2013 Editor’s Choice Awards

Each year, Temptalia recognizes and honors standout brands and their products based on all of the swatching, testing, and trialing we have done over the years.  We specifically recognize performance over the past year with our “Best of Year” categories, along with selecting the very best products, whether new or old, across product types.  This year’s Awards features 83 categories with 159 winners from 76 different brands.

From the best eyeshadow base to best mascara to best shampoo to best blush, these are our very favorites. These are our tried and true products; go-to, holy grail-status products. When you wonder, “Well, what would Temptalia recommend?” Look no further than this list!  Last year, half a million readers looked towards our Editor’s Choice Awards as a reference.

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Best of the Year

2012 Best High-End Brand of the Year

2012 Best Budget Brand of the Year

2012 Best High-End New Product

2012 Best Budget New Product

2012 Best High-End Niche Brand

And the Winner Is...

Le Metier de Beaute

Previous Best High-End Niche Brand Winners

2012 Best Budget Niche Brand

2012 Most Underrated High-End Brand

2012 Most Underrated Budget Brand

2012 Most Innovative High-End Brand

2012 Most Innovative Budget Brand

2012 Most Surprisingly Amazing High-End Product

2012 Most Surprisingly Amazing Budget Product

2012 Best Spring Collection

2012 Best Summer Collection

Previous Best Summer Collection Winners

2012 Best Fall Collection

2012 Best Holiday Collection

Previous Best Holiday Collection Winners

2012 Best High-End Eyeshadow Palette

Best Eye Products

2012 Best High-End Eyeshadow Base

2012 Best Budget Eyeshadow Base

Previous Best Budget Eyeshadow Base Winners

2012 Best High-End Cream Eyeshadow

2012 Best Budget Cream Eyeshadow

2012 Best High-End Loose Eyeshadow

2012 Best Budget Loose Eyeshadow

Previous Best Budget Loose Eyeshadow Winners

2012 Best High-End Powder Eyeshadow

2012 Best Budget Powder Eyeshadow

2012 Best High-End Eyeshadow Pencil

2012 Best Budget Eyeshadow Pencil

2012 Best High-End Glitter Eyeshadow

2012 Best Budget Glitter Eyeshadow

2012 Best High-End Glitter Eyeliner

2012 Best Budget Glitter Eyeliner

2012 Best High-End Liquid Eyeliner

Previous Best High-End Liquid Eyeliner Winners

2012 Best Budget Liquid Eyeliner

2012 Best High-End Pencil Eyeliner

2012 Best Budget Pencil Eyeliner

2012 Best High-End Gel Eyeliner

2012 Best Budget Gel Eyeliner

2012 Best High-End Dramatic Mascara

2012 Best Budget Dramatic Mascara

2012 Best High-End Natural Mascara

2012 Best Budget Natural Mascara

2012 Best High-End Lengthening Mascara

And the Winner Is...

Lash Mascara


Previous Best High-End Lengthening Mascara Winners

2012 Best Budget Lengthening Mascara

Previous Best Budget Lengthening Mascara Winners

2012 Best High-End Mascara

2012 Best Budget Mascara

2012 Best High-End False Eyelashes

2012 Best Budget False Eyelashes

Best Face Products

2012 Best High-End Face Primer

2012 Best High-End Concealer

2012 Best Budget Concealer

2012 Best High-End Cream Foundation

Previous Best High-End Cream Foundation Winners

2012 Best Budget Cream Foundation

2012 Best High-End Liquid Foundation

2012 Best Budget Liquid Foundation

2012 Best High-End Powder Foundation

2012 Best Budget Powder Foundation

2012 Best High-End Tinted Moisturizer

2012 Best Budget Tinted Moisturizer

2012 Best High-End Setting Powder

2012 Best Budget Setting Powder

2012 Best High-End Bronzer

2012 Best Budget Bronzer

2012 Best High-End Cream Blush

2012 Best Budget Cream Blush

2012 Best High-End Powder Blush

2012 Best Budget Powder Blush

2012 Best High-End Contouring Powder

2012 Best Budget Contouring Powder

And the Winner Is...



2012 Best High-End Highlighter

2012 Best Budget Highlighter

Previous Best Budget Highlighter Winners

2012 Best High-End Finishing Powder

2012 Best Budget Finishing Powder

2012 Best High-End Makeup Removing Wipes

2012 Best Budget Makeup Removing Wipes

2012 Best High-End Makeup Remover

2012 Best Budget Makeup Remover

Best Lip Products

2012 Best High-End Lip Balm

2012 Best Budget Lip Balm

2012 Best High-End Tinted Lip Balm

2012 Best Budget Tinted Lip Balm

2012 Best High-End Lip Scrub/Treatment

2012 Best High-End Lipstick

2012 Best Budget Lipstick

2012 Best High-End Long-Wearing Lipstick

2012 Best Budget Long-Wearing Lipstick

2012 Best High-End Liquid Lipstick

2012 Best Budget Liquid Lipstick

Previous Best Budget Liquid Lipstick Winners

2012 Best High-End Lipgloss

2012 Best Budget Lipgloss

2012 Best High-End Lip Liner

2012 Best Budget Lip Liner

Best Nail Products

2012 Best High-End Nail Lacquer

2012 Best Budget Nail Lacquer

2012 Best High-End Quick Drying Coat

2012 Best Budget Quick Drying Coat

Previous Best Budget Quick Drying Coat Winners

2012 Best High-End Top Coat

2012 Best Budget Top Coat

2012 Best High-End Base Coat

2012 Best Budget Base Coat

Previous Best Budget Base Coat Winners

2012 Best High-End Cuticle Treatment

2012 Best Budget Cuticle Treatment

Best Skincare Products

2012 Best High-End Facial Cleanser

2012 Best Budget Facial Cleanser

2012 Best High-End Gel Cleanser

2012 Best Budget Gel Cleanser

2012 Best High-End Foaming Facial Cleanser

2012 Best Budget Foaming Facial Cleanser

Previous Best Budget Foaming Facial Cleanser Winners

2012 Best High-End Daily Facial Exfoliator

2012 Best Budget Daily Facial Exfoliator

2012 Best High-End Facial Exfoliator

2012 Best Budget Facial Exfoliator

2012 Best High-End Facial Mask

2012 Best Budget Facial Mask

And the Winner Is...

Fresh Face Mask


Previous Best Budget Facial Mask Winners

2012 Best High-End Toner

2012 Best Budget Toner

And the Winner Is...

Tea Tree Water


Previous Best Budget Toner Winners

2012 Best High-End Daytime Moisturizer

2012 Best Budget Daytime Moisturizer

2012 Best High-End Evening Moisturizer

2012 Best Budget Evening Moisturizer

2012 Best High-End Cleansing Oil

2012 Best High-End Body Wash

2012 Best Budget Body Wash

2012 Best High-End Body Moisturizer

2012 Best Budget Body Moisturizer

2012 Best High-End Body Scrub

2012 Best Budget Body Scrub

Previous Best Budget Body Scrub Winners

2012 Best High-End Sunscreen

2012 Best Budget Sunscreen

2012 Best High-End Hand Cream

2012 Best Budget Hand Cream

Best Tools

2012 Best High-End Eyelash Curler

2012 Best Budget Eyelash Curler

And the Winner Is...

Eyelash Curler

NYC Cosmetics

Previous Best Budget Eyelash Curler Winners

2012 Best High-End Makeup Brushes

Previous Best High-End Makeup Brushes Winners

2012 Best Budget Makeup Brushes

And the Winner Is...

Sonia Kashuk

Previous Best Budget Makeup Brushes Winners

2012 Best Tweezers

And the Winner Is...

Slanted Soft-Touch Tweezers


Previous Best Tweezers Winners