Saturday, September 29th, 2012

10 Must-Have Inglot Eyeshadows – Neutrals

I think one of the more frequently asked questions I get is about what eyeshadows to start off with from Inglot–this is a pretty impossible task! Put simply, Inglot has a ton of eyeshadows that perform well. And then, there’s the very fact that it really depends on what kind of palette you’re looking at. Neutrals? Brights? A mix? Cool-toned? Warm-toned? How large of a palette?

What neutral Inglot eyeshadows would you recommend?

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30 thoughts on “10 Must-Have Inglot Eyeshadows – Neutrals

  1. Matte neutrals: 353 is a great highlight, 349 is a cool shade to contour the eye, as is 363.

    If you like greens, 419 is an awesome, gorgeous subdued green. It’s a pearl.

    All of these are fantastic quality.

  2. Thank you for putting this list together! It gives me a good starting point for my Inglot shopping. :)

  3. Yes, this is exactly why I do not own any Inglot shadows. I get massively overwhelmed by all the choices and yet I can pick the paint colour I want for my house from an entire wall of paint chips no problemo… go figure.

  4. Andrea

    Inglot #397 Eyeshadow — soft, frosted pink-beige
    Inglot #330 Eyeshadow — soft peach with a matte finish

    I liked those two

  5. I feel like I’m the only person in the world that hasn’t tried Inglot! The colors look gorgeous online (I have yet to see them in person…nowhere in my city sells them and I never think to see if it’s sold in Atlanta when I go for one of my quick day trips).

    • Nicoco Chanel

      You’re not alone! The only Inglot shop/counter in the UK is in London BAH. :( I’m too paranoid to order their products online.

      • After a quick check on their website it looks like the closest location to me would be in Miami Florida! Not exactly a close place to go visit lol. I prefer to see cosmetics in person…otherwise I can end up with dudes (first thing that comes to mind is several of the MAC products that came out this year…beautiful online but disappointing in person). Since I’m not big on returning cosmetics (I usually chock it up to a bad decision and either give it away or try to work with it) I am less apt to order something I can’t see in person. Only exception I made this year has been a couple of Shu Uemura products and I purchased those after a LOT of research and soul searching lol. Oh, and I’ve made some blind Urban Decay purchases of products that were either no longer sold in stores (Vintage shadows) or were sold online only at first…and those impulse buys didn’t hurt so much when I was able to use my 40% pro discount towards them.

        • Nicoco Chanel

          No, not really! Inglot need to get their butts into more accessible areas, jeez. =/

          I am exactly like you when it comes to seeing things in person – the only things I’ve ordered online are nail polishes (and that was only because they were 50% off). The thing with ordering cosmetics in the UK is that certain brands (I’m looking at you, MAC AND Illamasqua :|) use a shipping company that is – to be blunt – absolute w*nk. Knowing that, I really hesitate to order something if the company doesn’t explain who ships their stuff.

          That said I’m currently sat staring at a shopping cart with a 5-pan palette and 5 colours in it. Sigh. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and just do it; it’ll be infinitely cheaper than trying to travel anywhere in the UK.

  6. Malia

    its so hard to narrow it down cause Inglot e/s are kinda my thing lol…. but off the top of my head for mattes- 390, 360, 357 and 337. for pearls 397, 399, 402 and 409!!

  7. Barbie

    i need to try inglot!!!

  8. Jinete


    I also have brow color 568 which is a nice soft medium brown. It also works great as an eye shadow.

  9. Mariella

    My absolute favourite is 422 (I think the finish is “Pearl”) – it’s a rich neutral brown/bronze and just terrific.

  10. Deena

    #402 such a beautiful taupe!

  11. Teresa

    I was very overwhelmed when I started building my Inglot collection last year! I wanted SO many of them but decided to start out with a 10 palette then add on every few months. My first palette was all matte neutrals in tones that I didn’t already have from other brands. I would make a list of ones that I liked then madly search for color swatches online. My next order was for pearl finishes, then AMC and double shine (my absolute favorite!) I have never been disappointed with what I’ve gotten but it does take some work if you don’t have a store near you. Love their eyeshadows, gel liners, matte lipsticks, and lipstick rounds!

  12. oh thank you for this post, an Inglot shop just opened here in Vienna, Austria, I can really use some recommendations!

  13. blueraccoon

    I have a 10-pan with some gorgeous neutrals in it–there’s one pearl finish in particular – but I bought it while traveling and accidentally forgot tp pack the receipt OR the boxes the shadows came in. So I have no idea what number it is. Are they on the back of the pans? Can I look it up that way?

  14. BooBooNinja

    Christine, this is (and will be) a most helpful series. Thanks for doing it. I’m one of those people who lives nowhere near an Inglot store, and I’ve been scouring the web for swatches and reviews of Inglot products.

    I was wondering if you know if Inglot has a dupe for MAC Brule. I love the slightly yellow undertones of Brule, which is missing in the dupes that I know of (e.g. Wet ‘n Wild Brule leans slightly pink/peach).

  15. BooBooNinja

    By the way, 342 and 402 have long been on my list of Inglot shadows to get. Glad to see they make it on your top 10!

  16. This is a very useful post for me. I have a question. I own a couple of eyeshadows from Inglot and I believe they come in different formulations (pearl, matte, shine…). But you only gave numbers, don’t we need the formulations too?

  17. Marisa

    Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you came out with this post. I have a 20 pan palette full of neutrals and I’m contemplating on building it up to a 40 (!!!!!) pan. I seriously love Inglot shadows! Their mattes and pearls are lush :)

    Some shades I recommend are:

    AMC Shine 31 – a shimmery, golden-taupe color with slight copper undertones
    Pearl 422 – a shimmery, medium-dark bronze/brown.
    Pearl 423 – a shimmery dark brown with burgundy undertones
    Pearl 444 – a shimmery medium-dark pewter gray
    AMC 63 – a dark satin black
    Matte 351 – a yellow toned ivory (great for the browbone)

    From your list, I’ll definitely be picking up 397, 421, 330, 337, and 342.

    Also, will you be swatching the Double Sparkle, AMC, and AMC Shines anytime soon?! 😀 😀 😀

  18. Rosie you

    I went to one if their stores. Saw all the shades. Got overwhelmed and walked out. Should have taken a copy of your post. This was really helpful. Will try again.

  19. Leila

    I am also in the throws of firstly building a nice neutral pallet of inglot eyeshadows, I have the Urban decay Naked pallet but there is a lot of shimmer going on in there! Would it be a good idea to get mattes first off if I have these already? Pigment wise how are they compared to the urban decay? if much better I don’t mind replacing with similar colours..
    Thankyou muchly :-)

  20. These all look gorgeous. I have Inglot 326, 423, 360, 402, and 31. I love them very much, especially compared to my Mac shades.
    I know this is really random, but does anyone know the Inglot dupes for Soba and Omega?

    Thank you :)