Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Emerald Green is Pantone’s Color of 2013

Pantone has announced that emerald green will be the color of 2013, which means expect to see about 234879234 new shades of emerald green released in beauty (and, well, everything else) next year. The good news is, for me, I adore emerald green! Here are five favorites to the tune of emerald green :)

  1. Milani Green Safari — emerald green with a frosted sheen
  2. Inglot #385 — vibrant emerald green with a matte finish
  3. Zoya Holly — shimmering emerald green polish
  4. NARS Misfit — a teal-tinged emerald green with sparkle
  5. MAC Emerald Green — strong emerald green in loose form

What’s your favorite emerald green-colored beauty product?

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48 thoughts on “5 Rich Emerald Greens to Start 2013 With

  1. Agata

    Not crazy about that color….Do you think emerald green would look good on blue eyes?

  2. jgmglg

    Could you show a look that incorporates one of these? I have the inglot green but am not sure how to use other than as a thin liner color under the eye.

  3. Monika

    Ooooo I love emerald green too! Green is my favorite color. 2013 is going to be a fantastic year for me!!!

  4. Leah Faye

    The Pantone for Sephora line has an emerald green nail polish called “ever green.” It’s such a great color! And, on sale for $5.

  5. Kate

    C’mon Christine, give yourself some credit and include Jealousy Wakes!! Its a personal favorite of mine, and I know I’m not alone on that!

  6. r0saL1n3

    Yea. I’ve been Loving greens especially loreal’s infallible eyeshadow in golden sage. Now I have an excuse to go get more greens 😉

  7. I look like dog’s breath in emerald green :( So I won’t be jumping on the bandwagon.

  8. Sara

    Super excited about this! I’m obsessed with emerald green, since it matches my green eyes and goes well with my red hair. Lately, I’ve been using Bender eyeshadow from Urban Decay, my Avon Emerald eye liner, and an Estee Lauder Emerald Oasis eyeshadow palette.

  9. … YESSSSSSSSSSS. Emerald is one of my favourites too! I am so looking forward to a lot of green and gold.

  10. Amanda

    My favorite emerald green shadow is L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Golden Emerald. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

  11. Abbey

    I love emerald and always look for an emerald green dress to wear to Christmas parties. Hopefully next year I’ll actually be able to find one!

  12. hm, I might have an emerald-ish green in a Pop Beauty palette, but other than that, and 2 random eyeliners, I don’t really have a lot of green in my collection. Love those nails, though. Reminds me of Liza in Cabaret!

  13. Tyler

    I really like the LE Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Turquoise, which is a very nice base for Jealously Wakes.

  14. Veronica

    NARS Misfit. <3 Every time I wear that little duo out, I get compliments.

  15. Emily

    I’ll probably reach for MAC Gorgeous Gold + Humid combo more on my palette. Time to bring out my Guacamole and Shimmermoss from makeup drawer netherworld too!

  16. Audrey

    YES! Best news EVER, emerald green is my absolute favourite colour!

  17. Miss J

    My *favorite* emerald green was MAC Metal X in 6th Sin. Does anyone know a dupe?

  18. Wow I don’t think I realized the full extent of my love for deep green colors until this post. I’m completely inspired to go create a green makeup look 😀

  19. AnGeLwInGz

    This is good to know. Green is my fave color so I already have oodles of emerald green cosmetics and clothing to start the year with.

  20. Icequeen81

    Love that green nail polish :)

  21. Meh

    I love emerald green as a color, but I have emerald green eyes!!! I CAnNOt wear this color on my eyes or my eyes will look like 2 leaves -.- ..I guess I’ll stick to nail polish and clothing for this trend. Purple looks the best on my eyes and I’ll stick with that :)

    • Miss J

      You could always do hints of the color in your eye makeup. :)

    • Leila

      I think you could, like using it as an accent in the crease, or lining either the lower or upper eyelid, but keeping most of the lid in a very neutral colour, like beiges, camel, tan etc. whichever suits your skin tone best. It would offset your eyes beautifully!

      The key is to keep the green accent quite subtle, so not too thick lines or too much green shadow (i.e. all over the lid). I personally love clean, thin lines for eyeliner. Just experiment and have fun with it, it’s only makeup, washes right off.

      I bet your eyes are beautiful! Green isn’t so common and true, pure greens are rare. I don’t think I’ve met anyone with emerald green eyes.

      • Carrie

        I may have to try this trick! My eyes are a warmer green, as opposed to emerald, but I usually avoid green shadow for the same reason!

  22. Julie Doughty

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Emerald green is one of my most favorite …Love them all, want them all…I think maybe the Inglot is my first pick!

  23. Kami

    I was so excited when it got announced. I love the color. Won’t mind seing it in a million things. I signed up for their webinar next Thursday. They are going to talk about the reason behind the color, influences and what we should expect to see in relation to it.

  24. Come on now! MAC Jealousy Wakes 😛 we should kick off the year with ways to use Jealousy Wakes! Get our creative juices flowing. Tangerine is different since you can use it for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Green seems to be confined to eyes. But hey, I’m just not that creative I guess!

  25. Leila

    Emerald is such a lovely colour and this is a nice list. I wanted to suggest something for you though. I recently bought YSL Long Wear Cream Eyeliner in 6 Jade Black and knowing how you love greens, I thought it’s a colour you would love! The green is obvious without being bright.

    Also, wouldn’t it be great if Armani made an ETK shadow in this sort of colour, shot through with gold? I would buy that in a heartbeat!

  26. Lark

    You call it “teal tinged”, I call it a quality Columbian emerald, probably with a blue ghost and interesting jardin. Grassy greens with yellow aren’t emerald. They might show up in poor quality or badly treated stones, but these yellow colors aren’t really emerald.

    Yes it makes a difference! Words need to be specific to communicate meaning. Emerald is towards the blue. Unless you’re settling for cheap awful stones.

    I look great in true emerald, but I’ve never found a good eyeshadow in it. MAC Birds And Berries is closest. I’ll be all over the Pantone set- if they screw it up, silver lids and Granny’s jewels for me.

  27. Lark

    That nail polish appears to be correct on a Mac.

  28. Gladys L.

    I am not very excited about the green. For one, people of my skin type rarely wear color makeup of anything close to the color suggested by Pantone, and most eye palette or single color eye shadow rarely pick up this color…

    Better prepare for a list of colors that can tone down this color in a combination.

  29. blueraccoon

    I don’t own many greens, but I did find “Ready, Set, Green” from Maybelline’s Color Tattoo line – this was a LE shadow from the fall, I think. It looks really lovely when I swatched it, but I haven’t actually used it!

  30. Sarah Angela

    I guessed 2013 color would be emerald green, so im very exited I got the color right :)

    Im not sure what makes a color popular. What came first the egg or the hen?

    Thank you for all your great trend posts!!

  31. xamyx

    I don’t have much in the way of Emerald green, but it’s a color I’ve been wanting to explore, so I’m excited about this. This is a much better pick than Tangerine, which I thought was simply hideous.

  32. I like emerald green in makeup quite a bit. I think this is a color that can be worn on just about every skin tone.

    My favorite “Emerald Green” eye makeup products:

    Urban Decay’s Loaded and Clinic
    Makeup Forever – Aqua Cream #22
    Nars – Misfit
    MAC’s Emerald Green Pigment is a great one too Christine.

  33. Melissa

    I usually just look at the color of the year stuff as “meh”. I LOVE emerald greens! I’m excited to see the new emerald stuff!

  34. Franseca

    Excited about this color, especially since it is my birthstone.

  35. Zoya Holly looks absolutely amazing!

  36. Jess

    I was so sad I didn’t get Jealousy Wakes! Hoping for a repromote soon! I have always lived all greens, even with my green eyes.