Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Today, Tarina Tarantino Beauty will be on Hautelook (at 8AM PST) with their “core collection.” I don’t know exactly what that means and what shades will be available, but it seemed like a good time to do a top five featuring the brand!

  1. Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palettes — their eyeshadow formula is amazing–soft, silky, buttery, and dense–and the limited edition palettes are as lovely as their permanent palettes
  2. Eye Dream Hyperliners — all day, every day, these eyeliners are creamy, long-wearing, and ultra-pigmented (Spark of Envy being my fave)
  3. Dollskin Cheek Blushes — silky-smooth, pigmented, and blendable blushes in wearable hues
  4. Jewel Eyeshadow Palettes — if you love richly pigmented, buttery, smooth eyeshadows, highly recommend these!
  5. Conditioning Lip Sheen — luminous lip color with good color coverage, hydrating wear

Have you tried Tarina Tarantino Beauty products before?

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37 thoughts on “5 Must-Have Tarina Tarantino Beauty Products

  1. Those eye shadow palettes look amazing!

  2. I’ve only got 2 Tarina products (wanted to get that teal liner when they were clearing out TT from Sephora but they were sold out of that particular shade; now I’m kicking myself for not having got one of the other colours just to try the pencil!). Anyway, I’ve got the Dreamy and Emerald Pretty palettes. Packaging on those 5 pans was gorgeous; not so on the cardboard, needlessly large Emerald Pretty but, my goodness, the shadows in both of those are so very excellent in every regard that I am sorry I didn’t buy more of her 5 pans before they were gone.

  3. CatG

    I have all of these products!!! They are all fabulous.
    The Hyperliners are my favorite eyeliners, cool vibrant colors, long wearing, easily to apply.
    I have three of her Dollskin Cheek blushes. Every time I wear Feather I am amazed by the nice glow it gives my cheeks.
    I really can’t use my Dreamy Jewel eyeshadow palette enough. It’s creates so many gorgeous looks, I wish people would try these, they are top top quality.
    The Conditioning Lip Sheens are hydrating and comfortable to wear. The only thing I will say about the Lip Sheens is that at least for me, I have to SUPER moisturize my lips beforehand to get even coverage, which is weird since they themselves feel so moisturizing. I wear my one in Floriculture a lot right now and it’s very pigmented also.

  4. KaseyCannuck

    I just grabbed the Dollskin Cheek palette, the Coral Cameo cream blush, Puppeteer and Ultra Violet eyeliners, and the Magical Jewel palette. I got 3 Spark Of Envy eyeliners and the Emerald Pretty palette when Sephora put everything on sale and I just love the quality of everything!! This is my first cream blush purchase and I can’t think of a better to try!!

    • Cat

      Uuu UltaViolet Hyperliner… maybe I’ll wear that tonight, it’s a good one…

    • Ah-HA!!!! Kasey, YOU are probably the reason I couldn’t get even ONE Spark of Envy when Sephora was clearing them out. I offered to buy the counter sample but they wouldn’t allow that. I so wish her products were still readily available here in Canada.

      • KaseyCannuck

        I ALMOST bought more, but wanted to leave some for others! I had to get them online because the Sephora near me had next to nothing left on the shelf, and I went there ASAP after hearing TT was on sale. My SOE and UD Junkie are competing to see which wears down to a useless nub first. Spark’s winning…probably because I have back-ups.

  5. Grace

    Ooh I agree with you about the Dollskin cheek blushes, I have Neopolitan Lane that I got when it was on sale at Sephora and it is an exact match of Mac’s Perfect Cheek but NL is much better in performance. The Perfect Cheek is quite patchy, not to mention, I paid more for it since I got it in the Marilyn packaging. I too wish I tried more of the Tarantino products before it left Sephora.

  6. Ao

    I lurve TT. Ever since I read a review here I’m totally hooked. So far I’ve collected about 80% of their items, but I might pick some more for back-ups while they’re on sale at hautelook.

  7. I bought a BUNCH of TT products last year–I think they were on clearance at Sephora during the VIB sale? I remember being really surprised that I hadn’t heard more about the brand, b/c the quality is amazing.
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    • It’s crazy, right? Like really amazing products, a cute packaging scheme (may or may not appeal to everyone, but it wasn’t simple packaging), not too pricey.

  8. I LOVE TT!

    Hautelook however is one of the shittiest online stores I’ve ever dealt with. On the register form basically every country of the world is listed, tricking you into thinking you can order from them. But when you go to the payment site you can’t pay with credit card nor paypal unless you’re from us, canada or australia. I mean, how hard can it be? I have an american address and a paypal account, i can order from nordstrom, sephora, mac, neiman marcus…just to mention a few. At least they can show of lots of members even though they’re unable to place an order.

  9. This is really tempting! I havent ventured in to the brand yet! but the eyeshadows and cheek blush look reallly good!
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  10. AngieButterfly

    Good things definitely come to those who wait. I have been obsessively eyeing her jewel palettes for a couple of weeks, only to decide that I can wait. Then this sale happened. Glad I was able to get Delightful and Magical, two of the three that I wanted. I also got the pearl glow luminizing primer and the sparklicity pure nude. I skipped the blush palette because I have way too many I need to use. Lol. But I can’t wait to try what I got! If I like them I’m going to buy the palette in Dreamy because it’s just gorgeous.

  11. I have some Tarina Tarantino products from when Sephora was clearing them out (sad because this was also my introduction to the brand!). At that time, I had bought the Emerald Pretty Palette (ruined the Saw Dust Heart colour depotting it 😐 I didn’t like the bulky packaging), the conditioning lip sheen in Cameo (my facourite MLBB), a jewel shadow palette in Lovely, and a gloss, I think it’s in Nouveau.
    I ordered more products from HauteLook’s TT event in October including the Pearl Glow Primer, Dollskin Eye Primer, Gem Gloss in My Pretty, Eye Dream Hyperliners in Ultraviolet, Rockstar Love, Puppetteer, Locket Book, Amethyst Android, and the Dollskin Cheek Blush in Parasol which I regret now becauseee yesterday I bought a few more things from HauteLook…
    Jewel Shadow Palettes in Magical and Delightful! Dollskin Cream Blush and Pressed Sparklicity in Coral Cameo, the Dollskin Cheek Palette (which includes the colour parasol, dang it). And conditioning lip sheens in Showroom and Candy Jar.
    And, if you’ve seen any other comments from me you’ll know I have a problem so -obviously- I ordered directly from the TT site because I’ve had my eye on the Floriculture palette… Ahh! And I talked myself into the limited edition Aurora Palette in DiamondDusk, the Sparklicity Gold Palette, and conditioning lip sheen in Floriculture. Merry Christmas to myself!

  12. I like the first eye palette and the lipstick.

  13. Michelle

    I just grabbed a bunch of her stuff. I tried to grab some when they were on sale at Sephora but they were mostly sold out when I finally heard about it. I’m really looking forward to trying out her stuff!

  14. Love your choices! I just wore the Emerald Pretty palette this weekend. Her shadows have such a buttery texture. I also think that her cream blushes are great, too.
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  15. Pami

    I’ve wanted to try so many of her products due to your great reviews, so I went to the sale, and put a ridiculous amount of stuff in my cart, but my conscious got the better of me and I whittled it down to the Dollskin Cheek Palette – if I only got that I would be happy – and decided to try the Eye Dream Hyperlight – Invisible Touch Concealer too since it also got pretty good reviews, and I haven’t yet found a HG under eye concealer/brightener.

    I really really wanted to get so much more, but I have sooo many beauty products, I have to force myself to be semi-reasonable. 😉

    BTW, this is actually the first time I’ve bought anything from HauteLook because I despise paying shipping charges. It usually negates the actual bargains if you only want an item or two…

    • I hear ya on the shipping charges, Pami! With cosmetics especially it can be tough :( A lot of times I only buy if I can meet the free shipping threshold!

      Let me know how you like them! :)