Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Britney Spears MTV VMA 2008

Aside from it being all-too-obvious and predictable at the VMAs (and let’s face it, maybe a ploy by MTV for Project: Save Britney), Britney did look much more like her old self.  Glowy, healthy, and maybe even happy–a little bit? I admit, MTV got me, I tuned in just to see what Britney was going to do for the opening act.  I’m not much for sketch comedy, and I’d have rather seen a performance, but hey, at least she didn’t fall flat on her face like last year.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to show you three ladies who rocked some fierce beauty at this year’s VMAs. Britney (above, duh), Taylor Swift (love her!), and Christina Aguilera (stunning look!).  Britney had a metallic silvery smoky eye going on with some ultra black, ultra dramatic lashes (false lashes or super duper mascara… or both?). Taylor seemed like she did a mostly black smoky eye, but she kept the rest of her face neutral and peachy–and why is she blessed with such phenomenal skin?  So not fair.  Christina always gets me with her choices in makeup.  You see her with a classic red lip all the time, but tonight she rocks an intense black cat eye, with some creative lining underneath the eye–love when I see something different on celebs.

Who did you think looked their very best at the VMAs? So many celebs and artists to choose from, but these three that I thought I’d highlight. Rihanna had some cute navy liner for her entrance, and Jordin Sparks looked sultry with her smoky eye, too!

MTV VMAs 2008 Taylor Swift

Christina Aguilera MTV VMA 2008

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62 thoughts on “2008 MTV VMAs: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift Photos

  1. Wow I didn’t even know the V Ma’s were on tonight.
    Brittney looks so good!

  2. Nana

    I think Britney is the most stunning looking one .. Or maybe because I still have her picture in my mind where she was looking so horrible recently?

  3. Heather

    Damn…I love Christina’s eyes! She rocks that look!!!

  4. bec

    that hair on christina has to go.

    britney, on the other hand, looks amazing!

  5. Allysha


  6. I watched for the same reason… to see if Britney was going to perform. She looked fab, and that sparkly dress she was rocking (not the one pictured) was amazing!
    I think that Christina’s look makes her look too old…. but lets face it she’s still beautiful. I thought that Pink looked pretty good too.

  7. Theresa

    Of the 3 pics/looks featured, my vote, without a doubt goes to Britney. Love the tanned complexion (fake tan or not she still looks HOT!) And her make up is so so flattering. Especially love the lip colour she’s spotting! Way to go Brit!

  8. viv

    I prefer Britney out of the 3. Though Christina and Taylor are amazing as well.
    I’m really glad that she’s looking a lot healthier and fresher. :)

  9. Britney is starting to look like herself again! She rocks the silver look well! Usually I like when celebs do something ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to makeup, but for some reason – I’m totally not feeling Christina’s look. Her lips look good, though, just not the eyes.

  10. It looks like the Britney from the early 2000s. Yay 😀 She looks pretty happy!

  11. Jenna

    Ever since Britney shaved her head, I’d been praying “PLEASE BRING THE HOT AND CONFIDENT BRITNEY BACK!” I think we’re seeing an improvement 😀

  12. Chica

    Christina’s eye make up is fab and I’m glad she’s toned down the foundation, I normally think she goes a bit overboard on that.
    I love Taylor, she’s such a cutie but I think Britney looks the best, yay to her recovery, so glad she’s through the worst of it :)

  13. I think Christina’s makeup most exemplifies what I associate with an event like the VMAs. It’s totally glam and not something you’d wear just anywhere.

    Even though I like Christina’s makeup best, it IS really great to see Britney looking so good. I’d love to know what foundation they used on her, because her skin looks really great here when in reality her skin has a lot of damage.

  14. Yeah her skin looks flawless!

  15. dee

    Ooo…Christina’s eyes look like something I saw at Sephora’s website. Love those lashes.

    I completely agree about the VMAs being a Save Britney campaign. And there’s nothing really wrong with that, but they could have waited another year, instead of celebrating that horrible video, just to celebrate her.

  16. I would have to say Taylor Swift. Her look is sexy rocker. A close runner up is Britney. Shocking but true.

  17. Kristina

    I tuned in for Britney as well…and I was a little disappointed because she didn’t perform. On the other hand, I think she looked 100% phenomenal head-to-toe!

    I do have to say, I liked Christina’s look the best. She’s never really been incredibly predictable with her appearance, and last night I was not expecting her to rock that look (that hair!) and I think she looked amazing, cat eye and all.

  18. SnickerDoodle

    I FREAKING LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT.How adorable is she here??!?! And thank gooooooodnesss our Britney (the real one that i love so much) is back!!!!!!!! Sigh of relief. I think Christina looks good (ok except for the bangs) and i’m glad to see it. I loove her to death, but she’s been rocking some questionable makeup lately, in my opinion.

  19. Ashlee

    Ah I love Taylor & Britney. They both look amazing. And I’m glad Britney looks like she did a few years ago, she’s had it pretty bad.

    I’m not a big fan of Christina but I love her lips, something different then red all the time.

  20. Trace

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care for Christina’s eye look? I think it makes her eyes look too close together, it draws them in, and the left eye is kind of messed up.

    Britney looks great though, but I’m not digging Christinas look this year.. eh.

  21. I liked Lauren Conrads look. Christina reminded me of the Fafi model when I saw her.

  22. Terry

    Britney’s makeover is stunning, but Christina is amazing, I love that eye make-up!!!

  23. DaniMae

    I was definitely happy to see Britney looking healthy. Do I think she should have taken home those awards? Hell no. But if it makes her happy and gets her away from that damn ledge, I’m all for it.

    Besides all of that, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T PUT RIHANNA!!! I thought she looked hot. Though, my opinion is biased because she is my style icon LOL

  24. jesstooimpress

    britney looks alot different that like 6 months ago.
    taylor swift is amazing, i saw her in concert! andddd.

    christina looks like shes goin for a fafi look.. and i really dont like it.

  25. AmyLou

    I agree, Britney did look good! I love a tanned skin, I know it’s so bad if it’s real, but honestly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look better with a hint of color. Oh and definitely–it was a “save Brit” night.

    Taylor Swift just kinda looked like herself but amped up. I hated her dress!

    I adore Christina and I was happy to see the super duper hairspray shellacked Monroe curls are gone! She looks much better this way. The eye makeup is very VMAs, even though I’d never do it, it’s perfect for this event. Though I do agree, the liner going in like that makes the eyes look a bit smaller. I was so mad that she clearly lip-synced her song. She is freaking AWESOME live (I saw her 8 years ago (HOLY COW, I’m OLD!) in concert).

    Oh and was I the only one who thought to myself “lay off the dang Jonas brothers” when he made fun of them for like, the 100th time in 3 hours. I couldn’t STAND the host. He was totally ANNOYING!

    • I don’t mind tans either 😉 I tan naturally – there’s no way for me to prevent it. I have a “natural tan” that’s year-round (one summer, when I was very young, I got dark and it never went totally away), but even if I spend an hour or two (WITH SPF 50+!), I come back tanner.

  26. Shayla

    I think that Britney looked the best overall. Christina’s eye makeup was awesome, but I *did not* like her hair.

  27. Sash

    I was absolutely thrilled, and overjoyed to see the old Brit!

    I lalalalalalove Christina!
    She’s so edgy, she’s soooooooooo not afraid to take risks. Which is exactly why I love her, + she’s incredible vocally!

    Taylor…ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing special!

  28. Teresa


    Any chance you will be posting Celebrity looks with a step by step of some of these looks? It’s been a while since that section had some love.