Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Introducing… Urban Decay Minx & Ecstasy Eyeshadows!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow ($16.00) recently had two new additions added to the line-up: Minx, described as a blue-green shift with glitter; and Ecstasy, described as a bright purple with slight pink tint.

Minx is a beautiful shade of aqua-green with a little taste of mint and lots of silvery sheen and shimmer. It has decent pigmentation, though it could have a bit more color pay off for my taste. I’d love to see it go on a little richer and deeper. It does, however, go on smoothly and blends easily with other shadows. Ecstasy is a vibrant shade of cool-toned medium purple with soft silver sheen. It doesn’t have a lot of shimmer/glitter either. I found the pigmentation on this shade to be better than Minx, which made me happy. It has the same smooth, blendable texture as Minx (as well as the rest Urban Decay’s eyeshadow range overall).

Each shadow is packaged in a silver, flip-top container. The shadows are the same size as MAC from what I know, so yes, you could depot these if you desired. (I also believe the depotting methodology is about the same with these.)

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Packaging: 8/10
  • Overall: 8/10

Recommendation: If you like smooth, easy-to-use eyeshadows and like color, these two shadows are for you. Ecstasy earns slightly more of a recommendation over Minx, just because Minx lacks the intensity of pigmentation I prefer. Both are soft, shimmery/frosty shades that are easy to work with. I prefer all my eyeshadows in pan/palette form, so the packaging is functional, but it doesn’t inspire me to purchase solely on that criterion.


Have you picked up these two new shades yet?

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39 thoughts on “A Lil’ Color for You: Urban Decay Minx & Ecstasy Eyeshadows

  1. KaylaK

    I got both of these eyeshadows and the liquid liners that go with them, sooooo gorgeous! Especially if you do minx shadow w/ ecstasy liner, or reverse it, talk about some wicked color!

  2. binnie

    i love the pigement of urban deacy e/s they are like the starflash finish!or veluxepearl

  3. Ju

    Yes, mac are the same powder’s weigth than UD before, but, now UD e/s are bigger, 1.5 gr than Mac are :
    -1.3gr for permanent,
    -2.2 for the duo mineralize ( = 1.1 for one e/s)
    – 0.88 gr (!) for each e/s for christmas quad.

    And I think Mac want to be sell less powder in their e/s in futur. Thank you Estée Lauder !!!!

    So for an European, UD is more better choice or MakeUpForEver (2.5 gr each e/s), because one mac e/s cost 15euro = 22$98.

    • Diabla

      They’re at 16 euros now on Mac French website… they took one more euro this summer! What a shame.
      Are they truly going to diminish the quantity of powder in a pan?

      • Ju

        Ah F**** it’s 16e now ! Argh!
        I hope than Mac keept the same weight (1.3gr) but the quality is really poor to poorest with years. I have an old “Tempting” (High Tea collection) and a new “Tempting” (Cult of Cherry collection), it’s really strange but the texture and the pigmentation are very differents, they are really better with the old one. So, I’m a little sad, Mac was a very brand before Estée Lauder buy it…

    • Thanks for doing the math for us!

  4. OMG. these colors are to die for!!!! getting those on the next visit to Sephora

  5. cloudburst

    I wish they would leave out the glitter. Both shades are nice.

  6. KaylaK

    Minx is the only one with glitter, Ecstasy doesn’t have it.

  7. Yaya

    i don’t really like either color

  8. They are Oh-so-gorgeous…

    It seems that Urband Decay can read my mine…(with my current 0 blending skill) I only know how to wear teal and lilac (as a bit accent color or one of top another color on bottom of eyes.

  9. RosiePC

    Love these two colors and I also got the liquid eyeliners. Gorgeous vibrant colors!

  10. leslie

    OMG. UD ecstasy is my favorite color…coincidentally my favorite drug. must. own. omg.

  11. I have both liquid liners, but only the Ecstasy shadow because I’m not a big fan of the pieces of glitter in minx. I love love love ecstasy though!

  12. lexisf09

    for me it would be just pure lust – the colors are a little on the ‘cool’ side for my warm skintone

  13. Siledhel

    I’ve noticed how turquoise seams to be everywhere this summer, and apparently this fall too.
    I regret not buying it when I had the chance, since I have to travel about 4 hours to get to my closest urban decay counter.

  14. smut

    A friend of mine and I swapped some shadows, and one of the ones she gave me was Shotgun by UD. I actually really like it even though it has glitter in it (I find it hard to work with them, especially Too Faced shadows with glitter)and I do find it goes on easy. I do like ecstasy, I may have to pick it up. It kind of looks like a super shimmery Parfait Amour, to me anyway!

    • Nice friend you have there 😉

      • smut

        Haha her and I are makeup freaks and the items we swapped were pretty much untouched eyeshadows! She’s a redhead so she’s limited to the colors she can wear. It is nice to have a friend who loves makeup as much as I do!

  15. NIcole

    love the new colors ..should grab them up soon lol