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The Life & Times of a Beauty Blogger

I think one of the most popular question I get via email is regarding beauty blogging:  how did you get started, how do you get readers, how do you take photos, how do you balance school and blogging, and so on and so forth.  I find that a lot of the answers and advice I give are redundant (which isn’t a bad thing), but I think it’s time to have a nice post to refer others to, as well as give you a more behind-the-scenes look at how life goes by here at Temptalia.

Get the Resources and Tools to Become a Beauty Blogger

Note:  I take blogging seriously–to me, even though it is a hobby and passion, I want to be the best that I can be.  I’ve always been this way with my hobbies.  I take great pride in what I do, particularly since it is public and once it’s on the internet, forever.

What my typical blogging day looks like…

  • 6:00AM:  Wake up, check e-mail and Twitter on my phone, then head to computer.
  • 6:10-6:45AM:  Approve comments and reply to quick questions asked via comments on the blog.  (Yes, the more complicated or difficult your question, the longer the response time, since I have to either research, reference, etc.  But I do try to get everything answered as quickly as possible.)  Check Facebook Fan page for any questions to answer.
  • 6:45-7:15AM:  Read, send, and reply to email–this includes replying to pitches from brands/PR, replies to readers’ comments and questions sent via email.
  • 7:15-11:00AM:  Write 1-2 posts for the day’s postings.  Reply to comments, questions, etc. on blog and YouTube.  Either photograph/swatch products to review or crop and edit product/swatch photos so they’re ready to be used in a review.
  • 11:00AM-12:30PM:  Walk Mellanhead & eat lunch!
  • 12:30PM-5:00PM:  Try to do a look and film it as a YouTube tutorial, then hand it off to the boy for editing.  Then test and write notes on various products.  More photographing or editing of photos, sometimes writing a post or two.  One or two days out of the week, I spent 1-2 hours watching TV with Mellan during this time.
  • 5:00PM-6:00PM:  Eat dinner.
  • 6:00PM-11:00PM:  Read, send, and reply to urgent emails.  Reply to comments.  Write 1-4 posts for the next day.  Try to log off the computer by 11PM!

Keep in mind, this is a blogging day, which is when I don’t have school.  I typically have school in the mornings on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for 2-3 hours and then again in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays for another 3 hours.  On days when I do have class, I will spend less time taking or editing photos.   I do all my schoolwork on one day when possible.  I usually take part of Friday or Saturday to spend reading next week’s assignments and doing any homework.  I know how to speed read (one of the most valuable skills I have ever learned), which has helped me immensely in every aspect of my academia.  My weekends are often considerably less intensive, though sometimes more so, depending on how I feel and what we do–we often visit with our friends/family on the weekend and then relax together on the other day.

My schedule is flexible and that’s how it should be. Even though the above is my approximate schedule, it is a flexible schedule.  Sometimes we go out for lunch or dinner, and we don’t rush through it so I can stay on schedule.  Sometimes we go for walks, head to the mall, do grocery shopping… dessert runs, coffee runs… whatever!  I frequently take 5-10 minute breaks to go play and cuddle with Mellan.  Sometimes I’m tired from not sleeping well and will just take a break–watch some TV, go for a walk, whatever.  There are always areas where you can scale back for a day or two without anyone noticing, and it is important to allow yourself breaks and some fun when you need them, so you don’t burn out.

The Hows & Whys of Blogging…

Blogging for Love, Not Money

It is important that this your motto.  The majority of successful blog I’ve seen and read, not just in the beauty blogosphere but in general, have one thing in common:  passion.  The authors of successful blogs have an obvious passion for the topic they blog about.  They are passionate about learning more about their chosen topic and passing along that knowledge to their readers.  It is not about the bottom line.

Where I Began

Many people reach out to be for advice on how best to start their blogs and how can they get a lot of readers quickly.  Just like most get-rich-quick-schemes are scams, get-readers-quick-schemes are also scams.  There is no right or wrong recipe for gaining a readership, but the key is to blog honestly, passionately, and always be yourself.   I would also say there is an element of luck to it as well.

For me, I lucked into having a natural readership because I used to post my looks everyday on the MAC Cosmetics Livejournal community, so I had a place where people already knew me, my style, and those who who interested, could also follow me on my blog–which at the time, was more of an archive of my looks than what it is today–so I did not start at ground zero.  I also lucked out in terms of timing.  I did not start blogging at the beginning of time, and I am, by no means, the first or even one of the first few beauty bloggers.  However, I was able to start blogging when blogging was becoming more accepted and blogs were being read by more and more people, but the beauty blogosphere was not crowded, either.

By providing useful content and information, readers stayed, continued to visit, and referred their friends or linked to the site as a reference.  You have to provide value to your readers.  Value does not have to mean something new and different, either.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you post!

My Blogging Advice

  • Always be you–even if not everyone likes you, your style, what you say or how you say it–be yourself.  You would be surprised just how much is picked up between what you say (or don’t say).
  • Enjoy it–you have to enjoy it, because blogging is very much a labor of love for the majority of bloggers.  If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.  If you’re bored with your blog, take a break.  If you have writer’s block, take a break.
  • Figure out what you can do better than anyone else–it’s important to find some sort of signature item that you can have on your blog.  Just something that makes the blog you.
  • Write original content, because nobody wants to read a regurgitation of other people’s work or press releases all day.
  • Take your own photos. Adding something visual to your post to complement the writing can go a long way in making it relevant and interesting.  Stock and promotional photos can be great tools, but they should be more of a supplement than the majority of your content.
  • Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Cheesy and overused, I know, but it’s true.  Many successful blogs were not overnight successes, so don’t get discouraged if it takes you months to gain even a small readership.
  • Don’t let other people get you down. This is a hard one, and it is one that I’ve struggled with time and time again (though happy to report, nobody’s made me cry with their internet insults in well over a year).  You just can’t.  There will always be those who don’t like you or what you do.  They may genuinely dislike you (it’s not always jealousy).  They may make assumptions, some may even make up “facts” about you.  You can’t always change them, but you can try by doing your best and being yourself.   If you do your best, you’ve done all that you can, and there is nothing to be but proud of yourself for it.

The Photo Station

For two years or so, I’ve been using a Nikon D90 DSLR.  I use both a kit lens and macro lens for photography. I don’t use a lightbox.  I have made my own lightbox in the past, and I’ve purchased lightboxes as well, but I have never liked the results.  I always ended up going back and just laying a product on top of the lightbox (rather than in it) and shooting that.   In an effort to be more organized and keep things in one place, I have a simple white table I purchased from Ikea for about $20 that I use as my “background.”  It’s in front of a window, and I use the light that streams in as my lighting.  It’s not fussy, and it didn’t cost me much at all.

The most important piece of advice I can ever give you about photography is to read your camera’s manual, regardless of whether it’s a point and shoot or DSLR.  Read it.  Learn it.  Understand your camera, what it can do, what each setting is capable of doing.

Next, I recommend reading photography blogs like DPS.  Even though I surely don’t know very much about proper lighting, how to set everything up just right, and such, I have tried to garner a basic understanding of photography principles and incorporate those into how I take my photos.  If you’re shopping for a camera, make sure you read reviews before you buy.  And you don’t need a $1,000 camera to take good photos.  Many point and shoots are amazing and go for $150-300.  I would not invest $1,000 into a camera if you’re only just starting to blog.

When it comes to beauty, it is most important to take color accurate photos.  A swatch is only as good as it is accurate.  The best way to work on accuracy is to take photos under different conditions and settings–just test it out.  See what part of your house seems to generate the best lighting for photos or what settings result in the best images.  Digital photography makes it so easy to take a thousand photos and view them–don’t like ’em? Delete ’em.

How do you stay motivated?

My readers motivate me! Everyday, my readers push me to be better and to do more.  It’s humbling to have anyone come to you for advice, even if it is just about makeup and not how to solve the crises of the world (please don’t come to me for those, I have no solutions!).  Everything Temptalia is today is a result of the readers that support it with their comments, questions, and loyalty.  It would be nothing with each and every one of you.

I also have an amazing support system from my friends and family.  They get blogging, and they don’t see it as frivolous.  They support me whenever and however they can, whether it’s as a sounding wall, shoulder to lean on, or simply to get some feedback from.  Their support is invaluable to me!

I hope some of this was informative, even if it was about ten thousand words longer than I intended or wanted to be.  If you made it this far… kudos!

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301 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Temptalia… as a Beauty Blogger

  1. hellt_ru

    Its very interesting to see your photo station in a one piece.
    You did very well at this, your swatches are beautiful.

  2. Scientific Housewife

    Great post, it’s really nice to know the behind-the-scenes of your life :)

  3. mariana

    Oh you do many things christine!! do you wear make up always? 😛 i have question what do you study are you in college or what? i´m from mexico and the system em is kind of different :S sometimes i dont understand the difference between college and universitie and that stuff :/!! you dont go out in the night? oh jaj im sorry i asked you many things u.u

    • Hi Mariana!

      Nope, definitely not always. I regularly go out without ANY makeup on! (Shockerrrr!)

      I’m in graduate school – so it’s further schooling after college where you get your bachelors. I’m studying to get my JD (law) and MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

      I’m actually a really family-oriented person, so I like hanging out with the boy & the dog at home or else visiting friends/family or having them come over! :) I usually reserve that kind of stuff for the weekends, since most people I know are busy during the week as well!

      • Britt

        I just found a new respect for you… being that we’re both in the process of completing a JD/MBA joint program (I attend school in Boston) and on top of that you’re blog consistently. I love it!

        • How much longer do you have, Britt? What do you hope to do with the joint degree?

          • Britt

            I’ll be graduating Spring 2012! I’m aiming to become a Corporate Lawyer. I went to Boston University originally for law school only, but when I found out about the joint degree program I just had to do it! So I took the GMAT and the rest was history. =) What about you? What do you plan to do after graduation?

  4. Jennifer

    How do you do speed reading?

    • I’m self-taught, but you can take classes on it. It teaches you techniques on how to read in patterns (like a “Z” shape) and how to maximize your time reading.

      • jessica

        How did you self teach your self? I would love to learn how to speed read..I think it would really help me with my nursing classes..there is soo much reading!!

  5. Keshia

    Great post, Christine! Your blog is awesome!

  6. Excellent post Christine! Totally spot on, especially about doing it out of passion & love. :)

    I’ve never gotten good results out of either of the light boxes I bought either!

  7. Daria

    You are very inspiring. Congratulations on your success with temptalia and in everything else you do! Do know its recognized! Thanks to you and your readers, I’ve looked forward to checking your site, found HG products, bumped into random people at the mall who read temptalia ( im from Boston) and its really great.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Deb

    Great post! It’s so inspiring that you run such a high quality blog, and have done so for a long time. It’s so easy to get discouraged, but the blog that keep at it and keep providing good content are the most interesing.

  9. Sally

    Christine, I loved reading this! It was so great to see what your day looks like and how much work you put into the blog! It’s obvious how much you care, and that’s one of the reasons this is my favorite makeup site! You’re so personable and helpful!
    On a side note, good for you not letting others get you down! I can’t imagine what that feels like, but I’m sure that for every negative comment, there are many others who love what you do!
    Thank you! Temptalia is the best :]

    (I just realized every sentence in this ended with an exclamation point. Apparently I’m excited, lol)

    • Thanks, Sally!

      It’s hard, and even when you struggle and you’re crying and going, “What did I ever do wrong?” and being all woe is me, you KNOW you shouldn’t be, so you beat yourself up for letting it get to you and it’s a big, vicious cycle! I’m really proud of myself for coming such a long way from those moments and just being able to go, “OK, I’m over it. Nothing I can do except remember that for every one nasty comment I get, there are many, many more positive ones.”

      I always want to use exclamation points! Sometimes I have to go back and take them out, because I feel like it looks weird to those reading 😛

  10. Patty

    Your dedication and passion is almost infectious! I love your blog and all of the work you put into it.
    I always wondered, how does Christine get the colors in her photos to look SO accurate?? And then I remembered a piece of advice my photography teacher told me, which was that natural light is always the best light :]
    I look forward to checking your blog every morning!

    • Aww, thank you! A good camera helps, too, but lighting is probably even *more* important. Plus, knowing what your camera can and can’t do or how it can do what you want it to! I still remember how my makeup photos looked like crap until I read my manual, saw there was a macro setting, and it was like OHHHHHHHH! instant skills!

  11. This is amazing!

    I know I only have 31 followers, but I write and blog because its fun for me. Just like my personal livejournal. I write stuff because I enjoy it. I don’t care if people comment or not, I know I have it out there for people to read.

    This was very inspiring!

  12. Jennifer

    wow! you are so great, thank you so much for all of your hard work! I enjoy everything you write :)

  13. Milessa

    This was a pretty interesting post. When you’re up at 5am, i’m still knocked out in bed. But as routines work, you get used to it. Its summer, and i’m still in my school routine! Could hardly believe it myself. I’m pretty happy, as i’m somewhat anxious to get back to school (such a geek!!). The photography blog is amazing, because i’ve always had a passion for photography, but never really knew how to channel it without taking an expensive class. Definitely something i’ll check out more often! :)

    • I wish I could say the same about school, LOL! Starts back up in less than a month, ahhh!

      I am a morning person. I should probably edit the post and mention that — I haven’t slept past 7am in at least a year, I’d say. My body gets very used to getting up at a certain time and takes forever (or never is what it seems like) to get out of that time.

      It’s an amazing blog – so useful!

      • Milessa

        I’m not a morning person. But i’m slowly forcing myself to become one. Sooner or later, waking up at 8am will not be so hard any more…..hopefully at least… :)

  14. Wow thank you for that wonderful insight. I definitely learned a lot. Thank ou for sharing!

  15. Mia

    I was a lurker for a long time! (I read your blog religiously but never commented) I just want to thank you for all you do. I really enjoyed this post. As a makeup/beauty addict I always come to Temptalia for reviews, and especially your opinion – which I really value. I am constantly checking Temptalia whether it’s to see what your posts of the day are, what you’re reviewing, or what you think of the new MAC collection! You are by far my favorite beauty blogger and it’s obvious how much you love this blog and how passionate you are about it. I really love how you take the time to read all of your comments and respond to a majority of them. You site always provides the best swatches and I absolutely LOVE your Must Haves, Skip, and Best for ____ Skin Tone section! I know I can always count on you for amazing swatches and honest, well-written posts!

    • Hey Mia!

      I’m a big lurker on other blogs myself 😉

      Thank you SO much for all of your support! It’s great to hear that you enjoy the posts and even better that my love and passion comes across in full force, LOL! I always hope it does :)

  16. baby in a corner

    this is so interesting! i always wanted to ask you these things but don’t want to be constantly questioning. I would love to know how to speed read, I’m doing a lot of reading for my Master’s thesis and I’m not making the progress I’d like (pressing refresh on temptalia every 15 minutes is not helping either!! LOL!) Anyway, hopefully it’ll come together.

    How do you post articles in what is in the middle of your night! sometimes posts appear on the blog at around 11am my time which equates to three in the morning – can you time things to come up?

    I took a photo of one of my makeup looks the other day (gorgeous gold, flipside (UD) and jinx (UD), you’d like it I think), just for fun but it emphasised every little bit of redness in my face including all my eye veins, would this be caused by the flash?

    • baby in a corner

      Oh and I just wanted to say, what sets you apart for me is that your photos are really true to life in terms of colours (amazingly so), you are so hardworking and really try to help and connect with all your fans/ bloggers!

    • It’s all good — I am happy to answer questions any time :)

      What’s your thesis on? I have never written more than about 40 pages and that in itself is daunting… okay, the research process is more so!

      Yup, with WordPress (our blogging platform), you can schedule posts. I have posts schedule out as much 45 days in advance — a lot of posts like “The Hit List” I come up with once every month. This way I make sure I don’t forget to post them, and I can kind of push out all the ideas/themes for those posts in one fell swoop rather than go, “Duhhhhhh” when it’s time to post. In terms of reviews and the like, I am not usually that ahead – would love to be 1-2 days ahead, just so I could have more breathing room should I feel lazy – but I try to get 2 or 3 done the night before. This is in hopes that my body will let me sleep til 9 😉

      It could be the flash, or it could just be the lighting. If you feel the flash is too powerful, some cameras let you reduce the strength of the flash when it fires (usually a +/- kind of deal), or you can put a tissue over the flash so it softens it.

      • baby in a corner

        Its on.. Negative Integration of direct taxes in the EU. The area is much more complex that I initially realised so i’m spending a lot of time trying to understand rather than do research.
        Its only 15,000 words so it will probably only be around 40 pages buts it the quality, originality and amount of sources i’m worried about. I used to be really annoyed with myself for looking at blogs and getting distracted but I think it gives me a 3 minute break which actually improves my concentration in the long run.

        I think its horrible that bloggers get nasty comments. They just do it as a form of cowardly bullying that they think they can get away with cause they are anonymous. I’m glad that it hasn’t seemed to make you bitter, I think some other bloggers get very defensive and end up being too sensitive when good people are just trying to give their opinion about a product or something and not trying to be personal!

        • It does sound complex! Best of luck on it — I am sure you will get it just right :)

          It’s really hard to find a balance where you’re not just taking a beating but at the same time, you don’t want to be defensive over everything. I try and take the high road as often as I can, but occasionally, you come across one that doesn’t make any sense and you just wanna scream at your top of your lungs!

          You can usually tell, though, when someone is giving a genuine opinion vs. trying to troll around and start up drama!

          • baby in a corner

            Yeah I’ve never experienced that so its different for me.

          • Xtina

            I think you do a good handling the comments. You never take things personally, which is a really good quality to have. Because your tone is always so level-headed and calm, I think it deters a lot of would-be trolls. There are some other beauty bloggers out there who don’t seem to take to criticisms very well, but you always seem to handle it with aplomb; good job!

      • Michelle K

        Hi Christine,

        I have a blog on wordpress as well. How do you schedule posts? I want to do this for my blog too… this way I will always have something ready to post. I find when you don’t post regularly, readership goes down… and we definitely don’t want that!

  17. Becca

    You’re really inspirational! Being a full-time student and a dedicated blogger at the same time – I’m impressed. :)

  18. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing this! But mostly thank you for providing your readers with so much information and investing your time to satisfy our makeup fix.Keeping doing whatever it is you do because I have offically become an full blown makeup addict because of your blog! LOL :)

  19. Amy

    I read the entire post – interesting! I really like how you disclose all this information and I appreciate what you do for all the time, and you are pretty much the person who got me into makeup, haha! Keep up the good work Christine!

  20. Rebecca

    Wow! All the things Ive wanted to know but didnt have to be creepy about asking! lol I think its really awesome that you have cultivated your passion for makeup over a long period of time and continued to nuture it. Thank you! When I stumbled onto your site I felt like I hit a mecca! And not just of great photos of makeup but of someone who wanted to share her experiences with makeup with all of us to a) spread the amazing products youve found for all of us to try and b)keep us from spending money on the ones not worth our time! What an amazing thing to do for people youve never met. I cant tell you enough how awesome it is that you build up your readers in your comments and posts (I must tell you I LOVED how everyone in the Stript Post was so honest and okay with being open about something that personal). You make it possible for us all to connect, and not just about material beauty products, but as women who are navigating the beauty world.

    You not only do what you do for the love of makeup, but for the love of sharing with other women. So thank you. <3

    • LOL! Don’t feel creepy — I really am a very open person! :) Feel free to ask!

      The sense of community on Temptalia is AMAZING. It is beyond anything I could imagine — I love the interaction between myself and readers but even more the interaction between readers!

      Thank you for being part of the community! So glad you found us on the vast web :)

  21. Roxanne

    Great, great article. I have two main problems when it comes to blogging: I let other people get me down too easliy & I suffer from some serious avoidance behavior (but really *serious*, I even postpone the things I really love to do) :*( I really admire your hard work and ambition because I suck at those things myself. Don’t ever quit, you! :)

    • Yeah, not letting others upset you and make you cry is REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD. I will have been blogging for 4 years come October, and it took me, what? 2 years or so of it before managing to get a handle on it. I think the worst part is when someone says something based on an assumption or “fact” that’s not at all correct and all you want to do is be like, “NO! Where’d you get that misinformation?” but you can’t. That’s probably the worst part overall – you can’t defend yourself.

      It takes a LOT of self-confidence, I think, and at the very least, knowing that you are genuine and being genuine and nobody can ask for more. But it’s hard, and I can definitely relate.

      • Roxanne

        To be honest, I think Temptalia speaks for itself. You have nothing to be embarassed about, right? You are one of (if not the) best bloggers I’ve encountered. You’re very honest and focused on what you do! I think those things are key. Taking the focus off off them and onto your own ambitions and also: not giving them things to ramble about (no backstabbing, gossip,…). And if anyone gives you trouble, just gimme a call. No questions asked.

        • I know, I know! You tell yourself that, but it took me so long to believe it. I am wayyy better today than I was 3 years ago.

          BACK OFF! Roxanne is my bodyguard! 😀

  22. livnzoe

    you do an awesome job christine!! thank you for all great posts you do everyday! You really deserve holidays!!
    Your swatches are always very helpful!! i don’t think that i can find better swatches of a product in the whole internet!

  23. Ally_D

    Hi Christine, this was really interesting to read because I’m into photography and makeup too. Am preparing to start my own blog about something I enjoy so these tips will be useful. Thanks 😀

  24. great post! thanks for the info. I throw makeup parties/classes to teach people the basics of makeup application. I give each person a list of my favorite makeup websites and yours is always at the top of the list.

    keep up the good work! xo

  25. Janet

    I have recently started following your blog and I love it!!!! Thank you for allll your time!!! :)

  26. Ros

    Hi! thank you for sharing you tutoriala are really helpful and your swatches and pictures are great for us to save time and money to buy stuff that won’t look good on us…one ? how did you come up with the name temptalia….I love it!..PS>.still no stero rose…i would need to order it online and its all sold out!..oh well candlelight it is…lol

    • Hey Ros!

      I coined the word/name “Temptalia” back when I was 15 or 16. It was just internet moniker at the time, but it seemed like a good name for this blog! I was looking for something that would describe a really sexy, confidence, intelligent women – like the perfect woman (something to aspire to!).

  27. Sandra

    You are seriously amazing!

  28. Mariela

    We can tell you love what you do! And we thank you for keeping our wallets empty! Haha xoxo!

  29. Daria

    You are very inspiring. Congratulations on your success with temptalia and in everything else you do! Do know its recognized! Thanks to you and your readers, I’ve looked forward to checking your site, found HG products, bumped into random people at the mall who read temptalia ( im from Boston) and its really great.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  30. inaya

    thank you for everything u do christine! make-up wudnt be the same wihtout u

  31. Thank you for writing this. It was great to know more about you behind the scenes. I was wondering how you managed to post so much with school. I recently finished my MBA and know how time consuming it is.

    Great blogging advice. I am a newer blogger (just hit the 1 year mark) and still struggle with motivation and negativity of certain readers. It’s a constant learning experience!

    Great job on your blog. You work hard. Even when I’m not interested in all the products you write about I appreciate the effort you put into this! Best of luck with school!

    • It’s definitely just becoming more and more efficient at everything you do – whether it’s reading for school or taking photos for the blog. I know I’m more efficient at a lot of things I do for the blog, just because I’ve been doing everything for a few years now.

      Congrats on your one year anniversary!! :)

  32. This is all to weird; I was JUST and I mean JUST talking to my friend about how to promote my beauty/fashion blog and your entry came up. She gave me the same advice as you did; and I want to tell you that you’re doing a magnificent job, that’s one hectic schedule. If you have a minute, hop on over to my humble blog? If this is not allowed feel feel free to delete uh whatever. Loves anyway!

  33. Dini

    Wow, what a great post. Thanks for sharing about how you work on the blog. I look forward to reading your posts every single day. Have a great weekend!

  34. Regina Reed

    Thanks for writing this, it’s always interesting to see how people do this and how much time they spend on it. I am a beauty JUNKIE and love reading your blog, reviews, looks, etc. It makes me happy and not feel so guilty about buying stuff! My husband may not think that is a good thing, but I sure do! Keep it up :)

  35. Thu

    Would you ever consider co-blogging or allowing other contributors to participate in Temptalia, or would you much rather to keep it as your own personal thing?

    • I am always interested in guest posts and have had them in the past, but on a random basis and not everyday or anything like that. I have serious control issues, so I don’t think I could ever co-blog!

  36. Gisele

    You are structured and yet also flexible which is so important to much of life, but especially to an entrepreneur, which is really what you’ve become. Your “blogging advice” applies to any job, profession, hobby or just living life happily.

    It’s so nice (for all of us) that you’ve persisted because you followed your own passion for what you love to do which is the key to success in any field.

    • Thanks, Gisele! :) Structure is absolutely vital for me (I thrive on deadlines, schedules, to-do lists), but it’s important to be able to restructure on the fly, make time for other things, and just be able to adjust.

      I know a lot of entrepreneurs, and there always seems to be this misconception that they don’t have vigorous work schedules and can take off whenever they do — but so many of the ones that I have built something out of their dreams keep really, really demanding hours. Working for yourself is amazing, but you are your own worst boss, I swear!

  37. Jasmine

    You are so professional! That’s the main reason I read your blog, along with the variety of posts. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I also have hazel eyes, the same style of eyelid as you, the same eyebrows as you, and the same lip shape. Hooray!

  38. Nadine

    Thank you for all the work you do! MAC really should pay you when their collections come out (although I do realize that that’s not why you do it) because they are so thorough and accurate! I’m purposefully not looking at the in the groove posts (although I saw that purple lipstick – might have to try it after work!) so I don’t get influenced.

    You are wonderful, and I can’t wait to read more posts. I love that this has a personal take — its not just about makeup. I think that’s a big reason why you have so many readers!

    • LOL! I don’t know how you’ve been able to resist the In the Groove posts! I try to not look at some reviews, but I never manage to resist!!

      Thank you so much, Nadine :)

      P.S. – I think you’d rock Go For It lipstick!

  39. Alannah

    I’m a long-time fan and I truly think your blog is great (it’s my fave. beauty blog!)… I constantly refer to it (and refer other people to it)! Your work is much appreciated. :)

  40. Olivia

    You should come to dairy queen in redwood city one day (when you dim time lol!) =]

  41. Awesome post, it shows just how much love and work you put down behind the scenes. :)

  42. Hend

    ah what a great post!
    you are an early riser! I wish i was as active as you are,
    I wake up at 6 am crying lol because I have to drive along way to my school ;( ,
    your blog is amazing and helpful .. we love Temptalia and love u :)

  43. Jamie

    You do know that your an inspiration to those of us who try to balance life, work and hobbies!!?? Can I be you when a grow up? Can’t wait to see where you are in the makeup/blogging world in 5 years :-)

  44. Jamie

    I agree with the comments, your passion IS infectious! I look forward to your updates, and hope that even through work and other things in your future life you’ll still stick to blogging!!

    :) Thanks for what you do~

  45. Sara

    You are wonderful and great :)
    Thank you so much for this blog!

    (I hope that knocks some mean comment out of your mind!)

  46. Ada

    It was pretty interesting to read about your day :]
    And I’ve always been dying to know what you put products on to take pictures, and now I know!
    Thanks so much for everything you do on this blog, Christine!

  47. Sophie

    You’re my hero LOL! I wish I could speed read. It would so help me in college but I’m so scared I’ll miss something important LOL.

    • I used to feel that way, but I think overall, I’ve done OK with it, lol! If there’s a subject I know is difficult for me or a section I need to know more about, I’ll slow down and read that more word-for-word.

  48. betterthanmink

    Wonderful to see that you are so accessible to your readers. I think many bloggers that find success so often lose that. I really respect and admire the way that you keep your content so fresh and personal even though the brands/PR companies reach out. And my goodness is all of the information you provide us invaluable :)

  49. Christine, this was a great post! Thank You so much! :)

    I really enjoyed this one.

    (I also loved your Brazilian wax post! Thank you! I’ve always wanted one but am too nervous/embarrassed/shy/modest/a big prude.) 😉

  50. Katie

    Christine, what an amazing post! I absolutely love your blog. You are witty and I always get the sense that reading one of your posts is exactly what it would be like to talk to you in person. Your swatches are so incredible. I have used them to purchase several products I was curious about, but didn’t know which color to choose. I appreciate all your hard work, organization and dedication to this. Keep up the good work!

  51. essia

    I really like your blog and I come around every day or at least once in 2 days.

    Keep on going this way:)

  52. GG

    Wow you work hard and it shows. I’m so impressed with how much you respond to comments. It’s very unique and shows a personal touch.

    You do an amazing job. Definitely my favorite beauty blog!

  53. Joanna

    Hi Christine:

    Thanks for the behind the scenes look at Temptalia!

    Don’t mean to go off on a tangent, but you mentioned that there is an element of luck in being a successful blogger.

    I heard one time that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. And that kind of sounds like your experience with having a readership from LiveJournal plus good timing.

    Your hard work and dedication makes things happen and we appreciate your efforts!

  54. jessica

    that was amazing! very informative and great to read!
    Thank you

  55. DJ

    Excellent post with great advice. I admire and appreciate your hard work and dedication!

  56. love how hardworking you are, christine! i’ve started my own blog as well and while i know it’s probably not going to be anywhere near as successful as yours, it’s something that i really enjoy doing, and that’s what makes it worth it. congrats on all your blogging success!

  57. neli

    What a coincidence.. just today i was thinking about you and how you are dedicated and organized with you blogging and your life and wished i was like you. Your mum must be proud. Good luck to you and know you are a blessing to us all.

  58. Adrine

    You are an amazing perison Christine. Your blog is one I go to every day and the first thing I look at every morning. I speak for myself and I’m sure for most readers, in that we appreciate all of the time and effort, because at the end of the day, you have the best swatches, most honest reviews, and just a wonderful personality (even if it is behind a computer screen). :)

  59. ty for this post! it really helps!!!!

  60. dolce aria

    This is really interesting to read! I’m still a bit new to beauty blogging. I used to blog about political stuff, and won scholarships for it. But the organization I did it through had a level of built in readership, and I had a lot of other connections I drew on to get my readers. It was fun, but I’m definitely glad to be avoiding the political stuff nowadays. And I’m definitely still getting my legs under me as a beauty blogger.

    It IS a world of fun though. Its neat seeing your camera station, since that’s something I had a particular problem with. My camera takes… decent…. macros, but the lighting has been SO finicky to take product photos and swatches! Most of the time they don’t show up, half the time the colors skewed, and I end up posting a “objects are glitterier/redder/more vibrant/etc. than they appear” note along with it. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the point of taking a photo?

    I suppose this is directed at, really, anyone who sees this comment, but constructive criticism is always welcome! I don’t really have a lot of consistent commenters on my blog, but I’d love the feedback! I have yet to figure out, really, what direction I want to take it in. I have a few ideas for series’ but I don’t really know if there’s an interest for me to flesh them all out. I don’t really like how scatterbrained I am with it right now.

    • I always found (and still find) that flash photos were easier than natural light photos!

      But at least you give that disclaimer. At least then I know that they’re not 100% exact — it is better than seeing swatches of products that are totally off and unless you owned them yourself, you might not know that.

      Gotta leave us a link to your blog 😉


        For some reason I thought I already had it in the info for the reply. Hmmm. Ah well.

        My camera’s flash is REALLY annoying. it takes FOREVER to charge, and half the time the photo ends up out of focus because you’re trying to hold the button down to take the picture when the flash HAS charged(It ONLY charges when the button is down and it knows there’s a picture. It DOESN’T charge in between shots, when you’re just messing with teh focus, etc.) It was definitely not a feature I looked at, before buying. I was more concerned with getting a decent macro shot. its definitely made it a headache trying to photograph things though.

  61. Ashley

    Christine, I found this whole article very interesting. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the time and energy you put into this blog! It’s the first thing I read everyday! Thanks.

  62. Great advice! i have learned so much from this post, can’t wait to put some of it into practice on my blog!

  63. Wow I really enjoyed this! You are very regimented and I admire you for that. I’m glad you stay flexible with it too — you seem to have a good balance. I’m also jealous you are doing what you love everyday. I wish I could do that, too for my only job! Of course it has it’s drawbacks, challenges and IS A TON OF WORK it seems and of course the grass is always greener but it still seems like a very satisfying job :-) I have a blog I’d really like to get going but I simply do not have the time :( I am very interested in the financial benefits you encounter from blogging — nothing specific, but I just wonder if it’s something one could do as a ‘full-time job’ to live off of…Which leads me to my next question, do you ever consider to do this instead of school? Or after school just do beauty blogging?

    • a few more things I thought of…how much effort does your coworker (:P) put in? Maybe this will inspire a day in the life of temptalia’s SO? 😉 Also, I’ve thought about taking this more seriously but I just couldn’t afford to keep up with all the new products as much as I’d want to. Advice for that? Thanks 😀

      • LOL! I teased him about it this morning.

        He spends anywhere from 10-40 hours on it a week – just kind of depends on what projects we have going on and how many demands I make, LOL.

        Don’t worry so much about keeping up with the new — really. In fact, one of the most cost-efficient things to do is review products you loved and already own :) For me, my relationships with PR/brands have helped a lot in being able to review so many of the newer products, but in the beginning, I just reviewed products I had!

    • Thanks, Christy! Yes, I try to stay on task, but I recognize that if I need a break — take one for a few minutes rather than burn out at the end of the day!

      It is definitely a ton of fun, and I am blessed to be able to do it.

      There are certainly bloggers who make a living off of what they do – but it is tough, because it’s can be a rather unstable career choice, too. I wouldn’t ever give up school (even more since I’m 3 of 4 years in!), because I think it’s super important overall. I would, but I hope to be able to find a way to juggle everything come graduation!

  64. Rissy

    :) wow…that’s a full schedule. I love your blog and constantly check it everyday, even more so on MAC launch days. :p you have saved me money and made me spend lol, keep up the awesomeness. :)

  65. tasha

    hi temptalia :) thank you for doing what you do. i just started using makeup in the past year and your blog has been my “makeup-bible” <3 :)

  66. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it and it’s always a pleasure reading you! Thank you Temptalia :)

  67. Hannah D.

    Christine you are so wonderful. It’s amazing how much work and effort you put into Temptalia.
    People like you have inspired me to make different choices in my life.

    I started college in september but kept feeling out of place and just wasn’t happy.
    After a few months my boyfriend asked me ‘so what do you want to do with your life, what makes you happy?’ and all I could say is ‘well.. make up! but I can’t make a career out of that, can I…’
    But then I started thinking and thanks to you and all of the lovely readers at Temptalia, I didn’t feel stupid for having such a big love for make up.
    Finally I decided to go for it, to pursue the job of my dreams (being a make up artist) and I applied for the Make Up For Ever Academy here in Brussels and just today I received an email saying I have been accepted to the Academy and my 9 months course will start in september!
    I am so incredibly happy and have never felt better in my life and I want to thank you for being part of that, because without Temptalia I would have never known I am not alone in my addiction and I probably wouldn’t have even considered becoming a make up artist. So THANK YOU!
    You are an inspiration to all of us and I hope you never stop doing what you do!

    (so sorry for the long comment, but I just really wanted to tell you how thankful I am for everything you do!) :)

    • I’m so thrilled to hear that you’re going after your dreams, Hannah! And your boyfriend is a keeper telling you to go for it :)

      Congratulations x100!!!

  68. applepark

    great post! thank you for all your hard work! it is really really really appreciated. your effort and commitment always show.

  69. Fantastic Post! I wish I was half as organized as you are. Although, usually when I have a schedule, I do stick to it. Being regimented is definitely a good thing!

  70. Thank you so much this was very helpful I appreciate all you do!!

  71. chibu74

    wow, great to know more about you….you are the best!!

  72. Katherine

    Great advice, Christine! Thanks for sharing. I have hopes to start a Wine blog soon and is my mentor :) Thank you for being such an amazing example of excellence and professionalism!

  73. Patricia

    Christine, thank you for your dedication & all of the hard work you put into making this blog so insightful and informative! I look forward to every posting & check your blogpost everyday :)

  74. SiaM

    You are definitely a great blogger,so professional, because you are dedicated, creative and work so hard =) I love all your posts and this one is also a great post is nice to get to know the girl behind the great make up combos, eye-popping eye shadow combination, great reviews, news and swatches of latest collections.

  75. Mandy

    I just want to say thank you for an awesome website! I’ve been a reader for over a year and a half. Now I check it every single day!

  76. Mandi

    I’ve been with you since Rock Star 😉 I didn’t realize the connection from the zine world over to live journal for quite a while..but when I found out I was like..WOAH that’s so freakin’ awesome. I am definitely a huge fan of yours!

  77. Christine, it has always been so obvious how seriously you take Temptalia. Your beauty blog is my favorite because of how much detail and attention you put into you site. I honestly don’t know how even do it all, even with school! I know the schedule above doesn’t have school, but my god, it’s crazy impressive.

    The most impressive? How on top of it and close you are to your readers. I never expected to get tweeted messages from you, nonetheless, receive responses from comments left on your blog.

    Even with whatever methods you have to support the site, you put so much back into your readers by offering so many product giveaways and contests. Plus, you just seem so damned nice, friendly, and likeable – I don’t get how people can hate on you for no reason! Haters gonna hate.

    You have so much patience, even with some of the rude responses and begging. You’re a class act, Christine. 😀

    • Thank you SO much, Judith! :) I’m happy to have been able to get back to you over Twitter and on the blog!

      I always remind myself that it’s a case of a vocal minority! Lots of people must enjoy it or else they wouldn’t visit, and just because they don’t say so specifically, doesn’t mean they’re not there!

  78. Flordeloto

    This is wonderfull wath you’re doing there and you are certainly making a great job.Thank you so much for being there,you are so amazing person,so helpfull.Thank you endlessly!

  79. Hi Christine,

    I know this question isn’t really related to this post but have you ever done or thought about doing a Beauty Places to See? For example, let’s say I’m planning a trip to Texas. It would be nice to have a database of all places beauty to check out there. CCO’s, MAC Pro’s, Beauty Supply Stores that have crazy deals like lashes 3 for $1, whatever!! :)

  80. happybadfish

    I love your blog, it is one stop information and all your hard work shows!

  81. Jayna

    You do beautiful pictures, because you have taken time the ttime to master the art. Attention to detail!

  82. Kat

    Oh you! After the ask Temptalia session ended, I remembered that I wanted to ask you questions about your blogging ventures but had forgotten. This answers a lot, but one thing I was curious about, what other beauty blogs do you read?

    This is quite amazing..the consistency and quality of your blog, but even more so, your academic life? However do you do it all?!

    • I like being really busy – so I guess I kind of thrive on being productive and not having a ton of down time! :) I try to make every minute count – including relaxing – which I do, but just enough for *me*.

      I read Musings of a Muse, Pursebuzz, EnKoreMakeup (YT), Dusty (YT), Lipglossiping, Pink Sith, The Notice, Makeup and Beauty Blog… I probably try to keep up with around 20-30.

  83. Vanelle

    Wow you’re all kinds of amazing. I am even more floored about how organized you are. I myself have been wanting to blog for a while now but one big reason, FEAR it won’t do so well and where to begin. I don’t even know what blog sites to choose. I love beauty so much that I feel like there’s so much I feel I can add to this community that is not inspired by money or fame. I love this stuff and talk about it everyday to someone who will listen and share even a lil bit of the same passion I share for this world. I also got a camera last year and for the LIFE of me don’t know how to use it. I got a Nikon D60 and I’ve always admired your pictures like how d
    oes she get them like that? I can’t even take pics of my face up close like that cos it wouldn’t snap. I’ve had so many people ask me to take pictures of them professionally. I am by no means a professional but I have this big camera I want to learn how to use. I’m even curious as to what is macro settings now you mentioned it since we have somewhat of the same camera. That would be really helpful. Also what good blog sites are user friendly? Thanks so much for all you hard work. I am truly a big fan, I have directed so many people to this site for reference and will continue to follow.

    • You’re too kind, Vanelle! :) Thank you so much!

      I like Digital Photography School blog a lot — it’s VERY helpful for beginning photogs! I use a dedicated macro lens, so I don’t use a macro setting. I try to just play around with settings until I start getting the right look/lighting I want.

  84. Whitney

    Where did you learn to speed read?

  85. Christina

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and giving up a peek inside of what it is truly like. This is the only blog I visit multiple times a day. It is my go to blog for everything and has helped me so much in preparing looks, making purchases, etc.

  86. Jennifer

    Love this insight into your day christine!
    You do so much for us, we are very blessed and spoiled to have your make up blog!

    I check it everyday , few times a day. :)


  87. LNU

    I have to admit your blog was a big reason I fell in love with beauty products. I literally read all your posts, check your site many times a day, and even made it one of my homepages for google chrome! I like that you always answer any questions readers have. I also like that your blog is probably one of the most informative that I have read. When you review a product, you really cover all aspects of it whereas other bloggers leave me with questions.
    Your swatches are always great; best I’ve ever seen along with karlasugar! When I’m interested in a new product or see something pretty sephora, I go straight home and read your review for it. You also are really in touch with your readers because whenever a new product comes out that I’m wondering about, you literally post about it within a day or two. Your posts have more to do with your readers preferences then your sponsers/PR.
    My friends often think its strange how I know all about you but your site is the only place I find like-minded people. I’m sure everyone here knows the “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT MAKEUP OR I’M GONNA DIE” feeling! LOL.

    • I’m happy I could be a part of that, LNU! I think it’s SO important to give back to the people who read the blog by answering/replying to comments and questions as much as I can.

      I do try to stay on top of the new product launches — ah! so many, though.

      Isn’t it great to know you’re not the only beauty obsessed person out there? I feel so at home here! I know I can gush about the latest lipstick and not be judged here :)

      Thank you so much!

  88. With It

    Hi Christine!
    I only recently found your blog a few months ago- you were the first to come up on a Google search- and the best! :) I am so grateful for your blog! As many others have said, I appreciate your honest and personable touch. One one hand, you help feed my addiction to cosmetics, 😉 but on the other hand, I find your reviews invaluable when I am considering a new product. Thank you!
    Also, I noticed the other day that there is a message board community attached to your site. Is that something that you manage too? Wow, girl, I don’t know how you do it! Would you say that it is better to post beauty-related questions on that message board or as replies to your posts?
    Thank you for all that you do! :)

    • Hey! :)

      Yay – glad you found Temptalia (and like it!).

      We do have a forum, but it’s not as full swing as I’d like it to be because I haven’t been able to put in the time I’d like to. :(

      If you have a Q for me, definitely here on the blog.

  89. Christine! I’ve been a reader of your blog for as long as I can remember. Even though it is rare that I comment on your blog, Temptalia is by far one of my most favorite blogs to read – I follow your blog via my google reader. I just wanted to commend you on your blog. I am a mother of 3 and I started blogged a few years ago. Honestly, I have never been able to keep up with it consistently due to well, being a mom and having such a busy life! Everything you said in this post is true. It takes a lot of time and effort to have such a successful blog as Temptalia. I think you have come a long way and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do this because it’s something you love. I really admire that. Thank you for doing what you do! Just so you know, I am still hoping and praying that someday there will be a ‘Temptalia for MAC’ collection! Hey, it could definitely happen! Thank you, Christine, for being an awesome blogger! Hugs & kisses from Hawaii!


    • Thank you so much, Lani! :) I don’t know how you can do anything and be a mom to 3, lol! The idea is absolutely mind boggling to me, so kudos to you :)

      LOL! It would be a dream come true!

      And jealous… I wanna go to Hawaii!

  90. Tiffany

    I want to tell you that ever since I discovered your site, I have been addicted. I truly appreciate all the work you and your boyfriend put into this. I wouldn’t stay around if I didn’t feel you were honest and passionate about what you do. I also believe you are a very gifted writer. It is very easy for me to read and follow along. Whenever I leave a comment, I don’t feel like I’m ignored. You have replied to all of my questions that I’ve left, and that is much appreciated. It makes me feel welcomed here. If I happen to be busy one day and can’t get on the internet, I will go back and read all the posts I’ve missed!I hope you continue to love what you do, because I love coming here! Thank you so much! :)

    Haha, by the way, I’ve been curious about the pretty white space you photographed on. You must keep that really clean! :p

    • Thank you, Tiffany! I am so happy you found Temptalia :) It is always my goal to give back as much as I can, and if someone has a question, it should be answered the best it can be (by me, and if my answer is not there, hopefully the community!).

      It is a pain to keep clean! I don’t even know how makeup gets on it, but there are always smudges. I usually wipe it down every couple of days!

  91. Now that is dedication!! You work so hard for the Blog and it definately shows…I just LOVE TEMPTALIA…

  92. smak

    I’ve been visiting your blog for a little under a month now and temptalia is like HG to me haha. It’s the first thing I check in the morning and throughout the day. You’re doing a great job and congrats on all your success :)

  93. Gina

    Hi Christine,
    Just had a quick question, how many people/hits do you get on your website a day?

  94. CeeBee

    Christine, you put in an incredible amount of effort and work onto this and somehow, I don’t think I’m the only one who appreciates it, LOL!

    The amount of detail you go into is truly extraordinary and you can tell that an inordinate amount of passion and creativity goes into your blog – it’s one reason I read Temptalia every day because I know you GET IT. (and girl, you get it good!)
    It’s not just a love of make up, it’s an understanding of the products, the marketing behind them and how they perform for the consumer and every aspect in between – your honesty and judgement are beyond reproach as far as I am concerned! (and yes, if one more person tries to tell you to line your upper lash line or review this/that/other thing or anything else, I will scream – purely on your behalf, LOL!)

    I’m glad to share your passion in such a fun, attractive, easy to use and yet utterly professional format.

    Yay Christine!
    (and I’m all the way down in little old NZ at the bottm of the world, so your empire is definitely global, bwahahahaha!)

    • You’re so sweet 😉 Thank you for getting ME!

      And can I tell you? I met someone who lives in NZ and she made me want to visit SO badly. If only it wasn’t so far away! It just sounds BEAUTIFUL.

      • CeeBee

        It’s far away from everywhere, LOL! It is really beautiful and scenic here, you’re never more than 45 minutes away from a beach, etc, tourism is a major industry… if you ever do make the trip, be sure to look me up – and I know a GREAT Indian restaurant (wink!)

  95. Lisa

    OMG Christine!! You work too hard!! I always wondered how you had time for school and blogging!! It takes up soooo much of your time!! You put sooo much effort into it and you never complain! I always look forward to your post daily!! Your blog is my favourite place to look for info and update!!!! Very usefull and I admit very wallet damaging with all the wonderful temptaions!!! I think you are awesome! Keep up the great work!

  96. What an encouraging post. I won’t go into detail or the comment will be way too long but you have so many good points. I feel that beauty bloggers, youtubers, etc. should be blogging for their LOVE of beauty -not for money or free products. That’s something that’s come up so many times. There are a handful of blogs that I generally love reading but there are also quite a few that I’m turned off by when the reviews seem way too biased and they’re receiving everything for free.

    Like the photo station! You know where mine is? On a chair (and white paper) LOL. The light from my window hits that area perfectly -plus my desk is sort of against the wall and with a chair, I can position it anywhere.

    It’s just great that you’re so motivated and have this blog for good, solid reasons -not for popularity, publicity, money, etc. Even though my blog isn’t big, some people laugh at how “seriously” I take it -like when I tell them I have to go home to write a post, take pics, etc. I don’t think some people understand how much work it is to write good, thorough reviews, take 100s of photos, and do loads of research.

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement! You’re a true blogger and I respect you. You have a great “style” and personality. I’ve said it before but I just love that you’re not afraid to “down” products even if they’re “high-end” or sent to you -honesty is a great trait to have. I’m really sorry to hear that people have been negative to you.. I couldn’t even imagine that! Just keep your head held high and keep up the great work!

    • Yes, it’s definitely so important to do it for the love — and I think you can really tell when it is and isn’t working. Especially being on the other side of things, I see many of the same press releases come through and can tell when I’m reading a real review or just a paraphrased press release. That’s why I am really big on blogger-taken photos and swatches!

      Haha, that’s great! If it works, it works. I’m SO happy to have my little station set up, just because it’s a lot neater and more organized!

      I’m glad you can relate — I do take it seriously and sometimes I feel like that makes me silly or weird, but it’s important to me and I want to take pride in it.

      Thank you so much and keep at it! :) I appreciate your support!

  97. Perfect, Very Great post.
    I’d like to let you know you’re are a huge inspiration to us, bloggers. Here in Brazil you are the most blogger known.. Keep making the best… success!!!
    Cinthia – MakeUp Atelier

  98. rashmi

    oohhhhh christine this is an amazing post
    it was as if u were writing for each of us individually
    its always good to know u more and its like again falling in love with u and temptalia…
    i love being here and i really wonder if ever i miss any post …
    like yest i was full on work for few reasons and wasnt able to open internet and in evening i was telling hubby … ahh my eyes are paining as i didnt opened net and checked my temptalia…
    its my first love i must say
    love u from the deepest of my heart
    keep up the good work

  99. Fiaspice

    Great post! It’s interesting to know the beheind the scenes of your blog. I must says Your swatch photos are always true to life and helped me a lot when I “blindly bought” (on the internet) make-up once.