Monday, May 17th, 2010

A little change… new layout!

Notice anything different? The new design features changes in the look and feel of the site, as well as some more structural changes, such as the navigation and search.  We are still tweaking the comments section over the next 24-48 hours, though.

  • The navigation is now clickable so that you can view each category’s subcategories.
  • The search is powered by Google to–hopefully–aid you in better, more efficient searching.
  • Before you get to the content, the most popular posts from the week, which you can scroll through.
  • Each post can be easily “Liked” on Facebook or Stumbled with StumbleUpon.
  • Redesigned comment section.

I hope you like the new design and some of the features that came along with it.  The Love it/Leave it feature was designed to be launched with the new layout, but I couldn’t wait for to get that live!  Temptalia gives major thanks to Shaun aka the tech guy for the weeks and months and hours upon hours he’s put into the site (seriously, thirty-six hours in the past three days alone).

P.S. — If you see anything that seems broken, do let us know!

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179 thoughts on “A little change… new layout!

  1. Alexis

    Loving the new layout – a job well done!!

  2. Mirna

    I clicked refresh and it changed! I really like it so far! It’s user friendly :)

  3. Ashley

    Wow, that was a shocker! I quite like it thought, very simple and easy!

  4. bonita

    LOVE IT!!!
    that is all….LOL

  5. Margot

    Congrats ! I love the new layout, it’s gorgeous !! I like the fact that it is not a huge change in one time, it’s subtle yet noticeable !
    It’s really beautiful, and a big thanks to Shaun then :)

  6. WOW! looks really nice!

  7. baby in a corner

    the new layout is cool! well done!

  8. Andrea

    very pretty summer time

  9. Nicole

    I love it! The design of the comments section is especially cool! 😀

  10. SiaM

    WOW!!! I just opened the site and I was so surprised, really like how you changed your flower design at the top of your page and still kept it, the colors are popping too. Tried the search and found easier to look for what I wanted and all the related posts.
    LIKE THE NEW LAYOUT!!!!! Shaun did a great job.

  11. Amalee

    I love the new layout :)

  12. Very snazzy, Christine!

  13. This is going to get a little getting used to it. It does look a little sleeker but I’m not really loving the darker colours…

  14. torie

    Hey i can finally pull your site up on my phone yay! Even when you said there was a mobile version a few weeks ago i still couldn’t pull it up.

  15. nellie

    it’s weird, but i’ll get used to it .. but please please bring the old search back! I hate google search on websites. :(

  16. Looks great! Its a nice change.
    = )

  17. Abril

    Temptalia looks very pretty and like… girlie! Haha! Congrats to your BF! Hahaha! (He did it, right?)

  18. The color is pretty…but for the first tym, I didn’t like the change…I liked the older one beter…but its ok, I will get used to the new one…:)

  19. Jennifer

    OOH! I love the color scheme!

  20. Ringo

    the new layout looks great! but did you delete the “Deals” sections by chance?

    • It’s still there, but we’re working on where to place it/link to it, lol! Way to notice 😛 Haha! We were hoping nobody would catch that yet.

  21. Roxanne

    I like the technial changes (search, navigation,…) -they’re very user friendly- but I really really -sorry!- dislike the new design. The comment section seems a bit all over the place to me, I’m having a real hard time “structuring” it :/ The colours look odd to me as well since I loved the pink so much! I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I’m kind of sad right now… Where did my clean Temptalia go?! :(

    I’m not trying to criticise you or anything, oh no! I know The Boy put a lot of effort into this (and big props to him for doing this!) but I’m just kind of bummed :( For someone who really needs a lot of structure, it’s kind of hard to get around this. Hope you understand my concern… :/ Otherwise, thumbs up for your hard work! Really!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Roxanne! :) I appreciate it! We’ll definitely keep working at it!

      • Roxanne

        I’m sorry! I really do appreciate the work you put into it! It’s mostly the comment section that bothers me, the rest I’ll learn to live with and hopefully eventually love…

  22. Woo hoo! I haven’t gotten to play around much but I just spent the last 10 minutes clicking here and there and checking stuff out.

    1) I LOVE the new banner! I like darker colors myself anyway, so that’s no surprise, but I really like the way it looks (it got my attention right away).

    2) I also really like the scrolling feature (most popular posts) at the top of the home page. I can see this being used ALL THE TIME!

    3) I REALLY like the navigation now better than the navigation before. I mean A LOT. I guess it’s more simple, but it’s easier to navigate and makes sense – Which is important – Especially for first-time users.

    4) Searches are SO HARD TO DO! I give you guys both a gold stars for even trying – I think this works fine – It would be great if the other search worked better 100% of the time, but I refuse to even TRY working with searches on websites so good for you! LOL!

    It really does look good and I think it will work well too! He does really good work (you both do, I’ve said it a number of times) and I hope you give him a cookie for all his hard work. (And no, “cookie” isn’t code for anything you hetero folks do, but if it were, I hope you do that too, I’m sure he deserves it – LOL!)

    • Haha! :) There’s not TOO much different – mostly just a face lift in a sense.

      WordPress search sucks so hard. Google search is so ugly with all the ads (which you don’t have much control over unfortunately!) but at least the *results* are relevant.

      Thank you!

  23. Ellery Allison

    I adore the new layout, and the new color!
    The only thing I really noticed a major difference in is the text hierarchy at the upper page.
    I’m not good with web design though, only journal.

  24. Maisie

    I thought I was on the wrong website at first! Haha :)
    I love the new layout though!

  25. Kimberly

    Love the new layout!!

  26. natasha mehta

    Love it C! Its bright and beautiful just like U!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Amanda

    oooh the new layout looks great!!

  28. Carolina S

    i love the colors! and the logo on the top is perfect!

    over all i love it!!

  29. Rosie

    I love the new layout and colors and am excited to like your posts on FB :).

  30. nicci

    I like it! esp. the colors!

  31. Diana B

    I love it Christine!!! Thank you Shaun for all the hard work its greatly appreciated.

  32. Elenka

    i don’t understand how can i now find smth??? there were good search before..i could select the needed section…for example (mac cosmetics, or only lipsticks). where is it now??????

    • Google search essentially eliminates the need to search within certain categories just to get somewhat relevant results.

      • Elenka

        previous was very much better 😉

        • I’m sorry you don’t like the new layout, but we’ve definitely spent a lot of time on designing and creating the new layout, so perhaps if you could expand on what you liked better about the old layout, it would be helpful to us. Thank you!

  33. Looking pretty good Christine!

  34. Daniela

    i think the new layout makes it seem kind of even more professional loving the top banner it’s definitely CLASSY(:

  35. *Megan*

    WOW!!! I check your site often…and I LOVE the new layout!!! love love it!

  36. Ari

    Thanks Christine and Shaun for all the hard work! It looks great and it’s user friendly.

  37. Court

    che bello!!

  38. Nessa

    i like the new layout :)

  39. Lisa

    Hey Christine :-) I’m digging your new layout, but I think the titles of the posts should be next to the pictures in the popular posts scroll.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I’m confused — the titles of the post shows up next to the image — could you let me know what browser you’re using and if you’re on a PC/MAC? We did a bunch of cross-compatibility testing, so please let us know.

  40. Fari

    love the new layout!! I think it looks great.

  41. sapphire

    I love the banner up!! pretty colours, easy to look at, and nice clickable menu.. Nice Done, ill love it :)

  42. Rachel

    Looks great! I love the new comment layout as well. Pink <3

  43. Janet

    Love the new design. :) Can you do a tutorial on how to do a cat-eye using an eyeliner pen such as Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner (my fave) or MAC’s Penultimate Eye Liner? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  44. karen

    I REALLY like it!

  45. Stephanie

    Love the new layout!

    Just wanted to say that in Google Chrome (for Mac if that helps), whenever you even CLICK on the site (be it, to comment, a link or a blank space), a new tab pops up with this as the URL:
    and inside it is:

    It’s really frustrating, and makes commenting or using your site a bit of a pain, since I have to switch from my everyday browser. :( I usually read your posts in Google Reader, which is fine, but if I want to interact in any way it’s hard.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Are you using an adblocker like AdThwart? It’s actually something in the plugin you’re using that breaks the site – we can’t do anything about it on our end. It’s not even an ad but a tracking metric (that tracks how many people visit the page, etc.). If you allow the script, SocialSpark has informed that there should not be an issue like that.

      • Cynthia

        i use Google Chrome also thru my PC and it’s major lagging now. it takes awhile to upload the pages. is it best to open thru IE?? sorry, i love your new layout and i’m addicted to your site, but i crashed 3x last night trying to post a comment. :(

        • Are you using an ad blocker plugin like AdThwart? I know that there is a known issue with AdThwart that breaks a tracking analytic on our site, which has nothing to do with advertising, actually!

      • Stephanie

        I’m using AdBlock for Chrome — I added Temptalia to my whitelist and now it works. :) Thanks!

        • Glad it’s working! We were able to work it out and use an alternative method for the tracking so we were able to remove it entirely – since even though I can tell *you* what to do, I can’t tell other users who may not take the time to let me know about it how to make it work!

  46. LNU

    Aw gosh. It looks nice, but it takes me forever to get used to things! LOL.

  47. Rosie

    The one thing I’m noticing is that the names on the responses are far too close to the left side of the browser so if my mouse moves even slightly to the right (macbook) then i don’t see the name and this didn’t happen before because the names were positioned more to the right.

  48. Catheirne S

    it’s awesome!!

  49. The new layout is awesome! So much better than the old one, much more clear and easy to navigate!

  50. Sharon

    The new layout is gorgeous! Very sophisticated..

    I’m especially lovin’ the comments section. Great work, Christine!

  51. Natalia

    Great job. Facebook “Like” button ROCKS!

  52. Ally_D

    I really like it – big thanks to Shaun for all his work

  53. Brenda


  54. loving this layout! =)

  55. rashmi

    wow christine
    u always comes up with new ideas …
    or should i take ur boy’s name as well
    both of u are rocking dear
    its super duper exciting n wow new way to look n feel u ….
    i think …. “beauty with brains” wouldnt fit anybody else except you …
    yeah … u truelly r genius n hey ur boyfriend too ….

    • Thanks so much, Rashmi! You are always so sweet!

      • rashmi

        my sweetheart i have to be sweet …
        u only answer me who is in front of me ????
        u know i only miss few things of USA after coming to india …
        and you are on top my sweetie …
        i wish i would be able to meet you once more in my life…
        hahahah u can say me utmost desire….
        love you and temptalia

  56. Leli

    Love it!
    It’s shiny!

  57. condesa

    hi Christine!
    kudos to you & the tech guy!
    I LOOOOVE the new looks! so bright and colourful!
    Cheers C:

  58. I really like this new layout, very pretty and works well! :)

    • Thank you, Anita :) Is the site still loading slow for you? Is it like… SUPER slow, as in over a minute? Or is it just, “Hey, why so slow?” but just something you notice?

  59. sandrine

    I’m loving the new layout, Christine. Well done! :)

  60. I like it, congratulations :)

  61. chibu74

    so so pretty…love it, great change

  62. Charlotte

    I mostly like the new layout (the comments section really isn’t winning me over I’m afraid) but is it just me or the font now really dull? It looks like everything is just Arial. I don’t mind it for the main body of posts but at least the titles could be something a bit more.. fun? Hopefully it’s a grower!

    • I do believe that everything was Arial before…

      • K

        I agree with Charlotte, I noticed the font change immediately. I think the problem is the size of the font. It is slightly larger in the text of the entry (size 10) than the text of the comments (size 9). I actually find the smaller size much cleaner and easier to read.

        Christine – I’ve never commented before but I have always filled out your surveys for feedback. (Love that you’re including full face shots with lip swatches now!) Would love the font to be changed back so it’s easier to read. That being said, I appreciate the work and time you and Shaun have put into updating the site.

        • Hi K,

          It’s a change we were going to implement once we’ve had more time to work through a few other issues, but just for reference, the comments are size 12 and the text (was) 13! :) It should be fixed now.


          • K

            Oops, I was going off email font sizes instead of sites. haha Yes, I’ve refreshed, and it has been changed. Looks much better, thanks!

            One more thing… You might want to add a little more space between the “Like” and “Stumble Upon” buttons. When the “Like” counts reach the triple digits, they get cut off, as seen in the MAC & Disney post. A very minor detail, but something I noticed. :)

  63. Kiwi.Cozy

    Very pretty, thank you for taking the time to do this!! :)

  64. congrats, it’s really nice! appreciate the hard work you do for this site =)

  65. Anna

    love it just ONE thing, :) maybe highlight the headings because i sometimes scroll past them and miss things :) thanks

  66. Oooh! It’s very pretty! Although it’s darker, and for summer I wouldn’t have pictured that. But it’s still gorgeous, and very sophisticated!

  67. Amy

    I think I really like the new layout so far! It’s faster and gives the website a fresh look, love it!

  68. Shannon G.

    Excellent job! Thanks for all your time on the site, it is much appreciated!

  69. Rissy

    I do like the new layout… and i don’t know if it’s the browser i’m using (google chrome) or if many ppl are on ur site slowing down the server, but it takes a forever and a day to load. :(

    • Is it better right now, Rissy? There was something that seemed to break in Google Chrome (we are still waiting for a fix), but we removed it for now so it shouldn’t happen any more!

  70. Lulee

    Hey Christine I don’t know if any one has mentioned but the site is wonky on the mobile version. The top bar with the most popular posts shows up on the page as big cluttered disorganized posts instread of how it is on the regular site. I can take a screen capture for you if you want.

  71. Diana B

    I love it Christine!!! Thank you Shaun for all the hard work its greatly appreciated. You guys are so dedicated.

  72. HC

    I ♥ the new website!!

  73. Mia

    i like it but there are some issues with link pages. i went on “upcoming mac collections” and tried to look at the look in a box collection but instead it lead me to the digi pop collection. just a minor flaw :p

  74. can't resist!

    love it–esp the comment section is much easier to read and it’s so bright and inviting without being distracting, awesome job

  75. Love the new layout but really hate the google search, it’s not very helpful and I found the old search much easier to find what I was looking for.

  76. Sass

    Everything is cool except that now I cannot see my gravatar here anymore. I felt some type of individuality when posting on here before the changes because not many of us had them. Oh well. I’ll get used to it.

  77. Ana

    I love the improvements, good job! Congrats ^^

  78. Marjolijn

    I love it! Still pink and girlie but sleeker and more professional-looking :)

  79. Charlotte

    I thought this might be the right place to let you know that the most popular posts scroll bar at the top of the page completely messes up the page layout on m.temptalia