Monday, May 2nd, 2011

5 My Lips But Better Lipsticks

Reader Charmaine wanted to see five MLBB lipsticks, and here are five that might work for you. “My Lips But Better” are lipsticks that accentuate, perfect, or otherwise better your natural lip color, which means that a lot of it hinges on what your natural lip color is. Instead of choosing only shades that were my MLBB shades, I tried to pick a variety of colors that could give that kind of look.

What are your favorite MLBB shades?

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57 thoughts on “5 My Lips But Better Lipsticks

  1. Anna Phylactyc

    Mine is MAC’s Modesty!

  2. Rachel

    Rush is so pretty!

  3. Stephy

    Ooooohhh! They’re all so very pretty! I think my favorites would have to be the clarins and korres lipstick. But I must say all five look fantastic on you!!!

  4. Marisa

    MAC Bare Slimshine (it’s the only lipstick I have a backup of)

  5. Mine is MAC Syrup. I was really surprised when I finally tried it on after hearing so much about it that is was really close to my lip color. I bought it immediately.

  6. Edelmc

    Mine are mac syrup and hug me

  7. alyssa

    Bare Minerals’ Rose Crepe lipstick is mine, but it wears off easily. My MAC lipsticks last forever, but this one has lasted only a few months. And, considering they are the same price, I’m hoping I can find a cheaper alternative.

  8. Juliana Corrêa

    Mac Hug Me and Guerlain Rouge Interdit Beige Enchanting (nº2).
    I love these lipsticks!!

  9. These are nice, but I don’t think any of these is an MLBB for me.

  10. Mine is Korres #25 Natural Purple. I love Korres lip products so much!

  11. I’m loving the second one! I don’t have a MLBB lipstick, but MAC’s Petting Pink Lip Conditioner is good for me :)

  12. Laura

    My faves are UD Rush, MAC Syrup and MAC Laugh A Lot

    • Mariella

      another Laugh a Lot fan….how I wish they’d repromote this lipstick – I got 2 when they were available but dread the day when both are used up! I know syrup is supposed to be a dupe but it’s not quite the same.

  13. Laia

    Chanel Incognito and MAC Honeylove!

  14. Pawsha

    If I want my lips, I just add Korres lip butter in Guava since it’s clear, but I like color and want a lipstick and right now I am loving Chanel Rose Comete with Guerlain’s Rose Tentation lip gloss over it……love!

  15. Jieun

    Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Caramel (BE333). It’s a moisturizing, milk-tea color that makes my lips look more polished.

  16. Mariella

    I don’t know if I can come up with 5 but here are 4….

    MAC Laugh a Lot (LE…what else is new?)
    Laura Mercier Healthy Lips
    MAC Plumful
    MAC Capricious

  17. lil

    Mac syrup and benefit good to go ! :)

  18. CeeBee

    Estee Lauder Signature in Dune Rose! So pretty…

  19. Katrine

    MAC Plumful, for me. (=)A very red-lipped, paler-and-cooler than NC15 person.

    • baby in a corner

      This is me also and I love plumful too! I also like Guerlain rouge g gemma.

    • lil

      This is me aswell (Paler and cooler than nc15 and really red lips), its hard because you see all of thoses pretty light pinks like mac Angle and cupcake but you know that they will look really horrible on some one with really pigmented lips. But there are some great colours that i love and look great on pigmented lips:

      Benefit – good to go
      Mac syrup
      Mac plumful
      Stila sonia
      Mac captive
      Mac most popular = LE
      Mac impressive
      Urban decay rush
      Viva glam Special edition
      Mac lip pencil in soar is a great colour to fill in lips, last longer too

      Please let me know some of your favorites so i can try them out. :)

  20. Stephanie

    Victoria Secret ‘It Girl’
    Mac ‘Warm Me Up’
    Rimmel ‘Airy Fairy’
    Elf Lipstick in ‘Classy’

  21. Joanna

    Mine would be MAC’s Sinister lipstick.

  22. Natasha

    MAC Bare Again sheen supreme! Absolutely gorgeous.

  23. Janet

    MAC Touch. Great if your lips are a bit more pigmented.

  24. M@rsy

    Mac’s way to love. LE

  25. Neha

    MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive
    Loreal Gilded pink

  26. Heidi S.

    I LOVE UD’s Rush. It’s so pretty…though, the scent can be off at times.

  27. Lana

    MAC’s ‘The Faerie Glen’. It’s beautiful!

  28. nan

    Rose- laura mercier!

  29. Brenda

    Love this post!! Will check out a few of these. For me currently MLBB are MAC Patisserie (I have a back up) and NARS Cruisin’.

  30. Lori

    Mine is MAC’s Shy Girl.

  31. I’m SO cool-toned that anything even a little warm goes all coral-y or even orange on me, so my current best MLBB lipstick is MAC Twig. Apparently to look pinkish on me, you gotta go purple-ish? I want to try Syrup too, it looks like it’d work as well and maybe be a bit warmer than Twig.

    • Iliana

      I’m the exact opposite of you. I’m so warm toned that the slightest pink color looks mauvey or lilac on me. Opaque as Pink Nouveau is, it turned lilac the second it touched my upper lip. :( I’ve been looking for the perfect baby pink shade (like what Angelina Jolie wears, I have a peg of it) and I feel like I have to go coral if I want a lipstick to look like that on me. :) I kind of envy you because pinks are much easier to come by than really good corals. :)

  32. Pariah

    this is an awesome post, because I love my lips and i would love an MLBB lipstick.

  33. Amy

    Nars Dolce Vida!

  34. Michelle

    Those lippies look great on you!

    Mines are: Smashbox Pixel & MAC Love Nectar

  35. Instant Karma

    I have very pigmented berry-red lips, so I love Benetint for when I want my lips to be just a tiiiny bit brighter.

  36. Keira

    MAC’s Touch and Fresh Brew :]

  37. Chrissy

    I can’t seem to find a MLBB that’s right for me. I was told I have pink undertones at a Sephora, so pink colors look way too pink on me. I came close with Korres lipstick in Nude (forgot the number), but it doesn’t last long at all. I love makeup and I have beauty staples but I just can’t seem to find the right lipstick. It’s a neverending journey that is so frustrating. What do you suggest for pink undertones? I’m also Asian. I always thought I had yellow undertones, but the woman at Sephora told me I had pink undertones. Should I go for coral shades? Brown shades? Help me!!

  38. Chrissy

    Oh, and I recently decided to try MAC Freckletone and it’s not so bad. I also got the new MAC Sheen Supreme in Can’t Get Enough. It’s almost like my lip color but still a tiny bit pinker than I’d like.

  39. Mitzi

    NARS Mitzi =)

  40. MakeupMonster

    Estée Lauder Rose Tea, Chrystal Rose and Chrystal Baby

  41. Polly

    OMG! I want all of these! Right now!

    I’m looking for a new pretty in pink lipstick, and you post this just the very right time.

    One bad thing, I want just one, but I’m going to have at least three!

    MLBB so far is CdP ES #124 (and I bought it after seeing your post!)

    Uuughh… wallet-ache


  42. Iliana

    Mine’s MAC Cosmo or Twig since I have darker lips. :) I have also tried layering Revlon’s Sky Pink matte ls and MAC’s See Sheer and it works out to be a nice baby pink that’s MLBB for girls with my skintone but lighter lips. :)

  43. MC

    Mac Plumful and Kiehl’s Lip Gloss in Pink Rider :)

  44. My lips are a bit darker than the colors you’ve chosen, for me MAC’s Cosmo and Bobbi Brown’s Heather Pink are MLBB.

  45. t_zwiggy

    1. Urban Decay Naked
    2. Urban Decay Rush
    3. MAC Syrup
    4. MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme

  46. ak

    MAC Mehr lipstick

  47. Suzanne

    The second one is nice and and Clarins rosewood looks great on you!