it was worth every penny. It’s crazy how well this brush buffs foundation into the skin. Perfection.

I haven’t tried Dior or Shiseido brushes, Karla. I drank the Hakuhodo Kool-Aid and, most recently, the Wayne Goss brush collection. I probably have $2k+ in brushes, so a new one has to be over-the-moon special to catch my interest. I will give them a look-see though. Thanks for the heads up.

Interestingly, I tried the Dior diamond highlighter and it was just too frosty for my liking. I have a myriad of highlighters: MAC MSFs, Guerlain, Benefit, Edward Bess, YSL, Estee Lauder, Dior Lace Poudrier Dentelle. The list goes on — I need another one like I need a hole in the head. πŸ˜€

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Karla, I also have the Shiseido foundation brush and I honestly think it’s the best brush I have for applying liquid foundation and it works for powder blush, highlighter – so many things. In fact, I’m planning to pick up another one. I really like several of the Real Techniques brushes – especially the Stippling and Expert brushes – but the Shiseido is what I turn to when I want to be sure to achieve a flawless but “made up” look, if that makes sense.

Wow thanks thats good to know because i have never tried a foundation brush before so i dont want to buy just any foundation brush i come across without knowing if its worth it, i also like this shape of this brush for foundation, i wish mac had this kind of brush so i would build up my brush coleccion out of only one brand

Is that a rhetorical question? πŸ™‚ I am the ultimate consumer – if I see a big NEW plastered on anything, I immediately want to try it! If I read about some amazing new product, I am at Sephora, Ulta, etc. the very next day to look at it. What is wrong with me??
Pretty much that way with everything but cars, though, which is why I drive a 15 year old Saturn!

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Sarah, I tell myself (at least partially jokingly) that I keep capitalism alive. But I fear that mostly I’m just wasting money.
A prime example is my under-mascara primer:
A while back, I tried Jane Iredale PureLash, and loved it. I thought, “This is the perfect one – it’s cruelty-free, relatively inexpensive, and it performs well. I can now just buy this one every time, without even having to think about it.”
What did I do next time I needed fresh lash primer?
I bought BeautiControl SpectacuLash, because it might be even better than the PureLash.
I did like it at first, but it wasn’t “magical,” and, as time went on, the less it seemed to do for my lashes. It’s almost time for new lash primer. I may go back to Jane Iredale, OR I may try that black one from It Cosmetics, if I can find it.

Exactly! The new thing might be EVEN BETTER, so I must try it. it doesn’t even have to be new new, just new to me, especially if someone raves about it – I need to go check this amazing thing out.

LOL, I’m always wanting to see what’s new & improved, even if only to look upclose at it. Might buy it, might not just depends. Do that pretty much with everything except cars too – which is why I’m still driving my 19-year old Saturn!

I’m so glad I’m not the only one driving an old Saturn but always checking out what’s new for everything else (especially cosmetics!)

Yay, kindred Saturn spirits! How long do you think these old Saturns will last? I joke I’m going to drive mine until it dissolves into a pile of rust on the freeway…although they’re plastic…so until it melts? πŸ˜›

My goal is 20 yrs, but hopefully my lil car will exceed that. In my state, after 20 yrs would qualify for a “antique” license plate – kinda want one too.
I’m so desperately attached to the lil bugger after all these years & it really distresses me to discuss ever replacing it.

Yes ! But the reason to that is quite simple in fact, we don’t have so many brands as you have in the US. Our Sephora website is, well,very small compared to yours. I wish we had the 4 elements Sephora/Pantone palette here but we don’t have Sephora Pantone……. πŸ™ what a pity really !

I don’t know if I actively seek out new products or brands but I do love reading beauty blogs and watching beauty related videos on youtube and that sure is a good way to stumble upon a lot of new things!

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Sort of….that’s how I “discovered” Vasanti’s whole line but most especially their Brighten Up exfoliator and monoi oil, as well as Jouviance (Canadian skin care line that is fabulous) and some other things. But for the most part, I leave it to you, Christine – you alert me to new products and brands and also give me the information I need to avoid costly mistakes! Sites like Makeup Alley and some other blogs/youtube reviews do the same. The more info I have about a new product, the better able I am to make a good decision as to whether or not to purchase.

Yep! Unless it’s an HG or skin care product, I never buy the same product twice. πŸ™‚ I figure there’s enough variety out there that I can always try something similar or new!

Definitely love the hunt! I just went through a phase of trying out a number of professional brands and right now I wish I could get my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury collection.

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Recently I’ve gotten really into indy brands. The prices are usually right, so if the colors look exciting, I usually can’t resist giving a new one a try.

I don’t tend to be an early adopter, but once I hear some buzz about something I’m after it (even if it means eBay stalking).

Ebay stalking. Guurrlll, the one FOOL thing I did was pay $50 USD for a bottle of that damn Illamasqua Raindrops nail polish. I paid that amount when it was “permanently out of stock” and then they brought it back. -__- Never. Again.

I stick with what i know works for me most of the time but, with the naked palette i have never tried anything of urban decay before, until i started seeing rave reviews everywere for so long that i just bought it in im in love with it!! Another one is chanel, have never tried anything from that brand and a few days ago i got a sample of the vitalumiere Aqua foundation that came in a magazine and OMG what a beautiful thing it is!! I decided that its gonna be my next foundation purchase (i was going to buy the studio fix foundation ) and i have been using makeup brushes that comes in kits from 4 or 5 years ago and im so tired of them, the “blush brush” doesnt do anything to pick up the color from my mac warm soul blush which is a shame because its a beautiful color in the pan, so im gonna start saving to buy full size, good quality brushes

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I’m always trying out new products, even if I find one I really love, because I’m [foolishly] seeking that “even better” one. I waste considerable money that way, but hope (or something) springs eternal.

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